The 14 Best Headphones of 2022

Headphones – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Headphones are a complete product that can be very useful in the office both for making calls and video conferences and for each worker to be able to isolate themselves comfortably if they wish. Not forgetting the mobile models, which also help increase productivity in this work. If you are looking for headphones that you can use with any device, you can turn to the Sound Peats Q12. Headphones that have both good quality and light weight and good design. But if you prefer a model of the latest design, Apple AirPods headphones are what you need. A model that offers you all the sound quality of Apple in an extremely compact design.

The 14 Best Headphones – Opinions 2022

The applications of today’s headsets are multiple: from enjoying music and isolating yourself from your office environment to taking your calls anywhere in comfort. However, given the variety of existing products, which you can check in our selection of the best headphones of 2022, it is important to take into account what we need at all times. Only then can you determine which are the best headphones for you and make a quality purchase.

Bluetooth headphones

1. SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth 4.1 CVC 6.0

Among the best headphones of the moment we find products such as the SoundPEATS Q12. These headphones have a pleasant ergonomic design with an in-ear fit that gives you an adequate level of isolation when it comes to enjoying both music and your calls.

In addition, these Bluetooth headphones weigh just 15 grams, so they are light to wear. A comfort that improves with the in-ear hooks, as well as with the variety of included cushions, which make it easy to choose the ones that best suit you at all times. This model also has a control panel, located on the cable that connects both headphones, with which it is possible to answer your calls or regulate the volume that you perceive at all times.

Therefore, you won’t have to take your mobile out of your pocket to answer these calls or scroll through your song list. To top off the design, the product has a charging socket also located on the remote, as well as a simple pairing system that allows you to connect two devices at the same time. Therefore, you won’t have to leave one of your computers offline if you don’t want to.

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2. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Stereo

If you prefer headband Bluetooth headphones, the Mpow 059 model is another proposal that should be considered. These headphones have a nice design that makes it easy to have conversations and make calls or listen to what you need without problems.

To do this, this model has an adjusted weight even within its headband design, with pleasant padding in the area of ​​the ears that does not bother over time and maintains adequate insulation when using the product..

These headphones also have a CSR chip, which further improves the audio quality so you can enjoy immersive sensations and better quality in any circumstance. As for its battery, it has autonomy for about 20 hours of use with music or 15 hours in conversation with a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about having to charge the headphones every so often.

A model that also has adequate connectivity, which uses the Bluetooth 4.0 system to connect wirelessly, but you can also use it in wired mode as if they were traditional headphones.

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iPhone earphones

3.Apple AirPods

If we ask ourselves what are the best iPhone headphones of the moment, without a doubt the answer is the Apple EarPods. A product that is even considered the best current headphones. So much so that there are already several manufacturers that have copied its innovative wireless design and its extremely light weight.

Something that significantly facilitates the process of using the headphones, reducing inconvenience by not having the cable that connects both headphones. But, as if that were not enough, these Apple headphones include optical sensors and have an accelerometer, with which it is easier to enjoy better sensations when listening to your favorite music or whatever is necessary.

But in addition, these sensors also allow you to control playback functions or even activate Siri just by touching certain areas. An original Apple product that instantly syncs with any device and also offers remarkable comfort when using it.

And to finish off the design, the headphones are accompanied by the charging case, which protects them from dust while charging, preventing you from accidentally losing them due to their small size.

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Xiaomi Headphones

4.Xiaomi 14273 Bluetooth

Although it is not the best brand of headphones at the moment, the truth is that Xiaomi is one of those manufacturers that also comes to the fore when it comes to knowing which headphones to buy. And if, in addition, you opt for the Xiaomi 362887 model, you are probably accessing the best value for money headphones from our selection.

These headphones have an aluminum alloy construction, which reduces the weight of the model, as well as the accumulated dirt. It also has a third generation damping system with which it is possible to access a clearer and more detailed sound. Functions that are accompanied by a good-sized cable and with the microphone inserted, so that you control the different functions of the calls and can speak with a high quality voice.

An elegant model that is finished off with details such as a flat cable style with a Kevlar structure, which adequately withstands the stresses of use and does not deteriorate as other lower quality products do. These Xiaomi headphones are accompanied by different rubber bands and spare parts for the pads, so that you can adapt them to what suits you best according to your preferences.

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beat headphones

5. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 Wireless

If we take a look at the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 headphones, we will see that they do not stand out for being among the cheapest options on the market. But they do stand out for everything else. And it is that these headphones offer one of the best sound qualities of the models that we have analyzed, being one of the most renowned brands on the market.

Headphones that offer a very balanced sound, in which the treble is perceived cleanly and the bass sounds with the power that was recorded. Something that is helped by the connectivity of the product, which allows us to make the most of the 10 meters of distance at which we usually connect these devices but, in this case, without cuts or problems derived from the distance.

