The 8 Best Steering Wheels for PS4 of 2022

Steering Wheel for PS4 – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are a fan of video games and you like to feel the adrenaline of driving a car at full speed through extreme tracks, you may want to purchase a steering wheel for PS4, in order to compete and have fun. Therefore, if you have already decided to buy it, you should evaluate some of the most convenient alternatives. The Subsonic Racing Wheel Universal is a wheel compatible with most of the available consoles: it works with PS3, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and Xbox One. Another recommended option is Thrustmaster Ferrari F1, suitable for T300RS, T500 RS, T300 Ferrari GTE and TX, with a good level of inertia and high efficiency buttons.

The 8 Best Steering Wheels for PS4 – Opinions 2022

If you aspire to buy a steering wheel for PS4 for the first time, you may be excited about the variety of controls of this type that you are going to get, but if you do not know which one could be the most suitable for you, we suggest you analyze the most recommended options currently included in the following selection.

Steering wheel and pedals for PS4

1. Subsonic Steering Wheel Racing Wheel Universal

Those searching in hopes of finding the best PS4 steering wheel may turn to the Subsonic Racing Wheel Universal after learning about its main features. It is a kit made up of a PS4 steering wheel and pedals, ideal for use with the Slim and Pro versions of PS4, as well as for PS3 and Xbox One.

This steering wheel incorporates 5 suction cups that allow it to adhere more easily. In addition to this, it has a rotating mechanism made up of a wire wheel that rotates it 180° and its size and shape are appropriate to hold it comfortably.

In addition, the configuration of this steering wheel allows you to adjust its sensitivity and use the acceleration and brake functions through its pedals. Similarly, it includes shifters and various buttons that can be programmed to suit different games, according to user preferences.

For some, the Racing Wheel Universal is considered the best steering wheel for PS4 at the moment. This you could determine after evaluating its pros and cons.


Compatibility: It is appropriate to compete in most consoles and games available on the market.

Sensitivity: The sensitivity level can be adjusted among three options, adapting to the conditions of each game.

Size: Its dimensions make it comfortable and easy to handle for both children and young people as well as adults.

Pedals: The team comes with some pedals that bring much more realism to the driving experience in the game.


Clamping: The pedals may slip a little as they do not have their own clamping method.

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2. Spirit Of Gamer Race Wheel Pro 2 Gaming Wheel

If you want to buy a kit that includes a PS4 steering wheel and pedals, the Spirit of Gamer Race Wheel Pro 2 can be a valid alternative, as it is also presented as one of the best PS4 steering wheels of 2022. It is compatible with retro games for PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC.

It is equipped with a speed change lever and pedals, while incorporating a motor with various vibration effects. In addition to this, its control panel allows access to 8 programmable buttons and 8 more that are analog, to take command decisively and challenge the speed limits against other reckless drivers.

The PS4 Race Wheel Pro 2 steering wheel has 7 suction cups on the bottom to hold on to the edge of tables. This steering wheel is soft and comfortable to the touch, as its structure is covered with a grip that also improves grip.

Like other manufacturers, Spirit of Gamer joins the race to become the best PS4 steering wheel brand. Here we show you more of the Race Wheel Pro 2.


Buttons: It has a wide variety of programmable, analog and numerical buttons, which will allow a high control experience.

Fixation: It adheres securely and stably to concrete and other surfaces, thanks to the built-in suction cups.

Accessibility: The home button allows you to directly enter the settings of the PS4 and other compatible consoles.

Manual mode: It has a gear lever to drive manually.


Controller: May require connection to a controller to work with some types of consoles.

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F1 steering wheel for PS4

3. Thrustmaster 4160571 Ferrari F1 Add-On

Knowing the qualities of this F1 PS4 wheel could help you compare and determine which is the best wheel for PS4. The Ferrari F1 model is presented as a collector’s item for fans of this team, as it is a real-size replica of the 2011 Ferrari Formula 1 steering wheel, which also has an official license.

Much of its front structure, as well as its gear changes, are covered in brushed metal, a material that, in addition to simulating the version of the real F1 steering wheel, gives it strength and robustness.

In addition, both grips are covered with a thick, soft-touch material to provide stability with a better hand grip on the wheel. Its control panel is distributed among several switches, execution buttons and spinning wheels. It also offers the option to choose between two game modes, one normal and one advanced.

If you still don’t know which steering wheel for PS4 to buy, we present some advantages and a negative point of this model, which could help you make a decision.


Changes: It has two Push & Pull gear changes, easy to access and handle.

Wheels: It incorporates two swivel wheels to adjust the configuration settings of the vehicle.

Modalities: It has a normal mode for PC, PS4, PS3 and Xbox One and another advanced for PC, which broadens the gaming experience.

Use: It can be used with T300 RS, T500 RS and T300 Ferrari GTE & TX Racing Wheel bases, so it has a high compatibility.


