The 6 Best Electronic Cigarettes of 2022

Electronic Cigarette – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

The electronic cigarette has become a good alternative to the conventional cigarette, generally healthier. For this reason, more and more users are diving among the best electronic cigarettes of 2022, either to live their first vaping experience or to renew their device. Whatever your case, surely you are looking for quality models that offer you pleasant sensations. Sensations like those generated by the Vaptio Tyro KIT model. We are talking about a complete and very easy to use electronic cigarette, with an adjustment for the amount of steam, a 1,500 mAh battery and a pleasant performance. Also interesting is the Joyetech Ego AIO model, a simple and affordable cigarette that is very suitable for newcomers to this world.

The 6 Best Electronic Cigarettes – Opinions 2022

When it comes to quitting tobacco, all help is little. And there are many smokers who have managed to kick the habit thanks to electronic cigarettes. Obviously, buying one of these products is not enough, but it is true that with willpower and your help, everything will be much easier. Surely that is why you are interested in knowing which is the best electronic cigarette you can find. And since we care about you, we make it easy for you with this selection in which you may come across the best electronic cigarette according to your preferences.

Electronic cigarette without nicotine

1. Vaptio Tyro KIT 1500mAh 25W All in One Cigarette

Anyone who needs an electronic cigarette without nicotine and is looking for a quality product just has to turn to the Vaptio Tyro model. This complete kit includes everything you need to enjoy a pleasant experience and suitable for newcomers to this world. 

Among its features is a maximum power of 25 watts and an adjustable airflow unit. These two elements allow you to customize the output of smoke and obtain a good result when taking each puff. A process in which it is also easy to fill the inner tank with your liquid, much simpler and cleaner than in other models on the market, where it is necessary to disassemble half the vape for that filling. 

As for the battery, it has a capacity of 1500 mAh, so you have enough energy throughout the day.

Enjoy a comfortable and easy smoke thanks to the improved design of this Vaptio product.


Simple design : This model is very easy to use and therefore suitable for newcomers to the world of vaping.

Air Adjustment : The air intake adjustment allows you to customize the amount of smoke generated in the process.

Autonomy : The battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh, to enjoy long days of use without recharging.

Colors : Accounts with various colors and exterior finishes to choose the one you like best.

Maintenance : Both filling and changing elements are very simple, compared to other products with a more complex design.


Peak Power : Peak power may fall short for more experienced users.

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Ego Electronic Cigarette

2. Joyetech Ego AIO Complete Kit Tobacco Free

Among the cheapest options we have found on the market we have the Joyetech Ego AIO electronic cigarette. A complete set that has a 1,500 milliamp battery and a 2-milliliter atomizer with an anti-leak design that prevents bothersome liquid loss.

Therefore, this is a cheap electronic cigarette on the market, being highly recommended for beginners who want to start successfully in this world. For this, it also has a simple assembly and loading system, which avoids the complications of the most advanced models. Regarding the load, it is done with the usual USB cable, taking approximately four or five hours to fully charge.

If you don’t know which electronic cigarette to buy and you prefer to start with the cheap models, read the characteristics of this product, which stands out in this segment.


Leak-free design: The design of the cigarette is completely sealed, so you will not have problems with liquid leaks, as happens with other models on the market.

Adjustable output: This model allows, in a simple way, to regulate the amount of smoke that we want to generate when vaping, thus personalizing the behavior of the process.

Compact : This cigarette is very compact and you can comfortably carry it wherever you want.


For beginners: Due to its characteristics, it is possible that the product falls short for those users who already have some experience with this type of device.

Power: Some user comments that the power of the product is somewhat tighter than it should be, although this is more of a personal matter for each person.

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IQOS electronic cigarette

3. Iqos Kit 3 Duo Gold Opk 1

This device works with Heets cigarettes, which are healthier than ordinary cigarettes, since once inserted into the device they do not generate combustion, which helps reduce smoke production. In addition, it offers a long battery life that allows you to smoke up to 20 cigarettes before charging the device again.

