The 5 Best Dictaphones of 2022

Dictaphone – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Dictaphones today are no longer an exclusive product for journalists, but are really useful for students, lawyers, doctors and many other professions. And although it is true that mobile phones already incorporate quite acceptable audio recorders, the truth is that the management capacity offered by a good dictaphone is worth the purchase. If you are looking for the best dictaphone on the market, you will find it in the Tascam DR-05 V2 model. This product has a high recording capacity, optimal audio quality and a very large screen where it is easy to see the operating and recording parameters of the equipment. For its part, the Olympus WS-852incorporates a stereo microphone system and has a retractable USB connector to easily transfer audio to a computer. In addition, it has a 1.6-inch LCD screen that allows you to easily read the recording data.

The 5 Best Dictaphones – Opinions 2022

Sometimes it is essential to have a voice recorder to be able to capture everything that is said, especially for students, conference attendees, journalists, musicians and many other professionals who find this type of device very useful. Here are our customer recommendations to help you choose the best Dictaphone and make a smart investment.

1. Tascam DR-05V2 Dictaphone Voice Recorder

Main advantage:

You will have the possibility of storing the recordings directly on micro SD and SDHC cards, in addition, you will be able to download the audio obtained using the USB 2.0 file transfer cable that will be used to connect it to various devices.

Main disadvantage:

It only has 2 GB of memory, which is very little, however, you can insert a Micro SD card and increase its capacity up to 128 GB.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is considered one of the best teams of the moment and has the ability to record audio in MP3 and WAV formats, which are the most common.

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This model has two omnidirectional microphones incorporated, which allow you to make high-quality recordings, in which it will be possible to hear all the details of each conversation.

Due to its design, this product not only records the audio of those who speak facing it, but also manages to capture ambient sound, from any direction. For this reason, you will be able to use the dictaphone to record events and capture the emotions of the audience.

It has 2 microphones capable of capturing audio at a sensitivity of 125 dB SPL, while the sounds it records will be of high resolution, specifically 95 kHz/24 bits, so that you will be able to hear everything with total clarity.

In addition, it has a series of functions that make recording easier, one of which is the maximum reduction function, which detects the highest audio peaks and lowers them automatically, to improve the quality of the recordings.


Its proven high-pressure system helps it capture the loudest sounds without any hiccups, so you can use this Dictaphone to record rock bands and other intense sounds, such as the sound of passing trains.

Likewise, it is possible to use it to recode silent sound sources, thanks to this you will be able to accurately record conferences, debates, press conferences and other types of similar events.

This dictaphone also allows you to adjust the playback speed, without affecting the tone. Thanks to this you will be able to reduce the speed of the conversations that you have recorded, or increase it, this quality will help you to make transcriptions of the captured sounds.

In addition, it has a level alignment function, which allows you to automatically correct the volume levels, so that you can better appreciate them when playing them.


It is an easy-to-use product, as it is designed so that you can perform all the functions just by moving your thumb.

Thanks to its compact design you can hold it with one hand and select each of its functions, among which are recording, deleting wrong takes, adding markers, adjusting levels and others.

It features a Peak Reduction setting, which automatically stabilizes the audio input level, helping to prevent accidental distortion.

It has an integrated over-recording function, which allows you to record one audio while the other is being played. For this reason, it is suitable for keeping track of musical productions.

On the other hand, it is possible to add a reverb effect to the sound recordings, which will help the tones have a more natural resonance. This feature can be activated during playback of sounds to make them sound as if they were live.

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2. Olympus WS-852 Quality Digital Voice Recorder

This Dictaphone features a 90° array of directional microphones to capture high-quality stereo sound. For this reason, it is indicated to record voices in conferences, business meetings, journalistic interviews and informal conversations, with the aim of using the audios later, either for transcriptions or other activities.

One of the advantages of this product is that it offers an Intelligent Automatic Mode, which recognizes the volume level of the speech to adjust the recording, in this way, if the voice is low, the dictaphone increases the input level to improve the quality of the speech. audio, on the other hand, if the voice volume is too high, then it decreases the sound reception to avoid saturation. 

As for languages, it supports Spanish, Italian, French, English, German, among others. It also incorporates a USB terminal to easily connect the recorder to the computer.

