The 5 Best LG Sound Bars of 2022

LG Soundbar – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Due to the current design of LED televisions, it is normal that their sound is not as good or powerful as it was in the past. Among other things because the little space available makes it difficult for manufacturers to include large and powerful speakers. For this reason, sound bars are a good alternative to fill this gap. And if you also opt for an LG sound bar, you will have extra quality and power in a wide range, which covers practically any specific need. Something that we can enjoy in models such as the LG SJ4 bar, which has a power of 300 watts, an efficient output system with an independent subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity. If this still remains small, the LG SJ4R modelIt expands the power up to 420 watts, incorporating some satellites that improve the sound and its surround sensations, as well as the bass reflexes.



The 5 Best LG Sound Bars – Opinions 2022

When it comes to giving more capacity to the sound of our television, the sound bar is the easiest solution. And if we are looking for a manufacturer that measures up, a good part of the market agrees in pointing to LG as the best sound bar brand of the moment. So, with these two ingredients, it’s just a matter of taking a look at their offer and being clear about our needs and budget when deciding which is the best LG sound bar that we can find for our home. Let’s see some interesting proposals.

1. LG SJ4 Wireless Bluetooth Subwoofer

If we are looking for the best LG sound bar currently on sale, the comments direct us to the LG SJ4 model. A compact and powerful sound bar, capable of reaching 300 watts of output.

A power level suitable for medium and even large rooms, where its surround functions make it easier to enjoy pleasant, quality sound. It also has quality details, such as the wireless subwoofer or Bluetooth connectivity, which facilitate both installation and playback of all kinds of content from any source.

And thanks to its adjustment system, the sound is automatically equalized without you having to do anything.

Since when deciding on an LG sound bar it is important to have everything clear, we leave you with some more details about this product and its characteristics.


Equalizer: The automatic equalizer analyzes the sound at all times to get the best out of it.

Hi Res Sound: The Hi Res system generates 24-bit, 96 Khz audio output, with a noticeable improvement in perceived quality.

No cables: Since the subwoofer does not require cables, the installation process of the bar is much easier to execute.

Bluetooth : Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play all kinds of content from your mobile or tablet.

Appearance : The appearance of the bar is remarkably elegant and fits easily wherever you want to install it, both under the TV and hanging.


HDMI connection: The included HDMI connection does not incorporate the 4K PassThrough functionality, which limits, in part, the improvement in sound quality when playing that content.

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2. LG SJ4R 420W 4.1 Wireless Subwoofer

Within the range of LG sound bars, the SJ4R model is one of the most complete and powerful. Specifically, this equipment has the conventional bar with a subwoofer but also includes three satellites with which to further enrich the sound.

This translates into a true 4.1 output system with a total power output of 420 watts and a remarkable surround feel. As befits what many users consider to be the best LG sound bar of the moment.

A sound bar for TV that you can also use independently thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Designed to give a boost to the immersive sensations of your content, let’s see some more information about this interesting LG sound bar.


Power : It is one of the most powerful models of the brand, reaching an output power of 420 watts.

Satellites : The output system with subwoofer and 3 satellites makes this output bar a 4.1 model.

Bluetooth : Bluetooth connectivity facilitates the process of controlling the product, as well as connecting it to other devices easily.

Sound Profile: The sound profile used is based on the Hi-Res Audio processor, with which it is easy to achieve remarkable richness and true-to-life quality.


Installation : Due to the aforementioned satellite design, this product requires a little more space and time for installation.

Bluetooth privacy: According to some user, the bar’s Bluetooth does not have a password, so anyone could easily access it.

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3. LG SN7CY Hi Res Sound Bar

LG has electronic accessories for several of its equipment and, on this occasion, we are faced with a sound bar that you can take advantage of with your TV at home.

LG SN7CY is the name given to the equipment, which has a high power of 160W that will provide you with a high and perceptible volume, to enjoy any movie or video game on your TV.

The bar has dimensions of 119 x 6.5 x 8.9 centimeters and a weight of approximately 5.4 kilograms. This low height will allow you to place it under the screen easily, as well as providing a modern style to the installation.

Another detail that might interest you focuses on connectivity, since this model has an HDMI port through which you can easily link a decoder, a video game console or a Blu-Ray player, for example.

The SN7CY model has advantages that might interest you if you don’t know which soundbar to buy:


Power: The equipment has enough power to improve the audio quality of a domestic TV.

Bass: It has a built-in subwoofer that will allow you to better appreciate low or serious sounds.

Technology: It has multiple sharpness and audio enhancement technologies to increase playback quality.

Connectivity: The bar has a wireless connection via Bluetooth and an HDMI port, for wired installation.



TV: You should not overlook that the sound bar has a considerable length, so the television must also be large, to balance the proportions.

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4. LG SK1D Bluetooth Soundbar

From the same LG manufacturers, we present the SK1D model; a practical and attractive sound bar with which you can improve the quality of the audio generated by your TV.

