The 8 Best Analog Cameras of 2022

Analog Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Analog cameras are used by those who want to enjoy alternative photography and work with reels, which allows them to obtain images through chemical processes. If you want to acquire one of these, we recommend you consider the Lomography Konstructor F model, a piece of equipment that you can assemble from scratch to better understand how it works. Features top-down viewfinder, plus adjustments for the bulb. Another good option could be the Kodak FunSaver analog camera, a disposable kit that offers an affordable price so you can practice analog photography without spending too much money. It has an ergonomic design, as well as being durable enough.

The 8 Best Analog Cameras – Opinions 2022

For fans of the classic management of images in physical format, analog cameras are an essential tool within their photographic equipment and here you can learn about some of the best models offered by the current market:

35mm analog camera

1. Lomography Konstruktor F

From the Lomography brand we present you a 35mm analog camera that you can assemble from scratch, being a very practical tool for those who are starting out in photography. All parts are made of plastic and the instructions are explicit enough to avoid inconvenience during assembly.

Being able to work with the equipment in this way will help to better understand the operation of an analog camera, which, in turn, will allow you to properly handle any other type.

Regarding the visual capacity, when it is assembled, you will be able to use a 50mm lens with an f/10 focal aperture for long exposures, which will help you easily focus on the objective.

It is also highlighted that it is very manageable when it ends up presenting measures of 9 x 5 x 9 centimeters and a weight of 581 grams so that you can use and transport it comfortably.

Since it could be the best analog camera of the moment, it is useful to evaluate its pros and cons in a timely manner:


Assembled: This analog camera can be assembled from scratch to learn its operation from the very basics.

Lens: It has a 50mm lens so you can take simple photos with the equipment.

Portability: It is made of plastic and is quite light, being comfortable to carry with you.

Flash: You can install a flash kit in case you need artificial lighting.


Reel: The purchase of the camera kit does not include a reel of film so you can try it out.

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2. Lomography La Sardina 8-Ball

Another option that could be the best analog camera also belongs to the Lomography brand, but, in this case, we are dealing with the SP100AB model. This camera has a compact, modern and attractive design so it will be easy for you to carry it with you at all times.

On the other hand, it stands out that it is a 35mm analog camera that uses a 22mm focal length lens and a wide-angle lens that covers a space of 89º to facilitate framing the image.

It features connectors for flash trigger cables, as well as an automatic frame counter so you know how much film is left on your reel before you replace it.

It is made of plastic and its casing has a textured finish to facilitate grip, as well as giving it a more attractive appearance, while remaining discreet.

This Lomography analog camera offers you striking advantages, which you can learn about below:


Design: Lomography equipment is comfortable to use and has good manufacturing finishes, as well as a compact and lightweight design.

Counter: The camera offers an automatic frame counter to better manage reels.

Aperture: The camera lens has a focal aperture of f/8 so you can take photos indoors and outdoors.

Focus: If you want to focus, the lens will be able to handle objects that are at a minimum distance of 60 centimeters.


Flash: Keep in mind that this model does not have a flash system, so you must be aware of the surrounding light conditions.

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analog photo camera

3. Kodak KOD401040 Single Use Camera

If you want to buy an analog camera, Kodak offers you a striking option with its FunSaver model.

It is a disposable kit that has a reel where you can capture a total of 49 photographs to remember that trip with your friends or a family reunion.

Its design is compact, lightweight and easy to use so you can operate it with one hand. It is durable enough and has a built-in flash so you can take pictures in low-light environments.

Regarding its materials, the camera is made of plastic as is usual to find among disposable models. However, it has enough capacity to replace a forgotten SLR camera at home or to stimulate a child’s interest in photography.

In addition, you can use its parts to repair other cameras that you have at home if you have knowledge in the area.

Kodak could become the best analog camera brand with products like this:


Photographs: The device has an internal reel to take a total of 49 photographs.

Flash: You can improve the lighting of the environment thanks to the built-in flash in the camera.

Size: It has a size of 6.3 x 2.5 x 1.5 centimeters, allowing you to carry it in your pocket if you wish.

Weight: It is quite light, since it barely reaches 113 grams of weight, being practically imperceptible among your things.


Ergonomics: The location of the button to activate the flash is awkward to reach when taking pictures.

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compact analog camera

4. Fujifilm Instax SQ6 Instant Analog Camera

If you’re looking for a slightly more modern analog camera, you can take a look at Fujifilm’s Instax SQ6 model.

