The 5 Best Extenders of 2022

Extension cord – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Over time, the use of electronic devices has increased and, therefore, our need for electrical connections. All the devices that surround us, such as computers, televisions, tools or even smartphones, need to be connected to the central power outlets, many times at the same time, so the use of extension cords or power strips has become increasingly common at home or in the office. In this way, it is important that we know its fundamental characteristics, such as length, power or safety devices. In the market you can find several interesting models, however, we are going to focus on the most important ones. The first is the Brennenstuhl 1208060, whose cable has a length of 50 m and a very practical reel to wind it up. The next model is the SAFEMORE 15 Outlets, which has two fast-charging USB ports and a 1.8 m cable.

1. Brennenstuhl 1208060 Bases 50m

Main advantage:

This power extension cord has a practical design that will help you handle its 50-meter length more easily, being very useful for outdoor use, whether to use garden tools, for example.

Main disadvantage:

Its main disadvantage may be centered around the fact that the whole set weighs approximately 6.8 kilograms and can be a bit awkward to carry from one section of the house to another.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you need to connect your gardening tools to an outlet and still have freedom of movement, we recommend having this option among your desired products.

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Power extension cords can give you more freedom when connecting your electronic equipment. They are very useful, especially when using garden tools, since they will allow you to move more easily when pruning your trees or trimming the grass without being aware of the cable tension.

If you want to handle your extension with ease, we recommend reel models like the one from Brennenstuhl. This extension cord has a length of 50 meters and comes wound on a reel that you can carry comfortably thanks to a top handle. It also has an aluminum base that will keep the reel upright at all times.

In addition, after using the cable, you can easily store it by simply turning the mechanism, saving you time and effort. The reel has a structure made of resistant plastic and a galvanized frame to guarantee a long service life.


Before knowing which extension cord to buy, one of the aspects that you should study carefully is how many devices you can connect at the same time. Depending on the model you choose, this varies considerably, which is why we advise you to study this aspect carefully.

In the case of the Brennenstuhl extension cord, we find a very practical and striking alternative. In addition to being reel-mounted, the same frame offers a total of four power outlet inputs so you can power four pieces of equipment at once. The sockets are drum with 2.9 centimeters in diameter to avoid compatibility problems.

You also won’t have to be on the lookout for children nearby, since the reel has protective covers that will restrict access to the outlets to prevent accidents and will also keep them clean and free of dust accumulation.


One of the most common concerns among users who want to invest in an extension cord is the current voltage. Since these tools are widely used to connect several devices to the same socket, it is necessary to take into account the safety mechanisms used in their manufacture to avoid any inconvenience.

And that’s something you can enjoy if you decide to invest in the 1208060 extension cable. This model has a good quality plastic-coated H05VV-F 3G1.5 cable. It is thick and cannot be easily bent.

You will also find a light indicator located near the power outlets, which will be able to warn you that a state of overheating or voltage overload is occurring in the extension cord so that you can disconnect it in time. This way you can prevent any of your equipment from burning and extend the usefulness of the reel itself.

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2. SafeMore 15 Outlet Vertical Power Strip

This model could answer the question about which is the best extension plug, since it has 15 outlets with sliding safety covers and two 5V / 2.1A smart USB ports that adapt to the charging rate of connected devices while they are in use. use.

In terms of power, this extension cord supports a maximum of 2500 W and has protection against overvoltage, short circuit and overload. In this way, it is quite safe to operate. In addition, its 1.8 m long cable means that it does not have to be located near regular outlets.

Finally, one of the distinctive features of this product is its tower-shaped design, which leaves enough space for plugs without the model having to take up much space wherever we place it.

Because it is a product with more outlets than usual, this extension cord has been cataloged by many as the best extension cord of the moment; Due to its quality, the good reviews have not been long in coming:


USB: This extension cord not only has common outlets to connect devices, it also has two USB ports to charge electronic devices such as your mobile phone or tablet.

Position: The vertical position of this product makes it easier to find a space for it: you can place it in a corner without any problem

Outlets: This model is one of the most capable extension cords on the market, since you can connect up to 15 devices at the same time.

Pads: At the base you will find non-slip pads that will ensure that the SAFEMORE extender always stays in place.


