The 5 Best A3 Laser Printers of 2022

A3 Laser Printer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to printing and working with formats beyond traditional folio, A3 printers are the perfect fit. These products have reduced their prices in response to current demand, offering levels of quality and printing speeds that are really interesting for users, both home and office. Among these models, one of the most outstanding is the one represented by the OKI C823n printer that prints in color, is fast in all processes and easy to handle and connect. They also highlight the characteristics of the Xerox Versalink C7000V_DN that has connectivity for multiple systems, is a robust equipment to print a large number of sheets monthly and a touch screen to keep track of everything.

The 5 Best A3 Laser Printers – Opinions 2022

1. Oki C823n Color A3 Laser Printer

Main advantage:

The paper supply system allows you to work with sheets or cardboard from 64 to 256 g/m 2 at the grammage level, thus providing greater versatility. And, in terms of quantities, the main tray can be used with up to 300 sheets, and can be expanded with the extra tray up to 935 sheets.

Main disadvantage:

Within the forms of connection, it does not have the possibility of being done through a WiFi system, which avoids having greater comforts, especially in offices where you work with a significant number of computers.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an appropriate printer for offices and use by professionals who need to have clear documents about the work they do, being possible to connect through different methods.

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In order to provide the necessary versatility for different uses, the manufacturer has provided three ways to make the connection from the computer.

In the first instance, using an RJ-45 cable for an Ethernet system that is useful for more basic work systems that do not see their efficiency diminished, although their comfort may.

Along the same lines as a cable system, you can also use the USB 2.0 connection, depending on how easy it is to access your computer.

But it is also possible to access the printer service over a wireless LAN. This will help maximize the distance of use, helping different people stay connected.

An important fact in this regard is that this type of printer is often widely used by photography professionals to obtain their images in good resolution, so having them close to your computer is valuable.


In addition to the printing speed that it has for A3 type pages, which is 13 per minute, there are also other aspects that are worth considering regarding this feature.

In the first place, the heating time that is possible to achieve in a period of 25 seconds and whose count begins to run at the right moment of turning on the equipment. But, this could be 5 points less, ie 20 seconds, when the printer has been placed to work in power saving mode.

On the other hand, documents can be printed after 14 seconds of sending, which is considerably faster than what could be found with other models for this size. And, best of all, this feature applies to both black and white and color prints.

work capacity and noise

Printers generally come from the factory to have a recommended amount and a maximum number of pages to be printed in a given period of a month. This is done in order to inform consumers that they will work correctly, as long as these levels are not exceeded.

For this Oki model, the most appropriate thing is to print up to 5 thousand pages at a basic level and up to 75 thousand as a maximum limit, when it is really necessary.

On the other hand, we have already seen that noise is very important to consider in order to avoid inconveniences when working, especially when printers are placed inside offices. In particular, this model is capable of producing 52 dB when it is operating and printing and 32 dB when it is turned on, but in an idle state.

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2. Xerox VersaLink C7000V_DN Laser Printer

Printers are equipment whose characteristics should be valued carefully enough to avoid inconveniences after purchase. Therefore, taking into consideration the best A3 laser printer in the opinion of some users can always be positive.

In this case, the Xerox model features patented Xerox ConnectKey Technology, which makes it easy to connect to most devices available today.

On the other hand, it includes a configuration wizard that will allow you to install and customize your equipment quickly and easily, without the need for specialized technical assistance.

Also, thanks to its good resolution, it ensures high-quality prints with vivid color images and sufficient line detail, regardless of the format size you use.

Also, security options can be enabled, such as card authentication for access control and secure printing. Likewise, the equipment can be customized so that it is used only by authorized personnel, using an ID with a personal password.

The current best A3 laser printer should have its fair share of pros that far outweigh the cons, as presented in the summary below.


Screen: A 5-inch touch screen is included with which you can perform the functions that are necessary to carry out the work.

Printing maximum: Although the recommended printing limit per month is 10 thousand pages, you can even reach a maximum of 153 thousand pages.

Operating Systems: You can work without problems with Windows, Linux or Mac.

Printing speed: This printer is capable of generating the print of 35 pages per minute.


WiFi: It is not added as a default connection system, but it can be optionally adjusted.

