The 8 Best Turntables of 2022

Turntable – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Whether you are looking for a DJ-type turntable or if you prefer a vintage model with a traditional cut, the current market offers you all kinds of options. And it is that, despite the fact that its future seemed dark, at present the vinyl record is still in fashion when listening to music. The proof is found in what it has cost us to make our selection of the best turntables of 2022, precisely because of the great variety of models. One of them is the Auna MG-TT-82B turntable. A beautiful model with a typically sixties design that combines the traditional image of the turntable with other elements, such as the digital radio located on the front or the beautiful design of the set, which adds a touch of elegance to any room. If you prefer something more current, the turntableAudio Technica AT-LP60USB is intended for the hobbyist or professional user and features a signal-to-noise ratio of less than 50 decibels. It is finished off with a USB port that allows you to connect it to your PC.

The 8 Best Turntables – Opinions 2022

The record player is still alive. Despite the rise of digital formats, the pure sound of vinyl still has a large number of fans, for whom finding the best turntable of the moment is almost as important as taking care of their vinyl. A task in which we can find cheap and good quality models together with professional products for DJs, without forgetting the more traditional and classic models. A wide range that we have summarized in our selection, in which you will find all kinds of models to equip yourself with quality.

vintage record player

1. Auna MG-TT-82B Turntable

For those who prefer a vintage or retro-style turntable, the Auna MG-TT-82B model is an interesting piece. This product has a nice exterior format, fresh from the 50’s, which has a turntable on top and an analog FM radio located on the front. The turntable is capable of playing records at 33 and 45 revolutions, also having an adapter for the use of EP vinyl.

As for the tuner, it makes it easy to choose the desired frequency thanks to its backlit background, where it is easier to see everything clearly. The sound output is made directly through the included speaker, but if you prefer, it has different rear outputs to give the system extra power. All this in a model that is among the cheapest we have analyzed, so if you are not sure which turntable to buy and you do not want to spend too much, this may be a good option.

If you do not know which is the best turntable you can find, but you are sure that you prefer a traditional design, this model may be of interest to you.


Design : The design is inspired by the 50’s, offering a beautiful black and silver finish that gives the product a remarkable image to decorate any environment.

Sound output: The sound output can be done directly through the speaker included in the equipment or with the built-in audio output, to connect it to your sound equipment.

Radio function: The turntable is accompanied by an analog radio tuner, elegant and functional when listening to your favorite stations.


Instruction manual: The accompanying instruction manual is in German, so you will have to do some research to use its different functions.

Audio quality: The audio quality is adequate, although perhaps insufficient for the most exquisite ears. Something that can be solved, in part, by connecting quality external speakers.

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vinyl record player

2. Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB

Considered by many users as the best turntable brand of the moment, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB model is one of the strongest representatives of this manufacturer.

This vinyl turntable features fully automated operation with two different levels of spin speed, at 33 and 45 RPM respectively. A model that also has a signal to noise ratio of over 50 decibels, improved by an integrated preamplifier system that gives that output extra strength.

An output that can be both digital and analog, depending on your preference, which allows you to connect the equipment via RCA cable, USB socket or mini Jack port, as you prefer. A complete proposal of what, for many, is the most outstanding turntable on the market today, which is finished off with the usual dust cover and a portable design that makes it easy to take it wherever you want.

For you to delve into the characteristics of this model, we leave you some details regarding its main characteristics.


Automatic system: By having an automatic system, you will not have to take the needle and leave it in the groove, but the team takes care of everything for you.

Double output: The equipment has a digital and analog output, which makes it easier to connect it to all kinds of devices and speakers.

Portable : The model has a simple and lightweight design that makes it easy for you to take it with you wherever you need it.


Cap Material: The dust cap material has a tendency to scratch easily, so treat it with care.

Output power: The pre-amplified output offers adjusted power, so if you want more volume and punch in the audio, it is still necessary to resort to an amplifier.

