The 5 Best ADSL Routers of 2022

ADSL Router – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Since routers are devices that allow you to manage information traffic between networks, it is advisable to opt for a different model that has the features and security you need. It represents a small investment with which you can make the most of your connection and all the functions that this technology offers. However, there are many options, so we have selected the most important ones. One of the most recommended by users is the ASUS DSL-AC68U router, which offers double function as a DSL modem and as a wireless router, has a multipurpose USB 3.0 port and has a processing speed of 1900 Mbps to carry out activities of great consumption. broadband. Another product of interest is the D-Link DSL-3682 model, which has dual-band WiFi AC; 2.4 and 5 GHz, which reaches a speed of 750 Mbps when combined with another network and has 3 external antennas, to offer more efficient coverage.

The 5 Best ADSL Routers – Opinions 2022

Technology is present in many ways in the daily life of people worldwide, so it is important to have equipment that provides you with a secure and stable connection. For this reason, we present you a list with some of the best ADSL routers of 2022. The objective is that you know in detail their most important characteristics so that you make the right decision.

1. Asus DSL-AC68U Wireless Router

Main advantage:

Its speed is capable of reaching 1900 Mbps, so it offers enough capacity to download files and play multimedia content in 4K format of the highest quality, which is why some users consider it to be the best ADSL router of the moment.

Main disadvantage:

Some users may be inconvenienced by its vertical position design, as this could make it uncomfortable for its stability and installation in the home.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It offers smart synchronization to be connected with all the devices in your home, no matter where and when. In addition, it allows you to store everything in the cloud.

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This model is compatible with a wide variety of Internet connections, including VDSL2, ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+. In addition, it incorporates Ethernet WAN, which facilitates its use with cable or fiber modems that have a connection.

It includes two CPUs to provide more stable and faster connections, which translates into a greater capacity to process different files. It also has processors that separately optimize wireless or wired connections. Also, it separates the ADSL, VDSL and WiFi networks into two modules with independent processing powers, avoiding data loss.

It offers WiFi AC or 5G, which together with the 802.11ac Broadcom chipset increases its speed threefold, since it provides 1.3 Gbps at 5 GHz, in this sense, its bandwidth capacity increases to improve the use of WiFi in all the devices that depend on it, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops.


It has AiRadar, a system that offers 150% more coverage, since it is responsible for intelligently reinforcing connectivity in the different wireless devices, using a directional signal amplifier that increases coverage and improves stability.

In this sense, the connection power adapts to the needs of the environment, thanks to the fact that it has three powerful external antennas, which detect the position of each wireless device, shape them and optimize the transmissions so that the connection is more fast and continuous.

In addition, it should be noted that the universal training technology is compatible with a wide variety of users, since it offers the possibility of working with both 802.11ac and 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and previous versions, to offer more options. of connection.


This router offers the AiCloud service, which allows you to synchronize, through the use of a dedicated folder, all the content generated on the different devices, including the storage media that are connected to other ASUS brand routers and that are compatible to store in the cloud.

It also allows you to share and play such content as long as you have an internet connection. In addition, you will have the AiCloud application, available in the Android or iOS store for smart mobile devices, through a personalized URL to connect your home network.

In this sense, it is possible to configure a compatible VPN server to enjoy a secure and private connection through the Open VPN and PPTP protocols, but you can also include your devices as enabled clients without the need to install special software on each one.

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2. D-Link DSL-3682L ADSL2+ Modem Router

The D-Link DSL-3682 offers a WiFi AC connection with dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz, at a speed of 750 Mbps, which allows you to surf from anywhere without interruptions. In this sense, it is suitable for making voice calls and transmitting Full HD and 4K videos, which is why some users consider it the best value for money ADSL router.

It has 3 external antennas to achieve greater coverage and offers high performance in any connection. It has 4 10/100 Mbps LAN network ports and provides full compatibility with providers’ ADSL and VDSL standards and integrates a firewall to protect your network from possible intrusions.

It features IGMP Snooping, which prioritizes 802.1p QoS data traffic on smart TV devices to increase their performance. Also, it offers the DLNA certificate from a NAS for media server traffic. On the other hand, it includes an RJ 45 Ethernet cable and an RJ-11 ADSL cable.

