The 7 Best WiFi Repeaters of 2022

WiFi Repeater – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

If you need more WiFi coverage in your office, all you have to do is look for a repeater that is easy to install and has enough range to cover all the space you need. Products such as the TP-Link TL-WA850RE repeater, one of the best known in the sector. An easy-to-install device with which to reach WiFi speeds of up to 300 Mbps and that also includes an Ethernet port, so you can connect what you need by cable. If you prefer a Xiaomi signal booster, its Xiaomi Pro300M model is a good alternative. We are talking about a traditional cut extender with which to expand the signal in the 2.4 Ghz band and achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps in an estimated area of ​​about 80 square meters.

The 7 Best WiFi Repeaters – Opinions 2022

When using your WiFi network, there is always a shadow area that the network does not reach. Something that is frustrating for those who work in that area, but that can be solved if you spend time looking for the best WiFi repeater for your specific needs. And it is that among the best WiFi repeaters of 2022, which we analyze below, there are options that range from the cheapest and simplest to the most expensive and with which to cover practically any area or achieve incredible coverage. Let’s see what this market currently offers us.

TP-Link Wi-Fi Repeater

1. TP-Link N300 TL-WA850RE 300Mbps

The TP-Link TL-WA850RE WiFi repeater is one of the most famous models on the market. As much as to be the best WiFi repeater of 2022 for a good part of the users. A complete and easy-to-install model with which you won’t have to worry about adequately covering any area with good WiFi coverage.

This coverage reaches up to 300 Mbps speed, also having an Ethernet port, which makes it easy to connect what you need through the traditional wired system. A model that also stands out for its simple installation process, which does not require large deployments when it comes to having a quality network, except for certain inconveniences with the Movistar networks.

In any case, these specific problems do not affect the rest of the installation and control process, in which the equipment’s light panel is responsible for indicating its operating status at the moment.

Let’s see some more details of this famous product, which has been manufactured by what many users consider to be the best brand of current WiFi repeaters.


Efficiency : This model is used to expand the coverage of your WiFi network with speeds of up to 300 Mbps and without any problem.

Ethernet port: The included Ethernet port is also useful for connecting those devices that require a wired connection.

Range Extender Button : The Range Extender button makes the process of expanding your network even easier, without the need for complex configuration.

Recognized Manufacturer : In addition to coming from a first level brand, this product is one of the most recognized by users within its segment.


Configuration with Movistar: As with other manufacturers, Movistar networks give certain problems with the configuration, and the SCS option must be disconnected to solve it.

Port : The Ethernet port has a somewhat tighter speed than modern Gigabit ports, although if you need it there is also a version that includes this port.

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2. TP-Link TL-WPA4220 Wi-Fi AV 600Mbps

The TP-Link TL-WPA4220 WiFi repeater is another interesting proposal from this manufacturer in order to be the best WiFi repeater of the moment. A reinforced model, which uses modern PLC technology to take the network where it is needed without complications.

A system that is highly recommended for those users who have very distant coverage areas and require specific solutions. This model, which could well be the best WiFi repeater in its class, is capable of speeds of up to 600 Mbps in AV system and up to 300 Mbps in WiFi mode, so you don’t have to worry about making the most of the coverage of the net.

All this in a product that, despite its technology, does not present greater difficulties in installation than other similar models have. And so that energy is not a problem, this product does not have a high energy consumption either.

If you are not sure which WiFi repeater to buy, with this model you will enjoy better coverage without the need for cables.


PLC technology: PLC technology makes the process of connecting the repeater and taking the connection to areas far from the router even easier.

Speed : The product has a considerable access speed, so you can get the most out of your network’s connectivity.

Ports : This model is finished off with two Ethernet ports, which make it even easier to connect those wired devices that may need those connections.


Configuration : Certain configuration modes, such as network cloning, can be a bit more complex to configure than is desirable.

Input : Some user comments that occasional and brief disconnections or speed drops may appear, although these can be solved by connecting the equipment directly to the router.

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Xiaomi Wi-Fi Repeater

3. Xiaomi WiFi Network Repeater 

For those looking for a Xiaomi WiFi repeater, the Pro300M model is one of its most interesting proposals. We are talking about a repeater with an adjusted price and with which it is possible to get the most out of traditional 2.4 Ghz WiFi connections. 

