The 9 Best Cases for SLR Cameras of 2022

SLR Camera Case – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A case is an essential element to transport your camera and its accessories safely, so it is important to know the characteristics that a good quality product should have. In this sense, we indicate which are the most outstanding among the variety of models available on the market. One of them is the USA Gear Neoprene Protection, which is made of a flexible and resistant material, and is also compatible with standard size SLR equipment. On the other hand, there is the waterproof Khanka, which has soft-textured internal walls and integrates three external pockets to store accessories.

The 9 Best Cases for SLR Cameras – Opinions 2022

To protect a camera when it is not in use, it is necessary to have suitable accessories such as covers, which protect it from external agents. In this sense, we have made this list with some of the best covers for SLR cameras of 2022, where we offer you the necessary information to facilitate your choice.

Neoprene case for SLR camera

1. USA Gear DSLR Camera Case

This neoprene case for SLR camera, in addition to being made of a highly flexible material, has dimensions of 16.5 x 15.8 x 7.6 cm, so it can be adapted to most professional size cameras. standard, such as those of Canon and Nikon.

Many consider it the best DSLR camera case, since it has a reinforced seam design for greater resistance, in addition, it has an envelope-type opening system, suitable for inserting and removing the camera easily. Also, the surface has a design similar to military camouflage, with branches and leaves that give it a wild style.

As a complement, it incorporates an adjustable strap to the trouser belt, which allows you to hold the case while you use the camera. As if that were not enough, on the front it has a pocket with a zipper closure to store small objects.

If you want to protect your photographic equipment from dust and scratches, you must have the best SLR camera case of the moment.


Pocket: Includes front pocket with zipper closure to store accessories, such as memory cards and batteries.

Opening: Its envelope-type opening design makes it easy to insert and remove the camera from the case.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 16.5 x 15.8 x 7.6 cm, which allows you to adapt it to most popular cameras.


Protection: This case is not suitable for protecting against very strong impacts, which would be a disadvantage compared to other models.

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2. Mengs Protective Neoprene Camera Case Bag for Canon

It is a neoprene SLR camera case that is compatible with most L-size models of the renowned Canon brand, since it has dimensions of 21.8 x 12 x 16 cm. In addition, thanks to its smooth textured surface, it is able to prevent scratches on the case and screen.

If you have doubts about which is the best SLR camera case, this model may interest you, since it has an envelope-type design that has long ends to wrap around the body of the camera. Also, it has a velcro surface to ensure a secure closure.

On the other hand, it is made of dark blue neoprene, with black edges and reinforced seams that offer greater durability. Also, it is a waterproof case, so it can protect the camera from moisture and during the rainy season.

A good quality DSLR camera case should have an adjustable design to offer better protection. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider this model.


Waterproof: It is completely waterproof, so you can use it in the rain without problems.

Material: It is made of elastic neoprene with a soft texture, which allows you to adapt it to the shape of the camera.

Design: Its longer ends design allows you to wrap the lens to offer greater protection.


Transfer: It does not have a handle or shoulder strap, so you must hold it in your hand or store it in a backpack.

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Waterproof case for SLR camera

3. Khanka Waterproof Case for Nikon DSLR Camera

It is a waterproof case for SLR camera, appropriate to protect its content from moisture, in addition, it has an independent bag that is also waterproof and serves to protect the case from dust.

It offers good storage capacity, thanks to its size of 31 x 18 x 20 cm, which allows you to organize not only the camera, but also the lenses, chargers and cables. Likewise, on the outside of the case it includes two side pockets and one front pocket to store smaller accessories or personal items.

It has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and incorporates a soft handle, indicated to provide comfort during the transfer. As for the design, its exterior is black and its interior is red with padded material, which favors its attractiveness and guarantees the protection of the camera.

If you still don’t know which DSLR camera case to buy and you’re looking for one that has enough space for all your gear, then you may be interested in this model.


Compartments: It has a large main compartment and three outer pockets for accessories.

Compatibility: It is compatible with many popular and professional Nikon and Canon camera models.

Waterproof: It is made of waterproof material to protect the equipment from moisture and includes a protection bag.


Zipper: The zipper of the main compartment does not offer easy access, which reduces practicality.

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4. Zerich Waterproof Case for Canon Nikon Camera

This is a waterproof DSLR camera case that not only keeps moisture out, but also keeps out dust, snow, and sand. This is thanks to the fact that it is made up of two side sleeves and a central TPU plastic lining, which, in addition to providing protection to the lens and camera, also makes it easier to see the screen.

It is considered by many to be the best value for money DSLR camera case as it does not cost a lot of money and offers compatibility with medium and large cameras, specifically those with a lens less than 22cm in length.

Also, it incorporates adjustable velcro straps and laces on the sides to adapt it more easily to the dimensions of the camera. Likewise, it has a double zipper at the bottom, a quality that provides access to the tripod mechanism.

