The 5 Best Wireless Mobile Chargers of 2022

Wireless mobile charger – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Mobile devices have become essential in the daily life of many people; and constant charging of their batteries is essential to keep them running. This is such a recurring activity that today there are portable alternatives such as adapters and power banks. But, for those who want to go a little further, there are wireless chargers. Although they may be a little more expensive than the common ones, these models have taken advantage of ergonomics as a strong point of comparison. To help you decide which one to buy, we have chosen two recommended models: one of them is the YooTech ES-F500, a widely compatible Qi-certified wireless charger for mobile phones. Besides, it can also charge Airpods docks. On the other hand, the Seneo PA046AB chargerIt allows you to fully charge a phone in approximately 2.5 hours and offers an intuitive design, which will help you to use it easily at home.



Buying guide – What is the best wireless mobile charger on the market?

Nowadays, most people have a mobile phone in their pocket that constantly needs its battery to be charged and people do not always have access to a plug. Currently, due to its use, the battery life of the phones is quite short, which causes the inconvenience of a large part of the customers.

For this reason, wireless mobile chargers were created, which are a great help for those who need to have a longer battery life. Here we bring you a guide to buy the best wireless mobile charger, with several very important criteria.

Through the comparison of wireless mobile chargers we have been able to develop a guide, identifying the aspects that users request the most, among which is the charging time and how much it costs.

Loading time

One of the first things users look at in wireless mobile chargers, aside from how cheap it is, is how fast it can charge their mobile phone. When a phone can be charged in just a couple of hours, customers are very attracted.

There are many different chargers. The fastest ones can charge a full battery in just over an hour, but there are others that can take a little longer. There are even chargers whose charging time depends on the mobile phone with which it is being used, because not all batteries have the same size, they cannot be charged at the same time.

Before the purchase, it is advisable to see what is the capacity of the charger to complete the battery of the specific mobile phone in which it is going to be used. Manufacturers generally indicate the corresponding charging time for each compatible mobile phone.


It is essential that before buying a wireless mobile charger, you know if it will be compatible with the mobile with which the charger is going to be used. Many of these chargers can often be used by a vast number of mobile phones, often from the larger brands.

Also, you have to see specifically if it will work for the mobile phone model, because the brands have different creations that can have different designs when it comes to batteries. The highest rated chargers by customers tend to be able to work with a large number of mobile phones, so this should not be a major problem at the time of purchase; it just requires a little more attention.


Generally, when computers are charging, they can be used comfortably, just by having the additional presence of a cable. In the case of wireless mobile chargers, convenience is one of the most important features, because the idea of ​​using these chargers is to be able to use the phone while charging. For such a charger to be comfortable, it must be of the right weight and size, as well as a pleasing shape.

The external design of the chargers must correspond in a certain way to the mobile phone, so that while it is held in the hand, it is not unpleasant or annoying. Also, if the charger is extremely heavy, it can make it very annoying to use, which has been a factor for many users to reject various models. Therefore, it is important to know the weight and size of the chargers before buying any model.

Possibility of overload

One of the factors that most harms wireless mobile chargers is when it has just been charged and continues to work. When this happens, many chargers end up deteriorating and reducing their useful life. When using these chargers, users must be careful to unplug it after the full battery charge is complete, which means spending more time.

For this reason, most users today prefer wireless mobile chargers that do not decrease their lifespan after overcharging. That is, there are many chargers on the market that can remain in operation after the charge is finished without representing any type of problem for the development of the useful life.

This allows people to relax in the use of the equipment and not have to be supervising when the mobile phone is just charging, which provides more time and comfort.

The 5 Best Wireless Mobile Chargers – Opinions 2022

Wireless mobile chargers are extremely useful products that allow a mobile phone to charge its battery at any time and place. But knowing which is the best wireless mobile charger to buy is not usually an easy task, especially if you do not have knowledge on the matter.

For this reason, we bring you a list of those that, in the opinion of users, are the best wireless mobile chargers of 2022, using different criteria such as the comfort you have using them, how cheap they are and the time it takes to charge. to the mobile phone.

1. YooTech Fast Wireless Charger 7.5W for iPhone

From the YooTech brand we have for you a wireless charger that could be more practical than you imagine, when you need to take care of your mobile phone’s battery.

The ES-F500 is lightweight, compact, and has multiple voltage outputs for use with various devices, including smartphones and wireless headsets.

Specifically, the device offers outputs of 5W, 7.5W and 10W, which is necessary when placing equipment from other brands on it. With these levels, the charger can work with Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia and many more mobile phones.

