The 5 Best 32-Inch TVs of 2022

32-inch TV – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Among the LED-type televisions that we have today, 32 inches are the most common size for those who do not need large screens. A standard size in which manufacturers continue to work to offer the best 32-inch television that their technology can make. Something that makes the process of choosing difficult for us, although we have the advantage of having high-quality models with more complete functions, as is the case with Smart TV models. Precisely one of our highlights, the Samsung UE32T4305AKXXC TV, includes this function. In addition, it is compatible with voice assistants, such as Alexa, so you do not need to always have the remote at hand. If you prefer cheaper and quality options, the TD Systems K32DLM7H modelit’s your tv. This model has an HD Ready resolution and despite its adjusted price it incorporates improvements such as the USB recorder or its Dolby Digital Plus sound output, with which you do not lose quality when watching your favorite programs.

The 5 Best 32-Inch TVs – Opinions 2022

32-inch televisions have become the basic size for users looking for models with a tight size, ideal for placement in rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens. In addition, these models have all the technology of their older brothers, so you will have no problem even enjoying Smart TV functions, as you can see in the models that we have selected for you, which cover all kinds of functions and prices.

1. Samsung UE32T4305AKXXC 32″ Smart TV with HD Resolution

Samsung could be the best brand of 32-inch televisions, due to the technology that it incorporates into each of its devices. Therefore, it is not surprising that the UE32T4305AKXXC model is considered by users to be among the best 32-inch televisions of 2022 and is one of the best sellers on the market.

To mention something, it offers image controllers like PurColor, which allow you to create higher color contrast. Similarly, this TV is capable of dynamically reducing distortion with its Ultra Clean View technology. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite content with the best quality.

It is also important to mention its navigation system, which has been optimized so that you can easily choose what you want. You can even do without the remote control, since it is compatible with Alexa.

Considering the pros and cons of each model will help you choose the best 32-inch TV for you. More information below.


Ultra Clean View: The TV intelligently analyzes scenes to remove noise and distortion, enhancing the viewing experience.

Color range: Thanks to its HDR capacity and PurColor system you can enjoy a wide variety of tones, which creates more realism in the images.

AirPlay 2: With this function you will have the option of transmitting the content you want from your tablet or mobile to the TV.



Sound: The bass offered by the speakers of this model could be deeper. But with an alternate sound system it can be solved.

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2. TD Systems K32DLM7H LED TV

If when considering which TV to buy you prefer fewer features in exchange for a better price, the TD Systems K32DLM7H model is a good option for you. And it is that this television reduces the price significantly while maintaining a good level of functions. Among them we have a second generation built-in DTT tuner, which gives better image performance. It also has a USB recorder, where you can store your favorite programs and watch them whenever you want.

These improvements also affect the sound, with surround digital output with a 3D effect, so you can even connect it to advanced audio output devices if you wish. And so that savings are also operational, this model has an A+ energy rating, so it spends less than other models. A number of functions typical of what is, for many users, the best value for money 32-inch television at the moment.

If you prefer cheap options when equipping your home, check out the features of this model, which stands out precisely in that market segment.


USB recorder : The USB recorder port is responsible for storing your favorite programs, so you can watch them whenever you want just by navigating with the remote.

Sound: The sound system is compatible with the Dolby Digital Plus system, so the audio quality of this TV is also more than proven.

DVB-T2 tuner: The second generation DTT tuner is capable of working with a higher data transfer rate and thus improves the reception quality of the signal.


Resolution : The resolution of the panel is of the HD-Ready type, somewhat lower than the Full HD standard already common in these models, although sufficient for the average user.

TV stands: The two legs that support the TV have a particular design, and their assembly is also somewhat complicated.

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3. CHiQ Smart TV LED 32 Inch HD Television

ChiQ L32H7A is a 32” TV with LED screen, which could be the right complement to enjoy entertainment in the room.

This model has a size of 72.5 x 5.5 x 42.5 centimeters, while its weight is just 5.64 kilograms; so you can easily install it on a table or wall mount. It can connect wirelessly or wired and is even compatible with the Google Assistant system.

In addition to this, it has Smart TV functions by having an interface where you can access a browser to browse the Internet, as well as a virtual store for downloading applications.

Also, it should be noted that the same equipment comes with multiple titles previously installed, among which you can find Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney + and many more.

ChiQ offers you a 32” TV alternative that we think you should learn more about:


OS: The equipment runs Android 9.0 as OS, to provide Smart TV functions with their respective updates.

