The 9 Best Chromas of 2022

Croma – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The chroma key is an essential element for many photo studios and for users who are used to recording videos for their YouTube channel. This monochrome background allows you to create a blank canvas on which to project an image to change the landscape that is seen behind the protagonists. In this article we will analyze some chromas such as the BDDFOTO of green color and made of 100% cotton or the one from Andoer, more suitable for those who are looking for an affordable, stickable background made of non-woven fabric.

The 9 Best Chromas – Opinions 2022

The chroma key is like a canvas on which photo and video editing professionals can project an image, changing the background for a different one. Simply put, it’s what’s used on many TV and film sets to get actors to appear in incredible locations like other planets or exotic locales.

Green Chroma

1. BDDFOTO Chroma background chroma key 1.8 x 2.8 m Green screen

BDDFOTO’s green chroma offers a monochrome screen, with a size of 1.8 by 2.8 meters, with a total weight of 700 grams. Due to its size and quality, it could be one of the best chromas of 2022 to use on television and in video productions, as well as for digital photography studios.

Being made of 100% pure cotton, this green cloth offers excellent results, both for recording in a vertical direction, so you will get high quality recording results. In this sense, thanks to its color tint, it is capable of absorbing light, thus eliminating annoying reflections.

The fabric is very durable and can be washed by hand with water or by machine. In case ironing is required, it can be applied using a steam iron on the back to prevent color damage.


Color: The color of the chroma key is capable of absorbing light, to eliminate reflections when modifying the background.

Size: It has a good size, which makes it a great option for both video or photography studios, as well as for larger productions.

Fabric: Being made of 100% cotton fabric, it can be washed by hand and also by machine.


Stains: Some user feedback indicates that the chroma key may have some stains, which are fixed with an initial wash.

[zoombut asin=’B07TDLZG9L’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

2. UTEBIT Green Background with 4 Clamps for Photography

UTEBIT green chroma key offers a flat color background, very useful for photography studios, as it offers a static element that can be easily transformed or changed. It’s made entirely from premium quality polyester fabric, which is a bit stiffer than cheaper products so it won’t wrinkle as much.

This could be the best value for money chroma as in addition to the background it has 4 clamps and pockets for crossbars making a fixed installation in a studio much easier. This chroma can be hung or, by combining the crossbars and brackets (not included), it can be free standing.

At the same time, it can be folded and rolled up very easily, so you can transport it wherever you want. In this sense, if the fabric becomes wrinkled or dirty, it can be cleaned by hand or machine, as well as steam ironing.


Material: Being made of polyester, it is slightly harder, which prevents wrinkles from forming.

Thickness: At the same time, as it is a somewhat thicker fabric, it prevents reflections from appearing and absorbs light correctly.

Assembly: Thanks to the crossbar pockets, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble it to take it where it is needed.


Weight: Being made of a thicker fabric than cotton, it can be a bit heavy, which makes it difficult to move.

[zoombut asin=’B07Z18TVN1′ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

Chroma background

3. Andoer Photographic Background Chroma Green Collapsible Backdrop

Andoer’s chroma background has a one-piece design, this means that it has no seams or folds that could affect the quality of the final edition of a photograph. In this sense, it is a fabric similar to muslin with a size of 1.8 x 2.8 meters in length, which makes it very suitable for medium or small photography studios.

Thanks to its size and weight characteristics, this could be the best chroma key for home use. The fabric, due to a monochrome dye, allows light to be absorbed, avoiding reflections to obtain the best result in the subsequent production of photographs. In this sense, the vertical direction is good and durable.

On the other hand, it is available in three colors: white, green and black. We also mention that we are dealing with a fabric that can be washed by hand or machine, but only with water.


Size: The fabric is a good size for studio use as well as more home use.

Colour: The monochrome tint correctly absorbs light, avoiding reflections that could damage the final quality of the production.

Seamless: The design is complete, without seams, which prevents creases or wrinkles from forming.


Thickness: Some user feedback notes that the cloth can be a bit thin, which is fixed by placing the chroma key against a wall.

