The 5 Best Micro Chains of 2022

Microchain – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Despite being products that can remind us of the past, the truth is that today’s micro-chains have managed to evolve to save their existence. The proof is found in today’s models, which include options to play audio from your mobile, your tablet or any device, and are also compatible with new audio formats. However, to take advantage of these advantages, it is convenient to bet on one of the best microchains of 2022 that we have at our disposal. Models like the Panasonic SC-PM250EC-S, which has a compact design, offers a power output of 20 watts and includes Bluetooth compatibility for your devices. Another interesting proposal is the Energy Home Speaker 7 model., which increases power to 30 watts with a HiFi output system and includes the latest functions such as file playback from USB devices or connectivity via Bluetooth, among others.


The 5 Best Micro Chains – Opinions 2022

Microsystems are another of those pieces of equipment that have been able to reconvert over time, in order to offer you new options with which to enjoy higher quality sound regardless of whether you want to play the radio, a CD or the music you have on a your cellphone. So that you can properly enjoy this sound with the best quality, we leave you with some interesting micro systems to equip your home.

1. Panasonic SC-PM250EC-S Micro System

To get the best sound, the logical thing is to look for the best micro system of the moment. And although there are many candidates, the truth is that the Panasonic SC-PM250EC-S model stands out among them. This product has a compact system of 20 watts of output in two channels where none of today’s most modern options are missing.

Among them, we have the ability to read any type of CD, compatibility with Bluetooth technology, as well as the necessary ability to play digital files easily. An audio that is heard with a pleasant sharpness in the treble and good power in the bass, so that you appreciate each piece with the quality it deserves. And as if that were not enough, we are facing a model that is among the cheapest options that we have analyzed.

Let’s know more about what this model offers, belonging to what some consider to be the best micro-string brand of the moment.


Output quality: Thanks to the construction of this model, it is easy to obtain quality treble and powerful bass from any audio source.

Compact size: Due to its compact size and its elegant finishes, it is possible to place the micro system anywhere without being too out of tune.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play content from any mobile device without complications.


Headphone jack: Following the line of other models on the market, the product does not include a jack to connect your headphones to the product.

Remote control: The included remote control is somewhat simpler than it should be, although it is capable of covering the basic functions of the equipment.

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2. Energy Home Speaker 7 Micro String

The Energy Home Speaker 7 micro system is a modernized version of the usual products, in which neither the old nor the new are missing. Starting with the most classic elements, the product includes a CD player and a radio function, as well as the compact design typical of these equipments. 

On the most up-to-date side, the chain incorporates a USB port capable of playing MP3 and WMA files, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, with which you can enjoy Spotify or your favorite music from your mobile.  

All these functions are conveniently controlled from the included remote control and are heard with good quality, for which the product is accompanied by two speakers with a total output of 30 watts. An output that also offers a surround touch when enjoying any sound.

If you are one of those who prefers a mini system to enjoy your favorite music, this Energy System model is a good choice.


Classic functions : The equipment includes the classic functions, such as the CD player or the conventional radio.

Bluetooth : Bluetooth connectivity adds an extra versatility to the device.

Power : The mini system has an output power of 30 watts, with surround sound function.

Screen : The front screen makes it even easier to control the functions of the device.


File compatibility : Although the mini system reads audio files, these can only be in MP3 or WMA format.

Speaker cables: The speaker cables are rather short, which makes it difficult to assemble the equipment.

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3. Philips MCM2300 Micro System

If what you are looking for is the best value for money micro system of the moment, the Philips MCM2300 model may be just what you need. This model is capable of playing all kinds of discs, also having a USB socket and external input, which facilitate the connection of other playback devices.

A complete micro system that is reflected on the outside, as it has a very careful reproduction system and includes a digital sound control that helps you customize your audio experience. This system is joined by Bass Reflex speakers, which have increased bass power to deliver even deeper audio. A complete model that is finished off with a remote control and digital tuner, which make it much easier to control all the product’s options.

Located in a preferred position among the cheapest options of the moment, let’s see some additional details of this Philips equipment.


Bass Reflex System: Bass Reflex speakers offer a more powerful and deeper sound when enjoying your music.

Remote control : The remote control helps you maintain control of the device from anywhere in the room.

MP3 Playback: The device seamlessly plays any MP3 file, both from the USB port and those you have saved on your CDs.


Power : The output power is only 8 watts, so the model is suitable for small spaces but not for large rooms.

Headphone output: Surprisingly, the device does not include the usual headphone output to listen to music without disturbing your surroundings.

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4. Pioneer X-SMC02-W Slim Micro System

Within the range of Pioneer micro systems, the X-SMC02-W model is one of the most interesting. We are talking about a team with a very compact size but in which the usual functions are not lacking. 

Among them we have the CD player that, unlike usual, is mounted vertically and its door opens on the side. This reduces the size of the set, so it can fit anywhere. It also has other essential functions today, such as Bluetooth connectivity or the USB port to play your favorite music files. 

All this in an integral design with a beautiful black finish and that, despite this approach, is capable of developing an output power of 20 watts, with the solvency already known in the products of this brand.