A complete model that also has a high autonomy of up to 40 hours, so you can use the headphones for several days without having to worry too much about looking for a plug. And if you need an extra battery urgently, you can count on up to 3 hours of autonomy with a charge of just 5 minutes.

And if you want to customize the look of these headphones, you have four different colors to choose the one you like best.

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samsung earphones

6. Samsung EO-EG920BW Genuine

Among our cheap options we find the Samsung EO-EG920BW headphones. An original product that is the same as that included in the brand’s mobiles, but that has a really adjusted price. These headphones have the advantage of being able to be used in button mode or in in-ear mode, depending on what you need at any given time.

In case of changing the mode, you just have to remove or place the additional pads to continue enjoying that quality sound. These wired headphones also have the microphone inserted in the cable, where we find the keys to adjust the volume, answer calls or move comfortably between your songs.

A model that weighs just 10 grams, so you won’t have any problems when wearing them, as happens with other heavier models. By the way, these headphones are compatible with all Samsung models that have a 3.5 mm Jack connection port, so you won’t have to rack your brain thinking about whether or not they will work for your mobile.

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Sony headphones

7. Sony MDR ZX310APB

Talking about quality sound means talking about Sony. One of the best-known brands in the audio market and with which to enjoy pure and quality sound. Something that we can find in products like the Sony MDR-ZX310APB headphones. A model with a closed, foldable and very light headband design that mounts 30-millimeter diaphragms.

Inside, we find a high-quality ferrite core capable of working with a frequency range that goes from 10 to 24,000 hertz, covering the entire range of quality sound with a note. This allows you to enjoy powerful bass and crystal-clear treble, so you can listen to your music the way you like it.

This model also has a connection cable as well as a microphone, with which you can talk comfortably and control playback progress, as well as answer calls. A model that comes in four different colors for the outside of the diaphragms, which you can also fold to reduce the space that the headphones take up when you’re not using them.

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Sennheiser Headphones

8. Sennheiser HD 4.50 Special Edition

If you prefer high-quality sound headphones, Sennheiser is another of the most renowned manufacturers of the moment, both for its extensive experience and for the quality of its design. A quality present in the Sennheiser HD 4.50 headphones, with which you will have various functions that further improve that sound quality.

Among those options we have the APT-X connectivity, which adds an extra to the conventional Bluetooth transfer to have higher audio quality. You will also have the NoiseGard system, which reduces ambient noise levels in order to obtain better sound results in any circumstance. The result is balanced, detailed audio with dynamic bass that works well with any type of content.

This model includes other improvements, such as the NFC pairing option. This system does not require more than a mobile compatible with this technology to connect the headphones, without complicating you with menus and other issues. And to make it easy for you to store the headphones when they’re not in use, they can also be folded, saving space and keeping the headphones protected until you need them again.

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headphones with microphone

9. Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

Headphones with a microphone have many applications today. They can be used to make videoconferences, to talk with our partners while we play or even to announce what we need. A process in which the quality of the Logitech G430 headphones will be of great help to us.

A quality that begins in the area of ​​the diaphragms, whose design allows a remarkable isolation from the outside and a pleasant reduction of noise from the outside. Something very necessary to load to enjoy the 7.1 sound quality, offered by this model, with a Dolby system that helps you hear everything like never before.

A quality that is also present in the microphone area, so that your voice comes through with all the clarity it should when playing or doing what you need. A model that you can use with practically all kinds of devices, as long as they are compatible with the 3.5 connector that it includes.

And for comfort to be adequate, this model has comfortable padding both in the area of ​​the diaphragms and in the headband, which is also combined with a light weight compared to other similar models, around 300 grams.

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hi-fi earphones

10. 1MORE Triple-Driver HiFi In-Ear Headphones

Enjoying high-fidelity sound in our headphones is also possible today. Just take a look at the 1More E1001-GD HiFi headphones and everything they offer to enjoy quality audio. Among this offer we find a sound system based on three drivers with which it is easy to enjoy smooth sounds without distortion.

Something that helps its wide frequency capacity, which reaches a level of up to 40,000 hertz. A range of frequencies reminiscent of live music and that is more than enough for this model to stand out for its wide sound quality. Something that can also be seen in its construction, where a high-quality aluminum alloy body with a sandblasted finish is combined with connection cables made of Kevlar to give the headphones greater resistance.

And as if this were not enough, these headphones have a wide range of pads, so you can choose those that give you the highest quality when enjoying your music. Some pads that are presented together with the headphones and the adapter included in an elegant box, which adds an extra quality to this product.

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11. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth

We continue to review products from some of the biggest sound-related product brands, and in this case, it’s Bose’s turn. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are one of the brand’s most attractive designs within its wireless offer, so you can listen to your music or whatever you need without having to worry about cables.

