The 5 Best RAM Memory of 2022

RAM Memory – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Streamlining the processes of our computer is a possibility that technology offers us today. Technological innovations allow us to carry out various and important projects on the same computer. If you consider yourself passionate about advances in computing, it is best to make sure you have the tools to do a satisfactory job. In this sense, a RAM must have functional aspects such as a large capacity, an appropriate voltage to guarantee energy performance and effective functionality. Before delving into the buying guide, you should consider some of the most sought-after models. The first is the G.Skill F4-2400C15D-16GVRwhich has a 16 GB RAM and a voltage that reduces power consumption to 1.2V, being of the DDR4 type. It is followed by the Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16R model whose speed is 3200 MHz that gives fluidity to the processes developed and also has 16GB RAM.

The 5 Best RAM Memories – Opinions 2022

Now that you know what RAM memory is for, you may be wondering which are the best. We know that having a satisfactory operation in our computer will depend a lot on the efficiency and quality of the RAM memory of our choice. These characteristics contribute to the fluidity in which the programs unfold, so it is necessary to be clear about their qualities beforehand, in order to make a profitable and equitable investment.

Whether for home use, games or multimedia file creation jobs that require high functionality, it is essential that our equipment has one of the best RAM memories of 2022.

1. G.Skill F4-2400C15D-16GVR 16GB RAM

Main advantage:

One of the best things about this product is that it’s not just RAM; There are two memories of 8 GB each so that you have a very good performance in your desktop or laptop computer.

Main disadvantage:

This product does not have universal compatibility, therefore, if the memory slots of your computer are not of the DDR4 type, you will not be able to use this model, as it is not compatible.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This product is characterized by its speed and high performance, therefore, it is a suitable product for people who use their computer occasionally even for gamers.

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Sometimes you may think that your computer is slow and you don’t know why. Many times the programs that come with the PC and other applications are active in the background and fill the memory causing slowness and, in some cases, the crash of the computer. This does not depend on your hard drive, but on the RAM memory.

This model consists of a 16 GB RAM memory divided into 2 small structures of 8 GB each, enough space to allow your computer to be used without problems.

Compatible with all motherboards that have DDR4 slots, the capacity of this memory will give you running space for all the programs you need, including those system processes that work in the background. With this product you will not feel that your computer is saturated when using it, so you will surely be able to work with much more comfort and speed.

tested for quality

All memories of this brand are tested and subjected to the most rigorous performance tests so that you always have a product of the best quality in your hands.

This memory has been tested with the most common motherboards so you can use your memory with your computer without fear of damage or performance that is not as advertised.

One of the great problems of certain components used in the area of ​​computing is the fact that when they are being used they can reach very high temperatures that can affect their functionality and also contribute to poor performance of neighboring components.

However, this RAM memory has a cooling system that will disperse the heat produced and prevent the temperature from affecting it negatively.

design and speed

There are times that, although the open programs run fast, the response time of your computer to open them is somewhat slow. This can be infuriating when you need to do something urgent or when a program is heavy, as it can take several minutes.

To solve this common drawback, the speed of this model is 2400 MHz, a speed more than enough to have a quick response with applications that require a lot of resources.

In addition to speed, design can also be important to some people, even if this doesn’t affect performance. For this reason, when you buy this RAM memory you can choose between several colors so that you can select the one that best suits your tastes. The colors offered are silver, metallic gray, blue and the classic black of almost all components.

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2. Corsair Vengeance LPX XMP Memory Module

If we start a search for the best RAM of the moment, in this model we could find features that fit our needs. These are two memories of 8 GB each, which is equivalent to 16 GB, to achieve a higher level of performance of the equipment in which they are installed.

It uses DDR4 technology that will make every task you do on your computer optimal. Its heat sink is made of aluminum, for greater durability.

Its voltage is 1.35 V and, with a light weight, it has dimensions of 10 x 5 x 5 cm. Its range is 3200 MHz, which is a bit beyond traditional speeds. It is an ideal model for those of us who work with programs that require high speed, such as video and photo editing.

Corsair is considered by some to be possibly the best brand of RAM today thanks to a great track record and alternatives for its consumers:


Design: Corsair offers you a bet that some would consider safe to finish mounting your computer tower. These flash drives are very popular among gamers due to their eye-catching design and detailed structure.

Capacity: they have a capacity of 16 GB distributed between two memories of 8 GB capacity. You should know that they are compatible with DDR4 only.

Speed: they offer great performance speed by reaching 3200 MHz, more than recommended for demanding users who need to run several programs at the same time.