If you need equipment that provides you with high technology with optimal quality, it would be good for you to get the best brand of ADSL routers. In this sense, we invite you to review in more detail the outstanding features of this model:


Technology: It has Wireless AC WiFi technology, capable of transmitting a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signal, to explore the content of your choice without losing quality.

Practicality: It offers the mydlink SharePort application to know the data transit of the devices connected to the network. It also allows you to view the content of the hard drive or memory connected to the USB port.

Accessories: Includes a modem, power supply, RJ-45 Ethernet cable, RJ-11 ADSL cable, and an installation manual for ease of use.


Antenna: Some users consider as a disadvantage that the router has fixed antennas, since it is not possible to increase the magnitude of the signal.

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3. TP-Link TD-W8960N Wireless Router

It has three functions, ADSL2 modem, wireless access point, and it is also a 4-port router, which you can use at work or home. In this way, it allows you to create a secure network to share computers or printers.

It has a maximum wireless N speed of 300 Mbps and is compatible with IEEE802.11n standards, so it works with high bandwidth to transmit files, calls, music, online games, applications and HD video downloads. In this sense, it offers good performance, stability and wide coverage.

In addition, it has an interchangeable ADSL or WAN Ethernet EWAN port that allows a flexible connection, either with cable or fiber. It has 2 antennas, an on/off button, a WiFi, WPS and Reset button, as well as an ADSL port, a LAN/WAN port and three LAN ports.

If you need one of the cheapest routers in the selection that gives you optimal performance, then this model could be for you. Here is the most relevant information:


Speed ​​: It offers 300 Mbps of speed, an appropriate amount to download large amounts of data and view multimedia content in high quality.

Performance: It is capable of making multiple connections with different devices, without diminishing performance and without losing the quality of the files.

Configuration: Its configuration can be done easily through the interface that assists the user or simply by inserting the configuration CD, included in the package.


Plug: Some users comment that the plug is type G or English and does not include an adapter, which could mean an additional cost.

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4. Netgear D1500-100PES Modem Router

If you want to change your ADSL router without spending too much, then the Netgear D1500-100PES model is your option.

This router has WiFi N technology by which it reaches speeds of up to 300 megabytes. Its two antennas ensure stable and long-range data transmission.

And through its two LAN ports you can also connect computers by cable with a speed of up to 100 megabytes, enough for current network speeds.

Network options include a security system that uses WPA / WPA2 keys as well as parental control options or creating specific networks only for duly protected guests.

All these options, as well as the specific use of the network, are easily configurable thanks to the software that Netgear includes with this router, as well as the free technical support available to its users.

The Netgear D1500 – 100PES may be the best ADSL router for 25 euros by allowing you to access an excellent internet connection without overly complicating its installation:


Speed ​​– This is a slightly more discreet model. It has N technology to reach a maximum speed of 300 Mbps per transfer, it may be less than other models but it is more than enough for current home connections.

Ports: it has two LAN ports that can be used to connect equipment that requires up to 100 Mbps of internet connection speed in case not all the computers in your house have wireless connectivity antennas.

Security: It also allows you to configure the security and encryption keys so that you can protect your service and prevent outsiders from accessing your private connections.

Support: And if at any time you have any questions or problems regarding the operation of the equipment, you can connect with Netgear technical support which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Throttling – If you are in a part of the world where connection speeds exceed 300 Mbps, you may experience compromised upload and download performance as your computer will not be able to process them properly.

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5. Asus DSL-N12E N300 Wireless Modem-Router

As a last proposal we find the ASUS DSL-N12E model, equipped with ADSL 2 and Wifi N technology that offers wireless speeds of up to 300 megabytes of transfer per second.

Compared to other models, this not only offers high access speed but also low power consumption, which leads to savings of 70% of the power consumption of equivalent models. It is also very easy to use thanks to its EZ WPS button, which allows you to directly connect devices that are in its range without the need for keys or passwords.

It has four sockets for LAN devices as well as two WiFi antennas that give it a high and stable range for any wireless device.

All this accompanied by a complete web interface, very easy to use, which allows you to configure the exact operation of the equipment and optimize data traffic according to your specific needs.

