The 5 Best USB Chargers of 2022

USB Charger – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the best ways to charge different electronic devices quickly and safely is by purchasing a USB charger. This is a versatile product, which can be compatible with a large number of equipment. In this sense, USB chargers are accessories that should not be missing in our home or office, since they are very useful and, depending on the model you choose, you can use it with several devices at the same time. One that might interest you is the Luoatip 45154631, an offer on USB chargers that offers you 2 units in its set. They are medium in size and compatible with several brands, in addition to having an LED band, to find them in the dark. On the other hand, we present the Samsung ETA-U90EWE, this one has a single USB port, but it is special to charge almost any mobile device of the same brand. Also, it runs on 2 Ah, so it’s faster than others.


Buying Guide – What is the best USB charger on the market?

A USB charger is an indispensable device for a large number of electronic devices, since it can be used with smartphones, tablets, music playback equipment, cameras, printers and others. Also, in the market you will find a wide variety of models and brands of these devices, which can complicate the selection. Thinking about this, we have prepared a guide to buy the best USB charger, so you will have the right choice that meets your needs.


By comparing USB chargers, we can tell you that you are going to get different types. Therefore, we recommend that you determine the use that you are going to give it, since the model that you should buy will depend on this. These electronic items are very useful and versatile.

Among the chargers you will find the wall models, designed to be used directly in the outlet. These usually have one or more USB input ports to be used with your electronic devices. They are also varied, there are with or without a charging cable, it depends on the one you choose.

You can also find them for cars. These are highly used today, since they allow you to keep your devices charged and active while driving. In addition, they are useful models for long trips or for those users who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

In the same way, you will find those that are a cable, capable of adapting to multiple devices, such as computers or mobile devices. In addition, they are compact models that you can easily take with you wherever you want, since they do not weigh or take up a lot of space.

On the other hand, there is another type of charger cable that is more versatile, since its connector end is divided into several outputs with different types of charging ports, so you can use it with all the devices you want, from a smartphone to a smartphone. camera.

upload speed

Each charger, as well as each electronic device, has its specifications on the amount of energy they offer. In this case, the most basic ones go from 500 mA to 1500 mA.

This is a very important purchase parameter that you must be clear about before choosing your charger, to avoid damage to your equipment and prolong the useful life of its battery, since if you exceed the indicated measurement, you can damage your device.

Likewise, it is important that you take into account the charging speed, which will be determined by the output current. For this reason, we may notice that our devices charge faster or slower depending on the charger we use. Consequently, the one with an output of 1500mA will be faster than the one with 500mA.

In this sense, it is good to consider that some chargers offer to do the job in much less time than normal and this is where we should pay attention. Although it seems very practical, we may be doing irreversible damage to the battery or to the entire device, therefore, it is necessary to be very sure of the compatibility of the charger with each device.


On the other hand, you will get models that include a charger operation indicator, which will notify you of the state of the charge so that you know if it is working properly.

The place of the indicator is varied, but it is almost always located at the top and is usually a small light, which stays on while you use it. The color it emits will depend on the manufacturer’s brand.

This feature will only be present on some chargers. It is more common in those that have several ports and are connected to an outlet. Some have a very intense light that can be annoying inside the room when sleeping, so it is not recommended to place it near the bed.


You are probably wondering how much a USB charger costs, since the price is a determining factor when purchasing the best model.

In a product as essential and versatile as this, we can say that you will not have problems with the cost, since with the increase in supply and competition between brands, there are cheap models that can easily be adapted to our pocket.

Its price is often related to the type of charger. In addition to this, it is necessary to take into account other important factors, such as, for example, if it supports several devices at the same time or the loading speed it can offer.

The 5 Best USB Chargers – Opinions 2022

Charging our electronic or mobile devices wherever we are is essential, so we must have a good charger. One of the most used and recommended today are USBs due to their practicality, versatility and ease of transport, since they are light and small.

Consequently, we are going to find a wide variety of models on the market, but among the best USB chargers of 2022 are these five models that we are going to detail below. These are the most recommended and those with the highest sales reputation, guaranteeing a successful purchase.

1. Luoatip USB Charger 2 Pack USB Plug

Main advantage:

It is a very practical USB charger with its multiple input ports and comfortable design that, in addition to being ergonomic, facilitates its use when installed in the outlet.

Main disadvantage:

Although the LED light can be very helpful in finding it, it cannot be turned off unless the charger is unplugged from the power source.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Luoatip 45154631 is a set that you might find useful to have as a spare or replacement, should you need a USB charger. Its design is attractive and it has a resistant casing.

