The 9 Best Gamepads of 2022

Gamepad – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

All gamers, at some point in their lives, will need to purchase a new gamepad to continue playing video games on their favorite platform. However, there are so many options on the market that it can be confusing to buy one of these remotes without having prior information. A quality gamepad must be adjusted in every way to your tastes and needs; so it’s worth checking out options like the Maegoo 135 gamepad if you want to get a controller that accommodates multiple gadgets, or like a Gamory 8951 which instead has a specialized PS4 build.

The 9 Best Gamepads – Opinions 2022

There are as many options for gamepads on the market as there are for video games, therefore, it is worth carefully checking each characteristic of the controls, to choose the one that best suits you and your style of play.

game pad for android

1. Maegoo Controller for Android/PC/PS3/TV Wireless

Mobile phones, due to their technological advances, offer more and more entertainment experiences, therefore, having an Android gamepad is a good way to be prepared for any new mobile game.

This could definitely be one of the best gamepads of 2022, as it is compatible with mobile phones, PCs, Smart TVs and even PS3. All this is possible thanks to a multiple connection, via Bluetooth or USB. In addition to that, the device has an ergonomic structure with a textured grip, which will prevent it from slipping from your hand and, as if that were not enough, the controller has double vibration, which allows for a better gaming experience.

On the other hand, thanks to its 500 mAh lithium battery, the controller provides a battery life of between 12 and 15 hours when playing games; while, if it is kept in stand-by, it can remain charged for up to a month.

If you have various video game gadgets at home, this versatile quality model may be the right choice to use them.


Battery: The long-lasting battery provides ample hours of fun, preventing you from running out of power mid-session.

Compatibility: This is a versatile device, compatible with various electronic devices.

Vibration: The double vibration of this controller provides a better gaming experience, especially in shooters.

Kickstand: The included retractable kickstand makes it easy to hold mobile phones, and then it can simply be stowed away to take up less space.


Sensitivity: The joysticks of this product are not as sensitive as other models on the market.

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2. Antcool Wireless Controller for iOS and Android

If you have a smartphone and it is common for you to play games on it, then having an Android gamepad can be a good alternative. In this case, this Antcool model stands out for adapting to various devices with iOS and Android operating systems. It is only necessary to download an app to map the keys of the controller correctly.

On the other hand, to give you up to 10 hours of fun, the device has a 400 mAh rechargeable battery. In addition, the device includes the active functions of 3D acceleration, Gyro sensor and vibration; features that will make you enjoy each game much more.

As for its structure, it is ergonomic; with joysticks in a diagonal direction to fit the thumbs properly. This will give you a better grip and more control, which will make you perform better when playing. The grips, as they are textured, will prevent the controller from slipping out of your hands, which should be imperative to having the best possible gamepad.

With this light and comfortable video game controller you can discover a new way of playing with your mobile.


Sensitivity: The buttons and joysticks are sensitive so that it is not necessary to apply a lot of force to play.

Battery: Thanks to its quality battery, the controller manages to stay active for up to 10 hours; avoiding interrupting an important gaming session.

Structure: The structure of this gamepad, in addition to being ergonomic, is quite light, which makes it easy to handle and use.


Charge: It is necessary to charge the controller for approximately 3 to 5 hours, which may be considered excessive for certain gamers.

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Gamepad for PC

3. Gamory Wireless Controller for PS4 Controller for PS4/Pro/Slim/

Most people find that playing on the keyboard is the most comfortable way to do it. However, there are those who feel better with a controller and, for them, there is the gamepad for PC. In this case, among the cheapest models, you can find this Gamory alternative, which is compatible with all PS consoles from version 3 and also with different types of computers.

Its non-slip structure is very similar to the classic PlayStation 4 controls, so it will provide adequate ergonomics, which will surely benefit all gamers. On top of that, it can connect wirelessly if you wish, giving you a range of up to 8 meters so you can play freely.

The lower part of the remote allows you to connect 3.5mm headphones, while the upper section has a light sensor that indicates the state of charge of the battery, preventing it from running out abruptly.

Playing with the keyboard can be tiresome, and if this is the case for you, then getting a product like this can be your solution.


Ergonomics: It will be easy to adapt to this PC gamepad, as it has the same layout as a PlayStation 4 controller.

Connection: By having the option to connect wirelessly, you won’t be dependent on cables to play. In addition, you will enjoy a range of up to 8 meters.