It stands out for being classified as a compact analog camera, thanks to its dimensions of 12.8 x 5.8 x 11.9 centimeters and a weight of just 395 grams, so you can easily store it in your pocket. In addition, you can buy it in several colors in case you have a particular favorite.

On the other hand, it offers mechanisms with which you can adjust the capture modes, flash, exposure, and lens opening in order to obtain the photograph just as you want it, which may lead it to be among the best analog cameras of 2022.

Another striking detail is that the camera’s flash can change the filter to apply color effects to the images, which you can see instantly after taking them thanks to the instant film printing mechanism.

Instax SQ6 could be a good alternative if you don’t know which analog camera to buy thanks to its advantages:


Design: The camera has a compact size and can be purchased in gray, white, gold and red, to match your preferences.

Flash modes: You can choose between having the flash automatic, disabled or permanently on.

Autonomy: This model works with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so you don’t have to worry about replacing disposable units.

Zoom: The camera lens has a 0.4x zoom that you can adjust according to your needs when photographing.


Reel: Requires Instax Square instant film reels, which are a bit pricey.

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Other products

5. Polaroid Originals 9008 New One Step 2 ViewFinder

Among the best analog cameras, this option from the well-known Polaroid brand could not be missing. The 9008 model evokes the design and structure of vintage cameras, combining modern finishes and colors to offer you a device that, in addition to being eye-catching, is also practical, since it has a flash for those photos you want to take in the dark.

The camera has a size of 15 x 11 x 9.5 centimeters and a weight of 408 grams because it is instant, that is, you can print the photos directly from it. So if you want to buy an analog camera that is fun and entertaining to use, the 9008 might be the kit for you.

It works with a 1100 mAh capacity lithium ion battery with which you can enjoy a long autonomy, before having to charge it to continue taking photos.

Being an instant analog camera, this Polaroid option can be much more practical than you imagine:


Materials: The equipment casing is made of polycarbonate and ABS plastics, offering shock resistance.

Lens: Its lens reaches a focal length of 106 mm, in addition to offering a field of view of 41º vertical and 40º horizontal.

Battery: A full battery charge could last up to 60 days of regular use.

Timer: It has a timer for remote activation of the camera shutter.


Flash: Although the computer has flash, it is not very powerful.

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6. Kodak Water Sport 27 Exp Disposable Water Camera

From the manufacturers of Kodak comes what, for some users, could be the best value for money analog camera with the Water Sport 27 equipment. This model is disposable and, in addition, it is also aquatic.

It has a polycarbonate casing that seals the camera and allows it to be submerged to a maximum depth of up to 15 meters, so you can get incredible photos underwater and an external rubber casing designed to protect the equipment from shocks. Its size is 13.2 x 11.9 x 5.3 centimeters with a weight of 68 grams, one of the lightest on this list.

On the other hand, the camera has a built-in 27-exposure reel with which you can take all the photos you want during your vacation to the beach and without worrying about staining it with sunscreen, since it is also resistant to this.

If you have a tight budget and want to buy one of the cheapest, you can evaluate the pros and cons of this Kodak option:


Film: The camera has a roll of 35mm film with a speed of 800 for 27 pictures.

Resistant: Its rubber casing protects it from accidental drops and scratches to extend its useful life.

Submersible: It can be submerged under water up to 15 meters deep, ideal for going to the pool or the beach.

Handle: It has a handle on one of its sides to hold it with a strap and avoid losing it.


Sharpness: Photos are less sharp compared to other disposable analog cameras.

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7. Big Daddy BIG Holga 120 Camera

When wondering which is the best analog camera, this Big Daddy brand product may be a good choice.

The 120N model has a simple and discreet design that is also compact; so you can take it with you without bothering you or taking up too much space. It has a size of 11 x 14 x 8 centimeters with a weight of just 299 grams to fit in any handbag and is made of plastic.

On the other hand, it has an optical viewfinder and an adjustable 60mm lens with which you can more easily focus the image to improve your technique as a photographer.

It does not have a built-in flash, but it does have a central contact to install a lighting kit, which helps you obtain the right level of light with which to increase the quality of the image captured by the lens.

In case you have been interested in this Big Daddy product, here you can find more details about it:


Simple: Its simple and vintage style makes it attractive to many fans of 35mm photography.