[zoombut asin=’B00YP0XLKW’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

4. Neewer 10086005 Photography and Video Backdrop Stands

Neewer chroma key background could be very useful for professional photo studios, as it provides a static image suitable for studio portraits, as well as fashion photos, business images, and all kinds of videos as well. For those of you wondering which chroma key to buy, this model includes an entire background support system and clamps.

This chrome adapts to the different needs of each professional, since it has a versatile design. The fabric is of high quality, with correct light absorption, to avoid reflections. It also has pockets for rods and, thanks to its high quality finishes and the thickness of the fabric, it offers great resistance to wrinkles and tears.

The equipment is complemented by adjustable supports, made of aluminum and with a solid structure of 3 legs, adjustable in height up to 248 cm high.


Support system: The adjustable support system, together with the 9.5 cm clamps, offer everything you need to mount the equipment in the studio, without having to invest more money.

Colours: By being able to choose the color of the fabric, it is a versatile product, since you can choose the most suitable color for each need.

Background: The fabric is muslin, slightly thicker than those made only in cotton, which prevents the formation of wrinkles.


Ironing: The fabric is delivered folded, so it needs an initial ironing to avoid wrinkles.

[zoombut asin=’B018S65N1S’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

Other products

5. Elgato Green Screen Collapsible Chromakey Panel for Background Removal

This could be the most suitable background for all those users who want to know what is the best chroma key for home use. It is a stable green solution with a self-folding frame, which takes up little space. In this sense, the fabric can be folded at the end of its use, to store it in any closet or even under a bed.

In this way, thanks to its frame, the deployment is very simple, since it is enough to open the aluminum case and pull it up. The frame has a hydraulic system that unfolds the fabric completely automatically. In addition, the display height can be configured to fit each user’s streaming needs.

It is a very suitable chroma for narrow and small places. In addition, the surface, due to its folding system, is always free of wrinkles. On the other hand, it has a good absorption of light, which prevents reflections.


Size: This is a suitable chroma key for small rooms, so it could be the most suitable for YouTubers and home users.

Folding: The automatic folding system keeps the fabric always taut and allows the display of the chrome in a few seconds.

Material: The fabric is 100% polyester, so it has a suitable thickness so that it does not show through.


Price: The price of this chrome is somewhat high, especially if you take into account that it is a product for domestic use.

[zoombut asin=’B0743Z892W’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

6. Khomo Gear Chroma Green Screen Professional Folding Aluminum Base

Khomo Gear’s green screen provides a professional background, well suited for use as chromakey. It has a size of 138 x 208 cm and an option for height adjustment, so it can be used in photo studios, as well as for video editing professionals.

On the other hand, the screen fabric is made of a high-quality material that, together with its automatic unfolding system, prevents the formation of wrinkles on its surface. In this sense, this could be the best chroma of the moment, for semi-professional use, since the monochrome tint allows you to record videos without a background for TikTok, Twitch or to broadcast live gaming.

In addition, the chrome includes a resistant aluminum base, which has an automatic deployment system. In this sense, it allows full opening in two or three seconds, thanks to the X-Frame pneumatic system that you will not find in cheaper screens.


X-Frame: The hydraulic X-Frame system allows automatic and rapid deployment of the chrome, as well as personalized height adjustment.

Materials: The materials of the fabric and the support are of high quality, making it a reliable and durable product.

Folding: By having a folding system, the fabric does not wrinkle and can be stored anywhere.


Size: The size of the screen means that, to avoid problems, you have to be very close to the central element, since it is somewhat narrow.

[zoombut asin=’B07P7RVNRF’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

7. Neewer Chromakey Green Blue Reversible Folding Backdrop

Neewer, thanks to its versatile designs and prices for all budgets, could be considered by many users as the best brand of chromas. The reversible folding bottom offers a space of 150 x 200 cm with two different colors (green and blue) that adapt to several different uses.

The fabric of this chroma is somewhat thicker than cotton, with a touch similar to that of muslin, which prevents it from bleaching. At the same time, this fabric offers adequate light absorption, which prevents the formation of reflections that could ruin the result of the final edition.

