The 9 Best Gaming Tables of 2022

Gaming table – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With a gaming table you will be able to better organize your computer and its peripherals, since they have been specially designed considering the habits of an average gamer. If you are interested in acquiring a good gaming table, the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S model may attract your attention. It is a visually attractive model, since it has LED lighting and carbon fiber. It is wide and has accessories to place a glass and the headset. Another striking gaming table could be the CoolBox COO-DGMOB02, an e-sports design model with a storage drawer and a comfortable surface to accommodate a monitor, keyboard and mouse without problems.

The 9 Best Gaming Tables – Opinions 2022

Being able to choose the best gaming table to equip your office or room can be a complicated task, but if you review the most outstanding models on the market, it will be easier for you to choose the right one. Now we invite you to evaluate some options that we think might interest you due to their capacity, design and practicality:

PC gaming table

1. Eureka Ergonomic Z1 S Gaming Desk

If you want to buy a good PC gaming table, an option like the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S could catch your eye.

This table offers a series of details that make it both practical and attractive, starting with the blue LED lighting, which can vary its intensity when connected to the computer. It also has a special support to put the controls along with some physical titles, a coaster and a hook for the headset.

Its size, on the other hand, is 77.5 x 113 x 61.5 centimeters, so you will have more than enough space to accommodate your monitor, keyboard and mouse. Aesthetically, it has a carbon fiber finish that makes it sporty, as well as raised edges that will prevent your peripherals from slipping. Thanks to this, for some it could be the best gaming table among those mentioned.

Knowing the pros and cons of what could be the best gaming table of the moment will be useful to make a purchase decision:


Lighting: The gaming table has blue LED lighting on both sides, which can change their intensity if you connect them to the PC.

Supports: It has supports for 2 game controllers, a glass and the set of headphones.

Levelers: The legs have levelers that will allow you to adapt it to the ground to prevent it from rocking.

Mouse Pad: With purchase you will get an extra large mouse pad.


Installation: The brackets cannot change position in case you need the cup holder on the other side, for example.

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2. Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus Gaming Table

Trust has what could be the best value for money gaming table in our list with its GXT711 Dominus model.

It is a model that measures 73.5 x 115 x 76 centimeters, with a weight of 19 kilograms. As you can see, it is a wide table to place the monitor and the tower on it if you wish or 2 monitors. The panel is made of MDF and has a steel frame that reinforces the entire structure.

On the other hand, the Trust gaming PC table offers you holes to put the cables, as well as a couple of hooks with double-sided adhesive, with which you can hold them so that they are hidden from view.

In addition, you can make use of a hook and a coaster that will help keep the surface clean and free to avoid any scratches or spills that could affect the integrity of the table.

Trust offers you one of the cheapest gaming tables and it could be just what you needed for your computer:


Edge: This model features a front edge cut at an angle that will allow you to get closer to the monitor.

Wide: It is quite wide and has enough space to install 2 monitors without problems.

Coasters: Thanks to the integrated coaster on the table, you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink on the keyboard.

Hook: You can hang your headset on the hook to avoid tangles with the cable.


Marks: You must be careful when dragging any object on it, since it is easily marked.

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gaming computer table

3. CoolBox Gaming Table Deepmaster USB LED-RGB

Another good gaming computer table is that of Coolbox with its model COO-DGMOB02.

This alternative in gaming tables stands out for having a sporty design that will attract the attention of any video game fan. Its size is 118 x 67 x 18.5 centimeters and it has both a cup rest and a headset hook.

It has a robust construction and resistant materials such as steel, ABS plastics, aluminum alloy and MDF have been used for the construction of the table, so it offers a quite robust and durable finish. In addition, it has a carbon fiber finish that makes it non-slip.

In addition to this, the CoolBox product has a storage drawer where you can hide the cables of your monitor, keyboard and mouse to maintain a more organized aesthetic, as well as holes with trims to pass them through the table.

Since CoolBox could be the best brand of gaming tables, here you will have more details regarding your product:


LED: This model has LED lighting on its edges for a more striking and competitive style.

Texture: The texture of carbon fiber is pleasant to the touch and to the eye, as it gives it a professional look.

Materials: The table’s manufacturing materials are robust, reliable and durable so you can use it for a long time.

