The 8 Best Sony Headphones of 2022

Sony Headphones – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sony headphones typically output high-quality sound with a balance of low, mid, and high frequencies, so they’re a good choice if you want to listen to music clearly. A recommended model is the Sony WH1000XM3, which has Bluetooth technology and is compatible with virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, to make it easier for you to use various smart devices. Another model that could be useful to you is the Sony WH-CH510, which is wireless and has a range of up to 35 hours, so you can listen to music for a long time without having to charge it. It even has a microphone so you can use it hands-free.



The 8 Best Sony Headphones – Opinions 2022

There is a wide variety of headphones on the Internet, so sometimes choosing a particular model can be a difficult task. That is why this time we present you a list with some of the best Sony headphones of 2022, perhaps one of them is the product you are needing now.

Sony Wireless Headphones

1. Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Adaptive Sound

If you are looking for the best Sony headphones to move with ease while listening to music, this model may be the one for you. They have Bluetooth technology to be able to connect it to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Also, these Sony wireless headphones have 30 hours of autonomy, so you can listen to audio all day without having to charge the battery often. Also, they have a built-in microphone to be able to talk on the phone with the paired phone. This makes them useful for listening to music while waiting for a call from someone.

And, if you want to travel by plane and not hear external noise, these headphones have Noise Cancelling, so they offer more immersive audio, so you don’t hear the sounds of the place where you are. As if that were not enough, the audio that these headphones emit is high resolution, so you will not miss the small details of music or movie effects.

Perhaps they are the best Sony headphones of the moment, because they have various qualities that have caught the attention of many buyers, these are several of them.  


Efficiency: These headphones emit clean and powerful sound with QN1 HD noise cancellation, so you can listen to music without external sounds.

Resolution: Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX technology improves the resolution of compressed audio.

Adaptability: Thanks to the Sense Engine function, the headphones detect the activity you are doing and automatically adapt the sound to it, for example, when traveling or walking.


Price: The price of these headphones is a bit high compared to the other models on the list.

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SonyBluetooth Headphones

2. Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Headphones

If you want to know which are the best Sony Bluetooth headphones, these could be the ones you are looking for. They support AVRCP, A2DP, HFP and HSP Bluetooth profiles, thus offering low latency, to listen to music or movies wirelessly and without delays. 

In addition, these Sony Bluetooth headphones offer a microphone to use them as hands-free while you train for sports or perform various tasks at home.

Regarding the design, we can say that they are elegant black headphones and quite flexible, since the cups can rotate and their length is adjustable, so that almost anyone can use them. They even have 3 cm drivers, so they emit a balanced sound with different nuances.

On the other hand, they have a range of 35 hours, so you can listen to a lot of music on long trips if you want. 

Next, we present the most important pros and cons of this model of Sony headphones, perhaps they will help you make the best purchase decision.


Sound: Due to the 3 cm diameter driver you will be able to listen to the different nuances of music with them without problems.

Autonomy: Something that stands out about this product is its autonomy of 35 hours, so you can listen to several music albums without having to charge them often.

Microphone: A microphone is built into these helmets, to be able to make calls on the paired phone.


Comfort: They would be more comfortable if they had padded material on the headband.

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Sony headset for PS4

3. Sony Gold Edition Headset Fortnite VCH 2019 PS4

These are Sony headphones for PS4 with which you can enjoy many hours of entertainment. Also, although they are recommended for use with the Fortnite video game, you can also use them in other titles such as Call of Duty, Resident Evil, God of War, etc. In this way, they offer a great advantage, because you can use these Sony headphones at any time if you do not want to disturb your neighbors with the audio.

They have 2 microphones to improve communication with other people in online games. In other words, you can chat with your fellow gamers and plan new team strategies, in order to win matches. 

On the other hand, its virtual 7.1 sound will make you feel like you’re in the cinema, hearing the shots and footsteps of the characters right where they come from. That is, the special effects will be much more realistic than with conventional headphones. 

Sony could be the best PS4 headset brand as it is the creator of these video game consoles and also makes great quality audio products.  


Functionality: This Sony headset model is suitable for PS4 and PS VR, so the entertainment will be greater.

Application: The product is compatible with a PlayStation application that provides audio presets for various video games.

Microphones: These are dual microphone headphones that will help you communicate better with your friends in video games.


Music: These headphones have been created especially for video games, so they do not offer good sound for listening to music. 

