The 9 Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2022

Bluetooth Speaker – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

One of the many consumer products that have come along with the mobile phone is the Bluetooth speaker. A product that offers us greater power and sound quality than our smartphone and that we can take with us wherever we want as it does not need a plug or have an excessive price. However, it is necessary to check the parameters of each product in order not to fall prey to poor quality products that are also found on the market. Among the best Bluetooth speakers of 2022 we have the JBL Go model, which returns all the quality and purity of sound of its products in this design, in a portable model and with a 5-hour battery life. Also interesting is the Vtin Punker model, which expands the power output to 20 watts in a 2.1 system. All this while remaining compact and offering a range of 25 to 30 hours of use.

The 9 Best Bluetooth Speaker – Opinions 2022

Bluetooth speakers have become the best companion for those who want to enjoy quality sound that is more powerful than what their mobile gets. A task in which it is key to know which is the best Bluetooth speaker that we can find according to our needs and budget. Therefore, if you still do not know which Bluetooth speaker to buy, we will give you some guidelines with a selection of products suitable for all types of uses and preferences, among which it is easy to find the one that most interests you.

JBL-Bluetooth Speaker

1. JBL GO Bluetooth Rechargeable

The JBL Go bluetooth speaker is a product manufactured by this renowned manufacturer of sound devices, which maintains all the quality and purity of its conventional models.

For this, this speaker has a power of 3 watts, although the actual performance according to the comments is more than remarkable. Thus, the product is capable of generating deep bass and defined treble without a feeling of distortion, even when the volume is increased.

A model with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to use it as a hands-free or play audio from virtually any device. It also includes an auxiliary input, in case you prefer to use it with a device that works with cable.

And to top it off, this JBL Bluetooth speaker is compact in design, light in weight and comes in seven different colors to choose from. With so many good things, it is not uncommon for many users to highlight this product as the best Bluetooth speaker on the market today.

So that you know in more depth everything that this model has to offer you, we leave you with some of its main characteristics.


Sound quality : Thanks to the experience of its manufacturer, this model offers you high sound quality, with powerful bass and clear treble.

Control button: The included button allows you to control the playback of your music or use the speaker as a hands-free for your smartphone.

Design and colors: In addition to its fun design, presided over by a grid and the brand name, you have up to 7 different colors to choose from for your speaker.


Battery life: The battery lasts approximately 5 hours, somewhat less than that of other models on the market.

Output volume: The volume level may not be suitable for very noisy environments, where high sound power is needed.

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portable bluetooth speaker

2. Vtin Punker Bluetooth Premium

Within cheap Bluetooth speakers, there are also quality options such as the Vtin Punker model. This speaker has a 2.1 output system with a total of 20 watts of power and a passive element that, combined, generate a powerful and high quality sound.

This portable Bluetooth speaker also incorporates a large capacity battery, capable of supporting 25 to 30 hours of use depending on the volume level the device is set to. Ideal, therefore, to forget about cables.

And as if this were not enough, the speaker has IPX4 protection, so that it adequately withstands shocks so as not to deteriorate no matter where we are using it.

A portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker that, due to its economical price, is among the candidates to become the best value for money Bluetooth speaker that we have analyzed.

Let’s see some more details about this model, which pleasantly combines high power with a reasonable price in a very attractive design.


Powerful : This speaker features a 20-watt output system, making it easy to get the volume you need in almost any setting.

Output System : The output system combines two 10-watt speakers with a passive bass element in a design typical of a 2.1 system.

Battery : The battery can support up to 30 hours on a single charge, depending on the volume level we have chosen.


Distortion: Although it is a quality product, the model begins to lose clarity and distort when the volume approaches its maximum capacity.

Bluetooth connectivity: Connectivity may be complex or somewhat slower than desirable with devices using older versions of the Bluetooth profile.