See this product on Amazon


Product design

USB chargers have become a practically essential element in the lives of many people, due to the importance of electronic devices today. Therefore, it never hurts to have a few extra chargers.

To avoid inconvenience in case your main charger is lost or damaged, we present the Luoatip set; a set of 2 USB chargers with which you can replace any other, thanks to its practically universal compatibility voltage.

Each unit measures 3.7 x 2.5 x 7 centimeters, allowing them to be carried comfortably in your bag or luggage, and they have an LED strip that surrounds the entire case, which will emit a dim light when connected. This will allow you to easily find them at night when you plug in your phone to charge while you sleep, for example.

available ports

One of the advantages offered by some USB chargers is the variety in the number of input ports, which could provide the device with greater practicality, to be able to charge several devices at the same time.

And that is something that you will be able to appreciate if you acquire the pack offered by the Luoatip team. These chargers each have 2 USB ports, so you can connect up to 4 devices at the same time, to take advantage of the energy to charge your battery.

However, you should know that each port outputs a different voltage to its charger. The upper one will offer 2.1A, while the lower one will be 1A, so you must make sure that the equipment you are going to connect has these connection requirements, either for use or charging.

utility on devices

When evaluating the different options that the market can offer regarding USB chargers, it is very important to take into account the compatibility that they offer, based on the device that you plan to use with it. In this way, you will avoid inconveniences when connecting them to each other.

In the case of the Luoatip 45154631 chargers, we find models specially designed for use with smartphones, since, due to the offered output amperage levels, they are quite efficient with this type of battery.

Specifically, you will be able to use these USB chargers with equipment from brands as varied as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC and LG, for example, providing a wide variety of equipment that can benefit from them.

Also, it should be noted that you could also use them with other electronic equipment such as smartwatches and tablets.

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2. Samsung ETA-U90EWE Mobile Charger

This is one of the cheapest USB chargers today, so we present its most outstanding features. It may be the product you are needing.

It has a USB port with its respective cable. The latter has a micro USB tip at one end that is compatible with various Android phones and tablets; It mainly works for Samsung equipment.

In addition to this, we mention that it is fast to charge your equipment, thanks to the fact that it works with 2 Ah.

On the other hand, this model is compact and lightweight, so you won’t have any problems traveling by plane with it, since it fits in your pocket or carry-on bag. We also mentioned that it is a wall charger, so you can plug it into any outlet without any problem.  

This product may be the best USB charger for 10 euros. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the cheapest accessories on the Internet, the following characteristics could help you make a good choice.


Design: It is white in color and has the common design of Samsung mobile chargers. In addition, its tip to connect to the plug is of the European type.

Efficiency: This product is capable of fully charging any Samsung phone that has a micro USB input.

Amperage: It works with 2 Ah, so you can use it with various equipment that require this charging speed.

Compact: It is one of the smallest chargers on the list, so you can take it with you on a trip without taking up much space in your suitcase.


Cable: It is missing that the cable is longer, since it only measures 1 meter. However, for most buyers this is not a problem.

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3. Ugreen USB Wall Charger with Two Ports

According to some users, this is the best value for money USB charger at the moment, since it does not have a high cost and is capable of charging 2 devices at the same time.

Also noteworthy is that it can charge a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone in just 110 minutes via the 1 Ah USB port and an iPad mini in 180 minutes via the 2.4 Ah output. This means that it exceeds the speed of other chargers in the same category.

In another order of ideas, we can mention that it is white, but the seller offers the same model in black, so you can choose the one you want or the one that best suits your devices.

As if that were not enough, this product will protect your devices from short circuits and overloads, providing greater safety and durability.

This could be the best USB charger brand as Ugreen is one of the leading companies in manufacturing accessories like chargers and cables for various devices. Here are the pros and cons of one of their products.


Ports: It has 2 ports, one of 1 Ah and another of 2.4 Ah, which will be used to charge various devices.

Voltage: Thanks to its 5 V voltage, it is possible to charge various Apple phones, as well as Samsung equipment or others that use the Android operating system.

Technology: It has an intelligent charging system, through which it recognizes the connected device to provide it with adequate energy.

Convenience: Since it is compact you can use it at home, office, workshop or take it on a trip wherever you go.


Accessory: It would be nice if it came with a carrying bag, although this does not affect its functionality.

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4. Rampow Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger 39W Mobile

Rampow PD06EU-ES is a universal capacity charger with which you can replenish the energy in the batteries of your devices, to replace the original adapter if you need it or simply have it spare in the office, for example.

