The 5 Best Gaming Headphones of 2022

Gaming Headset – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If playing video games and the gaming world is your thing, you know that common headphones are not enough to enjoy a proper gaming experience. A good gamer prefers gaming headphones to improve their gaming experience. To buy good gaming headphones that best suit our own needs, it is important that we take into account characteristics such as sound quality or the comfort they offer us. Among the recommended models, we have the SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset. These have a first-class surround sound with DTS 2.0 surround technology, to which is added low distortion and adequate isolation, with pads that keep the ear always cool. Also interesting are the Corsair Void Elite RGBRequiring no cables, they offer high-quality sound and give you up to 16 hours of use on a single charge.

The 5 Best Gaming Headphones – Opinions 2022

The concentration on the tasks that we carry out in front of the computer are oriented to success if we have at hand devices that help us to do so. Gaming headphones are part of those artifacts if we work on video or audio editing and also if we simply want to concentrate on our tasks listening to music, in this sense we have prepared this list so that you know the best gaming headphones of 2022 and choose the one that best suits your needs. looks like you

1. Steel Series Arctis 5

If we are looking for the best current gaming headset brand, many people bet on the SteelSeries models. A first-rate manufacturer that is capable of offering us options such as the SteelSeries Arctis 5.

These closed-cut headphones feature an environment where sounds are received with high quality thanks to first-class isolation. But the secret of its success lies in its transducers, capable of generating first-class surround sound with high surround power. Ideal for shooters, such as Fornite or Valorant, where identifying the origin of the sound is key.

As if this were not enough, the model allows you to adjust the volume of game and chat audio on the fly, going back with high-level pads. These are not only comfortable, but also allow you to wear the headphones for a long time without worrying about heat.

We tell you below everything you need to know about these interesting top-level gaming headphones.


360 design: Its immersive approach generates a first level and clearly perceptible sound.

Fit : The over-the-ear fit provides adequate insulation from the outside world.

Surround System: This output system generates clear treble and more powerful bass.

ClearCast: This function of the microphone is responsible for generating a voice without noise and with studio quality.

Comfort : The ventilated cushions fit better in your ears and generate a better feeling of use.


Loading : It is important to correctly position the charger, which is not always as easy as it seems.

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2. Corsair Void Elite RGB

The Corsair Void Elite model is another good product with which to gain in audio quality when playing. To achieve this, this model has 50-millimeter transducers with a frequency range that goes from 20 to 30,000 hertz. Ideal for not losing detail.

In this process, we are helped by an approach that adequately isolates the ears from noise, so that we focus only on what is important. The same goes for its microphone, which includes a noise reduction function and, due to its omnidirectional nature, makes it easier for your voice to be heard as it should.

Best of all, this approach is done in a wireless product, so you don’t have to be strapped to the table to hear those sounds. Something that helps a range of 12 meters in wireless mode and a range of use of up to 16 hours on a single charge.

Discover a new world of sound thanks to the approach of these top-tier gaming headsets.


Output: The output system supports a high-quality, traditional character 7.1 format.

Wireless: Its wireless technology gives you more freedom when using the headphones.

Latency: The sound has a low latency, so you hear everything the moment it occurs.

Autonomy : The autonomy of the headphones reaches 16 hours with a single charge.


Tone of voice: The microphone has a tendency to take the voice somewhat higher than it really is.

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3. Razer Kraken X

The Razer Kraken X gaming headset is another interesting alternative to enjoy the sound of your games with the best quality. An issue that stands out for its 7.1 output technology and its surround nature, ideal for you to immerse yourself in the game without the sound quality being a problem.

These headphones sound good but are also extremely comfortable. An advantage to which details such as its 250 grams of weight contribute, being one of the lightest designs on the market. Also at the height is the padding of the headphones, with which it is easy to isolate yourself from the outside without having the sensation of having a piece of plastic stuck to your ear.

The product is finished off with the microphone, essential to keep in touch with your fellow players. This can be easily adjusted to the position you require and maintains the same quality as the rest of the piece.

We leave you the highlights of this Razer gaming headset, so you can get to know it in depth.


Sound : The sound is efficiently deployed thanks to a high-quality 7.1 system and surround output. Ideal to hear everything much clearer.

Transducers : The transducers are 40 millimeters in diameter, the most classic circular design, and high quality when it comes to generating sound.

