The 9 Best External Batteries of 2022

External Battery – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

An external battery is a very useful accessory to take with you away from home and not have to worry about the percentage of charge while you use your gadgets. These tools are capable of storing energy to charge your phone, tablet and other electronic devices without the need to be connected to an outlet, so you can considerably increase the original autonomy. A good model could be the Poweradd Pilot X7 with 20,000 mAh capacity and 2 USB ports for connection. Another striking alternative is the Xiaomi 2C, a universally compatible power bank, with a modern design and 2 USB ports.

The 9 Best External Batteries – Opinions 2022

The use of mobile devices outside the home is common and there are more and more utilities available that make them essential tools for some people. If you continuously use your mobile device and need more autonomy, you can consider the following alternatives in external batteries:

External battery for mobile

1. Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh Power Bank

Considered possibly the best external battery, the Poweradd Pilot X7 model has, in addition to a large capacity, an elegant design and good finishes.

This charging device offers you a total of 20,000 mAh of capacity, as well as compatibility with different brands and models of all kinds of electronic gadgets so you can charge the batteries you need. For example, if you connect an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, the power bank offers you between 6 to 7 full charge cycles without problems.

As for its design, the Poweradd external mobile battery is black with a matte finish and a size of 7.9 x 2.2 x 15.5 centimeters, while its weight is 399 grams. It has a power button accompanied by LED rings that, in addition to indicating the operation of the battery, will also let you know the approximate percentage of charge.

Pilot X7 could become the best external battery of the moment, so you may be interested in knowing it better:


Design: The Poweradd equipment has a robust design with rounded corners and good finishes for durability.

Capacity: With its 20,000 mAh capacity, this battery can fully charge a mobile phone up to 7 times.

Outputs: It has 2 USB ports with 3.1 A output with which the charging time will be reduced.

Indicator: The battery indicator light is located around the power button for easy viewing.


Weight: Its weight of approximately 400 grams may be excessive for constant use.

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Xiaomi external battery

2. Xiaomi 20000mAh 2C Universal Lithium Ion

If you want to buy a good Xiaomi external battery, the 2C model could be of interest to you thanks to its features and capacity.

This power bank stands out for having an attractive, ergonomic and easy-to-use design. It has a size of 6.8 x 2.4 x 13.5 centimeters and its weight is 331 grams, allowing it to be carried in your bag without problems.

It offers 2 USB charging ports along with a Micro USB input and its capacity is 20,000 mAh, offering several cycles of mobile charging for phones, tablets, etc. In addition, it has universal compatibility to prevent the operating system, brand or model of your gadget from interfering with the charging process.

Another advantage is that the voltage output can reach 5.1V at 3.6A, offering speed to charge your phone. Thanks to this, the Xiaomi 2C model could easily become one of the best external batteries of 2022.

Its advances could make Xiaomi the best brand of external batteries and for this reason we invite you to evaluate its product:


Design: The power bank has a simple but modern design adapting to the minimalist style.

Materials: The battery case is made of PVC and ABS, offering robustness and a pleasant touch.

USB: Its USB 3.0 outputs will be able to supply more power to charge your devices.

Compatibility: The power management system is compatible with virtually any USB-charged device.


Charging time: The time required to charge the external battery is longer compared to other models.

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external battery for laptop

3. Krisdonia 50000 mAh Power Pack External Battery

Krisdonia offers you an external laptop battery with enough energy storage capacity to offer both power and autonomy.

The Krisdonia NJF-5X model has a 50,000 mAh capacity and a maximum output voltage of 20V, being capable of charging gadgets and laptops. For this, the equipment incorporates a double USB port, 1 USB type C port and a DC Out for your laptop.

Its design, on the other hand, is attractive, with good finishes and even practical, since it has a special screen where the percentage of charge will be shown, as well as the output voltage. This will help you more securely connect your devices for charging.

Added to this, it should be noted that it has practically universal compatibility and therefore, if you still have doubts about which is the best external battery, the Krisdonia option could be the right one to meet your needs.

Next, we offer you access to the pros and cons of the Krisdonia external battery in case it has caught your interest:


Capacity: It is a device with a 50,000 mAh capacity and various output voltages with which you can link various gadgets.

Connectivity: It has 2 USB ports, a USB Type C, DC In and DC out for use with computers, making it very versatile.

Compatibility: Thanks to the connectivity ports, you can use this battery with phones, tablets, smart watches, laptops and more.

Screen: It has a small screen that will indicate both the percentage of the battery, as well as the current output voltage.


Weight: Keep in mind that its weight could become an inconvenience for handling it outside the home.

