The 8 Best Steering Wheels for PC of 2022

Steering Wheel for PC – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Nowadays video games can look very realistic on screens and one of the most chosen categories by some buyers is racing. If you want to enjoy a title in a realistic way, you can consider flyers for PC. Among them, the Logitech G29 could catch your attention, a model with wide compatibility, made of aluminum and with a realistic design. Another good option is the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer. A product that stands out for having a design similar to the steering wheels of the cars used in F1 races, being more than adequate for this type of title.

The 8 Best Steering Wheels for PC – Opinions 2022


In case you have decided to complement your computer or video game console with an interactive flyer, we invite you to evaluate the selected alternatives in the following space. Here we will review its main features and everything you can enjoy to help you choose which one to buy.

Steering wheel and pedals for PC


1. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel and Pedals

Logitech G29 is, by some accounts, the best steering wheel for PC, so now we’re going to take a deep dive into its most important aspects. 

It is a product designed to offer a superior driving experience, thanks to its realistic structure with good manufacturing finishes. The set includes both the steering wheel and the pedal board together with gear shift paddles and buttons for managing the options within the video game. It connects via USB 2.0 cable and has interactive light indicators for operation.

In addition, with this steering wheel and pedals for PC you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of titles, since you will be able to connect it to PS3, PS4 consoles and also to computers running Windows and Mac OS, allowing you to access games available in virtual stores.

The characteristics of this model may lead it to be the best steering wheel for PC at the moment. Below you can learn more about it:


Controls: It has several buttons for handling the menu within the video game.

Compatibility: You can use it with PS3 and PS4 consoles, as well as PC and Mac OS.

Pedals: The base has 3 pedals so you can drive in manual mode if you wish.

Manufacturing: The finishes are robust, helping to protect sensitive areas.



Brake: The brake pedal is more resistant than the others when stepping on it, which can make some users uncomfortable.

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2. Trust Gaming GXT 570 Responsive Racing Wheel

This Trust Gaming product could be the best value for money PC wheel, as it is one of the cheapest and has multiple advantages. Also, you can use it on both PC and PS3 if you want more options to enjoy car racing.

This is a very handy PC steering wheel and pedal set for beginners and kids as it has what it takes to help them get familiar with virtual driving. It has a total of 13 buttons, as well as a directional pad for general use.

In addition to this, the PC steering wheel also integrates a responsive vibration system to create bouncing effects when passing through different terrains in the video game and is capable of turning up to 100°, allowing free and comfortable driving at all times.

If you do not want to invest too much money, we advise you to evaluate the Trust GXT 570, since it is one of the cheapest options:


Buttons: The buttons integrated into the steering wheel are useful to manage the options of the video game.

Rotation: The wheel can rotate 100° at most, enough for beginners and casual gamers.

Vibration: It has a responsive vibration system to actions in the game to increase realism when driving.

Compatibility: You can use the set with both a PS3 and PC without problems.


Suction cups: You must be very aware of the suction cups, since they can be released by accident.

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F1 steering wheel for PC


3. Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Steering Wheel PC Power for SimRacing

Another option that has what it takes to become the best steering wheel for PC is the Thrustmaster TS-PC, a model that stands out for offering an ideal driving experience for F1 games thanks to the style of the steering wheel.

This particular product stands out for having a similar layout to the steering wheel you’d find on an F1 race car, where the buttons even share colors with the real thing for a pretty authentic experience. Its size is 35 x 32 x 45 centimeters and it weighs approximately 9.35 kilograms, avoiding taking up as much space as others.

Also, it is considered by many to be a good F1 wheel for PC, as its compact design allows for a realistic experience without having too large a computer installed on your PC.

Thrustmaster has products that may make it the best brand of steering wheels for PC and its TS-PC Racer model has striking pros that we describe below:


F1: Its design makes it attractive to any fan of the famous Formula 1 races.

Cooling: The cooling system will allow you to use your PC wheel for hours without the risk of overheating.

Force Feedback: With Force Feedback technology, the response and behavior of the steering wheel is more realistic.

Cover: It has a suede cover to increase comfort and improve grip.


Pedals: This alternative does not include pedals, unlike other PC wheels.

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Steering wheel, pedals and lever for PC


4. Subsonic Drive Pro Sport Racing Wheel with Pedals

Subsonic Drive Pro Sport is the name of a complete set that could have one of the best PC wheels of 2022.