If you need to record speeches with high quality audio, then you should consider the Olympus WS-852 Dictaphone. We invite you to take a closer look at some of its most outstanding features.


Format: Records in MP3 44.1 kHz format, with a speed of 8-128 kbps, for this reason, the audio files can be played by most current devices and computer programs.

Memory: The internal memory has a capacity of 4 GB for a total of 1040 hours of recording, but it can be expanded much more, since it is compatible with microSD cards of up to 32 GB.

Intelligent: It has an intelligent mode that automatically regulates the input volume level, depending on the sound, in this way, the recording is not too low or too high.


Light: The screen is not backlit, which can be inconvenient for reading data in very dark places.

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3. Zoom H4n Pro Dictaphone 

This dictaphone has been described by users as a high-end model, since, despite weighing only 294 grams, it is powerful for capturing audio with adequate sound fidelity, thanks to the fact that it incorporates 2 microphones and preamplifiers that enhance the effects. 

Regarding its design, this model is compact and portable, with an LCD screen and a delicate finish. Its body is made of plastic, in a predominantly black color, as well as with a non-slip rubber coating for greater firmness.

It can simultaneously play 4 tracks and has an X/Y microphone with two inputs for recording, effects and other functions that diversify its use and make it convenient not only to capture audio, but also to create songs, produce material and audio projects.. In addition, it is compatible with other devices and formats. It can serve as a USB-type interface, with 2 PC outputs, making it even easier to connect.

Before deciding if this model fits what you want, we present the most relevant pros and cons of this product.


Design: It has a portable design, with rubber coating to avoid vibrations in the recording.

Screen: It has an LCD screen that allows you to observe the status of the recording, folder and other data.

Audio: Captures up to 68 hours of high-fidelity audio and has 2 adjustable microphone capsules for better reception, with a multi-effects processor and an amplifier simulator.

Compatibility: The dictaphone has 2 USB inputs and 2 computer outputs, as well as a 3.5 mm minijack, so it is versatile, plays and records simultaneously.


Manual: The model includes a user manual, but it is not available in Spanish, only in English, French and Italian, which could make it difficult to understand and use.

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4. Covvy Dictaphone Voice Recorder 

If you are looking for a professional-style model, then you might be interested in this voice recorder proposal from the manufacturer Covvy, which is equipped with an LCD screen and has a modern design, as well as being portable, available in silver. 

This model has several features in its favor, among them, its battery is rechargeable and long lasting, offering up to 30 hours of audio with a full charge, so you don’t have to depend on the power source constantly. 

In addition, it is conducive to capturing sounds with low distortion because it has been equipped with advanced noise reduction technology. It also has a capacity to store 8 GB of content and is compatible with WMA, WAV and ASF formats. 

Its connectivity is guaranteed through a USB port and includes a mini jack audio cable, an adapter for recording calls with an RJ11 cable, a USB cable and headphones, facilitating the link with other devices.

If you were interested in the properties of this model, then you can take a look at its main positive and negative aspects to make a purchase decision. 


Capacity: This model is high-capacity, with 8 GB storage and a rechargeable battery capable of capturing 30 hours of audio on a single charge.

Design: It has a modern, compact and lightweight design, with an LCD screen, so it is portable and practical for interviews, taking on trips and more.

Accessories: The model has been equipped with various accessories that diversify its use, such as earphones, data cable, RJ11 cable and more.

Compatibility: It is versatile, because it is compatible with different audio formats and can record with high fidelity thanks to noise reduction technologies.


Manual: Although its use is not complex, the instruction manual is not available in Spanish.

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5. Tascam DR-10L Flash Card Dictaphone

It is a dictaphone model that is used above all in the professional field, since it is capable of recording audio like similar models but also incorporates an external microphone, which you can connect through the 3.5 mm jack input. However, you must take into account that it needs AAA batteries for an approximate operation of 10 hours. In addition, it incorporates input for Micro SD and Micro SDHC card.

In the same way, it is good to know that it has a bullet-type microphone, which is hooked to the shirt or garment of the person speaking, in this way it draws less attention and picks up the audio directly. Also, it provides a higher level of definition, thanks to the fact that it can reach 88 dB between 20,000 and 22,000 Hz of frequency.

