The 8 Best Bluetooth Headphones of 2022

Bluetooth Headphones – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With Bluetooth headphones you could avoid the use of cables when connecting them to your mobile phone, avoiding entanglements, discomfort and limitation of movement. If you are interested in investing in one of these, we first recommend the Xiaomi Mi True-X model. These wireless Bluetooth headphones have an ergonomic, modern and attractive design, as well as including their own charging case. Secondly, you may be interested in the Muzili G4 product, a pair that stands out mainly for being waterproof so you can use them in the rain if you need to. Its design offers a good grip on the ear and they also include a charging case.


The 8 Best Bluetooth Headphones – Opinions 2022


If it is a bit difficult for you to choose a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, in the following section you will find some alternatives available on the market that have a good value for money and practical functions for various uses. Therefore, we invite you to get to know them better to see if you find the right model for you among them.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones

1. Xiaomi Redmi Airdots TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Xiaomi is a brand that has been rapidly gaining ground and now they have in their catalog one of what could be the best Bluetooth headphones, their Mi True-X model from the Redmi Airdots line.

These headphones come in a convenient charging case that has compact dimensions so you can easily carry it in your pocket. It is made of polycarbonate with a matte finish and can be purchased in black or white depending on availability.

In this case you will find the Micro USB port where you will connect the charging cable for the battery. As for the headphones, combined, they weigh just 4.1 grams and their size is also reduced compared to others to be more discreet to use.

On the other hand, it stands out that the Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones are magnetized to be able to stay in the compartment of the case without the risk of falling out when opening it.

Being, possibly, the best Bluetooth headphones of the moment, you should know in depth what this Xiaomi product offers you:


Autonomy: Its battery offers 4 hours of autonomy, while the case can store 300 mAh for three full charges of the headphones and a total of 12 hours of autonomy.

Resistance: They have the IPX5 protection certificate to offer resistance to splashes, that is, sweat or rain will not affect them.

Connectivity: They work with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to offer a stable link with the connection device.

Cushions: Purchase includes interchangeable cushions of various sizes to adapt the headphones to your inner ear.



Microphone: Although they have a microphone, voice reception and transmission could be improved.

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Bluetooth earphones for sport


2. Muzili Sports Bluetooth Headphones V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof

From the Muzili brand, we present you some Bluetooth headphones for sports with which you can practice outdoors without worrying, since they have an IPX7 certificate that indicates the impermeability of the product. This quality allows you to use them safely when exercising, since they are resistant to sweat and also to rain in case you want to carry out other activities regardless of the weather.

Another detail that could make this option the best Bluetooth headphones is its design, since they have special hooks to attach to your ear, allowing you to have the mobility you need without fear of falling.

The purchase of this model of Bluetooth headphones also includes a charging and transport case that, being capable of storing energy, can offer you a maximum of 36 hours of autonomy in constant use, more than enough for your practice sessions.

To determine which Bluetooth headphones to buy, you should know as many details as possible, as you will see below:


Sound: It stands out that they have High Fidelity audio technology so you can appreciate all the nuances of sound.

Management: One of the headphones has a button to control the volume, the track being played and other functions of the set.

Functions: In addition to listening to music, you can use this model as a hands-free to receive or make phone calls.

Compatibility: You can link them with computers, mobile phones, tablets, among other devices that support Bluetooth 5.0.



Connection: The link is likely to be affected if you move too far from the player or there are walls in between, but in general this is common in headphones of this type.

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Bluetooth wireless headphones


3. HOMSCAM Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones with Microphones

If you are looking to buy wireless Bluetooth headphones, we recommend you take a look at the Homscam model, as they offer a series of advantages for an affordable price.

On the one hand, its design is attractive, ergonomic, modern and elegant. They come in their own portable-sized charging case so you can take them anywhere and charge them without plugging in.

In addition, some consider that they could be the best value for money Bluetooth headphones since they have a high-fidelity sound reproduction system, guaranteeing a good handling of the nuances in your favorite songs.

As for the autonomy that you can enjoy if you buy this model, you should know that the case can store 800 mAh for a maximum of 35 hours of continuous playback with your headphones, so you can wear them throughout the day without worrying about running out of battery..

Since Homscam might be the best Bluetooth headset brand, here are its pros and cons:


Pairing: After the first pairing, the headset can automatically connect to your computer when you take it out of the case for easy use.

Microphone: They have a built-in microphone so you can use them hands-free and, in addition, they also offer binaural mode.