Length: The cable only has an extension of one and a half meters, a length that is less than that of most extension cords.

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3. Simbr Current extension cable IP20 H05VV

This 20m extension cord is ideal for connecting appliances or tools such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, drills or vacuum cleaners.

In addition, it has a simple and practical design, made of high quality flexible PVC. Likewise, it supports a maximum of 4000 W, so the current peaks that the utensils that we use can generate will not be a concern.

On the other hand, this model has three copper wires inside, each one coated in such a way that contact between them is avoided, regardless of the pressure or bending that is applied.

Also, the ends of the extension cord are strong and thin, so they work great in tight spaces. Finally, it is a very flexible and light model, so it is easy to roll up and store.

If the extension of the product is a necessary feature for you when choosing which extension cord to buy, then this is a very good option for your needs and tastes:


Length: So that you can have more freedom when using this product, the cable extends for 20 meters without any problem.

Certifications: You can rest assured that the product you receive is of total quality, since this SIMBR extension cord has all kinds of certifications: CE, GS, RoH, among others.

Materials: Manufacturers have decided to use PVC as the main material to give the extension cord lightness and flexibility.


Plug: Some people have commented that the plugs are somewhat delicate, therefore, if you want it to last for a long time, you should connect everything without being too rough.

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4. Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 3M

If you are looking for an extension cord that you can take everywhere, in which you can plug in up to five devices and that also has a practical and attractive design, this model will arouse your interest. Likewise, its cube shape allows each connector to offer the necessary space for any type of plug.

On the other hand, measuring just 8 cm by 8 cm, it is very compact, easy to transport and place anywhere, without needing much space.

In the same way, its 3 m cable is long enough for you to connect your laptop, mobile phone or your camera without having to be near the traditional power outlet. Finally, this extension cord is capable of supporting a maximum of 3500 W.

In addition to the unique design that it has, this option is very economical. With good quality and price, it is an extension cord that has been chosen by many buyers:


Compact: The dimensions of this product are among the smallest of all, however, that does not mean that its performance is lower. The size of 8 x 8 x 8 centimeters makes it fit anywhere and even portable.

Outlets: This extension cord has 5 outlets and has the necessary power to charge several devices at the same time. So you can have everything in one place.

Extension: The Allocacoc extension cable extends up to 3 meters, so you can easily move the device and the connected things as well.

Design: The cube design is very innovative in the area of ​​extensions and due to its diminutive design it only weighs 558 grams; that way, you will have no problem taking it with you or moving it.


USB: The USB ports of this extension cable do not have the same quality as the outlets according to the opinion of some users. For that reason, it is recommended not to force the port and connect everything with caution.

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5. Extrastar 3 meter extension strip with 4 plugs

The 3M Extrastar power strip is all you need to connect up to four different devices to a single outlet, with a maximum charge level of 16 amps. 

A model that includes all the necessary security measures to work with peace of mind, such as high-quality materials that withstand all kinds of risks without problems or a three-meter long cable and good construction, which does not deteriorate with use. nor the pulls or snags. 

A complete product that has all the necessary certifications so you don’t have to worry about anything else when it comes to plugging in your equipment. Something for which you also have the child protection system, essential so that the smallest of the house are not exposed to the product if they accidentally access it.

Conveniently plug everything you need into this complete product, noted for its safety and design.


Outlets : Its four outlets are ideal for connecting everything you need, in a tight and interesting space.

Placement : The location of the sockets and their 45 degree rotation make it easier to connect schuko and large plugs.

Certificate : The product has all the corresponding certificates to give you the necessary peace of mind and security when connecting what you need.


Connection : The process of connecting the plugs requires a lot of force, due to the operation of the child protector.

Cable : The cable has a length of 3 meters, perhaps a little long for certain assemblies. However, there are also models with a little less cable, if you prefer.

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Brennenstuhl 1208060 Bases 50m

It is a model that could be the best extension cable of the moment, thanks to its 50-meter cable that can be used over long distances and, in addition, it is easy to transport, wind and unwind.

Also, this extension has a plastic reel in a galvanized frame in which the cable is wound and where four plugs are located. Thus, these plugs have self-closing covers that prevent them from being exposed if they are not being used. In this way, it is a model that adapts perfectly to the most demanding uses.