Also, you should know that this IQOS electronic cigarette offers an innovative technology that increases efficiency. In this sense, it gives you the possibility of taking two consecutive hits without having to wait, so it can be a good option for experienced smokers.

On the other hand, it is a complete package that has 10 cleaning swabs to keep the compartment for inserting Heets cigarettes in good condition. It also includes a storage case that, in turn, allows you to charge the device with the use of a USB charger.

An electronic cigarette must provide practicality and high technology, as is the case with this IQOS brand model. Let’s review its most outstanding features in detail.


Drafts: Allows you to make two puffs continuously, which increases its functionality.

Cleaning: Includes 10 swabs to clean the internal compartment where the cigarettes are inserted, which increases durability.

Design: It offers an attractive metallic structure in gold, but it is possible to get it in blue, white and black presentations.


Nicotine: It is only compatible with Heets cigarettes, which, although healthier than traditional cigarettes, still contain nicotine, which is why they are addictive.

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electronic cigarette kit

4. Ezee Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit 

For those who prefer a traditional cut cigarette, this Ezee proposal will be very interesting. We are talking about a kit made up of a cigarette and three disposable charges, with which to enjoy a pleasant menthol flavor. A product that avoids nicotine and any other harmful ingredient, so that you gain health while continuing to enjoy the experience of a cigarette. 

As an advantage, this cigarette does not need buttons, but it is enough to gently inhale for the device to be activated conveniently. To achieve these sensations, the cigarette includes a USB rechargeable battery of almost 300 mAh, so it also offers good durability. 

And the best thing is that, due to its design, you can take it anywhere comfortably, since it barely weighs 20 grams and is the size of a conventional cigarette.

Discover an alternative to the most classic, compact and quality electronic cigarette.


Elaboration: The menthol cartridges offer you a very pleasant flavor and free of all kinds of harmful ingredients.

Battery: The 297 mAh battery prevents you from being left hanging mid-smoke.

Size: It is one of the most compact and easy to carry models, almost as much as a classic cigarette.


Cartridges: The cartridges are not refillable, so you will have to buy the ones you need.

Humidity: It is advisable to prevent the cigarette from getting wet, so that accidents do not occur or the product deteriorates.

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Smok Electronic Cigarette

5. Smok RPM40 Pod Kit with 1500mAh Built-in Battery

It is a Smok electronic cigarette that offers the possibility of adjusting the power range from 1 to 40 W to adapt it to your tastes. In this sense, it has a couple of buttons at the bottom that provide easy use. Similarly, by pressing both buttons simultaneously, you can set the power level.

Also, it has a small screen that can display the most important vaping data, so it is a cigarette designed for use by beginners or experienced vapers.

For greater versatility, it is integrated by a 1500 mAh battery that can provide long-lasting vaping sessions, thus offering great autonomy. As if that were not enough, it has a compact design with a rainbow prism-colored casing, but you can get it in other presentations of different colors.

If you want an electronic cigarette that you can carry everywhere comfortably, it is appropriate that you review the most relevant positive and negative aspects of this model before making the purchase.


Power: It offers a versatile adjustable system that gives you an output power between 1 and 40 W.

Screen: It has a modern screen that can display different vaping data for greater accuracy.

Capacity: The e-liquid tank has a large capacity, so you don’t need to constantly fill it.


Design: It has a square design that could be uncomfortable to the touch compared to models with a cylindrical structure.

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Other products

6. M Moti Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

The Moti Vape is another of the products that we have at our disposal to make the leap into the world of electronic cigarettes or renew ourselves. We are talking about a simple and elegant device, in whose design the activation button is dispensed with. 

This element, which is usually the weak point of many of these devices, is replaced by a system that activates vaping with the inhalation of air. The result is a cigarette that is easy to use and that, thanks to its organic cotton coil, does not modify the flavors.

In addition, this product is compatible with traditional liquids, but also with CBD oil and other similar compounds, so you have more options when choosing what you want to smoke. 

It is completed with a 500 mAh battery, with which to take up to 800 puffs according to the manufacturer. At least, the battery hardly needs 50 minutes to fully charge.

So that you have all the necessary information when choosing, we give you some more details about its main characteristics.