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Lauson record player

3. Lauson CL606 Vintage Turntable 

Between the most classic and the most current, we find the Lauson CL606 turntable. A model that, on the outside, offers us the image of a classic product, with wood finishes and other very elegant touches. This does not prevent it from having the most modern technology inside, which is manifested in its CD player, its MP3 player or the radio function. 

Nor should we forget its recording system, with which to store your old vinyl records in MP3 format comfortably. And as if that were not enough, it is also possible to connect your mobile via Bluetooth, to listen to your music through the two speakers that the device incorporates. 

A complete proposal that, in the turntable part, is compatible with recordings at 33, 45 and 78 revolutions and offers a pleasant stereo sound.

Combining classic image and current technology is the strong point of this Lauson model, which we analyze below.


Design: This turntable offers you a traditional vintage design with a suitable richness of details.

Versatile: The equipment includes functions such as a CD player, radio or MP3 player, among others.

Recording: With this function you can conveniently save your old vinyl records in MP3 format.


Bluetooth: The Bluetooth function could be improved, both for its range and for its comfort of use.

Power: The power output is 2.5 watts, perhaps a little low for large rooms.

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retro record player

4. 1 BY ONE 3-Speed ​​Stereo Turntable

The 1byone S-471EU-0003 retro turntable is another of those models that lovers of the traditional will especially appreciate. This classic turntable has a beautiful external image with touches reminiscent of wood and a very elegant silver front. In this area is the control panel, where the USB port stands out. In it you will be able to connect any memory device and convert the themes of your disc in digital format.

It also serves to play MP3 content directly if you wish. A complete functionality that is finished off with its speakers, modest but efficient when it comes to offering a good sound, as well as a triple speed, in which it is possible to play 78 discs. In any case, it also has an RCA connection, for making it easy to integrate it with your music equipment or add more powerful and quality speakers.

If nostalgia attacks you and you want a model that reminds you of past times, learn more about this traditional turntable.


Exterior image: The product has a beautiful dark wood finish, combined with silver touches in the central part, which give it a beautiful exterior image.

Multiple speeds: The turntable is capable of playing vinyl at 33, 45 and even 78 revolutions, being one of the most versatile in this regard.

MP3 converter : The MP3 converter allows you to record your old vinyls in digital format. In addition, the USB port is also used to play your MP3 files.


Power: The output power of the equipment is 3 watts, which may be insufficient for those who want stronger audio. However, it includes RCA output to connect it to more powerful speakers.

Basic design: Although the model meets expectations, some users comment that the product may be too basic for those looking for more complete products.

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Crosley turntable

5. Crosley Cruiser Turntable

The Crosley Cruiser turntable is a classic model on the market, with which you can enjoy your vinyl and at the same time give a special touch to any space you take it to. And it is that this vintage-style turntable has the characteristic of being portable, so you can take it wherever you want. The product has three different speeds, so you have more options when playing your discs.

The sound is generated in the integrated stereo headphones, although it also has an external headphone jack, if you prefer. A model that also has an RCA output, for greater versatility during use. And so that the exterior looks the best style, you have up to eight different colors and finishes, so you can choose the one you like best.

Enjoy the Crosley style with this beautiful turntable that we analyze in detail below.


Connections: The product includes both a headphone connection and an RCA output, for greater versatility.

Triple speed: The turntable has three different speeds, to play all kinds of records.

Portable : The equipment is totally portable and you can take it wherever you want with comfort.


Plug: The plug is English style, so you will need the corresponding adapter.

Stylus weight: Some users indicate that the stylus weight is somewhat high, which can prematurely damage records.

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Technics turntable

6. Technicks SL-1210MK7 

The Technicks SL-1210MK7 turntable is one of the most recognized products of the brand and is suitable for any self-respecting high-level DJ, although it is also suitable for conventional uses. We are talking about a direct drive turntable, with a universal arm in S and endowed with a great static balance. An optimal approach to achieve better sound quality. 

