The 10 Best Mario Games of 2022

Mario Game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are many Mario games on the Internet, but there are some that have been better valued, so we present several of the most outstanding. Super Mario Odyssey is one of them as it offers trips around the world, deserts, cities, ruins, etc. In addition, throughout the planet you will have to collect many moons, using your skills and reflexes to get rid of enemies. Another recommended game is Super Mario Maker 2, in which you will have to rebuild the princess’s castle and enjoy the online multiplayer option. You also have a game mode where you can create your own worlds.

The 10 Best Mario Games – Opinions 2022

There are Mario games for various consoles, for example, Nintendo Switch, Wii or Nintendo 3DS. For this reason and to help you make your choice, in this section we will talk about the best Mario games of 2022, so keep reading if you want to buy a good title.

1. Super Mario Odyssey Standard Edition

This could be the best Mario game for the Nintendo Switch as it offers many adventures in different parts of the world. Also, you can change Mario’s clothes, even dressing him as Luigi if you wish or with Mexican clothes.

In the story you will have to rescue Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser, who wants to marry her and is preparing a big wedding. To do this, you will have to use the Mario character and defeat or escape from all the enemies. At the same time, there are several moons in each level of the game, which you will have to collect to achieve your goals.

The use of the controls for this game will be quite simple, being able to use special movements of the joystick so that Mario performs certain maneuvers. Also, it should be noted that this game is in 3D and works at 60 images per second.

It’s perhaps the best Mario game out there right now, because it delivers crisp, lag-free visuals on your Nintendo Switch. These are its most outstanding qualities.


Adventures: This game offers adventures in various parts of the planet, going through the desert or the city.

Version: Although it is a 3D version game, it also provides some 2D moments in some parts of the game, to bring some nostalgia to adult players.

Collectibles: To get hold of the collectibles in this game you can play the levels over and over again, until you succeed, depending a lot on your experience and skills.


Similarity: Regarding the game mode, it is a bit similar to other titles such as Mario World and Mario Land, however, it offers new things such as the Mexican hat and unpublished scenarios.

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2. Super Mario Maker 2

To discover which is the best Mario game for Nintendo Switch, just review these types of titles. This game offers the possibility to create your own worlds, so if you are a Mario fan, you may like this feature very much.

In this mode it is possible to use elements such as coins, blocks, mushrooms, aerial platforms, etc. In the end, the level you create may be totally different from the ones you’ve already seen.

In addition to that quality, the game has the option to play over the Internet. This is how you will connect with users from anywhere in the world and have fun with them, even if you are not careful, your character can bump into other players, which is something very funny and striking in this video game.

In addition to this, we mention its story mode, in which you will have to rebuild Princess Peach’s castle, since, according to the game’s history, it has been deleted by mistake.

Nintendo Switch could be the best brand of Mario games, as it has managed to maintain the legacy of this game and has added new titles such as Super Mario Maker 2. Here we leave you the highlights of this video game.


Infinite levels: If you think you have known all the worlds of Mario, with this game you will enjoy infinite levels, which you can download whenever you want.

Retro: This is a nostalgic Mario video game, since it comes in a 2D version, thus recalling the first titles of the game.

Editor: The present Mario brings a very intuitive editor to create the worlds according to your tastes. That way, it will always be a new and entertaining game.


Subscription: If you want to enjoy the world levels created by other players, you must be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, which becomes an extra expense.

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3. Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch

With Super Mario Party you will enjoy a fun board game in which up to 20 different characters will appear. In this video game you must roll the dice of the character you are playing with and advance through the levels.

In addition to this, it is a title for Nintendo Switch with the possibility of sharing with the family, since it has a multiplayer function. Grab a Joy-Con and give one to your child, because the little ones in the house, ages 3 and up, can play.

Also, it can be enjoyed among adults, remembering the old days, since it offers 80 mini games for complete entertainment. Even 4 players can roll the dice in turns, each going around the board looking for stars.

This game even has a cooperative combat mode, to test the skill of each user.

If you do not know which Mario game to buy for the fun of the whole family, we recommend this title, since it offers entertainment for almost all ages.


Characters: With its 20 eligible characters you will be able to remember the classic Mario games and throw various types of dice.

Mini games: The 80 mini games provided by this title will be useful for people of various ages, including children aged 3 and up.

Online: The video game comes with the possibility of playing Mariothlon online. There you can show off your skills as a Mario Party fan.


Joy-Con: To play 4 people you will need 2 more Joy-Con, unlike other games that are also turn-based, but do not require buying more controls.

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4. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

If you like traditional 2D platform games, this Mario title for Nintendo Switch might be for you. It has more than 160 levels, to enjoy varied themes, including aquatic, in which your character will have to swim carefully, so that enemies or obstacles don’t kill him.