The LG equipment has a size of 95 x 4.7 x 7.1 centimeters and a weight of 2.4 kilograms, being a compact alternative to install in medium to large televisions.

Its power, on the other hand, reaches 100W RMS and is accompanied by playback technologies such as Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround, which focus on improving quality, to appreciate greater clarity in the audio.

As for the connection, you can choose to use the physical inputs or link it via Bluetooth to the source device, which, in turn, will allow you to use the bar with other types of equipment, apart from conventional TV.

To help you make a decision, we have selected some important pros and cons:


Design: The device has a discreet, yet elegant design that will look good in combination with the TV.

Technology: It has sound technology for bass enhancement, allowing nuances to be better appreciated.

Connection: It has wireless and cable connections, so you can install your equipment as it suits you best.

Compatibility: You can use the bar to play audio from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, in addition to the TV.



Bass: The reproduction of bass or bass sounds should be polished, since in some styles of music they may not be enough.

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5. LG SJ9 5.2 channels 500W DTS Digital Surround

The LG SJ9 sound bar takes us to a higher level in terms of power and quality. This bar has a total output power of 500 watts, also having 360-degree sound technology, to achieve even more pleasant surround sensations.

An incredible bar with which to notice a notable change in both bass and treble, also incorporating an equalizer with which to choose the mode of use that best suits us.

Functions that, as a high-level model, we will be able to use both from our television and from our mobile or tablet, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity included in the bar.

Although it is not exactly one of the cheapest LG sound bars on the market, the truth is that if you want power and quality, it is the most recommended product.


Power : It is the most powerful model of all those that we have analyzed, reaching a global output of 500 watts.

Audio technology: It is compatible with the latest audio technologies, such as DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Digital Plus, among others.

Immersive sensation: The mixed, frontal and superior location of part of its speakers adds an extra to the enveloping sensations of the product.


Connectivity via optical cable: Some user comments on certain problems when connecting the equipment via optical cable.

Button Location: Instead of being at the front or top, the button box is at the rear. Therefore, you will not be able to stick the bar too close to the TV.

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LG SJ8 4.1 Channels 300W DTS

The LG SJ8 sound bar is located within the upper mid-range of this manufacturer, offering a power of 300 watts and a more than interesting design.

Entre otras cosas  porque, pese a ser una barra convencional, su construcción interior genera una interesante salida 4.1 envolvente y de calidad. Algo a lo que ayuda su procesador, que incrementa la calidad de los archivos a sonido de 24 bits sin importar la calidad de origen.

Unas funciones que podrás disfrutar mediante la conexión al televisor, la conectividad Bluetooth ya habitual e incluso la conectividad WiFi que también incluye esta barra.

Descubramos algunos detalles más de esta barra, que ofrece un sistema de conexión polivalente para que exprimir sus funciones sea más fácil.


Salida de sonido: Aún siendo una barra convencional, el diseño interior de la misma genera un audio con salida 4.1 de alta calidad.

Cambio de calidad: La barra transforma automática los archivos a una calidad de audio de 24 bits y 192 KHz, sin importar su calidad de origen.

Conectividad: Además de la ya habitual conectividad Bluetooth, este producto también es compatible con la reproducción de audio vía WiFi.


Instrucciones: Las instrucciones de la barra son algo escuetas, aunque dado que el uso es más bien intuitivo, esto tampoco será mucho problema.

Conexión Bluetooth: Tal como pasa con otras barras de LG, la conexión Bluetooth no está protegida con contraseña.

LG DSH3/SH2 100 W Bluetooth DTS Dolby digital

En nuestra selección de las mejores barras de sonido LG del 2022 también hay un espacio para las opciones baratas y de calidad. Y la elegida es la barra LG DSH3/SH2, de 100 vatios de potencia y adecuada para quienes no necesiten lo último.

Un modelo que, sin embargo, no prescinde de elementos básicos como el subwoofer, para darles mayor potencia a los graves, o la conectividad Bluetooth, con la que exprimir aún más las funciones de la barra.

Un modelo de precio ajustado pero de alta calidad, tanta como para ser la mejor barra de sonido LG de relación calidad precio de nuestra selección.

Para quien maneje un presupuesto ajustado y no tenga claro qué barra de sonido LG comprar, este modelo ofrece una buena funcionalidad a precio razonable.


Potencia: Este modelo ofrece una potencia de 100 vatios, suficiente para estancias de pequeño y mediano tamaño, con el rendimiento y calidad propios de la marca.

Tecnología ASC: La tecnología ASC se encarga de analizar los niveles de voz y ajusta la potencia de los bajos para ofrecer unos diálogos más claros.

Bluetooth: A pesar de su coste, el producto también incluye la conectividad Bluetooth, con la que es más fácil reproducir todo tipo de contenidos en el dispositivo.


Conexión del subwoofer: El subwoofer cuenta con una conexión cableada y no inalámbrica, lo que en parte penaliza su proceso de montaje.

Puerto USB: Este modelo tampoco dispone de puerto USB, aunque con la conectividad Bluetooth ya mencionada probablemente tampoco lo necesites.

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