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powerful bluetooth speaker

3. Tronsmart Mega Bluetooth 3D Digital Sound

If you are not satisfied with the power of small equipment, you are probably interested in learning about the powerful Tronsmart Mega Bluetooth speaker. This speaker doubles and even quadruples the power of conventional models, reaching 40 watts of output. A high-level power that is compatible with 3D Digital sound and offers you sensations never seen before for this type of device.

A model that also improves in aspects such as control, with an integrated touch panel and sliding volume control, among other options. It also improves connectivity, since it increases the range to 20 meters, compared to 10 meters for conventional models. Still, you can also use it with an SD card in standalone mode. It is finished off with an elegant design, as well as a battery that is capable of offering you up to 15 hours of continuous and high-quality playback.

Let’s see more data of this powerful model, which has nothing to send to some conventional speakers.


Power: Its 40 watts of power place the product among the most advanced options on the market.

Range : The connectivity of the product is increased up to 20 meters range.

Control : The slider system makes it easy to operate the device.


NFC: Some user comments on certain problems with the included NFC connectivity.

Distortion : Certain distortions also occur when approaching the final part of the volume.

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Bose-Bluetooth Speaker

4. Bose SoundLink Mini II BT

Among the outstanding models of our selection, the Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker is another of our chosen ones. This speaker has a sound system that has all the quality of this manufacturer.

In it, it is easy to detect the deep bass and the excellence of the sound that define this brand, so that you will enjoy a clear and efficient sound. A model that also has a mini size, so that it is easier to take it with you wherever you want to organize your party, as befits a firm candidate to be the best current Bluetooth speaker.

To do this, this portable Bluetooth speaker also has a battery with an estimated autonomy of about 10 hours, so you won’t have to worry about charging. And so that you don’t waste time with the pairing either, this model uses a mode based on voice commands that makes everything much easier.

Considered by many users as the best Bluetooth speaker brand of the moment, let’s learn more about one of its most worthy representatives.


Sound quality: As befits a Bose product, this speaker generates deep bass and works over a wide range of frequencies that enriches the sound.

Voice connection: The voice command system makes the process of connecting your speaker with any device much easier.

Battery : The battery has a useful life of approximately 10 hours, and is also accompanied by a charging cable and plug.


Voice overs: The voice overs used by the product are recorded in Latin Spanish, which can be a bit confusing when configuring the equipment.

Weight : The weight of the product is 670 grams, which is somewhat above the usual weight of other Bluetooth speakers on the market.

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bluetooth mini speaker

5. Anker AK-A3101111 Soundcore Mini

The Anker AK-A3101111 mini Bluetooth speaker is an interesting proposal for those users who are looking for an especially compact model, but capable of offering quality sound. So compact as to have measures of 6.9 centimeters in diameter and height, as well as a weight of 549 grams.

In this size we find a 5-watt output speaker with a passive subwoofer, which helps improve listening results. This music or audio can come from your mobile, via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, or from the device itself. And it is that the equipment has both a radio function and a port for a micro SD card. As for its battery, it has the capacity to play music for about 15 hours, so you won’t have to go looking for plugs when connecting.

Designed for you to carry it without taking up space, let’s learn more about this model.


Functionality: In addition to a Bluetooth connection, the equipment has a radio and a micro SD card port.

Size : It is one of the smallest models on the market today.

Bass: Bass boost adds extra quality to the sound generated by the product.


Power: The power of the device is half of the usual, only 5 watts.

Weight : Despite its compact measurements, we are talking about a product weighing more than half a kilo.

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sony bluetooth speaker

6. Sony SRS-XB10B Bluetooth

The Sony SRS-XB10B Bluetooth speaker is one of the most compact models we’ve reviewed. However, this does not affect its functions, since the product performs considerably when it comes to playing your favorite music.

To do this, this wireless Bluetooth speaker has the Extra Bass system, which generates deeper and more enveloping bass on any sound source, accompanied by clear and quality treble. All this in a model with a compact design and high resistance to water, so you can use the speaker in the shower without worry.

And if you need a model that can keep up with you, this speaker has a battery that can support up to 16 hours of playback on a single charge, so you won’t have any problems with the power of your speaker.

