The 6 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2022

Gaming Keyboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The gaming experience becomes more pleasant with a gaming keyboard, because they are products designed specifically for this type of activity, which you should choose valuing a comfortable and lightweight design, with a structure and button layout that is used to experience gaming. different types. Similarly, you should consider whether it is a very heavy model or not, in case you need to take it with you from one place to another. After reviewing the different options on the market, we highlight the TedGem Gaming USB model. This keyboard features modern technology and high sensitivity, which will give you greater control of the game and allow you to enjoy a better experience. Also interesting is the Klim Chroma Wireless model, which does not need cables and offers operation that is as quiet as it is efficient.

The 6 Best Gaming Keyboards – Opinions 2022

Has it happened to you that you are playing at night or in the dark of your room and you cannot find the key you need? So it’s time to ask yourself which is the best gaming keyboard on the market, buy it and forget about those problems. Currently, technology has been expanding and every day more people indulge in network entertainment. In the same way, the companies that distribute products and that, today, think about the comfort of gamers who usually enjoy at night have been increasing. If you are looking for the best value for money gaming keyboard on the market, then you just have to look at the following list chosen by users and make your choice.

1. TedGem Gaming Keyboards

Sometimes it’s hard to find affordable gaming keyboards. But if you come across the TedGem Gaming USB, this inconvenience disappears. And it is that this keyboard has a high quality and a more than competitive price.

We are talking about a model with a QWERTY distribution in Spanish, including the Ñ, which offers you a very comfortable format to play. It is made of high-quality materials and offers very pleasant sensations during use, further reinforced by the 19 anti-ghosting keys and the 12 multimedia keys included in its deployment.

The result is a quality piece that withstands shocks, accidental liquid spills and intensive use, as befits a quality gaming keyboard. Plus, it features the more traditional LED lighting, so it’s easy to adjust the look of the keyboard to whatever you like.

Discover a new world of gaming with this complete gaming keyboard at a reasonable price.


Unfolding: The keyboard features the QWERTY configuration and is topped off with 12 multimedia keys.

Ghosting : The anti ghosting keys prevent false keystrokes typical of other models.

Construction: It has a quality construction, with a metal base and first-class plastics.

Cleaning : The peripheral is very easy to clean, thus keeping it in better condition for longer.

Ports : The device includes several ports, which make it easy to connect what you need to your PC.


Sensations: Let us remember that it is a membrane keyboard and not a mechanical one, which changes the sensations of use.

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2. Klim Chroma Wireless Wireless Gaming Keyboard SPANISH

Although it does not come from a particularly well-known brand, the Klim Chroma Wireless model has been made with a space between the gamers. Taking a look at its features, it’s easy to understand why.

We are facing a product with a traditional QWERTY layout in Spanish, so the Ñ is not missing or anything you would find on a conventional keyboard. Its keys have a good quality, a pleasant touch and a high responsiveness, thanks to its efficient membrane approach. It’s also very quiet, so you can focus on what’s important.

As if all this were not enough, the device is wireless. So you don’t need cables to connect it to your PC, allowing you to move it around comfortably. And so you can see everything clearly, the keys have very attractive RGB lighting, with which you can see everything clearly even at night.

Get the most out of your capacity thanks to this complete high-level gaming keyboard, whose main features are listed below.


Without cables: This product does not need cables to connect, giving you greater comfort when playing. Plus, it’s easy to connect to any compatible device.

Design : Its design has a key format that facilitates the movements of the hands, with a totally ergonomic and very effective approach.

Resistant : Thanks to its construction, you will not have problems with dust, dirt or even if the keyboard accidentally gets wet.

LED light: The LED lighting adds an extra style to the product, allowing you to play with the light off and helping you see everything clearly while using it.


Membrane : This is a membrane keyboard, so if you prefer a mechanical one, you should opt for another model. However, the product offers pleasant sensations.

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3. Razer Cynosa Lite Gaming Keyboard

To speak of Razer is to speak of one of the main brands linked to the gaming world. That is why we have chosen their Razer Cynosa Lite keyboard for our selection. This product follows the traditional membrane approach, with a Spanish QWERTY design and an adequate response when making the keystrokes that your games require.

Its keys have tournament quality, which guarantees the best results when playing whatever you want. In addition, it is possible to assign different macros to the keys or create other sequences, with which to speed up those tasks that you carry out frequently.

As for its construction, it has high quality materials in a design designed to last. Therefore, the housing is liquid and splash proof. It also offers you high durability in its circuitry, as befits the brand.