Applications: You will be able to download more applications, apart from those that come pre-installed on the TV.

Connectivity: You have Wifi and Bluetooth available to link external devices, allowing you to connect the TV to networks, speakers, headphones, etc.

Ports: Among the ports offered you can find AV, LAN, USB, HDMI and more.



Buttons: The equipment does not have physical buttons, therefore, both its ignition and any other of its functions must be activated through the remote control.

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4. Sony KDL32WD753 32″ Full HD WiFi Television

When selecting a 32-inch television that is efficient, there are those who recommend opting for this Sony model, which has features that allow better entertainment, thanks to its definition and sound.

With this TV, you can experience viewing images in HD quality, because it is equipped with an X-Reality PRO processing engine, which has been included by its manufacturer to analyze, clean and refine images with a high degree of detail.

The model has a flat screen with LED technology and supports 1080P formats. In addition, it has been equipped with various modes such as: sport, photo, game, cinema, standard and graphics, to select according to the content. 

Its design is modern, with dimensions of 71.7 x 6.1 x 42.9 cm and it is available in black, with a central base that guarantees its stability. Within its technical properties, it has WiFi, speakers, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB and a headphone jack. 

This model is among the most recommended, so it is recommended that you review its pros and cons. 


Connectivity: Your link with other equipment is ensured through the USB, HDMI and WiFi ports it has. 

Design: It has a modern design that is available in black, with a central base that keeps it stable. 

Screen: Being the latest generation, its screen is flat, with LED technology and with various content modes. 

Quality: Images can be displayed in high definition, with quality improved by its X-Reality PRO processor.


Apps: Some pre-installed apps don’t work properly and need to be reinstalled.

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5. Philips 32PFS5803/12 32 Inch TV

The Philips 32PFS5803 TV is another interesting surprise at this small size, offering many of the same features found on larger, more expensive TVs. Among these functions we have a Full HD resolution, with which to enjoy quality images in any broadcast. The same goes for the sound, with a total output of 16 Watts RMS on two channels, duly enhanced with the latest technology.

These two elements can be enjoyed both for its DTT function and for the Smart TV functions that it includes, so you can enjoy a good image and good sound when watching your favorite streaming program or when you want to play videos from your PC from remotely. A television that is finished off with a narrow frame design and flat legs, which give it more elegance and make the television not as bulky as other similar models.

So that you don’t get lost among so many interesting functions, take a look at the analysis of what this model offers you.


Image quality: The television offers you Full HD image quality, accompanied by details such as an image performance of 500 and a good level of brightness.

Smart TV: The TV includes Smart TV functions, so you can watch your favorite programs in streaming or connect comfortably to the network.

Sound: The sound increases its power up to 16 watts RMS, being at the forefront for this parameter compared to other models on the market.


Formats: Some users comment on certain problems with the reproduction of the most current video formats.

Operating system: If you are looking for a Smart TV with Android, you should bet on another model, since this product uses a proprietary system and is considerably limited in terms of what you can install.

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Shopping guide

Unlike other sizes, when we consider creating a guide to buying the best 32-inch TV, we have some differences. And not only because we already have the fixed size, but because the options are somewhat scarcer than those of other larger models. Something easy to check by seeing any comparison of 32-inch televisions that falls into our hands. However, we do not resist leaving you with our usual advice, so that your purchase is easier.

Image quality

The first thing we should know about image resolution is that if we are looking for a 32-inch 4K TV, we will not find it. Not because it is not technically viable, which is as we see it on monitors, but because this resolution is only offered by manufacturers from 40 inches diagonally, as we can see if we take a look at the market.

This leaves us with two options to choose the image quality of our future television. If we opt for an economic model, we will find HD Ready image quality. It is the most basic standard of the moment and offers an acceptable visualization result, especially if the distances are short. But if we want something more, for a few additional euros we can access a Full HD model, with which to achieve higher resolution and obtain higher quality images, as long as the source maintains the level. It’s all a matter of preferences.

Sound quality

From the hand of the image comes the sound. Just as we do not have many options to choose from in terms of resolution, it is not that the power of 32-inch televisions, as far as sound is concerned, is nothing to write home about. But since they are products designed for small rooms, the output they include is usually enough to listen to the audio of any program with good quality and adequate definition.

In general, we should not choose any model that has less than 10 watts of output power, as it is the minimum acceptable for a device with these characteristics. Some models increase the power to 12 or even 15 watts, which is surprising given its small size. In any case, if you are not convinced by the audio output of your television, you can always add a sound bar to it, which gives that sound more strength and quality.