With this set of steering wheel, pedals and lever for PC you will be able to experience a more realistic sensation when playing your favorite racing titles, thanks to the fact that it has manufacturing materials that provide specific touches to the parts. Likewise, the aesthetics are well cared for and it is attractive to the eye.

It is compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox One S, X and, of course, PC so you can install it wherever you prefer. As for its size, the Subsonic steering wheel measures 44 x 32 x 27 centimeters, while it weighs just 3.5 kilograms and has integrated suction cups to easily secure it to a table or stand.

In case you couldn’t figure out which PC wheel to buy, here are some details about the Subsonic Drive Pro Sport:


Realism: Its design has realistic details, such as the manufacturing materials, which will be positive for the driving experience.

Lever: The integrated lever will allow you to enjoy manual driving whenever you want.

Compatibility: It has compatibility for Sony and Microsoft video game consoles, as well as for PCs.

Connection: You can choose to connect the steering wheel to the controller or directly to the video game console.



Finishes: Could have better finishes and be more robust to withstand regular use.

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Logitech PC Steering Wheel


5. Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel and Pedals 

If at this point you still haven’t been able to decide which is the best steering wheel for PC, we present the Logitech G920, an ergonomic, attractive set with wide compatibility that you can take advantage of.

We are facing a set of steering wheel and pedals for PC that, in addition, you can connect to an Xbox One or a computer with Mac OS. It has an elegant design with ergonomic finishes, as well as easy access to the buttons to select the options in the video game.

On the other hand, the Logitech G920 PC steering wheel also integrates a paddle shift system that offers a total of 6 speeds along with H for greater versatility in use. It is practical, comfortable to use and the base with 3 pedals improves the driving experience considerably.

In case the qualities of this set for virtual driving have caught your attention, now we present some important aspects:


Design: This steering wheel for PC and video game consoles is elegant and with good manufacturing finishes.

Trim: A leather trim has been added around the steering wheel for ergonomics.

Pedals: The pedals are realistic in design and comfortable to use when driving.

Force Feedback: Thanks to the Force Feedback of the steering wheel, the experience is rich in response and vibrations.



Noise: The motor of this PC wheel is noisier than in other models, but it is not too annoying.

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PC gamer steering wheel


6. NanoRS RS600 Racing Wheel PS3/PS2/PC (D Input/X Input)

In case your intention is to save as much as possible, another of the cheapest PC steering wheels is the NanoRS RS600, an affordable product with what is required to experience driving in a current video game, be it racing, adventures, tours, etc.

This PC gamer steering wheel stands out for having a 270° rotation capacity along with vibration effects. It offers access to buttons and directional pads, as well as a gear lever integrated into the gear for driving in manual mode.

For its part, the pedal base has an accelerator and brake, mechanisms that add a dose of realism to the experience. In addition, the cheap NanoRS PC wheel works with an automatic centering system and sensitivity adjustments that will allow it to respond better to the actions of the game.

The components built into this PC steering wheel make it an attractive option to consider when looking to buy:


Spin: The spin capability of this PC wheel makes it comfortable to use when playing racing video games.

Lever: Its gear lever has an ergonomic design, being comfortable to hold.

Use: You can use this steering wheel and pedals set with PS2 and PS3 consoles, as well as PC.

Buttons: The buttons on the steering wheel allow you to navigate through the game’s title menu to start games.


Resistance: It should have better manufacturing finishes, since they are not very resistant.

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Steering wheel for PC with clutch and changes


7. Thrustmaster T150RS PRO PS4 / PS3 / PC Force Feedback Wheel

Another PC steering wheel with clutch and gears that could be of interest to you is the Thrustmaster T150RS PRO, a model with an attractive design, good driving experience and easy installation.

This model has a pedalboard, steering wheel and paddle shifters, allowing you to experience all aspects of driving in video games. It is black in color and its details are discreet, making it easy to identify the buttons. Likewise, it should be noted that the center offers the typical accesses of a DualShock controller, very useful as it is certified for Sony consoles.

On the other hand, it has the Force Feedback system, which indicates the presence of an electric motor to improve the response in terms of vibrations and a diameter of 28 centimeters on the steering wheel to facilitate driving.

The performance and capacity of this PC wheel set will allow you to enjoy a new level of fun with your video games:


Certified: It is officially licensed to be used with Sony branded consoles such as PS3 and PS4.

Spindle: Spindle bearings will let you enjoy fluid motion when turning the wheel.

