The 8 Best Endoscope Cameras of 2022

Endoscope Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Few know about endoscopic cameras, however, these small devices are quite useful for both home and professional use. Whether you need to check the status of a pipe or find a lost object, these types of cameras can help you. A model like Pancellent TES-EN-AN97 will allow you to get a good view of any small place and will also allow you to use different heads to perform various activities; on the other hand, an alternative like BlueFire AT002BF will give you the opportunity to use the product for quite a long time and examine the images in detail with ease.

The 8 Best Endoscope Cameras – Opinions 2022

Deciding which endoscopic camera to buy should not be difficult, you just need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each model to choose the one that best suits your needs. Below, you will be able to check some outstanding alternatives in the market.

Endoscopic USB Camera

1. Pancellent USB Endoscope 5.5mm 2 in 1 Waterproof

To get the best images and still enjoy a simple connection, it is necessary to purchase a USB endoscopic camera.

In this case, this Pancellent model can be considered the best price-quality endoscopic camera, due to its economic cost and versatility. The product is compatible with electronic tablets, smartphones and computers; In addition, it comes with a 3.5 meter cable to give you greater freedom of movement.

Regarding its use, this waterproof product has a diameter of 5.5 mm to be inserted into small slots of different objects.

In addition to this, this device will not only serve as a camera, as manufacturers have also included different adjustable heads to adapt to your needs; additionally, you can also use the artifact with a magnet and a hook to pick up objects.

Finally, its One-Touch Control technology will make video recording and captures with the push of a button.

Paying a cheap price it will be possible to get a quality endoscope camera if you get this outstanding model from Pancellent.


Multifunctional: The hook, the mirror and the magnet allow you to use the product for other functions than recording.

Lighting: LED lighting offers better viewing; In addition to that, it can be easily adjusted.

Size: Its 5.5mm diameter allows the camera to fit into small slots and places.

Viewing: This model has a viewing angle of 66 °, to offer you a better view.


Compatibility: This camera is not compatible with iPhone, Huawei P8 and P10 phones and the Samsung A5.

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2. Shenkey 2.0 Megapixel Digital HD USB Endoscope

With this HD quality endoscopic USB camera you won’t have to worry about low-detail images, as the product has been created to fit your needs, giving you the choice between four adjustable resolutions: 1280×720, 1024×768, 800×600 and 600×1200.

On the other hand, it won’t be complicated to use it either, because this waterproof camera comes with a 15-meter flexible cable to be able to go into any place you need to visualize in the best way. In case you need to pick something up, you can help yourself with the magnet and hook included in the purchase.

When it comes to connections, the product is compatible with iOS devices version 8 and above and products with a minimum system of Android 4.2. In addition to this, by having a USB adapter, it will also be possible to connect it to your computer. Just by downloading the application, you can start viewing everything from your chosen device.

Although this is not one of the cheapest cameras, its quality and ease of use continue to make it stand out and be considered a very good option.


Cable: This product comes with one of the longest cables, with 15 meters of extension, to offer you greater freedom of movement and not interfere with your work.

Visualization: Its technology allows the transmission of images to up to 4 mobile phones simultaneously.

Resolutions: To better adapt to what you need, this product offers 3 adjustable resolutions.

Distance: The wireless connection allows up to 50 meters of distance.


Battery: The battery can run out quickly if you use all the functions of the camera for a long time.

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mobile endoscope camera

3. BlueFire Enhanced 1080P WiFi Endoscope

With 5.5mm diameter and three customizable HD resolutions, this BlueFire mobile endoscope camera is one of the most outstanding models on the market.

Having a 18000mAh battery, this product can be used continuously for up to 4 hours making use of all its qualities without any problem; including the 6 adjustable LED lights to take better pictures and videos.

This device is waterproof, so you can easily use it underwater, using a semi-rigid cable that can be adapted to the direction you need; this will give you better control whether you use the camera, magnet, or hook that came with your purchase.

Finally, it is necessary to point out that this product is compatible with any device that uses the iOS system from edition 8 and the Android OS from version 4.4.

In case you still do not get which endoscope camera to buy, this option will provide you with multiple and eye-catching functions with quality results.


Battery: Unlike other models, this product has a long battery life, as it can be used continuously for 4 hours.