Cables: You can hide the cables in a storage drawer to maintain the aesthetics.


Hook: Although it has a hook to hang the headset, it is not as resistant as others.

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4. AeroCool ACD2 Steel Frame Mat

Another option that may be among the best gaming tables of 2022 is the AeroCool ACD2 model.

The ACD2 is a gaming table that has a size of 75 x 140 x 60 centimeters and a carbon fiber finish that makes it non-slip, as well as attractive. It has a hook to hang the headset under the table, as well as a cup holder on the right side and the holes to store the cables of your devices.

On the other hand, the ACD2 gaming computer table is quite easy to assemble, as it comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, so you will not need much time to get it ready and install everything. In addition, the purchase includes a special mat capable of covering the entire upper panel so that the finish does not wear out and you have more space to move your mouse.

If you still haven’t been able to decide which gaming table to buy, here are some advantages and disadvantages of the AeroCool model:


Structure: The structure is made of steel, making it a robust and resistant table.

Cables: The top panel has holes so you can hide the cables for your peripherals.

Assembly: Following the instructions, the assembly is quite simple and you can have it ready in no time.

Finishes: It has a carbon fiber finish that, in addition to being of good quality, also makes it attractive.


Lighting: Unlike other models, this table does not have LED lighting.

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gaming desk table

5. Soges 140 x 65 Gaming Desk Computer

In case you have not been able to decide which is the best gaming table, we present you with an attractive and easy option to consider: Soges ST-140BK.

This option in gaming tables has a structure made of steel and ABS plastics, and can withstand a load of up to 150 kilograms, remaining among the most resistant on the list.

Also, the Soges gaming desk table has carbon fiber as a coating for the top panel and includes a waterproof XL mat, where you can rest your mouse.

It has a size of 120 x 60 x 80 centimeters and integrates several accessories to organize controls, headsets, glasses and cables, helping you to have everything in order. In addition, it should be noted that its design is modern, youthful and sporty in order to better adapt to the taste of today’s players, as well as provide them with the necessary comfort.

If you are interested in the Soges gaming table, now you can find out what other benefits you will find in it:


Controls: You can accommodate your video game controls on the vertical support of the Soges table.

Capacity: Its robust structure allows it to support a weight of up to 150 kilograms.

Mousepad: The purchase of the table comes with a mousepad so you can use your mouse comfortably.

Tools: You will not need tools, since everything necessary for assembly is included.


Height: Although it is an ergonomic table, it does not have mechanisms that allow you to adjust its height to adapt it to your needs.

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6. Eureka Ergonomic i1 Ergonomic Gaming Desk

A practical alternative if you are looking for a good gaming desk could be the one offered by Eureka Ergonomic with the i1.

This ergonomically designed gaming table has dimensions of 112.7 x 61.3 x 76.2 centimeters with a weight of 18.5 kilograms. It features carbon coating on the panel to offer a nice textured finish, plus space to mount up to a 40” monitor.

Structurally, the table has a gamer-style frame on the sides that gives it a sporty style. It offers support to locate electronic gadgets, as well as ports to pass cables and a storage box to store them under the table.

In addition, it should be noted that the body of the table is made of steel to last for a long time and has leveling feet that will facilitate its adaptation to the space where you are going to install it, so that you enjoy stability.

Being an ergonomic model, this gaming table will provide you with comfort and a series of advantages that you can learn about below:


Structure: The Eureka Ergonomic model has legs made of steel to support the weight without problems.

Support: It has a special support so you can place your mobile phone when you are on the PC.

Cables: The holes for the cables have trims that hide the installation while maintaining order.

Feet: The feet can be leveled according to the ground to improve stability and avoid unbalance when placing the monitor.


LED: It does not have LED lighting to increase the gaming sensation when using the table.

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LED gaming table

7. DlandHome Gaming Table Computer Desk

If you do not want to spend too much money, the DlandHome gaming table could be of interest to you, since it is one of the cheapest models, but do not be fooled by the price because it has a lot to offer.

This product has an ergonomic, practical and useful design for a PC gamer, since it has support for peripherals, armor details on the edges to increase the gamer style. Also, the table has an RGB LED lighting system to light up in various colors and 2 operating modes: monochrome and loop light so you can choose the one you like best.