If you prefer to equip yourself with a Pioneer product, you only have to see what this model offers you.


Sound quality: The included speakers develop a power of 20 watts, with the brand’s own sound quality.

Modern features: Modern features such as a USB port or Bluetooth connectivity are not lacking in this micro system.

Elegance: The microchain has an elegant black finish, along with a beautiful design of rounded curves.


Integral design: Since we are talking about an integral model, you cannot separate the speakers from the body of the mini system.

Control: The remote control is somewhat smaller than desirable to have a comfortable experience.

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5. LG CM2460 Micro System

The LG CM2460 microsystem stands out among those we have analyzed for being one of the most powerful models of the moment. Specifically, this microsystem has an output power of 100 watts, 50 per channel, with which to enjoy powerful and quality sound. Something that is also helped by the Flac format that it uses, which avoids the quality losses typical of other models.

Its equalization system is also useful in this regard, with different modes that add extra quality to the sound. A complete and elegant equipment where we find both Bluetooth connectivity and the USB system with which to read any memory device and enjoy our music. It is finished off with the essential remote control, which makes it easier to manage the different options from a distance without having to go back and forth from the equipment.

In order to know if this model is what you need, we give you some more clues about what this LG micro system offers you.


Flac Format: This model is based on the Flac audio format, which adds extra quality to the sound during processing.

Connectivity: The equipment includes both Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port, which makes it even easier to connect any device and enjoy your favorite music.

Finishes: The finishes have a different and elegant design, especially in the area of ​​the speakers, which dress any room with class.


Limited equalization: The model includes different equalization modes depending on the musical genre, but it is not a free option that you can manage to your liking.

Song guide: According to some users, the equipment does not reflect the name of the song that is being played on the screen.

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Shopping guide

Even though it is a product of yesteryear, the micro system is another of those devices that have managed to evolve to stay on the market. Something that has been used by manufacturers to further reduce the size of the equipment and update the features it offers us in accordance with modern times and the latest advances in the sector. So that you don’t get lost during that search, you just have to take a look at the guidelines of our guide to buy the best micro system, to obtain the best sound when enjoying it in your home.


Principal functions

When choosing a micro system today, it is necessary to “demand” the product that we are evaluating a series of main features and functions that should not be missing in any model that we are comparing. Functions where the most traditional characteristics of this type of product are combined with other more current ones that, today, have become something essential in this type of product.

Among these functions is the CD and DVD reader, so that you can play all kinds of music files from any of these supports. It is true that this reader is beginning to disappear from some models, but if you have a good collection of physical discs, it is something that should be on hand.

What should not be missing is also the USB port, as well as the ability to read different audio files. Something that makes it easy to enjoy your music without too much hassle. Some models also include a card reader, so if it is something important to you, it will not be difficult to find that function. And of course we cannot forget the conventional radio functions, for which the product should have a simple system for tuning frequencies, as well as the possibility of saving your favorite stations.

Speaker power and characteristics

Although we often leave this aspect aside, the truth is that speakers are another of the elements that have evolved the most over time and that increase their possibilities in terms of obtaining high-quality sound. By the way, what these products have notably evolved in is their size, which is more compact and lighter than conventional models. Something easy to appreciate by taking a look at any microchain comparison that falls into your hands.

A sound in which it is convenient to look for speakers that have the necessary power to cover the room in which we are going to place the micro system. Obviously, being a compact size product, we are not going to talk about hundreds of watts. But thanks to current advances it is possible to find powers that reach one hundred watts, with which to adequately cover the largest rooms. In any case, we also find micro-systems with 10 or 20 watts of output power, for those who do not require so much sound strength.

These speakers have the bonus of offering different output formats, which help improve that audio quality. These speakers combine woofers and tweeters, which give the sound more depth and more pleasant surround sensations. All this without excessively increasing the price of the product, since it is easy to find powerful micro-strings at an affordable price.

microchain connectivity

In addition to the functions and general characteristics that we have already mentioned, the other section that is also worth our attention has to do with the new functions that these devices include. Something that influences how much the product costs but that, seeing the possibilities that it opens up for us, is surely worth it.

Among them, the current connectivity of these teams stands out. A connectivity that uses WiFi networks or the Bluetooth function to give us new possibilities. In the case of models with WiFi, for example, this feature helps you directly access any audio streaming platform or music and radio broadcasts on the network. A navigation for which the product must include a screen that simplifies the process and makes navigation easier.

Something similar happens with the Bluetooth functionality, so that you can connect your mobile directly to the microsystem and play the content you have on it. Or you can even have equipment control functions, so you don’t have to worry about searching for the remote when changing songs or changing the volume of your music playback.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to connect a micro system to the TV?

The process will depend on the connections we have available. If your micro system and TV are relatively modern you should have no problem getting high quality outputs such as optical output. If this is not the case, you can always resort to the classics, such as the RCA outputs that practically all current microsystems and televisions, and even older ones, usually include in their connection panel. Anyway, if you can, the optical output is always preferable to the latter that we have indicated for its higher quality.