If you are looking for a mini Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere, it is likely that this Sony model that we analyze below meets your expectations.


Extra Bass : The Extra Bass system, heir to the brand’s well-known Mega Bass, gives the bass greater depth and roundness during playback.

Water resistant: The product has full protection against water and splashes, so you can use it without problems even in the shower.

Size : It is one of the most compact and light models that we have analyzed, which adds an extra to its mobility options.


Total power : Given its characteristics, it is possible that the speaker falls somewhat short of power in noisy environments or outdoors.

Bluetooth connectivity: The Bluetooth connectivity process can be somewhat complex, although the option to use NFC can partially solve the problem.

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Xiaomi bluetooth speaker

7. Xiaomi Mi 2 FXR4063GL

For fans of this brand looking for a Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker, the Mi 2 FXR4063GL model is just what they need. This speaker has all the simple design of the brand, as well as an adjusted price, in line with the rest of the products of this manufacturer. A speaker with a cylindrical design in PC and ABS that also includes a fabric mesh design that filters the sound for better quality.

The model also has a fitted size and a weight of 290 grams, so you won’t have to worry about taking it with you wherever you want. It also has a 1,200 mAh battery, enough for 7 hours of music playback. And so that you don’t lose control, the device includes buttons for both volume and playback management, so that you can adjust the behavior of the product to what you need at all times.

If you are still not sure if this model is what you need, we leave you some more details about this product and its characteristics.


Design: The circular design with quality materials gives the product an extra presence.

Quality : The quality of the speaker and its fabric finish give a higher quality to the sound.

Control panel: The control panel makes it easy to manage device options.


Power: Some user comments that the power of the device can be improved.

Autonomy : The autonomy of 7 hours is not one of the highest of the products we have seen.

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Innova Bluetooth Speaker

8.Innovate Alt25 20W Bluetooth

The Innova Alt25 Bluetooth speaker makes a bit of a difference compared to the models that we usually see in this category. And it is that this product has a design that is reminiscent of a conventional speaker, with a weight of about 3 kilos and typical measurements. Dimensions that offer more space to house, for example, a complete control panel, where you can adjust bass, treble and other playback parameters.

This allows you to better squeeze the 20 watts of output power that the model has, so you will have no problem enjoying powerful, quality and properly personalized sound. This sound is accessible via Bluetooth, through the included USB port or using the included micro SD card reader. And so you can take it wherever you want, the equipment has a comfortable and good-sized carrying handle.

Designed for those looking for a good-sized speaker, this Innova model gives you many options that we analyze below.


Control panel: The extensive control panel is used to manage the sound as you like.

Presence : In addition to its appearance, the cone has blue LED lighting.

Connectivity: You can use it with your mobile, with a USB device or an SD card.


Mobility: Obviously, it is a model whose mobility is more limited than other Bluetooth models.

Radio : It is missing that the model does not have a built-in radio.

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Other products

9. VTIN B2 TWS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

The PICTEK PTBH054AB Bluetooth speaker is another of the new models on the market, with high power and remarkable sound quality. Specifically, this device offers you an output power of 20 watts, with a 2.0 output mode that generates good quality audio.

A product where we also find a high IPX4 type protection, so the product can get wet without being damaged, while it has a high resistance to shocks. Some aspects that combine very well with its up to 30 hours of autonomy, so you can take the speaker with you wherever you want without worries.

And although it lacks some advanced details such as having a radio or card reader, the truth is that for those looking for a powerful and high-quality speaker, this product is a very good proposal, also located among the cheapest on the market.

If you are still not sure if this is your Bluetooth speaker, we leave you some more features of everything it has to offer you.


Power and quality: This speaker has a power output of 20 watts with a high level of quality that barely distorts, even at high volume levels.

Waterproof : The Bluetooth speaker is IPX4 rated making it waterproof so you can use it anywhere.