On the other hand, the DlandHome LED gaming table is spacious and resistant, measuring 120 x 64 x 76 centimeters and being able to support up to 150 kilograms, which are distributed on two laminated steel legs with an angular arm.

The DlandHome gaming table may be a viable alternative to install your computer, so we recommend you get to know it better:


Capacity: In this gaming table you can easily install 2 monitors, since it can support 150 kilograms of weight.

Lighting: The RGB LED lighting system offers several modes for you to play with the lights.

Structure: It has a structure with steel legs that will increase the stability of the table.

Anti- slip: Carbon fiber on the top panel makes it anti-slip.


Coasters: It does not have a coaster to place the drink, although you can use a headset hook.

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8. Woxter Stinger Gaming Desk Elite Desktop Gaming Table

If you want to invest money in an LED gaming table, we recommend you consider the Woxter Stinger furniture.

This option’s main feature is having a raised base to place the monitor, which is a detail that is unusual in this type of table. Its dimensions are 120 x 60 x 87 centimeters, so you will have more than enough space.

In addition to the base, the table also has a support for mobile phones, glasses, headsets and game controllers, so you can have everything at hand in an orderly manner. It has LED lighting and has 3 integrated USB 3.0 ports for connecting devices to the PC.

As for its manufacture, the structure is made of cold-rolled steel while the panel is made of melamine with ABS plastics, offering a good level of resistance so that you can use it with complete confidence in your day-to-day life.

Below, you can take a look at the highlights of this Woxter gaming table:


Base: The elevated base of this gaming table makes it ergonomic to install the monitor, since it would be positioned at eye level.

Controls: You can have your video game controls organized in the vertical support.

Accessories: The table offers a hook to hang the headset and a coaster for your drink.

Support: You can place your mobile phone on the support under the monitor to have it in sight.


Finishes: The manufacturing finishes could be improved to increase the durability of the table.

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Adjustable gaming table

9. Oplite Supreme Desk Gaming Table

If you are looking for a table that allows you to adjust its height, we advise you to consider the Oplite Supreme Desk product, since it has a rotating lever to take the panel from 75 centimeters to 124 centimeters in height.

The table itself has dimensions of 160 centimeters long and 80 centimeters wide, being a wide and comfortable option in case you need to install more than one monitor or have the computer tower on it.

For its part, the core of the panel is made of MDF and is 2.1 centimeters thick, which allows it to support a weight of approximately 50 kilograms and has a sufficient level of robustness for domestic use.

In addition, it should be noted that the adjustable gaming table also has a drawer to store the cables, along with 3 cutouts that will allow you to pass them through it, to be even more discreet and have your entire set tidy.

Oplite offers you a practical, comfortable gaming table with more advantages than you could imagine:


Adjustable: The most remarkable thing about this model is the lever with which you can change the height of the table as you wish.

Assembly: The assembly is simple thanks to the clear instructions and is even complemented by videos on YouTube.

Cables: It has cutouts so you can discreetly run cables under the table.

Storage: You can organize the cables without leaving them in sight thanks to the storage basket.


Supports: This model does not have supports for controller, headset or cups.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a good desk to organize your belongings and install your gaming computer is necessary if you want to enjoy a comfortable experience when playing games, working, studying or surfing the internet. Below, you will find a guide to buying the best gaming table with the intention of helping you choose the most practical one for you.

gaming table design

A gaming table differs from a conventional PC desk due to its design and layout. This type of furniture is focused on satisfying the requirements of players, so they usually have ample space, as well as adjustment mechanisms and accessories for peripherals.

In a comparison of gaming tables you will notice that many users focus on the design of the table, but not so much from an aesthetic point of view, but rather practical. Comfort is needed to be able to enjoy a video game on the PC, mainly due to the fact of sitting in front of a monitor.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to know aspects such as the dimensions of the table, since this way you will be able to calculate if there is enough space to accommodate your peripherals. On the other hand, if you want to go further, you can consider tables that have lighting systems, offering you an extra level of customization.

Manufacturing materials

How much it costs is one of the details that most often concerns buyers looking for a good and cheap gaming table. However, there are so many alternatives available that you can afford to evaluate the one that offers the best value for money, considering its manufacturing materials. In addition to this, you need to make sure that the table you choose has a sturdy construction capable of withstanding the weight of your equipment, as well as daily use.