Smart TV yes or no

One of the advantages of current 32-inch televisions is that today we already have many models equipped with Smart TV functions. So if we want to watch the latest episode of our favorite series on Netflix or access the content of our local network without complications, it’s something we can do. In addition, today the difference between how much a 32-inch television with this technology costs is rather small, compared to models that do not include it.

The advantage of Smart TV is evident, since today it is a technology that adds many functions to the product. So, in addition to accessing our favorite streaming platform, we can also share files from our mobile or there are even manufacturers that allow us to use the smartphone as a remote control. It all depends on the operating system of each manufacturer and the functions included in the TV.

However, in case we do not plan to use these technologies, it is not necessary to have them either. Something that makes a lot of sense if the television is designed for an elderly person or for a secondary room, whose use does not require as much technology. It’s all a matter of taste and needs.

other functions

We wrap up our tips by taking a look at those extra features that always give any TV an edge. Functions such as the DVB-T2 DTT tuner, which complies with the standards that will be required for open DTT broadcasts in a few years. There are also many models that include a USB port, with which to record our favorite broadcasts or load multimedia content.

And if you already want to improve the aspect of image and sound, many televisions include equalizer options for sound based on the content (cinema, sports, etc., also having predefined templates for the image, using that same system. Another option with the one to see and hear everything more clearly.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can I use a 32-inch TV for PC?

Technically it is possible, as long as the connections are compatible. Currently, 32-inch televisions include HDMI ports, which are also very common in graphics cards (including integrated ones) in any PC. So the connection is easy. If the connections are VGA, things get complicated, since these are not usually on all 32-inch televisions. In this case, you can always resort to a converter to transform the signal and connect the PC via HDMI to your television, once it has been converted.

Q2: What are the measurements of a 32-inch TV?

By definition, a 32-inch television is one that measures 81 centimeters diagonally and is 39.8 centimeters high, as corresponds to the 16:9 standard used by these televisions. However, it is important to remember that we are talking about the measurements of the visible screen, so from them the size of the TV can be larger due to the frames or the support of the product.

Q3: Is it worth buying a 32-inch TV without a Smart TV?

If we take a look at any list of 32-inch televisions, we will see that the difference between the models with Smart TV and without it is not too great. But it is obvious that for those users who do not have internet at home or want to browse or move around the apps that these televisions include, it will surely be worth that small saving, in exchange for “losing” some functions that they were not going to use.

Q4: What is a 32-inch dual tuner TV for?

In order to view DTT programs, it is necessary to have a tuner that converts that signal into suitable for viewing. However, each tuner only allows us to watch one channel at a time. A television with a dual tuner would have the advantage that while we watch one program we can record another, from a different channel, without any problems. In this case, the program that we watch would go through one tuner while the other program, the one that is recorded, uses the second tuner.

Q5: Which is better, 32-inch or 40-inch TV?

Due to size, it is obvious that the 40-inch model is always better than the 32-inch. But precisely for small spaces, uses that are not the main room or as a second home television, to name a few, a 32-inch model is more convenient inches. Especially interesting is the case of the available space, given that a 32-inch model has a diagonal of 80 centimeters, more or less like a medium frame, while the 40-inch model already goes to more than a meter, being much more cumbersome.

Q6: What do I need to hang a 32-inch TV?

To hang a 32-inch television, the first thing we need is for the product to be compatible with the VESA standard, which is what allows this operation to be carried out. If this is the case, we will need a compatible support that is suitable for the size of the television, as well as adjusted to the orientation parameters that we want. With all this already at home, we only have to install the support, place and tighten the screws on the television and orient it in the way that suits us best.

Q7: How to fix LG 32 inch TV with no picture?

In general, the lack of image of an LG television, like that of any other brand, is usually due to problems with the connection of the input device that we are using. If we have connected the television to a source and it is not displayed, it will be necessary to check that the device is turned on and the connections between the two are correct. If the problem arises with the DTT signal, it will be necessary to check the antenna cable and its correct operation.

Q8: Is it suitable to use a 32-inch TV for ps4?

The answer depends on the type of PS4 we are referring to. If we are talking about a PS4 Pro, with 4K output, the fact of using it on a 32-inch television will necessarily imply a loss of image quality, since no 32-inch television reaches that level. Something similar for a conventional PS4 and a 32-inch HD Ready television, since, again, quality losses would occur in the process, since the PS4 works in Full HD format.

