The 5 Best Charging Bases of 2022

Charging Base – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Charging bases are products with which you can charge your mobiles efficiently, either one or several depending on the type of base, in wired or wireless format. Something that helps us to see, in just a couple of lines, the wide variety of bases that we find on the market. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find a model that is compatible with your mobile phone, that allows you to charge it or even transfer data efficiently. Among the outstanding options of the moment we have the Nanami M220 base, which offers us a wireless charging system in a display-type design, with which to continue using the mobile while charging, both vertically and horizontally. The Belkin F8J235VFBLK charger also works without cables, optimal for charging all kinds of Apple devices in a short time, thanks to its 30 watts of power.



Buying guide – What is the best charging base on the market?

The charging bases are an interesting alternative to conventional mobile chargers, with which we can make this charge more effective and, in the case of wireless models, take better care of the connection port of our mobile. Learn more about these products with our guide to buying the best charging base that we leave you below.

Single or multiple base

Within the bases that we find in any comparison of charging bases on the market, we can find different groups. To begin our first division, we will distinguish between simple models or for a single terminal and multiple models, which can charge several devices at the same time.

In the case of simple bases, these serve to charge a single device, having all kinds of proposals for this. We have the bases that have a connector to plug it into the USB port, as always, or the wireless charging bases that we will talk about in greater detail in the next section.

As for the multiple charging bases, these have the advantage of offering all kinds of ports, up to seven in the largest models, so that you can charge a large number of devices at the same time. These bases are compact and have dividers that make it easy to organize each equipment, so you can easily charge mobiles, tablets and other equipment. If you have a high load need, this is your option.

Wired or wireless

The other aspect that makes the difference in utility and how much a charging base costs is its connectivity. In this section we are going to find the wired models, which do not have much to explain, and the alternative of the wireless models, with which to extend the useful life of the charging port of your device.

These wireless charging bases only require placing the mobile on the base and seeing how it charges. However, it is necessary that the product is compatible with this technology, which we must check before making our purchase.

The usual thing is that in compatible models we have technologies such as Qi or Qc, which not only allow this wireless charging, but also speed up the process, considerably reducing the charging time of the model.

Regarding the loading format, there are two main models. One of them refers to the bases with an exhibitor-type format, which consist of a kind of pedestal and support where we place the mobile, being able to charge it vertically or horizontally and being able to use it while charging. The other main model is that of the circular bases, which remain on the table and where we place the mobile to proceed with its charging.

base security

To close our advice with which to make it easier for you to find a good and economical charging base, it is time to take a look at the security corresponding to both the base in relation to the product charging process and the location of the mobile and the risk of falling.

On the charging security side, especially important in cordless models, it is necessary that it has all the usual security measures. Among them must be the protection against overheating, against excess voltage or to avoid the discharge of energy if there are foreign or inadequate elements during charging. In the case of wired models, the precautions are the same, except for the last one that we have indicated.

Regarding physical security, in the case of multiple bases this is not usually a problem due to the adequate compartmentalization of the product. The same thing happens with the support type wireless, which in general also maintain good security to prevent the mobile from falling.

In this section, perhaps the most problematic model is the wireless flat-type and circular one, although if it has a suitable material that prevents slipping, the risk is significantly reduced.

The 5 Best Charging Bases – Opinions 2022

Charging bases are products with which the charging process of your mobiles, or even other devices, is much simpler and more efficient. If you want to know which is the best charging base that you can find, you should be clear about what your mobile can do and what you specifically need, since the offer is wide.

To give you an idea of ​​what you can find, we have analyzed the market and selected some of the best charging bases of 2022, which we present below so that you can get to know them in depth.

1. Nanami M220 Fast Wireless Charger

Main advantage:

It is a charging base with a modern design and intuitive use. It is highly compatible with equipment that works with wireless charging technology and has a very practical indicator light.