The result is a maximum speed of 300 MBps and a coverage area that ranges from 80 to 150 square meters, depending on the number of walls present in the environment. Thanks to the two included antennas, it is easier to direct this signal, while the installation system hardly requires more than a plug, so it is also easy to choose the ideal place to place it. 

And if you have many computers to connect in your office, this is not a problem either, since the repeater supports up to 64 simultaneous connections.

Let us know some more details of this Xiaomi amplifier, easy to install and with good performance.


Coverage: The equipment has a high coverage, with an estimated area of ​​about 80 square meters.

Antennas: The included antennas are adjustable, making it easier to focus the signal just where it is needed.

Ethernet port: If you have to connect something by cable, an Ethernet port is also included for that purpose.

Plug & Play: This technology simplifies the process of connecting the product to the network and expanding it with ease.


5 Ghz band: In case you have to expand 5 Ghz WiFi networks you will have to resort to another device.

Plug: Once installed, you will lose the plug to which you have connected, as it does not include another plug in the body of the repeater.

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WiFi repeater 5Ghz

4. PIX-LINK Wifi Repeater 1200Mbps

The PIX-LINK UUU999 model is the most suitable solution for those looking for a 5 Ghz WiFi repeater. And it is that this product of dual nature can cover both coverage bands in a simple way, achieving maximum combined speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps.

Suitable, therefore, to squeeze modern network connections even in those areas far from your router. A model that also has different operating modes, five to be specific, that allow you to manage this connectivity in the way that suits you best and with high compatibility.

The product is completed with four antennas, which further strengthen the coverage of the network wherever you place the device, so that it adequately meets the high speed expected of this device. All this in a design that plugs directly into any outlet to start expanding your network.

For those who have to expand 5 Ghz networks, this model has everything you need to achieve the best speed from anywhere in your office.


Dual band: In addition to amplifying the 5 Ghz signal, this model also works with the conventional 2.4 Ghz network, so that all your equipment can take advantage of this better speed.

Coverage : By having four antennas for WiFi coverage, it reaches a wide range of coverage.

Operating modes: The model has five different modes of use with which it is easy to choose the option that best suits what you need.


WPS button: As with other devices, the WPS button does not always work as well as it should.

Antenna orientation: The orientation capacity of the antennas is limited, so it is not possible to move them to focus the network where it is necessary.

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outdoor wifi repeater

5. MECO AC600 Outdoor Wifi Repeater

Sometimes we may need an outdoor WiFi repeater, with which to cover external areas of our office or, simply, as a solution to the impossibility of making a conventional installation. Whatever our case, the MECO AC600 model is the solution.

This product has the ability to amplify 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks at a speed of up to 150 and 433 Mbps respectively. These networks have a theoretical range of 100 meters in the open field and without interference, so the repeater is suitable for open areas that need network coverage.

A product that also has the necessary IP65 protection, so you won’t have to worry about rain or humidity, since the product will withstand them adequately. The device is accompanied by a practical app that makes it easier to control its operation.

So that taking the coverage outside your office or company is not difficult, entrust this task to this MECO model.


Dual band: The device is capable of working both in the conventional 2.4 Ghz band and in the modern 5 Ghz frequency band.

Protection : The IP65 protection of the product prevents it from suffering the effects of rain and inclement weather.

App : The app that includes this product makes it easy to control it without having to be in front of the device.


Speed: The maximum speed reached by the product is somewhat lower than the theoretical limit offered by other models for these two types of frequency.

Wiring : Due to its characteristics, this model must be installed with a wired connection from which to obtain the corresponding energy.

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powerful wifi repeater

6. Netgear EX7000 AC1900 Mesh Wi-Fi Repeater

If purchasing a powerful WiFi repeater is one of your plans, then you could consider this model from the manufacturer Netgear as one of your alternatives, which is presented according to the user community as one of the most appropriate on the market. 

The proposal has a data transfer speed of 1,900 Mbps with triple band and five gigabit ports, in which wired devices can be connected to achieve uninterrupted connections.

Due to its properties, it is recommended for uses that require high connectivity power such as games and HD transmission. Setting it up is easy, taking only about five minutes and is completed with the push of a button. 

