The 8 Best 3D Glasses of 2022

3D Glasses – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The 3D content market has grown considerably in recent years, so there are more and more purchase options for glasses to experience this playback technology. If you are interested in investing, we recommend that you first evaluate the Samsung SSG-2200KR/XC, an active 3D glasses for children. It is light in weight with a simple design and a rechargeable battery via USB cable. In second place are the Sony 9782414, the quintessential helmet for the PS4 console. Their screens offer a wide field of vision, as well as 3D audio to enhance the immersive experience when wearing the glasses.

The 8 Best 3D Glasses – Opinions 2022


With good 3D glasses you can experience virtual reality in a credible and comfortable way. Today there are many purchase options within the category, so we have chosen some of the best models in 3D glasses, so you can thoroughly evaluate them and decide which one suits you best.


samsung 3d glasses


1. Samsung SSG2200KR/XC Kids 3D Active Glasses

For some buyers, Samsung offers one of the best 3D glasses for children with the model SSG-2200KR/XC.

This device has active 3D technology, so your little one can enjoy the 3D experience in all its splendor. They use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and are also quite comfortable to use, weighing just 39 grams with an ergonomic design, so as not to cause discomfort to the nose or face.

Also, Samsung 3D glasses have a size of 15.7 x 15.7 x 4.5 centimeters, being suitable for children 5 years and older. Aesthetically, they have a black frame, but the edge of the lenses is blue, giving them an attractive look for little ones.

If you want to know more details about what could be the best 3D glasses of the moment, then you can do so:


Design: Being for children, they have a striking blue color, along with a compact size to fit the small size.

Light: They have a fairly light weight, maintaining comfort at all times.

Battery: Its battery is rechargeable, so you do not have to spend money on batteries.

Compatibility: The 3D glasses system can be used with a wide variety of LED, Plasma and LCD televisions.


Ages: Keep in mind that their size makes them suitable for children from 5 years old and up.

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PS4 3D Glasses


2. Sony PlayStation VR Virtual Reality Headset Mk4/SPA

Sony has a pair that would easily make the cut for the best 3D glasses of 2022 with its set for the PlayStation 4 video game console.

Sony VR glasses are equipped with a 5.7” OLED screen with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080p RGB and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, with which you will not see flickering or “ghosting” effects in the image.

With these PS4 3D glasses you can also enjoy a wide 100° vision, along with accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors that will let you “explore” the virtual environment. It also offers a 3D audio system and microphone, so you can stay connected with your friends when you play.

The purchase of the set includes, in addition to the 3D glasses, the title VR Worlds together with the camera for the PS4 console.

Sony may have what it takes to become the best 3D glasses brand, so you should thoroughly evaluate this product:


Screen: These 3D glasses have an OLED screen for high image resolution.

Field of vision: The field of vision is 100°, helping you feel immersed in the virtual universe.

Audio: It offers 3D audio functions, with which you can also enjoy an interactive environment.

Connections: With the HDMI and USB connections it will be quite easy for you to connect the glasses to your peripherals.



Dizziness: You may feel dizzy as you get used to the feel of the 3D glasses.

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3D glasses for mobile


3. Bnext VR Glasses Compatible with iPhone and Android Virtual Reality

From the Bnext brand, you may be interested in knowing these 3D glasses for mobile phones, which will allow you to enjoy the virtual reality experience for an affordable price and without complicating yourself too much.

It is a piece of equipment where you can use your mobile phone as a viewer, providing a wide field of experimentation for VR technology, since you will have access to what is offered by the most popular operating systems.

It presents a practical design with a size of 17.8 x 12.7 x 10.2 centimeters, while its approximate weight is 408 grams. It has straps to adjust them to the head, as well as padding around the lenses, guaranteeing comfort when wearing them.

On the other hand, it stands out that you can easily adjust the image and focus, thanks to independent buttons for each lens of the 3D glasses.

In case you don’t know which 3D glasses to buy, this alternative could convince you due to its simplicity and good performance:


Field of vision: This model has a 360° field of vision, very practical for viewing photos or videos.

Regulation: You can use a regulation wheel to adjust the focus of the glasses and improve the effect.

Compatibility: Its support is compatible with different models of smartphones.