Viewfinder: It has an optical viewfinder through which you can direct the lens towards the center of the image.

Lens: The camera lens has a focal length of 60 mm adjustable according to your needs.

Ergonomic: It has an ergonomic and intuitive design so you can use it easily from day one.


Finishes: Its finishes are not too resistant, so you should use it carefully.

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8. Ilford HP5+ Disposable Camera With Flash

From Ilford we present the HP5+ model, a disposable analog camera measuring 12 x 5 x 10 centimeters and weighing just 132 grams to be a good alternative in case you have forgotten your equipment at home.

It has a reel to take up to 27 photographs with a film of 400 ISO exposure and a lens with a focal length of at least 1 meter, making it a useful camera for home use.

In addition, it also stands out that it turns out to be one of the cheapest products in this list, but that is not why it lacks a flash, since the Ilford team offers you an automatic response lighting system when you press the shutter.

Another striking detail offered by this model is that, when developing the film used by the camera, the photographs will be in black and white, which is very useful for practitioners.

If you’re looking for a single-use kit, you can check out what this Ilford analog camera has to offer:


Compact: The camera has a compact and lightweight structure that makes it easy to handle and transport.

Photographs: Since it is a disposable model, its reel offers a total of 27 exposures for photographs.

Flash: It has an automatic flash that will be activated with each pressure of the shutter.

Black and White: The film will develop black and white photos, giving them a vintage look.


Settings: Being a very simple model, the camera does not allow you to apply any type of custom configuration.

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Analog Camera Accessories

Film for analog camera

Kodak Color Plus 200 135/36 Film

For analog cameras, the most commonly used type of film is 35 mm, which is why we recommend this one from Kodak. This reel for analog camera has a total of 36 exposures, that is, you will be able to take this number of photographs before it is full.

It also stands out that it is fine-grained, so it is designed to detect the small details captured by the camera lens and thus obtain sharp photographs at all times. Likewise, it also offers balanced saturation to balance the exposure of colors and better manage the contrast of the image.

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Shopping guide

Although some might prefer the ease of a digital camera, others opt for the classic handling of photography and therefore prefer analog models. In this guide to buying the best analog camera we will help you analyze the important features to find the best option.

team design

It is important to evaluate the design of the analog camera before deciding which one to buy, since, like digital or SLR, these devices are often used both inside and outside the home. Therefore, it is important to find a model that is easy to handle and has the right design to be transported without inconvenience.

There are many analog cameras, since they were the most popular means used by many people around the world, for several decades, to capture memorable moments. For this reason, although digital cameras exist today, there is still a niche of photographers who prefer to work in the old school and handle analog cameras.

If you are part of them, you should make sure that the camera of your interest has an ergonomic design with which you can easily focus the image to take the photographs you want. You should also consider the weight, although in this type of product this is not usually an inconvenience.

Unlike digital cameras, analog cameras practically carry the weight of batteries and roll of film, so they are usually much lighter to hold. At the same time, it evaluates the layout of the controls and rotary knobs for the handling of the roll.

Analog camera type

The next aspect that is usually evaluated in a comparison of analog cameras is their type. Classic models usually use the 35mm cartridge, but you should keep in mind that there are 5 types of film for analog cameras and this is directly related to the cartridge they use.

It is for this reason that when looking for the right model for you, you should keep in mind that the 35 mm reel or roll is the most popular, which can facilitate its acquisition. However, brands such as Polaroid and Fujifilm offer analog cameras capable of printing the photo in seconds, directly from the computer, which is why they are classified as instant analog cameras. This can also offer convenience if you’re looking to have photos printed on the spot.

Manufacturing materials

When you review the different models that the market offers in analog cameras, it would not hurt to consider the manufacturing materials to get a better idea of ​​​​the robustness and durability of the camera.

You will usually find models made of plastic, but some with a much longer lifespan than others, mainly because of the usefulness with which they were designed.

In the case of disposable analog cameras, you will find single-use equipment that does not require too high resistance, but if you are going to acquire a model for permanent use, which allows the replacement of batteries and reels, it is necessary to consider models with good manufacturing finishes.

film used

The film used by the equipment usually influences how much it costs, since the composition materials of this vary in quantity and size. If you want to buy a good and cheap analog camera, you should also consider the type of resources it will consume.

As mentioned, there are 5 types of film for analog cameras. These are also called formats and are categorized into four categories: small, medium, large, and APS.