How to install a 32 inch tv

The installation process of a 32-inch television is something simple, as long as we know how to proceed. For this reason, we want to simplify your task by giving you some guidelines so that it does not take longer than necessary to have the television set up and ready to enjoy your favorite programs, without losing patience during the process. These are our guidelines:

placing the tv

To begin with, once we have removed the television from its packaging, it is necessary to place it in its place. The position in which we place the product must be free from reflections of the sun, strong glare from lights or lamps and heat sources. In the event that the television is placed on a piece of furniture, we must mount the legs or the support base, using the parts included with the television. If we want to hang it on the wall, we will need a VESA support of the corresponding size, properly mounted. To place the television, the corresponding hardware is used, which is usually included with said television.

Wiring connection

Depending on the television you have, we will have to connect different cables. Among them, there are cables common to any television, such as the power cable, which connects to the television and the nearest outlet, or the antenna coaxial cable, to view DTT signals. Check that it is correctly snapped into place.

There are also other cables, the HDMI cables of the pay television decoder, the DVD or any other device you have at home, which you must connect to its corresponding port. Finally, if it is a Smart TV, you also have the option of connecting the TV via Ethernet cable, which usually offers better results than Wi-Fi connections.

Switched on

With the television placed and wired, it is time to turn on the terminal. At the moment the first configuration wizard will appear. This wizard is responsible for managing the basic functions of the device, such as language selection, channel tuning or setting certain preferences related to the operation of the product. If you have a Smart TV, the assistant will also ask for the passwords to connect to WiFi, if it is not connected by cable, while updating the system, so that everything is up to date when it comes to working.

finishing touches

Once the wizard has finished its work, we are ready to start using the TV. However, there are still some things to do. One of them is to clean and order the channels according to our preferences, since during tuning these are arranged in order of appearance.

In models with Smart TV you will also have to configure the user account, as well as evaluate the installed applications, in order to eliminate the applications that you do not need and download those that did not come as standard. You can also link your mobile to the device, depending on the options that the operating system includes. As a last step, in those models that include this option, take a look at the image and sound modes to optimize the final result according to the programs you want to watch.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Samsung Full HD 32N5305 Smart TV N5305 Series

Con una eficiencia energética clase A, este televisor Samsung con pantalla de 32 pulgadas es la alternativa recomendada a quienes están en la búsqueda de un modelo con alto rendimiento y prestaciones estándar. Este TV tiene un diseño moderno y elegante que está disponible en color negro, al tiempo que incluye una base doble para poder colocarse de manera estable sobre las superficies. 

El televisor posee una calidad de imagen Full HD, siendo de alta definición y con capacidad para reproducir escenas de color intenso y contraste adecuado. Además, está dotado con una calidad de audio superior Dolby Digital Plus, así como con salida de 20W. 

Asimismo, incluye Micro Dimming Pro, una tecnología que regula de manera automática el brillo, color y contraste en cada sección. Para mayor versatilidad y conectividad con otros equipos, el televisor ha sido equipado por su fabricante con dos puertos HDMI y un puerto USB. 

Samsung es un fabricante de renombre en el mundo de las tecnologías. Conoce más sobre los atributos de este modelo.


Diseño: Tiene un diseño moderno y elegante en color negro, con una pantalla delgada de 32 pulgadas.

Base: Para una mejor estabilidad, posee doble base, siendo posible apoyarlo sobre las superficies.

Resolución: El usuario podrá disfrutar de una resolución de imagen Full HD, con brillo, contraste y colores nítidos.

Conectividad: Para mayor versatilidad de conexión con otros equipos, incluye dos entradas HDMI y un puerto USB.


Prestaciones: Al ser de gama media, sus prestaciones tecnológicas son limitadas, en comparación con otros modelos de la marca.

Hisense H32M2600

El modelo Hisense H32M2600 es otro de los televisores que se sitúan entre los modelos económicos, pero seguramente sea el más completo de los que podemos encontrar. Y es que este modelo no es solo televisor sino que es Smart TV, de modo que es la forma más barata que vas a tener para acceder al mundo digital y del streaming. En el lado visual, este televisor se presenta con una resolución HD Ready, suficiente para quien no necesite la calidad Full HD en su pantalla.

Un televisor que también dispone de un sonido de calidad, dentro de su clase, para que lo escuches todo claro gracias a sus 14 vatios de potencia RMS. Dos elementos que puedes disfrutar con contenidos locales, gracias a la amplia compatibilidad de su USB grabador, o bien mediantes las funciones Smart TV incluidas, con las que es fácil acceder a tus series y contenidos favoritos en la red.

