The 5 Best Digital Radios of 2022

Digital Radio – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When buying a digital radio you should carry out a wide search where the different options developed by the manufacturers are considered. This task can be laborious, so to help you save time we did that research for you, going through each model one after one, analyzing both the specifications and the opinions expressed by the buyers based on their experience of use. Thus we obtained the best positioned models in the recommendation lists. The first of these is the NK AB1904, which can be battery-powered or mains-powered. In addition, it has an LCD screen with orange lighting, which allows you to know the operating status of the radio quickly and easily. If you are looking for a minimalist and functional model, the Philips AJ2000It may be the indicated alternative, since it is equipped with an FM tuner, a sleep timer, a wake-up alarm and a snooze snooze.

Buying guide – What is the best digital radio on the market?

A digital radio allows you to listen to stations on an AM and FM frequency spectrum. It is a means of entertainment both to listen to music, as well as your favorite programs with information or the content that interests you. In general, that is the basic purpose of the apparatus; however, there are different types of equipment on the market that vary in their specifications.

With the number of models out there, buying the ideal one can be a challenge. Its selection implies knowing well the details and properties that must be analyzed according to the interests of each user. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best digital radio beyond knowing how much it costs or whether it is good and cheap.

Basic functions

The elemental of a digital radio is that it can be able to correctly receive the signal of the radio spectrum in AM and FM, for this it must have a good receiver, either with a built-in antenna, or one that comes out on the device.

Depending on your needs, if you are a casual or constant radio listener, you should also look for those that have the option of expanding the signal with another antenna, in addition to a comfortable tuner that allows you to walk through the stations without difficulty and with precision, for what you will find analog or digital models, knowing that the latter have developed ways to be more exact in tuning.

There are models that have buttons to select the pre-recorded stations of your choice, so they are more useful. The output power of the sound should also be a factor to consider, the higher it is, the better the music will be heard from the speaker.

Advanced features The market is full of different models of digital radios; manufacturers produce devices for the needs of different customers, so some will have advanced features such as MP3 player, alarm clock, automatic sleep or wake.

Some may even have a voice recorder. According to what seems more favorable to you, according to your lifestyle, review these options to lean towards one model or another.


The vast majority of these devices come with a built-in screen where the user can see the tuned station. Similarly, it is also possible to set the time; Everything will depend on the size of this screen and the model of the equipment.

Some of these have LED or LCD-type light and technology. Most users prefer those radios that have a wide space, which provides more information about its operation, so if this is also important to you, take into account everything related to the screen.


The idea of ​​a portable radio is that it can be carried from one place to another in a comfortable, safe and simple way, in order to avoid damaging the equipment during the mobilization. Similarly, it must have a firm base that allows it to be placed on different surfaces.

Some portable digital radios have built-in handles in a modern design that make it easy to carry from one place to another without the risk of it slipping out of your hands. So value those models that provide the conditions to be worn with the highest possible level of comfort, because otherwise the use of the device is somewhat limited.


The vast majority of portable digital radios use disposable lithium batteries of various voltages for their operation; others come with a dual option, since they can be connected to the power source and charged with alternating current to have independent power for some time or be kept directly by batteries.

In order to save costs, look for those that have the batteries included or that have the dual energy system. In case they do not have a wall connector, you should check and opt for those that use fewer batteries for their operation, giving the same power, quality and audio clarity.  

Resistance, color and design

Another important aspect that buyers mention in the comparison of digital radios is that these products are usually made of resistant plastics, the models and designs are varied, as well as the weight and dimensions.

This particularity must be taken into account according to the needs of each user, considering if you want to take it when you go for a walk, or just to take it from one room to another. Despite being portable in general, some are a bit larger and heavier, while others are compact and fit in one hand; then pay attention to these aspects when selecting a model.

The colors are usually classic, ranging between black and white with modern designs, while others come in bright colors with which you can show your dynamic personality or place them as a nice decoration in your home.

The 5 Best Digital Radios – Opinions 2022

If you want to buy a digital radio that suits your needs, you must take into account a series of aspects before making the purchase. Although they all fulfill the same general function, the models are very diverse. Being the range of options so wide, we have taken the five best digital radios of the year 2022, according to the impressions and recommendations of other users who have already used them.

1.NK Radio NK-AB1904 FM

It is a digital radio that offers different operating options, among which the tuning of AM and FM stations stands out. Similarly, it allows you to save a total of 40 stations, which increases the practicality of use.

Also, it has an alarm and a sleep function to turn off the equipment automatically in a period of time established between 10 and 90 minutes, very useful if you like to sleep with the radio in the background. On the other hand, it has an LCD screen with orange lighting, designed to easily view the operating data of the radio.

As for its power, this device can be used wirelessly by simply inserting 4 AA batteries. It also includes a USB cable and a power adapter that allow you to connect the device to a wall outlet as a power supply.