Hardness: It is recommended to use it with gloves to protect the hands and preserve the structure, since it is delicate.

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Fanatec steering wheel for PS4

4. Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel Steering Wheel

Another of the options indicated for those who are in search of a steering wheel for PS4 is the CSL Elite Racing Wheel from Fanatec. It is a device capable of providing great power, since it has a brushless servomotor that provides high performance and precision to execute turns towards the steering axis.

Likewise, the Fanatec PS4 steering wheel is equipped with Direct Sensor technology, a sensor located on the steering axis that prevents the belts from altering the precision in this area of ​​the steering.

In the same way, it has a 1080° direction stop that, in addition, offers the facility to adjust with great agility to other stops through the corresponding menu.

This steering wheel, as well as its paddles and other controls, provide a pleasant feeling to the touch, while having the ability to reduce vibrations when a continuous force is maintained.

Now that you know some of the most relevant features of this flyer, it is time for you to also review its pros and cons.


Platforms: It is compatible with all Playstation 4 and Pro systems, as well as some of its titles, including Project Cars, Dirt 4 and Assetto Corsa.

Stability: It has a mechanism that prevents the straps from influencing steering turns.

Installation: Both installation and configuration can be done easily.

Accessories: It can be complemented with other accessories, such as pedals, levers and brakes.


Pedals: Does not include pedals, so they must be purchased separately.

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Hori steering wheel for PS4

5. Hori Apex Steering Wheel (PS4/PS3/PC)

The Hori PS4 steering wheel is presented as a suitable alternative for those who aspire to have the best steering wheel for PS4 with a value for money. This device is officially licensed by Sony and is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC platforms.

This steering wheel incorporates pedals with adjustable sensitivity level and, in addition, they are foldable. In addition to this, the Racing Wheel Apex steering wheel can be securely attached to surfaces by means of its clamp or with the use of the suction cups on its underside.

It has a panel of buttons that can be programmed to execute the functions that the user wants.

Also, its size emulates a real steering wheel, allowing you to adapt to it to get even more involved in the driving experience, while Touch Sense technology allows you to feel the movements and vibrations when passing over different types of terrain.

The Racing Wheel Apex is one of the cheapest PS4 wheels available on the market, but if you still can’t decide, here’s more about it.


Customizable: Preferred functions can be assigned to both buttons and pedals.

Adjustable pedals: Allows you to adjust the acceleration power on the pedals, for a more realistic experience adapted to each game.

Non- slip: It is covered with a rubber that favors holding the steering wheel more safely.

Attachment: Holds securely to surfaces via clamp or suction cups.


Configuration: Its configuration may seem a bit cumbersome, in view of the many options it offers.

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Logitech PS4 Steering Wheel

6. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel and Pedals

A Logitech PS4 steering wheel is always an appropriate alternative as it stays on trend and offers multiple features. The G29 Driving Force is a racing simulation wheel with gear lever and pedals included, suitable for use with PS3, PS4, Window 7, 8, 10.81 and Mac OS 10.10 operating system.

This steering wheel guarantees safe driving at full speed, as it is fixed properly to the table or support, because with it you can overcome the different obstacles and challenges on the road, without the sudden maneuvers, typical of these races, displacing it from your site or interfere with the competition.

In the same way, this steering wheel allows you to experience the challenge, full of risk and adrenaline, of some titles with greater realism, since its vibrations are felt naturally when turning the tires on different terrain surfaces, which allows the driver to react in time.

If the steering wheel for PS4 G29 has managed to catch your attention, you need to also check out some of its advantages and a negative aspect.


Realism: Accurately reproduces every vibration that would be felt with a real steering wheel.

Practical pedals: You can drive more naturally, by using the pedals for the accelerator, brake and clutches.

Rotation: It offers a rotation angle of 900°, similar to what a car steering wheel can do.

Docking: It is designed to be attached to the Playseat cabins, which means a higher level of realism.


Movement: Some unusual noise and movement may be noticed when executing some turns, although this is a relatively normal appearance.

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G27 steering wheel for PS4

7. Logitech G27 Leather Steering Wheel Set

Logitech’s G27 PS4 steering wheel is another of the most recommended options among the wide variety of models. It is a game made up of a leather-covered steering wheel, gear change and pedals, ideal for competing in the most extreme racing circuits, through a PS3 or PC.

Its gearbox has 6 different speeds, to decrease or increase the limits according to the demands of the game, and also includes a function that allows the vehicle to reverse.

All the power, turns and intensity are produced by the force of its two motors, reinforced in turn with helical-type gears that are responsible for reducing noise.

Similarly, Logitech’s G27 steering wheel has the ability to rotate the wheels 900°, with turns that mimic the real feel of driving a real car.

