The 8 Best GoPro Accessories of 2022

GoPro Accessories – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

GoPro accessories are parts that can be attached to cameras of this brand. Although they are designed for the sports environment, GoPro cameras have been gaining ground and for this reason they are used today for many activities. A good set of accessories for them could be the Neewer 10085441, which includes a total of 50 complementary pieces that will help you use the camera as you want, whether it is on a tripod, mounted on your head or on a stand. Another good option is the Deyard D034, a fairly complete set of accessories and with compatibility for various editions of the camera.

The 8 Best GoPro Accessories – Opinions 2022

GoPro cameras have become one of the main means used by people to capture all kinds of events, whether personal or public, thanks to the fact that they are compact and very practical. Here you can find some sets of accessories for GoPro that will help you equip it wherever you want.

GoPro Hero 7 Accessories

1. Neewer 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

If you are looking for accessories for GoPro Hero 7, the Neewer brand kit has a wide variety of accessories for your camera, which also offer compatibility for GoPro 8, 6, 5 and 4.

The Neewer 10085441 is a set cataloged as 50 in 1 considering the applications that can be used with its accessories. Some of its uses allow the use of supports to place the camera on helmets, handlebars, tables, trees, surfboards and even on the body itself.

Specifically, in the kit you can find head, torso and wrist straps, as well as a tripod with adjustable legs, clothes clips, a car mount, among others, becoming a fairly complete option to make use of your camera. GoPro.

On the other hand, it should be noted that each of the components offers custom settings to ensure the best possible equipment and, thanks to this, this option could become among the best GoPro accessories of 2022.

These could be the best GoPro accessories of the moment and now you will know their most important advantages and disadvantages:


Uses: The applications in this set will allow you to use the camera on your head, on your chest or on your wrist to obtain recordings from your perspective.

Adjustments: The straps used in the accessories can be adjusted to secure them as best as possible to the body.

Case: The case will let you carry the camera and some supporting parts to use its applications outside.

Compatibility: Thanks to the design of the accessories, you can also use them with sports cameras outside the GoPro line.


Housing: A waterproof housing with which you can use the camera underwater is not included.

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GoPro 8 Black Accessories

2. Deyard Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero 8

Another good alternative that could take the place of the best GoPro accessories is the Deyard D034 pack.

It is a 24-piece set that includes headband, chest strap, wrist and cell phone mounts, as well as various hooks, straps, handles and adapters, allowing you to position the camera at different angles or locations.

It comes in a practical case with zipper closure, internal foam and a mesh pocket where you can carry your camera and the accessories you are going to use. They are compatible with various versions of GoPro cameras and even sports models from other brands.

On the other hand, with these GoPro 8 Black accessories you can take care of your equipment properly thanks to the integrated security methods, in order to make recordings from both indoor and outdoor perspectives with which you can create incredible videos.

For some, Deyard could be the best GoPro accessory brand, and there are some appealing aspects to this option:


Variety: Deyard offers you a fairly complete set for use with your GoPro camera, since it has the main mounts for the body and surfaces.

Compatibility: You can use these parts with GoPro 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 cameras, as well as the Xiaomi Akaso.

Handling: The installation of the parts is relatively intuitive and easy to carry out.

Case: The application carrying case is shock resistant to protect your camera.


Helmet: You must be careful when adjusting the helmet mount, as it could become unstable.

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GoPro Hero Session Accessories

3. CamKix Camera and GoPro Compatible Accessory Case

The practicality and portability of this CamKix set has led some users to consider it one of the best value for money GoPro accessories.

We are facing a case designed to house a GoPro camera, specifically the Hero Session, and some of the most used accessories. It has a size of 17 x 12 x 7 centimeters with a weight of just 163 grams and allows the removal of the internal foam in case you need more storage space.

As for its manufacture, it is made mainly of resistant nylon mesh, which will provide cushioning and support to protect the camera. Also, with these GoPro Hero Session accessories you can give your equipment basic care, thanks to the fact that a microfiber cloth is included with your purchase to clean the lens and a carabiner integrated into the case to secure it where you need it.

This set is among the cheapest options in GoPro accessories, so it would be useful to weigh its pros and cons:


Portability: The CamKix case is practical, comfortable to wear and offers cushioning in the event of a fall.

Carabiner: It has a carabiner that will allow you to easily hang it from your clothes.

Compartments: Offers separate compartments to accommodate the camera and some accessories.