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Sony Sports Headphones

4. Sony MDRAS210B.Ae Sport Earbud Headphones with Grip

If you are looking for the best value for money Sony headphones, check out this model, because although they are one of the cheapest, they have noise reduction for clearer and more immersive sound. In addition, they have an in-ear design with a secure fit for the ears, so they will not fall out, even if you are doing sports such as running or exercising in the gym. 

In the same way, they are Sony sports headphones that withstand splashes of water, so you can use them with greater peace of mind regardless of the weather.

Another aspect that we can highlight about these headphones is that they have a 1.2-meter cable, so you can connect them to MP3 players or Android phones, even if you carry it in your pants pocket or backpack. Also, we mentioned that they have 13.5mm drivers, which could be enough for a nice bass sound.

Before making the purchase of these Sony headphones, we invite you to read the following section with its most outstanding positive and negative qualities, perhaps this way you will be more confident in your choice.  


Isolation: These headphones isolate external noise very well, so that you do not hear the ambient sound when you are walking or running.

Buttons: Thanks to the buttons they have you can adjust the volume and change the song.

Waterproof: They are recommended headphones for use outdoors, because they support splashes of water.



Cable: It would be better if the cable was a little more robust, however, this does not affect the resolution of the headphones.

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Pink Sony Headphones

5. Sony MDR-ZX110 Closed Stereo Headphones Pink

These are pink Sony headphones that you can use to listen to music with high quality and power, as they have 3 cm diameter drivers and neodymium magnets. Also, we mentioned that they offer a frequency range of 12 Hz to 22 kHz, for a better balance between treble and bass. Even the closed design of its cups isolates external noise while you listen to your favorite music with greater clarity. 

In addition, they are comfortable headphones, since they have pads on the cups so as not to hurt your ears if you use them for several hours. Likewise, with them you can change songs and answer calls without having to take them off, being quite practical on any occasion.

Another aspect that we highlight is that its folding design makes it easy to move and store. Similarly, the headband is adjustable in size, so that anyone can wear them comfortably.

Despite their many advantages, they are one of the cheapest women’s headphones in the comparison, so check out their main features below.


Isolation: The cups are closed, so they isolate external noise without any problem, to avoid distractions while you listen to movies or songs.

Range: The range of frequencies that these headphones reach is from 12 Hz to 22 kHz, so with them you will hear bass and treble clearly.

Drivers: Its drivers are 3 cm in diameter, so they emit powerful bass, for more immersive audio.


Pads: The cup pads have a lining that is not very resistant and durable, however, this does not affect their sound quality.

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Sony Aquatic Headphones

6. Sony NWWS623 Walkman Sports MP3 Player

With these headphones you can enjoy the songs you like the most, thanks to the 16 GB of storage they have. In addition, they have Bluetooth, to share audio without having to connect cables.

Likewise, these headphones have been designed to withstand splashes and temperatures in extreme conditions, specifically from -5 to 45 ° C. In this sense, they could be the most suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, MTB, backpacking, etc. Even if you practice swimming, you will be able to use these headphones without any problem, since they withstand salt water and can be submerged for a maximum of 30 minutes. In addition to this, they are designed to withstand the dust of the environment, so you can walk or run with them if you wish.

One feature to keep in mind is that these Sony underwater headphones are comfortable and, even if you do extreme sports, they won’t fall out of your ears.

If you don’t know which Sony headphones to buy for swimming, running, cycling and other sports, check out the most important qualities of this product.


Connectivity: These headphones allow you to connect via Bluetooth and NFC with mobile devices.

Resistance: They have been made to withstand salt water, sand and extreme temperatures, so they are suitable for swimming, hiking, running and more sports.

Autonomy: They have an autonomy of 12 hours and, if you charge it for only 3 minutes, you will enjoy 1 hour to listen to your favorite music.


Practicality: They only report when the battery is low and turn off automatically, but it would be nice if they show the battery status at any time.

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Sony Extra Bass Headphones

7. Sony MDR-XB550AP Extra Bass Headphones

With these headphones you can listen to your favorite music, video games and other audio, as they offer a pleasant sound. In addition, they are Sony Extra Bass headphones, so they emit deep bass for electronic music and other musical styles that require it.

In the same way, they come with a control on the cable to answer calls or change songs easily. Even its design is elegant and comfortable, with a padded headband and pads on the cups. Therefore, you will be able to listen to music for several hours and they will not bother your head.  

