The 9 Best Light Rings of 2022

Ring of light – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Nowadays, smartphones have high-capacity cameras that, together with the rise of social networks, begin to take advantage of the front lenses to make videos and, in these cases, the LED light rings provide efficient, elegant lighting with good results.. First of all, we recommend you to evaluate the Elegiant 10.2” model, a ring light that has a tripod to support it and, in turn, also your phone. Second, you could check Neewer 10087109. This light ring offers a high level of brightness and comes with interchangeable accessories that will allow you to take advantage of it.

The 9 Best Rings of Light – Opinions 2022

One of the most practical tools to make the most of your mobile phone camera and even digital or SLR cameras are ring lights, as they can provide adjustable artificial lighting to take pictures and record videos. Below, we present several purchase options if you need to purchase one of these for your devices.

light ring for mobile

1. Elegant LED Ring Light Desktop Photography

Elegiant has a kit that some consider to be the best price-quality ring light, since it has interchangeable elements that make it very practical for photos and videos.

The Elegiant mobile ring light is 10.2” wide enough for you to mount your phone on the center stand without blocking your view. It has 160 LED bulbs incorporated and the color temperature can be adjusted between 2,700k and 5,500k, with the help of its integrated control.

To support itself, it comes mounted on an adjustable tripod with which you can determine the height of the equipment, in addition to having a tilting base, to direct the lighting.

As for the support for the smartphone, it has a height of 12.8 centimeters and can be expanded between 5.1 and 8.1 centimeters, depending on the screen size of your device.

Bearing in mind that it is possibly the best light ring of the moment, now we invite you to review its most relevant pros and cons:


Bulbs: This alternative is equipped with more than a hundred LED bulbs, to provide enough light.

Colors: You can select between different colors, depending on the tone you want your video or photo to have.

Brightness: It is possible to regulate the brightness, allowing you to choose between several levels of intensity.

Bracket: The tripod has a built-in universal bracket, where you can easily mount your phone.


Leveling: Handling the tripod feet can be cumbersome when leveling, so be careful.

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2. AUTOPkio Selfie Ring Light Lighting

AUTOPkio is a brand that offers you an option that could be the best light ring for mobile phones with which you can take advantage of your smartphone’s camera, since current models are usually of good capacity.

The AUTOPkio 101 ring light has a design that makes it one of the simplest and most practical on the list. Its size is just 10 x 10 x 3 centimeters and it weighs 181 grams, so you can easily place it on your phone, as well as transport it wherever you want.

To install, the ring light for mobile uses a clip of 15 centimeters in length, with which it can be held on the casing of the device, in order to illuminate exactly where the camera is pointed.

One of the cheapest and most portable options is AUTOPkio, which also offers several very interesting pros and cons:


Compact: It is one of the most compact on the list, being comfortable to carry even in your pocket.

Installation: It can be easily mounted on almost any smartphone, thanks to its clip-on design.

Modes: It offers multiple lighting modes, so you can choose the one that best applies to your images.

Power: It can be used without the need to have it connected to a power source, since it is rechargeable.


Autonomy: A negative detail regarding this model is its autonomy, which is low compared to other rings of light.

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3. Mactrem LED Ring Light Dimmable Ring Light

An alternative that some buyers mention, when questioning which is the best ring light, is the Mactrem 6, a device with adjustable power and that includes mounting accessories for its use.

It is a ring light that is accompanied by a quite particular tripod, since it offers individual supports for the ring and the smartphone. In this way, different tones and lighting levels can be obtained when taking photos and videos.

On the other hand, this mobile light ring has a diameter of 6” and works with a system of LED bulbs that allow you to regulate the brightness in 11 different levels, as well as the lighting tone, so you can choose if you prefer a style. with white, warm or yellow light.

Mactrem may one day become the best brand of light rings, so it is useful to consider what its model 6 offers:


Stands: Structural design allows ring and phone to be installed on individual stands.

Remote: It comes with a Bluetooth remote so you can use your smartphone’s camera without having to touch it.

Adjustable: It has several levels of brightness intensity, which you can choose at will.

Feet: The tripod base is stable and reliable, offering a shape capable of distributing weight.


Instructions: It is not accompanied by instructions that tell you how to assemble it, and it can be problematic to install for some users.

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LED ring light

4. Neewer Outdoor LED Ring Light 36W

Neewer 10087109 is among what could be the best ring lights of 2022, mainly considering the variety of accessories included with the purchase and the capacity of the kit itself.

Specifically, in addition to the ring light, the set includes an adjustable tripod to mount it, a support to place the phone, a thread with which you can fix cameras, a Bluetooth controller and a carrying bag.

The ring itself is 14” in size and has a power of 36W, with which it can generate a brightness level of up to 5,500k, to provide all the light you need with your camera.

