The 8 Best Mobile Tripods of 2022

Mobile Tripod – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Smartphones have multiple functions, including the camera, with increasingly innovative mechanisms for capturing special moments. For this reason, there is a wide market for accessories that diversify their use to enhance their performance, such as tripods, which stabilize the image and reduce vibrations. An outstanding model is the K&F Concept CT050, since it has a 3-axis head, which can be used for mobile phones or cameras. Another suitable model is the Fotopro UFO mini, a compact size and light weight tripod, practical to take on any trip, with steel legs and rubber coating.

The 8 Best Tripods for Mobile – Opinions 2022

If you want to stabilize the photographic images or videos captured from your smartphone, you need to be equipped with a mobile tripod that provides a firm and practical base. In this way, the device can be used even in professional jobs. So, if you want to acquire one, we invite you to know the properties of the models that stand out as the favorites of the user community.

High tripod for mobile

1. K&F Concept 70”/177cm Lightweight Complete Tripod with Stand

With a weight of 1.7 kilos and an estimated load capacity of 4 kilos, this model is a tall mobile tripod that has a versatile design, as it is compatible with smartphones and SLR cameras, so it can be used for make entertainment videos and other visual projects.

This product provides greater stability, thanks to the fact that its structure is made up of 3 legs made of aluminum alloy and a rubber sphere, with a main column with a hook to carry a counterweight, which improves the center of gravity and favors the selection of a height, to provide firmness on the ground.

In addition, it has a design with a handle that facilitates its grip and it is universal because it is compatible with the vast majority of brands and models on the market. All this makes it a strong contender to become the best mobile tripod.

This model has additional attributes that you should know, as it could be the best mobile tripod of the moment.


Handles: It is equipped with a handle to control the movement according to the required orientation.

2in1: Its base can be removed and joined with the axis to become a monopod base for selfies.

Construction: It has a sturdy construction made with aluminum alloy legs and a flexible rubber base.

Capacity: Its support capacity is estimated at 4 kilos, a suitable level for cameras and different types of mobiles.


Piece: The piece that supports the vertical rotation is made of plastic and, over time, it could reduce stability when recording videos.

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2. Phoenix Technologies Camera Tripod

This tall mobile tripod has been designed to provide photography stability for DSLR cameras, camcorders and mobile phones, allowing for professional-style results.

In addition, it is equipped with a triple head and several levels that favor adjustment according to needs. It has the possibility of rotating at an angle of 360º horizontally and 180º vertically, with a 90º tilt, together with a screw for the vertical axis, which works as a handle to move the device during panoramic shots. It also has a lower hook to stabilize the load and reduce the effects of the wind, which increases stability in catches.

Its construction is resistant and robust and includes an adapter to place the mobile in the desired position. This model is positioned as one of the best mobile tripods of 2022 and incorporates a bag to facilitate transport.

Phoenix Technologies could be the best mobile tripod brand and this model can be an example of it. Here are its pros and cons.


Head: It is equipped with a triple head, which can also be adjusted in height for better results.

Support: It is versatile, because it incorporates a support with an adapter that allows you to place a mobile phone to take pictures.

Portability: Its structure can be folded and it includes a transport bag that facilitates its portability.

Angles: The head offers an angle of 360º horizontally, 180º vertically and 90º inclined, to diversify the shots.


Stability: Although it provides stability, it can slip on some surfaces.

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Flexible tripod for mobile

3. Fotopro Mini Tripod

If you are looking for versatility of movement and use, then a favorable model for your needs is this flexible mobile tripod from the manufacturer FotoPro, which is positioned as one of the favorites due to its compact and practical size, weighing 144 grams, which facilitates its use. use, since, in addition, its length is only 13 cm and it can be carried in your pocket.

Therefore, this may be the alternative for those who are wondering which is the best mobile tripod on the market, because it is suitable for different planes and because its legs can even be wrapped around a structure, in order to make the shots more original.

In addition, it is enabled with a standard screw, which expands its compatibility with a large number of mobile models and brands, as well as webcams, with a mount suitable for iPhone in various versions and other brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei, for equipment. up to 1.2 kilos in weight.

For those who do not know which mobile tripod to buy, we can recommend that they take a look at the pros and cons of this option.


Bluetooth: The model incorporates a Bluetooth control, which diversifies and facilitates its use.

Compatibility: Thanks to its structure, it is suitable for use with iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei mobiles in different versions.

