The 9 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2022

Gaming Keyboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Gamers and those in the process of becoming video game virtuosos are very clear that to be at the top of the rankings and win one game after another, they need to have the right material. A good gaming mouse and keyboard are the essential tools that will make you true champions. If you are starting in this world, surely you will ask yourself: what gaming keyboard do I buy? In this article we will compare some of the best such as the Corsair K63, a high-end backlit mechanical keyboard or the Mars Gaming MCP118, a keyboard, mouse and mouse pad combo, perfect for those just starting out.

The 9 Best Gaming Keyboards – Opinions 2022

A keyboard is as necessary a tool for a gamer as a wrench for a mechanic. Gamers need an ergonomic keyboard that is comfortable and has keys that respond quickly to user movements. In the following list, you will find our selection of the 9 best gaming keyboards so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

gaming mechanical keyboard

1. Corsair K63 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K63 mechanical gaming keyboard has a tenkeyless design, which eliminates the numeric keypad, reducing the size of the keyboard by almost 80%. The key switches are CHERRY MX Red and 100% mechanical and with gold contacts, so it offers great performance when playing any game, superior to cheaper keyboards.

This could be the best gaming keyboard thanks to its features, such as the bright red LED backlighting on each key, with the option of setting it for dynamic or fixed lighting.

It has specific controls for volume and multimedia content, which allows you to adjust the volume without having to leave the game and it is programmable with iCUE, so you can customize macros on any key, creating dynamic lighting effects.


Keycaps: Keycaps with CHERRY MX mechanical switches and gold contacts deliver vastly superior gaming performance.

Null presses: The keyboard has a protection system against null presses with simultaneous detection of keys, guaranteeing that the commands will always be correct.

Customization: With the CORSAIR Utility Engine you can customize your keyboard, create macros and dynamic lighting effects.


Price: It could be a bit expensive for a keyboard with these features, since in the market you will find keyboards with similar characteristics for less price.

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2. Rii RK900+ Full Mechanical Responsive Gaming Keyboard

The Rii RK900 mechanical gaming keyboard is a great option for all those users who are thinking about which gaming keyboard to buy and who, for now, are only considering the cheapest options. It is a complete keyboard and mouse combo, designed for all those who are starting out in gaming.

The keyboard has a mechanical touch and the keys have a great sensitivity, which has nothing to send to that of keyboards two or three times more expensive, so we are facing a great cheap gaming keyboard with good features. The LED backlight has multiple colors (red, blue, purple, and green), is configurable, and accepts macros.

The mouse has a sensitivity of up to 2400 DPI and can be adjusted in four modes: 1000 – 1600 – 2000 and 2400 DPI, it is comfortable and the buttons are positioned for ergonomics.


Price: This gaming keyboard is perfect for beginners, since it has a very affordable price.

Combo: Being able to have a keyboard and a mouse, both backlit and with the features of a gaming peripheral, is a great advantage.

Keys: The keyboard has a very high sensitivity, with the feel of mechanical keys, making it very comfortable for the player.


Enter key: The key is slightly smaller than usual, since it has a completely rectangular shape. This can be a problem for certain users and for non-gamer use.

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Mars Gaming Keyboard

3. Mars Gaming MCP118 Pack Gaming RGB Keyboard Mouse Mat

The Mars Gaming MCP118 keyboard has everything any gamer needs to get started. It is a pack that includes the mechanical gaming keyboard, a mouse for gamers and a mouse pad, which will allow you to make the most precise movements with all the comfort.

The Mars Gaming MCP118 could be one of the best gaming keyboards of 2022, thanks to ghost-protected keys and a height that has been optimized for gaming. In addition, it has 15 special multimedia keys for you to configure your games. The keyboard also features RGB Rainbow backlighting, with 3 lighting modes.

The optical mouse has an ergonomic design with futuristic finishes, comfortable buttons and RGB lighting, with a configurable 4000 DPI sensitivity. The mouse pad has a natural rubber base and is designed to provide the best precision for optical mice.


All in one: With a mechanical keyboard, a gaming mouse and a mousepad, you have everything you need to get started in the world of PC gaming.

Multimedia keys: The keyboard has 15 multimedia keys that you can configure to your liking to obtain the greatest control over all your games.

Mouse: The Marc Gaming gaming mouse offers a very good gaming experience, since it is a very complete and precise mouse.