Asus has also become a point of reference in terms of quality and performance, so if you have doubts about which ADSL router to buy, we invite you to take a look at one of its options:


Consumption: If you are looking for an ADSL modem that consumes less energy than most, the DSL – N12E is capable of using up to 70% less compared to others.

Simple: you will not have to go through complicated functions before being able to access the connection since it has an EZ WPS button that will connect all the equipment within the range without the need for keys.

Antennas: It is equipped with two 5dBi fixed antennas to offer you a better range and good connectivity stability.


Reboot – Apparently it’s a bit slow when you proceed to reboot it.

Temperature – It may also get hot during high traffic downloads.

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Buying guide – What is the best ADSL router on the market?

When you need to share an Internet connection wirelessly, the most appropriate thing to do is to use an ADSL router, which allows you to simultaneously connect several computers or several LAN networks. In this sense, we suggest you analyze the following guide to buy the best ADSL router, where you will find relevant information about the most important features of this device.


ADSL routers allow the integration of two or three devices in a single device, to offer different functions and provide a higher connection quality, so when making a comparison of ADSL routers you must take into account the main characteristics, among which are the modem, access points and, of course, the router.

The router is in charge of managing the information that circulates through the network and allows the Internet signal to be shared between the different connected devices, through the use of an ADSL cable or through the WiFi wireless signal. In addition, they must include firewall protection to prevent unauthorized access to shared information.

The modem is capable of converting signals, both digital and analog, to allow communication between the telephone line and the computer, with speeds that exceed those of a conventional modem. In addition, it should offer the possibility of communicating by phone even if it is transmitting data.

The access point is responsible for creating the WLAN local area network, since by connecting it to other equipment such as a router or through the ethernet cable, it can project the signal in a specific area. In this sense, these devices usually come with DSL, WAN and LAN ports, which offer great connection flexibility.


Currently, ADSL routers have specialized technology that optimizes data transmission to expand its coverage, increase the speed with which it is capable of processing data and, at the same time, offer stability in said connections, which results in great importance, even if it is a cheap router.

Some models have ultra-fast wireless speeds, such as those with WiFi AC or 5G, which can reach between 1.3 and 2.4 Gbps at a speed of 5 GHz, to offer more bandwidth, which can translate into good performance in all connected devices.

Other models offer a transmission speed that can reach up to 1900 Mbps thanks to their fixed antennas, capable of improving data transmission, coverage and even stability. In this sense, it allows you to share documents, music, photos, applications, Full HD or 4K videos, games, voice calls, chat and surf the web simultaneously.


Another feature that can tell you how much one of these devices costs is its range, as in the case of devices that have the new universal beamforming technology, which allows connected devices to be located to boost the signal in the necessary direction. Also, in many cases they are backward compatible with 802.11a through 802.11n and earlier.

They also usually include a synchronization and cloud storage service, through which you can share information or transmit data to your mobile devices once they are connected to the internet. Likewise, it would be nice if it allows access to all the content through an application for Android, iOS or through a personalized URL.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the number of available ports and their characteristics, such as WAN, 10/100 Mbps LAN with RJ45 and RJ11 connection, wireless NAT N, QSS button and WPS. In addition, the USB ports will allow you to download multimedia content and activate printers, modems, among others.

The available antennas can also provide a significant improvement in the level of coverage and efficiency, since they provide you with a good connection, so some models can incorporate two, three or four.

How to use an ADSL router

The internet service is of the utmost importance in offices and homes, since it is the main means of connection with the world. ADSL routers allow you to manage the internet in different spaces and devices at the same time. Therefore, we recommend you follow these simple tips that will show you how easy it can be to use a router.

Place your router on a firm surface

In order for the router to work properly, it is important that it is on a flat and firm surface that provides stability to the device during the time of use. It should also be placed near the telephone network connections and other cables of electronic devices that you want to connect.

Check how many tickets you have

ADSL routers generally have five cable entries. However, newer models have fewer inputs. Check your router and verify the number of entries it includes; this will help you to know the possibility of connections with other devices that it may have.