It also includes a cast aluminum platter, damping system, and a high-precision spin motor. In fact, that rotation can be adjusted to a pitch range of ± 8% or ± 16% of conventional playback speed, in order to give more richness to your productions. 

Algo a lo que ayuda la luz LED, que ilumina la zona de la aguja. Un extra ideal para pinchar cuando no hay mucha luz en el entorno. Por tanto, el modelo encaja perfectamente en lo que puedes esperar de este fabricante.

Disfruta de tus discos de vinilo a lo grande con este producto de alta calidad y diseño típicamente DJ.


Calidad de materiales: El producto cuenta con un plato de aluminio fundido y un brazo de alta estabilidad.

Velocidades: El equipo reproduce a 33, 45 y 78 revoluciones, disponiendo también de ajuste de pitch.

Luz LED: Esta luz ilumina directamente la zona de la aguja, para tener una clara referencia de la misma en todo momento.


Precio: Aún siendo un modelo de alto nivel, su precio es algo más elevado de lo que sería esperable.

Acabado: Por ahora, la marca solo ofrece este producto con acabado en negro, aunque obviamente es un aspecto puramente estético.

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Tocadiscos Sunstech

7. Sunstech PXR3 Tocadiscos

El tocadiscos Sunstech PXR3 es otro modelo interesante dentro de los productos de corte más tradicional. Un tocadiscos fabricado íntegramente en madera, que cuenta además con muchas de las funciones de estos modelos. Y es que este tocadiscos dispone de dos velocidades, de 33 y 45 RPM respectivamente, así como función de radio analógica.

Un producto completo que se remata con un puerto USB, con el que puedes pasar tus discos de vinilo a un formato digital actual cómodamente. Este puerto convierte el producto en un reproductor multimedia, para que escuches tu música en MP3 cómodamente.

It is finished off with two integrated speakers, with 1.5 watts of power, so you can listen to your records without having to connect anything else. However, if that power falls short, you just have to resort to the rear sockets to connect higher power speakers or the like.

A nice traditional cut model but with a large number of current functions, which we analyze in more detail below.


Design: The product has an elegant design with a traditional touch, entirely made of wood.

Radio: This model includes an analog radio function, tunable from the front.

Recorder: Includes recording function in USB mode thanks to the included pendrive input.


Power: Although it includes two speakers, these have a power of 1.5 watts, perhaps insufficient to enjoy a high volume.

Lid : The product’s lid is left open at the back, which can cause dust to accumulate inside.

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Pioneer turntable

8. Pioneer PL-990 Turntable DC Servo Motor

Since Pioneer is another of the most common manufacturers in this segment, we also wanted to have one of their products. The chosen one is the Pioneer PL-990 turntable, which offers us all the audio quality and the brand’s own technology with which it is easier to enjoy any record.

To do this, this model has an automatic needle location system, which also has a universal connector that simplifies the process of finding compatible needles.

It also incorporates a motor with a suspended rotor, which offers greater stability to the process, by eliminating the deviations that the spindle presents in other models. A contemporary cutaway model complete with matching dust cap, which prevents dirt from accumulating on the turntable surface.

Manufactured by one of the best-known brands in the sector, let’s see some more details about the characteristics of this turntable.


Suspended Rotor: The suspended rotor offers greater stability, which eliminates spindle deflections and improves the spinning quality of the platter.

Universal connector: It has a universal connector for the needle, which avoids having to search for specific models and simplifies its replacement.

Equalizer: The included equalizer gives an extra quality to the sound, which is presented with a higher quality than other models.


Materials: In accordance with current trends, plastic has replaced metal in the body of this model, which in part takes away from its quality.

End of the disc: Some users comment on specific incidents when it comes to finishing the playback of the last track on the disc, either generating noise or not completing the song.