Headphones: It is possible to connect headphones to the controller, so you can talk comfortably during your games.


PS4: The PlayStation console may not always be able to recognize the controller, which could be inconvenient at times.

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4. Exlene Wireless Controller Gamepad for Nintendo Switch

Fans of retro consoles are sure to love this gamepad for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS3 as soon as they see it. Not only because of its bright and eye-catching colors, but also because of its classic Nintendo Gamecube controller structure. You will only need to use its USB or bluetooth connection to start playing.

To add more dynamism, this controller has motion sensors and also a turbo button, which is excellent for shooters, because when activated, it causes a certain action button to be pressed repeatedly at high speed. In any case, the buttons have been made with high sensitivity to avoid you having to apply a lot of force to them.

Being rechargeable, you won’t have to depend on batteries and, best of all, it has a USB type C cable to be able to connect and disconnect the controller easily. For group fun, it is possible to connect up to 4 units to the same console.

It is difficult to choose the best brand of gamepads at the moment; however, Exlene is making a name for itself with this product, for its design, functions and also for its good quality.


Turbo: To repeatedly press a button you only have to activate the turbo function.

Design: The controller’s beautiful design resembles the look of the Nintendo Gamecube controllers.

Versatile: This product can be used on PC, PlayStation 3 and even Nintendo Switch.


PC: Depending on the connection, it is possible that the remote is shown as a keyboard on your PC, which will need more connection attempts until it is correctly identified.

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Gamepad for Wii U

5. Qumox 2 x Wireless Gamepad Controller

The Wii U console was not the most successful of Nintendo, however, there are still those who consider it excellent and look for a gamepad for Wii U that allows them to play with all possible functions. For them, Qumox brings this set of 2 controls that come with their user manual, two USB cables to charge them and a classic white design, which characterizes the controls of the console.

The structure of the gamepads is made of quality plastic and each one has dimensions of 11 x 16 x 3.8 centimeters, so they are easy and comfortable to handle. This is complemented by its light weight of only 224 grams. The layout of the buttons makes holding and using the controls completely ergonomic.

Finally, the controls come with rechargeable batteries that will give you several hours of fun wirelessly so you have total freedom when playing.

Among the cheapest alternatives on the market you will find this Qumox offer that offers more for a good price.


Ergonomics: The controls have an ergonomic structure that offers a very good grip and a simple distribution of buttons.

Set: This purchase comes in a set and offers 2 gamepads, so you can play as a couple as soon as you receive the order.

Wireless: With the wireless connection you can play comfortably, without cables in between.


Wii U: These controllers are compatible only with the Wii U console and cannot be used for other electronic devices.

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Gamepad for PS4

6. Ipgea Wireless Controller for PS4 Gamepad Wireless

If you don’t have the money for an original controller, but want a quality PS4 gamepad, then this product from Ipgea could be the answer to your needs. Its design imitates the DualShock 4 in a very good way and offers the same ergonomics, thanks to the distribution of the buttons and its non-slip grip to avoid accidents of any kind.

The gamepad, compatible with PS3 and PS4, comes with a headphone jack, as well as internal speakers to give better immersion in the game. As for the buttons and joysticks, they have a good sensitivity so that the movements of your fingers are fluid, allowing you to have a better gaming experience.

On the other hand, if you talk about the battery, it stands out that it can be recharged directly on the PS4 or using any compatible charging cable. The good thing is that the upper section of the gamepad has a light that changes color to indicate that the controller is unloaded.

In case you don’t know which gamepad to buy for your PS4 console, this model could be a good alternative.


Light: So that you don’t run out of battery in the middle of a game session, this controller warns by means of a light that it needs to be charged.

Charging: It is possible to recharge the battery of the device simply by connecting directly to the PS4 console.

Sound: The speakers will allow you to hear all the details of the game, while the headphone jack will give you a more complete experience.


Design: The color scheme used in this controller may not be to the liking of some people who want something simpler.

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gamepad for mobile

7. Ozkak Mobile Controller PUBG Game Controller

There are those who refrain from buying a mobile gamepad because they do not want to be complicated with the configuration of certain buttons. If you want to find a better grip to be able to play comfortably and you don’t know which is the best gamepad for you; this model could be exactly what you need.