In addition, Neewer’s LED ring light gives you the ability to adjust the brightness and tint emitted by the bulbs, helping you get the desired effect every time.

If you don’t know which ring light to buy to use with your mobile phone, perhaps reviewing these details will help you decide:


Powerful: The size and power of this ring light makes it very useful for taking selfies and recording videos with the front camera.

Dimmable: You can easily adjust the brightness level to match the surrounding lighting.

Adapter: It has a power adapter to use it wherever you want.

Transport: You can keep it protected by taking advantage of a transport bag with a handle included with the purchase.


Finishes: The manufacturing materials of the tripod and the ring could have better manufacturing finishes, since they feel somewhat fragile to the touch.

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5. Zacro New Aro LED Ring Light

Zacro has an interesting catalog where this model stands out, which is an LED light ring that offers RGB functions, so you can customize the effects in your photos and videos as much as possible.

The ring light can be illuminated in 10 RGB color combinations, as well as white, warm or yellow, as needed, providing both a new approach and a classic style in any type of multimedia content.

It comes mounted on a practical tripod, which can reach a height of 1.6 meters, making it easy to place the ring on different surfaces, be it the floor or a desk. In addition, your purchase also includes a remote control that you can link to your smartphone, to activate the shutter without having to touch it.

Reviewing the positive and negative aspects of a product is an effective tool to make the most of the investment and choose a model capable of satisfying your requirements:


RGB: This model stands out for having RGB lighting, in addition to the tones normally used in rings of light.

Height: Its height can be regulated at various levels, and can reach 1.6 meters.

Control: It has a practical remote control that you can link to your phone via Bluetooth.

Orientation: You can mount the smartphone in a vertical or horizontal position, as you prefer.


Battery: It does not have a rechargeable battery, so you must carry an external power source, such as a power bank, to connect and turn it on.

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ring light for photography

6. Thlevel LED Ring Light with Tripod

Another product that might come up in your search for the best ring light is the Thlevel 188080 model, as it provides eye-catching advantages that would easily captivate any photography enthusiast.

This ring light for photography is 10.2” and works with LED bulbs, which have 10 brightness levels and 3 lighting tones to choose from. Likewise, to manage it, it has a built-in control in the USB cable that supplies it with power, through which you can select the desired light configuration.

It also has its respective tripod, which has an adjustable neck, so you can change the height of the hoop according to your needs. In addition, it should be noted that the smartphone support can also change position and even rotate, resulting in a simple but practical accessory.

When you’re not sure which ring light will work best for you, you can review the pros and cons of each to make a reliable comparison:


Rotation: The tripod stand can rotate 360° to choose the direction of the light.

Tilt: The ring light is mounted on a base that can be tilted, depending on your preferences.

Brightness: You will have multiple brightness levels available to choose from for your lighting.

Colors: The system allows you to select the tone of light emitted by the ring, whether white, yellow or warm.


Thread: You must be careful when tightening the thread that adjusts the mobile phone support, since it is a bit flimsy.

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7. Yoozon Mini Desktop Photo LED Ring Light

From the Yoozon brand, we now present a ring light for photography that you can comfortably use with your mobile, since it offers a practical support system and is accompanied by a remote to operate it.

The ES-W1110 model has an 18-centimeter ring that is installed on an adjustable stand that will allow you to choose the height within a range of 45.8 centimeters to 62.4 centimeters, which is practical for obtaining a good focus.

The hoop itself can rotate 360° within its own stand; so that it will be easy for you to customize the direction of light origination. In addition, on the tripod is the base for the smartphone, which can be expanded to 8.6 centimeters wide and will allow you to place the phone in the appropriate position.

If you have doubts about which ring light model is right for you, we invite you to consider the following pros that you can enjoy with the Yoozon model:


Design: It is a simple but elegant and practical light ring that fulfills its function.

Materials: The base is made of metal, offering resistance and durability for the use of the product.

Height: You can change the height according to your position in front of the camera, obtaining a better focus.

Adjustments: The ring allows you to apply various adjustments to the brightness intensity and light tone.


Base: Keep in mind that the base of the stand does not have a hook for the table or desk, so you must be careful not to tip it over.

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video ring light

8. VicTsing Tripod LED Ring Light

If you specifically need a video ring light, we can recommend evaluating the VicTsing JNVTBH472AB-ESAS1, a model that has quite practical functions to increase the image quality in front of the lens.

This ring light is 10.3” and connects via USB cable to various power sources, which can range from external batteries to power adapters for standard plugs. It offers 10 brightness levels to choose from, as well as 3 light tones, meeting the basic requirements of any photographer.

On the other hand, your purchase comes with a Bluetooth remote, designed to link with your smartphone or digital camera and activate the shutter from a distance, allowing you to take advantage of it to take group photos or selfies, for example.