Please read the instruction manual before setting it up

It is recommended that before starting the connections and configurations of your router you carefully read the instructions included in the manual, since it contains the specific steps described by network experts and very useful tips for the proper maintenance of the device.

Connect the router to the telephone line

The first step you must take to configure the router is to connect it to the wall Internet source. Use the network cable and connect it to the rear input of the router, which is located on the right side of the router. Insert one end of the cord into the input and the other end into the wall outlet. If your device uses a low-pass filter, it is important that you follow the instructions set forth by your router’s service provider.

Bind the router to an exit port

After connecting your router to the phone line, connect it to an output port. In this way, the signal and information from it will pass through the other connections in a better way, allowing unlimited access to the Internet service. Connect one end of the cable to one of the ports on the back of the router and the other end to the electronic device you wish to connect.

Set up Wi-Fi network

Once the connections are established, it is time to configure the Wi-Fi signal through the driver software, which you must install on the desktop of your computer to gain access to it. Configure the username of your Internet network, as well as the password to access it. It is recommended to mix letters, numbers and symbols for better network security.

Enjoy the Internet throughout your home

At the end of all the installation and configuration described above, you will be able to enjoy the services offered by your ADSL router. This device supports broadband Wi-Fi internet connectivity, as well as simultaneously connecting to the network with other digital devices.

Perform maintenance every month

It is important that you keep in mind that you should regularly clean the cables and the surroundings of the router, since it tends to accumulate dust and dirt particles that adhere to the inputs, preventing a good useful life of the equipment. You can also install an electrical regulator that protects the device at the time of power outages.

The most popular brands

Having a Wi-Fi connection has become essential in these times when technology floods society. If you are going to buy an ADSL router, you are expecting it to guarantee a good connection. TP-Link, Asus, and Netgear are three good brands based on their product features and what people are saying on the web.

TP-Link is a Chinese company founded in 1996 from a network card. It currently leads the market in that country in the manufacture of SOHO networks. The international expansion that began in 2005 made it the world leader, during the first quarter of 2013, in the distribution of accessories to create wireless WLAN networks. Tens of millions of people have this brand in more than 120 countries.

It is among the top network providers in the world. His creations have earned him some important awards. TP-Link has a philosophy committed to putting solutions on the market for users, who see the brand as a guarantee tool achieved through effective research.

This company continues to join efforts to get the best products in the areas of home, business, service provider and smartphones. Among its articles, routers, IP cameras, switches and network adapters, among others, stand out.

With renowned quality, TP-Link’s ADSL router offers the wireless connectivity features that people expect. It is a product with worldwide recognition and respect that will keep you connected for a long time.

The Asus brand originated in Taipei in 1989 by Ted Hsu, TH Tung, MT Liao and Wayne Hsieh, four hardware engineers. This company meant that Taiwan got fully into the production of information technology and reached a leading position. During 2006 it set up four manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and one in mainland China, which have a monthly capacity to produce 150,000 laptops and 2 million motherboards.

ASUS innovations consist of the introduction to the market of exclusive products and many other tools that served as a complement to its proposals. All this resulted in users improving the user experience due to the facilities provided. The brand represents the mythological Pegasus, a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.  

Although it began manufacturing only bases, today its range of items extends to personal computers and components, smartphones, servers and tablets, among others. The ASUS ADSL router is characterized by raising the quality of each product created by this brand that is gaining strength in the market, due to its technological growth that is expanding throughout the world.

California, in the United States, served as the headquarters for the creation, in 1996, of Netgear, Inc. Its scope of action was initially focused on manufacturing and selling network systems to small businesses and individuals. It was growing at a fast pace and in the early 2000s its profits multiplied.

This brand has the mission of transforming ideas into innovative network articles capable of connecting people and companies to advance together with society. Netgear products are intelligently and uniquely designed, powerful and easy to use.   

Within its catalog of options are solutions for home, business and service providers: firewalls, print servers, network cards, DSL routers, switches and many other Wireless-LAN components. This range will help you succeed by being the tools you need to solve your problems.

With the Netgear ADSL router, you will have one of the fastest and most innovative technologies that will give you an advanced wireless connection so that you get the necessary performance. You will notice that all your devices will be connected and you will achieve an unparalleled experience.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to configure an ADSL router as a WiFi repeater?