Construction: It has a robust construction, with waterproof legs, with a metal core and elastic plastic capable of supporting up to 1.2 kilos.

Flexibility: Its legs can be wrapped around a given support, making it versatile when capturing angles and framing.


Case: Does not include carrying bag or case, so obtain one for safer storage.

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4. Victool Fantaseal Flexible Mobile Phone Tripod

Another proposal for a flexible mobile tripod that is positioned among the best is this model from the manufacturer Victool, which has adequate performance due to its size and compact design, which makes it a convenient accessory for travel.

This equipment can be used as a table support or to improve stability in shots, whether for selfies or other photographic plans and compositions. In addition, due to its specifications, it is compatible with mobile phones of the iPhone and Samsung brands in different versions.

Its structure is made up of flexible legs that can be wrapped around objects, from a bicycle handlebar, to a tree branch or a pole, which provides greater versatility of use. In addition, it has a 360º rotating holder to take shots vertically or horizontally, with a mobile support with adjustable dimensions from 50 to 100 mm. Includes cloth and bag for the correct protection of the equipment.

If you want more details regarding this model, we invite you to know its positive and negative aspects.


Control: It has a wireless control that offers the possibility of capturing photos up to 9 meters away.

Construction: It has a sturdy construction, with steel legs and rubber coating.

Flexibility: Its compact and flexible structure can be wrapped around objects such as poles, branches, bicycles and more.

Compatibility: The main models of brands such as iPhone and Samsung can be used with this tripod.


Bracket: If the mobile equipment has a structure larger than 100mm, it will not fit the bracket of this tripod.

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mini tripod for mobile

5. Alfort Mini Tripod

If you are interested in buying a mini mobile tripod, you may be interested in this one from Alfort, since it is one of the cheap and efficient ones in our selection, because it has a universal style design, practical for mobile brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and even GoPro cameras. Just check if the series is compatible.

It is made of resistant but lightweight materials, so it is a portable device, as well as robust, with a high degree of resistance to corrosion. In fact, it includes non-slip materials that provide greater stability and adherence to both hands and surfaces.

Likewise, this model is portable due to its size of 17 cm in total height and properties optimized for folding. In addition, it could stand out as a 2-in-1 type, because it serves as a selfie stick. It has Bluetooth control, up to a distance of 10 meters. It is even flexible and can be rotated to obtain a better angle, with rotation of up to 360º, thanks to its spherical head.

This model is efficient, but it would be convenient for you to learn more about it by reading its positive and negative characteristics.


Rotation: It has a mobile head, with the possibility of providing a turn of up to 360º for better shots.

Compatibility: This model is compatible with mobile phones of different brands, with a maximum of 5.5 inches.

Construction: It is resistant and flexible, being made of plastic sponge for a better grip and low weight, with the possibility of bending the legs.

Bluetooth: It has a control that can be linked to the mobile to take photos from a distance.


Case: This tripod is not equipped with a carrying case, so one must be purchased separately.

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6. Polarduck Mini Mobile Tripod

Another mini tripod for mobile phones that might interest you, since it is positioned among the best in its category, is this proposal from Polarduck, which has a compact and portable design, practical to take on any trip and improve the stability of photographs and videos.

In addition, this model is made with optimized materials that give it a load capacity of 2 kilos and has rubber-coated parts, as well as pads that prevent slipping, while providing greater protection.

Despite its robustness, it qualifies as the best price-quality mobile tripod and is universal in style, since, thanks to its support, it is compatible with SLR cameras from brands such as Nikon and Canon, as well as iPhone smartphones, Samsung and Huawei. It also has a locking mechanism with a button and has the ability to rotate 360º, to diversify the capture angles.

Knowing the favorable and negative aspects that converge in this model described as among the cheapest could be of help to learn more about its specifications.


Design: It has a compact design of 179 g, so it is portable and can be carried comfortably even in the hands.

Capacity: Its robust construction supports a load capacity of approximately 2 kilos, which is considerable.

Rotation: The versatility of the captures is possible thanks to its 360º rotation for greater angles.

Compatibility: It incorporates a ¼ screw adapter and mobile support, which increases compatibility with cameras and phones.


Flexibility: Although it supports rotation, its legs are not as flexible as those of other models.

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Mobile tripod with remote

7. Peyou Mobile Tripod

Designed for a 43-inch extendable setting, this model stands out among the favorites as a mobile tripod with a remote, which works as a remote trigger up to 9 meters away and is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, without additional applications, only by connection with Bluetooth.