Carabiner : Includes a carabiner on the side, with which it is easier to carry the speaker with you or mount it wherever you want.


Wall plug: The product includes the corresponding USB charging cable but does not have the outlet to plug it into the wall, you must use one you have at home if you need it.

Bluetooth capability: As with other devices, the theoretical 10 meter range offered by the Bluetooth system can be reduced by walls and other obstacles.

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Shopping guide

Despite advances in the sound systems that our mobile phones incorporate, there are still many cases in which they do not have enough power to enjoy clear and quality sound. A situation that we can solve with a specially chosen product through our guide to buying the best Bluetooth speaker, in which we give you the guidelines that you must follow so that the purchase of this product offers you quality sound.

operating power

As with conventional speakers, when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, it is also necessary to start by talking about output power. A power that, compared to the flat audio output and about 5 watts of power offered by the first speakers, now offers advanced and interesting powers depending on what we need.

And it is enough to take a look at any comparison of Bluetooth speakers to realize that these powers have increased significantly. To those traditional models of 5 watts of output, some have been added that double that figure to 10 watts. But without a doubt the stars in this section are the models with 20 watts of output and 2.1 systems, which add extra quality to that audio.

And that is the second novelty that we currently have within our reach. Nowadays it is easy to find a cheap Bluetooth speaker with a somewhat surround output system, like that 2.1 system that we have mentioned, which is combined with a higher power to obtain better results during listening.

sound enhancement

As with other speakers, not everything is a matter of power when it comes to enjoying quality sound. For this reason, more and more manufacturers are including systems to improve that sound to give you better quality.

We find the systems designed to give greater weight and importance to the bass when listening to any sound. An approach in which we can count on technologies such as Sony’s extra Bass system or the reinforcements that other manufacturers include in their products so that those basses sound even more serious and powerful.

It is also possible to find products that improve the quality of the treble, also avoiding the distortion that many of these speakers generate when we approach the highest volume levels. They are interesting proposals that use different technologies and that are combined with adequate Bluetooth connectivity. All in order to offer the best sound quality.

Portability and autonomy

We close our advice by talking about the portability and autonomy that these products offer us, an aspect that does not usually have much influence on how much the Bluetooth speaker costs, so it does not hurt to squeeze them to obtain the best battery performance and have a product of reduced weight that is more comfortable to carry with us.

Starting with the autonomy, since they are products that work with an external battery, it is necessary to assess how long we are going to be able to use it, something that depends on the volume at which we use the device but which, in any case, is going to give us a specific reference in hours. The greater the number of hours that we can use the product without recharging, the greater battery autonomy it will have. A suitable time is around 5 hours, while a very good one would be above 10 hours. The most effective even reach 20 or 30 hours.

Regarding portability, it depends mainly on the weight and size of the product. It is true that these models should not weigh more than 200 or 250 grams in general, although it is also true that some more powerful models can weigh a little more. Everything will depend on the use that we are going to give the device, since a Bluetooth speaker that we want to take out in our garden is not the same as one that we want to carry in our backpack to always have it with us. For this last use, we can find models that do not even weigh 150 grams, maintaining an adequate level of power and quality.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Android mobile?

To connect the speaker to our Android mobile, it is necessary to start by activating the Bluetooth function of our mobile, accessible from the quick menu that is displayed by sliding the clock down on the main screen. Once this option is activated and with the speaker turned on, it will be time to pair both devices, selecting the speaker by its name on the mobile screen. If everything has been done correctly, the speaker will indicate that the connection has been made correctly and we can start using it right away.

Q2: Can a Bluetooth speaker be connected to a wireless microphone?

In general, this type of connection is not possible for the simple reason that we do not have an active element with which to establish the connection. That is, we do not have a screen or an element that allows us to tell one of the devices to connect to the other. If it would be possible to do it if the wireless microphone had a receiver with a 3.5 mm Jack connection and the speaker with a connector of this type. And even some manufacturers sell speaker and microphone sets that do have that connectivity already configured at the factory, which can be a good option.

