The 14 Best Projectors of 2022

Projector – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

The projector has become the best ally for those who want to enjoy great image quality on a huge screen, beyond what the television offers. This is what we find in the BenQ TK800 model, which is one of the few current projectors capable of outputting in 4K format. A projector that also includes HDR10 and improved brightness to see everything clearer. Another recommended alternative is the WiMiUS 5500 Lumens model, a projector that works with an LED light source, TFT LCD technology for projection and that incorporates a brightness of 5500 lumens, with the capacity for a maximum resolution of 4K ultra HD and amplitude between 50 and 300 inches.

The 14 Best Projectors – Opinions 2022

If you want to enjoy images of a cinema in your home, without having to spend too much, looking for the best projector is, surely, what interests you the most. A task in which our list of the best projectors of 2022 is all you need to find a cheap and efficient projector or a high-quality projector with a large emission diagonal. Unless you are looking for a projector for stars, which in this case do not fit into our category.

4K projector

1. BenQ TK800 DLP 3D 4K UHD

If we are looking for the best projector of the moment, we will surely have to bet on a 4K projector. Models such as the BenQ TK800 4K projector, which comes from what many users highlight as the best projector brand of the moment.

This projector has an image capacity with which to emit up to 8.3 million pixels and a sharpness and definition never seen before. An image quality that is reinforced by the HDR 10 system, optimized for this 4K projector, which generates an image of even higher quality. Something that helps the high brightness of the product, with which to see the image properly even in areas where the light is high.

And to give you a dedicated quality, the model even has special modes such as football, cinema and other sports. So you no longer have to resort to a laser projector to enjoy the best image quality.

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LED projector

2. WiMiUS 6500 Lumens Full HD Projector

With a compact design, portable properties and extensive connectivity, this LED projector from the manufacturer WiMiUS is one of the best that can be found on the market. It has been designed with a brightness of 5500 lumens, LED light source and TFT LCD projection technology, as well as a contrast ratio of 6000 to 1, for greater definition, vivid colors and eye protection, with native resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. 

In addition, it is capable of broadcasting content with a maximum resolution of 4K ultra HD, with a projection distance between 1.5 meters and 6.5 meters. Similarly, it has capacity for a projection size between 50 and 300 inches. 

Also, it has cooling technology and includes a function for horizontal and vertical distortion correction, through remote control, to adjust the image. Its useful life is 70,000 hours, resulting in a favorable range.

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Mini projector

3. Unicview SG100 Full HD Portable Projector 

Despite its small size, the Unicview SG100 mini projector is a solution with which to enjoy even more content than you would with a conventional projector. And it is that this product is not only capable of loading and playing content from any source, but it can also play your favorite DTT programs. For this, the projector includes a DVB T2 DTT tuner, already adapted to the new broadcasts. 

On its more traditional side, the projector incorporates all kinds of connections, such as HDMI, USB or VGA, among others. So it’s easy to connect to any video player, PC or cable TV box to name a few. 

The result is projections with Full HD quality, which can also be configured to obtain the best broadcast results according to what you need. All in a product that barely weighs 500 grams and has a very compact design.

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Portable projector

4. Artlii Mana Mini Portable WiFi 3D Projector

For those who want to buy a portable projector, this Artlii option may be the one, since it has a compact and lightweight design, without its performance being affected. The model is equipped with a WiFi connection, being stable to use YouTube or Fire TV. 

In addition, its use is simple and it is equipped with a 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, for about two hours of video. For better color quality and projection consistency, it features DLP technology for rotating disk synchronization, delivering sharp images with sharp edges. 

It has a trapezoidal corrector and includes speakers in the upper part of its structure, for audio with greater sound and low distortion. It includes helpful accessories such as remote control, tripod, micro SD cable and power adapter. According to its manufacturer, the useful life of the lamp is estimated at 30,000 hours.

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Optoma Projector

5. Optoma HD27e Gaming Home Cinema Projector 

An Optoma projector, such as the HD27e model, cannot be missing from our selection. A product designed with the quality and resolution of this brand, offering you a real Full HD resolution and a contrast of 25,000 to 1, which makes it easy to see everything more clearly.

And it is that this model does not work with interpolation, but includes the real resolution natively. A first-rate product that can also output images in 3D mode and includes Dynamic Black technology, which simplifies the process of enjoying purer blacks.

This Optoma projector maintains quality when it comes to output, even at wide diagonal sizes, so you don’t have any problems during the viewing process. The product is finished off with details such as wide compatibility with all types of connections, as well as 10 watts RMS output power for audio.

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mobile projector

6. Artlii Fun Mini Mobile Portable Projector

With a size that does not exceed that of a smartphone and a thickness less than that of the iPhone 8, this Artlii mobile projector model is one of the most recommended today, due to its small design and portable dimensions. It is built with outstanding robustness materials, with an ABS plastic structure. 