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20,000 mAh external battery

4. Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 20000mAh Power Bank

Aukey has a 20,000 mAh capacity external battery for you, with a large capacity to continuously charge, turn on or use various devices connected to it.

Your Aukey PB-T10 device has a professional design in a case of 15 x 8.3 x 2.1 centimeters with an approximate weight of 472 grams due precisely to the aforementioned mAh. It is black with a matte finish and its USB ports are identified by color for easy use when connecting your gadgets.

In addition, a detail that could make it the best external battery is the fact that it has Quick Charge 3.0 technology, thus reaching a charging speed that exceeds conventional methods by up to 4 times, so that you have your mobile device ready to use. soon.

Its practicality should also be highlighted, given that the variety of output ports gives you the possibility of getting the most out of your investment and the power bank itself, so as not to run out of autonomy in the middle of the day.

In case you still don’t know which external battery to buy, we recommend you consider the Aukey alternative:


Time: The time required to charge this battery is less compared to others.

Indicators: The LED light will change color depending on the percentage of charge of the equipment to indicate when the cycle is complete.

Charging: You can charge this battery using a Micro USB or Lightning cable as available.

Security: The equipment has security systems in charge of avoiding overheating or overvoltage.


Ergonomics: Its size and weight can make it uncomfortable to carry with you.

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External battery for iPhone

5. Bonai Power Bank Mini 5800mAh Mobile Charger

From the Bonai brand we present an external battery for iPhone, specially designed to work together with the charging system of this popular line of mobile phones.

It is the Bonai Mini model with a 5,800 mAh capacity, which has a size of 12.8 x 6 x 4 centimeters, small enough to fit in a pocket or any compartment in your bag. For its part, it weighs approximately 136 grams, being light and comfortable to use, in addition to transporting. It is available in several colors and its use is quite intuitive to avoid complications.

On the other hand, this Bonai brand portable external battery has a casing made of aluminum, a resistant material and heat sink, which considerably increases its durability, as well as providing a pleasant touch when holding it. It has LED indicators, as well as a Lightning charging cable for you to connect your mobile device.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that the Bonai equipment is one of the cheapest, in case you want to save money when purchasing your external battery.

Bonai offers you practical equipment, comfortable to wear and with more advantages than you can imagine:


Design: The Bonai equipment is compact in size with a modern design and good finishes to add robustness.

Indicators: It has 4 LED indicators to know the state of charge of the battery.

Compatibility: You can charge Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei mobile phones and tablets and much more.

Charge: You will only need 2 hours to have this power bank fully charged.


Slow: Keep in mind that the power output is not very powerful, so it will take longer to charge your mobile.

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solar external battery

6. Sweye Solar Charger 26800 mAh 2 ports

An interesting alternative in external batteries is the one offered by the Sweye brand, since it is a model capable of charging with solar energy.

The Sweye S9 battery has a built-in solar panel on one of its sides and automatically activates when it perceives natural light. Its size is 15 x 1.5 x 7.5 centimeters, so the panel is big enough to keep your mobile phone charged.

Also, this external solar battery only weighs 349 grams, being a practical complement when you go on a trip, camping or anywhere else where you are not sure of having electricity.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to keep your power bank in the sun for too long, you can also charge it using a Micro USB cable, which is included with the purchase of the equipment so you can save time when completing a cycle.

With this model of external battery you can practically become independent of the electric current to charge your gadgets and here are more details about it:


Solar: Being a model with a solar panel, you do not need an electrical outlet to be able to charge it.

Capacity: It can store 26,800 mAh of energy to charge your devices on the go.

Autonomy: Its autonomy offers approximately 8 full charge cycles for a smartphone regardless of the model.

Voltage: The ports offer different charging voltages, being suitable for mobile phones and tablets.


Charging time: To charge the battery you must wait between 8 to 10 hours before it reaches 100%.

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Samsung External Battery

7. Samsung EB P1100C Lithium Polymer Battery 10000 mAh

Samsung could be among the best brands if you are looking for accessories for your electronic gadgets and, on this occasion, we present you the external battery model EB-P1100C.

This device enjoys an attractive, simple and modern design in a resistant and pleasant to the touch plastic casing. Its size is 7.1 x 1.4 x 14.2 centimeters with a weight of 220 grams, making it the lightest alternative on the list.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that it offers an energy storage capacity of 10,000 mAh with which you will enjoy multiple full charge cycles for your devices, regardless of whether they are Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi or any other brand.

In addition to this, with the purchase of the Samsung external battery you will get a case to store it and a Micro USB cable for the required charging of the device or to connect your phone without having to carry both cables with you.

