The 5 Best 55-Inch TVs of 2022

55-inch TV – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

The 55-inch TV has become the new standard when it comes to size, just as the 32-inch model has been until recently. Something in which the modern 4K resolution has had a notable influence, which is common in these models and which, in part, has pushed up the size of the panels. So today it is easy to find televisions with this size at reasonable prices. Models such as the LG 55 UJ635V television, equipped with an IPS panel, 4K resolution and the HDR 10 system with which to further improve what you see on the screen, both in normal broadcasts and through your Smart TV. Another model that stands out for its performance and image quality is the Samsung 55Q60A, which also offers an interesting function to split the screen and enjoy several contents simultaneously. It also provides compatibility with Alexa, Bixby and the Google assistant, so it is possible to control the TV easily.

The 5 Best 55-Inch TVs – Opinions 2022

Whether you’re looking for a new TV or upgrading your existing one, 55-inch screens have become the new standard, without requiring a large living room to fit them. Big TVs, high picture resolution, and all kinds of features that might make it hard for you to decide which is the best 55-inch TV for your needs. Luckily, you can count on our help in this task, simply by taking a look at the models that we have selected and where practically all the leading manufacturers of the moment are.

1. LG 55 UJ635V Smart TV 4K Ultra HD

Despite being among the cheap options in our selection of the best 55-inch televisions of 2022, this model offers the quality and characteristics of a great manufacturer. Details that can be seen in its IPS panel with 4K quality, which generates images of remarkable quality regardless of their origin or original resolution.

Quality that also improves on conventional broadcasts thanks to its triple tuner, while the Smart TV functions, based on version 3.5 of the WebOS system, make it easier for you to access your favorite content on the Internet.

A model that also improves sound, with 20 watts of output power and Ultra Surround sound on two channels, so that nothing goes wrong when it comes to enjoying your content. A set that many users describe as the best value for money 55-inch TV currently on sale.

After analyzing this model in detail, coming from the best brand of 55-inch televisions on the market today for many users, let’s see its most outstanding functions.


Panel : The quality of LG IPS panels is more than known in the market, giving a high image quality that is also present in this model.

Smart TV: Version 3.5 of the Web OS system gives greater speed and performance to the device’s Smart TV functions, also including more security when moving around the network.

Sound : The sound system has an output of 20 watts with an Ultra Surround 2.0 system.

Connectivity : The device has 2 USB ports, 1 recorder and 3 HDMI ports.

HDR system : The HDR set adds an extra quality to those broadcasts and programs that do not reach the quality of the 4K format.


Instruction manual: It is a common problem in many models: the included instruction manual does not have a Spanish version.

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2. Samsung QLED 4K 2022 55Q60A 55″ Smart TV

It is a high-tech television made up of a Quantum processor, capable of optimizing image and sound quality to provide content with 4K resolution, even if the source material does not have this level of quality, which increases its functionality.

Also, it offers immersive 3D audio with Object Tracking SoundLite technology, which provides greater realism. To increase the practicality of use, it is compatible with the virtual assistant of Google, Alexa or Bixby. On the other hand, it has an intuitive platform that allows you to easily access your favorite content.

As for the design, it has a 55-inch QLED screen, which offers an ultra-thin design with a thin frame, allowing you to focus your attention on the contents of the screen and not on the structure of the equipment.

If you want a 55-inch television that is modern and attractive, it is best to get to know this model from the renowned Samsung brand thoroughly.


Technologies: Offers different image and audio technologies that provide an enhanced cinematic experience.

Platform: It works with an intuitive and fast platform that allows you to access your favorite content in a more practical way.

Controller: The controller has few buttons for easy control and is charged by sunlight, making it more environmentally friendly.


Consumption: This television has a considerable consumption, since its energy classification is type F.

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3. Xiaomi L55M5 LED-TV 138.8cm 55”

Those who seek innovation in a modern and elegant design should include among their alternatives this proposal from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which is positioned among the most sought after due to its proper functioning and connectivity with other devices.

This television is available in black and its design is super slim, with an estimated weight of 16.7 kilos, so it can be placed in any room in the house. To ensure its stability, the manufacturer has equipped it with a double base on each side, to place it on the flat surfaces of tables or shelves.