In addition, up to 25 devices can be connected with intelligent selection between bands, in order to reduce interference and improve the speed of linked smart devices. Likewise, it is possible to control access to WiFi and set schedules for parental control.

This device has a fast performance, but it will be the reading of its pros and cons that will lead to making a wise decision. 


Parental control: Thanks to parental control, it is possible to set schedules and control access to WiFi. 

Design: Its design is compact and small, with a modern black style and a weight of 653 grams. 

Speed: It has a triple-band transfer speed that provides up to 1900 MB per second. 

Connectivity: It has five ports to connect wired devices and wirelessly up to 25 computers can be linked. 


Cuts: After a while of use, some network cuts may occur, but this will highly depend on the conditions of use.

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long range wifi repeater

7.Ubiquiti LBE-M5-23 5GHz

Although it is not usual, sometimes it is necessary to have a long-range WiFi repeater, which is capable of taking the signal to especially remote areas. As much as the 30 kilometers of coverage in the open field that the Ubiquiti LBE-M5-23 model is capable of achieving.

A product with a gain capacity of 23 dBi and that maintains a connection speed of up to 100 Mbps at the indicated distance. Ideal therefore for open field areas where, for whatever reason, it is necessary to have this network coverage.

A product that, to perform properly, uses the modern 5 Ghz band, which offers better performance than conventional 2.4 Ghz connections. It is accompanied by an app with which to better understand the operation and control the performance of the device without many complications.

We analyze in detail this model and everything it offers us when it comes to launching long-distance network connections with adequate performance.


Range: The equipment has an estimated range of 30 kilometers in ideal conditions, so that coverage is not a problem.

Performance : The product is capable of generating a network signal with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Suitable, therefore, to obtain a quality connection and browsing speed.

Resistance : The antenna has been designed to last, with good protection against rain and resistance to gusts of wind of up to 200 kilometers per hour.


Connection: This model works on the modern 5 Ghz network, so it will not be compatible with those devices that do not incorporate this technology.

Orientation : Unlike the coverage generated by a conventional repeater, that of this model is not circular, but oriented according to the antenna signal.

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Shopping guide

Since the WiFi coverage offered by our conventional router is not always adequate, having adequate coverage through a WiFi repeater is necessary in many cases. Something that we can achieve with any of the products that you will find in our guide to buying the best WiFi repeater, in which you will have all the necessary information to make the best selection without wasting more time than necessary.

repeater type

To begin with, it is necessary to know what type of WiFi repeater suits us from the many that are on the market. Products ranging from the conventional and economical repeater to outdoor repeaters with which to have maximum coverage at long distances or dual band models. So everything will depend on what we need both in terms of power and the need for coverage and connection.

Starting with conventional repeaters, these have a general range and are suitable for general environments, thin walls and spaces that are not too large. If the areas are very distant from each other or the router is very far away, the most appropriate option would be to resort to a model with PLC technology, which allows the equipment to be moved away without worrying about coverage. But if it is about covering large spaces or outdoor areas, you can also count on models designed for this purpose. Anyway, we will talk in more detail about this aspect in the next section of our guide.

This leaves us as a separate element the band capacity to which the product can connect. And it is that all the models that we have analyzed have either the possibility of connecting in single band mode, in the 2.4 Ghz band, or in dual mode with range for both the 2.4 Ghz band and the 5 Ghz band. Ghz.

This last option is the most recommended for most users, so you don’t have to worry about connecting to all kinds of devices and being up-to-date with this new technology. Although this also depends on what your internet operator offers you.

product scope

Another important aspect that is not usually missing in any comparison of WiFi repeaters is the range that the product offers us. Something fundamental, given that thanks to the wide range that we have on the market it will be possible for us to find models capable of covering from offices with thick walls and small size to outdoor areas with a wide distance or dispersion between spaces.

In this case, it is important to choose the specific product adapted to these needs. And it is that the conventional models, the simple repeaters, have a conventional capacity that is designed for a normal office and, therefore, they do not cover more than a few meters. Even so, we are talking about enough space for these small needs.

If the area to be covered is somewhat remote or far from the router, you can always resort to models with PLC technology, which do not depend so much on the existing coverage and allow you to move away from the coverage area. And if you prefer more powerful models, you can use the outdoor ones or the best quality ones to get the most out of your specific needs. It’s all a matter of searching and choosing the model that suits you best.