Some consider that this could be the best steering wheel for PS4, but if you want to check it out on your own, you should evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.


Indicators: It has a panel equipped with high-power LED indicators.

Feedback: It has a feedback mechanism that affects the centrifugal force and simulates the loss of traction.

Buttons: Preference functions can be assigned among its 16 programmable buttons.

Construction: Its brakes and pedals are made of stainless steel, designed to last, despite the constant pressure on them.


Size: It measures 28 cm, a size that for some could be small and uncomfortable.

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Gran Turismo steering wheel for PS4

8. Sony Steering Wheel and Pedals PS4 Original License Playstation RWA Apex

This selection is joined by a device suitable for use as a wheel of Gran Turismo for PS4, with original license for Playstation 4, suitable to install also with PS3 and PC. In addition, it could be considered as another of the cheap ones.

It has the Touch Sense vibration system, technology that allows you to feel the movements and immerse yourself in the game, to gain more momentum and reach the goal because, in addition, it has pedals whose sensitivity can be adjusted.

It has the ability to turn its direction up to 270° and incorporates a fast driving mode to overcome some types of arcade racing. In addition, it is covered with non-slip material to provide greater stability and support in each movement.

Similarly, both the buttons and the levers that make up the control panel are distributed in such a way that they can be accessed more easily, without having to take your eyes off the road.

Although it is a cheap PS4 steering wheel, it is a team that offers remarkable benefits and functions. Here, some points for and against.


Technology: Touch Sense technology allows you to feel the vibrations with different intensity.

Configurable: A different function can be assigned to each button to customize it according to the user’s preference.

Comfort : It is lined with soft, padded and non-slip material to provide better grip and comfort.

Game included: With the purchase of this PS4 wheel, the racing game Gran Turismo Sport GT, which has thousands of fans worldwide, is included.


Platforms: It is only compatible for use with Playstation 4, PS3 and PC platforms, although these are the most used.

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PS4 Steering Wheel Accessories

PS4 Steering Wheel Stand

Thrustmaster TX Servo Base Addon

If you need to purchase a PS4 steering wheel mount, Thrustmaster’s TX Servo Base may be a favorable alternative.

It is a support with Force Feedback system, compatible with Windows 7, 8 and XP operating systems, as well as Xbox One.

This support is equipped with the Thrustmaster Quick Release mechanism, a system that favors exchanging various types of racing wheels more quickly.

Similarly, the TX Servo Base can be securely attached to most tables or desks by means of its metal bracket, which also includes the threads and screws to also attach to racing cockpits.

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PS4 steering wheel seat

Blade Playseat Project Cars (PS4)

If you want to take your racing experience to another level and increase the emotions while driving to make it more authentic, this PS4 steering wheel seat could give you that possibility.

The model was created in conjunction with Project Cars, so it is identified with their images and logos.

It is suitable for use by both children and adults and is compatible with major platforms such as Playstation, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii and Mac.

In addition, while it is not in use, it can be stored without taking up much space, since it is foldable.

Its structure is built with quality materials that provide comfort and resistance.

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Shopping guide

When choosing a new steering wheel for PS4, it is likely that, on the surface, any seems appropriate to you. However, it is advisable that you be cautious and take some time to carefully analyze this guide to buy the best steering wheel for PS4, so that you can make a wise purchase.


Every steering wheel for PS4 should guarantee maximum durability, since it is a device whose use extends for long hours a day and is held with some tension under vigorous movements, so it must be strong and resistant enough to withstand all the pressure of the moment.

That is why, if you want to have a device that will last you for a long time, beyond imagining how much a steering wheel for PS4 costs, you should worry about looking for one with characteristics that denote quality, good operation and solidity.

Some PS4 wheels are built with a front base made of stainless steel, while others include aluminum and plastic parts. These materials tend to be a bit hard when in contact with the hands, which can cause calluses. Thus, it is convenient that they be covered with leather or padded rubber to provide greater comfort and hold the steering wheel with more stability.


If you do a comparison of steering wheels for PS4, you will notice that some incorporate more functions than others. This is an aspect that you should consider, if you are one of those who likes to experience races with as many effects as possible, which create the sensation of being behind the wheel of a real car, defying the speed limits, before different circumstances.

A conventional steering wheel can turn the car’s wheels. However, among the variety of models available, there are PS4 wheels with innovative technology that have the ability to make more amazing turns, up to 900°, while reproducing the vibrations of the tires when crossing different types of road.

Similarly, the most powerful steering wheels include pedals, a reverse function, clutches and a gearbox with up to 6 speeds. Some even incorporate a system of LED indicators and more than one motor to increase their strength.


If you want to get a steering wheel for PS4 that is useful to you, you should check if the model you like would be compatible with your console or platform and your favorite games, because, even if you get a cheap steering wheel for PS4, it would not be of much use if it was not you can use it with what you already have, unless you decide to replace all your equipment.