Q3: Which Bluetooth speaker is better, Xiaomi or JBL?

Although Xiaomi is currently one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products, the truth is that when it comes to sound quality, JBL is one step ahead. Especially since the products of this manufacturer have their own sound improvements and a remarkable quality, derived from the experience that this manufacturer has in the market. So if you want high-quality sound, it is more convenient to bet on JBL models than on Xiaomi ones.

Q4: How is a Bluetooth speaker different from a WiFi speaker?

Aparte de la obvia diferencia entre conectividad, la principal novedad que aporta un modelo WiFi frente a uno con Bluetooth es la capacidad que tiene para reproducir contenidos directamente desde cualquier equipo o desde la red. Algo que los modelos Bluetooth no pueden hacer, dado que solo son compatibles con dispositivos con Bluetooth. Y como extra, muchos de estos altavoces WiFi son compatibles ya con los principales asistentes, tales como Alexa, Siri o el asistente de Google, para ejecutar acciones directamente mediante comandos de voz.

Q5: ¿Qué mejora añade un altavoz Bluetooth con tarjeta SD?

Los altavoces Bluetooth con puerto para tarjeta SD tienen como principal ventaja la de poder convertir el dispositivo en un pequeño reproductor multimedia. Bastará con conectar la tarjeta micro SD, generalmente, dentro del puerto incluido en el equipo para empezar a reproducir el contenido multimedia que almacene. Un proceso en el que este tipo de altavoces suelen incluir un panel de control para modificar el volumen o ir navegando entre las canciones.

Cómo utilizar un altavoz Bluetooth

El altavoz Bluetooth es el dispositivo más adecuado cuando quieres disfrutar del sonido de tu móvil o cualquier otro dispositivo compatible con una mayor potencia de la que el propio dispositivo ofrece. Algo que permite acceder a todo tipo de funciones sencillas de gestionar, tal como veremos en esta pequeña guía de uso.

Conexión del altavoz

El primer paso que debemos dar la primera vez que usemos nuestro nuevo altavoz Bluetooth es conectarlo con el móvil, tablet o dispositivo correspondiente. Para ello, generalmente, no tendremos más que encender el altavoz y colocar el dispositivo con la conectividad Bluetooth activada.

En este menú Bluetooth tendremos que seleccionar por su nombre el dispositivo correspondiente para su conexión. Es posible que nos pida una contraseña o clave, que suele ser 1111, 000 o 1234. Si no nos la pide al momento, debería estar conectado y, por tanto, podríamos empezar a usarlo.

Ajustando el volumen

El siguiente paso, después de probar que la reproducción es correcta, sería ajustar el volumen. En este proceso debemos tener en cuenta que existen dos volúmenes diferentes a ajustar: el del altavoz y el del propio dispositivo. Y en general es recomendable que forcemos al máximo el volumen del dispositivo y, posteriormente, ajustemos el del altavoz al nivel que deseemos.

Esto se debe a que si lo hacemos al revés, aumentamos el riesgo de percibir defectos de sonido, como sobrecargas o distorsiones propias de ese volumen elevado.

Carga de batería

Another issue that we must take into account when using our speaker is the battery. That battery has a variable capacity and we should fully charge it before the first serious use. This charging process does not require more than a USB cable, usually included, that we can connect to a mobile charger, an external battery or any other similar element.

It is advisable that the battery charges are always complete, to extend its useful life. And if you have doubts about the speaker’s charge level, if you use an Android device you can see it in the clock area, next to the Bluetooth symbol.

system monitoring

Almost all Bluetooth speakers include buttons to manage volume and playback. It’s helpful to learn where these buttons are and how they work, as some options require a short press, while others require a long press. Something that you can verify with the instructions of the device or in its printout, being the long pressure function the one that usually appears in second place.

Additional functions

Some speakers include additional features. These functions use, of course, the keypad of the device, so the previous point becomes more important. If the speaker has a radio, you just have to access the function and use the forward and backward keys to access

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