Noise: The keys are somewhat noisy, which can be a problem for those users who want to play at night.

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logitech gaming keyboard

4. Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlight LIGHTSYNC

The Logitech G2213 gaming keyboard features Logitech G Mech-Dome keys that conform to a professional gaming profile, offering a touch and performance very similar to that of a mechanical keyboard, since they are fast and precise, click-proof ghost, thanks to a prevention matrix programmed to control several keys at once.

This could be the best value for money gaming keyboard, as it has splash protection, which makes it resistant to spills of up to 60 ml of liquid. In addition, it includes adjustable rear legs and integrated palm rest to improve comfort during long hours of gaming.

It has multimedia controls that allow you to play and pause music, or increase and decrease the volume without having to leave the game. It also has a “Game Mode” with which you can create macros and customize the keyboard to your liking.


Gaming: It has what can be asked of a gaming keyboard; keys with mechanical touch feeling, multimedia keys, ghost key protection and customizable “game mode”.

Palm rest: Having an adjustable palm rest and rear feet makes it a keyboard to consider for those who appreciate comfort and ergonomics.

LIGHTSYNC: Thanks to Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC technology, you can configure more than 16.8 million colors on the keys, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.


Waterproof membrane: The waterproof membrane makes pressing the keys somewhat harder, which can be annoying.

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small gaming keyboard

5. UrChoiceLtd Lexon Tech AK33 Mechanical Keyboard

The AK33 small gaming keyboard has a compact 82-key design, perfect to take with you on your travels, but also for small spaces, where traditional keyboards are too bulky and leave no room to move the mouse.

If you are wondering which is the best gaming keyboard, this could be the answer, since each key has an independent switch, with a rigid but comfortable touch. It is a mechanical keyboard, with a very fast response speed, which, thanks to its adjustable mechanism, reduces finger fatigue.

The keyboard is available in two designs: a white one with a blue LED backlight and a black one with a white backlight, ideal for use at night, since the light is not aggressive. The keyboard connects via a separate USB cable, which you can remove and replace, to save space when transporting it.


Engraving: The keys are laser engraved, which prevents them from degrading and losing the name of the key, something very common in cheap keyboards.

Light : The lighting, both the blue of the white keyboard and the white of the black keyboard, are not aggressive and do not bother the eyes.

Switches : The mechanical switches on the keys can be adjusted, to offer a more comfortable experience that suits all types of gamers.


Lighting: A lighting option in “breathing mode” is missing, since it only has two lighting modes, fixed and dynamic.

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wireless gaming keyboard

6. KLIM Chroma Wireless Wireless Gaming Keyboard Spanish

The KLIM Chroma Wireless wireless gaming keyboard offers high performance for all gamers looking for the best. It has a really low response time, so the game will always respond to your commands. In addition, it has a special function key from which you can configure macros, shortcuts and commands from the keyboard.

The Klim Chroma Wireless could be the answer for all those gamers who are thinking about which gaming keyboard to buy, since it does not require installation and is very quiet. It has RGB chromatic effects that you can configure and that will be of great help to you when typing in the dark or in low light conditions or, if you prefer, you can turn them off so they don’t bother you.

The keys have a lifespan of over 10 million keystrokes and are water resistant, so you’re looking at a keyboard that’s built to last.


Ebook: With the purchase of the keyboard, you will receive as a gift the book Increase your productivity and game level by typing faster that will help you at work and also at play.

Keys : The keys are made of resistant ABS plastic and have a very pleasant touch, with a mechanical keystroke and quick response.

Water protection: The keyboard has a special coating that protects it against water and also prevents normal wear and tear.


Lighting: The lighting is fixed, it does not have color games or changes, which for a gaming keyboard is a bit obsolete.

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gaming computer keyboard

7. Wisfox Colorful Rainbow LED Gaming Keyboard

The Wisfox gaming computer keyboard has 12 multimedia keys and 19 configurable keys that will allow you to create macros and shortcuts to perfectly control your games and your music and video programs. Plus, the main keys are ghost key protected, so your games will always react to your commands.

The keys have a unique floating type design to offer the best response, with a medium height that is more comfortable and that accompanies the finger when pressing, avoiding muscle fatigue and they are also long-lasting, so it could be the best gaming keyboard of the moment. The keyboard has a natural slope that provides greater stability and prevents wrist problems.