Lights: The 6 LED lights can be adjusted to your requirements, giving you good lighting whenever you need it.

Waterproof: The device is made to be able to submerge for a while and take photos or videos underwater.


Camera: Although the camera is of quality, it can quickly fog up in humid environments; This makes it difficult to use on certain occasions.

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4. Pancellent Auto Focus Borescope Camera

Among the best endoscopic cameras of 2022 you will find this Pancellent product. To give you more versatility, this is not only a mobile endoscope camera but a product with different adjustable heads to give you better use.

With the mirror you will be able to see things to the sides, while the hook and the magnet will allow you to pick up objects. It will be possible to use the product for up to 3.5 hours, even in places with water, since it is a waterproof device.

With its semi-rigid cable you can easily control the direction of the product and inspect it better; this is complemented by its bright LED light to make it easy to see everything.

Meanwhile, the small main device will give you information about the WiFi connection and allow you to capture the images and videos. For your convenience, this little gadget is compatible with the latest versions of Android and Apple phones.

Pancellent is a brand that stands out for manufacturing quality cameras, like this model with autofocus and high resolution.


High definition: The hardware of this product will allow you to obtain a maximum resolution of 2594 x 1944, which is considered a high definition for this type of product.

Compatibility: You can use the camera regardless of whether you use iPhone or Android phones, as it is compatible with both.

Battery: To give you long and uninterrupted use, the battery can last up to 3.5 hours.


Size: Camera diameter is 14.2mm; a larger size than other cameras. This could make it difficult to use in certain very small areas.

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Endoscope camera for iPhone

5. Beva Wireless Inspection Cameras

If you are wondering which is the best endoscope camera, you need to find a suitable model for the devices you have. In this case, this is an iPhone endoscope camera that can also be connected to Windows and Android products to give you more compatibility; to work you just need to download the corresponding application. It is even possible to connect up to 4 devices.

On the other hand, the product comes with a 10-meter cable that adapts to your movements to obtain the best images with an adjustable resolution of 1280 × 720 and 640 × 480. The camera has a diameter of 8 mm and is completely waterproof, so you can insert it in small places to see everything, even if there is water.

In case you are looking for something, you can help yourself with the light to achieve better lighting and also with one of the 3 included heads: a mirror, a hook and a magnet.

This Beva alternative is a good option for those who want wide compatibility, easy connection and great quality.


Cable: The cable of this endoscope camera is 10 meters long; enough extension to give you freedom of movement when using the product.

Heads: The three included heads will allow you to do more activities, apart from recording videos and capturing images.

Connection: In addition to its connection compatibility, multiple connectivity with several simultaneous devices is also a great advantage.


Images: The image quality could be higher for more details, however, it is still functional.

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Android endoscope camera

6. Duang Endoscopic Inspection Camera

Among the cheapest models you can find, this Android endoscope camera from Duang stands out, which, for a low price, offers three adjustable high-definition resolutions and waterproof functionality so that even water does not prevent you from doing your job.

With this product you will be able to reach any corner, because the 5-meter cable adjusts and bends at your convenience; In addition, the adjustable LED light will allow you to better visualize everything that is in front of the camera.

Due to its 600 mAh battery it is possible to work with the camera for 90 minutes while transmitting the images to your mobile or computer.

To achieve this, it is only necessary to connect the product and download the application, thanks to the Plug and Play system. Finally, this device also includes a hook, a magnet and a mirror to give you the opportunity to carry out other activities with the same product.

Duang could be considered the best brand of endoscopic cameras if the effective relationship between quality and price is evaluated, since it offers good products at an affordable cost.


Plug-and-Play: The plug-and-play system makes connection easy and you can use the product without complicated installation.

Heads: The 3 included heads will give you more opportunity to work, since you can also pick up objects with the device.

Price: With an economic cost, this artifact gives you quality and the necessary qualities to do the job.


Time: The battery life time might not be enough for some people who need to use the camera for more than 90 minutes.

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Wi-Fi endoscope camera

7. Rotek 2.0MP HD Inspection Camera

When it comes to complete sets, this WiFi endoscope camera can be a very good alternative. The first quality that stands out is its compatibility with iPhone and Android systems, which allows a simultaneous connection of up to 4 mobile phones just by downloading the application.