Compact size: Its compact size is ideal to take it with you wherever you want.

Refilling: The refilling process has been simplified, simply removing the lid to access the tank.

No buttons: This product does not have buttons, which are usually the weakest part of the device.


Battery: The battery remains at a capacity of 500 mAh, perhaps scarce for the most intensive users.

Squeeze: It is key to respect the filling instructions and not exceed the levels of the tank to avoid spills.

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Accessories for electronic cigarette

Liquids for electronic cigarette

Cyberate Premium

If you want to enjoy a large number of flavors when it comes to smoking, all you have to do is get the complete Ciberate Premium kit. In this lot, you have 12 different bottles of flavored liquid, free of nicotine and with a formulation of 70 VG and 30 PG.

Among these flavors we find blueberry, grape, apple, frozen mint or raspberry. All products have been made with quality ingredients and a good fidelity of flavors, maintaining the necessary safety in this regard. 

To finish off the lot, the presentation is also of quality, with bottles with a safety closure and a long tip design, which makes it easier to fill the tank of your cigarette.

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electronic cigarette battery

Ambattery 18650

Since an electronic cigarette without a battery is nothing more than a paperweight, having a quality battery is essential. To supply this energy we can use the Ambattery 18650 model. 

This battery has an integral lithium construction with a maximum charge of 3,000 mAh. Enough then to spend one or two days without loading your cigarette, depending on how you use it. 

As for the charging cycles, the battery supports 500 to 1,000 complete cycles, so it will accompany you for a long time. It is finished off with a stable voltage output, a long lifespan with low discharge and all the necessary security to avoid problems.

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Shopping guide

The electronic cigarette has become an alternative to the conventional cigarette, thus eliminating the harmful nicotine inside it. In addition, it has opened up a world of flavors to smoke or vape, thanks to the wide range that exists. Therefore, it is smart to use a guide to buy the best electronic cigarette and be clear about exactly what we should look for in these products. So if you want a quality electronic cigarette, keep in mind the following aspects that we analyze below.

Operating power and control

One of the most important aspects of an electronic cigarette is the power that its resistance is capable of developing. A power that varies depending on the different models that we find on the market and that is responsible for obtaining a greater amount of steam each time we inhale through the mouthpiece. So if we want to take a puff with a lot of smoke, we will surely be interested in having a powerful product.

But since power without control is of little use, it is also important to have a product that we can regulate according to our preferences. Something that we can find in a good part of current electronic cigarettes, in which the desired operating power can be established through a button panel and a control screen.

What is important to know, regarding power, is that the higher it is, the greater the amount of liquid that is burned in each puff and the shorter the battery life. As a reference, a power of about 50 to 75 watts can be enough to obtain a good amount of smoke and is the basis on which economical models usually work. If you are looking for the maximum, there are models with powers that reach an incredible 225 watts.


Although we have already dropped it when talking about power, the battery is another aspect that we have to consider when making our purchase. The good news is that, as with other products that work with this battery, generally the battery capacity of the product is in line with the power of the device, so the higher that power, the greater the battery capacity of the equipment..

As a reference, when it comes to not very high powers, this power starts from about 500 mAh reaching about 1000 mAh in the models located at the top of the range that we mentioned before. A power that grows in the larger models, reaching approximately 200 mAh. Something that obviously also influences how much the model we are evaluating costs.

In any case, it is important to know that there are several electronic cigarettes that do not include batteries, but must be purchased separately. This gives us the advantage of choosing those whose capacity best suits us, although the total cost exceeds that of the models that include that battery, which are generally cheaper. If the product includes the battery, it is always better to bring two, which you can change while one is charging.

cigarette size

The last aspect that we will cover in this guide is the size of the electronic cigarette. Something fundamental, given that if we have to take it with us, we will surely be interested in a more compact product, while if we want it to use it at home, the size will not matter, as long as it is not exaggerated to save us the gym, of course.

If we take a look at any comparison of electronic cigarettes, we will see that the variety of measurements and sizes is remarkable. The lighter models are similar in size to a ballpoint pen, although somewhat thicker, with a properly positioned nozzle and atomizer to perform and give you a good feeling. Many of them include straps to hang them around the neck and carry them comfortably.