It features an attractive design with good manufacturing finishes and a casing made of plastic, which helps keep it light for transport. It has 2 USB ports to connect equipment, allowing the charging of 2 batteries at the same time. This will help lighten the weight, in case you want to travel with it.

On the other hand, the presence of Quick Charge 3.0 stands out; a technology designed to better harness energy and quickly transfer it from one source to another, making charging processes up to 3 times faster, as offered by other chargers.

Now, if you have been interested in the Rampow charger, you will be able to evaluate some of its advantages and disadvantages in a timely manner, in order to make a smarter purchase decision with greater chances of success:


Technology: The charger uses Quick Charge 3.0 technology to provide a charging speed equal to that of the original adapter.

USB: It offers 2 USB ports, allowing you to connect several devices to the computer at the same time, and thus not have to wait to charge them.

Robust: It presents good manufacturing finishes, in addition to feeling robust in the hand, to connect it with confidence to the wall.

Compatibility: You can use the charger with equipment from different brands, since its voltage output allows it to meet their needs.



Size: One disadvantage of this charger is its size, since it is larger than other models on the market and this causes it to take up more space in the outlet.

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5. Iwavion Quick Charge 3.0 30W USB Charger

From the Iwavion brand we present you an option in USB chargers that could replace several of the adapters that you use on a daily basis with your devices: the QC 3.0 model.

This USB charger is equipped with a total of 4 ports, so that you can connect 4 mobile devices to a single outlet at the same time and, in addition, they can range from smartphones to watches or portable video game consoles.

It has a size of 9.8 x 4.2 x 2.5 centimeters and its weight is approximately 80 grams, details that you should take into account when you want to carry it in your bag, for example.

Its manufacture is of good quality, offering a pleasant and robust touch that, in addition, includes fire-resistant materials, increasing safety in general during the use of the charger.

If you have not been able to make a decision, evaluating the pros and cons of the Iwavion product may help you to know which model of USB charger is best for you:



Ports: It is one of the purchase alternatives that offers the largest number of USB ports, so you will have more options to connect your electronic devices.

Fast: It has a fast charging system with which the battery can be filled in less time, compared to what is offered by other chargers.

Voltage: Provides a stable and powerful output voltage for use with a wide variety of devices, in addition to smartphones.

Safe: It is made of fireproof materials, which provide an extra level of safety, in case the equipment malfunctions or is exposed to flames.



Bulky: Keep in mind that, due to its capacity, the charger is more bulky than other models.

See this product on Amazon

How to use a USB charger

Today the presence of a USB charger is essential to charge any electronic device available at home, as well as your cell phone, whether you use it through a connection to the outlet, the car or even your computer. This product has become indispensable over time thanks to its ease of use and transport.

Well, it should be noted that you could even take it with you wherever you are, in this way, after acquiring yours it will be necessary that you use it properly to be able to enjoy a correct charge, as well as a long useful life, so consider each of our steps to follow will not hurt.

Unpack the USB charger

After receiving your new charger at home, it will be time to unpack it and for this you must take into account the model you have purchased, since it should be noted that since it is a braided nylon USB charger, the most appropriate thing would be to avoid the use of sharp objects to open easily the box where it is supplied.

In this way, you will only have to make sure that the tips are in perfect condition, and if it is a model for connection to the outlet, you should make sure that the ports do not have any type of imperfection.

Proceed to use the USB charger

Now it is time to use the USB charger, and for this you must first take into account the model you have purchased, since some are designed to supply the necessary energy through its connection through an outlet, while others are suitable for charging your devices while you are at your computer or even inside the car.

In this sense, if your charger is a wall charger, it means that you must connect it to the outlet closest to your location, and then you must have the appropriate cable to connect the cell phone, tablet or any device you want to charge.

Depending on the number of ports you have at your disposal, you will be able to charge several devices at the same time without any inconvenience, taking into account that some ports are specialized in fast charging, while the others supply slow charges, all depending on your needs. needs.

On the other hand, we have USB chargers made up of a cable that is generally braided with nylon to guarantee safety and considerable durability. These are also super easy to use even to charge your devices from your computer or laptop without any inconvenience.

Finally, if the charger you chose is designed only for use in the car, all you have to do is locate the available input on it, connect it and that’s it, automatically when the car is on it will be able to provide you with the energy you need to connect your cell phone and charge it properly.

Take your USB charger with you

A great advantage offered by this type of chargers is that they are totally portable, that is, you can have access to an easy charging process wherever you go as long as you have the necessary resources, the important thing is based on the comfort of to be able to carry said charger with you.