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3. Oki B840Dn Monochrome Laser Printer

For this occasion, we present a model that stands out for being the best value for money A3 laser printer for many users, but which is also evidenced as one of the cheapest found so far, which is why we cannot stop reviewing its characteristics. more relevant.

One of its advantages is the possibility to request a 16 GB SD card, which can be used for the purpose of storing macros, overlays and downloadable fonts. This option also allows you to automatically collect copies of multi-page documents making work flow more efficiently.

We should also point out that it supports compatibility with almost all operating systems that are currently used, offering the possibility of printing in A3 format, with a printing speed of 22 pages per minute and 40 pages when it comes to A4 formats.

If what you are looking for is the best A3 laser printer for 800 euros, this model is recommended by many users for its functionality and being one of the cheapest. But, to be more certain that it is the one you need, the most appropriate thing is to review its pros and cons.


RAM memory: Allows you to upgrade the RAM memory up to a maximum of 640 MB in order to speed up the processing of larger files.

Size: Its compact dimensions are quite convenient to place in small spaces.

Energy saving: It offers a minimum consumption of energy, which translates into significant savings in the long term.


WiFi: It does not have this connection system, so it will be necessary to have space and cables to adjust by USB or RJ-45.

Monochrome: It does not have color output, so it will be inappropriate for detailing graphics, images, and photographs.

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4. Epson EPL-N2550 Laser Printer

Among the best A3 laser printers of 2022, users highlight this model presented by Epson, which has very good potential to meet the needs of any freelancer or company.

One of the most remarkable details is that it provides good quality prints in terms of texts and graphics, with well-defined tints and the absence of bands. Another aspect related to this is that it reaches a resolution of 1200 x 1200 pixels.

Also, we must highlight the simplicity of installing the software. You just have to have the foresight to install the appropriate driver for your computer, which in addition to the default options, offers the possibility of customizing them.

It should also be noted that although it is a large device, Epson has been able to reduce its impact by incorporating a fairly innovative expandable paper tray design.

As Epson is a company dedicated to producing equipment for this sector in a massive way, it is appropriate that consumers position it as the best brand of A3 laser printers. And, to complement the description, it is worth reviewing its positive and negative characteristics as well.


Memory: It has an internal memory of 64 MB with expansion possibilities that allow it to reach up to 320 MB.

Warm -up: In just 10 seconds, the printer will be ready to start working with it.

Paper type: In its standard tray, it allows you to use normal paper, recycled paper, labels and also envelopes.


Screen: Its LCD screen contains 16 characters, but it does not have a backlight. However, it is readable.

Duplex: It does not have an option to automatically enable duplex printing, so if necessary, it will have to be done manually.

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5. Kyocera Ecosys M8124cidn/KL3 laser printer

When looking for a product of this type, it is common to wonder which is the best A3 laser printer, so reviewing a comparison like this can be quite useful.

In this case, it is a multifunctional team that supports doing good quality work very easily. It offers a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 pixels and another of 600 x 600 pixels, both in copies and in color scanning.

Another very important piece of information is that it allows you to prioritize jobs, which turns out to be quite convenient when it comes to commonly used equipment and there are documents that must be obtained more urgently than others.

In addition, it has a color touch panel that is very simple to use, since it is based on an assistant-type navigation that helps to operate the equipment intuitively.

Another frequent question that is usually had in these cases is which A3 laser printer to buy and it is very possible that the answer can be found by reviewing the pros and cons of each model, and that they are presented as they are in the following list.


Features: Highly productive professional features for printing, color scanning, copying and faxing are built-in.

Usability: Its installation and operation is extremely simple and with few demands.

Oriented towards energy saving: It is friendly to the environment, with low energy consumption and energy savings.


Fixed team: Due to its size and weight, it must be a team that is kept ready in a fixed place.

Price: Obviously, with so many varied functionalities, its price is much higher than the other models presented in this comparison.

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Buying Guide – What is the best A3 laser printer on the market?

To make the right choice for this type of product, which requires very technical knowledge, it is appropriate to have fairly specific information. For this reason, it is best to consider the data proposed in a guide to buying the best A3 laser printer, such as the one presented below. That way, you’ll know exactly what details to focus on to get what you really need.

printing technology

Laser printers work through a powdered pigment ink mechanism. This means that a better finish is obtained, at cheaper prices and with a higher speed.

Within the market, an important detail when determining how much it costs is to see if it is a version created to work in black and white or also in color. In the first case, there are already quite cheap versions that are being used the most in offices, due to the high capacity they offer in a very short time.