Care: Your purchase also includes camera care items, such as a microfiber cloth.


Practicality: Being a case and not including assorted accessories like other offers, it can be less practical.

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GoPro 5 Accessories

4. Kupton GoPro Hero7 Black/2018/6/5 For Accessories Kit

If you still have doubts about which are the best GoPro accessories, we invite you to review what you could do with the Kupton G5-07 set.

With the purchase of this product you will get a waterproof case, a silicone case with a cover, 6 lens and screen protectors, a microfiber cloth and its respective carrying case with internal compartments.

These accessories are of basic use, but they will increase the resistance of the camera, as well as they will be in charge of protecting its most delicate areas. The case is 17 x 12 x 7 centimeters in size and features both foam and a large mesh pocket.

On the other hand, these GoPro 5 accessories can also be used on the 6, 7 and 2018 models of the Hero series so that you can use them even if you change cameras.

When in doubt about which GoPro accessories to buy, the Kupton alternative could be the one that suits you best:


Finishes: The Kupton set accessories have good manufacturing finishes to use them with confidence.

Casing: You can enjoy aquatic photographs thanks to the waterproof casing.

Protectors: 3 lens protectors are included to keep your camera safe from scratches.

Case: The case has enough space to accommodate the camera and its accessories.


Sound: Please note that the waterproof case will block sound for recording considerably as it is meant to be submerged.

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GoPro Diving Accessories

5. Fantaseal Diving Accessories For GoPro Bobber Floating Container

In case you are in need of some GoPro diving accessories, we recommend you evaluate what the Fantaseal set has to offer.

The pieces of this kit are quite useful to keep the GoPro camera safe while using it underwater, mainly due to the presence of a wrist strap with bungee cord that will keep it “attached” to your body at all times.

The strap, for its part, stands out for having a sponge on the inside so that it is comfortable to wear. It can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist and has breathable construction materials.

In addition to this, in the kit you will find a camera mount with a float. It is known as the Floaty Bobber Container thanks to the fact that it has a floating design in charge of keeping the lens above the water to take photographs and videos.

Knowing all the details about the GoPro accessories you want to buy could help you get more for your money:


Design: These accessories have a bright orange design to easily locate them underwater.

Ergonomic: They have ergonomic finishes designed not to cause discomfort in the wrists or ankles.

Carabiner: Your carabiner will take care of keeping the supports secured where you want.

Compatibility: They can be used with GoPro Hero from 3+ to 7 and also with Sony, DJI Osmo Action and Olympus cameras.


Practicality: The usefulness of these pieces is focused on aquatic use, which limits their application outside of it.

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GoPro Hero 3 Accessories

6. Suptig Wired Connectable Skeleton Charging Case

Suptig offers you a basic kit of accessories for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 with which you can both protect your camera and mount it on mounts.

This purchase option offers you a protective case capable of withstanding dust, bumps and scratches. It is made of plastic and offers stainless steel screws along with a lens cover made of tempered glass, which prevents image quality from being affected.

It has dimensions of 6.9 x 4.2 x 7.4 centimeters and is black in color, which will give your camera a discreet appearance that will also hide dirt. In this sense, the presence of a quite useful opening on one of the sides of the casing stands out, with which you will have access to connect the HDMI cable and the charging cable without having to remove the camera.

Finally, you should know that it is among the cheapest kits on the market, in case you do not want to spend a lot of money.

If you have been interested in this set of GoPro accessories, below, you will find a series of data to help you decide:


Covers : You can choose between 2 back covers depending on whether you are going to use the touch screen of the camera or not.

Openings: The housing offers openings to connect the cables to the GoPro camera without having to remove it.

Handling: Its design allows you to handle the camera thanks to the fact that it does not block access to the buttons.

Materials: It has resistant manufacturing materials and designed to improve the performance of the lens.


Submersible: The case is designed to protect the camera, but it is not waterproof like others.

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GoPro Camera Accessories

7. Hieha 23 Universal Sports Action Camera Accessory Kit

An eye-catching option in GoPro camera accessories could be the Hieha set, a 23-piece add-on set for use with your device in a variety of environments.

They are presented in their respective transport case, which measures 22 x 32 x 7 centimeters and weighs approximately 930 grams. Open it up and you’ll find straps designed to position the camera on your head or chest, an adjustable tripod, a wrench, a floating pole, a clamp, two adapters, a suction cup, and 12 anti-fog inserts.

