The 12 Best HDMI Cables of 2022

HDMI Cable – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

For a long time, the Euroconnector was the basic cable with which to connect all kinds of equipment such as videos, DVD players or game consoles to our television. However, it has been a long time since the pass to the HDMI cable has been produced, which, compared to this, offers a higher image quality and digital processing, in accordance with the new times. A functionality that, to make the most of it, must be based on quality HDMI cables and adapted to the measure we need. One of these is the Lemorele 1080P model., a converter cable that is suitable for use in different electronic and technological devices such as Nintendo Switch, projectors, monitors, PS4, PS3, TV Stick, computer to TV, among others. In addition, it supports video and audio without distortion. If you need another proposal, you can resort to the Foinnex VGA-HMUA1 cable, with which you will be able to see and convert VGA signals on any screen through HDMI, maintaining the quality of the image and its operability in different equipment.

The 12 Best HDMI Cables – Opinions 2022

The HDMI cable is the substitute for the traditional Scart that we have used for so long. A basic cable with which to connect almost any device, but taking advantage of the maximum digital quality offered by televisions, game consoles and other modern devices. That is why it is so important to know which is the best HDMI cable that we can find depending on what we have to connect. If you are not sure either, we leave you some featured models, with which it will be easier for you to decide which HDMI cable to buy to enjoy a superior image without complications. By the way, since size matters, most of the selected cables have models in other sizes, so if you need an HDMI cable of 1.5 meters, 2 or even 20 meters, you will be able to find it without problems.

HDMI to VGA cable

1. Lemorele VGA to HDMI Adapter 1080P

The manufacturer Lemorele presents one of the HDMI cables that is often recognized among the best on the market. It is an HDMI to VGA cable, a piece designed to transmit and convert the digital signal from HDMI equipment, such as computers, laptops, DVD players, among others, to equipment with an analog signal such as televisions, projectors and monitors. 

In addition, it supports video and audio synchronously, with a maximum resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 HZ in Full HD definition. The cable includes a USB port and is 150 cm long, so it is suitable for going from one device to another in a comfortable and loose way. 

As for its structure, the model has a gold HDMI connector, with a chipset that facilitates and increases signal transmission, to make it more stable. On the other hand, its use is simple. 

Some alternatives have an attractive price and high-end performance, such as this model. So we invite you to know the pros and cons of this product.


Construction: It has a robust and resistant construction, with a gold-plated connector that improves its quality.

Length: It can be used between equipment separated by a distance of up to 150 cm, this being the length of the cable.

Resolution: Supports Full HD playback, to stream content in full resolution up to 1920 x 1080p.

Transmission: Includes a chipset that improves and stabilizes signal transmission between devices.


Instructions: Although its use is simple, the instructions that it includes are deficient.

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VGA to HDMI cable

2. Foinnex VGA to HDMI Adapter Cable

Although it may seem like it, a VGA to HDMI cable is not the same as an HDMI to VGA cable. So if you need this first type of cable, you can opt for the Foinnex VGA-HMUA1 model. This VGA to HDMI cable is responsible for converting analog signals to digital, maintaining the corresponding quality of the signal.

A complete set that includes all the necessary cables both to connect the cable and to transform the signal and receive additional power from the product. A model that also has an audio jack, to transfer the sound easily and without more cables than those included.

Easily connect any VGA-enabled device to an HDMI device with this efficient cable, which we discuss below.


Resolution: The product supports video input up to 1900 x 1200, so as not to lose too much quality.

Plug and Play: The installation process is as simple as connecting the product correctly.

Audio : Includes audio cable in the VGA part, to connect it without the need for anything else.


Power: It is essential to have a USB port nearby for the product to be powered.

Single mode: As with other models, it only connects in VGA to HDMI mode and not vice versa.

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HDMI cable 10 meters

3. Primewire 10m HDMI Cable

If you need a 10 meter HDMI cable to complete your installation, the Primewire A45766x60 model may be of interest to you. This quality cable features remarkable compatibility with all types of HDMI standards, offering full support capability for Ultra HD 4K images, as well as ARC and CEC compatibility for easy installation.

This 10 meter HDMI cable has been manufactured with a triple shielding system, also present in the connector, so that the signal travels free of interference and retains its quality until it is played on any device.

Something that is helped by the gold plating of its heads, with an additional shielding element that improves its resistance and maintains its useful life for longer. Therefore, you will not have any problems when connecting or using it, since it will correctly withstand the stress of use as well as the passage of time.

Considered by many users as the best HDMI cable of the moment, let’s see some more details of this product.


Image quality : With this model it is possible to broadcast 4K quality signals, so you can enjoy broadcasts at the highest resolution.

Dimensions : Its 10 meters of cable, together with the high-quality protection system, prevent signal loss during use.

Shielding : The cable incorporates a triple shielding system that protects the signal against interference.