It has a rainbow LED backlight, with different lighting modes, both permanent and with automatic effects, so you can choose and configure the ones that best suit your style.


Engraving: The keys are laser engraved so they won’t wear or rub off, so they’ll last much longer than lesser quality keyboards.

Resistant: The keyboard has a coating that makes it resistant to shocks, drops, liquid spills and wear, with a useful life of 10 million keystrokes.

Floating keys: The key caps have a floating design, half the height of the usual one, which makes it easier to press and prevents fatigue.


Height adjustment: The keyboard does not have height adjustment, so in the end it becomes somewhat uncomfortable, since it only has one mode.

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VicTsing gaming keyboard

8. VicTsing Gaming Keyboard Spanish USB Multi-colored LEDs

The VicTsing gaming keyboard offers one of the best lighting you will find among this type of product. It has rainbow-type LED lights and two lighting modes, permanent, where each space on the keyboard shines with a different color or “breathing”, a dynamic mode that allows you to adjust the speed and intensity of the light.

VicTsing could be the best brand of gaming keyboards, thanks to details such as mechanical switches and floating keys, with an ultra-thin design for a fast and precise response with each keystroke. Plus, the characters on the keys are laser-engraved so they won’t degrade and rub off.

The keyboard features 12 multimedia keys and 19 configurable keys, plus ghost key protection, so games always respond to your commands.


Lighting: Rainbow-type RGB lighting offers various modes, so you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere during your gaming nights.

Floating keys: The floating keys with a mechanical switch offer an immediate response and do not strain the muscles.

Wrist rest: The keyboard has an integrated wrist rest, which allows you to rest your arms, to avoid injuries and muscle problems.


Lighting control: The lighting control key is located between the right Alt key and space, which causes wrong keystrokes that can be annoying while gaming.

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pc gaming keyboard

9. AUKEY LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches

The AUKEY PC gaming keyboard has Outemu Blue-type mechanical switches that give the keys a smooth, fast keystroke and a lifespan of more than 50 million keystrokes. The response time is very fast and precise, they improve the efficiency when gaming and typing.

This could be the best gaming keyboard as all keys are ghost key protected, unlike cheaper keyboards where only certain keys are protected. The keys are made of ABS Double-Shot and are protected against liquid spills.

Each line of the keyboard has a different backlight color (up to 6) and has 8 lighting effects set and the ability to set up to two effects by yourself, so you can customize the keyboard to your liking.


Keys: The Outemu Blue mechanical switches offer a very pleasant touch and a precise, fast response and a very satisfying sound.

Lighting : It has 6 different color lines, 8 preconfigured lighting effects and two spaces to customize your effects.

Ghost keypress: All 105 keys are ghost key protected, so you’ll never go wrong when gaming.


Layout: Although it is noted that the layout of the keys is from a Spanish keyboard from Spain, it is actually a Latin American Spanish, so some keys and symbols do not appear in the correct place.

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Shopping guide

After our comparison of gaming keyboards, we explain in detail what are the main factors to look at when buying a keyboard. These characteristics are what will make the difference between a competitive product and one that could leave you stranded at the worst moment, either due to poor response or because some keys are not protected against ghosting.

wired or wireless

A gaming keyboard should always have a cable, since the wireless connection, however good it may be, can always fail and not respond as well as expected. Keyboards usually have USB or PS2 cables.

You may think that a wireless keyboard will be more comfortable, but it will not be when playing games, since they will not have the same response and that is not to mention that, when connecting via Bluetooth or radio frequencies, there can always be interference that could ruin your gaming experience.

Regarding the cable format, although somewhat old, the PS2 is still the best, since it supports “n” key presses simultaneously, while USB cables do not usually support more than 10 keys pressed at the same time.

mechanism type

Which is better: membrane, mechanical or hybrid? This factor is crucial when choosing, as it will have a direct impact on how much a gaming keyboard costs. Broadly speaking, on a mechanical keyboard the keys are pressed in a similar way to a switch, while the membrane ones register the pressure on the key and transfer it through a silicone that is always in contact with the circuits. Finally, hybrids combine both mechanisms.