Some of the most recommended models are designed for use with a greater number of platforms, such as PS4, Slim and Pro versions, PS3, Xbox One, and are compatible with most of the most popular games today. Others, on the other hand, support the above options, but are also suitable to work with Switch and PC, while some can only be used with the Playstation and PC platforms.

Likewise, there are steering wheels for PS4 that can be used with other bases. If your intention is to switch between multiple devices, you should make sure that the one you choose can adapt to them.


Certain models of PS4 steering wheels include other accessories to complement their operation. The most complete ones are equipped with a set of two or three pedals with an adjustable sensitivity level in up to three positions, which work as an accelerator, brake and clutch.

In addition, some also include one or more levers to change speed. Other models have been designed to be used on their respective stand and, at the same time, can be attached to some Playseat racing simulation cockpits.

Support and configuration

To provide greater stability of the steering wheel for PS4 and prevent constant movement from detaching it from its place, most incorporate a certain number of suction cups on the bottom, a mechanism that allows these devices to be properly fixed to the surface of the wheel. table or to the place arranged for them.

There are also steering wheels for PS4 that include more than one fixing system because, in addition to suction cups, they have a mounting bracket to screw it and fix it to the desired place.

On the other hand, in most cases, it is possible to program the function of some buttons to have better control and accessibility. In addition, the installation and configuration of some steering wheels for PS4 can be done in a simple way, as there are some that are “plug and play”, while others can be more complex, due to the large number of options they offer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a steering wheel for PS4?

There is a wide variety of steering wheel models for PS4 on the market, some with more features than others, so the way you use them may vary depending on the type and model. In this sense, the most prudent thing would be to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, there are some basic tips and steps that can be followed to use almost any type of PS4 steering wheel. The first thing that should be done before starting to use it is to find the most suitable place to place it, preferably on a flat surface where it can remain stable and connect it to a compatible console.

Most PS4 wheels connect to the Playstation via a USB port. Once the console is connected and turned on, you must choose the profile option with the steering wheel or press the PS button on the steering wheel.

To keep this accessory in good condition and prolong its use, it is recommended to use it with gloves and unplug it after use to store it in a safe place later.

Q2: How to connect a Logitech steering wheel to PS4?

To connect some Logitech wheels to PS4, they need to be attached to the console via its USB port. Similarly, the pedals must be connected to the steering wheel and this, in turn, to the power source.

Some Logitech models may not be compatible with PS4, so it would be necessary to use an adapter known as the Cronusmax Plus and a Hub 2.0 to make the connection.

Q3: How to use a PS2 steering wheel on PS4?

There is no precise information that indicates if it is possible to use a steering wheel from a PS2 console on the PS4 console, since they are designed with different software and have some years of progress and differences.

However, there are those who feel that it could be attempted using a recommended game controller or converter, which has the same port as the PS2 console.

Q4: How to hold a steering wheel for PS4?

Most PS4 steering wheel models have a variety of suction cups built into the bottom of these devices. These allow the steering wheel to adhere to the surfaces and edges of a dashboard, with just a little pressure on the equipment.

In this way, they manage to remain stable while maneuvering with both hands during use. Similarly, some models include a support to fix it with screws and threads to the desired area. To do this, it is necessary to locate a flat surface and fasten them to the edge of this space.

Q5: How to make a PS4 steering wheel stand?

To make a steering wheel stand for PS4 you can use a multi-level vegetable container, made of wood or metal, without its drawers or wheels. This must have an upper board of sufficient thickness, appropriate to hold the steering wheel, which must be fixed to the base with glue or screws, while the base of the lower shelf can be used as a support to place another board, which will serve to locate the pedals.

It is necessary that the boards are fixed properly and make sure that the support is stable before attaching the steering wheel and pedals.

Q6: How to attach a steering wheel for PS4?

For better gaming response and greater control over the PS4 steering wheel, the PS4 steering wheel needs to rest on an edge in the center of a flat surface, at a suitable height relative to your chair position. In addition, you must secure it to the surface by means of its clamping mechanism.

Q7: How to set up the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel on PS4?

To configure the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel on PS4, you must access the Logitech Gaming Software on your computer and select the “new profile” option. In that space you must select the path of the new game to create that profile.

Subsequently, the option to “select device” should appear and in “steering wheel” all the options that can be configured will appear, along with the buttons to which the functions can be assigned. To change these values, select the “edit” option and you will have the menu to configure it according to your preferences. You can also do this directly in the game.

Q8: How to calibrate a steering wheel for PS4?

One way to calibrate a PS4 wheel from PC is to enter the control panel and set the wheel’s rotation angle to 180°. Then, the steering wheel axis must be placed in the 50% position, and later, verify by a few turns that the steering wheel has been properly centered.

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