Below, you will find a selection of the most striking and important aspects regarding this option in light rings for video:


Support: Work with a gooseneck type support to mount the phone, allowing it to be placed in the most suitable position.

Rotation: It is capable of rotating 360 °, providing freedom of use when configuring it.

Shutter: You can activate your camera and take photos or videos from a distance with the Bluetooth remote.

Stable: The design of its base makes it stable, allowing it to be used with confidence in all types of applications.


Height: Keep in mind that the height of the tripod is shorter than in other models of light rings, although this does not affect its operation at all.

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9. Neewer USB LED Ring Light

Among the cheapest products on the list, we now present the Neewer 10095097, a ring light for video and photography that is quite practical and ergonomic.

This model has a built-in ring 25 centimeters in diameter, which works with a series of LED bulbs that provide a minimum brightness of 3,200k and a maximum of 5,600k, being adjustable to suit the user.

On the other hand, the support for the smartphone is striking, since it has a flexible neck, with which you can more easily handle and position the camera focus. In addition, it is adjustable and can be expanded between 5.8 to 8.9 centimeters, to be compatible with various models of smartphones.

Faced with the doubt and indecision of not being able to choose the model that you will take home, considering its strengths and weaknesses may be the solution to your problem:


Consumption: Compared to other models, this light ring has low energy consumption thanks to the type of bulb.

Colors: It’s easy to select the lighting tone, whether you prefer a cool or warm style.

Power: It has a built-in power regulator, to vary the brightness intensity when necessary.

Connection: The USB connector is compatible with multiple devices to provide power to the ring light.


Weight: It is considered that the structure of the tripod should be heavier to counteract the weight of the smartphone, since it can be tilted easily.

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Shopping guide

The light rings are one of the most practical elements that you can take advantage of if you want to take good photographs and especially videos with your mobile phone. In this guide to buying the best ring light, we’ll help you figure out which are the most important features you should check out before spending any money.

light ring design

Many buyers base part of their purchase decision on the design of the equipment, since, in a comparison of light rings, this detail can determine the practicality and usefulness of the device. In addition, as it is a complement designed on many occasions for mobile phones, the aspect of transport is very important.

Continuing with the initial idea, we advise you to take into consideration the size of the ring of light. If you take into account its diameter, you can get a clearer idea about how it will work in complement with your phone. Some models may not be wide enough to avoid camera blockages, which you must identify in time, so as not to waste your money.

Likewise, it is important to mention that you should also check the quality of its manufacturing materials. When working with items such as threads, brackets, clips and tripods, the light rings must offer a certain level of resistance, to avoid breaking in a short time.

When it comes to portability, you can consider alternatives that include carrying bags or cases, although due to the size of smartphone models, this is probably of more ergonomic importance than anything else.

Power and features

One aspect that can easily increase the sale price of a ring light is the power it is capable of offering; Therefore, when asking how much a certain model costs, it is essential to evaluate the cost based on the quality of lighting that the equipment can provide.

Therefore, when you are in front of the different models of light rings, do not forget to take a look at the technical performance details, which should indicate data such as the number of bulbs installed, the shades or colors available and, of course, the minimum and maximum brightness intensity in the case of adjustable light rings.

Support Options

When we mention the support options, we refer to the elements represented by the tripod and the base to support the smartphone. Considering the usefulness of a ring light, these features greatly increase its importance when choosing which one to buy.

For the most part, an inexpensive ring light is accompanied by a tripod, which varies according to the quality of the set in terms of robustness, adjustment mechanisms, height and other characteristics. Due to this, it is relevant to take into consideration its capacity and manufacturing finishes.

Regarding the support designed for the smartphone, the most practical are those that offer compatibility for equipment of different brands and models, as well as screen sizes. However, before choosing any model, you will need to make sure of several things like, for example, that it is compatible with your phone and reliable enough.

Although perhaps you should not worry much about this detail considering that, for the most part, the light rings include their respective support with universal characteristics, which allow them to be used with smartphones of various manufacturers and models.

Energy consumption

Taking into account that the analyzed light rings are mainly designed to be used with smartphones, something that is relevant is the energy consumption and the method used to obtain it. After all, multiple bulbs need to be turned on to provide the minimum level of adequate lighting.

Reviewing this detail, you should be attentive to the autonomy offered by the full charge of your battery or, failing that, the compatibility of the power cable included with the equipment, either USB type or with a power adapter.

Accessories included

A detail that some users overlook when reviewing the light rings available on the market are the accessories that some models include with their purchase. Depending on its type, the benefits can vary quite a bit based on your preferences and how you plan to use the ring light.

An accessory that is usually quite practical for taking photos with your smartphone and a ring light is a remote control. Several models available on the market today have their own remote control, mainly Bluetooth, to link with your mobile device and act as a shutter. In this way, it will be more comfortable for you to take all kinds of photos or videos with your lighting set.

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