Changes: You can make the changes when driving in manual mode through paddles integrated into the steering wheel.

Ergonomic: It has an ergonomic design with synthetic coating, which helps to hold it firmly.


Pedals: The pedals are made of plastic, so you have to be careful when pressing on them.

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Steering wheel simulator for PC


8. Hori Apex Steering Wheel (PS4/PS3/PC)

A good alternative if you want to buy a simulator wheel for PC could be the Hori Apex, since it also has a set of pedals for driving.

This steering wheel and pedal set has an official license from Sony to work with its video game consoles from the PS3 and, in the same way, PC. Its design is on a 1:1 scale, so the steering wheel has a diameter of 28 centimeters and a rotation angle of 270° for driving.

On the other hand, it offers DualShock buttons as well as configurable options that will let you customize the use of the integrated steering wheel control. In addition to this, it incorporates Touch Sense vibration, which is sensitive to actions on the screen such as the manipulation of the equipment.

Its aesthetics are attractive, elegant and with good finishes, which provide a pleasant touch that, in turn, is also ergonomic, which improves the overall experience.

Hori’s PC steering wheel has certain aspects that could invite you to consider it among your possible purchases:


Installation: You can choose to use the suction cups or the clamps as you prefer to secure the steering wheel to the table.

Folding: The base of the pedalboard is foldable, allowing you to adjust it according to your comfort.

Vibration: Work with Touch Sense vibration technology that reacts to what happens on the screen.

Buttons: Being certified by Sony, this steering wheel has the classic buttons of a DualShock controller to select options.


Changes: The paddles to make the changes are made of plastic, requiring caution when using them.

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PC steering wheel accessories


PC steering wheel support


AutoVictoria Racing Simulator Steering Wheel Support

Although a steering wheel itself adds to the realism when playing driving titles, adding a chair intensifies the experience considerably and this can be achieved with a steering wheel mount for PC like AutoVictoria Simulator.

This frame is designed to mount Logitech brand pedal and stick PC steering wheel sets, specifically the G25, G27 and G29 models.

It can be adjusted to secure the controls and is made of heavy gauge steel capable of keeping the bracket stable.

In addition, the legs have rubber coating for greater stability while driving.

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Shopping guide


If you’re worried about how much a PC wheel costs for a cheap model, you should first consider the features that will help you get the most out of your investment and get a practical gadget for your favorite video games.

flyer design

In this guide to buying the best steering wheel for PC, the first thing we will study is its design, since many buyers evaluate the scale and dimensions to choose a model that resembles a real steering wheel as much as possible.

Evaluating this and taking into account the size indicated by a 1:1 scale, the most recommended diameter in a PC steering wheel is 28 centimeters, since it adapts to the dimensions of a real one, allowing you to hold it comfortably and make turns freely..

However, if you want a gadget with compact dimensions so that it does not take up too much space when installed, you can also consider certain smaller models, but still ergonomic.

You can also take into account details such as the coating materials and the steering wheel grip structure in order to acquire a model that is comfortable to use when playing your favorite titles.

Included Components

Another detail that constantly appears in a comparison of PC wheels is the components included with the purchase of the equipment. As you know, the driving experience is accompanied by more than just the steering wheel, since the pedals and levers also play a fundamental role in adding realism.

Most PC bundles include a base with pedals, which connect to the steering wheel to work together as a single gadget. These pedals must have a robust construction to be able to step on them without the risk of breaking. In this sense, it is convenient to consider models made of metal or reinforced, so that they can withstand the pressure exerted.

As for the lever, this is used for driving in manual mode. Normally it is usually integrated into the same base of the steering wheel, but being a component of regular use, it is important that it presents good manufacturing finishes and can move without jamming.


available buttons

Since PC wheels are designed to be used with simulation video game titles, it is necessary that these have integrated buttons that allow you to navigate between the available options when running them. In this way you will not depend on the command to start a game, for example. Therefore, we recommend you consider PC steering wheels that have the number of buttons you would normally find on a controller.

In this category, it should be noted that one of the most used button placement layouts is that of the Sony PlayStation DualShock controller. This controller offers 4 rear triggers, 4 action buttons, 2 sticks, a directional pad and Start, Home and Select buttons. These are usually enough to manage the menu within the game, as well as provide extra actions.

On the other hand, some alternatives may have more buttons or offer systems with free configurations to choose the action of each one and thus have a personalized command.