Pads: With the pads of different sizes you can install the one that best suits your ear.

Connectivity: To offer a wide and stable connection, the headphones have Bluetooth version 5.0 connectivity.



Calls: The sound quality when making and receiving calls could be improved in terms of transmission.

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Bluetooth sports headphones


4. Yacikos Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sport Headphones

Yacikos has Bluetooth sports headphones for you that you can use for a maximum of 120 continuous hours without having to charge its base, since it has a capacity to store up to 3,500 mAh of energy.

Visually, the charging case of this set of Yaciko headphones has an attractive and modern design that includes a small LCD screen to show its charge percentage, which will help you know when it is advisable to put it on charge.

Likewise, they could be part of the best Bluetooth headphones of 2019 thanks to their design which is in-ear so you can enjoy an immersive experience that also has noise cancellation technology.

On the other hand, they offer a smart pairing system through which they can be linked to previously configured devices immediately after taking them out of the case to help you save time and effort.

Next, you will be able to know what the pros and cons of these headphones are so that you can determine if they are practical for you or not:


Autonomy: The headphones can achieve an autonomy of between 5 and 6 hours with each full charge in the case.

Resistance: They have the IPX7 water resistance certificate so you don’t have to worry if they get wet.

Pads: Four sizes of interchangeable pads are included: XS, S, M and L so you can choose the most comfortable for you.

Practical: You can use it as an emergency external battery thanks to the USB port of the charging case.



Volume: These may not be the highest volume level Bluetooth headphones on the market, but it’s enough for regular use.

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Samsung Bluetooth Headphones


5. Samsung Galaxy Buds Wireless Binaural

Galaxy Buds is the name of Samsung Bluetooth headphones that enjoy a good reputation and are well received by users, thanks to the sound quality they are capable of offering. In addition to this, they also have proximity sensor and touch controls so you can link and operate them very easily.

On the other hand, this model is of the in-ear type and has a very discreet design so that you can use them without attracting attention or affecting your look, so they are comfortable to wear on the way to work, practicing in the gym or walking around the Park.

Regarding its size and weight, each earphone reaches 6 grams, while the charging case has dimensions of 7 x 3.8 x 2.6 centimeters and its weight is just 40 grams. Therefore, if you do not know which are the best Bluetooth headphones, it would not hurt to consider what this pair of Samsung offers you.

This Samsung product can provide good performance, so we invite you to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages:


Design: The headphones are small and also in-ear so you can wear them comfortably and discreetly.

Sound: The sound technology used is AKG optimized, so you will enjoy defined highs and lows.

Autonomy: In music playback they reach 6 hours of autonomy, while in calls they offer 5 hours, enough for home use.

Connectivity: The sensor of the headphones allows them to link with different versions of the Android operating system for your convenience.



Charging case: A detail that could be a disadvantage is that its charging case has a capacity of 252 mAh, which is less than what other similar models offer.

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SonyBluetooth Headphones

6. Sony WHCH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

WHCH500 are headband headphones from the Sony brand with which you can enjoy music, movies, video games and more thanks to its extensive connectivity. This particular model makes use of Bluetooth version 4.2 so you can easily pair it with the device of your choice.

On the other hand, it is highlighted that the range of the link signal can reach up to 10 meters away, so you can move around the house without being disconnected at all times.

Also, these Sony Bluetooth headphones have a 30-millimeter diameter diaphragm so you can use them and enjoy the surround sound experience that is also increased thanks to the noise cancellation system.

Another aspect that stands out about these headband-type headphones is that they are one of the cheapest in the selection, in case you want to save a little money and their headband-type design will allow you to adjust the pressure and height of the headphones according to your comfort level.

Being one of the cheapest options, it is important that you consider what this Sony model offers you:


Design: It is a headband-type model with a weight of 141 grams, considered light within this category.

Autonomy: Its lithium-ion battery offers a maximum of 20 hours of autonomy before requiring a charge.

Handsfree: You can use this option on Bluetooth headsets as handsfree for your mobile phone.

Assistant: There is the possibility of configuring virtual assistants so that the linked device performs actions through voice commands.



Size: Being a headband type, these headphones are much larger than other alternatives in this list.

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Bluetooth Headphones for TV


7. Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones Headband

Having Bluetooth headphones for TV on hand can be more practical than you imagine and the model offered by the Mpow brand may be very useful to use at home.