This proposal is made of aluminum alloy, so it weighs just 344 grams and has a size of 33 cm in folded mode, so it is portable. Thus, it has a convenient load capacity of 2.5 kilos. In addition, it has a versatile head that simplifies turning and tilting to obtain better angles in photographic captures.

For added versatility, it features a ¼-inch screw, making it suitable for Sony, Kodak, Canon, and Nikon cameras. It incorporates an adapter for the phone, in order to increase compatibility, by covering mobiles whose width is from 55 to 85 mm.

You can learn more about the specifications of this model through its pros and cons, which we present below.


Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide variety of camera and mobile models thanks to its supports and adapters.

Design: It has a portable design of 33 cm when folded, suitable for travel and comfortable to carry in your pocket.

Capacity: It has a load capacity of 2.5 kilos, so it supports various device models.

Bluetooth: It can be used with a remote shutter via Bluetooth, with reception up to 9 meters away.


Flexibility: Being a firm and stable model, it does not offer great possibilities for versatility or flexibility in its legs.

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small tripod for mobile

8. Rhodesy RT-01 Flexible Style Large Octopus Tripod

The manufacturer Rhodesy presents this small mobile tripod model that has been created with a functional design, with quality materials, making it durable and practical to improve the stability of photographs, as well as reduce vibrations in videos.

Its structure has three flexible legs that adjust according to the needs of the users on each surface. They can even be wrapped around lamps, pipes or trees to make the picture more original. In addition, it is an alternative that can be used to stabilize the phone and be able to enjoy movies without having to hold it with your hands.

It also has a 360º rotation angle, with an adjustable head for more creative shots. Due to its construction and weight of 240 grams, its maximum load is estimated at 1 kg and it is suitable for placing various models of Samsung and Apple mobile phones in different versions.

This tripod has pros and cons that you could analyze to see if it is suitable for your needs.


Design: Its compact and reduced design is adequate to achieve the stabilization of the mobile.

Flexibility: It has three flexible-type legs that can be placed on a table or wrapped around objects.

Rotation: It has a spherical head for rotation, which provides better angles in photographs.

Capacity: Its weight is 270 grams, with the capacity to support one kilo, which means compatibility with several brands.


Reflex: It is not a suitable model to support reflex type camera models.

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Shopping guide

Taking photos and videos can be a hobby, but also a professional job. In the same way, enjoying mobile content without vibrations is something of the utmost importance. To do this, it is necessary to have a platform that stabilizes the device and reduces vibrations. Although there are many models, when making a choice, it is important to look for attributes that enhance performance. Therefore, we invite you to read the following guide to buy the best mobile tripod.

design and type

There is a wide variety of models on the market, among which 2 categories can be distinguished. So, the best thing will be to establish a comparison of mobile tripods in which both the modality and the type of product can be analyzed to ensure, in this way, if it is practical for the purposes sought.

In this sense, you can find different tripods, from large and firm, to small and flexible, even mini style. In common, all of them provide adequate stability, while tending to be portable, since their structure can be folded and they have handles that facilitate their transport.

In relation to the type, there are tripods with firm legs and tripods with flexible legs. The former can be adjusted in height, while the latter are convenient for their flexibility, which allows the legs to be wrapped around vertical or horizontal surfaces (branches, tubes, bicycles) to give greater originality to the photographic capture, but they can also maintain stability on a table or flat surface.

Adjustment and rotation

A cheap tripod is an alternative that will surely be attractive, but not only its cost must be analyzed, but its functionality must also be determined. This can be achieved by a quick study of the characteristics of its structure.

The height and rotation adjustment of the head is what will allow greater versatility in the angles and the possibility of creating interesting compositions. Therefore, a recommendation for those who want to make professional-style productions for videos is to look for models that allow height adjustment and are solid.

They also need to have a lever or handle to control the rotating head at different angles. In fact, some options provide the possibility that the camera or mobile can have a 360º horizontal rotation, as well as a 180º vertical rotation, with a 90º tilt, which increases the creative capture options.

Construction and capacity

Before making a hasty decision, one of the most common recommendations is to consider the construction of the product, plus it is a way to determine how much a mobile tripod costs.

Typically, these devices are made with a metal core, which could be steel or aluminum alloy, and a rubber liner. This is usually a constant in octopus style alternatives and many of them can have water resistance and waterproofing. Also, there are certain options made of plastic.