However, those that have the option of color, despite requiring a greater investment, are being highly requested within homes, since it offers the possibility of obtaining a large number of prints with good quality.

Speed ​​and sheet load

One of the basic aspects to study when reviewing a comparison of A3 laser printers is the printing speed per minute, a fundamental aspect if it is to be used in places where demand is quite high.

In general, these are much faster models than the inkjet ones that fill each sheet in segments. In this case, the necessary powder is ejected for each case with a very wide mechanism, which makes it take much less time.

Therefore, the capacity of the tray to load sheets will also have to be considered, since it should be of good dimensions to store one or two reams of paper at the same time, avoiding having to reload constantly.


In earlier times it was almost mandatory to have the printer next to the computer to be able to connect it by the length of the cable. Today, this situation is becoming history, as there are different ways to get the documents sent, even if the distance is relatively long.

Among the most useful options, the WiFi connection stands out. This allows you to send the material you need to have in physical form and have it available in a few minutes from wherever you are in the office or at home.

In addition, there are those that are managed through Ethernet networks, which are usually very useful in large companies that need to have many computers connected. And even some models can be activated through Apps so that printing from your Smartphone does not represent any inconvenience.


To decide if a printer is good and economical or, on the contrary, if it is excessively priced for the level of facilities it has, its functionalities must be reviewed.

In the first instance, you have to check the type of screen and what can be done through it, since sometimes jams or errors can occur that you have to know about in order to correct them. It will also be useful when actions need to be carried out without a computer, through the use of removable memory, for example.

Another item is whether the printer easily executes duplex printing. This helps documents to be processed better, as well as saving paper eventually.


As a last aspect, it is necessary to assess the noise capacity that the printer can produce when it is in operation and that can be measured in decibels. This is due to the fact that they are equipment that are usually used in offices where silence is necessary to avoid interrupting the concentration of workers.

Having a silent model will give a better user experience and allow it to be placed anywhere, without the need to be condemned to a room away from the entire environment.

How to use an A3 laser printer

Printers are very useful tools when it comes to translating digital documents onto paper. Over the years, the quality of prints has evolved in line with technology and the creation of innovative products, such as laser printers, that promise to be more precise in their results. Therefore, we present you with useful tips that will help you understand the correct way to use this type of printer.

Open the top cover and fill the ink toner

Before you start using your laser printer, you need to check the ink levels it has. Laser printers are characterized by the fact that they do not need ink cartridges, but instead use a toner that rotates the pigments and adheres them to the rotating cylinder, so that when the sheet is passed they stick to the paper. Carefully lift the top cover and check the toner ink level; add more ink until the reservoir is filled just right.

Securely plug in the printer

Once you make sure that your printer has the necessary amount of ink in the toner, proceed to plug it in correctly. For this, it is important that the outlet has the capacity of three holes for the cable electrodes (negative, positive and ground). Make sure that the outlet is close to the printer to facilitate the electrical connection of the machine.

Turn on the printer

After correctly plugging the printer into the power outlet, proceed to turn it on to use all the features it offers you. Press the power button on the back of the printer cover, wait a few minutes until it turns on completely and it is ready to use.

Install the driver software on the computer

You need to install a special program on your computer, in order to make frequent use of your printer. Insert the CD-ROM into your computer and run the special program to configure the printer’s functions. You also have the option to do the installation online. The program will be automatically installed on the main desktop of the computer, so that it is easily accessible to the user.

Configure the printer connection

At the end of the installation of the driver software, proceed to configure your printer. Connect the printer to the document programs, to send them directly to the computer and start printing. Confirm that the printer is turned on at all times, otherwise the established connection will be lost and the printer data will not appear.

Place the correct size of paper on the tray

The sheets of paper that you will use for printing must be placed inside the input tray, which is located at the bottom of the front of the equipment. Pull the tray toward you, correctly insert the number of sheets you need, and then push the tray back in, making sure it clicks properly into place.

Make test prints

It is recommended that, prior to the prints you need, a series of test prints be made, which will indicate the image quality, ink level and accuracy of the printer. You can use the set of test documents included in the driver program.

Turn off the printer when you finish the task

Finally, turn off the printer at the end of printing; this will ensure that it does not overheat on the inside for added durability.