The H7 are headband-type headphones that have dimensions of 20 x 17 x 6.2 centimeters and weigh approximately 245 grams. Its structural design is ergonomic, since it has padding on the upper part for the head, as well as on the helmets so as not to bother your ear.

Also, depending on their availability, you could get these Bluetooth headphones in black, blue or gray in case you have a particular preference.

On the other hand, it stands out that the sound system has High Fidelity Audio and CVC 6.0 quality along with hands-free mode, becoming a striking option for those who enjoy good quality and practicality in their electronic devices.

In case you have been interested in these Mpow Bluetooth headphones, here you can know more about them:


Autonomy: With these headphones you will enjoy a maximum of 25 hours of continuous playback depending on the volume level adjusted.

Breathable: The padding of the earcups is breathable to prevent discomfort and heat build-up in your ear.

Transport: A transport case is included with the purchase so that you can take them with you if you wish.

Compatibility: You will be able to link these headphones with equipment from various manufacturers, such as Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and more.



Bass: For the taste of some users, the bass quality of these headphones is probably not the most optimal.

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Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone


8.Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are the latest release in Bluetooth headphones for iPhone and their main advantage is the redesign compared to the old version, since these are more discreet and adapt better to the inner pavilion of the ear. Also, the Pro allow the exchange of tips, something that could not be done with the original AirPods.

Some users consider the Apple line as one of the options if they are looking to invest in good Bluetooth mobile headphones, since devices like the AirPods Pro offer high-level performance in terms of sound and response.

The improved sound technology of this model offers functions such as ambient mode so that you can continue listening to your music without completely disconnecting from your surroundings, avoiding uncomfortable or dangerous situations.

In addition to this, they have a robust construction and are resistant to sweat and water so that you can use them on any occasion, be it casually in your day to day, in the gym, playing sports outdoors, etc.

Apart from improvements in sound quality, the new version of the AirPods has more to offer:


Noise: They offer a noise cancellation system in case you want to enjoy an immersive experience.

Materials: The pads are made of silicone so that, in addition to being comfortable, you can clean them easily.

Case: The charging case can store power for up to 24 hours of earphone use.

Equalization: The sound system works with adaptive equalization according to the style of music you are playing to improve performance.



Calls: A flaw is that their autonomy is significantly reduced when they are used to make calls.

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Shopping guide


Bluetooth headphones have gradually become a very useful tool for many people on a daily basis, since they allow you to enjoy music or any other multimedia content without the need for cables and in this guide to buying the best Bluetooth headphones we will help you to recognize its most important aspects.

headphone design

The design of Bluetooth headphones is one of the main features that you should study before deciding which model to buy. In general, this type of headset is designed to be portable and used comfortably away from home, but there are others designed for home use, either with a TV, computer or video game console, for example.

Therefore, you must first determine what you need the headphones for so that you can choose ones that have the right design to meet your needs, be it in terms of size, weight, shape or charging method.

Likewise, we recommend that you pay special attention to the shape of the earphone in the case of an in-ear model, since these go inside the ear cavity and, normally, different sizes of ear tips are offered so that you can use them without discomfort.

Materials and resistance

The next aspect that you should consider when reviewing a comparison of Bluetooth headphones, in addition to how much it costs, is the manufacturing materials and the resistance they provide. This feature becomes even more important if you need a cheap model that you can use outdoors or for sports.

In these cases, you have the option of choosing Bluetooth headphones that have special resistance certificates, be it against bumps, scratches, falls and even water. These types of models are practical to be used wherever and whenever you want as you don’t have to worry about the environmental conditions, increasing the practicality of the headphones.

For example, imagine you want to listen to music while running or cycling, but it’s raining or snowing. With waterproof headphones, this inconvenience would practically disappear and if the certificate meets the requirements, you could even use them for swimming or while taking a shower.

Connectivity type

When we talk about the type of connectivity in Bluetooth headphones, we refer to the version of the system that the device uses. The more up-to-date it is, the more compatibility you will enjoy with other devices.

However, to avoid problems at the time of the link or when playing any multimedia content, it would not hurt to check what version of Bluetooth the device with which you want to pair them supports.

At the same time, you could also buy models that allow their wireless connectivity operating systems to be updated, as this way you can continue using them without problems for longer before having to change them for a newer model.

Battery autonomy

The autonomy of the battery could be one of the most relevant aspects for the purchase decision of some users because, as mentioned, most Bluetooth headset models are designed for use outside the home, which is why it is necessary to have a battery with sufficient autonomy available.