Compatibility : The product is compatible with devices that use ARC and CEC systems, to make its use easier and take advantage of its advantages.


Version : The maximum version of HDMI supported by this cable is 1.4, so it may not perform properly with products that use version 2.0.

Rigidity : the construction and shielding system of the cable makes it somewhat difficult to bend, which can make it difficult to assemble.

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micro USB to HDMI cable

4. Tiancai MHL HDMI Cable Tihokile 1080P USB C

Tiancai MHL is a multiport cable with which you can transmit what is seen on your smartphone or tablet to other screens.

This particular model offers connections for USB port, USB Type C and Lightning; all with HDMI output, to be able to connect them to various types of screens. Likewise, the variety of ports gives you the possibility of using it with different equipment, both in brands and types.

Evaluating its capacity, you should know that it can support transmission in high definition, since it reaches a resolution for screens of up to 1080p, maintaining good image quality and sharpness.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that it does not require installation, since when you connect the computer to a monitor using the cable, you should be able to see the image transmitted in real time without having to activate anything.

If you want to know in depth what this product offers you, here are some additional details:


Ports: The variety of connection ports offers many options in devices to use with the cable, whether they are smartphones or tablets.

Compatibility: You can use the cable with equipment from various brands without problems, considerably increasing its usefulness.

Installation: You will not need to download or configure anything to use the cable, since its installation is practically Plug&Play.

Utility: With this cable you can see the duplicate image on TVs, monitors, projectors and more.



Temperature: The cable is likely to heat up during use, so you must be careful to avoid forcing it.

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HDMI to RCA cable


Those who are looking for a suitable alternative to HDMI to RCA cable can take a look at the attributes that this model marketed by HOHT presents. It is an option that has been designed with high quality standards, for optimized operation that provides a stable signal without distortion. 

For this reason, its structure includes 24-carat gold-plated connectors, which increases stability in signal transmission. Due to its specifications, it can support content from 480i to 1080p. 

In addition, it is a cable compatible with digital high definition televisions, plasma and LCD televisions, as well as rear projection televisions, projectors and other equipment with HDMI output with Plug&Play. On the other hand, it is an easy-to-use alternative, making the connections correctly, with a length of 1.5 meters, being practical for joining equipment.

If a model is of interest, you should learn more about its features to determine if it is suitable. Therefore, we invite you to read details of this cable.


Construction: It has a strong and sturdy construction, with 24-karat gold-plated connectors.

Compatibility: It is compatible with different equipment and televisions of different technologies, as well as projectors and others.

Design: It has a practical and functional design that stands out for having a length of 1.5 meters to connect equipment.

Signal: Includes a signal stabilizer for optimized operation and no distortion between parts.


Converter: This model does not have a converter to go from analog to digital.

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HDMI to USB cable

6. Foinnex U-H02 HDMI USB Adapter

The Foinnex U-H02 HDMI to USB cable is everything you need to connect devices without having to worry about anything else. And it is that unlike other models, this device does include the converter integrated into the device, so that you can convert signals without complications. For this, you also have the corresponding driver, which facilitates the installation process.

And for better performance, the device is capable of offering signals in Full HD format without complications, although for this it is necessary to connect it to a USB 3.0 port. In any case, the installation process is easy, so you will not have to spend more time than necessary.

So that converting USB signals to HDMI is not a problem, you only have to take a look at what this model offers you.


Converter: This product includes a signal converter for better quality.

3.0 connectivity: USB 3.0 connectivity allows you to achieve Full HD image quality.

Easy installation : The device is easy to install, including the corresponding driver.


USB port: If you have a USB 2.0 port, you will only be able to access a resolution of 800 x 600.

Use in Dock: The product cannot be used in docks or USB port hubs, direct connection must be executed.

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HDMI to scart adapter

7. AMANKA Scart to HDMI Converter

Although the scart is now part of the past, it is still possible to find an HDMI to Scart adapter if you need it. We are talking about products such as the AMANKA SCART-HDMI-ES adapter, with which it is possible to transfer signals through a conventional Scart to an HDMI socket.

A process in which this model allows you to comfortably choose the image quality that best suits you. It also has a simple installation, although it does require a USB port to power the device. A product that is finished off with a light indicator that informs us if the product is working or not.

Let’s know something more about this model, with which to take advantage of the oldest connections of any device.


High quality: The high quality of the product allows even Full HD signals to be obtained.

Quality to choose: You can choose between 720P or 1080P video output, as needed.

Installation : You will only have to connect the corresponding cables to start using the product.


Power: It is necessary to have external power via USB for the product to work.

Size : The adapter is somewhat cumbersome, so you must take it into account when mounting it.