Being Samsung a brand known for its good products, we recommend you analyze the pros and cons of its external battery:


Design: Samsung offers you a power bank with a simple, elegant and resistant design for daily use.

Light: The weight of this model makes it one of the lightest among those mentioned.

Universal: It has a universal identification system to avoid compatibility problems when connecting devices.

USB: Apart from 2 standard USB ports, the battery also incorporates USB type C, in case you use this type of cable.


Hot: The computer can feel quite hot while it is charging or has a device connected.

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small external battery

8. Poweradd Slim 2 5000mAh Power Bank

In the small external battery category, the Poweradd option stands out with its Slim 2 model; thanks precisely to its compact size. This product has dimensions of 10 x 2.5 x 2.2 centimeters, allowing you to keep it even in your pocket. In addition, its weight is just 118 grams, being the lightest option on the list.

As for its capacity, this external battery can store up to 5,000 mAh, which will be enough to keep your phone charged throughout the day without problems. It has a USB port for connection, as well as a Micro USB for charging the same powerbank.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has a low cost and is quite practical for the regular use of your gadgets outside the home, which could make it the best value for money external battery, thanks to its practicality and compatibility.

If you are looking to acquire one of the cheapest external batteries, you should know what this Poweradd product offers you:


Compact: It is a compact and lightweight alternative that you can comfortably carry in your pocket.

Colors: Depending on its availability, you can purchase this product in pink, black, green, blue or red.

Security: It has systems in charge of preventing the battery from overheating for greater security.

Detection: It is capable of detecting the charging requirements of your mobile to offer the appropriate voltage.


Aesthetics: You must be careful when using it, since its casing is easily scratched and would affect its aesthetics.

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50000mAh external battery

9.Lithionite Tanker 50000mAh Power Bank

If you are interested in investing in a 50,000 mAh external battery for regular charging of your mobile phone or tablet, we recommend you consider the Litionite product.

In the Tanker model you can connect, in addition to common gadgets, also your laptop thanks to its output voltage variant, which can be adapted to the requirements of the linked equipment.

It has dimensions of 19 x 2.8 x 15 centimeters and its weight is 1.2 kilograms, so it is a battery of considerable size and weight, but it compensates for its capacity.

In this sense, the power bank offers a total of 4 ports: 2 USB, 1 USB Type C and a DC Out output, specially designed for the computer. In addition, right next to it you can see the percentage of charge and the output voltage thanks to a small LED screen.

The Litionite external battery has more to offer than just autonomy, so you should continue reading:


Capacity: The 50,000 mAh capacity of this power bank will give you the opportunity to charge your mobile devices many times.

Screen: It has a small screen to indicate the status of the battery and thus know when to charge it.

Materials: Its casing is made of aluminum, offering robustness and durability.

Computer: You can connect to charge a laptop thanks to its output of up to 20V.


Instructions: The instruction manual is not very explanatory with the indications for use and could cause confusion.

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Shopping guide

Currently, external batteries have become an essential accessory for anyone who wants to considerably increase the autonomy of their mobile device. In this guide to buying the best external battery, we will help you to better understand these tools so that you can choose the most suitable one for you:

External battery design

Considering that these devices are designed to offer autonomy away from home, it is very important to consider their design as a relevant feature. In any comparison of external batteries you can find technical details about their design, which will allow you to evaluate the pros and cons of each one to choose the most practical one.

We recommend that you pay special attention to its dimensions and weight, so that you can choose a device that is comfortable to use, transport and that does not take up too much space in your bag, for example.

In this sense, it would not hurt to also take into account the manufacturing materials or the finishes that the model you are interested in buying presents, making sure to choose an external battery that, in addition to fulfilling its main function, is also durable and resistant or aesthetically pleasing. pretty.

Unit Capacity

The capacity it offers in terms of energy storage is a decisive factor in choosing one or another power bank. However, you should also consider that its capacity can greatly affect how much it costs, as well as possibly its size and weight.

On the other hand, you could also evaluate this aspect based on the utility you plan to give your external battery. For example, if you only want it to recharge your mobile phone a couple of times a day, a model of about 5,000 mAh would be more than enough. However, if you need to charge multiple devices at the same time or use them while they are connected, powerful models of 10,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh and more are available.

Likewise, it should be noted that a 5,000 mAh power bank will be considerably lighter and smaller than a 50,000 mAh one, being a more comfortable alternative to use on a day-to-day basis, but with a more frequent charging requirement.

available connections

The available connections are the ports offered by the external battery to connect your devices and, although some models have greater practicality due to the quantity or type, do not worry too much, since even among the cheapest you can find a good external battery and economical with extensive connectivity.