On the other hand, it is also remarkable that you can use it with devices with covers, and even with mobile charging stations such as the one used by Apple Airpods, Samsung Buds or Google Buds.

YooTech’s wireless charger could be among the favorites of users and now we invite you to learn more about some of its most relevant aspects, in case you don’t know if it’s worth buying or not:


Design: YooTech equipment is modern and attractively designed to match your other electronic devices.

Light: Although it has light and indicators, the charger is responsible for deactivating them to avoid causing discomfort at night.

Devices: You will be able to use the charger with mobile phone batteries, tablets and even Airpods, thanks to its power transmission capacity.

Compatibility: It is compatible with devices of various brands and versions, allowing you to take full advantage of its capacity and functions.



Time: It may take a little longer to fully charge the battery compared to what is required if you connect the device to a USB cable.

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2. Seneo Qi Wireless Charger

Wide compatibility is one of the main features that stand out about the wireless mobile charger for iphone 6 Seneo PA046AB, because it can charge all kinds of Samsung brand phones, as well as Nokia, Motorola, LG, among many others.

In addition to that, comfort is another of the most important features, since this charger only starts to work when the mobile phone is placed on it, being able to charge horizontally and vertically without the need to connect any cable.

Also, the mobile phone can be used smoothly while charging, which makes it easier to use and more comfortable than other similar products. The charging status is indicated by an LED light, so you can see from a distance when the phone is ready to use.

If you don’t know which wireless mobile charger to buy and you prefer a vertical charging model, this model has a different and attractive design, to make charging safe and effective.


Support: The vertical support loading system, similar to an exhibitor, reduces the risk of the terminal falling compared to flat loading models. In addition, it allows you to use the phone while charging.

Fast charging: The fast charging system with QI technology allows this charging process to be accelerated up to 2 times compared to normal.

Versatile orientation: If you want to watch a movie while the mobile is charging, you can do so, since the model supports charging both vertically and horizontally.


Plug: As usual, the plug is not included, so it will be necessary to use another USB plug that you have at home.

iPhone charging: Since iPhone models do not incorporate a full charge indicator, the included LED does not notify this detail either.

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3. AGPTek 15W Fast Wireless Charger Qi Wireless

Now we are faced with the product offered by the AGPTek brand; a wireless charger with a discreet and elegant design, which you can use on a daily basis with your smartphone.

This model has a size of 8 x 8 x 0.6 centimeters and a weight of just 130 grams approximately, making it easy to install on the nightstand to keep it close at hand and charge the phone before sleeping.

It is made with a structure made of glass and metal, which give it a robust feel, so you can use it comfortably wherever you are. Also, this makes it attractive, elegant and gives it a polished finish.

As for its capacity, the AGPTek charger can generate up to 15W, allowing you to use it with equipment of different makes and models, without having to sacrifice charging time.

If you consider both the pros and cons of the wireless charger of your interest, it will be easier for you to choose which one to buy:


Discreet: This model has a compact and discreet design, which will allow you to easily install it on your nightstand or desk, to have it at hand when you need it.

Materials: It has good quality manufacturing materials, which are also resistant, to enjoy the benefits of the charger for a long time.

Indicators: It is equipped with several light indicators to let you know the status of the charger, whether it is in process or has completed the cycle.

Brands: It offers compatibility with several well-known brands, among which Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Apple, Xiaomi and many more stand out.



Positioning: When placing the mobile on top of the charger, you must make sure that it is in the correct position, otherwise, the charging process will not start.

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4. Belkin BoostCharge 15W Wireless Charger

Belkin offers you a simple but well-functioning wireless charger that you can keep handy on your desk to keep your phone’s battery topped up.

The device is Qi-certified for wireless charging, so you can use it with complete confidence on your mobile phone. It generates an output of 15W and can be used with Apple, Samsung, Google devices and more.

Reviewing its design, the charger has a size of 13 x 4.2 x 10.4 centimeters with a weight of 200 grams, being small enough not to get in the way on the table, but offering the necessary space to easily place the phone or the charging case.

In addition to this, it is highlighted that the equipment can charge batteries through the case, and its coating will provide a good grip, to prevent the device from slipping by accident.

Before choosing which model of wireless charger to spend your money on, consider Belkin’s product:


Design: The model that Belkin offers you has a discreet and elegant style, but serious and professional at the same time, so that it looks good when installed on your desk, for example.

Coating: It has a non-slip and soft-touch material coating, which will help keep your phone in place during the entire charging process.

