The 9 Best Handheld Consoles of 2022

Portable Console – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The world of gaming has options for everyone, and the best thing about this is that each one of them has been manufactured to provide hours of fun. Due to this, the market for portable consoles is quite broad and has various alternatives to suit all tastes and needs. Those who want an economical but practical and functional product have options such as the Ital Mini Arcade, which faithfully reproduces one of these classic machines, inside which we have up to 250 classic games. More current is the Sony PS Vita, suitable for those who want something more exclusive and of quality, such as an Internet connection and games that require more complex controls.

The 9 Best Portable Consoles – Opinions 2022

Your days can be full of fun, no matter where you are, if you own a portable console. However, choosing the right one requires you to sit down and think and study the different alternatives on the market.

retro portable console

1. Ital Portable Arcade Mini Arcade Console with 250 Games

One of the main memories that those who use retro consoles have are the same old games. Today, it’s easy to take them wherever you want with this retro portable console from Ital, which has a total of 250 games in its memory. These are distributed among those of platforms, sports or puzzles, with a very fun offer.

The console is just as good inside as it is out, thanks to a design inspired by those more traditional arcade machines. Its color screen is 2.5 inches diagonal and both the joystick and the button panel are included in the cabinet, to have fun playing the usual classics.

As for its general measurements, the console has a size of 15 centimeters high by 9 wide and 8.8 deep. It works with 4 simple AA batteries, which give it a range of about 4 hours. What is expected in a model that competes to be the best portable console in its segment.

So that you have all the necessary information clear before buying your next portable console, we will tell you what you should know about this model.


Games : The console has 250 different games, including many classics.

Screen : The screen is in color, it is 2.5 inches diagonal and has a good resolution.

Cabinet : The cabinet of the console faithfully reproduces that of the old arcade machines.

Volume : The volume of the product is adjustable according to what you need.

Power : The console works with 4 simple AA batteries, which give it a range of about 4 hours.


Size : Because the game buttons are not very large, it can make it a bit difficult to use.

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Sony portable console

2. Ps Vita WiFi Console 1004

When it comes to finding the best portable console, user opinions vary. However, many choose a Sony portable console, such as the PS Vita model, due to its qualities. Among them, its touch sensor on the back stands out, which provides a more immersive game with greater possibilities.

Its structure is one of the most ergonomic and practical, since it has two button pads and also two joysticks that will allow fluid and precise movements. This is great for shooter, racing, and action games. In addition, its structure of 21 x 21 x 6 centimeters and the weight of 288.55 grams facilitate its use and handling.

As if this were not enough, this console supports WiFi connection to be able to surf the internet and use multiplayer functions. Additionally, it serves as an extra controller for PS4 consoles, allowing remote play.

Thanks to its different qualities and to being manufactured by Sony, this could be the best portable console of the moment.


WiFi: The WiFi connection, in addition to allowing online gameplay, also provides the ability to surf the Internet.

Controller: This handheld console can also work as a controller for PS4 consoles. Giving you the opportunity to play remotely.

Structure: The structure of the PS Vita is quite ergonomic and practical, due to its joysticks and buttons. To this is added the touch panel.


Price: Due to the brand and the quality of the console, it has a somewhat high cost compared to other models.

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nintendo handheld console

3. Nintendo 3Ds Console New 2Ds XL

Buying a Nintendo portable console like the 2DS will not only give you a quality device, with a 4.88-inch screen with bright colors and a weight of only 260 grams so you can enjoy the games as it should. It will also allow you to play all Nintendo exclusives and access the vast catalog of video games available for the console, including those made for the Nintendo 3DS.

In addition to this, this device is compatible with amiibo figures, in order to unlock features of certain games. You just have to place them on the touch screen, a hallmark feature of Nintendo DS systems.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the ergonomic structure of the console, which incorporates a joystick to improve the fluidity of movements, a microphone and a camera. Finally, the offer includes a 4 GB SD card, stylus, power adapter, instruction manual and 6 RA cards.

When it comes to the best brand of portable consoles, many will name Nintendo, as it is a company that always innovates like with this 2DS XL model.


Games: This console has one of the largest game catalogs on the market. Compatible with all Nintendo exclusives.

Touch: The touch screen is one of the most relevant features of this console, as it allows different game modes.

Screen: The size of the screen facilitates the correct visualization of all the details of the video game.


Hinge: With constant use, young children could wear down the hinge. You need to be careful.

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Lexibook portable console

4. Disney Frozen L2365FZ Cyber ​​Arcade Console

If you are looking for cheap but quality products, then buying a Lexibook portable console can be a good choice. In this case, this model can be a very good gift for children who love Frozen, as it is a console with a complete design of the film that also shows images of Elsa and Anna.

As for the games, this console comes with 140 classic video games from different categories like adventure, logic, sports, and arcade. However, what stands out the most is the inclusion of 10 Frozen video games for the big fans.