A complete model that includes various aids, such as the noise cancellation system with which to better filter what is left over when enjoying the sound generated. This system has three different settings that you can select depending on the environment you are in. It also incorporates an equalizer optimized according to volume, so that the sound is balanced depending on the quality of the source and the power at which we are listening to this sound.

And so that you can talk quietly with your mobile and order what you need, these speakers are also compatible with Alexa, Siri or the Google assistant, so you won’t even have to take your hands out of your pockets to control the terminal. An extra comfort that fits well with the comfortable design of the headphones, which fit comfortably over your ears so as not to bother you during use.

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in-ear headphones

12. LIAM & DAAN ALU Ultimate 640 Flat Style

Although for some users they are annoying, the truth is that in-ear headphones are one of the most interesting options to talk on your mobile or enjoy your favorite music. Although to get the most out of them it is necessary to bet on quality models such as the LIAM & DAAN A302046x60 headphones.

These headphones have a very light weight thanks to their aluminum construction and a good combination of materials, so it is much easier to listen to what you want, even during long sessions. Something that helps to have a frequency range that goes from 10 to 20,000 hertz and an 8-millimeter transducer with the necessary quality so that everything sounds as it should. This model has a 3.5 mm jack. So the connection process of it is easier than that of Bluetooth models.

Something that helps its flat cable, which avoids the inconvenience of round cables, while offering a heavy-duty construction. And for you to take better care of your headphones, they are accompanied by a small zippered carrying bag, so they are safe until the next time you want to use them.

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wireless headphones

13. Holy High Mini Twins Bluetooth 5.0

Thanks to modern Bluetooth technology, it is possible to do without cables when it comes to enjoying your music or talking on the phone. Something that we can achieve with products such as the HolyHigh Mini Twins wireless headphones. These headphones are based on the design of the Earpods, so they do not have connection cables or other elements other than the headphones themselves.

These have a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. that improves performance and bandwidth compared to version 4.2 models, thus offering better performance when enjoying your music or your calls. A model that, despite including only the headphones, can also be controlled comfortably by simply pressing several times on the headphone area, thus making it easy to stop listening, control the volume or answer calls.

As for the charging process and battery, the model has an autonomy of about 4 hours and barely needs an hour to be fully charged. Something that you can easily do just by placing the headphones in their storage case.

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noise canceling headphones

14. Fitfort L1H Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones

Noise is something that can significantly impair listening to your music or calls. So having headphones with noise reduction is a good idea in order to improve the quality of the sound we perceive. A function that is present in models such as the Fitfort L1H headphones, along with many others with which to enjoy better sound in a model without cables or hassles.

These headband headphones work efficiently to reduce ambient noise, also having high-quality 40-millimeter diameter elements, capable of reproducing deep bass and treble of remarkable quality. A model that also stands out in aspects such as the battery, which offers you up to 12 hours of music playback, but which you can connect with a cable if you wish, thus forgetting about the battery and its state of charge.

A cable that multiplies the speaker connection options, so you can use it with your PC, your mobile, tablet or any other device. And for you to store it safely, the product comes with a case where you can fold it and store it comfortably until the next time you use it.

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Shopping guide

Although it may seem simple, surely after reading our guide to buying headphones you will surely agree with us that buying one of these products is not as easy as it seems. And there are quite a few aspects to assess, so let’s see what we should look for when buying one of these products, beyond how much it costs or the color of its finish.

headphone type

The current offer of headphones is so wide that we can find models and designs suitable for all tastes. So when facing a comparison of headphones, it is convenient to start knowing what type of headphones can be most useful to us. Something that will depend on the use we plan to give the product and also on our own personal preferences.

The first big decision would be whether to choose wired or wireless headphones. Wired headphones have the advantage that they can be used with almost any device and do not need batteries, while wireless headphones have the advantage that we will not have cables bothering our environment, while we will have greater mobility at the same time. time to separate from the device.

It is also convenient to see the type of headset by its placement. In this case, we have models such as headbands, which are placed over the ear and offer good insulation. Something similar happens with the button models, which reduce the size considerably and maintain good insulation. But the best isolation option is the one offered by in-ear models, which are literally inserted into the ear to isolate you from the outside. However, this can be somewhat annoying for some users. So it’s all a matter of preferences.

product comfort

Another interesting aspect is the comfort of the product. Something that depends on different factors such as design, weight and the characteristics of the product. Aspects that can be crucial when we have to use the headphones for long hours. Let’s look at these aspects in more detail.

As we have mentioned, weight is key when choosing headphones. Obviously, this weight must be assessed in comparison to similar models, since it makes no sense to compare the weight of headband headphones with Bluetooth in-ear headphones. As a reference, a suitable weight for the latter would be around 20 grams or less, while headband models can go from 300 to 400 grams to be comfortable.