In addition to this, the game is based on the popular New Super Mario Bros U for Nintendo Wii, but with some improvements in the images, thanks to the new technology of Nintendo Switch.

In this video game 4 people can play at the same time, helping to get the pennant more easily. Also, in the story mode you can choose various characters, among which Luigi version U stands out.

For its part, the story is based on the rescue of Princess Peach, as Bowser takes over the castle, banishing Mario and sending him to the confines of the Mushroom Kingdom.

This is a classic game and at the same time it offers new possibilities for your character, so it will be quite entertaining. Here are its main qualities.


What’s New: Characters can hold on to and push off walls, and they’ll also slow down their fall after jumping.

Gameplay: You can play with 4 people, to overcome the levels in a fun way with family or friends.

Characters: Luigi, Toad or Mario can be the protagonists of this installment, so you can choose which character to play.


Gameplay: It would be nice if the story mode could be played in competitive mode, since it is only possible to play it cooperatively.

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5. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This might be the best value for money Mario game as it is one of the cheapest but it has 4 worlds and lots of quests, secrets, puzzles, quests etc. Also, it has an epic story where you have to free Mario’s friends and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

In this Nintendo Switch title Luigi, Mario, Peach and Yoshi will join four Rabbids heroes, which are the fearful Rabbid Luigi, the powerful Rabbid Mario, the quirky Rabbid Yoshi and the flirtatious Rabbid Peach.

Throughout the story mode you will have to face various enemies to overcome the levels, so you must show your skills to the fullest if you want to save the Mushroom Kingdom. And in addition to the main story you will have the option to play with another person, so you can have fun with a family member or friend.

This is one of the cheapest Mario games for the Nintendo Switch console, so it would not hurt to review its pros and cons, which we explain below.


Type: This is quite a fun game with a certain degree of difficulty, since you will have to solve puzzles and find secrets.

Battles: During the course of the game you will find various battles, which you can win using your character’s abilities to the maximum.

Colors: The colors of this game are quite striking and its images have very good resolution, so you can enjoy each level much more.


Short: The game might seem short to you if you are a person experienced in Nintendo Switch games.

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6. Super Mario 3D World

This 3D platformer was made for the Nintendo Wii U and in its story mode, Bowser bottles up a fairy and kidnaps her. Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach will have to enter a glass pipe to go to the Feri Kingdom and save her. On that journey they will encounter many missions, in which they will have to defeat various enemies.

In addition, this title has a local multiplayer mode, so that four people can play at the same time on the same console. It is even possible to make cooperative games, to overcome a level with greater ease. Another possibility is to compete with your friends, to see who earns the most points.

On the other hand, it is important to know that you can play with Mario or another character, being able to choose the one you like the most at any time. Similarly, this game offers the classic power-ups as well as other new abilities that you may not know about yet.

It is not easy to know which Wii U game to choose, but perhaps this Mario title is the right one, so we present several qualities that make it stand out, perhaps these will help you make the best purchase decision.


Multiplayer: Its multiplayer mode allows you to play cooperative games with your friends.

Story: The story of this game focuses on the rescue of a fairy who is kidnapped by Bowser. Mario and his friends will enter a Crystal pipe on the trail of the antagonist.

New Transformation: A new transformation called Cat Mario appears in this game. With it your character can climb walls, run faster or attack with claws.


Ease: This is an easy game for those who are experts in platforms. However, there is a lot of action and various levels to overcome.

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7. Mario Kart 8

For those who like racing and are also fans of Mario, this could be the right game. It is an individual or multiplayer title, so you can also play with your friends.

Another aspect that we can highlight about Mario Kart 8 is that it is not only available for Nintendo Wii U, but there is also an improved version for Nintendo Switch. In this way, you can choose the game according to the console you have at home.

We also mentioned that the game offers anti-gravity mode, a new way of driving cars. If you go over the anti-gravity panels you will be able to drive over building facades, waterfalls and other surfaces.

On the other hand, you will have the four-wheeled quad, a new vehicle, apart from the classic karts and motorcycles.

In the next section, we show you the pros and cons that have made this game stand out among others in the same category.


Sharpness: The images are seen with greater clarity than in previous versions of Mario Kart, so you can enjoy vivid and eye-catching colors on each circuit.

Online mode: It is possible to drive with anyone around the world, thanks to its online gameplay. In this way, you can always play with another person, making the moment more fun and competitive.

Personalization: It is possible to personalize the vehicle, with the tires or the bodywork that you want, making it more in line with your style.


Circuits: Battle mode does not have its own circuit stages. It would be nice if Nintendo had added some of them.