With a size of 11.78 x 8.8 x 2.25 centimeters and a weight of 100 grams, this console will be easy to transport. However, despite its small size, it has enough space to play comfortably using the joystick, the arrows and enjoying the 2.4” color screen.

Those who want to get an easy to use, fun and cheap console can find a good alternative in this product.


Frozen: Exclusive Frozen games and beautiful, movie-inspired console design are big pluses for fans.

Dimensions: The size and light weight of the product allow its easy use and mobilization, to be able to take it everywhere.

Categories: The 150 games included have different categories to have the most fun without settling for just one type of video game.


Batteries: Being a console that needs 3 AAA batteries, it will be necessary to invest more money to buy the batteries.

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Other products

5. Cxyp Handheld Game Console 3000 Retro Games

Among the cheapest and best portable consoles of 2022 you can find this Cxyp model, which is a fairly complete device to offer you all kinds of fun in one place.

This console, with an ergonomic structure and a 4.3” screen, comes with a varied catalog of 3,000 games, so you always have something new to play. In addition to that, it supports Sega, NES, SFC, GB, GBC, GBA, Neogeo and CPS formats; therefore, you will be able to download video games using the 16 GB miniSD card included in the purchase. On the other hand, to enjoy the sound you can use headphones or listen through the speakers.

However, in addition to playing, with this console you can read electronic books, listen to music and watch videos, record sounds and even view photos. Additionally, on the back you can find a camera to save the best moments.

More than a console, this is a multimedia device that could be the best option for those who want to have everything in one place.


Versatile: With this device you can read, play games, listen to music and perform other activities easily and comfortably.

Games: The collection of 3,000 games and the possibility of downloading more make it one of the most complete consoles on the market.

Double: This product can be used in a portable way, but also can be connected to the TV to have fun on the big screen.


Buttons: The buttons are not as smooth as other models, so a little more effort is required when playing.

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6. Qumox 64Bit Handheld Game Console 4.3 Inch

In case you don’t know which is the best portable console for you and you are undecided, it’s not a bad idea to get an all-in-one that offers much more than just games. This is the case of this Qumox model, which has been manufactured with various qualities, such as the ability to record voice, play videos and music, read electronic books, use the calculator and the calendar, among other things.

With a light structure and a 4.3-inch screen, you can enjoy various games comfortably, using the joystick and soft button pads that will facilitate all gaming sessions. In addition to that, this gadget supports AV output to connect to a TV and enjoy the game on a big screen.

Finally, in addition to being able to play the hundreds of games included in the console, you can also download some and save them on the 8GB memory card included in the purchase.

When it comes to getting more for less, this handheld game console is a great example, as it’s affordable and offers a number of positive qualities.


TV: With an AV cable it is possible to connect this device to the TV to watch the games on the big screen.

Multifunctional: This versatile console offers different functions so you can enjoy an entire multimedia team.

Memory: The inclusion of an 8GB memory card will allow you to download different games comfortably.


Language: Certain games included in the console are not in Spanish, which could complicate the game time.

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7. Famed Handheld Game Console Video Game Machine

Both children and adults will be able to enjoy this portable video game console, so if you are looking for a device for the whole family, this could be the right one. Configurable in 9 languages, this console could be considered a versatile multimedia device, as it offers an eBook reader, voice recorder, video and image viewer, calendar, calculator, clock and even has a camera.

As if this were not enough, this product also supports various game formats that you can easily download to its 8 GB memory. Among them are GBA, SFC, GBS, etc. formats. However, if you don’t want to, you can simply enjoy the 3,000 included classic games.

Its 1500 mAh rechargeable battery offers continuous use of up to 8 hours, both on the go or using the console with the TV, thanks to the AV connection. The ergonomic structure, with a 4.3-inch screen, will allow you to enjoy games in complete comfort.

Among the cheapest options on the market you can find this Famed alternative, which stands out for its versatility and ease of use.


Functions: The additional functions of this console make it a very practical and versatile multimedia device.

Battery: The 1500 mAh battery will allow you to use this product for up to 8 hours at a time, avoiding interrupting your gaming sessions.

Memory: This console comes with 8 GB memory so you can save various games in supported formats.


Instructions: This product does not come with an instruction manual in Spanish, which could make it difficult to use.

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8. Anbernic RG351P Handheld Game Consoles Open Source

If you are tired of your console turning off in the middle of a game due to lack of batteries, then this is a good model for you, since it is a device with a 3,500 mAh battery that will support up to 8 hours of continuous games. In addition, with its USB cable you can get a fast charge.

So that you don’t get bored at any time, this console comes with a 64 GB memory card, so you can download games with formats from PSP, N64, PS1, NDS and other platforms. In addition to that, the device has a catalog of 2,500 games so you always have a new one to play.