Also compact are the baby-type square battery models. These models are somewhat heavier but they are not especially bulky either. However, leaving that baby category, the weight of the product increases as well as its dimensions, the latter products being suitable for domestic use, unless you do not have problems with carrying more weight. Generally, they are the most powerful models with the highest battery charge, so it is not at all strange that their weight is higher.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, electronic cigarette or vaper?

To begin with, we must know what the difference is between an electronic cigarette and a vaper. And the truth is that there is no difference between the devices, but in the liquid that we use to burn. And it is that the definition of the vaper implies that it is used with liquids that include nicotine in its composition.

Since all liquids, with very few exceptions, can be used in any model, it is enough to use a product with nicotine to turn an electronic cigarette into the best value for money vaper. However, if you are concerned about your health, an electronic cigarette will always be better since the liquid will not contain nicotine, compared to those that turn the product into a vaper.

Q2: How to charge the electronic cigarette?

If it is a question of loading the liquid inside the cigarette, we must open this tank and carefully pour the liquid inside. A process in which it is essential not to exceed the load limit of the product to avoid spills and other inconveniences.

But if we refer to the electrical charge necessary for the device to work, the process is as simple as connecting the USB charging cable and plugging it into a mobile charger, an external battery or any other similar port such as the USB port of your computer..

Q3: How to fix an electronic cigarette?

One of the advantages of the electronic cigarette is that we can maintain it ourselves. Among these maintenance tasks are the change of the resistance, the repair of leaks in the tank or the change of the pads that are used in some models to proceed with the vaporization.

It is even possible to change the batteries in those models that include this function. However, all of these options vary between different models, so it’s a good idea to check the product’s instruction manual to find out what you can do.

Q4: Who invented the electronic cigarette?

Although the electronic cigarette seems like a recent invention, this product was invented in 1968 by Herbert A. Gilbert, who presented a product with which to vape liquids and enjoy pleasant flavors but without nicotine.

This product was not very successful and fell into oblivion until the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik launched a similar product in 2003 with the “advantage” of including nicotine, which gave it an extra edge in order to win over the market. The rest of the story is already known, to the point that this product today has millions of users around the world.

Q5: Can you take an electronic cigarette on the plane?

The main reason why an electronic cigarette can be a problem on board an airplane is because of its battery. However, the current technology of these products has advanced so much that the IATA, the body that controls flight security, allows e-cigarettes to travel in passenger hand luggage, as well as to carry them during the flight.. But yes, with the express prohibition of using them just as smoking conventional cigarettes is not allowed.

How to use an electronic cigarette

Although today electronic cigarette kits are becoming easier to use, it is worth having some guidance in this regard. So if the process of vaping generates doubts, all you have to do is read our guide to using an electronic cigarette and you will be able to solve them on the fly.

Charge the battery

The first step we must take when we are going to use an electronic cigarette is to charge the battery. This process is key the first time we use the product, having to fully charge said battery, so that we get the most out of it. For charging we can use the USB port that practically all electronic cigarettes have, plugging it into a port on our computer or a mobile charger, for example.

Assemble the clearomizer and the resistance

For the cigarette to work properly, it is necessary to mount the clearomizer inside it, as well as the resistance. These two elements are responsible for the correct vaping and the liquid is consumed properly. To do this, it will be necessary for us to take the resistance and wet it slightly with the chosen liquid.

These cottons should not drip, as the idea is to avoid dry heating, which can cause a bad taste and even destroy the resistance before use. Once moistened, it will be time to place this resistance in the clearomizer according to the product instructions and with great care to avoid deterioration.

Loading the liquid

If we already have these elements in place, it’s time to load the liquid. This load must be made on the sides of the tank pouring hole but never on its central part, as this can cause air to enter it. It is also important not to exceed the load capacity of the tank or leave liquid out of place, as it will end up leaking or spilling. Once the process is complete, it is essential to close everything correctly and leave it well assembled.