Instructions: The instructions for use are in Spanish and are quite explanatory, allowing you to use the 3D glasses easily.



Stability: You must secure them properly with the straps, to prevent them from moving while you use them.

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3D glasses for cinema


4. Passive HiShock 3D Sierra Glasses for All 4K TV

In case you still haven’t been able to decide which are the best 3D glasses, we have an alternative for you with a cheap price, so you don’t have to spend too much.

We are facing the HiShock EcoSierra, which are one of the cheapest 3D glasses for cinema currently available on the market.

HiShock 3D Glasses are unlike most, featuring a frame made from natural-finished bamboo that gives them a striking, eco-friendly look. Likewise, its classic design stands out, which resembles any pair of standard glasses.

They work with the passive 3D playback system, so you don’t have to worry about pairings, batteries or settings. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, can recreate the experience on monitors of different makes and models, as long as they can reproduce passive 3D content.

The HiShock set may have what it takes to be your ideal purchase option, so here are its pros and cons:


Design: The HiShock model could go through conventional glasses, since its design is discreet.

Materials: They are made with ecological and environmentally friendly materials.

Resistant: The frame made of bamboo gives the 3D glasses a lot of resistance for regular use.

Televisions: You can enjoy the effect on LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and many other televisions.



Scratches: The lenses are sensitive to scratches, so you must be careful when using them.

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Active 3D glasses


5. Boblov 3D Active Shutter Glasses 96 144Hz

For users who are interested in a good pair of active 3D glasses, the Boblov set could be a practical and profitable alternative purchase.

The offer consists of 2 pairs of active 3D glasses compatible with Dual Player technology, which will allow two different scenes to be viewed on the same screen depending on the pair being used.

They are equipped with a shutter and you can use them with televisions, projectors, monitors and cinema screens. Added to this, the supported refresh rate ranges from 96 Hz to 144 Hz, so its compatibility with screens of different capacities is quite wide.

In addition to this, the goggle system has integrated automatic functions, to facilitate the handling of the equipment, at the same time that it is responsible for making the most of the autonomy provided by the battery.

If you carefully evaluate the benefits of this product, it will be easier for you to decide whether it is worth buying it or not:


Set: With the purchase of this model you will get 2 3D glasses for general entertainment.

Design: They have a sober and discreet design that also stands out for being quite light to avoid discomfort.

Functions: They have an automatic shutdown and energy saving system, which helps to get more out of them.

Battery: Its battery is rechargeable lithium ion, being able to work for up to 45 continuous hours.



Comfort: The design of the bridge over the nose is not the most ergonomic on the market.

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LG 3D glasses


6. LG AG-F315 3D Glasses for LG TVs 4 units

If you need to buy a complete pack of 3D glasses for all the members of your family, you are probably interested in learning about this offer from the well-known brand LG, since you will get several units for a low price.

The LG AG-F315 set is made up of 4 pairs of 3D glasses, each in a different colour: blue, yellow, white and black, so that everyone knows which pair belongs to them. They have an attractive, lightweight design, as well as UV protection on the lens coating.

It should also be noted that these LG 3D glasses have an ergonomic frame, capable of fitting comfortably on the face, allowing them to be used for long periods of time without causing discomfort. They are made of plastic and are discreet compared to other models of 3D glasses.

In case the LG brand 3D glasses option has caught your attention, here are some extra informative details:


Comfortable: The design of the LG 3D glasses is ergonomic, so you can use them for hours without problems.

Units: With the purchase of this product, you will get 4 pieces of 3D glasses to enjoy at home or in the cinema.

Protection: The lens has UV protection for your eyes, offering more safety when using them.

Dual Play: They are compatible with the Dual Play system, to take advantage of it in video games.



Robustness: They could be more robust, since they feel fragile to the touch.

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Active Panasonic 3D Glasses


7. Panasonic TY ER3D6ME Active 3D Glasses 2016 Active Shutter System

Panasonic has 3D glasses for its users that, in addition to providing a good VR experience, are also visually appealing and ergonomic.

The TY-ER3D6ME model is a pair of 3D glasses, equipped with an active shutter, which allows you to use Active Shutter 3D technology, to improve the quality of playback.