The projector is compatible with different mobile devices and video consoles such as PS4 and XBOX, through ports such as HDMI, USB, SD and AV, so that it can also be linked with iPhone, Android smartphones, televisions, DVD players and Blu Ray. 

In addition, this model has been designed to project images, television programs, videos, series and other content, without causing eye damage. It works with an output power of 50 watts and 220 volts, with a maximum screen resolution of 1080p. Its operation is silent, only 21 decibels.

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epson projector

7. Epson EH-TW650 Full HD Wi-Fi

Epson is another of those usual brands when talking about quality projectors. The Epson EH-TW650 projector is one of its best representatives.

This projector has the ability to broadcast in Full HD quality, so you can enjoy every pixel and every detail of any broadcast you run. These broadcasts can reach up to 300 inches diagonally, maintaining the necessary quality in all these sizes to avoid pixelations and other problems.

Something that helps its image management system, which offers colors three times brighter and eliminates the famous rainbow effect. This Epson projector also has other interesting features such as an extensive connectivity panel, so you don’t have problems or limitations when it comes to taking advantage of the product.

And as if that were not enough, this projector also has WiFi, thus simplifying the process of accessing remote content without the need for cables and connections.

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lg projector

8. LG PF1000U Full HD Ultra Short

Continuing with the best-known brands in this segment, it is time to talk about LG. A recognized brand for which we have chosen the LG PF1000U projector.

This model is somewhat different from the usual, since we are talking about an ultra-short throw projector with which to achieve diagonal dimensions of up to 100 inches but at a distance of just 38 centimeters. So it won’t be a problem to get those big diagonals even when the space isn’t over.

This does not affect the quality of the product, since this LG projector is capable of broadcasting in Full HD format with a high contrast of 150,000 to 1, which allows you to see every detail clearly when broadcasting.

A complete product that is finished off with details such as extensive connectivity to all kinds of devices, including Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to output images in 3D format, if you wish.

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projector 24

9. G-wukeer Mini Portable Full HD Projector

Having a portable projector is a good way to enjoy special events anywhere and in a large size. Something you can do comfortably with the G-wukeer Mini model. This device is similar in size to a mobile phone, so taking it anywhere is very comfortable. Something that also helps a reduced weight, which is around 245 grams approximately. 

This does not prevent it from performing adequately, since we are dealing with a projector with a broadcast diagonal of 24 to 60 inches, in which it develops a Full HD resolution. On the other hand, the equipment can be powered conventionally or by means of a USB powerbank, so it is not necessary to have a plug nearby to use it. Ideal for your camping days. 

And despite its size, you won’t have connectivity problems either, because in its small space there is room for a micro SD card reader, a USB port or another HDMI, among others.

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Cinema projector

10. Crosstour P770 Wi-Fi Projector

When it comes to seeing everything in good quality, it is convenient to resort to a cinema projector, such as the Crosstour P770 model. This projector reliably outputs Full HD resolution, so you can take advantage of your HD content and view it without pixelation or disturbance, even at the largest diagonal sizes. 

Emissions to which a 3,500 lumen brightness lamp and a 2,000 to 1 contrast ratio also contribute, with which to see everything even more clearly. This content can come from different sources, for which the equipment includes the most common ports and the Screen Mirror function, which makes it easy to send content from your mobile to the projector without the need for cables. 

A process that is also helped by the player’s wide file compatibility, which reads the most common audio and video formats.

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benq projector

11. BenQ MS527 DLP 3D

If you prefer to equip yourself with a BenQ projector, just take a look at the BenQ MS527 model. A product located in the mid-range of this manufacturer with which to access an SVGA image resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and a contrast of 13,000 to 1 that improves image quality.

This projection can be traditional or 3D, depending on what you prefer at the time. This BenQ projector includes some improvements, such as the Smart ECO system, which reduces the consumption level of the product when projecting, also extending the useful life of the lamp.

Something that is combined with the Eco Blank mode, which automatically dims the power when the projector is not in use. A complete and easy-to-install device, which also includes adequate connectivity for everything you need.

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mini led projector

12. LG CineBeam PH150G Projector with Built-in Battery

This model of mini LED projector from the manufacturer LG is a functional alternative that has a compact, lightweight and portable design, which is available in white and gold. This projector is equipped with a battery that provides autonomy for two and a half hours of continuous use. 

According to its specifications, the projection is produced through an LED light source, with 130 lumens of brightness, in a maximum resolution of 1280 by 720p. Plus, you can enjoy up to 100-inch screen magnification just by moving 3.3 meters away from the wall. 