Mechanical keyboards provide a series of advantages that have made them the favorite option for intensive gamers. The first one is the sensation when pressing, since the key reacts quickly and is much more sensitive, which offers greater precision when pressing. In addition, they are more durable and, in case a key starts to cause problems, they can be replaced independently.

This type of keyboard also allows you to press many more keys at the same time, which is common in certain games, which require keyboard shortcuts and macros to perform complex actions. The negative part is that they are more expensive and also larger, since the keys, due to their mechanism, have a higher profile.

The membrane and hybrid ones are cheaper, so they can be a good option for sporadic players. They are also quieter and the keys have a softer keystroke.


This factor may not sound like much to you, unless you are a keyboard virtuoso, but it is the effect that occurs when, when pressing several keys at the same time to perform a command, the keyboard does not detect one or more of them.

This is because on some keyboards there are multiple keys that share the same sensor. In this sense, mechanical keyboards start with an advantage, since their keys have individual switches that are responsible for transmitting information to the computer.

A good gaming keyboard must have a protection system against ghost keystrokes, anti ghosting and key rollover, which allow the recognition of the pressing of several simultaneous keys. The most hardcore gamers should look for NKRO systems, which detect an unlimited number of keystrokes, but the rest will be able to play perfectly with a keyboard that has anti-ghosting for 10 keys.

lighting and appearance

For the last part of this guide to buying the best gaming keyboard, we have left this aspect, since it is more subjective. The only real use of the light is to allow the user to recognize the keys in the dark, beyond that it is a simple visual addition.

In the market you will find some keyboards with single color illumination, they are more elegant and also cheaper. On the other hand, it is possible to find very striking keyboards with rainbow and RGB lighting, with very intense color effects and even with millions of color combinations.

Some keyboards have a special color for the most important keys, which allows them to be distinguished at first glance. Although, for the more handy, it is possible to buy the separate keys and change them yourself, making the combinations you prefer.

If you are an intensive gamer or if you are going to use the keyboard for other tasks, it would not hurt to have a wrist rest, since this element can relieve the muscular pressure on the hands.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a gaming keyboard?

No matter how careful you are, keyboards get dirty. With the passage of time and use, dust, hair, dead skin and all kinds of dirt get between the keys and, in extreme cases, can cause problems.

The first step is to remove all the keys. It is very simple, since it is enough to hold them by the sides and gently pull them up. Do not force them, because if you break the hook you will not be able to put them back on. Some keyboards include a special tool to more easily remove the keys. Even if you know by heart where each one goes, it is better that you leave them placed in order on a surface so as not to make a mistake when putting them back.

To clean the keyboard, you should only use isopropyl alcohol, as it is the only product that is guaranteed not to damage the keys or parts of the keyboard. You can also use ear swabs or kitchen paper, although in both cases there may be residue stuck to the keyboard, so the best option is a microfiber cloth.

Fold the cloth 3 times, impregnate it with alcohol and pass it over the entire surface of the keyboard. Pay special attention to the gaps between the keys. Once clean, fold the cloth again and impregnate another side with alcohol, clean the keys one by one on their five sides as you place them again. To put the key back, simply press down.

This process not only leaves the keyboard looking like new, but also disinfects it thanks to the use of alcohol. Repeat this process every six months and your keyboard will always be shiny and like new.

Q2: How to install a gaming keyboard?

Most gaming keyboards today do not require any type of installation, since they are usually plug and play, that is: plug and play. This is due to the fact that most operating systems are prepared to automatically recognize these peripherals and, therefore, when connecting them, they install the drivers automatically.

In the event that your computer does not recognize your keyboard, you will need to find the installation drivers, which are usually available for download on the manufacturer’s website, and install them yourself.

Q3: How to configure a gaming keyboard?

Each keyboard has its own configuration system. The higher-end keyboards have special programs for their configuration, while others are configured through a series of key commands. It is a complex process, so manufacturers often provide tutorials and video guides on their official pages or YouTube channels to help users with the process.

Q4: How to fix a gaming keyboard?

Fixing a keyboard will depend on the problem you are having. For example, on a mechanical keyboard it will be possible to replace a key that does not work, since it will be enough to remove the switch and change it for a new one. On the other hand, on pad or hybrid keyboards, it will not be possible to change a key that does not work and you will have to change the keyboard or go to a professional.

Our recommendation is that if your keyboard has a problem, contact the manufacturer’s technical service or go to a professional.

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