Product Installation

We close these tips with what we must take into account so that the product installation process is simple. Something that does not influence how much the device costs, although it can take up a lot of time in case we bet on a model that is not suitable.

In general, the installation process should not go beyond plugging the product into the network or via USB to obtain power, entering the configuration options and running it. Once the process is complete, we should already have the network ready to start using it and connecting the devices to it.

However, this process can be even easier if the repeater has WPS technology. This system makes the process of connecting the product easier, since you will only have to press a button to leave the equipment ready to work. And if you don’t have this option, it’s also a good idea to look for a model that incorporates an app with which to properly manage the mobile’s functions. Something that further simplifies the process of properly installing and managing the repeater.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to reset WiFi repeater?

The process of resetting a WiFi repeater can be executed in two ways. The first one is through the reset button or function that the product may include. This is presented by means of a small button that, generally, we will have to activate with a needle or similar.

The second option is by disconnecting the repeater from power so that it loses the stored settings. Although in some cases, this is stored in the product, being necessary to resort to the first method that we have indicated.

Q2: What is the difference between a WiFi repeater and a PLC?

The technology and functions of a WiFi repeater and that of a PLC are different, this being their main difference. The WiFi repeater takes the existing WiFi signal, or the network signal, to proceed to amplify it and increase the area in which the network has coverage. For its part, the PLC connection is the one that uses Power Line or electrical network technology to convert electricity cables into network cables.

Therefore, the difference between both technologies is clear. However, the difference is brief, since some WiFi repeaters use PLC technology to capture the network signal that they later amplify.

Q3: Can a WiFi repeater work from one house to another?

It is possible to do it although everything depends on the environment and the type of product we are talking about. If we talk about two houses in an urbanization that are not far away, surely any device allows us to connect to the network of the house next door. But in the event that the homes are distant or problems begin to appear, such as interference or the like, it will be necessary to bet on increasingly powerful or longer-range models.

Q4: Why does my WiFi repeater not give a signal?

The first step we must take to answer this question is to verify if the product is properly connected to the network. If the repeater has no network, it will hardly be able to repeat anything. If the connection is correct, it will be time to see if the device (laptop, mobile, etc.) is properly connected to the network created by the repeater and not to the original network. If all this is correct, it may be convenient to check the coverage next to the device and reorient the antennas, if the characteristics of the equipment allow it.

Q5: What is more convenient, a single band or dual band WiFi repeater?

This decision depends on the type of devices that we are going to connect to our network. A product that works in single band mode only broadcasts, or rather “repeats”, in the 2.4 Ghz band, while dual ones also do so in the 5 Ghz band. So if you have devices that broadcast in this last band, surely you are more interested in betting on one of these products. Anyway, there is not much difference in how much one or the other cost.

Q6: Why does the WiFi repeater keep getting IP address?

When the WiFi repeater is not able to obtain an IP address, this is usually due to problems with the connection. Most often, the product is unable to obtain that IP due to an incorrect password or a firewall issue that prevents closing that connection and assigning the IP. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it doesn’t hurt to restart the entire connection process to see what happens.

Q7: What is more convenient, to use a WiFi repeater or a router?

The router is the input element of the network connection to our office. If its performance is adequate, surely we are interested in limiting ourselves to buying a WiFi repeater, which can extend that network signal to those more remote areas. However, it is also true that this can be done by changing the current router for one with greater WiFi coverage. In any case, this last option would only be recommended for when the router does not work as well as it should.

Q8: What is a WiFi repeater with Ethernet output for?

The WiFi repeater with Ethernet output has one or more ports in which we can connect those devices that need a wired outlet to work. These ports are suitable, for example, to connect mass storage devices, Smart TVs and other elements that may require this better connection.

In any case, if you need high speed in this section, a product with a Gigabit connection, which reaches 1,000 Mbps, will always be better than an Ethernet connection that does not usually exceed 100 Mbps.

How to use a WiFi repeater

The WiFi repeater is the easiest and cheapest solution for the WiFi network that we have in our office to reach everywhere. A process in which the variety of models modifies the way the product is used. In any case, we are going to give you some guidelines on how to proceed in this regard, so that you do not have too many problems when installing the repeater and accessing all its functions.