Cover: The charger is capable of emitting its energy through covers with a maximum thickness of up to 3 millimeters, avoiding compatibility problems when using it.

Certificate: It has its respective certificate for the use of Qi technology in the process of charging mobile device batteries, guaranteeing their safety.



Adapter: The purchase does not include the wall power adapter, so you will have to use it with the computer or purchase it separately.

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5. Nillkin Wireless Car Charger

Finding a wireless charger for an Apple brand mobile phone is usually not the easiest thing in the world. But there are many good quality products like Nillkin CM-WCP II which is a wireless mobile charger for iPhone 6.

Although it is not among the cheapest options, this charger is very versatile because it also has an option for the phone to be charged in the car.

It is also compatible with all Qi products, and for it to work it will be necessary to insert a cable into the mobile phone and another one that can also be connected in the car, this being one of its options for which users prefer it. require.

For those who need a wireless charger for the car, this model has that capacity and everything you need to dispense with charging cables even inside your vehicle.


Magnetic fastening: The magnetic fastening system prevents the phone from falling, also keeping it in a comfortable position for use during the route.

Support : The product also serves as a conventional support, so that when the mobile is charged, the charging process is interrupted. Something you can also do by unplugging the charging cable.


Compatibility: The product is compatible with all types of equipment, although for terminals that are not iPhone it is necessary to add some elements to the mobile, which come with the product.

Mounting the bracket: The bracket must be mounted on one of the car’s vents, so be careful when using the heating or air conditioning.

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How to use a wireless mobile charger

The practicality offered by wireless connections has invited companies to develop solutions of this type for different needs and now charging your mobile phone without the need for a plug as we knew it is a reality. Here’s more information on how to use these handy devices.

Identifies an outlet for the charger

Whether you are going to connect the charger in the car or at home, you will need a plug to transmit power to the charging base and generate the electromagnetic field responsible for transmitting power to your mobile. Verify that this outlet is working and simply plug the cord from the outlet into the base of the wireless charger.

Make sure the charging base is free of insulating film

It is common for the manufacturer to cover some surfaces of the charging base with a protective film, usually made of plastic. Eliminate these protections so that they do not interfere with the magnetic field and the load can be transmitted properly.

Place the mobile on the base

If your mobile is compatible with Qi technology, then you only need to place the smartphone on the charging base, taking care that it makes good contact. Subsequently, it verifies that the load is actually being carried out.

There are no restrictions on whether you can use your phone while the battery is being restored, so answering a call or viewing your messages, among other things, is allowed.

Use of covers

It is likely that you use a protective case for your mobile, this is not usually an impediment for charging bases unless they have elements in their composition that interfere with magnetic fields, however, it must be taken into account that the further away it is mobile phone from the base, charging may be affected causing the transfer to be slower.

For this reason, if your cover is very thick, the difference could be noticeable. However, it is your decision to remove or not this protection while you load.

Quickly set the load

If your charging base provides you with the function of charging your mobile quickly, you need to verify some information so that you can effectively enjoy this function.

On the one hand, you must go to the configuration section of the smartphone to confirm that this type of load has been selected. In addition, you will also need to make sure you use a power adapter that provides fast charging; if either part is missing, you won’t notice any difference between a normal charge and a fast charge.

Disconnect the charging base

When you are not using the charging base, it is best to disconnect it from the electrical network, this will not only avoid unnecessary energy consumption, but it can also extend the life of your wireless charger and can protect it against voltage changes that could introduce oneself.

The most popular brands

Wireless mobile chargers offer you adequate operation to recharge your cell phone’s battery as many times as necessary without any inconvenience. In this way, you could not miss any of these among your belongings. That is why at the time of purchase you could take into account some brands such as UGREEN, PICTEK and CHOETECH so that you can have at your disposal a wide range of options to carry out your purchase easily, quickly and safely.

Ugreen is a brand specialized in the production of articles aimed at providing professional audio and video connectivity solutions, as well as multimedia converters. It was founded in 2009 and since then it has been in charge of satisfying the needs of each person.

In the beginning, this brand offered OEM/ODM services specially designed for international brands. In addition, they also offer online channels such as Jingdong Mall and Tmall.

In this way, in 2012, taking into account all the needs of each client, they decided to integrate themselves in the development and design of all those products that maintained more demand in the market.

All this with the help of its faithful engineers, always focused on the mission of developing improvements that would contribute to the production of a suitable and quality product that, of course, would offer an excellent hearing and visual experience.

Due to the constant innovation that the company maintains, in terms of creating its best products, it should be noted that it has been recognized in the market as an integral brand.