On the other hand, thanks to its compact and folding design, it is a suitable product to take anywhere, being able to use it on your outings to photograph. The folding is very simple and you can do it with a couple of movements.


Structure: The folding structure of the croma is made of metal, making it resistant and durable.

Bag: The chrome includes a 63 cm diameter bag to store the equipment and be able to take it with you wherever you want.

Versatility: Space Blue provides a bright background of crisp light, while Green absorbs light to change the background.


Fabric: Some comments indicate that the fabric is somewhat clear, so the light from behind is transparent, something that can be solved by placing the screen against a wall.

[zoombut asin=’B00E89Q5OY’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

8. Craphy 3m x 3m Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop Screen

Craphy’s chroma background offers a monochrome space with which to delete or edit videos and photos. In this sense, this curtain is, due to its size, suitable for use in photography or video studios or for semi-professional or domestic use, since it can be used to change the background of a live broadcast.

The fabric is made of cotton, so it is light and, once folded, can be transported comfortably. The design is seamless, so creasing or creasing in the corners is prevented. Compared to other fabrics on the market, this chroma fabric is slightly thicker, offering good light absorption to eliminate reflections.

The fabric includes crossbar pockets, making it easy to mount a screen. It can be washed by hand or machine, with mild soaps, and it can be ironed up to 80ºC.


Thick: The muslin-type cotton fabric is quite thick, which prevents the background from showing through and absorbs light well.

Size: It is a good size chromakey, making it suitable for professional and home use.

Design : The seamless design with crossbar pockets allows for quick and convenient mounting of the screen.


Wrinkles: Apparently, the product arrives wrinkled, which can be fixed by ironing.

[zoombut asin=’B07G85VRWT’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

9. Luxscreen Portable Chroma Green Screen 180 x 148 Foldable Chromakey

The Luxscreen screen offers a suitable backdrop for photo studios and for home use, either to record videos for social networks, or to have a neutral background with which to record yourself while playing your favorite video games. Thanks to its compact size, it is a versatile product that is easy to transport and assemble.

In this sense, thanks to the X-shaped assembly system, it is possible to extend the fabric to the maximum, leaving it completely smooth and wrinkle-free. Together with the automatic winding system, the screen is always kept clean and smooth. In addition, it offers the user the possibility of saving it anywhere.

As for the fabric, it is top quality muslin-type cotton, which is thicker, which offers correct absorption of light to avoid reflections.


Support: The X-shaped support is very easy to assemble and allows the fabric to be fully extended, eliminating folds and wrinkles.

Colour: The green tint of the screen has a high saturation, so it absorbs light correctly and prevents the formation of reflections.

Folding: Due to its folding system, it is possible to store it anywhere, since it does not take up space.


Size: This is a somewhat small chroma screen, which may be a problem for some users.

[zoombut asin=’B08P7N4PSW’ size=’400px x 40px’ price=’OfferListingPrice’]

Shopping guide

Once we have reviewed the products that are part of our chroma key comparison, we will detail what are the main purchase factors for one of these screens. These characteristics will allow you to choose the chroma key that best suits your needs.


The first factor that we will analyze in this guide to buy the best chroma key is the material, both for the curtain itself and for its accessories. In this sense, it is always convenient to bet on screens made of relatively thick fabrics such as polyester or thick cotton, muslin type. This is because the thinnest fabrics, for example those composed only of cotton, can lighten when lying flat, allowing light to pass through and creating reflections that will affect the quality of the final video or photo edition.

Likewise, a thinner fabric will end up causing more problems over time, as it will be more prone to wrinkling. On screens of this type, these creases can become a real problem, causing interference with editing methods.

Finally, when choosing a fabric it is important to look at the washing and ironing options. It is convenient to choose a chrome that can be washed, either by hand or machine, and also ironed.

As for the rest of the materials, if the chrome incorporates some type of frame or rolling case, it must be made of resistant materials, but at the same time light. In this way, most manufacturers use metals such as aluminum or highly resistant ABS-type plastics, in which case it will always be better to opt for metal.