In addition, its 55-inch screen uses LED technology and is capable of transmitting content in 4K definition, so that the image quality is high and it has intelligent functions that improve use, in actions such as automatic power off and on. It also has HDMI, Ethernet, USB and AV input ports that improve its connectivity. 

Although it is considered one of the best 55-inch televisions on the market, it is worth taking some time to analyze the pros and cons that converge in this Xiaomi model.


Design: The design of this television is modern and slim, it is available in black and its weight is almost 17 kilos.

Resolution: It is one of the most technological because it has the ability to reproduce content in 4K high definition, for sharper and more real images.

Ports: To ensure connectivity with other multimedia devices, the TV has several ports, including USB 2.0, Ethernet and HDMI, as well as AV input.

Stability: It can be placed on different surfaces in a stable way because it incorporates a double base, one on each side of the equipment.


Remote: The remote lacks some basic commands, which limits its use.

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4. Tcl 55DP660 Television Ultra HD

At first glance, TLC probably doesn’t sound like a leading television brand. But the truth is that its TCL 55DP660 model is not a product that detracts from those of the best-known manufacturers. A television with a 55-inch screen, 4K resolution and an interesting HDR 10 system with which to give higher quality to that image and improve sources with worse resolution.

It also improves the sound, thanks to its high-level Dolby Digital Plus output. Functions that you can take advantage of both in its conventional mode and if you use your Smart TV based on Android, with which installing all kinds of apps and accessing your favorite content is easier. And you don’t have to worry about its finishes and quality either, as it maintains the level compared to the first-order models.

Although it is not from a well-known brand, this 55-inch television located among the cheap models on the market does not detract from the qualities of the large manufacturers.


4K resolution: 4K resolution offers high quality that is combined with the Micro Dimming system or its high dynamic range with which to give each image the most appropriate contrast.

Android system: Compared to proprietary Smart TV systems, this model has a highly compatible and efficient Android TV system.

DTS Premium Sound: DTS Premium Sound adds extra quality to the audio so it stands out as much as when it was designed.


Power-up: The power-up process is somewhat slower than usual, although not so much as to be exasperating.

Viewing angle: Some comments indicate that the viewing angles of the panel are not particularly wide, which means that you have to focus to see everything properly.

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5. Philips Ambilight 55PUS7304/12 Smart TV 4K UHD

Watching television in a big way and in a different way is possible with the Philips 55PUS7304 model. A product that maintains Ambilight technology, with which the wall is also part of the image, depending on what you are looking at. Something that is combined with its 55-inch screen and 4K resolution, in which it is easy to enjoy all kinds of content. 

These elements further improve their quality thanks to the HDR 10+ system and the brand’s own Perfect Picture Engine function. Improvements that affect both local and streaming broadcasts, for which the model has complete Smart TV functionality. So much so that the television has voice control and is already compatible with both Alexa and the Google assistant, among other advanced and state-of-the-art functions.

Enjoying television in a big way is easy with models like this 55-inch television, which we analyze below.


Image: Its 55-inch screen is capable of offering images in 4K resolution, based on HDR10 +.

Ambilight : Ambilight technology makes the wall of your home part of the scene.

Smart TV: Smart TV functionality makes it easy to access your favorite content, whether local or over the Internet.


Base: The TV base is somewhat cumbersome, although its elegant design helps it go unnoticed.

Finish : The finish is silver and not black, as is usual in these products.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Philips 55PUS6031S

El modelo 55PUS6031S es el representante de Philips que hemos buscado para esta selección. Un modelo de 55 pulgadas de diagonal acompañada de la resolución 4K que comparten prácticamente todos los modelos de este tamaño. Algo que mejora con detalles como sus 700 hercios de frecuencia de actualización o un brillo de 300 cd/m2. El modelo también dispone de un procesador Dual Core, que da mayor fluidez a su rendimiento, así como a las funciones de Smart TV incluidas.

Todas estas funciones son fáciles de controlar gracias al mando a distancia incluido, con una amplia botonera que hace sencillo moverte por menús, aplicaciones y contenidos. Y respecto de su diseño, el televisor cuenta con una peana convencional de base rectangular y el habitual acabado de marco estrecho, como producto de primer nivel.