In addition, in all models it is important that the bases of the legs are equipped with rubber pads or balls, so that a correct adherence to the surfaces is achieved and, in this way, the device does not move or slide, since this would cause vibrations in the frame.

On the other hand, to prevent the wind from affecting it, there are large proposals equipped with a hook to place a bag of sand. Also, another characteristic that depends on the construction is the capacity. Depending on the model, they can support weights between 1 and 4 kilos. According to this, the use of phones or cameras can change, because there are some heavier than others and, if the weight recommended by the manufacturer is exceeded, it is possible that stability, firmness and even the structure of the tripod may be compromised.

Compatibility, accessories and Bluetooth

A certain tripod may not be suitable for all models of mobile phones or cameras. Therefore, a recommendation that should be considered is the level of compatibility with said equipment (according to the needs of use). Thus, initially, it is better to opt for universal style options or, failing that, include supports, screws and adapters that facilitate the incorporation of the mobile and its adjustment according to size, so that it is correctly adjusted.

In addition, it is necessary to remember that there are some models equipped with carrying cases, as well as with hooks, additional components and Bluetooth, to link with the mobile through a remote control, with a signal range of up to 10 meters to execute remote shooting.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a mobile tripod?

The first thing is to deploy the product. To do this, the legs must be opened, their height adjusted (if it is of the conventional type) and placed on the surface.

According to the photography equipment to be used, it will be necessary to adjust the screw threads, which tend to be compatible with the input lever supports of some mobile models.

The selected device should be snapped into place or via a rail until you hear a click, indicating it is locked in place. In other cases, it may be necessary to add a special support to the head and it will be in this adapter that the phone should be placed.

These adapters tend to have adjustable measurements, so it will be necessary to place it at the width of the mobile so that it is held while the angles are varied. In general, the large models incorporate a kind of lever or crank. With this element you can turn and move the tripod as needed.

Q2: How to make a mobile tripod?

There are different ways to make a mobile tripod. One of the easiest is with 5 pencils of the same length and 5 rubber bands. The procedure consists of taking 3 of the pencils and inserting one of them inside the eraser to turn and wrap the pencil. In the free area of ​​the eraser another pencil should be placed and do the same action as above. Everything should be continued until there are 3 pencils on the eraser separated from each other.

The next thing will be to go around with the eraser on the 3 pencils that will seem to be together, but with tension. Now we need to move the eraser to the ends of the pencils so that the end without the eraser opens up like a tent.

This process should be repeated with the remaining pencils. Subsequently, the two bases must be connected with the two pencils of the last process. When finished, you will be left with a triangle shape. It only remains to place the mobile horizontally on the last 2 pencils.

Q3: How to fold a mobile tripod?

In the case of large tripods, the idea is to convert them into a monopod and, for this, the legs must be collected, joined and thus shorten the length of its structure. It is not a complex process, but you do have to turn cranks and unscrew screws. However, the specific way will depend on the model, as each brand has its own system. In addition, the tubes that make up the central structure must be collected. Usually just lifting the tripod off the surface and applying a bit of reverse pressure is enough for these to retract.

Q4: How to synchronize a Smartphone and a mobile tripod with a controller?

The Bluetooth of the mobile must be turned on and then it is necessary to activate the one of the control. You can usually tell it’s working by seeing a green indicator light. The controller will then start searching for the signal. Now, you must take the mobile, enter the Bluetooth option and locate the remote. The device must be selected so that both devices are linked.

Q5: How much weight can a mobile tripod support?

Some large models, designed for cameras and mobiles, have an estimated capacity between 3 and 5 kilos. On the other hand, some smaller proposals or octopus-style tripods have a capacity that can range from 1 to 2 kilos.

Q6: How tall is a mobile tripod?

This property varies according to the model and the type of tripod, because they have different heights. In some of them it is even possible to regulate it to obtain better angles.

Large models can have a minimum height of 53 cm, which can be extended to 177 cm. Others have a minimum of 33 cm and the octopus-style ones can have a length of about 13-15 cm.

Q7: Which is better, metal or plastic mobile tripod?

On the one hand, metal tripods are more resistant and have a higher load capacity, suitable for different conditions and constant use. For their part, the plastic ones tend to be lighter, but their load capacity is lower. An alternative is those made of aluminum alloy, since they are usually resistant and light, as well as portable.

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