Chroma color is another important factor. In the market it is possible to find screens of various colors such as green, white, black or blue. Each of them will be more suitable for a specific use. For example, the black background will be the most suitable for studio photography, especially for portraits or ID photos, since it offers a space without light that helps the central object stand out. On the other hand, green, which is the most common color, is the most versatile, since when editing it makes it easier for you to remove the background to change it to the one you prefer.

Color does not affect how much a chroma key costs, however, there are some details of these characteristics that can make the difference between a curtain suitable for professional work and one that is not. For example, color hue and saturation.

So that the images can be retouched without problems, the best thing is that the fabric has a color with a high saturation. The “darker” the tone, the better it will absorb light, which will prevent light reflections from forming that can worsen the final result of the edition.


The size will directly influence the use that you are going to give the chroma key. In this sense, for those users who are looking for a product for home or casual use, there are some compact models that fold easily and that may be the best option for YouTubers or social network users. These funds, once folded, fit in any space, since they have an elongated shape, like a tube.

The larger chromes do not usually have these folding options, since they do not incorporate automatic mechanisms. In this case, it is about large canvases that take up a lot of space and that have to be mounted on aluminum frames.

These models are the most suitable for photography studios or for video editing professionals, since they can be used to take larger shots. In the case of choosing one of these models, it should be noted that they have a pocket for the frame rods, since otherwise there may be folds or wrinkles.

folding systems

Some chromes include folding systems to be able to store and assemble the equipment in a few seconds. An economic curtain will have a manual system, although it is most likely that it only has a pocket for the rods and certain accessories such as clips or clamps with which to mount the chrome.

The most advanced models include hydraulic folding and mounting systems, capable of automatically raising the fabric in a few seconds. These models also have options to configure the height to which you want to raise the fabric, which makes assembly tasks much easier.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade chroma key?

Making a homemade chroma key is a fairly simple task, since it is actually a monocolor background, on which to retouch images or with which to obtain a neutral background, which does not “distract” the attention of our eyes from the object that is being viewed. has in the foreground.

At home there are many objects that can do the work of a chroma, for example a wall of a single color on which light reflections do not fall could be useful. On the other hand, it is also possible to make a chrome at home with some fabric of a single color.

To create a color scheme with a fabric, the most important thing is to choose one that is thick enough to absorb sunlight properly. At the same time, it should have only one color, which can be white, black, blue or green. As for the tone, look for colors with a high saturation, since otherwise it will create very illuminated areas or it may reflect the light from behind, something that is not desirable.

Q2: How to use a chroma key?

The chroma key is a backdrop that will create a monochrome space on which an image can be edited or that will serve as “white space” that does not distract the eye.

To use a chroma key correctly, the most important thing is that it is fully extended, without visible creases or folds, as this would ruin the final appearance of the edition.

For it to be well extended, the corresponding tweezers and clamps must be used. You must also make sure that the fabric is well attached to the frame, so that it does not come loose at any time, since doing so would create folds that would make later editing difficult.

If you don’t have a frame, you can hang the canvas on a wall. To do this, use a secure fixing method that is capable of supporting the weight of the fabric without moving.

Q3: How to light with a chroma key?

The most important thing at this point is to achieve a flat, uniform and even background lighting across the entire surface. In short, there should be no shadows left. To do this, the best thing to do is to use diffuse light points that distribute the lighting throughout the chroma key and do not focus on a specific part. To obtain the best lighting you should use two light sources, since one may be insufficient.

In this sense, it is advisable to make sure that there are no wrinkles, folds or stains on the fabric, since if there were, the background could not be properly illuminated.

Q4: How to edit with a chroma key?

Nowadays, some video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype or Google Meet have features to automatically change the background of a video call, so you will only have to activate this functionality during the call to see the change.

For a more professional edition with chroma key, you should use photo or video retouching and editing programs. In this sense, there are many to choose from such as VSDC Free Video Editor, Shotcut or Adobe Premiere.

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