The most popular brands

When it comes to printers, the A3 laser printer is a foolproof choice for users. The most recognized industries in electronics each offer their version of this product. According to its features and what people say on the Internet, we dare to say that the main brands are Brother, Samsung and HP.

Brother industries had their origin in Japan in 1908. They concentrated on that market until they consolidated and then began their internationalization in 1954, expanding to some 100 countries. With a more diversified production, the acceptance of users was gained by satisfying their expectations.

It arrived in Spain in 1997, where it established a headquarters responsible for serving Spanish users. Through its foreign subsidiaries, Brother has established itself in the distribution of technology products and has earned a good reputation in the world market as a large Japanese company.

Brother is characterized by offering an optimal quality-price ratio in the articles it manufactures and that adapts to the demands of users. Among its office automation products, printers, typewriters and computers that are used in the business environment and in homes stand out.

The Brother A3 laser printer is, without a doubt, a machine that will give you the results you are looking for when printing your documents. Not only can it be used for small jobs, but it is also designed for large projects in the commercial sector and when it comes to technical service.

Samsung enjoys a good reputation all over the world. It emerged in 1938 in Seoul, South Korea, as a union of multinational companies. It was founded by Byung-Chull as a business dedicated to the export of dried fish, fruits and vegetables; later it expanded its tasks to other business areas and is currently listed as the largest business group in its country and a global corporation.

The international diffusion of this brand was largely due to its electronic products, such as household appliances and mobile phones. The spirit of the company is guided by ethical values ​​in the establishment of business. They take people into account as the basis of the company to seek excellence and achieve essential change in society, through integrity and shared prosperity.

Samsung’s economic activities cover various sectors: education and health, sports clubs, services, biotechnology, finance, technology and electronics, heavy industry and construction. Without a doubt, it is a reference for other companies due to its economic model.

Regarding the Samsung A3 laser printer, it can be said that it is characterized by the quality of all the products manufactured by the brand. These accessories have an innovative design and unlimited functionality.

William Hewlett and David Packard got together in 1939 and created the Hewlett-Packard company (known as HP) in the United States. Its beginnings consisted in the production of laboratory and electronic measurement instruments. Then they were introduced to the manufacture of electronic calculators with which they achieved greater success, as well as commercializing computer items.

HP is listed today as one of the largest companies in the technological world. As of 2014, it was divided into two independent firms: HP Inc., which is responsible for the manufacture and sale of personal computers and printers; and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, dedicated to everything related to networks, storage, servers and services for other companies.

The HP brand has produced technology capable of improving the lives of users. This company has a brand in every part of the world, thanks to the quality they print on their items. At present, he continues to investigate to innovate and continue materializing his business vision.

Having an HP A3 laser printer means having one of the best products on the market in your home or office. You will be motivated and inspired to do your jobs, to create and to continue reinventing your way of living.

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What is the best A3 laser printer on the market?

Las impresoras se han convertido en unos de los dispositivos periféricos más utilizados tanto en hogares para impresión de documentos y fotografías, como en las grandes empresas que necesitan hacer cientos y a veces miles de impresiones al día.

Son los aparatos que se encargan de llevar del formato digital al papel todo tipo de escritos e imágenes que tenemos en nuestros dispositivos (ordenadores, teléfonos, etc.), de manera que son muy útiles y nos pueden permitir ahorrar mucho dinero si tomamos en cuenta lo costoso que puede resultar este servicio sobre todo a nivel industrial.

En el mercado de impresoras las reinas son las que cuentan con tecnología láser. Son las más veloces ya que no trabajan por secciones o líneas como las de inyección de tinta, además, la calidad de impresión es superior gracias al sofisticado sistema de polvo de tinta con pigmentos muy finos, por lo que las impresiones lucen más nítidas.

Otras de las ventajas de las impresoras láser es que el papel se atasca mucho menos que en las demás impresoras. Asimismo, son más silenciosas y el tóner es más caro que el cartucho, pero también es más duradero, de esta manera a la larga nos estamos ahorrando dinero.

Las impresoras láser están recomendadas para empresas o personas particulares que imprimen grandes volúmenes de documentos a la semana. Pero una de las características más importantes es el tamaño del papel que admiten, por eso hemos creado este artículo dedicado a las personas que necesitan imprimir en tamaño A3 (29.7 x 42 cm). Muchas impresoras láser sólo imprimen tamaño común A4, pero sabemos que muchos necesitamos imprimir planos o carteles un poco más grandes.