In addition to this, this model of headphones comes in different colors, red, black, blue, white and green. So you can choose the tone that you like the most or one that best suits the person you will give this product to. As if that were not enough, they are headphones with a 3.5 mm male connector, so they are compatible with almost any multimedia device.  

Next, we present the pros and cons of the Sony MDR-XB550AP model, so read each feature carefully to find out if it is the product you are looking for.


Pads: Thanks to its pads on the cups you can listen to a lot of music and you will not feel discomfort in your ears.

Microphone: These headphones come with a built-in microphone suitable for answering calls and clearly hearing the other person.

Headband: They have an adjustable metal headband, which allows them to fit heads of various sizes.


Cable: The cable is a bit short, so if you are going to connect these headphones to the TV, you will need an auxiliary cable extension.

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Sony Earbuds

8. Sony MDRXB50APB.CE7 Extra Bass In-Ear Headphones

These headphones are compatible with mobile phones, MP3 players, computers, tablets and other devices that have 3.5mm outputs, making them quite convenient to use.  

In addition to this, they have 12mm neodymium drivers, which provide a balanced and powerful sound for all types of music. In addition, these Sony in-ear headphones are small and light, so you can easily store or carry them anywhere.

Similarly, we mention that they have a 1.2 m long cable, which in turn has a microphone, to answer calls on the connected phone.

On the other hand, we inform you that they are made of resistant and durable plastic, they also come in black, so they combine with almost any device. In the same way, we must emphasize that they have noise reduction, to make video calls on the mobile without capturing the sounds of the environment.

In the following lines we explain the pros and cons that these Sony headphones have, so that you are more sure of your purchase.


Noise: They have noise reduction so that you can enjoy phone calls without distortion.

Materials: They have been made of resistant and durable plastic, so you will have these headphones for a long time.

Cover: They come with a practical cover, so you can store them when you are not using them.


Volume: It would be nice if they had a volume button, to adjust this function without having to pick up the connected device.

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Accessories for Sony Headphones

Sony headphone pads

Ear Pads Cushions Sony MDR Zx100 ZX300

These are pads for Sony headphones models MDR ZX100, V250, V150, V200, ZX300, among others, so you can use them to renew the ones you have at home.

In addition, they have a stylish white design and are made of a soft foam that will improve the bass of your headphones.

Also, we highlight that their lining is made of leather, so they are much more resistant than other pads.

And, if you are worried about their size, they measure 2.8 cm on the inside and 6.8 cm on the outside, so they are used for cups of various Sony headphones.

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Shopping guide

Because there are so many models of headphones out there today, it’s important to know what features a good quality headphone should have. Therefore, we present this guide to buying the best Sony headphones, in it we explain what you should know before choosing a product of this type. 

headphone types

If you are comparing Sony headphones, you should know the different types of models that you will find on the market. One of the most common types of headphones are headbands, which come with either open or closed cups, but the latter are more effective if you don’t want others to hear what you’re playing.

In addition, being closed considerably reduce external noise. However, there are external noises that are very loud and even if the headphones have closed cups and some noise cancellation technology, the sound will reach your ears. Some people think that it is because of low quality, but this is not always the case.   

On the other hand, there are sports headphones, which must be waterproof, so you can go running with greater peace of mind, regardless of unexpected rain. In any case, before going out to train outdoors, check the weather in an application from your iOS or Android phone; since it is best to avoid getting the headphones wet, unless they can withstand immersion in water. 

Both sports headphones and those for everyday use are often of the in-ear type, so they are quite comfortable, since they do not exert pressure on your ears, which headbands do.

Wireless or wired

Another aspect that you should take into account when buying Sony headphones is whether they are wireless or wired. The former greatly influence the fact of how much a certain product of this type costs, but you may find some economic model, since there are many options on the Internet.

Sony wireless headphones typically work with Bluetooth, a wireless technology widely used in MP3 players, phones, tablets, computers, Smart TVs, and home and car stereos. In short, it is a good option to be compatible with most of the devices you own.

If you want the wireless headphones to be compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, check the product description or send a message to the seller. Also, you can visit the official Sony page, in case you want to know this and all the other technical details of the headphones that you liked.

In the same way, we recommend checking the autonomy of wireless headphones; if they have more than 20 hours of autonomy, it will be enough to listen to music all day.

On the other hand, wired headphones do not use rechargeable batteries or batteries, offering autonomy adapted to the power of the sound system to which you connect them. If you buy this type of headphones, check that they have a long and robust cable, so that it lasts a long time.