But for this comfort to also be adequate, it is necessary that the product has comfortable support elements. Among these elements we would have the inner pads of the in-ear models or the foams of the headband models, among other elements. All of them must be soft, not annoying and fit properly to our ears and our head.

Additional issues

The two elements that we have discussed would already be the main ones to make a decision. But there is another group of important elements that we are going to detail below and that, in part, also depend on the type of headphones that we are evaluating.

One of these elements is the quality of the microphone, which is usually present in most headphones on the market. The microphone should have adequate quality when it comes to reproducing our voice, as well as a noise reduction system that gives it even more power.

This noise reduction can also be found for headphones, on the listening side, so that the amount of noise that penetrates inside the headphones is smaller. In this section it is also convenient to see the frequency at which the headphones work, since the higher this range, the higher the sound quality obtained, with more powerful bass and clearer treble.

Finally, although it only affects models with a battery, we do not want to forget the importance of checking the battery included in the product. A battery that must have adequate autonomy to meet our needs and not force us to have to charge the product every so often. Verify in passing the charging process and the time it takes, as it is also something to keep in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Why does the volume turn down when I plug in the headphones?

Many devices have a security system that is responsible for automatically reducing the volume when headphones are connected. A system that prevents our ears from receiving a “sound shock” when connecting those headphones, which is not highly recommended for our hearing health.

In any case, in some cases it may be due to a fault or problem in the headphones or to a configuration error, especially on mobile phones, so it is worth taking a look at it.

Q2: How to connect Bluetooth headset to PC?

To connect a Bluetooth headset to a PC, the process has been the same as the one we use to add any device. So you will only have to enter the device manager and add the headphones, previously taking care to activate the connection mode of the headphones. Do not forget to verify that the Bluetooth connectivity of the PC is also turned on, otherwise it will be impossible to execute the connection.

Q3: Why does it sound bad when I plug in the headphones?

This problem can have many causes depending on the type of headphones and the connection used. Bad sound can be due to a bad connector or too far from the audio source, depending on whether it is Bluetooth or wired.

It can also be due to improper volume settings, with too much volume on the headphones and too little on the source, causing distortion. And obviously this problem can also be due to a fault in the headphones, which cause the sound to be of poorer quality.

Q4: Where to throw the earphones?

Given that the headphones themselves are not recyclable in conventional containers, the best thing to do would be to take them to a nearby clean point and deposit them with the electronic products. If this is not possible, we must deliver them to the store where we buy the new ones, since by law it is precisely obliged to deal with that recycling.

Q5: Are the headphones harmful?

The answer depends on the volume level we use. The higher the volume with which we use the headphones, the greater the chances that our ears will end up paying the consequences. That is why it is convenient that during this use we always opt for the lowest volume levels, to avoid long-term problems.

Fortunately, almost all cell phones and other devices include systems that limit the volume, so that you do not receive an unexpected “audio shock” and have to clearly specify if you want the sound to go above the safe level.

Q6: How to connect wireless headset to mobile?

Depending on the options that our mobile offers us, we have two options to connect the headphones. The simplest option is the NFC system that many headphones already include, so that the process is executed by simply scanning the code with our mobile. If this is not the case, we must activate the pairing mode of the headphones, activate Bluetooth on the mobile and search for the headphones in the list of devices that are in range of the equipment.

Q7: Which is better, open or closed headphones?

Well, it all depends on your personal preferences. Closed-back headphones offer better sound quality by having a greater insulation capacity against our environment, but they can become overwhelming.

Something that is solved with the more open headphones, which, although they receive more external noise, have the advantage of not being so insulating or overwhelming. However, it is important that you do not isolate yourself completely from the outside when using the headphones, especially if you plan to use them outdoors.

Q8: Why does Google open when I plug in the headphones?

When Google is activated unintentionally when you plug in your headphones, this is usually caused by a product defect. And it is that wired headphones can cause problems when they deteriorate, unintentionally activating the assistant or altering the usual behavior of the mobile. Something that requires a change of headphones to solve the problem.

How to use headphones

The use of headphones is quite simple for both wired and non-wired models. And although it is true that in these latest models it is necessary to make the corresponding connection, this will not take much time either. In any case, we are going to see how to proceed so that the use of these headphones is the most appropriate.

Headphone adjustment

Before starting with listening and connections, it is necessary to adjust the headphones to our preferences. In the case of headband headphones, this process involves adjusting the width of the headband to the size of our head, while in button or in-ear models it will be necessary to find the most suitable pads and accessories for our preferences. A step that we should not skip unless we want the headphones to not fit or be annoying during use.


Once we have made the adjustment, it is t

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