When you have installed the main router and the one that you will use as a repeater, you must access the web configuration through the IP address of the second. You must assign a fixed IP address to this router that is different from the first one, but close to the standard range, such as After this, you will have to access the configuration again through the browser using the fixed address that you placed in the router.

Access the “Wireless” option in the web menu and change the SSID parameters by placing the name of the main router. In the CHANNEL option you must do the opposite and choose and activate the option to allow the use of WDS.

Proceed to perform a network search to select yours and fill in the security information requested. To finish, access the security section and enter the same password as the main one. Go to the DHCP tab, disable it and restart the router.

Q2: How to open BHS-RTA ADSL Homestation router ports?

To achieve this, you will need to access the advanced menu of the Homestation router using the address Log in and in the menu select the “Advanced” tab, in the list click on “Port Forwarding” and then on “Add”.

In the WAN Connections field, select the PVC:8/32 connection and go to the Custom Server option to fill in the data about the program to which you want to open the ports.

In the Server IP section, you should put a private address for the port and write it down so you don’t forget it. Indicate the number of the port you want to open with the boxes and select “Apply”.

Q3: How to use ADSL router as neutral router?

If you want to convert your ADSL router into a neutral router, you will have to purchase a switch to make the link and another additional router. Connect the main one to the telephone line for ADSL access and the other to the devices you want to link. Using a UTP cable, connect both routers to each other.

By doing this, the old router would become the neutral. If there is any compatibility or connectivity problem, we advise you to change the IP addresses of the routers without making them too different. For example, for the first and for the second.

Q4: How to use ADSL router as a switch?

In order to use your ADSL router as a switch, you must purchase an extra one available. Connect your router to the telephone line and then connect it to the second using an Ethernet cable.

On your computer, connect to the first router and access the configuration web. Disable DHCP and assign a new fixed IP address similar to that of the second router. Finally, connect the first to the second via WiFi, remove the Ethernet cables and place your devices where you need them and everything should work properly so that access to the network is more comfortable for you.

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¿Cuál es el mejor router ADSL del mercado?

Si quieres sacar el máximo partido de tu conexión, comprar un router ADSL de calidad y sustituir el que te entrega tu operador es algo imprescindible. Sin embargo no vale comprar cualquier router. Por eso te descubrimos qué claves debes considerar para obtener el mejor rendimiento por tu dinero.

Empieza buscando un router que te ofrezca la mejor velocidad, tanto para conexiones mediante ADSL como para la distribución de la señal WiFi a través de la casa. Este elemento debe estar en consonancia y siempre por encima de la capacidad de red que tengas contratada. No tiene sentido buscar un router que no pase de 50 megas si en casa tu conexión puede alcanzar hasta 100 megas. Este aspecto es especialmente importante para el WiFi ya que algunos routers antiguos apenas pueden superar los 10 megas de transmisión inalámbrica, haciéndote perder capacidad de uso de la red.

En línea con lo anterior también conviene ver la capacidad de conectividad que tenga el equipo. Generalmente un router ADSL moderno cuenta tanto con la citada conectividad Wifi ya mencionada, con una o dos antenas, así como con diversas conexiones o bahías directas. En este punto conviene considerar cuántos aparatos cableados van a ir conectados al router (televisión por cable, Smart TV, ordenadores y otros dispositivos con conectividad LAN) a fin de comprobar que dispones de los puertos necesarios. Recuerda que siempre es mejor la conexión directa por cable al WiFi.

Finalmente es interesante buscar un router con el que mantener el control pleno del funcionamiento de la red. Los routers modernos cuentan con herramientas que permiten monitorizar y configurar el funcionamiento de los diferentes elementos conectados al mismo, pudiendo optimizar el flujo de datos y obtener mejores resultados. Incluso si no eres un usuario profesional o avanzado, estas herramientas son tan sencillas de usar que siempre podrás sacarles partido. Tenlas en cuenta al hacer tu comparativa de routers ADSL.


Ventaja principal:

El modelo TP-LINK TD-W8970 presenta como ventaja principal la posibilidad de conexión con diversos equipos de cableado, todo ello para pode

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