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8.Super Mario Galaxy

With this Wii game you’ll be able to travel between different planets and earn lots of stars on each level. You’ll also have to test your skills with the Wii Remote motion controller, as it’s mandatory to balance Mario’s steps with this accessory. If you lose, you can fall into space or a black hole, but you can try several times until you beat the level.

The scenarios of the game are very innovative and were largely responsible for this title gaining so much fame since its launch in 2007.

In the story, Mario will be able to fly through space looking for stars in order to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

Also, it is important to know that Mario turns to defeat his enemies, because in this way he stuns them. This is something that had not been seen in the classic Super Mario Bros.

If you have a Nintendo Wii and you like Mario games, you shouldn’t put aside this title from the franchise. Here we briefly explain its most important qualities.


Travel: This is a special game for space travel lovers, as Mario will have missions on different planets, each with a unique style.

What’s new: Mario will be able to fly and also the powers will be affected by the gravity of space, so they are quite new and fun.

Return: In space Mario will be able to return to those planets that he has already passed, to make sure that he has collected all the prizes.


Graphics: Perhaps it does not have the most advanced graphics that some users want, however, its settings and colors are very striking.

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9. Paper Mario: Color Splash

In this installment Bowser intervenes and Prism Island loses its colors. Mario for his part will have to return the color to the place with the help of Baldo, a talking 3D paint bucket. Another important character is Princess Peach, who also accompanies the other two characters in the story.

In this game there are various battles with cards, which will have a certain amount of color. The more color they have, the more awesome things Mario can do with them in battle.

You have to defeat several mini-bosses, among which Big Pinchón, Shy Guy Negro and Floro Piraña stand out. Also, there are boss battles, especially Bowser, the franchise’s favorite antagonist.

On the other hand, Mario will have a hammer, with which he can color things and describe hidden places or objects.

If you like card games, review the advantages and disadvantages of this video game, it may catch your attention, since you will have to know how to use cards correctly to fight battles.


Secrets: There are secrets and hidden objects in the game that you can discover by hitting with the paint hammer.

Graphics: One of the things that impresses about this game is the style of the graphics, since almost everything is made of paper, including Mario himself.

Dialogues: The story offers many dialogues, being useful for the little ones to become familiar with the reading.


Battles: There are no levels in the battles and they are very easy, so they do not pose a challenge for the players, becoming a bit boring.

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10. Mario Party Star Rush

This version of Mario Party is for Nintendo 3DS consoles, that is, in the third dimension and you won’t need to use 3D glasses.

This title comes with 50 mini games and boards, to spend hours playing alone or with friends. Also, it has eight different modes, including multiplayer. This means that you can play multiple people, up to four.

Similarly, sometimes all players take their turn at the same time and must get the highest number of stars. Of course, the number of stars collected will not give you the ultimate victory, but if you feel like it, you can collect as many as you want and compete with your friends.

On the other hand, it should be noted that you can use different characters and each of them has its own dice.

If you are a fan of Mario video games, maybe you will like this title of the franchise. Review its most outstanding positive and negative aspects in the following section.


Modes: With the different modes that this video game has for you, you can have fun alone or in the company of your friends, for example, through the turn-based multiplayer mode.

Mini Games: It comes with 50 mini games to suit all tastes, making it suitable for all members of the family.

Amiibo: With Amiibo you receive compatible items, character stamps, advantage over your rivals, among other things.


Internet: This game, unlike others, cannot be connected to the Internet, so some users miss this feature.

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Shopping guide

This time we want to help you choose a suitable product for your entertainment, so we have prepared a guide to buy the best Mario game. Here we will explain some aspects that you should take into account before purchasing a title from this popular Japanese franchise.

game type

When making a comparison of Mario games, you have to know this point, since not all of them are platform games. In fact, on certain occasions Nintendo has opted for other types of games, for example, racing games. That is, they are similar, but not like the platform classics of Mario Bros.

The Mario Kart saga is an example of racing and today it continues to give people something to talk about. Also, these video games are usually multiplayer, although they can also offer a story mode, depending on the title and the console you have. In this type of game you not only have to go at full speed, but also go through complex cliffs, shoot, dodge enemies, collect objects, etc. Perhaps, if you like cars, it is best that you choose this type of title.

On the other hand, there is the related subcategory board games, which have platforms in many cases, but also offer dice, cards and other elements. If you like physical board games, maybe you should try a video game of this type.

2D and 3D graphics

When platform games like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros first appeared, the graphics were sideways and 2D. That is, you always saw the characters and objects in the game in profile, never from the front or from behind. These video games were highly appreciated by the general public and have remained until today.