Si quieres comprar una impresora láser A3, presta atención a estos modelos y sus características, la idea es que escojas la que más se adapte a tus necesidades de impresión.

HP Officejet 7612

Ventaja principal:

Este modelo cuenta con una alta capacidad de conexión, de modo que puedes imprimir sin necesidades de cables desde tu móvil, tu tablet o cualquier dispositivo con solo enviar un correo a tu buzón personal.

Desventaja principal:

Según comentan los usuarios, es necesario tener cuidado a la hora de cargar el papel, para evitar que este se deteriore o que los folios salgan con manchas y otros elementos no deseados.

Veredicto: 9.7/10

Una impresora de calidad, capaz de imprimir hasta en formatos A3, tanto en color como en blanco y negro, contando además con diferentes funciones con las que imprimir, escanear y copiar de forma efectiva, situándose entre las mejores opciones de cualquier comparativa de impresoras A3 que veamos en el mercado.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Funciones incluidas

A diferencia de las impresoras A3 convencionales, la impresora HP Officejet 7612 es un modelo avanzado, que dispone de todas las caracteristicas de los equipos multifunción. Esto te permite contar con una propuesta muy amplia, en la que puedes utilizar diferentes elementos sin necesidad de comprar por separado cada dispositivo.

Entre estas funciones tenemos la de impresión, que también podemos utilizar en modo de copia, como si fuera una fotocopiadora. Por otra parte también tenemos la función de escaneado, que puedes usar directamente conectado a PC, enviar estas copias por correo electrónico o guardarlas en un pendrive. Un sistema polivalente para realizar todo tipo de operaciones desde un mismo producto.

Calidad y funciones de impresión

Para que tus proyectos no tengan problemas de espacio, esta modelo te permite imprimir en papel de un tamaño A3, más grande que el tradicional diseño de productos A4. Un sistema que también admite formatos en carta o B5 entre otros, tanto de papel normal como de papel fotográfico y de otros tipos.

En este caso la impresión tiene una velocidad de 15 páginas por minuto en formato de impresión en blanco y negro y de 8 páginas en color. Unas impresiones de hasta 1200 x 600 en negro y de calidad fotográfica de hasta 4800 puntos en las impresiones a color. Por tanto tampoco vas a tener problemas para que la impresora no te dé una mala impresión. Nunca mejor dicho.

Conectividad de la impresora

Para que te olvides de los cables a la hora de instalar tu impresora, este equipo dispone de tecnología wifi, que conecta directamente la impresora a la red sin complicaciones. Esto facilita imprimir directamente desde tu móvil o tu tablet, gracias a la app especifica que HP ha diseñado y que está disponible tanto para equipos Android como Apple. Por tanto ya no tendrás que sacar las fotos del móvil para imprimirlas.

Entre estas opciones también disponemos de la conectividad tradicional wifi, de modo que o necesitas cables para conectar tu portatil o tu PC a la impresora. Y en todo caso, si deseas hacerlo, también dispones de un puerto USB 2.0 para quien no tenga wifi o prefiera una  conexión cableada. Una oferta completa que también incluye un buzon al que puedes enviar todo lo que desees, para imprimirlo directamente en casa incluso cuando no estás.

Samsung SL-X7500LX

Podríamos decir que esta es la mejor impresora láser A3 del mercado actual, no sólo por el respaldo de una gran marca, sino porque se trata de una impresora multifuncional, capaz no sólo de imprimir sino de sacar copias y escanear documentos de manera rápida y con un resultado impecable.

La Samsung SL-X7500LX tiene un CPU de 1.5 GHz de cuatro núcleos (quad-core), lo que la hace mucho más rápida que una convencional de dos núcleos. Además, es capaz de escanear ambos lados de un documento a la vez, a una velocidad increíble (160 ipm). Soporta los tamaños A3, A4, A5 y A6.

Esta impresora láser funciona prácticamente como una Tablet gracias a su pantalla táctil full HD, que puede girar 90 grados. Tiene una interfaz de usuario muy sencilla, lo que quiere decir que es muy cómoda y fácil de usar.

La impresora láser Samsung SL-X7500LX brinda resultados perfectos gracias a su potente rayo láser capaz de ge

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