Weight : It is one of the lightest gaming headsets you can buy, weighing just 250 grams.


Finish : The finish of this model is somewhat bland, with a black design and no further details. However, you have some slightly more colorful designs.

Configuration : The process of configuring and installing the headphones is somewhat more complex than would be desirable, so it is advisable to be patient.

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4. Turtle Beach Recon 50X EAR FORCE

This model responds to one of the cheapest gaming headphones on the market. Among its many features, it stands out the fact of its compatibility with the new Xbox One controller with 3.5mm headphone jack and other Xbox One controllers with the Ear Force headphone sound adapter that is purchased separately.

The excellent 40mm neodymium speakers provide excellent stereo sound with crisp, punchy bass. Its new exterior design is light and elegant since it has synthetic leather headphones. Thanks to its integrated controls, there is the mute button on the microphone and the main volume at your fingertips.

Allows you to use the removable high-sensitivity microphone bar for entertaining chat, as well as for when we are playing online. This microphone bar can be removed when listening to music or watching movies. They could be the best gaming headphones in their quality and price ratio if we look for them for multiple functions, in addition to, of course, playing.

If you consider that the prices of the previous models are very high and you do not have enough funds to acquire one of them, we will describe the pros and cons of a product that, in addition to offering good quality, is one of the cheapest on the market.


Design: It has a fairly light design, its headphones are covered in fairly soft leather to ensure your comfort.

Microphone: It includes a very good quality microphone, so you can stay in touch with your friends while you play online games.

Control: It has an integrated control that gives you ease and practicality when making the different sound and microphone settings.

3.5 connection: It has a 3.5 connection cable so you can easily connect it and start using it very easily.


Durability: According to what was expressed by one of its clients, the microphone of these headphones does not have great durability.

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5. Razer Kraken

The model that follows belongs to the Razer Kraken and they are gaming headphones that are a useful tool for playing games and have excellent virtual 7.1 sound that is also compatible with PC and PS4. This quality of working for whatever you want could make this device one of the best gaming headphones.

It has a very timely positional sound that gives the possibility of hearing gunshot locations, footsteps, voices and even the sound of the wind. It has a unidirectional microphone that provides clean audio with clear, balanced sounds and no background interference.

Thanks to its headband system, the Razer Kraken headphones allow them to fit comfortably and securely on our heads and position themselves well on our ears. In addition, it has padding for both helmets and allows hours of play without discomfort.

Closing this comparison, we mention the positive and negative aspects of a product that many have wanted to point out as one of the best gaming headphones for 50 euros. Check carefully and determine if it is what you are looking for.


Sound: It offers a really interesting sound, which will make you perceive the details of the conversations, games or other audios that you want to listen to.

Design: Its design in the form of a headband, together with the quality of the material of its helmets, allows you to enjoy great comfort.

Microphone: It has a microphone so you can clearly communicate with other people on the other side of your games and entertainment.

Compatibility: Thanks to its design, this model is compatible with PC and PS4, so that monotony will not come your way with technology.


Control: One of its users has indicated that it has a good quality, but it is a pity that a control knob is not incorporated for the different adjustments necessary during its use.

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Buying Guide – What is the best gaming headset on the market?

Having a more real experience when playing is achieved through good headphones. The sound quality will allow a much greater concentration, which will give us the opportunity to follow the minute by minute of a game. Inspired by these needs, we have prepared this guide to buy the best gaming headset and achieve that connection with the game of the moment.

Why buy a gaming headset?

Because for our leisure equipment we require specific accessories, so gaming headphones sound like a suitable option. They imply comfort and quality, since they are designed to offer the player hours of continuous play without him getting tired or feeling bothered by the time spent.

It is worth highlighting the fact that its design is executed with the aim of providing all the comforts required by a player who spends several hours a day stimulating his leisure to release his stress. Its accessibility commands are different from other types of headsets. When making a comparison of gaming headphones, taking into account the advantages of quick access when our hands are busy. Turning the volume up and down or even speaking is important for more experienced gamers who really know what they want.


The fact of comfort stands out, firstly due to the time that we are going to spend a lot of time in front of our video console. It is no secret to anyone that a game begins with expectations, but as it progresses, the interest and entertainment that this brings grows. There are hours of play that we will spend so thinking about comfort is important.