In the category of gaming tables, we advise you to choose those that have a resistant structure made of materials such as wood and steel. These offer greater load capacity, as well as better stability when installing the entire gaming set.

In addition, you cannot ignore the care of the table and, in this sense, you should choose a model that you can easily clean without the risk of damaging or wearing down the surfaces.

Loading capacity

The load capacity of the gaming table is a determining factor that you must study in detail when choosing which one to buy. Most of the models usually specify how much weight they can support without problems, so you should make sure to base the capacity of the gaming table according to your type of tower and the number of devices you want to have on it.

In the case of gaming tables, in general, a model that can support a minimum of 50 kilograms of weight is sought, although this level is focused more on laptops. If you have a tower and you want to have it on the table, maybe one that can support more than 100 kilograms is more convenient for you. In this way you will not have to worry about overloading it when placing all the equipment and, in turn, you will not force the structure to extend its useful life.

mounting requirements

As it would be with any other table for the computer, the gaming ones also require assembly for the most part, which is why you should check that they include all the necessary elements, as well as having a couple of tools at home that will facilitate the task..

However, you will probably like to know that there are purchase options that include their respective tools so that you do not have to spend extra money when setting up your gaming table. In this sense, it is also practical to include an instruction manual with the instructions fully identified to avoid confusion during assembly.

Available Accessories

The accessories that integrate a gaming table can become the most practical tools for your computer. Some models have special hooks designed so you can hang your headset there, keeping everything in order and accessible. A coaster could also come in handy, as this way you can have your drink nearby without the risk of it spilling and damaging any of your devices.

On the other hand, you cannot overlook one of the most practical accessories to have a well-organized gaming desk: the storage drawer. These compartments are designed to help you hide your cables, offering outlets to help connect them to the tower discreetly. They are very useful for taking care of wiring, in addition to maintaining aesthetics and order by having everything installed on the table.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a gaming table?

When you already have your gaming table, the first thing will be to identify the parts and follow the instructions in the instruction manual to know which one goes first and where. After you have organized them you can assemble by installing the legs making sure to put enough pressure on each screw as this will increase the stability of the table so you can use it with more confidence.

Proceed to also install the accessories respecting their positioning and you will have everything ready to accommodate your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound system and any other set you want to have on your gaming table.

Q2: How to connect the LED lights of the gaming table?

Gaming tables that include LED lighting systems can be connected to the computer via a USB cable. This, in addition to providing power for lighting, will also allow you to interact with the LED lights, either to change their color, operating mode or adjust the intensity.

Q3: How to make a gaming table?

If you want to make your own gaming table, you will need several melamine boards of different sizes. For the table itself, you can use a 80 x 45 centimeter plank, while the legs should be 70 centimeters high by 38 centimeters wide and the 2 bolsters 63 centimeters long.

Proceed to join one of the supports to the base of the table and this will serve as a guide to assemble the legs. Join the pieces with screws and wood glue, so that the structure is robust so that it can support the weight without forgetting to install the second support, at a height of 20 centimeters to add resistance to the legs.

When you already have the structure assembled, you can start sanding the wood to paint it the color of your choice and finish with a layer of varnish that is responsible for keeping everything as new for longer.

Q4: How to adjust the height of a gaming table?

To change the height of a gaming table, it must first have a mechanism that allows it to be adjusted, whether it is a special position of its legs or even a pulley that will be responsible for raising or lowering it.

In the first case, you can play with the inclination of these by nailing them in the different spaces of the base, which will allow you to change the height of the table according to your needs and comfort. In the second case, the steps to adjust it are simpler, since you will only have to turn the lever until the desired position is reached.

Q5: How to organize a gaming table?

Organizing a gaming table will depend exclusively on the particular taste and needs of each player. In general, the designs of this type of table urge to place the monitor in the center, since this way you have access to the peripherals and devices that will be used with the PC.

Arrange your keyboard and mouse in the most comfortable position to control the pointer, as well as play your favorite video games. When installing the tower, and if the table has a storage drawer, you can accommodate the cables inside here to have a more orderly and neat appearance.

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