Main disadvantage:

As a main disadvantage, you should know that the purchase of this base does not have a power adapter, but a USB cable to connect it to your computer.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you want to forget about having to turn on the light to be able to connect your phone to its charger, we advise you to consider this base from Nanami, as it has good reviews and its design is attractive.

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The charging bases are stations that use a fast charge to the battery of your mobile without you having to connect it directly. It will be enough to place it on the surface of the base and that’s it. If you are interested in acquiring one, we advise you to evaluate its design in detail.

Nanami M220 is a charging base that has dimensions of 12 x 8.1 x 10.9 centimeters and weighs 113 grams. You can easily place it on your desk or nightstand to have it close at hand when your phone battery starts to run out.

This model is black in color to easily combine with any smartphone model and its structure allows you to place the device in a horizontal or vertical position as you prefer. If you use the second, you can also use it as a support to watch videos on your device while charging it.


Although the idea of ​​charging your mobile phone without the need for cables sounds attractive, before purchasing a base you should make sure that your equipment meets the requirements for it and has the appropriate function. You should also check their compatibility with the basis of your interest.

In the case of the Nanami M220 model, we find a base intelligently designed to be used with practically any mobile phone that makes use of current wireless charging technology.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this base can be used with the latest Apple devices: iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR, X, 8 and 8 Plus. In addition, it is also compatible with Samsung models, among which are the Galaxy S9 +, S9, S8, S8 Plus, S7, Note 8, among others.

This covers much of the consumer wireless charging equipment in the home, so it’s unlikely you’ll have any compatibility issues.


One of the main drawbacks with chargers or bases that are not original to the phone brand is that they do not charge the battery at the same speed, but tend to be slower. Therefore, we advise you to verify the capacity of the base before investing.

The M220 base is equipped with two coils, which are responsible for transferring power from the base to the phone. It is stated that it can charge your battery 1.4 times faster than other charger. In addition, it uses transfer 2.0 technology, with which a full charge is guaranteed in just 2 hours.

It is also noted that this base has a vertical line that lights up depending on the state of the battery: solid blue when it is in standby and green when it is charging. In addition, this indicator will also let you know that the equipment is misplaced with a blink.

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2. Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Pad

If you’re a user of Apple devices, such as an iPhone or an iWatch, the Belkin F8J235VFBLK Charging Dock is all you need to keep your products full of power. This model uses a powerful 30-watt wireless charging system, which reduces the time needed for those batteries to be full of energy. 

Thanks to its design, it is enough to place the phone or the watch in its corresponding support and see how charging begins instantly, in a process that also allows you to use the mobile or the watch in table mode, so that they do not lose their functionality during that load. A USB port is also included, to charge a third device, in case you need it. 

A complete product that is compatible with almost the entire range of Apple phones and watches, offering these good charging results in any of them.

It has never been as easy to recharge your Apple devices as the system offered by this product.


Convenience : The base is as easy to use as putting the device in place and waiting.

Additional Port : This port allows you to charge an additional device by simply plugging it in.

Qi charging: This certification guarantees faster charging, on any compatible device.

Resistance : The product has quality materials and a solid and stable design during use.


Cover : The mobile cover must be less than 3 millimeters thick and cannot be metallic.

Mobile position : Unlike other models, the mobile must always be vertical during charging.

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3. ValueTalks Base Charging Station 

The ValueTalks vt-015 charging base is another versatile solution when it comes to charging all kinds of devices. We are talking about a product of a dual nature, where we have both an area to wirelessly charge any device and to charge four more devices via cable. 

Thanks to its power output of 10 watts per socket, this charging time is reduced, especially in models compatible with the Qi system, which incorporates the base. Due to its design finished in high-quality silicone, you won’t have to worry about anything moving, each device having its own well-designed space. 

The product is accompanied by four connection cables, 2 USB C type and another 2 micro USB, so that you do not lack anything when charging any product.

Enjoy faster and more efficient charges thanks to the complete approach of this product.


Dual: The device has both a wireless charging zone and cable charging.

Materials: The silicone on the top prevents the devices from slipping and moving out of place.