Another advantage offered by the active Panasonic 3D glasses is that their design is ergonomic, presenting dimensions of 16.4 x 4.1 x 17 centimeters with a low weight of just 34 grams. Thanks to this, they are very comfortable to wear, avoiding causing discomfort when watching long movies, for example.

For its energy, it uses a lithium ion battery with which you can use the glasses for a period of up to approximately 75 hours, more than enough for home use.

Being considered as a good option in active 3D glasses, you may want to know everything they have to offer you:


High definition: With these 3D glasses you can enjoy what you want in high resolution without problems.

Ergonomic: Their ergonomic design will allow you to use them without discomfort for as long as you want.

Autonomy: They use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a range of approximately 45 hours, which adds convenience.

Fast charging: It has a built-in fast charging system to minimize the time required for connection.



Requirements: Before buying these glasses, you must verify that your television is of a recent model, in addition to belonging to Panasonic.

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Virtual reality 3D glasses


8. Hamswan Virtual Reality Glasses Gifts for Father

Considered as an alternative to being the best value for money 3D glasses, we recommend you consider the Hamswan SC-Y006-W-EU.

These virtual reality 3D glasses are for use with a mobile phone, with a support that will allow you to install equipment up to 6”, so you can enjoy the content on a high-resolution screen.

The helmet-style design offers straps to adjust the glasses to your head, as well as padding around the visor, which will take care of avoiding excess pressure on your face. They are made of ABS plastic and the joints of the straps are made of PU leather.

On the other hand, they allow focus management through adjustment wheels, as well as 360 ° panoramic vision capacity, so you can feel the immersion in VR.

For buyers who are looking for one of the cheapest 3D glasses, here are the pros and cons of this product:


Field of vision: With this model of 3D glasses it will be possible for you to turn 360° without leaving the field of vision.

Compatibility: Support compatibility with screens ranging from 4.7” to 6” stands out.

Lid: The lid that covers the inside of the glasses closes easily using magnets.


Mobile phone management: It would be nice if it had a button that allowed you to manage the playback of the mobile phone, so you don’t have to take it out of the glasses.

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Shopping guide


Although 3D technology has been around the world for several years, just a few years ago it reached homes to become a system that offers renewed experiences for multimedia content. With this guide to buying the best 3D glasses we will help you simplify the search to make the most of your money.

3D glasses design

Considering the design of the 3D glasses is crucial when choosing which one to buy, since, being a device that can be used as an accessory, the level of ergonomics offered by the frame is important. For this reason, it is common to find a comparison of 3D glasses in which a special focus is made on their design.

Whether it is electronic models or not, it is necessary to study details such as the size and weight of the 3D glasses. Bearing in mind that, for the most part, they will be used for entertainment purposes, they must be light and with an ergonomic design that guarantees comfort at all times.

If they use straps to be sure, we recommend checking that they can be adjusted enough without causing discomfort, since a complete approach to the screens and lenses of the glasses is necessary if you want to enjoy a full and credible experience at all times.


Playback technology type

One detail that greatly affects how much 3D glasses cost is the type of technology they use to play 3D content. In this case, we can talk about 2 types of glasses available: active and passive.

Active 3D glasses could be the ones that provide the best effect thanks to their much larger field of vision. These use screens for each eye, where each one reproduces images at very fast intervals so as not to be noticed, which causes the 3D effect. To use it, you will need a computer with adequate capacity or a video game console in its absence.

On the other hand, passive 3D glasses are easier to use, as well as good and cheap. These can be polarized to watch TV or with support to install a mobile phone.

In the case of polarized ones, you will find fairly discreet glasses that work with special lenses to polarize light from different angles and create the effect. They do not need batteries to work and are usually quite light.

Considering mobile 3D glasses or headsets, you should know that to use them you will need a smartphone with a good quality screen. These models have built-in special mounts for the device, as well as straps that will let you secure it to your head.


Capacity and field of view

If you want to use the 3D glasses especially for virtual environment experiences, it is very important that you first check the capacity and field of view that you will be able to experience when using them. Some models stand out more than others in this category, either because of the type of screen used or the design of the 3D glasses.

This detail is directly related to the type of glasses, since those that use screens are capable of reproducing the content directly from the equipment system, while the polarized ones must focus on a fixed screen such as the TV or the computer, but they give you greater freedom of movement and their field of vision is greater.