Give your game a new performance with this interesting gaming keyboard from a top brand.


Response: The response of its membrane system is ideal for obtaining pleasant sensations of use.

Macros : In addition to setting the conventional response, the keyboard also supports command macros.

Construction : Its high-level construction is ideal for the device to last longer.


Configuration: The keyboard configuration is done through its own application, which is not very easy to manage.

Leaks : There are certain light leaks from one key to another, which makes this function less useful.

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4. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G Pro model draws attention from the first moment we see it. This device has an extremely compact design, where the numeric keypad part is eliminated. The result is a product with more space for the important keys, which takes up less space on the table and gives you more comfort.

This comfort is influenced by details such as the mechanical click that the keys make with each press, which also gives you an adequate tactile response when using them, which guarantees good feedback when playing. This entire system has high durability, as befits a first-rate product.

To finish off this analysis, it’s time to talk about its lighting. Something that goes beyond the merely aesthetic. And it is that with this product you can directly illuminate the keys you need, and can even create light patterns, which help you learn combos and combinations in any game.

Play like eSports professionals with this interesting proposal from Logitech G, the gaming range from this manufacturer.


Design: The specific design of this product draws directly from the brand’s gaming experience, to give you greater quality when playing.

Switches : The GX Blue switches offer an audible click and adequate tactile feedback, allowing you to feel each press.

Lightsync : This lighting system allows you to highlight keys and program visual patterns to increase your performance no matter what you play.


Numeric keypad: One of the novelties of this model is that it does not have a numeric keypad, which can be inconvenient for certain users.

Layout : Although the product is based on the QWERTY standard, this layout does not include the Ñ key, which you must type using codes.

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5. Empire Gaming Empire K300 QWERTY PC Keyboard

Finding a cheap gaming keyboard is easy thanks to proposals such as the Empire Gaming K300 model. A piece that, at first glance, does not differ much from other models from better-known manufacturers.

This product has a highly sensitive semi-mechanical pulsation system, with which to achieve a good response in any pulsation you make. It also includes a compact format, so that the device does not take up too much space on the table and you have to make fewer movements when typing. And because of its wired connection, you won’t have ghosting problems or delays when playing.

As expected, there is also no lack of LED lighting typical of these products, with which to see everything clearly when playing. And as a bonus, the function keys also serve as multimedia keys, just press the FN key to activate them, just like on laptops.

Playing big without having to spend too much is easy, as long as you use quality options like this one offered by Empire Gaming.


Answer: The response of the keyboard is adequate for a model halfway between membrane and mechanical ones, giving you good comfort during your gaming sessions.

Compact : This model is very compact, so you will have more space on your table to move the mouse, without affecting the ability to move your hands.

Ergonomics: Its ergonomic approach adds extra comfort to the product, so that your hands always move naturally.


Resistance: Some comments indicate that the resistance of the product can be improved, so it should be treated with care to increase its useful life.

Panel : Despite its metal panel, the keyboard base is somewhat thinner than it should be, which affects its durability and resistance.

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6. B-Move BM-TC02 Gaming Keyboard

This model is among the best cheap gaming keyboards, not only because of its price, but also because of its effectiveness and the satisfaction it has left in its users, although many of them recommend not buying it if you are an inveterate gamer, since its keys they are a bit hard at first and because it does not work with LED backlighting, but with reflective keys in a stunning green color.

A point in favor of this keyboard is that it is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, a plastic highly resistant to any type of shock, in order to guarantee the safety and long life of your keyboard.

And as the last option among cheap gaming keyboards, we want you to learn a little more about the option offered by B – Move with its BM – TCo2:


Multimedia keys: this keyboard for gamers has more than 20 multimedia keys that will allow you to access these commands directly and easily.

Cable length: and its power cable is 1.35 meters, so it will be very comfortable when playing if you want to place the keyboard on your legs away from the monitor or the CPU.

Design: In addition, it has a very attractive design that is sought after by players thanks to its sober and elegant finishes.


No backlight: The biggest downside to this option is that it doesn’t have a backlight, so you won’t be able to play the game without a light indicating the position of the keys.

Backspace key size: and it has also been mentioned that some people find the size of the backspace key to be a bit small and therefore uncomfortable.

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Shopping guide

When you are a gamer, there are numerous products with many features that can be attractive, but only a few options that the market offers are suitable for your gaming needs. That is why we have created this guide to buy the best gaming keyboard, with the most important characteristics of these, so that you are not disoriented and know what you want to buy.