To protect your photographic equipment and its accessories from different weather conditions, it is necessary to have a rain cover for a reflex camera, like this model from the Zerich brand.


Compatibility: It is compatible with medium or large cameras of the Sony, Nikon, Pentax and Canon brands.

Window: It has a rear window made of transparent TPU, which facilitates viewing and access to screen controls.

Protection: It is capable of providing protection against rain, snow, dust and sand.


Flash: It does not have a top zipper to access the flash during night sessions.

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Canon SLR Camera Case

5. Andoer SLR Camera Case Protective Bag DSLR SLR

This Canon DSLR camera bag features an attractive shoulder strap design with an adjustable shoulder strap and easy-to-attach hooks, as well as a soft handle for easy portability. Also, it incorporates a double zipper closure that allows you to quickly access the internal compartments.

On the other hand, it offers a large storage capacity, since its interior measures 21.5 x 13 x 15.5 cm and incorporates multiple divisions and mesh pockets, which allow you to store personal items, as well as camera accessories.

For greater resistance, it is made of gray polyester with padded foam, which offers good cushioning to protect the content from scratches and impacts caused by accidental drops. As if that were not enough, it includes a waterproof rain bag and is available in blue and green, to choose according to your style.

If you need a camera case that is functional and has many compartments, then it is recommended that you consider the most outstanding features of this model.


Dimensions: It has internal dimensions of 21.5 x 13 x 15.5 cm, so it has enough capacity for 1 camera and 2 lenses.

Foam: Provides foam cushioning to protect its contents from bumps and scratches.

Design: It has a gray design, but you can get it in its green and blue presentations.


Waterproofing: Its main fabric is permeable, which reduces its protection against the rain. However, it includes an additional plastic bag, to protect it in wet conditions.

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6. Fuwahahah Canon EOS DSLR Camera Case

This is a Canon DSLR camera case with a large main compartment, where you can fit your camera with a lens attached. In addition, it has a double zipper to open and close the compartment, which allows you to quickly access the equipment.

This is one of the cheapest cases, but it has practical aspects, such as a mesh pocket on each side of its external surface and another on its internal part, indicated for storing smaller objects in a more practical way, whether they are memory cards or batteries.

On the other hand, it is made with high quality materials, to provide greater protection against strong falls. As if that were not enough, it includes a top handle for easy portability and a removable strap, which is suitable for carrying the camera on the shoulder.

This model is a good option if you are interested in buying one of the cheapest covers on the market. Let’s get to know its pros and cons in depth.


Thickness: Provides a very thick structure, which favors greater protection against shocks.

Compartments: It has a main compartment to store the camera, an internal zippered pocket and two external pockets to store small items.

Transfer: Includes a shoulder strap and a handle to move it comfortably.


Capacity: It does not allow you to carry more than one lens inside, which reduces its functionality if you must use multiple lenses in professional jobs.

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Smile SLR Camera Case

7. Smile Pin Up Style Reversible SLR Camera Bag

It is a Smile DSLR camera case that offers one of the most attractive designs on the list. It is made of PU leather, created to offer the same benefits as leather, but without using material of animal origin, making it friendly to the ecosystem.

In this sense, it offers a high level of resistance to scratches, rain and dust, which favors its durability. On the other hand, it has an interior compartment and an exterior zippered compartment, to keep smaller accessories safe.

With dimensions of 17 x 21 x 12 cm, it offers enough capacity to store a camera with a lens, an additional lens and a tablet up to 7 inches. As if that were not enough, the print on the flap is reversible to adapt the design to your tastes.

If you need a versatile case that you can use to store your camera and your personal accessories, then you should consider this model.


Capacity: Provides enough capacity to hold the camera with an integrated lens, a tablet, and smaller accessories such as cards and batteries.

Materials: It is made of PU leather and nylon, so it provides resistance to dust and rain.

Complement: Includes a smaller removable case, suitable for storing an additional lens.


Padding: The inner surface may not be sufficiently padded, so it is important to avoid strong impacts.

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Waterproof case for reflex camera

8. Dicapac WP 570 Waterproof Case

This waterproof DSLR camera case is one of the most innovative on the list as it can not only protect your gear from snow and dust but also from water. Therefore, it provides the possibility to submerge the camera to a depth of up to 10 meters, allowing you to take photos and make recordings in lakes and rivers.

In this case, it has IPX8 protection, which guarantees an adequate level of impermeability to be submerged for a long time. On the other hand, this case is not only compatible with cameras, but also with camcorders and mobile phones, which offers you greater versatility.

For greater durability, its structure is made of PVC, ABS, TPU and silicone, while the filter for the lenses is made of transparent polycarbonate, in this way, it does not diminish the sharpness while using it underwater.

Dicapac could be the best brand of DSLR camera case according to some users, since it offers a model that allows you to use the camera in the water. Let’s know the most outstanding aspects of the product.