Technologies and mechanisms

When it comes to acquiring a gadget for simulation games, it is highly recommended to take into account the technology used to increase realism, especially if it is a steering wheel for virtual driving.

These types of gadgets need to work with directional sensors that allow them to identify the turns and centering of the steering wheel, so that, when driving, you can control the car properly. To achieve this, the wheels have calibration systems that help determine the central positioning in order to move according to the player’s maneuvers.

Combined with sensors, some options can work with special technologies to increase realism through sensations. As you know, driving a car allows you to feel the same road through vibration, which is possible to enjoy with a PC steering wheel that has Touch Sense or Force Feedback.

These technologies are responsible for activating electric vibration motors inside the steering wheel to make it react to the virtual path that is traveled on the screen, which helps to increase the feeling of immersion for greater enjoyment of the video game.

Usage Compatibility

Finally, we recommend that you review the compatibility of the PC steering wheel you are interested in buying, since some are designed only to work with certain devices.

For example, you can find PC-compatible wheels, but nothing more, while others can also connect to video game consoles, increasing the practicality of the product. Likewise, you can also buy them with vice versa compatibility, that is, made for consoles, but compatible with PC.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a PC steering wheel?

To use a PC steering wheel, you must first have the drivers at hand. Install them on the computer and proceed to connect the pedals to the steering wheel using their respective cable and then place them in the lower part of the desk.

Now take the cable from the steering wheel and connect it to the USB port of the computer, which should recognize the presence of new hardware to proceed to install it using the drivers.

Now all you have to do is wait for the process to finish so you can configure the available buttons and install the title you want to enjoy with the set of steering wheels and pedals for PC.

Q2: How to install Thrustmaster Ferrari GT steering wheel on PC?

Installing this model on a computer doesn’t differ too much from the standard process for this type of gadget, except that the Thrustmaster Ferrari GT has a button to select the operating mode: PS3 or PC, which you’ll have to point towards the PC side.

Start by placing the pedalboard in the most comfortable position, at the same time that you place the steering wheel at an appropriate height. Keep in mind that this model vibrates, so we advise you to choose a sturdy table. Take the cable from the pedal board and plug it into the rear port on the base where the wheel is integrated, then run the main cable to the USB port on your computer and you’re good to go.


Q3: How to calibrate a steering wheel for PC?

To do this, disconnect and reconnect the wheel to your computer, which will start an automatic calibration process. Once finished, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and repeat the operation for the other side.

Then, center it and, while holding it with both hands, press the Start + Select + Mode buttons at the same time so that the system recognizes the position of the steering wheel. This will cause the LED lights to change color and then return to their normal color, indicating that the center value has been reset.

Q4: How to set up a steering wheel for PC?

Make sure you have the steering wheel connected to the PC with the USB cable and run “Control Panel” to select the corresponding model. This will open a window where you will have access to tabs to test and adjust the operation of the gadget.

In “Test the wheel” you can evaluate the calibration and the center value, as well as configure them to your liking. In addition, in the other tabs you can test the Force Feedback system and change the intensity of the response, although it is best to keep these values ​​in their original format.


Q5: How to connect Xbox 360 steering wheel to PC?

If you want to connect your Xbox 360 steering wheel to your computer, you will need an Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver, which can be purchased from online stores such as

Once you have it, connect it to the USB port of the computer so that it can recognize it and proceed to install the drivers. When it’s done, press and hold the center button until the LED light starts to flash, indicating it’s in “Search” mode. Now take the steering wheel and press the Xbox Home button until it also flashes and wait for it to be recognized by the receiver.


Q6: What is Force Feedback in a PC steering wheel?

Force Feedback refers to a quality of some PC wheels, which stand out for having an electric motor inside designed to better simulate the realism of driving through sensations.

With a steering wheel that has integrated Force Feedback, you can feel through your hands the vibration that you would feel when driving on a real sand road, as well as feel the shock when hitting a pothole.

Q7: Which is better, Logitech or Thrustmaster PC steering wheel?

Both Logitech and Thrustmaster PC racing wheels have their own advantages that make them stand out.

In the case of Logitech models, these offer elegant designs with resistant finishes in conjunction with good performance in racing, simulation and other games. They can be connected to computers and consoles, as well as being compatible with many titles.

But this is something that is also enjoyed with a good Thrustmaster steering wheel, unlike some who might consider these models more realistic thanks to the movement and angle execution technologies. They can be used on consoles and computers depending on the model, in addition to offering bundles with resistant pedals.

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