To begin with, it is necessary to find what we are going to connect the repeater to. It must be an area where there is WiFi network coverage, since if the repeater does not have a network it will not be possible to repeat anything. This does not apply to models with PLC technology, since with the corresponding plug you can obtain the signal through the electrical line. In any case, this connection zone must be as close as possible to the shadow zone of the network, so that the coverage of the new network generated is capable of solving the existing connectivity problems.

Once the product is connected, it is time to link it to the network. At this point there are different modes of installation and different ways of doing it. Among them we have the equipment that uses the WPS button to make this connection, those that use a specific app for that connection or the models that are configured through the browser. Check which system your repeater uses to connect and proceed according to the instructions indicated in the installation process.

If you’ve covered the process correctly so far, it’s time to start connecting the different devices to the network. This connection varies depending on the way in which we have configured the repeater, so that in some cases it will be enough to connect to the same existing network and in others to the new network that has been created during the installation process. A simple search of networks is more than enough to know which option to choose, in case you have doubts.

To close our tips, it’s time to optimize performance. It is true that in many cases the wizards that include the installers of these products have already done the work for us, but it is worth reviewing it, just in case. A process in which we will have to take a look at the security measures of the repeater and the network, changing the default passwords that the product often includes.

It is also a good idea to review the firewall configuration, in case it is necessary to close it to avoid unwanted access. And for maximum security, it never hurts to activate MAC filtering, with which to prevent unauthorized computers from connecting to the network.

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Devolo dLAN 550+

En ocasiones, es necesario recurrir a un repetidor WiFi potente de cara a obtener mejores resultados o bien para cubrir zonas que, con otros productos, no sería posible cubrir. Una tarea en la que el modelo devolo dLAN 550+ es una propuesta adecuada.

Y es que este repetidor utiliza la red eléctrica de tu hogar para obtener una mayor potencia de señal y llevarla a donde sea necesario. Esto se traduce en una conectividad que cuenta con una velocidad máxima de 500 Mbps en modo cableado y de hasta 300 Mbps en modo WiFi.

Un sistema completo con el que conectar todo lo que necesites y exprimir al máximo la cobertura en aquellas zonas en las que el router convencional no es capaz de llegar. Algo a lo que ayuda la tecnología WiFi Move, por la que el producto se conecta siempre para optimizar la cobertura y la velocidad de la red.

Descubramos algunos detalles más de este repetidor WiFi, pensado para la cobertura de aquellas zonas más remotas y complejas de nuestra oficina.


Doble red: El repetidor no solo ofrece velocidades de hasta 300 Mbps en modo WiFi, sino que cuenta también con una velocidad de hasta 500 Mbps en modo cableado.

WiFi Move: Esta tecnología propia de la marca se encarga de buscar las fuentes de mayor potencia de señal a la hora de ofrecer mejor conectividad a los dispositivos.

Enchufe: Este modelo incluye un enchufe, para que no pierdas el enchufe de pared en el que conectes el dispositivo.


Ethernet: El puerto de conexión cableada no es Gigabit sino Ethernet, lo que reduce de forma notable su rendimiento y velocidad.

Regletas: Es imprescindible conectarlo directamente a un enchufe de pared y no a una regleta para aprovechar al máximo sus funciones.

Xiaomi WiFi 2 Repetidor Inalámbrico USB 300mbps

Si eres de lo que prefieren equiparse con un repetidor WiFi Xiaomi, el modelo Xiaomi USB Blanco es uno de los más interesantes de su gama. Un producto extremadamente compacto y con unas medidas similares a las de un pendrive, que hace fácil el proceso de amplificar la señal de red hasta los 300 Mbps.

Lo bueno es que este dispositivo no funciona con enchufe convencional sino mediante USB, así que es aún más fácil el proceso de conectarlo a donde necesites sin que ocupe demasiado espacio.

Una solución que se refuerza, pese a su pequeño tamaño, con un amplificador doble en su interior, para que esa cobertura sea aún más adecuada. Algo a lo que también ayuda un sencillo proceso de instalación, que ahorra tiempo y molestias a la hora de ampliar cualquier red WiFi.

Para quien prefiera opciones más baratas a la hora de ampliar su WiFi, este modelo de Xiaomi es el mejor repetidor WiFi de relación calidad precio de los que hemos encontrado.

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