Para que tengas más claro si este televisor es lo que buscabas, te dejamos algunos datos sobre sus puntos fuertes y sus aspectos mejorables.


Refresco: La tasa de refresco de 200 hercios añade un extra de calidad a la pantalla a la hora de presentar las imágenes.

Smart TV: La función Smart TV incluida te permite acceder a todo el mundo digital, contando con una amplia compatibilidad con plataformas como YouTube, Netflix o Wuaki, entre otras.

Procesamiento eficiente: El procesador de cuatro núcleos que incorpora el televisor junto al decodificador H.265 hacen más eficiente la generación de imágenes y le dan mayor fluidez de uso.


Resolución de pantalla: La pantalla tiene una resolución HD Ready, suficiente para ver programas a buena calidad pero obviamente inferior a los modelos Full HD.

Lentitud en menús: Según comenta algún usuario, el producto presenta cierta lentitud a la hora de moverse por los menús o acceder a algunas Apps.

Samsung UE32M5005 Televisor Full HD

Siguiendo con los fabricantes más conocidos del mercado, analizamos ahora el televisor de 32 pulgadas Samsung UE32M5005. Este modelo cuenta con un panel de resolución HD, mejorado con tecnologías propias de la marca como el Wide Color Enhancer, que mejora la presentación del color, o la función Clean View, que elimina el ruido e interferencias en la imagen para que todo se vea mucho más claro.

Unas tecnologías propias de los modelos de mayor tamaño y que dan un extra de calidad tanto a los contenidos de la TDT como a los que reproduzcas mediante su puerto USB grabador. En cuanto a su aspecto, poco más que decir respecto de lo que habitual en la marca: un marco de diseño compacto que no afea la pantalla y unos soportes sencillos que apenas ocupan espacio en la mesa. Y por supuesto, incluye compatibilidad VESA por si quieres colgarla de la pared de forma segura.

Descubre las características fundamentales de este modelo de Samsung y valora si resuelve tus dudas respecto de qué televisor de 32 pulgadas comprar.


Calidad Full HD: La resolución Full HD añade un extra a la imagen que vemos del televisor, con detalles más definidos y claros en todo tipo de programas.

Color Enhancer: La tecnología Color Enhancer se encarga de mejorar la calidad del color que vemos en pantalla, para obtener mejores resultados de visualización.

USB grabador: El televisor también incorpora el USB grabador, donde almacenar y reproducir todo tipo de contenidos directamente desde cualquier dispositivo de memoria.


Conectividad: El producto solo cuenta con dos puertos HDMI, que pueden quedarse cortos si tenemos que conectar varios dispositivos. Tampoco incluye salida de auriculares.

Potencia de sonido: La potencia de sonido es limitada, siendo recomendable ajustar el modo de sonido a lo que estés viendo para solventar en parte el problema.

Hkc 32C9A Televisor LED

El televisor HKC 32C9A es una opción sencilla e interesante para aquellas personas que quieran un televisor suplementario y no quieran gastar demasiado dinero en él, pero tampoco deseen renunciar a una imagen de calidad. En concreto, este modelo cuenta con una resolución HD Ready, así que no tendrás problemas para ver tus contenidos con una cierta calidad. Un televisor completo, que cuenta con un amplio panel de conexiones donde encontramos 3 puertos HDMI o el puerto USB, que tiene función de grabación y sirve para reproducir nuestro contenido favorito o almacenar programas.

Además, gracias al triple sintonizador, podemos ver un programa y grabar otro al mismo tiempo. El modelo se remata con detalles como una salida de sonido de 6W en cada uno de sus dos canales, así como un montaje sencillo, con dos soportes laterales fáciles de colocar.

Si buscas un televisor de 32 pulgadas económico y resultón, conoce los detalles que nos han llevado a destacar este modelo de HKC.


Triple sintonizador: Su triple sintonizador, junto al puerto USB, te permiten ver un programa y grabar otro, para que no te pierdas nada.

Puertos HDMI: El televisor dispone de tres puertos HDMI, así que te será fácil conectarle todo lo que necesites cómodamente.

Sonido: El sonido tiene una potencia total de 12 vatios en total, distribuidos en dos canales de 6 vatios cada uno, algo por encima de lo esperable en estos productos.


Imagen: La resolución de imagen se queda en HD Ready, quizá algo escasa para los tiempos actuales, aunque si no eres muy exigente puede ser suficiente.

Toma de auriculares: Aunque el producto cuenta con toma de auriculares, esta se encuentra algo escondida e

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