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turntable accessories

record player needle

DIGITNOW! M002 Replacement Needle and Phono

The DIGITNOW! M002 is a complete product with which to keep turntables of different brands active, such as Auna or Nevir. A needle made of ceramic with a diamond tip capable of withstanding around 300 hours of playback, according to the manufacturer.

A model that has a frequency range that goes from 20 to 20,000 hertz with a channel balance of 1.5 dB or a channel separation greater than 15 dB. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy quality sound on stylus-compatible turntables.

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Shopping guide

Although there were many who thought that turntables’ days were numbered, the truth is that vinyl sales are soaring. Something that goes hand in hand with these products, whose sales also stand out. So that you update your knowledge when facing any comparison of turntables, we give you some interesting guidelines, with which to be clearer about what you need to know when looking for an economical and quality turntable.

The platform

The first element with which to start looking for a quality turntable has to do with the platform. This must have a resistant construction, although there is no certain material that is better than others. What is recommended is that the turntable be heavy, as these tend to give greater stability when playing records, with less influence or effect of vibrations.

Something that must go hand in hand with a low profile in terms of height, as well as adequate stability in terms of legs. These should be made of rubber, to contribute to that better cushioning when playing your favorite records.

traction system

Another element that is never missing from any guide to buying the best turntable is the turntable drive system. Something that influences how much the product costs and also its performance. Among these systems we have the direct drive, which has the simplest operation, does not require maintenance and offers a uniform movement.

As an alternative, we have the strap system, typical of cheap models but which has the drawback of suffering greater deterioration. Fortunately, they are cheap to repair. The last system would be the pulley system, which achieves its speed instantly and is not too expensive.

The problem is that this system adds background noise and, unlike a belt model, it is not easy to repair. So if you can afford a direct drive model, that’s always better.


We’ve talked about the plate but now it’s time to focus on the arm. In this section we have the automatic or manual models. The automatic ones are the most suitable for listening to records without further ado, while the manual arm ones would be the recommended alternative for those who want to DJ.

In fact, manual models suffer less wear and tear during use than automatic models. Everything will depend on your preferences and budgets, since automatic ones are usually somewhat more expensive.


A quality turntable must have adequate connections to what we need. In some models we will find the conventional RCA type outputs, being the minimum that we should demand from a new product. However, many models already include practical elements such as the auxiliary output. This output is needed to easily connect the turntable with other models, such as speakers or home theater equipment.

However, if you want to have the highest connection quality, there is nothing like having a USB port. This port has a double use in most devices. On the one hand, this port can be used to record your songs in digital format with the product’s recorder function. In the most advanced models, this port even serves to turn the equipment into a complete multimedia player. It is not something that raises the price too much.

other functions

Although there is much more to talk about, we will summarize it in this last section. And among these aspects we have the integrated speakers, which are present in some turntables. It is true that they are not high-power speakers, but they can be enough to listen to your favorite music in quiet environments.

Another interesting option is the included radio, which is also incorporated in some products. It is another complement with which to turn your turntable into a complete music system. Typically, this radio is analog, although some models even include it in digital mode.

And leaving aside so much technical aspect, let’s finally look at what the appearance refers to. And it is that among the turntables that we have on the market we find both current and vintage products.

The first ones are similar to the current DJ-type turntables, while the traditional ones effectively reproduce the design of the old models, even having wood finishes and other elements typical of past times. A more visual than technical aspect, but which adds an extra quality to these products.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to connect turntable to speakers?

There are several options for connecting your turntable to your speakers, depending on how old that turntable is. In the older models, the clamps in which to hold the copper cables of the speakers are still included, while the most modern ones incorporate other options.

Among them, we have the RCA connectors or even the conventional 3.5 Jack type output. So everything will depend on both the type of turntable we have and the speakers we are going to connect.

Q2: When to change the turntable needle?

In this aspect each user has his own opinion. Some say that the needles should be changed every 1,000 hours of reproduction, others that they should be changed from year to year and others, judiciously, comment that the needles do not have a fixed replacement time, but that this also depends on the use and care that we give the product.