For this reason, it is a recommended product to use in television programs, meetings, movies, among others. Also, it is important to know that it can record in low quality, high quality and super high quality, in PCM and WAV formats, to adapt it to your needs.

If you are looking for a dictaphone with a compact design to record professional quality sound, this could be a good option. For this reason, we detail its pros and cons:


Audio: It reaches frequencies between 20,000 and 22,000 Hz and 88 dB, in addition, it allows you to select between 3 audio levels for greater versatility.

Design: It has a compact and lightweight design that incorporates an external bullet-type microphone.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Micro SDHC and Micro SD memories.


Batteries: It works through AAA batteries that allow you to record a maximum of 10 continuous hours, which is less compared to other models.

Screen: It offers the smallest screen on the list, since it only has one display line to show the elapsed and remaining time.

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Tascam DR-05V2 Dictaphone Voice Recorder

Regarded as the ultimate dictaphone, Tascam’s DR-05 V2 Digital Sound Recorder with built-in speaker stands out for its high-quality audio recording capabilities and rugged, rugged design. This portable computer uses two AAA batteries but can also be powered through the USB port, so the mini USB cable is included.

The Tascam DR 05 V2 model contains a 2Gb micro SD memory that allows you to record up to 149 hours of audio in MP3 format at 320kbps.

Its compact size and affordable price make it really attractive to customers, in addition to its technical specifications that provide optimal recording even in noisy environments such as concerts thanks to its sound pressure design, as well as the stereo condenser microphone for background sounds. high quality.

The various recording functions and settings are easy to configure and intuitive to use.

Acquiring equipment that allows quality recordings for both professional performance and students is not an easy task. In this sense, we describe the most important characteristics of the best dictaphone of the moment.


Memory: includes a micro SD memory card that will allow you to store up to 2 Gb of information, which is possibly enough for what you have to do on a daily basis.

Microphone: Its stereo condenser microphone allows you to record very high quality sounds so that you can clearly hear and understand each of your recordings.

Operation: For its operation you will be able to handle in an intuitive and very simple way, the different options and functions available.

Formats: The formats that you can support with this dictaphone are MP3 and WAV, so you can play a large number of files whenever you want.

Power: For its power it has a USB port, or you can insert two AAA batteries to enjoy greater portability and autonomy.

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Buying guide – What is the best dictaphone on the market?

The dictaphone is a device that allows you to record audio with excellent quality and then transmit it to your computer to listen to it, review it or edit it. It is very useful for students, communication professionals, journalists, interviewers, musicians and much more because you can give it endless applications. To acquire one of these devices in an intelligent way, it is necessary to know some relevant information that we present in this guide to buy the best dictaphone and you can record the audio of your classes, conferences, record your ideas as voice notes, concerts at that you attend and everything you want.


In this digital age it is practically impossible for you to buy an inexpensive analog dictaphone that uses small cassettes to store recordings. The digital dictaphones, the object of this buying guide, use an external memory such as an SD or micro SD card that can be 2Gb or more and expand according to the model.

There are also some recorders that have internal memory of an average capacity sufficient to store 8 to 200 hours of recording depending on the resolution used and which are then transmitted to the computer via a USB connector. It is important to identify approximately what space you need so that you can choose the most suitable one to carry out your activities.

microphones and speaker

Dictaphones have a built-in microphone, but there are higher-end models that include the connection to install external microphones in one or multiple directions to have a small portable recording studio and obtain excellent quality audio. These types of recorders are very useful for conducting formal interviews with a person of interest.

But ultimately this is an element that directly influences how much the dictaphone costs, like the speaker, many quality recorders also include a speaker so you can directly listen to the recording without waiting to download it to your computer; For this, it also includes an input to connect headphones and you can listen privately to your audios.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most important aspects that you should assess when purchasing your dictaphone. When making a comparison of dictaphones, you will see that most of the most popular recorders use the traditional AA or AAA batteries, which are easy to obtain and can last for several hours of recording, but you should always carry a spare set with you to avoid running out. batteries when you need it most.