Finally, this 50 meter extension cord has protection against overheating and an overheating or overload indicator, so that these situations do not take us by surprise. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle that facilitates its transfer.

There are many things to consider when choosing the best brand of extension cords; in fact, it is difficult to choose it. However, each brand strives every day to bring the best possible products to the market and this extension cord from Brennenstuhl is proof of this:


Reel: Sometimes extension cords can be inconvenient to store, for that reason, it’s a nice feature that this extension cord comes with a reel to wind up.

Plugs: So you can have more devices connected simultaneously, this extension cord has 4 plugs.

Indicator: The Brennenstuhl extension cord has an overheat and overload indicator so you know when something is wrong so you can fix it.

Caps: Each socket has self-closing caps to prevent accidents, an important quality especially if you have children at home.


Weight: With almost 7 kilograms of weight, this extender is somewhat heavy and can be somewhat difficult to move from one place to another.

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Buying guide – What is the best extender on the market?

An extension cord is the ideal solution for those times when we need to connect several devices to the power outlet. It’s also very handy when you need an electrical connection away from regular power outlets, for example when you’re using tools in the yard.

This being our starting point, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best extension cord, thus managing to satisfy your electrical requirements quickly, efficiently and comfortably.


When making a comparison of extension cords, it is important to define what and where we are going to use them, since the length of your cable will depend on this. For example, if we will use the extension cable as a simple device to connect several devices at the same time, but without going too far from the power outlet, then we will not need a very long cable.

Now, if what we are looking for is an extension cord that allows us to use devices at a considerable distance from regular outlets, then we are going to have to opt for a model that has enough cable to cover that distance and that also provides us with freedom of movement when we are using it.

In this sense, a fairly typical example is when we work with the drill, which usually has a very short cable. In this way, if we use it outdoors, it is necessary to use an extension cord to connect it.


Surely you are already wondering how much an extension cord costs, but before consulting prices, we must know more about the power, since its conductive capacity will depend on it and, therefore, how many devices we can plug in without causing an overload.

In addition, this characteristic greatly influences the price to pay for extension cords, since those that manage to withstand greater power are made with better materials and higher quality and safety standards, which is why they tend to be more expensive.

Now, to know if an extension cord suits our needs and will be able to support the load without short-circuiting, what we must do is add the voltage of the devices that we will connect to it, making sure that the result does not exceed its capacity. In this way, we will be guaranteeing our safety, as well as the proper functioning of the extension cord and all the devices that we connect to it.

Finally, it is important to note that these devices have their power indicated in watts (W) or kilowatts (KW). Thus, let us remember that it is essential to take into account the maximum power indicated by the manufacturer of the extension cord.


When we talk about extension cords, we are talking about managing electricity, so we must be extremely careful and take as many precautions as possible to avoid short circuits or overloads. In this sense, a very important piece of advice is that we never handle extension cords or any type of electrical connection with wet hands or barefoot.

Similarly, another way to prevent incidents is by making sure that the extension cord or power strip has certificates that guarantee compliance with current safety standards. Also, if we choose a model that has a switch, we will be adding a safety device through which we can cut the current if necessary.

Thus, although a simple and cheap extension cord is usually the best option to meet the needs of the moment, it is convenient to have quality models, which have security systems and certificates, especially if they will be used continuously, for example, with televisions, computers, sound equipment and other devices that will be permanently connected.


Currently there is a wide variety of electronic devices, so the connectors that these devices use to plug into power outlets are also varied. For this reason, it is very important that we consider the types of plugs that the extension cord or power strip has, so that we can use them all, regardless of the size or shape of the connectors we have.

In addition, most mobile devices have USB cables for charging, something that manufacturers of extension cords have taken into account, so today they usually include them in their products. Some even have fast-charging USB ports, which will make life easier on more than one occasion.

Finally, it is important that we take this feature into account, since the last thing we want is to leave unused spaces in our extension cord or power strip, because this means that some of our devices could be left offline.