If you need a modern and efficient digital radio, it is best to thoroughly review the positive and negative characteristics of this model before selecting one.


Functions: It offers alarm, shutdown time and compatibility with FM and AM stations, so it offers great versatility.

Power: It can work connected to the electric current or with 4 AA batteries, which allows you to adapt it to your needs.

Headphones: It has a headphone jack on one of the sides, which allows you to listen to the radio without bothering the people around you.


LED: The red light on the top may not be able to turn off while the computer is on, which could be a problem at bedtime.

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2. Philips AJ2000 Dual Alarm Clock Radio

As an alternative for those who want a digital radio with a minimalist design but with dual functions, this proposal from the manufacturer Philips appears, which has been classified as one of the most convenient in its category, for being simple, but at the same time functional. 

This model has a compact design of 8.1 x 18.5 x 8.5 cm and a light weight of only 322 grams, available in white, with a mirror type screen that has the brand lettering, as well as with an adjustable brightness mechanism, so that it does not generate visual disturbance. 

In addition, this device has a backup battery system, which prevents settings from being lost when there are power outages. Also, the model has an FM tuner to listen to different radio stations of this frequency. Within its accessories, the proposal has been equipped with a timer, which allows the shutdown time to be programmed.

This Philips alternative is convenient for its design and quality, so it would be best to review its positive and negative aspects. 


Design: It has a modern, but simple design, which is available in white, with a mirror-type screen that provides greater elegance.

Functions: Its main function is radio, so it has an FM tuner to capture different signals of this frequency.

Alarm: It has an alarm function, which can be set to turn on the radio or emit a buzzer, with the option of delay. 

Reserve: It has a battery that reserves energy, so that the clock and alarm settings are not lost in the event of power outages.


Configuration: Its configuration is simple, but having so many buttons, its use may be complex for those who are not used to technology.

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3. Sunstech RPDS32BL Digital Portable Radio

That a digital portable radio, in addition to being able to capture AM and FM frequencies, also has the possibility of playing MP3, is a great advantage that users are looking for and this Sunstech model has it; It also has a USB input and a conventional, but functional compact design of only 200 grams, so it is practical to carry in your pocket.

This device is made of plastic, has an LED screen and a telescopic antenna with which it receives signals from different bands. It incorporates a digital tuner, simple control buttons and the ability to save 65 presets.

If you are looking for a compact device with good sound, this is a good option because it has a rectangular shape and dimensions of 12.3 x 3 x 7.2 cm. Likewise, for its operation it requires only a lithium battery. For all this, it has been recommended as the best value for money digital radio as it is one of the cheapest.

In case you have a tight budget, you may be interested in knowing one of the cheapest: Sunstech. Some would even say that it is the best digital radio for 20 euros:


Connectivity: One of the most striking aspects of this radio is that it offers multiple playback options. It has a USB port for portable memories and an SD card slot.

Tuner: Its tuner is completely digital and can access AM and FM bands so you have a greater variety of stations and musical genres.

Presets: Its memory has the capacity to store 65 presets, more than enough for you to have direct access to your favorite options.


Battery: Apparently, one of its most important disadvantages is the autonomy of its battery, since some indicate that it is barely enough for a couple of hours.

Memory: Based on the comments in the reviews section, care should be taken when using the preset function as it can easily delete presets.

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4. Sunstech RPBT450BK Retro Design Radio with Bluetooth

The Sunstech RPBT450BK digital radio has the ability to bring together the best of before and today. Starting with the classic, we have to talk about its retro design, reminiscent of a traditional transistor and that has the same comfort to take it with you anywhere. 

Everything else has to do with our days, thanks to details like a high-quality digital tuner, Bluetooth connectivity or integrated USB port. This means turning a classic transistor into a complete modern audio system, giving you an output power of 2.5 watts RMS. To gain sound quality, a subwoofer and a very interesting bass function are integrated into the speaker. 

For the rest, the equipment is finished off with other details such as the included remote control or a battery with autonomy for 6 hours of playback.

Enjoy this interesting mix of classic design and current technology that Suntech offers us.


Design : Its traditional design has a retro-style cover and a very elegant vintage look, reminiscent of the old transistors of all time.

Screen : The digital screen is 1.3 inches and makes it easy to see everything clearly while using the equipment.

Connectivity : The product includes Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and card reader, making it a complete multimedia mini system.


Power : The output power is 2.5 watts, sufficient but perhaps too tight for the size of the product.

Random play : The USB player only works in sequential mode, without the option of random mode, which makes this function less versatile.

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5. Elbe RF-70 PLL Digital Pocket Radio

Recommended to take anywhere, the Elbe RF-70 is a small digital radio with a compact size of just 7.6 x 4 x 12 cm and a weight of 4.54 grams, hence it will be extremely comfortable to transport.