Colors: you have the possibility of adapting the RAM memories to the style of your computer, since you can buy them in different versions depending on their external color: black, red, white and blue.


Price: however, you should keep in mind that it is one of the most expensive models on this list, although most buyers indicate that it is worth the price in exchange for very good performance.

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3. HyperX HX316C10F/8 8GB RAM

It presents a high performance to streamline the processes that we have on our computer. It is a DDR3 RAM whose capacity is 8 GB, to give our computer enough speed.

Its heat sink is FURY, which is asymmetrical and a bit more dynamic than the usual ones. It has a voltage of 1.5 V and features compatibility with both AMD and Intel platforms, allowing for use in whichever system is most convenient.

The frequency speeds available vary between 1333MHz and 1866MHz and can even reach much faster speeds, without the need for adjustments. A great model for video game fans.

If you have doubts about which RAM to buy, take into account the limitations of your computer and the capacity of the motherboard:


Type: HyperX’s is memory compatible with DDR3 slots, currently the most commonly used on commercial motherboards.

Capacity: its capacity is 8GB of RAM per unit, although you can also find the same model divided into two memories of 4GB each.

Heat sink: it is equipped with a heat sink that will keep it at a suitable temperature at all times.


Speed: it is not one of the fastest memories on this list, since its speed barely reaches 1600 MHz.

Cost: one of the users commented that this same memory cost much less a few months ago and does not understand why its price rose so much.

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4. Komputerbay KB 4GB DDR2 RAM Memory     

It is one of the cheapest RAM memories that we will find if we investigate each model. It provides the enjoyment of basic work, without memory limitations, for a very low price.

With a storage capacity of 4 GB of memory, this model is ideal for the demands of home use, performing tasks that do not require high data usage. It has dual channel mounts that fit perfectly into standard equipment models. Its voltage is 1.8V.

The maximum speed of the frequency in the memory will be 800 MHz. It is of the DDR2 type that, although it may be the measure of standard products, fulfills optimal operation with a lifetime guarantee.

If you are looking to acquire one of the cheapest, take a look at the advantages offered by this Komputerbay model, considered by some to be the best RAM memory for 20 euros:


Capacities: one of the advantages of this option in RAM memories is that you can buy them in a small capacity of 1GB and a maximum capacity of 12GB.

Dimensions – They are quite compact with their dimensions of 14.4 x 4.4 x 0.8 centimeters.

Warranty: According to the manufacturer, the warranty that is provided with this model is for life so that you can make claims at any time.


DDR2 – They are only compatible with DDR2 slots and these are not being used much anymore on today’s motherboards.

Speed: Although they indicate a speed of 800 MHz, some users comment that this peak is not reached.

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5. Kingston KCP313SS8/4 Laptop RAM Memory

It is a RAM memory for laptop, whose brand gives it quality and positions this model as one of the most profitable to improve the performance of your system, according to its low cost. Although it has 4 GB random access, its memory type is still good, because it is DDR3 and its frequency speed is 1333 MHz.

It has a voltage of 1.5V that is properly coupled to Notebook memories. As long as it meets the particularities required by the current model. It has dimensions of 6.9 x 3 x 0.3 cm and its weight is the lightest, 18 grams.

According to some users, simply because it is a brand with a long history, this model could be classified as the best value for money RAM of the moment. There is no need to explain why it is a tentative and profitable option.

Kingston also offers good RAM memory for those who want to improve the performance of their computer or build one from scratch:


Laptop: If you are looking for RAM for your laptop, Kingston could be the solution, since it is compatible with 204-pin DDR3 slots.

Speed ​​– It can reach a speed of 1333 MHz, more than enough for standard laptop use.

Voltage – Consumes less voltage than other models mentioned in this listing with its 1.5V requirement.


Board – It seems that a couple of users had board recognition issues when failing to boot.

Mac – Another mentions to watch out for as they are not compatible with Apple laptops.

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G.Skill F4-2400C15D-16GVR 16 GB RAM Memory

This RAM memory is DDR4, which will speed up the processes of the computer once it is installed. The channel it uses is dual to start smoothly. The capacity is 16GB, which allows you to save a larger amount of data.

When we want to know which is the best current RAM memory, a determining factor is the memory clock speed, or what is the same, the frequency speed. In this case, the model has a range of 2400 MHz. Its cooling is of the Heatsink type, that is, the traditional heat sink.