There are also devices that use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, they are a little more expensive but in the long run you end up saving a lot of money on the purchase of replacement batteries. Other functional models can be charged via USB cable by connecting it to your computer.


The manufacturers of these devices bet on the versatility of their products to improve the user experience, which is why you will find models of dictaphones on the market that work as MP3 players so that in addition to recording your audio with excellent quality you can listen to your favorite music at all times.

You can also choose an Mp3 player that has the function of a recorder, however you will not get the same quality results as buying a professional dictaphone designed to make recordings in different types of scenarios and as a plus it allows you to play your file lists.

design and use

These devices are usually small and very light so that they fit in the palm of your hand and keep it in your pocket without representing an extra weight. Currently there are a variety of models that you can choose depending on your taste, but we recommend that you choose the one that is made of excellent quality materials, with a good finish but that is robust and resistant to have a long useful life.

Additionally, it should have a backlit screen so you can see the battery level, the number of the recording and its timer, as well as a simple and intuitive user interface that allows you to organize your recordings in folders.


Like any electronic device, you should verify the compatibility of the dictaphone you want with your computer and the operating system it uses, as well as check what type of audio format the recordings are saved in so that you can review them on your PC without any type of difficulty. Generally, these devices use the.wma and.mp3 formats, which are supported by most operating systems.

Once you take into consideration each of these elements, you will be ready to know which is the best dictaphone on the market for you and make a smart investment.

How to use a dictaphone

There are some daily activities that require our attention to capture the given information. Examples of this are classes, a meeting we attend or simply to make personal notes. For this there are dictaphones, which allow us to make any type of recording to use them according to the needs we have.

Read the instructions for use

With the technological advancement of recent years, dictaphones have become more and more efficient in use and therefore some features have been added to them to achieve that. This makes it necessary that before using them, read the instructions for use that are included in the purchase.

Doing so will allow you to know the functions that your dictaphone incorporates, how to access them and how to get the most out of them. Try to read the instructions while also holding the device in your hands so that you associate each function with its physical characteristics, such as buttons, ports and other components.

Perform a test run

Before using the dictaphone to make recordings, it is important that you do a test run to check that you really know how to do it and, in particular, that you know the process. It is about knowing which buttons you should use to start recording, pause or stop.

how to record

When you are going to start recording, you should already know the layout of the physical buttons on your dictaphone and what functions each of them activates. If you’re going to record a meeting or class, wait until shortly before you start recording. Seconds before starting, press the “record” button on your device, which is usually on the front of the dictaphone for quick access.  

Always point the microphones towards where the person speaking is so that they can pick up the sound better and you get a clean recording. When finished, press the button again to stop the recording. If your dictaphone automatically saves the recording, wait for it to do so before turning it off.

connect it to a computer

To save the recordings you have on your computer you can connect the dictaphone to it via a USB cable. To do this, connect the cable from the device’s output port to the computer’s input port. Wait for the system to recognize the device so you can access the audio files you have on the dictaphone.

Care you must have

Dictaphones are devices that are sensitive to strong shocks, as these can affect their operation, so always try to keep them safe, especially when you take them from one place to another. Use a padded case to do it and thus reduce the risks.

It is also important that you keep it away from contact with water or moisture, as this affects its internal electrical components. High temperatures also often cause it to fail, so don’t put it near heat-generating equipment. Finally, charge the battery in time, don’t let it run out completely.

The most popular brands

Dictaphones are devices of vital importance in professional fields such as communication and journalism, although due to their functionality they have become indispensable in others such as law or medicine.

When you do not have paper at hand and you want to write down the content of a speech, a talk or a message, it is best to have these gadgets at hand, as they will be in charge of collecting all the ideas in a convenient way so that they can later be transcribed.. There are several brands of dictaphones, with Sony, Tascam or Philips being some of the most recognized.

The Sony brand hardly needs an introduction, as it is one of the most powerful electronics companies today. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company was founded in the year 1988, focusing on the IT sector. Little by little, the company would become one of the undisputed leaders in the industry. However, her desire to improve and innovate has led her to explore other fields such as artificial intelligence or systems biology.