The structure of this product is simple, it is only a base to be able to better hold the mobile, without interfering with the game mode. That is, you can continue to use the screen to control everything. Although, if you prefer, the 4 upper mobile triggers can give you more comfort when pressing the buttons.

This gamepad has a width that adapts to different Android and Apple phones alike, as long as they are in the range of 7.5 to 9 centimeters wide. In addition, its light weight will make you play effortlessly. Lastly, since you don’t need to connect via Bluetooth, there’s no risk of network interference when gaming.

Those who seek simplicity, but also value effectiveness, will find a suitable alternative in this Ozkak model.


Installation: It will not be necessary to configure anything at all, since the installation only consists of placing the mobile and playing.

Bluetooth: By not requiring bluetooth, you will not have interference that can affect online games.

Versatile: Both Android and iOS models are compatible with this Ozkak device. They should only be between 7.5 and 9 centimeters in size.


Buttons: Unlike other options, this remote does not come with buttons, as it is only a support.

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Gamepad for XBOX 360

8. Ocday Xbox 360 Controller Gamepad Controller pc

When it comes to versatility, having an XBOX 360 gamepad can become one of the best options. This is because it is Microsoft’s default model, so it is designed to adapt to both consoles and different computers that use Windows software. In this case, the Ocday offer is compatible with versions from XP to 10.

The button layout is classic, making it a fairly ergonomic gamepad. In addition, each piece has the appropriate sensitivity to allow you to use it smoothly and without any excessive effort. Also, the structure has a double vibration motor, which will make you live a more complete experience when playing.

If you want to use it as soon as you receive it, there will be no problems, since no driver installation is needed to start. It is only required to connect the control with its 2 meter cable and start having fun.

The qualities that the best gamepad of the moment must have are several and, fortunately, this model could have many of these characteristics.


Cable: The length of the cable is 2 meters, which allows you to play comfortably, without requiring to be very close to the console.

Windows: Those who still have old versions of Windows can use this command to play on their computers.

Vibration: Its double vibration motor will give you the opportunity to play more realistically.


Wired: Staying physically connected is a drawback for many people who want to play without dealing with wires.

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Logitech Gamepad

9. Logitech F310 Wired Gamepad Console Type Layout

Buying the best value for money gamepad on the market is not necessarily a bad thing, and this Logitech gamepad proves it, which offers several quality qualities for an affordable cost. This is a small device of just 10 x 10 x 3 cm and 299 grams in weight, so it is easy to handle and is suitable for comfortable use by children and adults.

The highlight of this gamepad is the inclusion of the Software Profiler, a system that allows you to configure the buttons on the controller in different ways, customizing the experience, and adapting the device to old and new games alike. If you wish, the device can even be configured with keyboard or mouse input.

Additionally, the button layout is that of most console controllers. This, together with the long 1.8 meter cable, will give you the opportunity to play in a very comfortable way.

Good pretty and cheap. This is how this Logitech model is, which has been manufactured with the economy of all gamers in mind.


Configurable: This versatile gadget has software available to customize each button to your convenience, right down to the compatibility with any game.

Structure: Its dimensions and weight facilitate the use of adults and children alike, providing a more comfortable experience.

Cable: With a length of 1.8 meters, the cable should not bother you when playing, as it is long enough to move freely.


Rubber: The rubber used in the joystick could be of better quality, as it would prevent rapid deterioration.

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Shopping guide

The goal of gamers, in addition to having fun, is to become better every time. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to have tools that help them, such as a gamepad. Knowing what to look for in a controller is necessary to find a good alternative that allows you to play comfortably at all times.


When you start to check any guide to buy the best gamepad, the first thing you will notice is the design and structure of the controls. There is a wide variety on the market, with different shapes and colors. However, choosing between all these models is not as simple as checking how much each one costs and selecting the most colorful one, because your performance when playing will depend on this structure.

If you carry out an extensive comparison of gamepads, you will be able to realize how the distribution of the joysticks and also the other buttons changes. You will notice how the triggers can come in various sizes and the different shape that the manufacturers have chosen for their structure and, believe it or not, all this will positively or negatively affect your moments of fun.

Choosing the right gamepad depends on finding that controller that manages to fit your hand correctly, thanks to its compact size and textured, non-slip grip, which prevents you from losing control over the device. The gamepad should also be light, otherwise it could end up tiring your wrists and palms due to the weight.