Battery autonomy

The autonomy offered by the battery of the 3D glasses is relevant for many users, especially if they plan to use them to play video games, since it is one of the applications that requires the most energy. Therefore, it is convenient to evaluate both the type of battery and its capacity, in order to acquire a pair of practical glasses for day to day.

Most active 3D glasses models have lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable, so you don’t have to spend money to replace them when they run out. On the other hand, if you buy passive 3D glasses, you will depend entirely on the battery life of your mobile device.

Installation requirements

Other points that you cannot fail to consider when reviewing which 3D glasses you could buy are the installation requirements. This also depends on the type of playback technology, since active glasses need more peripherals than passive ones.

When deciding which 3D glasses to choose to use at home, you should first consider whether they are designed to connect to a computer, television, mobile phone or video game console, as well as whether they are electronic or not.

The models that are used on consoles and computers need particular video game titles, as well as a powerful graphics card, while the others will be easier to use as they only require your mobile installed on the support.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use 3D glasses?

This will depend on whether it is an active or passive pair of 3D glasses, mainly since the former are electronic and use screens, while the others use polarized lenses.

In the first case, you must first pair them with your television, following the instructions for the particular model and manufacturer. After installed, you can play your movie or video game to experience 3D.

In the second case, all you have to do is play the content in 3D format on the television, put on your glasses and position yourself at the right angle to view the effect.

Q2: How to make a 3D glasses?

To make homemade 3D glasses, you will need an old pair that you no longer wear, a sheet of plastic transparency, scissors, glue, and red and navy blue markers.

Start by removing the old lenses from the old glasses being careful not to break them. Then, place them on the transparency sheet to draw their outlines and cut them with scissors.

Take the markers to paint each of the plastic lenses one color until all the spaces are covered. Wait for them to dry well to stick them on the frame of the glasses and that’s it. You will already have your homemade 3D glasses made.


Q3: What 3D glasses do I need for a Sony Bravía?

This will depend on the playback technology that the model of the Sony Bravia line of televisions has.

If it is a device with active 3D technology, you will need electronic 3D glasses. These work by making use of screens in the lenses that control the number of frames perceived by each eye, making the 3D effect artificial.

On the other hand, the models that use passive 3D will be able to make use of the classic three-dimensional glasses that take advantage of the effect of polarization to manage the frames. Similarly, the experience is incredible and immersive.


Q4: How to connect Samsung 3D glasses?

To connect your Samsung 3D glasses to your television, you must activate the 3D function on the equipment by pressing the Menu button on your remote control, and then navigate to the Picture section. Here you can see the 3D tab, enter it and activate the corresponding box.

Now position yourself with the glasses in front of your television at a distance of no more than 50 centimeters. Find the power button and hold it down until the LED indicators simultaneously flash red and green. After a few seconds, the battery percentage status of the glasses should appear on your TV, indicating that they have been successfully paired.


Q5: How to clean 3D glasses?

3D glasses, unlike normal glasses, cannot be cleaned in the regular way, since they have 2 screens on each lens, so great care must be taken when controlling the pressure exerted by the fingers.

Take a clean, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber or cloth, and begin by gently wiping the surface of each lens separately until the stains are removed.

Do not clean both sides at the same time to avoid damage, and do not use any cleaning products. The manufacturing materials of these glasses are more sensitive to chemicals and could be affected.


Q6: Can I use my mobile as 3D glasses?

The answer is yes, you can use your mobile to enjoy the 3D experience if you install it on glasses with support for the reproduction of this content.

On the internet you can find a wide variety of series, movies and videos in 3D format, as well as several alternatives in 3D glasses for mobile phones, which can be made of cardboard, plastic or metal. To enjoy the experience, you must install your mobile phone inside the virtual reality glasses system, place it on your head and play the content.

If necessary, you can adjust the focus of the lenses to achieve the highest level of sharpness possible, as well as change the pressure of the straps in order to feel comfortable while wearing the glasses.

Q7: What batteries do Samsung 3D glasses use?

Most of the models offered by Samsung in 3D glasses use lithium ion batteries, which have the particularity of being rechargeable so that you do not have to replace them when their autonomy is consumed.

It should be noted that, depending on the model, some of these batteries are capable of easily exceeding 100 hours of autonomy for the standard use of 3D glasses.

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