Para los seguidores de esta marca alemana, este modelo es uno de los productos más destacados dentro de las 55 pulgadas de diagonal.


Resolución de imagen: La resolución 4K de este panel se ve mejorada con detalles como su frecuencia de actualización de 700 hercios o un brillo de 300 cd/m2.

Procesador Dual Core: Este procesador genera un adecuado rendimiento tanto en el uso habitual como cuando utilizas las funciones Smart TV del equipo.

Mando a distancia: El mando a distancia te da una notable facilidad a la hora de acceder a todas las funciones de este modelo.


Panel de conexiones: El panel de conexiones del televisor es algo escaso, contando solo con puertos HDMI y dos USB, lo que limita en parte su conectividad.

Apps para Smart TV: La oferta de apps disponible en su función de Smart TV es ajustada, aunque al menos cubre las aplicaciones más básicas.

Samsung UE55MU6105 4K UHD Smart TV

El modelo Samsung UE55MU6105 es otro buen candidato a ser el mejor televisor de 55 pulgadas. Un modelo que cuenta con un panel UHD de resolución 4K, con el que puedes disfrutar de imágenes de alta calidad. Algo que va en consonancia con el sonido, que también ofrece la mejora necesaria para no desentonar con la imagen.

Unas funciones que podrás disfrutar tanto en emisiones convencionales como cuando accedas a tu plataforma de streaming favorita mediante su función de Smart TV. Esta función cuenta con la amplia gama de apps que Samsung pone a tu disposición. Y para que también des un salto de tecnología en lo que a control se refiere, este modelo incluye funciones de control por voz, para que te sea más fácil acceder a lo que desees en cada momento.

Veamos algún detalle más de este modelo, candidato también a convertirse en el mejor televisor de 55 pulgadas del momento.


Escalado UHD: El escalado UHD se encarga de optimizar cada imagen de forma eficiente, ofreciendo así mejores resultados sobre cualquier contenido.

Smart TV: El sistema Smart TV HbbTV 1.5 te permite acceder a tus plataformas favoritas de streaming y a cualquier contenido cómodamente.

Control por voz: Con este modelo puedes olvidarte del mando, gracias a su eficiente sistema de control por voz.

Sonido mejorado: Su sonido mejorado mantiene la calidad respecto de la alta calidad de imagen de este modelo.


Eficacia de la conexión Ethernet: Algún usuario comenta que el modelo es más rápido conectado por WiFi que a través del puerto Ethernet, lo cual sorprende.

Manual: También sorprende que el manual no esté en español, aunque el asistente en pantalla prácticamente lo hace innecesario.

Sony KD-55XF7596 Televisor 4K HDR LED

A la hora de estudiar qué televisor de 55 pulgadas comprar, Sony es otra de las marcas que siempre rondan nuestra cabeza. En este caso, hemos elegido el modelo Sony KD-55XF7596, que cuenta tanto con este tamaño de pantalla como con la habitual resolución 4K de los productos de este nivel. Algo que mejora gracias al sistema Motionflow XR con un refresco de 400 hercios o la función X-Reality PRO que añade más realismo a la imagen.

Algo parecido a lo que ocurre en sus funciones de Smart TV, que funcionan con Android y te dan más opciones que los sistemas propietarios convencionales. Tanto como para incluir control por voz o hacer más fácil su conectividad con tu móvil, entre otras mejoras. Un modelo rematado con un elegante marco de aluminio con el que dar un toque especial a tu salón.

Para que conozcas en profundidad este modelo, te dejamos algunas de sus características más destacadas.


Smart TV Android: La función Smart TV basada en Android añade un extra de conectividad y variedad al dispositivo.

X-Reality Pro: Este sistema propio de la marca añade un extra de calidad a todas las emisiones que veas en pantalla.

Detalles de calidad: Tal como ocurre con este fabricante, el televisor cuenta con detalles de clase como los bonitos acabados en aluminio del marco o la forma de sus patas.


Sonido: La calidad de sonido es mejorable, aunque nada que no pueda resolverse con una barra o Home Cinema adicional, si lo necesitas.

Menús: Los menús de configuración del producto son mejorables, en lo que a navegación y control de las diferentes opciones se refiere.

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