The 5 Best Extenders – Opinions 2022

When looking for an extension cord that offers the most utility, we choose to take into account its most significant characteristics, such as cable length, power, security, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we will facilitate the decision and purchase process. Next, we present a list of the best extenders of 2022 so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to use an extension cord

Extension cords have always been a fundamental element in everyone’s home when using power tools, whether in the yard or somewhere with few outlets.

Likewise, there are times when you need to connect several devices at the same time and you do not have the necessary number of outlets to be able to put everything into operation and it is just at that moment that the existence of one of these is necessary.

Thus, you must have the necessary information to properly use the extension cord you have decided to buy, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

Unpack the extension

Once you have received your extension cord at home, you must carefully unpack it in order to put it into operation. In this way, you will only have to remove the wrapping material that covers it to avoid damaging its surface and that’s it.

In the case of models that have a slightly more robust structure, you should avoid using sharp objects for unpacking, since you could cause irreparable damage.

Read the instruction manual

Reading the instruction manual present in each product you decide to buy will always be necessary to be able to verify what would be the appropriate use that you should give it.

This being the case, it is best that you manage to read the instruction manual available in the extension cord you have purchased in order to clearly identify each of its parts and, of course, be able to give it the use it deserves.

Connect the extension cord

To start using your new extension cord, the first thing you should do is connect it to any available socket in your home, with the intention of being able to supply the necessary energy to the other appliances, power tools and electronic objects that you decide to connect to it..

It should be noted that you should not be suspicious when connecting several objects at the same time, since some models have overvoltage protection, ideal to avoid any type of accident that may be caused by the connection of so many products.

Make use of the extender

Depending on the extension cord you have chosen, you can even connect it in one place and take it to another thanks to its extensible system with a dimension of up to 50 meters in length to reach even the furthest places from any outlet available in your home.

Likewise, in case you need to use the lawnmower or any tool in your home patio, you will no longer have to worry about not having where to connect it, since you can easily use your extension cord.

There are also extension cords with USB connection available, either to connect your cell phone, Tablet or any device that requires this type of input to receive electricity.

Save it after each use

After having used the extension correctly, it would be best to store it and leave it ready for the next use. Thus, in the case of the extensible models, you simply have to wind the cable on the plastic reel available in its design and that’s it, you’d already be saving a lot of space by storing it.

Now, if your model does not have a reel, this will not be a problem since you can also easily store it and to reduce its size significantly, you only have to wind the cable manually.

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Home SE3330 Alargador Universal de Red

Este podría ser el mejor alargador de relación calidad precio del momento, ya que cuenta con tres enchufes europeos para distintos aparatos, tres puertos USB para cargar tus dispositivos móviles y un cable de 1,8 m a un precio muy accesible. Todo esto presentado con un diseño elegante y minimalista que se adapta perfectamente a cualquier espacio.

Asimismo, cuenta con un sistema de seguridad RoHS que lo protege contra picos de tensión y sobrecargas. El mismo trabaja en conjunto con un chip inteligente que se encarga de reconocer el dispositivo conectado para darle la potencia que necesita.

Finalmente, si bien este es uno de los alargadores más baratos, también es uno de los que brinda mayor cantidad de dispositivos de seguridad, por lo que es ideal para usarlo cuando hay niños en casa.

Si buscas productos entre las opciones más baratas y también las más seguras, no pierdas de vista a este modelo de alargador de Home, pues podría ser el mejor alargador por 20 euros:


Protección: Las sobrecargas y subidas de tensión pueden dañar con facilidad los artefactos eléctricos; afortunadamente, este alargador posee un sistema de protección contra ambas cosas.

Peso: Podrás cambiar a la regleta de sitio cuando prefieras sin tener que hacer ningún tipo de esfuerzo, pues este producto pesa solamente 522 gramos.

Chip: Este modelo posee un chip inteligente para reconocer el dispositivo conectado y cargarlo con la potencia que necesite; cada enchufe tendrá una potencia distinta dependiendo del artefacto conectado.

Interruptor: Si quieres dejar de cargar las cosas conectadas y no quieres desconectar el alargador, entonces solo apágalo con el interruptor que posee y listo.


Luminosidad: Para dejarse ver en las noches y para tener un mejor diseño, esta regleta tiene luces LED; no obstante, algunas personas se han quejado de que dichas luces son excesivamente luminosas.

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