Projection of content from your computer or mobile can be done easily through a cable or wirelessly with Screenshare. Thanks to the incorporation of the LED source and lighting, it is estimated that this equipment is enabled for a useful life of about 30,000 hours or 20 years.

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full hd projector

13.QKK AK-80 1080P Full HD

If you want to enjoy good image quality without reaching the 4K format, you will surely be interested in equipping yourself with a good Full HD projector. A section of the market in which we find products such as the Full HD QKK AK-80 projector, with which you can easily enjoy this image quality in sizes that reach a 176-inch screen.

An improved product, which includes 77% more brightness than previous models, complete with 2000:1 contrast, to also improve image quality. Another aspect that makes this projector stand out is its extensive connectivity, in which there is no lack of HDMI, VGA, USB or card reader ports. So you can connect everything you want without problems.

And to make it all easier, the product’s simple interface makes it easy to set up and use the device.

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hd projector

14.Artlii Black HD Ready 3200 Lumens

Cuando la imagen no es especialmente clave para nosotros, siempre podemos optar por un proyector HD. Un modelo que no supone una peor calidad, ya que si su resolución es adecuada, obtendremos buenos resultados en cualquier distancia. Algo de lo que podemos disfrutar con el proyector HD Artlii Black.

Un proyector capaz de llegar a niveles de emisión de hasta 150 pulgadas y en el que no tendrás problemas para disfrutar de cualquier contenido. Algo a lo que ayuda a su amplia compatibilidad, que permite conectarlo a móviles, tablets, reproductores de todo tipo e incluso al Fire de Amazon.

A team that also has a high durability, since its light bulb supports up to 50,000 hours of use. And to complete its design, the product has an HD speaker so you don’t use anything else when enjoying your content. So if you are not sure which is the best projector you can find, this is a good model.

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projector accessories

Screen protector

Luxscreen Manual Wall 110″

If you don’t have a wall to project on, you can always use a projector screen. In this segment, we find products such as the Luxscreen Manual screen. A projector screen that, in this case, offers us a 72-inch diagonal but, depending on what you need, it can reach 120 inches.

This projection screen has a sturdy construction and a widescreen format that makes it easy to see any image on the screen with quality. It also has a roll-up system that allows you to store the product when you don’t need it.

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projector mount

My Wall H16-1WL Projector Bracket

For a more cinematic feel and comfort, the use of a projector mount is necessary. Products like the My Wall H16-1WL bracket. This easy-to-mount, swiveling projector mount helps you set the angle that works best for you when projecting, as well as keeping your equipment stable and wobble-free.

A model with a base distance of 22.5 centimeters from the ceiling and capable of supporting up to 15 kilos of weight. Therefore, you will have no problem leaving the product hanging and at hand, if you require it.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a good projector is not an easy task. There are many parameters that we must take into account, so our guide to buying the best projector can be a good starting point to know these details. And it is that our guide summarizes all these aspects in a simple way, so that buying a cheap and quality projector is even easier for you.

Image quality

Our first stop is in the image quality that the project offers us. A variable aspect but that is divided into three main sections: HD quality projectors, Full HD projectors and, at the top, 4K quality projectors.

Starting with the first, we would talk about HD quality projectors. These develop a 720P quality, which we should take as a minimum when choosing, being required even in the cheapest models. The next step would be that of the Full HD resolution models, which increases it to 1080P format.

But if we want the best of the best, the option to choose is the one offered by 4K projectors. These must include HDR, to properly treat the image and achieve the best results. By the way, since we are talking about quality, it is key to distinguish the native resolution from the real one, so that the difference between the two is as small as possible, so as not to lose quality in the process.

Image Parameters

Since the resolution of the product is not everything, it is also important to assess some additional parameters of the projector. Although there are several existing ones, we are going to focus on the brightness and contrast offered by the device.

Empezando por el brillo, es importante saber que si necesitamos el proyector para presentaciones empresariales necesitaremos aún más brillo que si solo lo queremos para emitir películas y otros contenidos. Como referencia, el brillo de emisión para estos usos empresariales debería ser mayor a los 4.000 o 4.500 lúmenes, mientras que los modelos de brillo inferior sí serían adecuados para este uso convencional. De todos modos, cuanto mayor sea el brillo mejor se verá la imagen en cualquier uso.

Something similar happens with contrast. This contrast marks the difference of the image and adds an extra to its definition, it is also important that it is high. In this case, there is no clear reference, as in the case of brightness, so if you have two similar models and one offers higher contrast, the generated image quality is probably better.

diagonal size

The next aspect that we are going to deal with is the size of the image diagonal that we use at each moment. This diagonal is directly related to the image quality that we have mentioned before and is usually a key section in any comparison of projectors.