You can check this in the specifications of the model of your interest, where the approximate operating time in continuous playback mode is usually also indicated. This way you will have a closer idea of ​​how long you can use them before having to put them on charge.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to worry too much about this, there are Bluetooth headphones with portable charging bases, which store energy so that when the device’s battery runs out, you can place them on their base for a while and continue using them without problems.

System Compatibility

In order for the headphones to be linked correctly, it is important to take into account the compatibility between the sending device, which could be a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and the Bluetooth headphones. That is why it is important that you analyze this quality in the team of your interest.

In this case, we recommend you focus on the section on which devices you can link with your headphones, since some have limitations regarding some models or brands of computers, televisions, mobile phones, and more.

Others may be specially designed for a particular use, such as those used with video game consoles, since they offer accessories that you would not normally use outside the home, such as a folding microphone, to name a few.

For this reason, before investing your money, make sure you choose a headset that you can link without problems, by verifying that both your device and the wireless equipment are compatible both in the system and in the periphery.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a Bluetooth headset?

When you already have your Bluetooth headphones, we advise you first to review the instruction manual so that you know how to activate the link and thus avoid inconveniences when connecting them.

Then, check the status of the battery in case you need to put it on charge before using them. When you have everything ready, you can now choose which computer to connect the headphones to and activate Bluetooth connectivity on it to be able to select your device from the list to link it without the need for cables.

If you’ve done everything right, both devices should display messages or sounds indicating a connection is established.

Q2: How to connect Bluetooth headset to PC?

To connect a headset via Bluetooth to your computer, your computer must also have wireless connectivity of this type. To verify this, go to Control Panel and look for the Devices and Printers category. In it you should be able to select “Add a Bluetooth device” to activate the Bluetooth reception of your PC.

Now take your device and press the link button to open the connectivity port so it can be found by the computer. In the list that will be displayed on the screen, you must look for your headphones and click on them so that the “Connect” option appears, which you must activate and wait for both devices to make the link.


Q3: How to pair a Bluetooth headset?

If you want to pair your Bluetooth headphones with another device, you must first enable wireless connectivity on the player equipment, be it a computer, mobile phone, tablet, sound system, etc.

Screenless matchmaking is usually controlled by the buttons on both teams. Find the button with the Bluetooth symbol on both and activate it to start pairing.

If you are from a computer, you will be able to see the connection status on the screen and also hear a particular sound that will indicate that the link has been established.


Q4: What is the difference between wireless and Bluetooth headphones?

You might think that all types of wireless headphones work with Bluetooth, but this is not the case. You can buy wireless devices without this type of connectivity, but that require a receiver to be able to connect with another device. In general, these receivers are useful for pairing the headphones with equipment that does not have a Bluetooth connectivity system, such as some televisions, for example.

In the case of Bluetooth technology, it uses radio or infrared signals to link with the device as long as it also has Bluetooth, thus avoiding the need for an extra receiver in addition to the main equipment.

Q5: How to listen to mobile radio with Bluetooth headset?

In order to enjoy music or your favorite radio stations on your Bluetooth headphones from your mobile phone, you will need to pair both devices so that the signal can be transmitted.

To do this, turn on your headphones and put them in pairing mode. Then, access the configuration of your mobile phone and find the connectivity section, where you can select Bluetooth to display the list with the available devices. Your headphones should appear here and you will only have to select them to be paired with your mobile.

When they’re ready, you can access the radio or your personal library to enjoy your favorite playlists without the hassle of cables.


Q6: How to connect two headphones at the same time by Bluetooth?

You must bear in mind that, in order to connect two pairs of Bluetooth headphones to the same equipment, it must have a dual audio system. Therefore, first go to the Configuration or Device Settings section and access the Bluetooth wireless connectivity tab to see the list of compatible devices.

Find the three dots at the top of the screen if you are using Android and select it to activate the dual audio function. Now go back to the previous screen and choose the two pairs of headphones to be able to listen to what is playing on the computer at the same time.


Q7: How to connect a Bluetooth headset to TV?

If you want to connect your headphones to your TV, you will need to turn on the TV and press the Menu button on the remote to be able to enter the settings to activate the wireless connectivity to search for compatible devices within range.

If you already have your headphones ready, they will appear on the screen and you can select them with the directional buttons on the remote. Wait for the link to finish and voila, you should now be able to hear the audio from the TV through your wireless headphones.

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