Today, seeing a video game in 2D, that is, in the second dimension, is not at all a boring and meaningless event. On the contrary, many of the people feel nostalgic when watching 2D games, remembering those first titles.

Therefore, Nintendo has brought back those 2D Mario games for various consoles, Wii, Wii U, Switch, 3DS, etc. Although they usually show the images from the side, the truth is that these video games are very striking.

However, as technology has advanced a lot and people demand greater realism in video games, Nintendo has not stood idly by and launched 3D video games for several years, that is, in the third dimension. This means that they are more realistic and involve the user much more in the plot or story.

In practice it’s like watching 3D movies, only Mario games aren’t made with real life characters, but fictitious ones. So, if you are demanding in terms of video resolution, it is best to buy 3D games.

If you are wondering how much a Mario game costs, check this aspect first, since these types of titles have a higher price. However, due to the variety of options on the Internet, you may be able to find a cheap game, be it 2D or 3D.


Another aspect that you should know before buying a certain Mario game is the gameplay that each title offers. There are video games that provide only the story mode, for example, which is often played individually. Also, there are other video games with story mode and multiplayer.

Those that offer the option of multiplayer can be local or via online. Regarding the former, we refer to those that can be played by several people on the same console. On the other hand, the second ones are destined for the Internet, in them you can play with people from all over the world.

The downside is that to enjoy multiplayer you sometimes have to pay a subscription. However, it is not always the same, it depends a lot on the game you have bought. Therefore, if you like to play online, check that the product offers that possibility, either by subscription or for free.

Generally, the subscription is cheap, if necessary. It is simply a tip that we give you so that you are well informed about the video games that come with the online multiplayer mode.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a Mario game?

It is simple to use; You must first turn on your video game console. Later, click on the games section and select the Mario Bros game, wait a few seconds for it to load and start playing. The classic Mario game consists of passing the levels of the different worlds and taking the pennant.

You can use two buttons in most Mario games, for a specific ability or just jump, even holding down this last button will allow you to run.

Q2: How many levels does the Mario Bros game have?

The Mario Bros game is characterized by having 8 worlds of 4 levels each and these are shown like this, 1-1, 1-2, until reaching 8-4. When playing this title you will notice that each level is different, even the soundtrack changes. In addition, some levels are aquatic, so they are overcome by swimming.

Also, the classic Mario Bros game has undergrounds and you enter them through pipes. In addition to this, we mention the Mushroom Kingdom, which has gigantic mushrooms and many brick blocks.

On the other hand, at the end of levels 1, 2 and 3 of each world there is a pennant, which must be reached by Luigi or Mario to advance to the next level. The more you have advanced in terms of levels, the game will become much more difficult. For example, with more cliffs and aerial platforms, as well as more resistant enemies. Even the bosses at the end of each world increase in level, so you have to be more and more skillful jumping, hitting and defending Mario.

Q3: What is the first Mario game where Yoshi appears?

This legendary Mario Bros character appeared for the first time in the Super Mario World game in 1990. Yoshi belongs to the race that bears his name and is characterized by changing skin color between individuals.

In this case, Yoshi is green and is a bipedal dinosaur. One of the most outstanding abilities of this character is to extend his tongue to catch his prey. Also, Yoshi eats apple, this fruit being his main food.

Also, this bipedal dinosaur has appeared in other games such as Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 64 DS. It has even appeared in series like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Mario Party.

Q4: What is the best Mario game for Nintendo Switch?

Without a doubt, the Mario Bros games have been the favorites of players of different ages, including adults, since their early beginnings. In the case of Nintendo Switch, one of the most popular and accepted games is Super Mario Odyssey.

It is a game full of adventures in which Mario leaves the Mushroom Kingdom to embark on a journey through mysterious places on planet earth aboard an airship. This particular vehicle needs the famous energy moons to refuel and continue its journey through the different kingdoms.

One feature of those kingdoms is that each one has a local currency, and by obtaining it, Mario can buy a special outfit. There are many clothes to choose from, for example, the Mexican hat and suit, which gives the character a unique touch.

Q5: What is the first Mario Bros game?

Mario emerged after the appearance of Donkey Kong, whose creator was Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. His inspiration was Popeye and the superhero in this game was called Jump Man, who later became Mario Bros. That was the name of the first game in the franchise.

Also, Miyamoto introduces Luigi, Mario’s brother, in the new game to give users the opportunity to enjoy the multiplayer mode.

The world of this first game was full of pipes, that is, an underground world from which creatures and turtles came out, who were the enemies of the two characters. These had to defeat them and keep the pipes clean. Years later the Super Mario Bros version came out, which was also widely accepted internationally.

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