When you play to be the best (or if you want to play as a hobby, but in a much more comfortable way), it is important to have the right tool to excel in the tasks you perform during the games. The keyboard is one of the most important elements because it contains an infinity of possibilities in terms of available functions thanks to its number of keys, as well as being a reliable element with a quick response.

However, gamer keyboards offer many more possibilities than normal ones, because they have been specially adapted for games: with the “in game” function that blocks the operating system shortcuts to take you out of the game momentarily or permanently, preventing you from losing vital seconds of action. There are also wireless or cable-free keyboards, so you can get comfortable anywhere near the PC or with the “anti-ghost” function for those who get out of control with the emotion of a game and press keys right-handed and sinister, limiting the sending of signals to that of the previously assigned keys, avoiding their overlapping and allowing smooth performance. Others provide input ports for headphones and microphones,

No matter how many functions a gaming keyboard has, the important thing is that you look at which ones best suit your style of play and you can determine which is the best gaming keyboard for you and your economy.


Keyboards are no longer a simple rigid plastic board without much appeal. Thanks to new technologies and the application of materials, there are even backlit keyboards (with lights to illuminate programmable areas of it to your liking, in different colors) and even flexible ones, capable of twisting or bending without any inconvenience.

Not only flashy things are offered, but also other more practical ones are part of the design of gaming keyboards, such as wrist rests with soft surfaces (generally gel) so that this part of the body can rest gently, without hurting or getting tired during long hours. of game; keyboards with divided key panels to facilitate handling with each hand in its respective area, without forcing the movement of the wrists; there are others with the possibility of reprogramming and even exchanging the keys to adapt them to your convenience (unquestionably, you will have to adapt to the new configuration) and the possibility of exchanging covers of different designs and colors to customize it to your liking.

connectivity and response

Another aspect of a good gaming keyboard to assess is its responsiveness and connectivity. In the first aspect, today we can find keyboards with responses of 1 to 5 milliseconds, so that your orders travel at maximum speed even in the most complicated moments of your games.

In terms of connectivity, it is possible to have both wired equipment, traditionally cut, and wireless equipment that allows you to move the keyboard wherever you want without complications. Both options are equally effective when it comes to work or play, so you don’t have to compromise on anything.


There are numerous brands on the market, many of which have years of tradition in the field of electronics and, therefore, would be the first options in any case. But always check what other customers say about the products, as the experience gained by someone else can be very useful to you. And you don’t always have to go for a renowned brand, since there are also others that specialize in other fields such as making games and create specific hardware for them, with special buttons, increased functions or any other element that will make your experience gamer a much more memorable.

Which gaming keyboard is the best? The options are varied, but the best way to find out is by questioning your own needs and dispositions. Once you have done this you will be more than sure to proceed to choose the right one.

No matter how many things a gaming keyboard may have, the important thing is that you know what the characteristics that define it are (special functions or designs) and decide based on your needs.

How to use a gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards arose from the need for video game enthusiasts to have the appropriate devices that allow them to execute each of the commands of these applications. Although they have similar qualities to common keyboards, those that are special for gamers differ in the layout of the keys, in the incorporation of LED lights and in the possibility of saving the macros of the moves that are made. These are some recommendations that you should consider when using them.

Membrane gaming keyboards

It is considered one of the most up-to-date and has a membrane that covers it in its entirety. In general, they are light and have attractive designs that stand out and attract the attention of users. One of the main advantages they offer is that they are very quiet and do not make noises when the keys are pressed, in addition, to activate them you must make a short vertical movement, this contributes to the possibility of moving your fingers more quickly. There are models that allow you to undo the moves, save them and exchange the keys.

mechanical gaming keyboards

What characterizes them is the design of their keys that give a pertinent response to each pronounced press, working in a similar way to those of typewriters that bounce up when pressed. Thanks to this quality there is more security and precision when executing each command. When you are using the keyboard you will have to exert less force when pressing it, because the keys are activated only when you feel between 45 and 50 grams of weight.


The different keyboard models try to offer users keys that respond quickly and accurately when pressed, because success or defeat depends on it when executing each move. It is for this reason that these are usually very sensitive. There are some that integrate keys called macros that allow quick access to applications. The distribution of the same is usually done with the purpose of providing users with an environment where they can play at ease.

Materials for its elaboration

The materials with which they are made are as important as their design characteristics, because the resistance of their pieces and the comfort that the user feels when playing depend on them. Depending on the manufacturer, there are keyboards made of hard pastes, such as aluminum. The keys can be carved with a laser beam, and some have a sticker; They are also usually smooth or rough. There are those who claim that these give a sensation of touch that is more appreciated by users.