To better enjoy the sounds of the game, it is possible to use headphones that have a 3.5 mm cable or, if you prefer, you can also enjoy the powerful speakers of the device. Finally, it is worth noting the small, light and safe structure that this portable console has.

Those who want a wide range of games and don’t know which portable console to buy can find a good product in this offer from Anbernic.


Protector: The 3.5-inch screen comes with a tempered glass protector that prevents damage from drops or scratches.

Games: In addition to the catalog of 2,500 games that this console has, the purchase comes with a 64 GB memory card to download more titles.

Fast charging: With this device you will not have to wait long to obtain a maximum charge.


RAM: With only 1 GB of RAM, some games may not run as smoothly as others.

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9. Lexibook Cyber ​​Arcade Pocket Handheld Console

To obtain a good entertainment option, it is not necessary to invest large amounts of money and this is demonstrated by this offer, which could be the best value for money portable console. Although it is small, this product will provide quite a few hours of fun on the go, because with a 1.8-inch LCD screen, it will fit anywhere with ease.

On the other hand, by inserting the three AAA batteries that are needed, you can turn on the console and enjoy each of the 150 games that are included in it. All of these are divided into different categories like sport, logic, action, adventure, and arcade.

Regarding the type of users, thanks to its resistant structure and its simple organization, this console is suitable for children from 3 years of age. The front part has two action buttons, an arrow pad and the buttons to turn on, reset and adjust the volume of games.

This console is functional for younger children and for those who want a portable device with several games of various categories.


Simple: To play on this device you only need to press two action buttons and directional arrows, so the little ones can play easily.

Games: The 150 classic games included in the portable console will guarantee several hours of fun.

Structure: This artifact has a fairly small and light structure, so it will not be a problem to transport it.


Batteries: Running on three AAA batteries, this console will incur future costs to replace them when they wear out.

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Shopping guide

The world of portable consoles is quite wide, so it is worth studying the options carefully in order to make a good choice. The games available, the features included and even the size of the console can directly influence the experience you can have with it. Therefore, take your time making the comparison.


The goal when checking out a guide to buying the best portable console is to find the most suitable device to play various video games, specifically away from a television and wherever you are. However, the type of games you can enjoy varies depending on the model in question.

If you want to have a lot of classic games to pass the time from time to time, then it is possible to find a good and cheap portable console that suits your desires. Generic consoles, that is, those that are not manufactured by companies with video game licenses, have several titles installed to play as soon as you have them with you. This amount can vary between about 50 video games up to 3000, in certain cases.

Some of these models also include memory cards of 8 GB or more, so you can install extra video games that catch your eye. In this sense, the possibility of downloading depends on the console’s compatibility with the format, something you should pay attention to in order to expand the collection.

On the other hand, if you want to have a console to really engage in long gaming sessions and you don’t care exactly how much it costs, then it is recommended to buy a product made by Sony or Nintendo. These are the leading companies in this market and because of this, there is a long list of exclusive titles for their consoles that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Therefore, if you are a fan of Mario or Pokémon, it is recommended to purchase a Nintendo console. Whereas, if you prefer a title like Uncharted or God of War, then you’re better off getting a PlayStation Portable console. By not having games installed, you will have to spend more money buying them, but the quality of these will be better than what you could have on a generic console.


Despite the fact that, when making a comparison of portable consoles, a device is sought that allows playing different video games; It is possible to find some models that, in addition to offering this, also have various extra functions. In fact, certain artifacts could be considered multimedia equipment, since they bring qualities that expand the capacity of use that you can give to the device.

The most expensive consoles with exclusive games must have a WiFi or Bluetooth connection to be able to access the multiplayer platforms of certain video games. Some models of this type also allow you to surf the Internet and visit different web pages.

On the other hand, those consoles that do not usually have an online connection replace this quality with the possibility of reading electronic books, viewing and capturing photos and videos or recording voice patterns. In this way, your console will become multifunctional, since it will not only be used to play but to carry out other types of activities.

Some portable consoles, such as the PS Vita, manage to link to desktop consoles such as the PS4, to serve as an extra controller or to take the game from the TV to the small portable screen. Others, on the contrary, have an AV cable connection to transfer the games from the console to the big screen.


Last but not least if you value your comfort, it is necessary to pay attention to the structure of the consoles.

The ones that are most recommended are those that bring joysticks with them, as this facilitates their use with complex video games, whether they are shooting or racing, thanks to the fluidity of movement. These should preferably be accompanied by triggers and pads with at least four buttons. There are simpler consoles, however, these can only be used with classic and simple games.

Another important quality is the quality of the screen and its size, as this is what will allow the games to be displayed in great detail and with sharp colors so you don’t miss a thing. Certain devices come with tempered glass protection to protect the screen, and this is an add-on you should consider.

Finally, do not forget to check the dimensions and also the weight of the portable consoles, because the lighter and smaller they are, the easier it will be to transport them anywhere. This way you will get a practical and comfortable device.

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