There are headband-type headphones that fit very well to the ears so that no important sound is lost. The fact of listening clearly and clearly to the sound effects is relevant, as this will allow us to stay focused. But concentration will be possible if the hours of gaming pass and we don’t feel the weight of our head holding the gaming headset, so optimal padding is what is sought in accessories like this.


Knowing which is the best gaming headset lies in how much comfort it will provide us at the time of use. The cables stand out in relevance so we are going to use this tool to play and the displacement is important. It is important not to have annoying cable obstructions that can hinder the game we play and also the concentration of having them nearby.

To be able to make quick movements and also not always feel tied to the computer or television, we can go get a glass of water and not have to get rid of the headphones, to resume the game again. Weight and discomfort make us consider the option of choosing a wireless headset, to give us that comfort and freedom to move around that we need when we perform tasks, since not everything is about playing, it may also be that we listen to music or do something job.


The microphone is essential if we are playing online and keyboard communication is impossible, so a microphone is a much more accurate way of talking to others. We tend to think that gaming headsets with microphones are expensive, so asking how much it costs becomes overwhelming when we set ourselves the task of looking for several qualities condensed into a single accessory.

There are also gaming headsets whose microphone can be easily removed. This is advantageous due to the possibility that it allows us to choose whether we are going to play online with other people or if we are going to play independently and it is not necessary to use them. In addition to that we can use these accessories for other aspects of our daily lives, such as online calls or any recording that is required to be done.

easy connection

The connection could be an irrelevant detail, however, if we usually go to other friends’ houses for a gaming marathon, it is necessary to have a gaming headset that works immediately after being connected to the computer or television, this to avoid the fact of having than downloading apps or performing slow installations.

And not only for gaming headsets that require a cable connection, but those that do not have a connection of this type. As demanding in the leisure area, specifically in the games of the moment, an easy connection represents the maximum efficiency in an accessory to do what we like the most. Comfort in every way while we are going to play is the only detail that we are going to think about when buying a gaming headset, in addition to, of course, the quality of the sounds and the clarity of the frequency that they provide us.

In short, the cheapest is not necessarily the best, although in many cases the price does not influence the final decision, since the most important thing is that it meets your expectations and above all your needs.

How to use a gaming headset

Those who love video game consoles such as PS4, Xbox, or simply use the computer to play, must have the right headphones to make their games more realistic and exciting. Therefore, you have chosen to purchase this product. In case you have any questions about how to use your headphones for the first time, read on.

Check the user guide of your product

In the user manual you can find important information about the features and specifications of your headphones, you can also more easily familiarize yourself with its functions. For people who are going to use this type of product for the first time, it is recommended that they read the user manual and thus better understand the operation of this product.

Plug your headset into the respective game console or into your computer

The way to connect the headphones to the video game console will depend on the model and type of headphones to be used. For example, wireless gaming headsets usually work with a USB receiver. Before putting them into operation, it is necessary to charge the internal lithium battery of the headphones through the USB cable, until charging is complete. For USB receivers, simply plug the receiver into the available port on the video console and turn on the headphones. At that time, the headphones are already connected to the video game console. You can see the LED lights on the earphones indicating that the device is on.Now, for headsets that work with USB connectivity, just take the USB cable and plug it into the respective USB port on the console. You can now start using your headphones.

Use the microphone and volume control functions

To give your headphones more functionality, you can use the volume control features of your headphones, which you can locate on the remote, which on some models is located on the headphone cable or on the sides of the headphones. There is also a quite useful function that is to activate or deactivate the microphone. When you need to interact with your games, you can activate the microphone by pressing a button on the controller. In addition, most models include the noise cancellation function, which allows you to filter out annoying noises that are foreign to your voice.

Use the LED control function

Another striking and more than all aesthetic aspect is the LED control function of the headphones, which allows you to provide variability at the visual level of your headphones, which consists of the headphones changing color every 3 to 5 seconds, generating a interesting and fun illuminated environment, especially at night.

Activate the Dolby effect of your headphones

Some models of this type of product require a Software download in order to activate this surround sound function. To do this, locate the manufacturer’s website and activate this function and you will get sound quality with incredible bass to enjoy your games with more emotion.

The most popular brands

Gaming headphones allow you to live the game in a different way than conventional ones, improving the gaming experience, providing comfort, surround sound and the possibility of answering calls, among others, taking the gaming experience to another level. This type of gaming headset has been implemented by brands such as Trust Gaming, Razer and ASUS.