Comfort is an essential aspect in any type of headphones you buy. For example, they must have soft rubber bands if they are of the in-ear type or padded pads for headband ones. In addition, headbands must be adjustable to the size of your head, so that they hold very well and do not move.

Another quality related to ergonomics is portability, since it facilitates transfer. For in-ear headphones to accomplish this, they must be small and light. Regarding headband headphones, it is best that you can fold them, for example, those with rotating cups are very comfortable to store and move.


Not all headphones come with this feature, but if you’re going to connect them to your phone to listen to music, it’s better if they have a microphone. This will allow you to answer calls without having to remove your headphones.

And, if you’re going to use headsets with video game consoles, a model with a microphone is also worth it, so you can talk to your teammates without any problem. Also, to go cycling or running it is important that it has a microphone, since that way you can use the hands-free function.


Sometimes there is a volume or song change button on the headphone cable, which makes it much easier to use. In this sense, you can choose a model that has it, so you don’t have to go to the connected device every time you want to adjust the volume or play the next song.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use Sony headphones?

If your headphones are headband, you should adjust them according to the size of your head, making sure that the cups cover your ears as best as possible. Then, you connect them and give them a suitable volume, without exaggerating. Most Sony headphones offer high power if you want it, but short-term or long-term high volume could damage your hearing.

Another aspect that you should know about the use of headphones is that you should clean them very carefully, without using strong detergents or disinfectants. In fact, the use of antibacterial liquid or alcohol for medical use will suffice.

Q2: How to connect Sony Wireless earphones?

To connect the wireless Sony headphones you just have to turn them on and activate the Bluetooth recognition function. Only when your headphones are visible through Bluetooth technology will they appear as an option on your compatible devices, for example, phones, tablets, computers, Smart TVs, etc.   

Once the Sony headphones appear in the Bluetooth options, click on it and they will automatically connect to start listening to the audio you want. However, please note the user manual for your Sony Wireless headphones, as each model may offer different steps for connection.

Q3: How to charge Sony wireless headphones?

Sony wireless headphones usually come with a USB cable for charging, but you can also buy one separately. This cable has a USB type A male connector on one end and a micro USB type B connector on the other.

The micro USB-B connector is used by most Android phones, as well as other electronic devices. Therefore, a USB cable or phone charger could also work with the headphones. Another way to charge it is by connecting the headphones to the computer or to the PS4 console, right in the USB ports where you place the Dualshock 4 controllers to charge.

Q4: How to change the ear pads of Sony headphone?

First, snap off the old pads, which is an easy task since the material is a bit stretchy. Later, you take advantage of that same elasticity to mount the new pads, only that when they are new they may have less elasticity and you have to make a greater effort than when removing the old ones. Keep in mind that you should not open the cups with screwdrivers or anything similar.

Finally, to make sure that the pads are well placed, turn them a little to the right and left. They should not come apart when turning, if so you will need to adjust them again. 

Q5: How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Sony Smart TV?

You just have to go to the settings option of the Sony Smart TV and enter Bluetooth. There the TV will search for Bluetooth devices and your headphones will appear as one of the options. You must select them and the pairing will automatically begin. After this, the Smart TV will be connected to the headphones, so the TV speakers will not sound. If you want the TV speakers to also sound, you must go to sound settings and activate the audio option on both TV speakers and on another device.

Q6: How to fix Sony earphones only sound from one side?

Sometimes the headphones are damaged right at the connections that go in the cups. For that reason, sometimes one glass sounds and the other does not. The solution is to remove the earphone cups with a screwdriver and check the continuity of the current with the help of a multimeter. If you know how to solder and solder, you can reinforce the connection so that the continuity returns to normal. On the other hand, if the problem is not continuity, it may be that the driver has been completely damaged, so you will have to buy new headphones or take them to Sony technical support.

Q7: How to untangle Sony earphones?

The cable on Sony headphones can get a bit tangled, especially if it’s thin, so that’s something that happens a lot with in-ear models. The solution is to disconnect the cable from the used phone or device, then, with your own hands, unravel the cable, but starting at the end where the 3.5 mm jack is. Don’t apply too much force when untangling the cable, as it could break.  

Q8: Which headphones are better, Sony or Philips?

This varies depending on your needs and the models you choose. Some Sonys offer deeper, more powerful bass, but the same goes for Philips. The best thing is that you review several models of these two leading brands well, so you can buy the headphones that meet your requirements and preferences.

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