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USB-to-HDMI cable


The USB to HDMI cable is the most suitable solution to connect your mobile terminal, tablet or similar to your television. Something that we can take advantage of with models such as the UGREEN 50357 cable. This cable has all the quality necessary to reproduce even images and videos in 4K quality efficiently, using modern Thunderbolt 3 technology and the USB C format, currently in vogue. in most modern devices.

A system that increases transfer speed and overall performance considerably. This cable is finished off with a 2 meter extension, to make the connection even easier.

To take better advantage of the image quality of any equipment, you only have to resort to this efficient cable.


Image quality: With this product you can reach a maximum quality 4K image resolution.

Thunderbolt : Thunderbolt 3 technology improves performance and data transfer speed.

Length: The cable is 2 meters long, although if that is a lot, there is also a 1 meter long version.


Type C: Since we are talking about a type C cable, it is only compatible with models that use these connectors.

Compatibility : In addition to the connection already mentioned, the equipment does not have full compatibility with all terminals of this type.

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4K HDMI cable

9.CSL Ultra HD 4k HDMI

Designed for those who need the quality of the best HDMI cable but without having to spend too much, the CSL A23726x60 cable is a high quality product with which to move even signals in 4K quality without any image loss.

To do this, this 4K HDMI cable is compatible with version 2.0 and lower of the HDMI standard, offering an internal structure and manufacturing materials that are responsible for moving data at maximum speed. This allows the cable to maintain its class-leading picture quality, as well as work with today’s highest audio standards.

A quality product that is presented in a length of 5 meters and that also has the necessary shielding for the signal to travel safely. All this, in a model that is among the cheapest cables segment, so it is not surprising that for many users this is the best value for money HDMI cable at the moment.

Let’s look at some more facts about this cable, made by what many consider to be the best brand of HDMI cables on the market today.


Image quality : This cable responds optimally to any image output, so you can enjoy the best resolution and even 3D images.

Shielding : The shielding has three layers of material that are responsible for keeping the signal properly protected.

HDMI version: The cable uses version 2.0 of the HDMI protocol, to give you better results with compatible devices.

Audio quality: In addition to the extreme image quality, this 5 meter HDMI cable is also compatible with all kinds of high quality audio outputs.


Robust: Due to the resistance of its manufacturing materials, it may take some work to fold it when placing it at home.

Heads : According to some user comments, the heads must be treated with care, to avoid their premature deterioration.

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HDMI cable for mobile

10. Choetech USB C to HDMI Cable

With a length of 1.8 meters, this model from the manufacturer Choetech is one of the most efficient options in relation to its performance and quality, being an HDMI cable for mobile. The alternative is made of resistant materials. In addition, it is compatible with different mobile devices from brands such as Huawei, Samsung and iPhone in different versions with DP Alt mode. 

According to its specifications, it is 60 Hertz, with a USB C to HDMI adapter, which supports high resolution up to 4K, between 2160 and 3840 pixels, as well as lower definition versions of 1080p. Similarly, its operation in the transfer of content is fast. 

At the same time, its use is simple and convenient, without the need for additional drivers or software, since it is only necessary to connect the playback equipment to the TV with the adapter, and the audio and video transfer begins.

An efficient purchase supposes the analysis of the attributes of the alternative of interest. Here we present those corresponding to this model.


Design: It has a classic design in black, with a convenient length of 1.8 meters.

Construction: To offer adequate performance as a transfer cable and continuous use, its construction is robust and resistant.

Resolution: It is suitable as an adapter to support high resolution content of 4K between 2160 and 3840 p.

Transfer: The transfer time is fast, because it is equipped with features that speed up the process.


Compatibility: It is necessary to take into account that it is a cable that is not suitable for all mobile models.

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Other products

11. KabelDirect 321

Among the best HDMI cables of 2022 there is also room for larger products. But only for those capable of maintaining image quality over long distances, as is the case with the KabelDirekt 321 cable.

This 15-meter HDMI cable has everything you need to enjoy the best image and sound quality, being compatible with the HDMI 2.0 version and, obviously, with all the previous ones.

A quality system that allows you to move images in 4K or Full HD format without image loss along the cable, while also being able to emit high-quality sound and even offering compatibility with the HDR system. A complete cable that, as an additional advantage, is somewhat more flexible than other models on the market, which facilitates its installation process.

For those who have to do a wide-ranging installation, you will surely be interested in knowing more about the characteristics of this HDMI cable.


Sustained signal: Unlike other products, despite being a 15 meter long HDMI cable, it maintains the quality of the signal without alterations.

Version: The cable uses version 2.0 of HDMI, so you will have the highest quality and data transfer speed at all times.

Flexibility: Unlike other cables on the market, this product has a little more flexibility on the outside, which makes the installation process easier.


Connectors : As with other similar cables, care should be taken with the connectors to prevent premature deterioration.

Weight : The total weight of this HDMI cable is 1 kilo, 998 grams to be exact, so you must hold it properly during assembly to avoid problems.