Fast charging: The device generates 10 watts of output per socket and is compatible with Qi technology.


Plug cord: The cord from the base to the plug is fixed and cannot be replaced.

Wiring: The product includes four cables, 2 USB and 2 Type C, which may not fit your needs.

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4. Yootech Fast Wireless Charger

If you don’t want to complicate yourself when charging your devices and you don’t need a multiple base, then this Yootech model is your choice. We are talking about a good-sized base, with a rubber coating that prevents your mobile or device from moving during charging. 

Once placed, you will see a green light turn on, indicating the activation of the power supply. Sixteen seconds later, a second light indicates that the phone has been recognized and charging begins. It’s all you have to do, because from this moment the base takes care of everything. A simple process, but where there is no lack of security measures, such as those that prevent overheating or overloading, to gain peace of mind. 

And to make everything easier, you won’t have to remove the mobile phone case either, unless it’s metallic or thicker than 4 millimeters.

Simplify the charging of any device with high speed thanks to this complete Yootech design.


Adaptable output: The charger has an adjustable power, according to the needs of each device.

Security: It incorporates protection against overvoltages, overload and overheating.

Compatibility: It is so versatile that the product will even charge your AirPods, without removing them from their case.


Adapter: For certain terminals, it is necessary to use a charging adapter, which is not included with the product.

Noise: Some comments indicate the existence of a minimum noise during the load, although this is not usual.

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5. Belkin Boost Up 7.5W Wireless Charger

For those who have Apple devices, surely having a base specifically designed for their mobile will be interesting.

In this case, we are talking about a charging base for iPhone especially, since the manufacturer has carried out its design in cooperation with Apple to offer the best results on these terminals. However, it can also be used with all types of terminals compatible with the Qi charging system.

This model is capable of generating an energy output of 7.5 watts, with adequate performance and a fast charge mode in accordance with this Qi system, always maintaining adequate control over the temperature, performance and placement of the equipment.

A model that, visually, has a diameter of 12 centimeters, so that it is easy to place the mobile on it without the risk of falling.

This model is a wireless charging station, designed in collaboration with Apple, so we leave you its pros and cons below.


Design: Circular in shape, this base covers practically the entire surface of the phone, offering security for the support, in order to avoid accidental falls.

Charging: Optimized to work with wireless technology, this charging base automatically starts working as soon as the phone is placed on its surface.

Indicator: It has a green LED light indicator, which will warn about the status of the process, will warn if the phone is in a bad position or if there is a foreign object on the base.

Silent: The design of this charging base has no fans, so its operation is silent.


Speed: One of the most noticeable shortcomings of this charging station is its slow charging speed. Its transmission coil has a capacity of 7.5 watts, which makes an iPhone X, for example, take more than three hours to fully charge.

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Nanami M220 Fast Wireless Charger

Due to its characteristics and properties, the Nanami M220 wireless charging base could well be the best charging base of the moment. For this, it has elements such as a charging system with two coils, which generates a more efficient charge than other models on the market.

A system compatible with the Qi fast charging standard, capable of reaching 10 watts of output to generate a more effective charge in less time.

This saves around 40% of the charging time of a conventional equipment. A model based on a display type design, so that you can use the mobile to watch movies or whatever you want while charging it, since you can charge your mobile both vertically and horizontally.

And so that you properly maintain control over the process, the light at the bottom informs you at all times of the charging process of your mobile.

The Nanami M220 wireless model can be considered the best charging base of the moment thanks to its efficient two-coil system, capable of generating up to 10 watts of output.


Design: The display-type design of this charging base offers a secure support for your mobile, which can be charged vertically or horizontally.

Charging: The Nanami M220 wireless model is 1.4 times faster than a standard wireless charger. This charger takes only two hours to 100% charge your device.

Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones, thanks to the fact that it has two wireless charging modes, fast charging and QI standard charging.

Indicator: Its light indicator at the base of the charger allows control over the process. The light will be dark blue to indicate standby mode and will turn green when finished.