Materials: Among its materials it has polycarbonate and TPU, which guarantee the visibility of the camera and the resistance of the case.

Protection: It has IPX8 protection, which prevents the camera from coming into contact with snow, dust, and water.

Immersion: It can dive up to 10 meters underwater.


Rigidity: Its structure could be more rigid than expected, causing it to be difficult to press the camera buttons while it is in the case.

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Nikon SLR Camera Case

9. Case4Life Case Bag for Nikon SLR Cameras

It is a Nikon SLR camera case capable of resisting drops and splashes of water, which favors its durability and guarantees the optimal protection of the camera. In addition, it integrates a plastic buckle that only opens if you exert pressure on its sides, in this way, you prevent the cover from opening accidentally.

For greater practicality, it has a strap designed with velcro, which allows you to carry the camera from one place to another in a more comfortable way. Similarly, the top has a padded carry handle for easy holding.

Regarding its capacity, it has a main compartment with enough space to store the camera with a built-in lens. It also includes an internal pocket and 2 external zippered pockets to store small accessories and personal items.

If you are looking for a safe and attractive case, then this model for Nikon cameras can be a good option, since it is available in the colors blue and black.


Handle: It has a carrying handle on the top that is soft to the touch.

Protection: Its design is robust and its interior is made up of a padded surface, which guarantees good protection of the equipment.

Pockets: It incorporates several pockets inside and outside for greater versatility.


Strap: The shoulder strap is not removable, which can be inconvenient when washing it.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a comfortable and functional case is essential for the protection of your camera and accessories, so you should take a closer look at the characteristics of these products before making a decision. In this sense, we have prepared this guide to buy the best SLR camera case.


The internal dimensions of a DSLR camera case are fundamental when it comes to design, since the space it can offer to the device and the lenses depends on this. In this sense, there are models that serve to store only the camera and measure approximately 17 x 16 x 8 cm, while others for more professional use have dimensions of around 31 x 18 x 20 cm, so they can be used to protect the camera, various lenses and accessories.

On the other hand, today we can find some cases that are compatible with SLR cameras of different sizes and of any brand, whether they are Canon, Sony, Nikon, Pentax, among others. This is because they have a flexible surface and can be more easily adapted to the dimensions of the chambers.

When making a comparison of covers for SLR cameras, it is important that you consider the shape of their design, such as those of the envelope type, which give you the possibility of wrapping the structure of the camera with greater security, in addition, they usually provide easy access to the interior to quickly insert or remove the camera.

There are also shoulder-type cases, which usually have more storage capacity thanks to their rectangular or square shape, which allows you to store glasses, cards, cables, chargers and personal accessories. Therefore, they can be used in professional areas where it is necessary to carry multiple pieces of equipment at the same time. Similarly, this type of cover incorporates several compartments to better organize objects, so we can find models with internal divisions, pockets, as well as external, side and front compartments.

Other interesting options are the covers with a bag-type design, indicated to cover the camera but without imprisoning it, so they can offer more clearance to its parts. In this way, they are generally models to protect equipment during outdoor work.


To guarantee the protection of the camera during its transfer and storage, it is important that you consider the material with which the case of your choice is made, since its level of resistance to weather conditions, bumps or scratches depends on that. In this sense, among the variety of materials that the covers can offer, we highlight neoprene, synthetic leather, polyester, nylon, polycarbonate and TPU.

In the case of neoprene, we can say that it is one of the lightest, most flexible and resistant materials, as far as covers for reflex cameras are concerned, since it is appropriate to avoid scratches when carrying the equipment in a backpack or suitcase, In addition, it occupies little space and resists changes in ambient temperature.

On the other hand, polyester, nylon and synthetic leather are materials that some case manufacturers often combine with foam to provide additional protection and optimal softness, thus being able to withstand drops, dirt and, in some cases, They offer resistance to humidity. In general, a case is more expensive if it provides many benefits, but among the available options you can find a good and cheap one at the same time.

For their part, TPU and polycarbonate plastics are the most suitable to guarantee the waterproofing and resistance of the case in adverse weather conditions, whether in the rain, in the snow or even in the water. Also, it is necessary to mention that regardless of the model, all covers must have resistant seams, appropriate to withstand the constant use and weight of photographic equipment.


If you are worried about how much a DSLR camera case costs, you should consider some of the accessories that facilitate its use and can influence the price. Such is the case of the fastening strap to the pants, which is designed to hold the cover when you are not using it and thus prevent it from getting lost. Also, there are the covers with a top handle that offers a more comfortable grip for transfer.

On the other hand, some models usually include a shoulder strap, which can usually be adjusted in length to offer greater comfort. As for the closure, it is recommended that it has simple systems, such as zippers, velcro or laces. This way, you can make sure you can easily insert and remove the camera.

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