The memory voltage is 1.2 volts, which guarantees optimal performance of the functions of your equipment, without it overheating. It is a RAM memory that, although it can be used for DDR4 equipment, cannot be used for equipment lower than this version, and its dimensions are 13.7 x 1.4 x 0.4 cm.

G.Skill could take the position of the best RAM of the moment with this product, since it offers stability and good performance:


Design: These RAM sticks could be a great addition to your gaming tower computer, as they have a very striking design with modern lines and a sporty look.

Capacity: this G.Skill set is made up of two RAM memories of 8GB capacity each, which indicates a total of 16GB. This level is sufficient to run operating systems, high-end video games, design and editing programs, etc.

Speed ​​: They work with a speed of 2400 MHz, so you will notice a considerable difference compared to models of previous versions. The response time on the computer will be much more agile and will allow you to work more easily.

Cooling: given the speed of these memories, a cooling system capable of dispersing the heat produced by their operation has been incorporated: the heatsink.

Colors: if you are not a fan of red, you can also buy these RAM memories in other versions: steel blue, radiant silver, metallic gray and classic black, very useful to maintain a certain style in your computer.


DDR4: a very important detail that you should not overlook is that these memories can only be installed in DDR4 slots, so if your motherboard does not support this compatibility, you will not be able to use them.

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Buying guide – What is the best RAM on the market?

When it is necessary to quickly complete a work project or you need to speed up the speed of graphics and tasks on your computer, a RAM memory card becomes the device you are looking for, since it allows you to have optimal performance of operational functions.

A good quality RAM must be capable of processing large amounts of data, it must consume little and it must have an affordable price for our pocket. For this reason we have prepared the following guide to buy the best RAM memory.


Once we know the aspects, we can make the best decision according to our economy. When identifying the capacity of the product of your choice, you must understand that this is nothing more than a volatile memory, one in which the data is not permanently saved. It is just an additional memory that your computer accesses to increase the speed and efficiency of its functions.

Unless you use programs that process high levels of data, the capacity of the RAM memory is not something that you should worry about. A standard computer works well with only 4GB of RAM, with 8GB it is much more comfortable and with 16GB you will have an extremely efficient memory capacity, which many users may not use 100%.

However, not all computers accept high-capacity memory, so it is advisable to check the technical data of your computer before making the purchase.


An important detail is the voltage level, because the less voltage it has, the better the productivity. A lower amount of voltage contributes to a reduced consumption of electricity and a temperature that will allow the RAM to be well cooled. In this way, we do not have to worry about overheating.

This is a feature that DDR4 models offer us, since they maintain a voltage between 1.2 and 1.3 volts. In contrast, some models of the DDR2 generation use up to 1.8 volts, which makes them more prone to overheating and damaging memory. A lower voltage also improves bandwidth performance by up to 50%.

memory technology

One of the characteristics that defines if RAM is good and cheap is the memory technology and it is specifically identified by the letters DDR, which stands for data transfer. These are accompanied by a number between 2 and 4, which means the number of the generation. DDR2 modules are the oldest and serve the more traditional and somewhat limited models. However, they provide performance that is suitable for starting up a PC, without much difficulty.

On the other hand, the DDR3 and DDR4 models are the ones that bet on a design that adheres to the needs of users who advance with the evolution of technology. Although some DDR4 models are not compatible with previous versions boards, so these characteristics of the computer must be taken into account when making the purchase.


When making a comparison of RAM memories, a determining characteristic is the frequency. The higher its frequency, the greater the performance of RAM memory inside our PC, because the greater the speed of access to the information stored in it. Although it is necessary to know that the higher the number of MHz, the higher the DDR generation will be and therefore the cost will increase.

The frequency will also determine the power consumption and performance of our computer. Any frequency above 1000 MHz is considered fast. In most cases, this data transfer speed is reached by the DDR3 and DDR4 generations, which even reach 3200 MHz.


One of the aspects that most concerns us is knowing how much RAM memory costs in such a varied market of products, models and brands. The most important thing is that the RAM memory is cheap and of good quality, so that there is a balance between its operation, durability and the cost that it has in the market, being productive and beneficial for our pocket.

In this sense, it is good to know that the DDR4 and DDR3 models are the ones with the highest prices, it is well worth investigating a little about other generation products, which may be better for the utility that we will give them. Occasionally, there are models with nice offers whose brand is very well-known in the market and yet they do not cost a lot of money.

How to use RAM

Today, thanks to technological advances, computers have RAM memories at their disposal, which allow computers to be faster in terms of data processing.