The first is made up of the most popular format, 35 mm film, which is used in analog, reflex and compact cameras. The second comprises the 120mm and 220mm format in conjunction with instant-develop Polaroids. The third contains the 4×5″, 5×7″ and 8×10″ formats while the fourth was the last to hit the market and is known as APS, an acronym for Advanced Photo System.

In this case, we recommend choosing analog cameras that use 35mm film to avoid compatibility issues when purchasing replacement rolls.

camera flash

Last but not least, you must take into account the relevance of lighting to obtain a good photograph. In this case, you should know that most disposable cameras do not have a flash or have a poor one compared to digital models.

This can negatively affect image quality, which is why it’s important to assess as much detail as possible regarding the flash’s ability and its response when you press the shutter. So you can choose a camera that has the necessary capacity to meet your needs as a photographer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an analog camera?

Start by turning on the camera and verifying that all buttons and dials work properly. Next, adjust the ISO aperture according to the type of film you are going to use and install it in the rear compartment of the camera, securing the film on the rotation roller.

Look through the viewfinder and focus the image by manipulating the lens rollers or dials depending on your camera model. Press the shutter when you have obtained the desired framing and focus and voila, your photograph will be printed on the film so that you can develop it whenever you want.

Q2: How does an analog camera work?

An analog camera has the same image processing as a digital or SLR, since it uses its lens to capture the reflection of light on objects to create the image.

When you press the camera shutter, it opens the lens to let in light so that the internal mechanisms of the mirrors group the light into a single point, which, in this case, would be the photographic film.

And since the photographic film is sensitive to light, the entrance of this will mark its surface to capture the image captured by the lens.

Q3: How to focus an analog camera?

If the analog camera you are using works with adjustable lenses or has a rotary knob for it, you must first look through the viewfinder and decide what you want to focus on within the image capture. Then, turn the available rings or buttons so that they are in charge of moving the mirrors closer or further away from the lens.

This action will allow you to determine what the point of focus of the lens will be in order to obtain a sharp and detailed image.

Q4: How to convert an analog camera into a digital one?

To do this you will need a camera capable of working with electric film to which you will have to remove the sensor from the lens and modify it to be able to install it inside your analog camera. The sensor must have the size of a frame to be able to work with the entrance of light and the printing on the photographic paper that it used in its analog version.

Although the process of converting an analog camera to a digital one is possible and relatively simple, it doesn’t have much use today, so it may be more practical to simply purchase a digital camera.

Q5: How to take photos with an analog SLR camera?

With analog SLR cameras it is easier to obtain good quality photos, since more settings can be manipulated than with a standard one. However, its handling is practically the same.

First, you’ll need to turn on your analog SLR camera and look through the viewfinder to direct the lens where you want to shoot. Then, turn the lens rings to change the focus point, which will determine the focus of the image.

When you are comfortable with the level of focus and framing of the image, press the shutter on the camera and voila. You will already have your photograph captured on the film to develop it later.

Q6: What to do with my analog camera?

Analog cameras can be very useful when you don’t want to take a more expensive or modern model on a trip, for example. With this type of camera, it will be more comfortable for you to take pictures as you do not have to handle endless configurations and adjustment parameters.

It can also be a good tool for beginners to start in the world of photography, since it helps them manage the basic functions of a camera and work with basic components, which will be quite useful when using a digital or SLR.

Q7: How to put a film on an analog camera?

Changing the film reel to the analog camera is quite simple, but to do it you will first have to check the packaging for the ISO number that you must configure on the equipment. This defines the aperture of the lens based on the type of film you are going to use.

Above the ISO adjustment wheel there should be a tab that you can lift and turn to release the lock and open the chamber where you will find a compartment to place the reel. When you’ve positioned it, lower the tab to secure it in place and pull the piece of film sticking out of the spool. Take it to the other end and secure it on the camera roller, then gently rotate it until the film catches on the safety tabs and close the lid.

Q8: How to know if an analog camera works?

To check the good condition of an analog camera, the essential thing is to check the selection dials for the ISO and the compartment for the reel.

In the case of the dials, they must be in good condition and turn without any jams, while the compartment must be empty and free of dirt.

Start by looking through the viewfinder and pressing the camera’s shutter at each of the dial positions to check that the lens opens with each press. Make sure you can see some light with each shot so you know everything is working properly.

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