This device tunes stations on FM and AM frequencies, where you will surely find the programming of your choice. In addition, it has a digital screen where you can check the status of the various functions it has. It has built-in speakers and good volume control options.

With digital automatic tuning and memory to save more than 50 presets you can have your favorite radios at hand and discover others in the various places where you are.

It uses three AAA batteries so you only have to have the replacement ones so you don’t stop using it when you need it most. With the key lock function you can carry it in your pocket, without changing the frequency, station or volume.

If what you want is a simple model that is very easy to transport, we recommend this option from Elbe. Learn about its most important advantages and disadvantages here:


Compact: If you want to invest in a radio that you can carry everywhere in your pocket, this could be the model for you. It has dimensions of 3.6 x 8 x 1.5 centimeters.

Functions: It has a “Hold” function that locks the buttons so as not to accidentally press them, a “Sleep” function so that it turns off automatically and it also shows you the time.

Tuner: Its digital tuner allows you to receive both FM and AM band stations.


Aux: In some comments it is noted that a couple of customers have had problems with the AUX port, since it does not emit sound.

Durability: Others recommend being very careful with it, since they have found units that stop working after a few months of use.

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How to use a digital radio

Digital radios are characterized by providing you with moments of entertainment through different radio frequencies such as AM and FM where you can tune in to your favorite programs, with a good signal range from wherever you are thanks to the antenna that, sometimes, some special models have.

That is why, after having purchased your own digital radio, you should look for a detailed description regarding the use that you could give it to prolong its useful life for a long time and, of course, enjoy each of its additional functions.

Position and connect the radio properly

Once you have received the radio at home, after having unpacked it, you will be able to place it properly in the place you want, since it should be noted that it generally has considerable dimensions and weight even to take it with you wherever you go. In this sense, after its positioning you will have to plug it into the nearest power outlet to put it into operation.

Use the available antenna to capture a good signal

Some models have an ideal antenna to boost the signal level emitted by a specific station on the radio, so you can easily extend it and move it from one place to another. In this way, you could listen to your favorite radio program clearly and accurately.   

Store your favorite stations in the radio’s memory

If you are one of those people who has a preference for some stations in particular, let us tell you that depending on the model you have purchased you will be able to store a certain number of stations so that you can have easy and quick access to them without having to remember the number of tuning of them. In this sense, some radios allow you to save from 5 to 20 stations to achieve direct access whenever you prefer.

Take advantage of additional features

Thanks to the technological advance present in each electrical device available on the market, you could even enjoy a digital radio with additional functions such as an alarm clock, so placing it on your bedside table would not be bad, since you can program the time you want it to turn on to start your morning with good music, avoiding falling asleep when you have responsibilities involved. Likewise, you will be able to enjoy a USB port and SD card input, being able to access the musical files available on it.

Enjoy the backlit screen

If your digital radio model allows it, you can enjoy a backlit LCD screen to be able to obtain information about the station you are tuning in, as well as the other functions available in said radio.

Moderate the intensity of the volume

Moderating the intensity of the volume of your digital radio will be an extremely easy task. Well, depending on the model you have purchased, you can decrease or increase it by means of a rotary knob located on one of the sides of the radio or on the upper part of its structure. Also, other models only offer you the volume up and down button, which you only have to press until you get the right tone for you.

Connect your headphones easily

It should be noted that listening to the station you prefer privately will also be possible thanks to the 3.5-millimeter Jack-type AUX port available on the radio you have chosen. If this is your case, then you will be able to connect your favorite headphones and listen to the program you want without disturbing anyone around you.

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Auna Harmonica Dab+ FM Digital Radio

With all the technological functions of today, but with a retro-style design, this digital radio model from the manufacturer Auna is elegant and of quality. 

The model has a station tuner in manual or automatic mode and allows you to store up to 10 preferred stations on the FM frequency. The sound quality is precise, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a stereo system that has four options for equalization. 

Esta propuesta cuenta con entrada auxiliar analógica, lo que proporciona la posibilidad de conectar el equipo a otros dispositivos como móviles, MP3, ordenador y reproductor de CD mediante el uso de cable. De igual modo, posee entrada 3,5 mm para auriculares. Además, esta radio digital es multifuncional, ya que dentro de sus opciones está equipada con alarma dual, intervalo programable, temporizador para el apagado y repetición de alarma. 

Este modelo ha sido equipado con atributos interesantes pero, si quieres conocer más sobre sus detalles, deberás revisar sus principales aspectos favorables y negativos, que te ayudarán a tomar una decisión. 


Sonido: Este modelo de radio digital es capaz de emitir un sonido estéreo, con calidad precisa, así como fiel, con modos en el ajuste de ecualización para pop, rock, flat y clásica. 