Thus, your work is carried out with greater speed, in addition to having ample capacities, appropriate voltages that reduce energy consumption, being efficient in its operation. To use RAM memory, it is convenient that you read some recommendations that will be offered below.


One of the characteristics of RAM memories is that you can find them at different voltage levels, so it is best to use a low-voltage RAM memory, since it will allow you to save energy and maintain a temperature that will allow you to keep the ARM memory well cooled, so that there is no overheating that can affect the memory. In addition, by having a lower voltage RAM memory, you will be improving the performance of the bandwidth.


When you use a RAM memory you will be able to save certain amounts of data, so if you use a large capacity memory, you will be able to save a large amount of data. The memory capacity is expressed in gigabytes; The higher the number of gigabytes, the more capacity the RAM memory will have.  

It is recommended that before installing your high-capacity memory, you check through the instruction manual what is the exact amount of memory storage you have, in order to make better use of it and get the most out of it.


Another important aspect that RAM memories present is the frequency; so if your memory is of a high frequency, the RAM memory will work better inside your computer, because you will be able to access the data that is in it at a higher speed.


The specifications of any device are important, since they clearly express what and what a certain product is for, how and under what conditions it can be used.

It is of the utmost importance that when using your RAM memory, you take into account its specifications; This allows knowing with which platforms or operating systems it works properly and offers the user the maximum of its benefits, as well as in what type of equipment it can be used, if it accepts the incorporation of memories with these characteristics and thus be able to avoid any inconvenience in as to its operation.

Take into account your needs

Before asking yourself if your RAM is the right one for you, objectively evaluate your usage needs, so that you don’t get carried away by false expectations, being able to identify the type of memory you need to carry out your usual activities on your computer.

Take care of your RAM

To keep the RAM memory inside the computer working optimally, it is convenient that it be placed in a cool, well-ventilated place, at low temperatures that prevent overheating, to facilitate the most optimal performance possible and prevent possible damage.

The most popular brands

It is understandable that many people worry about finding the best possible RAM memory card for any of their electronic devices. Considering that this artifact is what allows certain programs to run correctly, it is a piece of great importance. G. Skill, Kingston and HP are brands that have become famous due to their inventions in the area of ​​technology, so if you want to buy RAM, you could start by looking for products from one of these 3 companies.

One of the best exporters in Taiwan for the technological area has been this company, G. Skill. Specialized in the creation of components and parts for computers and other electronic devices, this brand was born for the first time in 1989, specifically in Taipei.

Although it is a company that has a very wide product catalog, G. Skill has stood out since its inception for its incredible RAM memory cards of all generations. A big reason why many people prefer it is because its DDR4 memories have been the only ones so far that have not been vulnerable to the Rowhammer, making them stand out in the electronic market.

The company already has an international presence on all continents and, being constantly reinvented, it is possible that G. Skill will only continue to grow and gain ground in the electronics market.

Unlike certain brands that have decided to expand their product range to cover a wide market, Kingston has had its clear objective from the beginning: to be a company dedicated to the creation of memory products of all kinds for computers and different devices.

Since 1987, Kingston has proven itself and by creating quality products has been able to reach various corners of the world. Its first factory was based in Munich, Germany, and from then on, the brand continued to grow, achieving recognition in Asia, America and the rest of Europe.

The technological innovation of the products of this brand and the exhaustive security processes that RAM memory cards and Flash memories go through make these devices inspire confidence in buyers, since each small piece has been manufactured with the best materials and under the strictest quality standards.

With more than 3,000 employees around the world and recognition as one of “America’s Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune magazine, Kingston has the foundation to continue growing as a great company specializing in high-quality memory.

Few brands are as well known in the world of technology as HP. Although people know it by its initials, the full name is Hewlett-Packard, the combination of the surnames of its founders: Bill Hewlett and David Packard.

HP’s beginnings date back to 1939, when these two recent Stanford University graduates decided to join forces to build a small business from a garage in California. They began with the creation of oscillators that managed to capture the attention of various clients, including Walt Disney, however, it was not until the end of the 1960s that this company really entered the technological scene with the creation of its first computers.

Recognized for their grandiose design and smart interface, the devices achieved progressive and complete success, thus this company is recognized as one of the pioneers of the Silicon Valley movement. HP’s innovation continues to amaze to this day and today it is one of the best-known companies in the world.

Although RAM memories are small pieces, they also have the same quality that all HP products have. They are totally resistant artifacts made with the latest generation materials to always offer you the best.

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