In this sense, you can comfortably store it in your purse, bag or even your university backpack without any inconvenience, what we do recommend is that you manage to keep it in a case where it does not make contact with the other accessories that you carry in your luggage. Well, only then could you avoid any damage with the cable or the different ports present in the charger.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Rampow Cargador de Movil USB de Pared

Ventaja principal:

Este cargador USB consta de cuatro puertos para que puedas cargar al mismo tiempo diferentes dispositivos. Gracias a una potencia de 34 vatios, la batería de tu smartphone, tableta y demás estará lista en poco tiempo.

Desventaja principal:

De acuerdo a un usuario, el ruido que emite este cargador mientras está en funcionamiento podría llegar a molestar durante las horas de sueño.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Se trata de un artilugio estupendo que supone un verdadero ahorro de espacio al evitar tener que llevarse varios cargadores, por ejemplo, en un viaje. Como tiene tres clavijas de diferentes partes del mundo, es apto para el extranjero también.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Gran potencia

Además de ser universal y, por tanto, compatible con dispositivos electrónicos de las marcas más destacadas del mercado, este cargador USB llama la atención por su extraordinaria potencia. En concreto, ofrece 34 vatios, con una salida total de 6,8 amperios.

Se trata, por tanto, de un artículo que no solo vela por el tiempo del usuario (gracias a que carga las baterías de los dispositivos rápidamente), sino que también cuida de la vida de las baterías. En este sentido, ofrece hasta 2,4 amperios por puerto, óptimos para cualquier dispositivo.

El voltaje de este modelo se sitúa entre los 100 y 240 vatios, lo que significa que es compatible con enchufes estándar tanto de la Unión Europea, como de Estados Unidos y Reino Unido. Es más, este artículo incluye los adaptadores de estos países para que puedas usarlo en casi cualquier lugar del mundo.


Este cargador USB está dotado de un total de cuatro puertos, lo que significa que el usuario podrá cargar varios dispositivos electrónicos al mismo tiempo. Esto se traduce en un mayor ahorro de tiempo, aunque también de espacio, pues no tendrá que llevar consigo varios cargadores.

En concreto, este modelo cuenta con dos puertos 1A indicados para enchufar teléfonos móviles y/o smartphones y dos puertos 2,4A dirigidos a la carga de tabletas e iPads. Ya que cada puerto está señalado con un color, resulta muy sencillo identificar cuál es el adecuado para cada dispositivo.

De este modo, tendrás la certeza de que cada dispositivo electrónico estará sometido a la carga óptima. No en vano, las salidas 1A están indicadas para aquellos teléfonos que requieren una carga más lenta. Por supuesto, siempre habrá que seguir las directrices del fabricante.

Diseño compacto

Una de las ventajas de este cargador USB es su formato compacto y, por tanto, apto para trasladar de un sitio a otro sin complicaciones. Tiene unas dimensiones de 7,2 x 4,8 x 3 cm y un peso de 145 gramos, lo que quiere decir que podrás llevarlo en el bolso o en la mochila para utilizar cuando más lo necesites. Incluso, es apropiado para guardar en el bolsillo.

El cargador es de color negro y presenta un diseño robusto ideal para almacenar en la maleta sin temor a que pueda dañarse. De hecho, este modelo está dotado de circuitos internos de la máxima calidad y resistentes al fuego.

Asimismo, incluye un indicador de luz LED de color azul que confirma que el cargador está funcionando de manera correcta. Esta luz es tan tenue que no molesta a la hora de dormir.

Aukey Adaptador de coche Salida DC 5V

Este cargador USB para coche trae 4 puertos diferentes, por lo que resulta funcional para viajar a donde desees sin preocuparte por la carga de tus dispositivos electrónicos. Tiene un rendimiento de 2.4 A en cada una de las entradas si se utilizan simultáneamente. Su potencia es de 48 W, lo que ayuda a que sea rápido y eficiente en cada uso.

Es muy ligero y compacto, por eso no tendrás que preocuparte de llevarlo contigo a donde quieras porque puedes guardarlo en cualquier compartimiento del coche, sin ocupar demasiado espacio. Es compatible con muchos dispositivos móviles, tales como celulares inteligentes y tabletas.

Cuenta con un sistema de protección de sobrecalentamientos y sobrecarga de corriente, por lo que tus equipos siempre estarán seguros cuando lo estés usando. Trae incluida una luz para que estés pendiente de su funcionamiento.