Almacenamiento: La radio digital ha sido dotada con la posibilidad de almacenar 20 emisoras, 10 de ellas para DAB+ y las 10 restantes para la frecuencia FM. 

Diseño: El modelo tiene un diseño de estilo clásico, con toques vintage, pero con funciones y botones tecnológicos, así como un display LCD de 7 cm y dimensiones totales de 22,4 x 9,8 x 12,7 cm.

Funciones: La alternativa está equipada con función de alarma y aplazado de esta, así como temporizador de 30, 50, 90 y 120 minutos. 


Construcción: Su recepción es buena, pero su estructura algunas veces ha sido cuestionada por parecer endeble.

Philips AE2600B Radio portátil

Una de las mejores radios digitales del 2022 es la Philips AE2600B/12, un modelo compacto que sirve para llevar a cualquier lugar con una sola mano, por su cómodo diseño con asa incorporada y su ligero peso de apenas 572 gramos.

Este aparato viene en color negro y tiene sintonizador digital para bandas FM y AM, que son las que mayor presencia de estaciones tienen en el espectro. Además, permite el control del volumen a través de un sistema de perilla giratoria, así que se hace de forma muy sencilla e intuitiva.

Incorpora unos potentes altavoces y la posibilidad de añadir cable auricular para hacer la experiencia más personal sin molestar a otras personas a tu alrededor.

Otra de las grandes ventajas es que cuenta con pantalla incorporada de retroiluminación y capacidad para guardar cinco emisoras, por lo que puedes acceder directamente a tus estaciones favoritas.

Para su funcionamiento requiere cuatro baterías tipo 4 C, de modo que podrás contar siempre con energía teniendo las baterías de reemplazo a la mano.

Philips no se queda atrás con este modelo y es la razón de que algunos la consideren como la mejor marca de radios digitales:


Diseño: Tiene unas dimensiones de 18,6 x 13,9 x 7,9 centímetros y un escaso peso de apenas 572 gramos. Su diseño es moderno y en la parte superior se ha integrado una pequeña asa para que puedas cargarla con facilidad a donde desees.

Pantalla: Tiene una pantalla LCD con dígitos en blanco que sobre el fondo negro obtienen un buen contraste para facilitar la lectura. Además, es retroiluminada para el uso del equipo en la oscuridad.

Auriculares: Cuenta con un puerto Aux de tipo Jack de 3,5 milímetros donde podrás conectar tus auriculares en caso de que quieras escuchar la radio sin molestar a nadie a tu alrededor.

Memoria: La memoria interna de esta radio digital te permitirá almacenar un total de cinco presintonías donde podrás acceder a tus emisoras predilectas con solo pulsar un botón.


Cable: Algunos usuarios consideran que la longitud del cable de alimentación podría ser mayor para tener más libertad al momento de ubicar la radio digital en la habitación.

Uzopi Altavoz Portátil con Radio FM

Si te preguntas cuál es la mejor radio digital para ti, puedes adquirir este modelo con el que puedes mostrar tu personalidad, al ser un aparato de color verde neón, con diseño compacto pero una alta capacidad de audio estéreo, y  la posibilidad de conectarlo a otros equipos como el móvil, ordenador, tabletas y otros, a través de bluetooth o un cable auxiliar, llegando a una distancia  de hasta 33 pies.

Tiene también función de manos libres y reproducción de MP3 con entrada USB, por lo que puedes reproducir música cuando quieras. Elaborada en plástico, pero recubierta con silicona, esta radio pesa unos 500 gramos y es resistente a golpes.

Cuenta con pantalla LED para brindar una visualización de calidad. Usa solo una batería de litio, de modo que no consume mucha energía, pues la pila puede durar hasta 10 horas seguidas de reproducción, dependiendo del nivel de volumen.

El modelo de VOOKI tiene un diseño llamativo y es compacto, por lo que podría ser la respuesta a tu duda acerca de qué radio digital comprar:


Diseño: VOOKI te ofrece una radio digital compacta y con diseño moderno. Tiene unas medidas de 9,5 x 6,8 x 9,3 centímetros y un peso de 499 gramos. La estructura principal tiene un protector de goma que la protege de caídas y golpes.

Conectividad: Cuenta con un puerto USB, un lector de tarjetas SD y, lo más destacable, conectividad inalámbrica por Bluetooth para teléfonos y tabletas.

Potencia: El altavoz integrado de esta radio tiene una potencia de 5W para que puedas disfrutar de una buena calidad de sonido y alto volumen.


Intuitivo: Algunos comentaristas sugieren que deberían incorporarse instrucciones en español porque consideran que el uso no es muy intuitivo.

Sintonización: Otros han tenido inconvenientes para sintonizar algunas emisoras, pero esto depende también de la ubicación de la radio.

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