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12. Amazon Basics HL-007348

Within the HDMI connectors and cables that we have on the market, the HDMI to DVI cable is another of the common options among users. A cable that is used to connect devices that use this type of output with DVI monitors or televisions in a simple way.

This is what the AmazonBasics HL-007348 model allows us to do. This HDMI to DVI cable has a length of three meters and the necessary connections to get the most out of the image of any device, with a higher image level than any Scart or similar would offer.

A product that offers quality details, such as gold-plated heads for better connectivity or a length of 3 meters and adequate external shielding, so that the signal travels properly protected along the cable to offer better viewing results..

If you need an HDMI to DVI cable and you don’t want to spend too much, this model that we analyze below is among the cheapest at the moment.


Gold-plated connectors: Gold-plated connectors improve the conductivity and the quality with which the signal is transmitted.

Latest Version: Because these cables are built to the latest standard, they offer higher picture quality.

Cable length: The cable has a total length of 3 meters, which makes it easy to connect it wherever you need it.


Maximum quality: Some users comment that this cable is capable of emitting only an image up to Full HD 1080P quality, but it does not work with 4K.

Sound: As with this type of connector, it is necessary to have an additional cable for audio output.

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Shopping guide

The HDMI port has been a revolution when it comes to connecting all kinds of equipment. And it is that although this technology has come to replace the usual Euroconnector, the truth is that it has added a large number of options when connecting televisions but also monitors, computers and much more. So that you can know what you need, you only have to read a guide to buy the best HDMI cable, with which you know what you should look for so that your purchase is adequate.

Type of cable

We start by asking ourselves what type of cable is necessary. And it is that these cables are presented in a wide variety of options, both in terms of conventional HDMI cables or if we need a special cable or connector in one of the sockets.

If we talk about normal HDMI cables, these would be the ones that have two of these HDMI connectors, one at each end of the cable. They are the usual ones for when we have to connect a modern PC graphics card to a current monitor or to connect our LED TV to a Smart TV Box, for example. It is important to know if we need a cable that is only Full HD or if it is 4K, since different cables are necessary.

However, there are also a large number of products dedicated to all kinds of uses and that change one of those sockets for a different port. It is what we find in HDMI to VGA cables, HDMI to micro USB or HDMI to RCA, to name a few. These cables allow you to connect older equipment, with these old jacks, to modern HDMI ports. However, it is key to choose correctly, both for the type of ports and for the way they are connected, since an HDMI to VGA cable is not the same as one from VGA to HDMI.

cable construction

As important as the ends are the inner elements of the cable, that is, what we do not see. And this is where many cheap products that we sometimes find when reading a comparison of HDMI cables fail. Something that can cause connection problems and a loss of image quality.

So it is convenient to look for some important elements, such as a braided and quality interior. This interior is what is responsible for carrying the signal along the cable, so it must have high purity and efficient transmission capacity. Something important also when choosing a large cable, since the longer the cable, the greater the chances of suffering losses during its use.

This same quality must be present abroad. It is key to have quality shielding, which prevents inferences from affecting the signal being transferred. And if this were not enough, do not forget to take a look at the connectors, so that they also maintain the level. If they are gold plated, they will always offer better results than conventional ones.

cord measurements

As a last piece of advice, we cover a minor but also important aspect, especially how much does the cable cost. This question is the size of the cable, in which fortunately we have a wide variety of cables designed even for the most complex installations.

In general, the minimum measurement that these cables have is usually around the meter. A sufficient measure to connect nearby elements to each other. Obviously these are the cheapest cables on the market. The next measurement is 2 meters long, which is also common and gives us a little more space when connecting devices. This measurement is the usual one for cables with mixed connections of HDMI and another connector.

But if we need long measures, we will also find them. In this case, we are talking about HDMI cables that increase in size to 5, 10 or even 20 meters long within the standard models. In these cases, it is advisable to take extreme precautions when choosing, so that the cable has sufficient quality to keep the signal in good condition and that it is not lost, as we have mentioned before.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What HDMI cable does the PS4 come with?

In order to develop all the graphic quality that this console can offer, it includes a Premium HDMI cable. This type of cable not only has the capacity to transfer data to take advantage of the 4K format on which it works, but it also has considerable capacity to move said images efficiently. Therefore, if you have a compatible TV, you will have the possibility to play with the highest possible graphics quality.

Q2: How to connect HDMI cable from PC to TV?

Connecting an HDMI cable to a PC is very simple, in case the PC’s graphics card includes the same HDMI port. In this case, just connect the HDMI cable to both ports and that’s it. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to find a cable from VGA to HDMI, so that it is possible to execute the connection correctly. As an alternative, depending on what the graphics card offers, it is also possible to use a DVI to HDMI cable, with a little more quality because it is two d

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