Current: The main complaint from users is that this charging base comes without an AC adapter, only with a USB cable to be connected to the computer.

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How to use a charging base

The charging bases are devices that allow you to recharge the battery of mobile devices, tablets or similar efficiently. They can work as single or multiple chargers, wired or wireless, in this case requiring mandatory compatibility with the device to be charged. If you are interested in one of these new technological accessories, here are some tips so you can use a charging base effectively.

Identifies the type of charging base

The first thing you should do is identify the type of equipment you purchased. The charging bases will be so useful depending on the size of the need you require. There are charging bases that work with cable and others that are wireless, each one offers a series of advantages and disadvantages that you must weigh before making a decision.

Wired charging bases are the simplest and most common, you just have to connect the device to the USB cable and this to a power source for it to work. On the other hand, the wireless ones require compatibility with your device so that they can do their task efficiently, since this type of device works with Qi technology.

Connect the cable to the device

If you chose a traditional charging base, that is, connecting your mobile to a USB cable, initially have a source of electricity that is comfortable for you and safe for the phone. It can be a PC or an outlet in a clear, easily accessible area.

Once the base is connected, you will have to wait between 1 hour and 2 and a half hours, depending on the model of your device, for the charge to complete from 0 to 100 percent. One of the advantages is that you will be able to continue operating some functions on your mobile without major problems. Disconnect the device when charging is complete.

Enable charging option on your device

If you chose the wireless option, the first thing you should do is locate a power point, which is also comfortable and easily accessible, to connect the base that will provide charge to your device. Subsequently, enable your mobile or tablet to support fast wireless charging, through the device’s settings menu.

Place the device and charge

Once the wireless charging option is enabled on your mobile or tablet, you only have to place your device on the charging base. There are simple display-type wireless charging bases, which offer security especially to mobile phones, because they are not at risk of falling, since they can be supported both vertically and horizontally. This is not the case with circular bases, with which you must make sure you have some non-slip material so that they do not go to the ground.

Avoid nearby electrical conductors

Unlike wired charging bases, wireless ones require a little more precaution from the user, such as avoiding placing electrically conductive objects near the charging base, such as magnets or metal objects, while it is in operation.

Remove the mobile from the base when charging is complete

When the charging process is complete, remove the device from the base, proceed to disconnect it and store it carefully, folding the cable, in order to guarantee a long useful life for the device.

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Ugreen Fast Wireless Charger 10W QI

The Ugreen 30570AB charging base is a model that is within the wireless offer, with a safe and universal charging system that offers adequate performance.

Una base de carga para equipos iPhone o Android, que ofrece una salida de carga de hasta 10 vatios, de modo que carga dos veces más rápido que el sistema de carga convencional de otros modelos.

Un sistema que es compatible con todo tipo de modelos Qi, de modo que no tendrás problemas con la velocidad o la seguridad de la carga, siendo también compatible con los modelos Qc.

Un producto de superficie circular con una buena base de contacto y que, al contar con un precio encuadrado dentro de los baratos del mercado, se acerca bastante a ser la mejor base de carga de relación calidad precio del momento.

Su sistema de carga seguro y tipo universal, además de ser un modelo inalámbrico, hace del Ugreen 30570AB un representante de la mejor marca de bases de carga, además de que presenta compatibilidad con tecnologías Qi y Qc.


Velocidad Tiene una velocidad de carga 1,4 veces superior a la de cargadores de categoría estándar. Ofrece una carga de hasta 10 vatios en móviles de tecnología Qi y Qc.

Diseño: Su forma circular permite que el dispositivo comience a cargarse apenas hace contacto con la base.

Compatibilidad: Su tipo de tecnología permite cargar dispositivos iPhone y una gran variedad de equipos Android, en los modos estándar y de carga rápida respectivamente.

Indicador: La base tiene una luz LED que sirve de indicador del proceso de carga. Titila en azul cuando detecta un objeto extraño encima de la base o cuando el dispositivo está mal colocado.