These components have the ability to facilitate the use of the GoPro camera considerably, since they offer a base capable of being installed on one of the mentioned supports in order to locate the equipment on various surfaces. They have good manufacturing finishes and are quite discreet, as well as offering intuitive handling to install them without complications.

Hieha’s product has its respective advantages and disadvantages, which you can learn about in the following space:


Practical: The elements of the Hieha set give you the possibility to take advantage of the camera both in and out of the water if you have the waterproof case.

Briefcase: The briefcase is large so you can have more space.

Straps: Includes several body straps with which you can install the equipment on your chest or on your head.

Adjustments: Virtually all components offer adjustment mechanisms to secure the camera.


Water: You must be careful with the floating stick, since it can accumulate water inside.

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GoPro Hero 4 Accessories

8. Rhodesy 10 in 1 GoPro Accessory Kit

Rhodesy has an alternative GoPro Hero 4 accessory that might interest you. It is the RH001-GP set, which comes in a practical case with special compartments for each of the pieces.

It has a size of 22 x 17 x 7 centimeters and is made of nylon. It has a handle to hold it and also offers a mesh pocket to make better use of space.

As for the accessories of the kit, it includes the head and torso belt, a float, an extendable monopod, a long screw, the adapter for the tripod, etc. They are a total of 10 and have adequate capacity for home use of the camera.

On the other hand, the compatibility of these accessories is practical, since they can be inserted in GoPro Hero cameras from model 4 to 7, being also useful for some sports options of other brands.

Considering all of the above, it might be worthwhile to have more details about the GoPro Rhodesy RH001-GP accessory kit:


Management: The use and installation of accessories is relatively intuitive to avoid confusion.

Compatibility: The set can be used with various GoPro camera models, including 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Float: The float handle is bright yellow, being very conspicuous when using the equipment in the water.

Foam: The foam of the case is cut to hold the GoPro and some accessories.


Resistance: The accessories are not designed to be used in high-impact activities, as they can be damaged.

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Shopping guide

The practicality of a GoPro camera is what has made it one of the preferred options for outdoor video, but this is only possible with the right accessories. In this guide to buying the best GoPro accessories, we will help you choose the most useful option with the best value for money according to your requirements.

set components

One of the most practical advantages of GoPro accessories is that they are usually sold in multi-piece sets that allow you to use your camera in different ways. The normal thing in a comparison of GoPro accessories is to evaluate each component in order to choose the most suitable set according to your needs.

In this sense, and considering that the main function of the camera is to record, you will notice that most of the accessories in the sets are focused on providing support to install the equipment on various surfaces. For example, you can find offers with tripods, straps, hooks, suction cups, etc.

These types of accessories can vary in size and shape, as well as offer adjustable mounts that allow you to change the height, angle, and position of the camera to get the best focus when shooting or taking photos. In addition to this, some accessories add waterproofness to the camera, providing special housings with which the equipment can be used underwater.

Manufacturing materials

Taking into account that GoPro cameras are designed to be used outdoors and in extreme environments, it is advisable to review the manufacturing materials of the accessories in order to ensure the device meets all standards. At the same time, it is necessary to verify that the manufacturing finishes are resistant and reliable for outdoor use, as well as that they are economically priced.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of your money when choosing the set of accessories, we advise you to purchase a model that offers robustness and resistance to dust, shock and humidity to protect your GoPro camera from any element.

This becomes even more important if you want to use the equipment underwater, since the waterproof housing accessory must offer the necessary certifications to guarantee the integrity of the camera at all times. The same happens if it is a support for helmets, bicycles or cars, since it does not matter if it uses suction cups or flexible arms; both must comply with regulations in order to use them with confidence.

Kit Portability

As mentioned above, GoPro camera accessories are purchased in sets and these, in turn, usually include briefcases or carrying cases that will help you keep them in order when you need them away from home, so it would not hurt to study this aspect before buying.

When reviewing the accessory sets, don’t forget to take a look at the method of transportation. Some options have special cases that offer unique compartments for each piece, being much more organized and easy to use, since you will be able to find what you are looking for in no time.

Likewise, we also advise you to take into account the size and weight of the case when it is loaded, especially if you plan to take it with you on a trip or camping to avoid carrying something that is uncomfortable to transport.