There are different models of keyboards, for that reason you should take into consideration the features they offer. Some of these incorporate additional keys that are used to execute certain commands or actions during the game and also with the purpose of accessing various programs and applications. On the other hand, they have an LED light system, which can be activated to be able to see the keys in low-light environments and thus have more precision when playing; the backlight is different colors.

The most popular brands

When you dedicate yourself to really playing on your PC, it is necessary that each act of yours has an adequate response. Something that only a true gaming keyboard can offer you, that has the ability to respond at the speed you need to achieve victory. Since good gaming does not accept just any keyboard, here are three of the best manufacturers of the moment, so you can learn about their history and what they have to offer you.

Logitech is one of the leading manufacturers of computer peripherals and accessories on the market, with a wide range of products designed for all types of users. It has products adapted to professional uses, for conventional users and for advanced users with gaming keyboards and mice that offer high configurability and excellent screen response.

The company, based in Switzerland in 1981 in the face of the Asian invasion of the market, began by manufacturing first-team or OEM-type mice. A product on which he devoted a large part of his research, creating the first mice “with an external bag” and later inventing the ball-free or digital mouse that is so common today.

Its continuous presentation of new products keeps it at the forefront of the sector, with increasingly advanced products adapted to the most demanding demands. By the way, although the company is legally Switzerland, today it only maintains its research area there, manufacturing in Taiwan.

Only a gamer knows what a gamer needs. This thought is what prompted Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff to found the Razer company in San Diego back in 2005 with which to start offering the most avid gamers those products they needed to maximize the pleasure of their gaming experience.

A history that follows the traditional designs of the “garage” company and that, thanks to its growth, today has hundreds of employees all over the world and offers a wide range of products that range from gamer keyboards to complete equipment for gamers.. Not forgetting the new range of weaverables, which adds a new element to the gaming experience.

A range of products and a commitment to technology that has led the company to receive numerous awards and recognitions from trade fairs and specialized magazines in the sector, which positively value the high quality of its products and precisely the fulfillment of the original idea. of its founders. By the way, the company also has its own eGamers with excellent results internationally.

The national market brings us another surprise from Mars Gaming. A relatively young company but that has earned a space among the large companies dedicated to the manufacture of peripherals of all kinds for gaming. For this, it has an attractive offer, both for quality and for image. Its different ranges of gaming products related to different Roman Gods are really attractive, as they include highly responsive technology, compared to the traditional mechanized product of yesteryear, with spectacular themed designs that even allow you to give a different touch to your desktop.

Matching keyboard and mouse sets decorated in the same styles and color patterns are eye-catching and very interesting. To reinforce its commitment to the gaming world, this company is responsible for events such as the Iberian Racing Team for car games and the Baskonia Atlantis Esports, which bring together a large number of players and fans. By the way, its catalog also has protective glasses against LED light, in case you are concerned about the health of your eyes during the game.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a gaming keyboard?

In order to remove the dirt that can get between the keys of your gaming keyboard, you only have to place it upside down and use a compressed air spray, shake it a little so that the rest of the dirt can fall out.

Q2: Gaming keyboard vs normal

Normal keyboards can work normally to write and perform work or university tasks, you can also play various games, but gaming keyboards have a much more complete use. With a gaming keyboard you will be able to play and press several keys at the same time, you will also be able to write more fluently, so you should evaluate what you need the keyboard for, if it is for games, studies and work, a gaming keyboard would be the one. However, if you don’t have enough budget you can get a normal keyboard until you can raise enough to buy a gaming one.

Q3 Mechanical gaming keyboard or membrane?

If you are going to buy a gaming keyboard and you do not decide between a mechanical or membrane keyboard, you should know some differences. Membrane keyboards have flat keys that could hardly be replaced, are light in weight, and can also be purchased at a low cost for beginning gamers.

On the other hand, mechanical gaming keyboards are more professional and have more precise keystrokes thanks to the N-Key rollover system, allowing you to press two or more keys at the same time without the computer having lag problems. Additionally, these mechanical gaming keyboards have a higher price than the membrane ones, so if you do not have enough capital to invest, we advise you to try a membrane one until you can acquire a mechanical one.

Q4: How to configure a gaming keyboard?

Some gaming keyboards come pre-configured so you can make use of them when you connect them. However, there are keys that do need to be configured and in order to do so, you must download the software from the manufacturer’s official website. In addition, the process is very simple. Connect the keyboard to your computer, download the program, open it and press each key on the interface that you want to configure to improve your gaming experience.

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