For reference, when evaluating this diagonal we have two key aspects. One is the maximum diagonal that we can reach, which generally starts from 120 inches to 170 or 180 inches in conventional models. However, it can reach 300 inches in higher capacity models. Something that, obviously, influences how much the equipment costs.

As for the optimum, this would be the diagonal from which the product offers its maximum image quality. In this case, we want it to be as close as possible to the maximum diagonal that the product emits or, at least, that it be enough so that it covers with quality the size of the diagonal that we intend to emit. Something important also according to our budget, since this size also influences how much the device costs.

projector type

The time has come to talk about the type of projector. And it is possible that, at this point, you can already have several similar projectors by characteristics but not so much by the type of product. So with this section you can rule out some models.

We start talking about the traditional projector. It is the product of considerable size and that, many times, we hang from the ceiling to enjoy a good projection. It is the most common and the most popular among users. But if you need a smaller and more compact projector, there are many projector manufacturers that offer devices of much smaller size and measurements, which you can carry with you or move comfortably.

This trend is optimized in micro or pico projectors, which are really compact in size and fit perfectly in your hand, even being autonomous in terms of power supply. Finally, we cannot forget the so-called short throw projectors, which have the ability to emit large diagonals but with much shorter distances than those used by conventional projectors.

projector connectivity

Since the projector is nothing more than an image emitting device, it will be necessary to connect a source that projects or at least one source of videos and music to project, depending on the model. So it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the connectivity of the projector, to see what options you have.

Among the essentials we would have ports such as VGA or HDMI, among others. These ports are key, especially the HDMI, to connect all kinds of devices. Therefore, you should not bet on any model that does not include these ports. Something similar happens with the USB port or ports, which is another element that should not be missing since it will allow you to load files and play them easily on the projector.

As for the optional functions, we would have the wireless connection, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. WiFi technology allows us to access all kinds of content on our local network, while Bluetooth makes it easy to connect your mobile or tablet without complications. They are additional options but more and more frequent, so if you need them it will not cost you too much to find them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to reset an Epson projector?

To reset the hours of use counter, as far as changing the lamp is concerned, it will be necessary to enter the menu, Reset option and here the Reset Lamp Hours option. We confirm with Enter and the number of hours is reset.

If the problem is that we need to reset the equipment due to a lock, it will be necessary to press Enter on the projector’s control panel to unlock it and be able to use the keypad again. If the problem is an image lock, it will be enough to turn it off and on to use it normally again.

Q2: How to connect projector to TV?

When connecting a projector to a television, the easiest option is to use the HDMI port. This port is robust, produces high-quality images, and has the added advantage that you won’t need an additional cable to carry the sound. If you cannot resort to this solution, you should opt for the output via VGA cable.

In this case, you will have to connect the audio separately, in case you need it. In older models, both projectors and televisions, you may find Super Video ports or Euroconnectors, to proceed with that connection.

Q3: Why does the monitor turn off when I plug in the projector?

This fact is due to the Windows configuration, which is responsible for automatically turning off the screen when detecting an external source. To change this option we only have to press the corresponding function key in case we are using a laptop or by accessing the Windows options in case of using a desktop model. Here you can choose if you want to duplicate screen or extend it, depending on what you need.

Q4: When to change the lamp to the projector?

The life of the projector lamp is given by the manufacturer and is quite variable. So you should check in the instructions how often you should proceed to execute that change. The good news is that almost all projectors today include an hour meter, so you won’t have to crunch numbers to figure out how many projection hours the lamp has in order to determine when you’ll need to change it.

Q5: Why does my projector get hot?

The heating of the projector is something completely normal and that is produced both by the management of the device itself, as far as data processing is concerned, and by the heat generated by the lighting of the lamp when emitting.

This heat is dissipated by the fan included in the projector itself, not posing a risk to the equipment. In any case, if for any reason the projector heats up beyond what is healthy, the equipment itself has an automatic shutdown system that precisely prevents damage from excess heat.

Q6: Which projector to buy for presentations?

To run presentations with quality, it is essential to have a projector that has a high level of brightness. And it is that in presentations or other business tasks we are not seeing images, in which the light does not influence so much, but we work with texts and graphics that require us to fix our eyes. Something that can be a problem when the light conditions in the room are not adequate and the monitor does not generate the necessary brightness to give a good image.

Q7: Which projector is better, Epson or Benq?

Both Benq and Epson are two of the leading projector manufacturers on the market today. And both brands have been recognized by users for offering good quality in their products.

It is true that Epson has focused somewhat more on the business sector, although both manufacturers perform adequately both in this segment and in the domestic one. So if you choose a projector from either of these two brands, you probably won’t have any problems enjoying any content.

Q8: Why does a projector pixelate?

There are two reasons for the projector to pixelate. The first of the reasons is due to a projection measurement that is higher th

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