GoPro camera compatibility

Sometimes how much an accessory kit costs can make a difference to how compatible the components are. For the most part, the models designed for the latest generation cameras are usually more expensive than the old ones, so you should carefully consider the value for money before choosing.

In the case of accessories, you have the advantage that GoPro cameras do not vary much in their design. They tend to keep the same dimensions and lens placement, allowing you to use the same accessories with cameras from different generations. However, each set has a specific compatibility, either for the same line or continuous models, so it is necessary to check that the right one is being chosen according to the camera version you have at home.

Complexity of use

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge regarding the features and capabilities of your GoPro camera, it can be a bit tricky to properly handle your accessories. For this reason, we recommend that you consider how difficult it can be to install the components in your camera in order to avoid purchasing a set that is difficult for you to use.

When evaluating this feature, you can take into account details such as the clarity of the instruction manual and the intuitive use of accessories. Being able to identify each part, where it goes, and how to adjust it will help you save a lot of time installing it, as well as help you feel nimble when using your GoPro camera.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use GoPro accessories?

To properly use GoPro accessories, you must first make sure they are compatible with the model you have at home. Afterwards, we advise you to carefully review the indications, as these will help you to properly position the accessories to ensure a reliable fit.

On the other hand, be careful not to force any of the accessories to avoid breaking them or damaging the camera, since each part should be installed without resistance. In addition, always check that the equipment is stable and well supported to avoid problems during the recordings.

Q2: How to make homemade accessories for GoPro?

One of the most practical accessories for a GoPro camera is a tripod, which allows you to place the equipment on a flat surface to record or take photos without the risk of blurring.

If you want to make it at home, you will need 3 PVC tubes of the same length as the legs of the tripod. Drill a hole on each side of the tubes at the same height, so you can string them together so they don’t spread out too far.

At the top and with the legs folded, you must install the support that will allow you to insert the equipment on the tripod, that is, the base with the screw compatible with the GoPro. Then you can simply place the tripod on the ground or on a table to have your camera stable when recording what you want.

Q3: Are GoPro accessories universal?

No, GoPro accessories are not considered universal, since each element can have the specific size and structure for a certain model of the line. Also, to function properly, there must be no gaps that cause instability when holding the equipment.

However, you should know that many sports cameras have followed the aesthetic lines of the GoPro thanks to their practicality and handling outdoors, so it is common to find very similar models that also offer compatibility with the accessories used for GoPro cameras..

Q4: How to clean GoPro accessories?

Properly cleaning the accessories you have used with your GoPro camera is essential to ensure proper function and long life.

If you have used parts to submerge the camera, you will need to dry them thoroughly after use. In the case of having been in salt water, it is advisable to first wash with fresh water, as this will prevent oxidation. The same applies to removing dirt or accumulated dirt in order not to cause jams in the moving mechanisms.

After washing them, you should dry them completely using a microfiber cloth, being careful not to scratch the surfaces or leave residual moisture in the corners. If you wish, you can finish the job using an air blower with which you will access difficult corners.

Q5: Why do the GoPro accessories shake?

GoPro camera accessories are just the right size and design to give your gear the support it needs to keep it stable during any shot or shoot. If the camera shakes, it is because they are not using the compatible accessory or you have not tightened it properly.

In case you notice shaking when moving your camera, you should check the screws and locks to verify that they are properly tightened. Otherwise, you could risk losing it or accidentally dropping it.

Q6: What pressure can GoPro dive accessories withstand?

When you equip your GoPro camera with diving accessories, you greatly increase resistance to the pressure of the depths. The latest models in the line are waterproof, but can only be submerged to a distance of 10-12 meters, while with the right accessory this distance can easily be multiplied.

For example, if you use a good quality waterproof GoPro camera housing, you can enjoy its performance at depths of 40-60 meters where the water pressure is much higher.

Q7: What are the most used GoPro accessories?

Among the most used accessories for GoPro cameras are those that allow you to take it to make recordings from the user’s point of view. You can usually find helmet mounts, which will let you mount your camera directly to the helmet you’re wearing so you can record your ride when you’re biking, hiking, or any other activity.

If you don’t want to carry it on your head, another handy accessory is chest straps, with which you can position the camera on your torso. Waterproof cases, designed for shooting underwater, are also very popular.

As you will see, the most used accessories are those that help hold the camera in a certain position. These types of supports usually come in the form of tripods, clips, hooks, straps, suction cups, adjustable arms, etc.

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