Q2: Which is better, a micro or mini chain?

On a space-conscious basis, a micro system is even smaller and more portable than a mini system, so if you don’t have a lot of room to put it, this may be the best option for your home. As for their functions, for a time the micro chains have had an extra that the mini chains did not have, although today these functions are practically the same. Where the mini-systems do win is in the output power, due to the larger size of their speakers. Although it is something that can also be supplied with a good pair of speakers connected to your micro system.

Q3: What do I need to have a micro system with Spotify?

For your micro system to work with Spotify, it is essential that it has an Internet connection, either through WiFi or with a conventional Ethernet port. But you also need to have the necessary compatibility to run this application. The good news is that the vast majority of microchains that include internet connectivity also usually have this application already installed by default, to make everything much easier.

Q4: What advantages does a microchain with internet provide?

The main improvement offered by a microsystem with Internet is the possibility of accessing content on the Internet comfortably and without worries. Among these contents we have the different stations that broadcast through the network, as well as streaming music platforms, among which, without a doubt, Spotify stands out. All this without forgetting the improved connectivity, so that you can access the content you have on your local network without too many complications when it comes to enjoying it on your new micro system.

Q5: Is it possible to buy a micro system without speakers?

Although there are, the truth is that it is not the most frequent thing that we find in the market. Among other things, because this type of product is of little use if you don’t have speakers nearby. Although it is true that when you already have quality speakers and you just want to change that micro system, additional speakers are not very useful either. Even so, the cost difference between a computer without speakers and another with them is not excessive either, so in the end it is almost convenient for you to stay with the models with speakers, in order to have them available for the future.

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Yamaha MCR-020 Microcadena

La microcadena Yamaha MCR-020 es otra de las opciones interesantes que hemos encontrado a la hora de saber cuál es la mejor microcadena que podemos encontrar. Este modelo, pese a su tamaño realmente ajustado, cuenta con una potencia de salida de 30 vatios y una amplia gama de funciones. Entre ellas, tenemos la posibilidad de reproducir todo tipo de contenidos, tanto de forma directa como mediante la conexión Bluetooth que incluye el equipo.

También dispone de ecualizador, de modo que podemos personalizar la salida de audio como más nos convenga según lo que estemos escuchando. Un modelo muy completo en el que tampoco falta el mando a distancia o una pantalla de gran tamaño para ver lo que ocurre en cada momento. Y como remate, el puerto USB sirve para grabar tus dispositivos móviles, de modo que nunca te quedes sin energía.

Si no sabes qué microcadena comprar y tampoco buscas una potencia muy elevada, este modelo compacto y completo puede ser muy interesante. Veamos algunos detalles más sobre el mismo.


Salida HiFi: Esta microcadena te ofrece un sistema de salida de 30 vatios con tecnología HiFi, que añade un extra de calidad al producto.

Ecualizador: La función de ecualizador incorporada en el equipo te ayuda a personalizar la experiencia de audio más adecuada a lo que estés escuchando.

Puerto USB grabador: El puerto USB puede utilizarse para cargar cualquier dispositivo móvil de forma sencilla.


Bajos: Los usuarios más puristas pueden echar en falta algo más de potencia a la hora de disfrutar de bajos potentes.

Color: La carcasa exterior no es totalmente blanca, sino que tiene un tono perla que varía levemente su tonalidad.

Sony CMT-SBT40D Sistema Hi-Fi Compacto

Para quienes prefieran los modelos de Sony y quieran disfrutar de su función Mega Bass, la microcadena Sony CMT-SBT40D es todo lo que necesitan. Este completo equipo dispone de una salida de 50 vatios de potencia entre sus dos altavoces, donde escuchar audio procedente de su reproductor de CD y DVD, su sintonizador de radio, el puerto USB o incluso su conectividad mediante Bluetooth y NFC.

Una amplia variedad de opciones que hacen más fácil aprovechar sus funciones de audio avanzado, como el sonido HiFi que incluye o el ya conocido sistema Mega Bass, que da un extra de fuerza a los graves. Todo ello en un elegante equipo en cuyo exterior predomina el color negro y que tiene en su mando a distancia el mejor compañero para mantener bajo control todas sus funciones.

Conozcamos algunos detalles más sobre este modelo, que probablemente te ayudarán a tomar una decisión sobre qué equipo comprar.


Conectividad: Este modelo incluye casi todas las opciones de conexión posibles, entre las que destaca el lector de CD y DVD o la conectividad Bluetooth.

Sistema Mega Bass: El sistema Mega Bass, un clásico de la marca, les añade un extra de potencia a los graves y más dinamismo al sonido generado.

Salida de audio: La salida de audio de 50 vatios de potencia es algo más elevada de lo que viene siendo habitual en estos modelos.


Reconocimiento del lector: El lector tarda algo más de tiempo a la hora de reconocer los CDs y DVDs que utilizamos.

Materiales: Los materiales de la carcasa exterior tienen una cierta debilidad, por lo que se recomienda tratar el equipo con cuidado.

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