In their most basic models, power banks offer at least one USB port, where you can connect the cable to charge your phone, tablet, smart watch or any other device with the compatible voltage. Likewise, you can also find alternatives with multiple ports, some USB 3.0 for fast charging, USB type C, and even DC Out outputs.

Alternatives that include these connection options offer greater convenience and variety of devices compatible with the external battery, allowing you to get more out of your investment.

Loading time

Depending on the model and technology that incorporates the external battery that you want to buy, you may find that certain charging systems are superior to others. Therefore, if you want to minimize the time your power bank needs to fully charge, this is a detail that you cannot ignore.

Information about the charging system can usually be found in the specifications. Depending on the model and the integrated technology, you can enjoy the benefits of an external battery in just a couple of hours or even days. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the value for money, as well as the practicality of the device based on your requirements.

Device Compatibility

Although most of the alternating batteries basically offer USB ports and with them a wide variety of devices can be linked, there are options in particular that have ports or special compatibility to get more out of the power bank.

In this sense, it should be noted that the mere presence of USB ports will allow you to connect a wide variety of gadgets, but if the battery also has a DC Out port, as mentioned above, you can even connect your laptop. However, in order to enjoy greater autonomy in this type of equipment, you must verify that the voltage output is sufficient to provide the necessary energy to the computer.

In addition to this, with a USB Type C port present on the device, you can connect an Apple MacBook computer, among others, to charge its battery, so having this compatibility will allow you to use the product regardless of whether you change equipment., computer, phone or tablet.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an external battery?

When you have the new external battery in your hands, the first thing you should do is check the state of charge. This can usually be accomplished by pressing the power button and checking the LED indicators or LCD screen depending on the model.

If it is not charged, it is recommended to connect the USB cable to a power source that can be an adapter for the outlet or also the same port of the computer. When paired, the indicators should flash to indicate that the battery is being charged.

After it has reached a complete charge cycle, you can disconnect the external battery from the power source, to proceed to use the USB cable of your choice and insert it into any of the power bank’s output ports.

If your device does not start charging immediately, press the power button to start the external battery, and when you see that it has reached the necessary percentage, disconnect it, turn off the device and that’s it.

Q2: How to charge an external battery?

Before charging any external battery, it is highly recommended to check the state of charge that it has. This can be done by checking the LED indicators or your display.

If you notice that it is not at its maximum percentage, take the USB cable that is included with the purchase of the battery and connect it to the power input of the equipment. Then, depending on its compatibility, insert the plug of the cable into an adapter to connect it to an outlet or to the computer directly.

We advise you to pay attention to the state of charge of the battery to avoid risks of overheating or overloading, as well as to increase the useful life of your device.

Q3: How to know when an external battery is charged?

This will depend on the model of the external battery you have. One of the most popular methods for this is the use of LED indicators since they are usually arranged to form a “scale” and the lighting of each bulb will indicate the approximate percentage of charge.

Other external battery options may have built-in LCD screens, showing charge and voltage details, for example. In addition, power banks that have luminous rings around the power button are also common and when this light remains fixed, it indicates that the equipment still has a considerable percentage of charge.

Q4: How to check an external battery?

In case you want to check the voltage and energy that your external battery is capable of supplying, you will need a multimeter with USB. This tool has both a USB input and output, so you can place it between your charging cable and the external battery.

When you have each component in place turn on the battery and the multimeter should display details about voltage, current and mAh output on its screen. This way you can check both that your battery works and emits charge, as well as its real capacity.

Q5: How to fix an external battery?

When an external battery stops emitting a charge or working properly, it is due to failures in the internal circuits and their connections. To be able to repair these types of problems, you need advanced knowledge of electronics, as well as experience with the operation of measuring and casting equipment.

For this reason, if your external battery has been damaged, it is best to seek a professional technical repair service, since you may come across flammable and dangerous components.

Q6: How to make an external cell phone battery?

To make a homemade power bank you will need a compartment with four cells for batteries of at least 1.5V. To this component you must integrate a USB port by welding with tin to the current output cables. Then, put each battery in its place and connect the USB charging cable of your phone or tablet to the indicated socket to start charging your battery.

However, although it may seem like a simple task, again, previous experience with electronics and its tools is needed, as well as complying with rigorous security measures to prevent inconveniences during use. Because of this, we strongly advise you to purchase an original and certified one that guarantees risk-free use.

Q7: How to take care of an external battery?

Some recommendations to extend the life of the external battery is to respect the compatible voltage of the device when charging it. Also, if you plan to store it for a long time, it is advisable to do so with at least 50% of its charge. Finally, avoid storing it in hot places or in direct sunlight, as it could irreparably damage it.

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