Activating the cigarette

If we have come this far, it is time to enjoy. To light our cigarette, we must press the activation button several times or use the switch included in the product, depending on what the instructions tell you. Once in operation, we will have to adjust the power, if the product allows it, then proceed to press the button and inhale the cigarette for about five seconds.

As we practice with the technique, we can vary the time or power of vaping. Wait at least 30 seconds between puffs.


It is important to know that once the electronic cigarette is activated, it is necessary to perform certain maintenance tasks on it. Among them, the most important is the change of resistance, which we must do when we begin to notice a burnt taste in vaping. It is also advisable to keep the battery always charged, as well as clean the product, including the tank, from time to time. This prevents the mixture of flavors from creating unpleasant results during use.

How to quit smoking with electronic cigarette

Despite the existing controversy, more and more users are turning to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to conventional cigarettes, but also as a starting point for a life without tobacco. However, it is necessary to have a certain discipline and know how to use this type of product so that we are able to eliminate conventional tobacco from our lives and enjoy a life without nicotine. And although we are not medical professionals, we can offer you some advice and guidelines to make your journey easier.

know the product well

Although it is logical, an electronic cigarette has a somewhat more complex operation than a normal cigarette. In other words, it is not something as easy as taking out a cigarette, a lighter and starting to smoke. In the case of the electronic cigarette, it is necessary to fill the tank, charge the battery and know how to use the product. Therefore, starting with knowing how it works and how to get the most out of this device is key.

The good news is that it’s not too complicated, and for those looking for simplicity, there are starter kits that are almost as easy to use as a conventional cigarette. In any case, as you get to know what the most advanced models offer you when it comes to personalizing your experience, you will surely want to take the leap and control your consumption even better.

Choosing the liquid

In addition to choosing an electronic cigarette that suits our preferences, in choosing the liquid to smoke we also have part of the success of the operation. It is important to know that most of the liquids that we find on the market do not contain nicotine, so if you want to take the radical step of eliminating this component from your cigarette and you have the willpower to do so, the product will accompany you. The wide range of existing flavors makes the change more tasty and pleasant.

However, if you prefer a less radical change, you also have liquids with nicotine. The advantage of the latter is that their nicotine concentration is variable, so you can progressively reduce the amount of nicotine present until it is eliminated. Something that helps to eliminate the withdrawal caused by the lack of this component in the body.

Use only electronic cigarettes

One of the reasons e-cigarette users fail is their lack of discipline in staying away from conventional tobacco. For this reason, it is essential that from the moment you decide to start using the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, you are firm in your decision and eliminate the usual tobacco from your life. As we have mentioned, some liquids have variable amounts of nicotine, so progressively eliminating it from your body will be easy without having to resort to conventional cigarettes.

Respect the rules

As a last piece of advice, it is important that you respect the rules related to the limitation of tobacco use. One of the main reasons why smoking has been reduced is due to the limitations that have been imposed on tobacco in public places such as leisure establishments or public buildings.

For the electronic cigarette to be efficient, it is necessary to maintain this same discipline with this product in these places. In fact, the regulations of many autonomous communities already prevent the use of electronic cigarettes in these places, so if you respect them and “hold back” the desire to take a puff, you will be adding health and reducing the risk of relapse in tobacco.

» Review information from previous years

Vovcig Cigarrillo Electronico E-Cigarrillo E-líquido Ego II

Si quieres un kit completo con el que no tener que comprar nada más para empezar a fumar, encontrarás en el kit Vovcig Ego II todo lo que necesitas. Empezamos hablando de los dos cigarrillos que incluye el kit, uno negro y otro blanco. 

Ambos productos cuentan con un sistema de cinco clics para el encendido y el apagado junto con un depósito de 1,2 milímetros de capacidad, regulado con escala. La batería de cada uno de ellos tiene 1.100 mAh, así que probablemente te aguante todo el día. 

En cuanto a los líquidos, el kit incluye seis botes con diferentes sabores frutales, idóneos para empezar a fumar. Y para rematar el lote, se incluye el cable de carga, ocho depósitos con boquilla y una funda de buena calidad para llevarlo todo a donde quieras. 

Tanto si eres un reci

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