Distancia: Para que haya inducción de carga, el dispositivo debe estar a 3 milímetros de distancia de la base. Si el dispositivo se mueve de esa zona de inducción, el proceso de carga se interrumpe automáticamente.

Actopp Estación de Carga USB 5 Puertos

Si tienes que cargar todo tipo de equipos a la vez, disponer de una base de carga con diferentes conectores es una solución inteligente. A esta categoría pertenece el modelo ACTOPP PWS0012, que nos ofrece hasta cinco conectores diferentes, con cinco espacios separados donde cargar móviles, tabletas y otros dispositivos.

Cada dispositivo se carga a la velocidad adecuada, dado que la base mantiene una salida de energía constante y ajustada a su rendimiento. De hecho, el producto dispone de dos puertos de carga rápida de 2.4 amperios de salida y otros 3 de salida a 1 amperios, para cargarlo todo como se debe.

Además, tus objetos no solo estarán seguros en la parte eléctrica, sino que también dispondrán de un espacio dedicado a colocarlos de forma adecuada, evitando así posibles caídas accidentales de tus dispositivos, gracias a su amplio soporte y sus separadores de plástico transparente.

Si te preguntas qué base de carga comprar, revisa los pros y contras de este modelo, pues tiene cinco puertos de carga simultánea para igual número de dispositivos.


Velocidad: Su tecnología de identificación inteligente de corriente eléctrica detecta automáticamente los dispositivos y proporciona una buena velocidad de carga óptima.

Seguridad: Este modelo de estación de carga ofrece protección a los diferentes dispositivos contra sobrecarga, sobretensión, sobrecalentamiento, sobrecorriente y cortocircuitos, gracias al alambre PVC incorporado.

Diseño: Posee cinco separadores plásticos, desmontables según la necesidad del usuario. Permite colocar los dispositivos en sentido horizontal y ocupa poco espacio en el escritorio.

Funcionalidad: Esta base de carga es un dispositivo multifuncional con el que no necesitarás más enchufes, ni soportes para tus tablets o teléfonos móviles.


Cables: La principal queja hacia este producto es que no trae el juego de cables para conectar los dispositivos a la estación de carga.

Avantree Base de Carga Samsung Micro USB

Situada dentro del segmento de las bases de carga verticales, esta base cuenta con un diseño mixto, dado que utiliza un conector micro USB para proceder a su carga.

Esto permite cargar la batería, pero también poder sincronizar datos de forma sencilla con solo conectarlo a tu PC. La ventaja fundamental de este modelo es que mantiene el producto fijo durante el proceso, pudiendo además utilizarlo al servir la base como soporte.

Para ello, el producto queda prácticamente fijado a la base, ofreciendo un buen rendimiento de carga o envío de datos, en un diseño compatible con cualquier dispositivo con conector C.

Y por supuesto, también puedes usar el soporte de forma independiente para hacer videoconferencias o ver películas, por ejemplo. Se acompaña también de un cable de conexión micro USB a USB, para que lo conectes directamente a donde quieras.

Este modelo ofrece no sólo carga, sino que también permite la sincronización de datos de manera simultánea, posicionándose como la mejor base de carga por 20 euros, siendo de las bases más baratas.


Diseño: Esta estación de carga es de tipo vertical, ofreciendo un soporte tipo exhibidor que brinda seguridad al dispositivo móvil para que no resbale.

Compatible: Es compatible con diversos modelos de móviles, además de cualquier Power Bank o dispositivo con micro conector hembra.

Velocidad: El dispositivo se cargará a una velocidad óptima, ya sea conectado a una fuente de corriente alterna o directamente desde tu ordenador.   

Accesorios: Incluye su propio cable USB, por lo que la persona estará segura de que el cable original del dispositivo móvil no sufrirá deterioros por su constante uso.


Micro USB: Esta base de carga sólo puede ser usada con dispositivos de puerto micro USB, pues para dispositivos con otro tipo de puertos se requiere cambiar el cable de la base de la estación.

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