In any case, in what most users do tend to agree, they point out that when the treble begins to decline or lose quality, it is a sign of deterioration of the needle. So the solution seems to be to tune up your ears and be on the lookout for possible wear-induced deterioration of the sound.

Q3: How to connect turntable to amplifier?

If your turntable and amp are modern, you should have no problem finding compatible connections that make this setup process easy. And it is that any current turntable includes RCA or auxiliary inputs for this process. If this is not the case, due to connection incompatibility, you will have two different options.

One of them is to add a preamplifier to the set, which facilitates this connection process. The other alternative is to resort to an adapter, which makes it possible to make up for the lack of compatibility between the elements included in the product. It all depends on the connections available.

Q4: When did the turntable come about?

To speak of the inventor of the record player is to speak of a genius like Thomas Alva Edison. And it is that his phonograph, invented back in 1877, is the basis for today’s record players. At that time, records were recorded on metal and a needle was responsible for recording the vibrations that were produced to convert them into sound.

A process that evolved over time until making the leap to the first wax discs, which by the way were cylindrical and not flat. As for vinyl records, these would arrive in the 1930s, as proof of the technological progress of the sector.

Q5: Which turntable to buy to start with?

If you are looking for your first turntable, there are two essential tips. The first is to analyze the product in detail beyond the price, since for a little more than a cheap product is worth, you can find models with better sound quality and more options.

And the second is to bet on models that are easy to use and that have automatic operation, at least until you learn to handle them yourself. In case you want a DJ turntable, there are quite a few manufacturers that offer products designed for newcomers, making learning the correct technique when it comes to DJing more comfortable.

Q6: Are portable turntables good?

Nowadays, portable turntables have the same components and elements as a conventional model. It is true that they are not usually the high-level products of the most cutting-edge brands, except for those that still maintain products within this segment, but it is true that the sound quality and the care they offer to the records do not have much to envy that of a conventional turntable.

These models only loose something in terms of the power of the included speakers, due to the obvious size limitation.

Q7: How does a turntable work without electricity?

Although they are a product of the past, turntables without electricity did exist and were well-functioning for playing music. These products work with a rope system, similar for example to that of music boxes and other objects of yesteryear.

This system mechanically loads energy into the motor, which later serves to rotate the disc and be able to listen to the audio. They were obviously single speed models so could only use discs for the speed they were spinning at.

Q8: Where to fix turntable?

One of the problems that turntable users have once they break down is the lack of specialists capable of repairing them. Still, the simplicity of the turntable makes it relatively easy for any electronics technician to repair.

In fact, many of these traditional or “neighborhood” technical services offer among their services the repair of this type of product. Only in the case of the big brands in the sector, do they maintain their own technical services when it comes to repairing their equipment.

Q9: How does the slate record turntable work?

The main difference of the slate discs is their speed of rotation, which increases up to 78 revolutions. In addition, due to the manufacturing process of the record, these are heavier than vinyl models.

Therefore, they are discs that must be played specifically on the gramophones that were launched at the time for the reproduction of this type of disc, or on current turntables prepared to adequately pull that additional weight.

Q10: What is a USB turntable for?

The USB port adds two main functions to a turntable. The first of these functions is to give you the possibility of recording the songs or the content of that vinyl record on a flash drive or a similar device. An interesting solution to digitize your music.

The other option is to use the USB port as if it were a multimedia player of this type, so that you have even more options for using the turntable. Regardless, it’s key to review the product’s features to see what it’s capable of.

How to use a turntable

To get the most out of the vinyl records you have or to bring back this very traditional way of listening to music, all you have to do is go back to the turntable. A traditional product that is back in fashion, so you may have to refresh your knowledge when using this equipment. This is exactly what we offer you in this user guide, so that you are clear about the procedure to get the most out of it.

where to put it

The first thing we need to do before we start listening to our music is to find the right space for the turntable. A space that must be of sufficient size so that the turntable is correctl

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