Today, Sony defines itself as a company passionate about technology and entertainment in constant evolution. In the field of electronics, the brand manufactures and markets televisions, audio and video players, cameras, computers, mobile devices and much more. Of course, we cannot forget one of the most fruitful lines of business, such as the PlayStation, one of the most popular game consoles worldwide.

Sony dictaphones are also immersed in this continuous search for innovation. These devices perfectly represent the philosophy and quality of the brand.

Founded in California in the 1970s, Tascam is one of four divisions of the TEAC Corporation group. The company was born at a time when the music scene was flourishing around the world, so it was the perfect opportunity to innovate in the field of music and audio.

Then, Tascam would begin to manufacture equipment that combined quality and durability, an approach that has continued to this day. Their catalog consists of an extensive assortment of items such as recorders, music players, remote controls, software, audio mixers, microphones, and much more. Thanks to its wide offer, Tascam has become one of the reference brands for professional DJs and musicians.

Of course, his repertoire includes an interesting selection of dictaphones. Not surprisingly, some of his models are considered the best on the market in this field. Not only do they offer great recording capacity, but they are equipped with the latest technologies and present exclusive designs to suit everyone.

It is not a bold claim that Philips is one of the most powerful technology companies in the world. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company operates in more than fifty countries and has a workforce of 120,000 employees. These figures are enough to appreciate the immensity of this multinational.

Regarding its product categories, Philips covers a good number of them, from image and sound, lighting, computing or automotive to health, personal and baby care. It is difficult to mention what its flagship products are, although the truth is that the brand has always stood out in the field of computers and sound equipment.

For this reason, acquiring a Philips dictaphone is synonymous with success, because, as we say, sound is one of the sectors in which the brand operates like a fish in water.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Victure Grabadora de Voz Digital con Sonido USB

Se trata de un potente grabador de voz que reproduce y graba sonidos en HD. Además es de fácil uso, ya que cuenta con pocos botones, por lo que puede ser usado por principiantes en el área. Por si fuera poco, su diseño es compacto y liviano, de esta manera, puedes llevarlo a todos lados y usarlo en clases, eventos, reuniones o conversaciones importantes.

Asimismo, cuenta con diferentes tecnologías que lo hacen un dispositivo inteligente, tal y como la detección de voz VOR, que al activar el modo AVR es capaz de detectar el audio y grabar o detener la grabación dependiendo del nivel de sonido. También, cuenta con reducción de ruido AGC con diferentes niveles de ajuste para mayor calidad y definición.

Permite grabar en momentos específicos gracias al uso de un temporizador. Por si fuera poco, su batería de 1450 mAh ofrece un alto rendimiento, lo que hace posible grabar un total de 145 horas y 48 horas continuas. Finalmente, no hay que olvidar mencionar que en su diseño incorpora una pantalla para visualizar el tiempo transcurrido y las configuraciones establecidas.

Si tienes interés en la grabación de audio en buena calidad y por un tiempo prolongado, es conveniente que analices los pros y contras más resaltantes de este dictáfono:


Tecnología: Incluye las tecnologías VOR, AGC y un temporizador, que te permitirán grabar específicamente lo que deseas oír.

Definición: Ofrece diferentes ajustes para grabar el audio con la calidad que desees, como PCM, grabación estándar y alta calidad.

Diseño: Es un producto ligero, compacto y de pocos botones, por lo que podrás llevarlo contigo en todo momento y usarlo fácilmente.


Manual: Es probable que el manual de usuario no explique la totalidad de las funciones que incluye.

Adokey Grabadora de Voz Digital 8GB Dictáfono Grabador

Se trata de un dictáfono de tipo portátil debido a lo compacto de su estructura. La carcasa ha sido fabricada con polímero rígido de alta gama y acabados definidos, que, sumado a su pantalla LCD con retroiluminación y dígitos grandes de fácil lectura, te ofrecen un producto de calidad. 

Además, destaca en el área frontal un botón central para controlar la reproducción de los audios y ajustar el volumen, así como también doble micrófono y altavoces. Por su parte, en los laterales, dispondrás de un conector par los audífonos, ranura para la colocación de una tarjeta TF de un máximo de 32GB de almacenamiento, cuyo uso es opcional, debido a que el dispositivo ha sido provisto con una memoria interna de 8GB. 

Es importante comentar que el

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