By having 8 adjustable LED lights and a resolution of 1080p Full HD, you will be able to have a correct visualization of the images anywhere. In addition, as it is a waterproof product, you can even use it in places with water.

To give you better mobility, the product has a telescopic handle to allow a greater reach and also comes with a 5 meter completely semi-rigid cable that bends easily to see difficult corners.

The main device will allow you to capture the images and verify the connection; Once finished, you can store your product in the leather case included in the offer.

This is one of the most complete products on the market, so it is worth purchasing and enjoying its accessories.


Case: The case included in the purchase will keep the camera in good condition and protect it when moving it.

Connection: The compatibility with different operating systems and the ease of simultaneous transmission make it a versatile product.

Handle: The telescopic handle will allow you to reach various hard-to-reach places, so it is a great advantage.


Battery: The battery tends to be consumed quickly, which could present an inconvenience for certain users.

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Endoscope camera for pipelines

8. Homiee Industrial Inspection Endoscope Camera

The newer models are often mobile friendly, but when it comes to finding an endoscope camera for pipes, a more rugged model may be necessary.

In the case of this Homiee product, it does not require a mobile or WiFi to work, so it can be used anywhere. The 25.7 x 9.2 x 4.4 cm main frame is sturdy and comes with a built-in screen, along with a semi-rigid cable for easy camera control.

This device, which could be considered the best endoscope camera for its professional quality, is waterproof and has 4 LED lights with 8 brightness levels, for optimal lighting.

Additionally, to adapt to your needs, the model includes 4 interchangeable heads: a simple hook, a double one, a magnet and a mirror. On the other hand, you will be able to use this device for up to 6 hours with maximum load, so it will be possible to take the time you need with it.

People who constantly work with these products could find in this alternative the best endoscopic camera of the moment.


Always ready: To use this device, you do not need a WiFi connection or links to mobile devices, since it works on its own.

Autonomy: The long-lasting battery allows its use for up to 6 continuous hours; giving you the time you need for your work.

Case: The case included with the purchase will give the necessary protection to the camera and will facilitate its mobilization.


Price: The cost of this product is higher than that of other models on the market; however, its quality could make up for every penny.

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Shopping guide

In order to make a correct purchase, take the time to analyze each pro and con in the products. This will allow you to make a good decision and acquire a suitable camera for your needs. Remember that the key is to have ease and versatility of use, good images and high compatibility.


When you need to buy an endoscope camera, you need to take into account various features; however, one of the most important is visualization, because that way you can get the best images and videos. This ability to capture details is one of the most important features when comparing endoscopic cameras, because to use it to detect a problem, for example, it is necessary that you really notice each outstanding aspect.

Because of this, it is imperative that the camera you choose has very good resolution and high definition. You can also purchase a model that gives you the ability to adjust these qualities, if you wish.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind the angle of view and the focal length of the camera. A good angle will give you the opportunity to see more detailed images. Most of the time the angle is 60°, but it is possible to find devices with a higher number. Remember that if the focal length is small, this means that the angle of view will be wider.

It’s hard to tell if you’ll ever need to record images in dark places; therefore, it is better to always be prepared. Getting an endoscope camera with adjustable LED lights will give you the opportunity to properly view all the little corners with poor lighting.


If you are evaluating your purchase options and you find yourself making a guide to buy the best endoscope camera, then the second most important aspect that you should pay attention to is the functionality that the device offers you so that, in this way, it can help you with the device whenever you need it.

If you’ve dropped something into a watery spot or need to check your pipes, you should have no problem doing so. Therefore, always buy models that are water resistant and can be submerged for a few minutes without being damaged.

This must be complemented with great control over the camera, to be able to move it in the exact direction you want; Due to this, it is recommended to purchase a device with a semi-rigid cable, as this type of connection provides greater flexibility combined with good resistance.

The longer the cable, the easier it will be to move the camera; usually the extension is usually 4 or 5 meters, but you can get models with cables of up to 10 meters or more.

As a last detail, but not least, you should give relevance to multifunctionality. A good and cheap endoscopic camera is not only one that allows you to record properly, but also one that provides you with accessories that maximize benefits.

The most versatile cameras are those that can be complemented with adjustable heads, such as a hook or a magnet, as these accessories will make it easier to collect objects that have become stuck or fallen. There are even models that offer small mirrors to have a better view and quickly locate everything that is needed.