This brand was founded in 1983, remaining in the market as a digital accessories company, which is why it offers a wide range of these products for video game systems. The user manual of their products comes in more than 20 languages, which shows their interest and commitment to their users.

This brand offers online support, also in several languages, which allows many users to have access and few are left with limitations. The technological area finds in this brand a good service provider with a large number of available products, which is increasingly gaining more followers throughout the world, especially in the area of ​​video games.

Trust Gaming is a leading brand in terms of the relationship between the quality and the prices of the products it offers, so that they can be purchased and used by a large number of players with good performance during their gaming days.

This brand offers good quality headphones to the gaming community. Beginning with the presentation box of its products, continuing with the care with which they are packed to ensure that they arrive in good condition, and ending with the product itself, the company demonstrates the dedication it puts into the task at hand. dedicate.

Razer is an American company created by Min Lang Tan and Robert Krakoff, which is located in California. It is dedicated to developing and marketing special products for players. These Razer items include laptops, gaming tablets, and computer peripherals.

Razer is currently partnering with NZXT and Lenovo, whose primary goal is to add Razer branding to NZXT computer cases and Lenovo desktops. This brand is a fundamental piece of the open source virtual reality ecosystem that supports programming for any diversity of VR technology.

The Razer line has among its products gaming headphones with advanced technology that has managed to leave traditional headphones behind. It also offers its users one of the best sounds, for better enjoyment and more control in the game. Its functions include making calls and being carried comfortably.

The Asus brand was founded in the year of 1989 in Taiwan by four Acer engineers, whose names are Th Tung, Ted Hsu, Waynet Hsieh and MT Liao. In 2004 it was recognized for selling more than 30 million motherboards and a year later it managed to sell 104.86 million units. This brand is also characterized by producing components for other companies related to the industry. Among them we have the recognized lines of Sony, Apple, Palm, Inc, HP and Compaq.

Asus offers a line of exclusive gaming headsets with surround sound that can be used effectively in games, headsets designed to offer absolute comfort regardless of the size of the users head. Another feature that stands out in the headphones manufactured by this brand is that they are made of resistant and durable materials.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to configure a gaming headset?

There are different types of gaming headsets and not all of them are compatible with any system, as some can only be used with Windows. Likewise, most of the models of different brands of gaming headphones incorporate a manual with the precise instructions to install their software and configure them according to the model. However, the setup process for gaming headsets is generally done in a similar way.

To do this, it is necessary to install the software included in the CD on the personal computer or download it from the respective page. Once successfully installed, open the application on the desktop, where you will find the options for “Microphone Settings” and “Speaker Settings”. Within these sections a complete menu is included to configure according to the preferences of each user.

In the speaker configuration you can adjust the volume level, the equalizer, the frequency and some effects, as well as other more advanced functions that allow you to obtain a stronger and more enveloping stereo sound. Within the microphone settings, you can also control the volume, the frequency, add different tones, as well as select some voice effects.

Q2: How to clean the gaming headset?

It is important to keep any type of headphones in good condition and always clean because, as they are devices that remain in direct contact with the outer part of the ear for periods that can last for hours and are also sometimes used by other people, they can become a source of contamination that could cause infections and affect the hearing organ.

Cleaning your gaming headset doesn’t take long and is a simple procedure that, if done frequently and properly, could help prevent further discomfort and keep it in perfect condition for longer.

Some types of headphones have removable parts. For cleaning, it is preferable to separate the parts that can be disassembled and rub each one with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol. It is also convenient to clean the pads with a damp cloth, neutral soap or alcohol and complement with a cotton swab impregnated with alcohol to clean between the grilles where the audio is emitted. Likewise, it is advisable to extend the cleaning with cotton and alcohol throughout the entire length of the cable.

Q3: How to connect gaming headset to PS4?

Some gaming headsets can be easily connected to a PS4 controller with the mini jack connector and then set the sound options to start using them.

However, other types of headsets have a USB cable, which can be connected directly to the console. However, there may be cases where the system does not recognize the device connected via the USB cable. If so, it is possible to convert the USB output of the headphones into a jack connection, to join the PS4 controller.

To do it this way, it is necessary to have a USB adapter that incorporates a mini jack connector to connect the headphones through the USB port to the adapter and this, in turn, to the PS4’s command control. Once the connection is verified, you will be able to access the menu to make sound adjustments in the “Headphone output” option.

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