Among so many brands available on the market, PICTEK is characterized by offering the excellence and quality you need for each choice you decide to make.

In this sense, it is responsible for the manufacture, distribution and sale of products for the whole family such as keyboards, wireless charging items, exclusive lines such as White noise, even different types of mouse so that you can use the computer properly.

It should be noted that thanks to the reliability offered by this company, there are more than 5 million users who visit its physical stores and more than a million who make purchases via the internet through the different internet sales pages such as eBay and Amazon.

Best of all, it deals with the types of services that the brand provides to please each client, since, in addition to being innovative, they help to considerably facilitate the lives of each of these by dispatching their products with their Fast Delivery service if you wish or Fast Track in the store.

CHOETECH has been providing its services to the general public for about 6 years, however it has maintained an excellent position thanks to the quality it provides in each product it thinks, designs, manufactures and sells.

Thus, its foundation has been in 2013 and since then it has offered high-tech products such as USB cables, chargers, digital AV devices, USB 3.0 connectivity devices. Likewise, it has headphones for sale, as well as other mobile accessories.

In this sense, its specialization has to do with 3C products, that is, with those items of a computer, communication and consumer electronics nature. It should be noted that this brand is duly registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, therefore, its products are reliable and appropriate to meet your needs.

For its part, to pamper each of its most demanding customers, like other brands, it also has certifications or authorizations that make each of its items the most recommended for extensive, comfortable and safe use. without any inconvenience.

» Review information from previous years

Ugreen Cargador Inalámbrico Rápido 10W QI

Ventaja principal:

Para evitar que tu teléfono se sobrecargue y la batería se deteriore, este cargador se desconecta de forma automática cuando ya la batería ha alcanzado la carga máxima que necesita.

Desventaja principal:

Una desventaja de este producto es que el cable que viene con él es algo corto, por lo tanto, tendrás que dejarlo cerca de un tomacorriente para poder utilizarlo, sino tendrás que usar el cable de tu teléfono.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Este producto además de ser portátil, también destaca por proveer cargas seguras a las baterías de varios dispositivos móviles, ya sean Android o iOS.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Cargas 100% seguras

Uno de los componentes más propensos a dañarse son las baterías. Ya sea porque las cargues más tiempo del necesario, las utilices mientras cargas tu móvil o descargues aplicaciones que consuman mucha batería, estas se deterioran con facilidad y tarde o temprano tendrás que cambiarlas.

Para evitar este inconveniente, este cargador tiene una tecnología que desconecta el artefacto de manera automática para impedir que se siga cargando después de haber alcanzado su carga máxima.

Otro problema que puede ocurrir es una sobretensión debido a tomacorrientes que estén dañados o por un mal contacto; sin embargo, este producto está fabricado con un sistema de protección múltiple, de esa manera, podrá protegerse a sí mismo y también al móvil de dañarse cuando estas situaciones sucedan. Este tipo de protección puede preservar la vida útil de la batería y evitar que la cambies con tanta frecuencia.

Versatilidad y carga rápida

Este cargador portátil funciona con casi cualquier teléfono móvil si tienen QI integrado o un receptor para permitir la carga inalámbrica; no obstante, hay algunos dispositivos que aprovecharán la carga de mejor manera, pues el cargador ha sido fabricado para ellos.

Estos dispositivos son los Samsung S desde el 6 hasta el 8+, el Note 8 y 5, los iPhone desde el 8 hasta el X y diversos modelos LG y Xiaomi. Además de eso, este artefacto posee 2 funciones de carga, un modo de carga rápida y un modo de carga estándar.

El primer modo con potencia de 10 W carga 1.4 veces más rápido que otros cargadores portátiles y puede ser utilizado por los modelos Note 8 y 5 y los móviles Samsung desde el modelo S6 hasta el S8+. El segundo modo posee una potencia de carga estándar de 5W, una potencia apropiada para todos los dispositivos que tengan el QI integrado.

Diseño compacto con luces

Si no quieres prender la pantalla de tu móvil cada vez que necesites verificar cuánta carga le falta a tu batería, no necesitarás hacerlo. Este cargador posee una luz LED inteligente que te indicará el estado de la carga y cuando tu batería ya esté con carga máxima.

Si eres de los que deja su teléfono cargando por las noches, esta luz no te molestará para dormir, pues es una luz suave que no iluminará más de lo necesario.

Este cargador tiene unas dimensiones de 10 x 10 x 0,1 centímetros y pesa únicamente 249 gramos, por lo tanto, es un artefacto ligero y pequeño que podrás llevar donde quieras y a cualquier lugar.