The latter could affect how much the product costs, however the increase should not be exaggerated. Additionally, it is worth it, since you will be able to use the device in various ways.


In addition to the features mentioned above, it is also advisable to think about the autonomy provided by the device. Most of the models can work for an hour, but there are some more advanced options that manage to stay on for 4 or 5 hours; giving you more time to use them.

This autonomy is also noticeable when the device does not need a WiFi connection or other devices to work. If you need to do constant and professional work, it is better to buy a stand-alone endoscope camera that has its own screen, but if you don’t mind depending on your phone, then mobile cameras are also functional.


Finally, check carefully that the chosen camera is compatible with your devices to achieve the transmission of images. Most widgets can be used with Android and Apple operating systems, however, they are not compatible with all versions. Because of this, it is necessary to pay attention before buying.

For best performance, also try to find cameras that allow simultaneous streaming in case you work with colleagues and need to view footage at the same time.

Finally, buy that product that gives you a stable connection at a distance. If so, you can move a few meters away and still enjoy a clear quality image.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an endoscope camera?

Although it may seem like it, making use of an endoscopic camera is not very difficult. You only need to follow a few simple steps that, most of the time, are really intuitive so that learning is fast.

If the manufacturers have included an instruction manual, then follow it to the letter. However, if this is not your case, you do not need to worry.

First of all, check what your camera can be exposed to. Some models have very specific instructions on the temperatures in which the product can be used; others have directions for use near water. While certain alternatives are waterproof, some other cameras are not waterproof.

If you already have this information, then start by turning on the device, in case it is a conventional model, or connecting the camera to the mobile phone or computer.

Slowly insert the camera where you need it, stretching the cable to have a better control of the direction in which the device will go. Check the screen so you can see what the product is displaying, and press the corresponding button to capture images or start recording.

Many of these gadgets come with interchangeable heads like hooks and magnets. In case your camera brings these accessories and you need to pick up an object, you will have to first use the camera to locate it and, after this, it will be necessary to use the corresponding head to pick it up.

Q2: How to install an endoscope camera?

The installation depends on the type of camera you have, however, no matter what it is, the process is usually quite simple and quick.

If the camera is wireless, then you may need to download the app compatible with the device, pair the devices via bluetooth, or connect the mobile device to the WiFi network.

On the other hand, if the camera comes with a cable, then when you connect it you will have what you need to start using it. You should probably download a program, and voila.

Q3: What maintenance does an endoscope camera require?

In addition to cleaning after each use, with mild products, it is recommended to store the camera in a protective case or bag to prevent damage.

A specialized camera lens brush can help you clean it and leave it looking pristine.

Q4: What is better: a mobile or conventional endoscope camera?

Mobile endoscopic cameras have progressively become the first option for people who need one of these products; this is due to its versatility, its low price and its ease of use.

In certain jobs, however, it is better to use a conventional endoscope camera, as mobile phones may not be durable enough to use. This is the case, for example, for people doing mechanical work using an endoscope camera, as the phones are at risk of getting grease or getting damaged.

Q5: How to clean endoscope camera?

To carry out an effective cleaning, it is advisable to verify the instructions given by the manufacturer, since this process may vary from one model to another. However, since most devices are waterproof, a damp cloth with water and a little soap may remove dirt from the camera after use.

A cotton swab with alcohol could be used to disinfect the camera, in case it has become very dirty. Just a little bit will be enough, as these products are small in size and won’t require much.

Q6: Why my endoscope camera has no signal?

It all depends on the connection of your endoscope camera. Some of them are connected via WiFi or through exclusive mobile applications that allow the transmission of images; meanwhile other cameras use cables to work.

If your device is wireless, then the lack of signal may be due to a weak or unstable WiFi connection. It is also possible that the application has problems and needs to be restarted, for example.

On the other hand, if a cable is used, then there is a possibility that the cable is poorly connected.

If you verify that it is not one of these reasons, then it could mean that the cable is damaged or that the port of the device needs to be replaced. Check the port by connecting another cable to rule out that this is the problem, and then you will know if it is the camera connection that is damaged.

Q7: How to set up a WiFi endoscope camera?

Because this process depends on the model and manufacturer of the camera, it is always recommended to read the instructions to achieve a correct configuration that allows you to use all the qualities.

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