The 5 Best 64 GB Pendrives of 2022

64 GB Pendrive – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

The need to back up or move files between different computers is common in any office. The good news is that flash drives have evolved and improved their features, so that this process is faster, safer and cheaper. Such is the case that the 64 GB models today are becoming the most common classic in terms of size. So if you want to equip yourself, you will only have to resort to models such as the Toshiba Hayabusa flash drive. This flash drive comes from a well-known manufacturer, has a proven design and good performance even within its 2.0 system. Anyway, if you want more speed, it’s time to turn to the Kingston DT100G3 flash drive.. This model increases speed thanks to its 3.0 connectivity, also having a retractable system that makes it even easier to connect the product to any device with a conventional USB port.

The 5 Best 64 GB Pendrives – Opinions 2022

When it comes to storing data, making backup copies and working on the move, the pen drive continues to be a key tool. Although of course, for everything to go well it is important to choose the best 64 GB flash drive that we can find. A task that is not easy, since with so much to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best 64 GB flash drive that the market offers us. In any case, with the models that we bring you below, you will surely not have many problems finding the product you need, whether you are looking for cheap or higher-cost models.

1. Toshiba Hayabusa USB 2.0 64GB

The Toshiba Hayabusa flash drive is a traditional model within the current 64 GB offer. A flash drive that has this storage capacity, as well as a compact size that makes it easy to take the product with you wherever you want. A device that does not dispense with elements such as the transparent cover, which allows the connector to be protected when it is not in use.

Protection that we can also place by means of a password, to prevent unauthorized access to the content. A wide range of functions that make this model the best value for money 64GB flash drive in our review.

Let’s see some more details of what is for many users the best 64 GB flash drive of the moment despite being among the cheapest on the market.


Cover : The included cover allows you to protect the product’s USB connector from dust and dirt.

Lock : The product supports password protection, which prevents unauthorized access to content.

Size : Both in terms of weight and size, we are talking about a light product that you can take anywhere without difficulty.

Color : Being white it is easier to see on any black tower so you don’t accidentally forget it connected.

Manufacturer : Since the product comes from what is, for many users, the best brand of 64 GB flash drives at the moment, this is always reassuring.


USB port : The included USB port is not 3.0 but 2.0, so the transfer speed is somewhat lower than that of the most modern models.

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2.Kingston DT100G3 DataTraveler 64GB

The Kingston DT100G3 pendrive is another one of those models from a renowned manufacturer that could not be missing from our selections. An evolved product, which improves capacity and performance by having a USB 3.0 port.

This translates into greater speed when moving files, both when reading and writing on the device. A flash drive that also evolves in its retractable design, so that it is easier to use by simply pulling the casing. It is finished off with the light weight and the usual appearance of this type of model.

So that you do not lack information when it comes to knowing which model to buy, let’s see some additional features of this product.


USB 3.0 connectivity: The product can run at 3.0 speed on compatible devices, thus improving overall performance.

Speed : This device reaches read speeds of up to 100 MBS, for better performance.

Sliding system : The new sliding system avoids the problems of previous systems, combining comfort and efficiency.

Design : Its elegant black design adds an extra quality to the product.


Visible connector: The connector is always visible, so it is not possible to cover it efficiently, and it can be filled with dust or dirt.

LED : Following the line of current models, the product does not include the LED light that informs us of the connection and transfer.

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3. SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB

The SanDisk Ultra Dual model is an interesting novelty within our selection of the best 64 GB pen drives of 2022. And this model is not a conventional product, but rather allows you to connect to all kinds of devices.

For this you have a dual system, with two connectors, which makes it easy to connect to your PC, your tablet or your mobile. Therefore, it is ideal for making backup copies, moving your files comfortably and carrying out all kinds of operations in a simple way. And all this at high speed, thanks to the USB 3.0 connectivity that this model has.

If you don’t know which 64 GB flash drive to buy to properly manage all your devices, this dual model from Kingston is an effective solution for that.


Dual connector : Its dual connectivity makes it easy to connect and move files between computers with different connectors.

Speed : Thanks to its USB 3.0 connectivity, this product reaches high transfer speeds on any compatible device.

App : The included app makes it easy for you to make copies of content on Smartphones and tablets without wasting time choosing files.


OTG function: It is necessary that the mobile device on which you use the product is compatible with OTG technology in order to work correctly.

Mechanism : Some user comments that the connection mechanism is somewhat rigid, and care must be taken when applying force to avoid breaking something.

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4.Patriot Memory Supersonic RAGE XT 64GB

Feeling the fury of Patriot when moving your files is easy with this model. A product with USB 3.1 technology and a speed of up to 50 MBps for writing and up to 180 MBps for reading with which you won’t have to wait when moving your data.

A product that is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems, including Linux, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. A product with a comfortable retractable system that allows the connector to be unfolded and avoids the problems of older models, with unexpected retractions of this part.

We analyze in detail this model with which to save time and inconvenience when managing your files.


Speed : It is one of the fastest models that we can find, with considerable speeds both in reading and writing.

Retractable : The retractable system has an efficient system to protect the connector without taking up too much space.

Heating : The heating level of the product is not high either, so you should not worry about the heat.


Connector protection: As with other models, this product did not fully protect the connectors, which are left open to the passage of dirt or moisture.

Size : The measurements of the product are somewhat higher than the micro sizes to which we are accustomed, although not much larger.

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Despite its particular name, the MECO ELEVERDE pendrive is another of the 64 GB models that are worth mentioning. This model has a keychain format with a resistant and quality metal construction that makes it easy to take it with you wherever you want.

And it is that when you need it you will only have to turn the central area to access the connector and start moving files. A process in which its 3.0 connectivity gives you extra speed, thus having improved performance that saves you time and inconvenience during the process.

If you are looking for a flash drive that you can literally take with you wherever you want on your keychain, find out what this model offers you.


Keychain : This model is not that it has a keychain format, but it is literally a keychain. Suitable therefore to take it with you wherever you want.

Finish : The metallic finish gives the product extra resistance, adequately supporting bumps and scratches.

USB 3.0: The access speed is practically guaranteed thanks to its 3.0 connectivity, which significantly speeds up file transfers.


Connection : Due to the materials used, the process of connecting this flash drive to the corresponding device is somewhat complex.

Heat : The product can become hot during use, not so hot as to be dangerous but at least enough to be noticeable.

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