No sentirás que lo llevas contigo porque no sentirás un peso excesivo. Tampoco tendrás que preocuparte porque se dañe con facilidad mientras lo usas o lo llevas, pues está hecho con materiales resistentes como el metal y el plástico.

Pictek Qi Cargador Inalámbrico Portátil

El Pictek PA013A es otra de las grandes opciones que hay en el mercado. Este cargador de móvil inalámbrico universal indica el estado de su carga a través de un indicador LED blanco muy suave, que no representa ningún impacto visual.

La comodidad tiene un alto valor en el caso de este cargador móvil, debido a que tampoco se requieren cables USB o de otro tipo, pues el teléfono móvil comienza a cargarse solo después de ponerse encima del mismo.

Tampoco existe riesgo de caída, porque es antideslizante. Funciona con todos los dispositivos móviles compatibles con el sistema Qi. Sus medidas son de 15 x 2 x 10.9 cm y su peso asciende a los 118 gramos, lo que hace que los usuarios se sientan confortables al uso.

Dado que no hay acuerdo a la hora de decidir cuál es la mejor marca de cargadores de móvil inalámbricos, resulta difícil ver cuál deberíamos elegir. En todo caso, con modelos como este tienes alternativas interesantes dentro de los modelos más baratos del momento.


Material antideslizante: El material antideslizante evita que el móvil se deslice de la base y, por tanto, pueda caerse durante el proceso de carga.

Iluminación LED: Para darle una imagen diferente, el producto dispone de una bonita iluminación con un anillo exterior, dándole un toque sutil al producto.


Eficiencia: La eficiencia de carga es del 75% aproximadamente, lo que es algo más reducido que en otros modelos del mercado, demorando el proceso de carga.

Compatibilidad: Algún usuario comenta que ha tenido problemas con la compatibilidad del sistema de carga del producto, aunque solo en ciertos móviles aislados.

Ugreen Cargador Inalámbrico Rápido 10W QI

Si estás buscando el mejor cargador de móvil inalámbrico, el UGREEN 30570 es una gran opción que debes tener en cuenta. Su tecnología es una de las más apreciadas por los usuarios, debido a que funciona bajo el sistema QC 2.0, que puede cargar hasta 1.4 veces más rápido que otro tipo de cargadores inalámbricos.

Aunque tiene esta opción veloz, también le ofrece a sus usuarios una carga moderada, que es de cinco vatios. Está protegido de la sobrecarga, por lo que puede permanecer conectado después de que la carga finaliza sin que eso implique ningún daño considerable.

Sus medidas son 10 x 10 x 0.1 cm y su peso es de 272 gramos, así que tanto su traslado como su manipulación en general son bastante cómodas. El diseño es circular y de color negro, por lo que tiene un aspecto neutro ideal para este tipo de aparatos.

Para quien quiera conocer el mejor cargador de móvil inalámbrico del mercado, este producto es un buen candidato. Algo que seguramente puedas valorar mejor conociendo más sobre sus características.


Sistema de carga rápida: El sistema de carga rápida mejora la mejora la velocidad y reduce el tiempo de espera, con una carga de hasta 1,4 veces más rápida de lo habitual.

Superficie de contacto: El diseño circular de la base, de 10 centímetros de diámetro, facilita colocar el móvil sobre la misma, al tiempo que permite llevarla con sencillez a donde quieras.

Seguro: El cargador dispone de medidas de seguridad como protección contra el exceso de tensión o la sobrecarga, evitando así daños tanto al móvil como al propio cargador.

Indicador LED: El indicador LED inteligente te indica el estado de carga del producto, teniendo un diseño sutil que no molesta a la vista.


Enchufe: Por buscarle un pero, el producto no incluye el enchufe a la corriente, por lo que es necesario disponer del propio enchufe a red de nuestro cargador.

Choetech Cargador Inalámbrico Rápido Wireless

Si lo que estás es buscando el mejor cargador de móvil inalámbrico de relación calidad precio, es muy posible que el CHOETECH T511 sea una de tus mejores alternativas. Lo que más destaca es que es fácil de usar, debido a que no se conectan cables al teléfono móvil y funciona con todos los dispositivos Qi.

La seguridad y el aumento de la vida útil también son unas de las principales cualidades de este producto, debido a que puede seguir conectado después de que finalizó la carga sin disminuir su vida útil.

Al mismo tiempo, tiene unas gomas antideslizantes que se sitúan en la parte central del cargador de móvil inalámbrico

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