Si no sabes qué cargador USB comprar, el Aukey CC-01 podría ser la respuesta más apropiada. Te invitamos a revisar sus principales aspectos positivos y negativos, los cuales te presentamos en este apartado.


Tipo: Es un cargador para coche, el cual puedes conectar con facilidad en el encendedor de cigarrillos.

Tecnología: Cuenta con la tecnología AiPower, que reconoce el tipo de carga que requiere cada dispositivo conectado, para mayor precisión y seguridad en su funcionamiento.

Color: Tiene un color negro con la marca estampada, lo que significa que combinará con la mayoría de coches.


Dimensiones: Es un poco grande, pero esto lo compensa el hecho de que tiene 4 puertos para cargar diversos dispositivos a la vez.

USB: Sería bueno que viniera con algún cable USB, sin embargo, por el precio que tiene, esto no representa una desventaja para muchos compradores.

Rampow Cargador de Movil USB de Pared

Este puede ser el mejor cargador USB de la lista, ya que cuenta con 4 puertos para que puedas emplearlos con tus dispositivos. Dos de ellos están indicados para 1 A, los cuales  permiten mantener carga lenta, así como mantener cargados algunos dispositivos.

Por su parte, los dos puertos para 2.4 A ofrecen la función de carga rápida. Además, podrás identificarlos fácilmente gracias a que vienen marcados con los colores gris y rojo.

Tiene una potencia de 34 W, con salida total de 6.8 A. Posee diversos mecanismos de protección para evitar daños en los equipos que conectes. Cuenta con un indicador LED de funcionamiento, el cual viene discretamente ubicado y es de luz suave, para evitar que de noche se puedan iluminar los espacios donde lo estés usando.

Es compatible con diversos equipos electrónicos, desde celulares inteligentes de diferentes marcas hasta tabletas. Es muy pequeño y ligero, por lo que será sencillo llevarlo en tus viajes o salidas de casa.

Según algunos compradores, este es el mejor cargador USB del momento, porque posee varios puertos donde podrás conectar dispositivos de diferentes tipos, como teléfonos y tabletas.


Cantidad: Tiene 4 puertos, lo que hace muy práctica la tarea de cargar tus diferentes dispositivos electrónicos compatibles.

Velocidad: Es capaz de cargar con mayor rapidez a través de los 2 puertos de 2,4 Ah. Además, posee 2 salidas de 1 Ah, las cuales hacen esta tarea más lenta, lo cual resulta muy útil para algunos teléfonos cuyos fabricantes recomiendan este tipo de carga.

Tipo: Se trata de un cargador para pared o enchufe de corriente común, así que lo podrás conectar en cualquier parte de la casa sin inconvenientes.

Portabilidad: Es un cargador USB compacto que podrás llevar de un lado a otro con facilidad, ya que cabe en el bolsillo o algún pequeño compartimento de la mochila.


Peso: Según algunos usuarios que lo han comprado, este cargador pesa un poco, 145 g, pero esto lo compensa la calidad de sus materiales y el número de puertos que trae.

MaGeek CH201-291

Si te preguntas cuál es el mejor cargador USB, quizá el MaGeek CH201-291 sea la respuesta adecuada, ya que funciona con tecnología UniCharge, es decir, detecta automáticamente el tipo de dispositivo móvil que conectas a él, para darle la energía o velocidad de carga adecuada.

Además, es importante decir que sirve con equipos de la marca Apple, Samsung, HTC, entre otras, así que no te quedarás sin compatibilidad con este cargador.

Por otro lado, mencionamos que trae dos puertos de 2,4 Ah en total. Esto lo hace bastante útil, ya que podrás cargar dos dispositivos a la vez.

Y en cuanto al diseño, podemos destacar su color blanco con la marca MaGeek estampada en su carcasa de plástico. Asimismo, tiene un conector europeo, de modo que resulta compatible con la mayoría de los enchufes que tenemos en la casa u oficina de trabajo.

Es producto óptimo que ha satisfecho las necesidades de algunos usuarios, de manera que revisar sus cualidades positivas y negativas podría ayudarte a elegir un buen producto.


Inteligencia: Detecta automáticamente el dispositivo que conectes para proporcionarle la carga adecuada.

Compatibilidad: Podrás usarlo para cargar teléfonos, tabletas, equipos de Apple como iPhone y iPad, entre otros, de manera que es bastante práctico.

Amperaje: Alcanza hasta 2,4 Ah cargando dos dispositivos a la vez, de modo que hará este proceso de manera rápida.


Materiales: Es de plástico, pero

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