As for the position of each piece, this depends entirely on your tastes. If you grew up playing an XBOX, then you probably prefer diagonal joysticks. However, if you have more of an affinity for the PlayStation, it’s worth finding a controller with horizontally positioned joysticks.

If what you want is to have a mobile support and not deal with buttons, you can also buy gamepads whose structure only has the two grips, to give you a better grip without interfering with your video game in any way.


As said before, the design of the gamepad is quite important. However, in addition to this, it is also necessary to pay attention to the versatility of the remote that catches your attention to ensure that you are making a good purchase.

If you buy the original gamepads of the most famous consoles, it is most likely that you can use the controllers on the console for which they were made and also on the computer. However, there are some models that are more limited or, on the contrary, much more versatile.

In case you are a gamer on all platforms, then it is worth finding a universal model, which can be adapted to different consoles, computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. That way, you’ll have a controller for all occasions.

However, if you tend to play on a single platform, then it’s a good idea to find a controller that has been created specifically for that device. In this way, all its functions will adapt correctly and without setbacks.

In some cases, certain games may be too old to be compatible with gamepads. However, there are modern controls that even offer the customization of the buttons to be able to adapt to these video games, through recognition software specialized in this.

It is important to always check the compatibility of the gamepads, otherwise you could have interruptions when playing due to interference in the connection, or simply the computer will not recognize it or identify it as another device.


Even the cheapest model on the market can have standout features worth knowing about. For example, most of the gamepads have already incorporated the vibration function in their controls to give gamers a more immersive experience, especially in the action sections. This is usually complemented by a gyroscope sensor that registers the movements of the controller.

On the other hand, there are certain controllers that come with custom buttons or triggers with a turbo function, which makes the game recognize the function as if another action button was repeatedly pressed. This is an advantage for gamers, especially those who enjoy shooting video games.

Depending on the type of console for which the remote has been manufactured, it may come with extra buttons to activate certain functions of the system that the device has. However, this does not always influence the gameplay.

Finally, you have the option to choose between a wired controller or a wireless controller and, if you want to choose the latter option, take a good look at its range, as this will determine the maximum distance you can play without the controller disconnecting..

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a mobile as a gamepad for tablet?

If you want to use a mobile as a gamepad for a tablet, computer, television or any other electronic device; first you will have to download an application that does exactly this.

In some cases, these apps only need to be downloaded to the mobile and make the connection via Bluetooth. However, some work as sender and receiver simultaneously, so you’ll also have to download them to your tablet.

The best thing about this is that certain apps have a variety of gamepads, so you can choose the one that has the most comfortable distribution for you. This is ideal if you have emulators on your tablet.

Q2: How to set up a PC gamepad?

It’s impossible to say exactly how to set up a PC gamepad, as most really have their own settings or just don’t need one. Therefore, it is best to check the user manual included in the purchase and go from there.

Q3: How to use a gamepad on PC?

After you have installed and, in certain cases, configured your gamepad on the PC, you will not need anything else to start using it.

Remember to stay within the distance range that the Bluetooth connection allows, in case it is a wireless gamepad, and test that all the buttons work correctly. After this, you can start playing as much as you want.

Q4: How to install a Logitech F710 gamepad?

Logitech gamepads are an increasingly famous alternative when it comes to choosing controls to play on a computer, and this is due to their versatility, quality, and good price. In this sense, the Logitech F710 model is one of the most modern and has all these qualities.

To install it, you don’t need much, because you only have to connect the nano-receiver and turn on the device to link it with the computer. However, to enjoy some features, you need to set it up correctly.

There are games that don’t support gamepads, however by using the Logitech Profiler software you can begin manually mapping each button to customize your gaming experience.

On the other hand, if you just want to install on your TV so you can play on the big screen, then you’ll need to do the setup directly with Steam via the Big Picture feature. This way you will transfer the games you have on your computer to your television to play with the controller.

Q5: How does the Wii U gamepad charge?

Like most gamepads made for video game consoles, Wii U controllers should always be charged through the USB ports found on the device itself. This is the case for both the tablet and the Wii U Pro Controller.

There are those who use adapters to connect the devices to the electrical current and, although this can work, it is not recommended in the original gamepads.

On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that the classic Wii controls are also compatible with the Wii U console, but, in this case, these gamepads are not rechargeable, since they work with AA batteries.

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