The 9 Best Memory Cards of 2022

Memory Card – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Today, there are few things more useful than a memory card. SD cards are an affordable and necessary product, since we use our mobile phones on a daily basis to take photos, receive documents and other activities that consume memory. Luckily, these types of accessories allow us to expand the memory of our devices so that we can use them without fear. In this article we will analyze and compare some of the best memory cards such as the 128 GB SanDisk microSDXC, reliable and with high memory capacity, or the 128 GB Transcend SDC300S, a perfect model for recording cameras.

The 9 Best Memory Cards – Opinions 2022

Aunque las tarjetas SD son accesorios económicos, eso no significa que tengas que comprar la primera que veas. Al contrario, lo mejor es analizar diferentes marcas y productos y escoger solo aquella que concuerde con tus necesidades, ya sea ampliar la memoria de tu teléfono o usarla en cámaras de vigilancia.

Tarjeta de memoria microSD

1. SanDisk UItra tarjeta de memoria microSDXC Clase 10 128 GB

La tarjeta de memoria microSD Sandisk Ultra ofrece un rendimiento altísimo, ya que está certificada como A1, la más rápida para almacenamiento y uso de aplicaciones. Esto la convierte en una gran tarjeta de memoria para móvil, ya que con 128 GB de memoria, te permitirá sacar el mayor partido a todas las apps que instales.

But it does not stop there, it is also a Class 10 card, which means that you can record and play videos in Full HD and take photos at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels without losing any quality. It offers ultra-fast transfer speeds that will allow you to transfer 1,000 photos from your camera to your computer in less than a minute.

In addition, it includes an SD adapter to be able to use the card in old devices and in all those that do not have a microSD slot. It is compatible with all operating systems. All together, it makes it one of the best memory cards of 2022.


Capacity: With 128 GB of memory, the user will be able to record and take as many images as they want, since they will never run out of storage space.

Quality: With A1 and Class 10 certification, it is a high-quality memory card, capable of supporting high-definition images and recordings.

Adapter: The SD adapter allows the user to use the card in any device, not just the latest phones and tablets.

Apps: Being a card with A1 certification, it allows you to take full advantage of mobile apps, since it allows you to launch them at a higher speed.


Errors: Some users have pointed out that the cards can cause read errors if they are subjected to a lot of work.

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SD memory card

2. Transcend SDC300S SDXC Memory Card 128GB

The Transcend SDC300S SD memory card offers very stable performance, is capable of continuous recording and erasing without deterioration, making it one of the best options for those users who are wondering which memory card to buy for a video camera. surveillance or continuous recording.

The card complies with all UHS Speed ​​Class 3 and UHS Video Speed ​​Class 3 standards. It is Class 10 certified, allowing Full HD video and image recording and playback, with a recording speed of 45 MB per second and a speed of of reading of 95 MB per second, which accelerates the transfer of files, as well as the viewing of the same.

In addition, they can be used with RecoveRx software, which allows you to find traces of deleted files and rescue them, so you never lose any documents.


Speed: With a write speed of 45 MB and a read speed of 95 MB, the user will be able to take photos and videos of the best quality.

Resistance : It is a very resistant card, tested in the laboratory to withstand temperatures above -85 ºC.

Capacity : The card has a large storage capacity that will allow you to save all the photos and images you want.

Recovery : Thanks to its RecovRx software you will be able to recover deleted data.


Compatibility: At this point, it is missed that it does not have compatibility with microSD slots.

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kingston memory card

3. Kingston SDCS Canvas Select SD Memory Card 4

The Kingston SDSC Canvas Select memory card has been designed to be the toughest and most reliable. With it, you will be able to record and take all the photographs you want, with the certainty that they will always be safe. It is available in different memory sizes, up to 256GB, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Kingston could be the best brand of memory cards, thanks to its experience in the manufacture of computer equipment and cards of all kinds. These cards are rigorously tested to ensure reliability and durability, even under the most extreme conditions.

It is a Class 10 and UHS 1 card with a reading capacity of 80 MB per second, which makes it a good memory card for a Nikon camera or any camera, since you will be able to take pictures and videos in Full HD and even in 3D, something unthinkable in cheaper models.


Speed: With a transfer speed of 80 MB per second, you can transfer your files from the card to another device in a few seconds.

Quality : Being a Class 10 card with UHS 1 speed, it allows you to obtain recordings and photographs in Full HD and 1080p.

Resistance : It has been tested in laboratories showing that it is waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations, as well as to X-rays.

Capacity : The card has a 128 GB capacity, although it is possible to choose different models of up to 256 GB.


Performance: Although it is compatible with Full HD files, some users have pointed out that if it is pushed too hard, the card can cause errors.

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sony memory card

4. Sony SF-G1U SDXC Card 128GB

The Sony SF-G1U memory card is designed with performance and speed in mind. UHS-I certified, it has a read speed of over 90 MB per second, making it the best memory card for taking still photos and HD video.

The Sony SF-G1U card is available in various memory sizes, from 32 GB to 128 GB so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. It is an SDXC memory card with Class 10 certification and compatible with all types of players, photo and video cameras, tablets, computers and other devices.

They are designed to be durable and, being waterproof, are resistant to splashes, dust and shock, so they can be used in the most extreme conditions.


Endurance: Sony memory cards are designed to be tough and durable, and are waterproof, so they can withstand splashes and dust, as well as bumps.

Speed: It has a transfer speed of 90 MB per second, higher than most cards on the list.

Software: Includes File Rescue, a software that allows you to easily recover damaged or corrupted files.

Compatibility: It is compatible with most operating systems, as well as with electronic devices of all kinds.


Stability: Some users point out that the operation of the card is not very stable, especially when it is subjected to hard or intensive work such as professional photography.

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32GB memory card

5. Netac 32GB micro SDXC memory card

Netac’s 32GB memory card offers ultra-high performance, with UHS-I speed compatibility, offering a write speed of 10MB per second and a read speed of 90MB per second, allowing you to transfer files from one device to another at the highest speed.

In addition, it is a Class 10 memory card, so you can also capture videos and images in high definition and Full HD.

It’s built to last and has been tested to be shock, splash, dust, and X-ray resistant. It’s also magnetically tested, certifying that it won’t erase if brought near a magnetic source.

This could be the best memory card of the moment for mobile devices, since it has the Class A1 certification, which makes it perfect for obtaining the best performance in mobile applications.


Class A1: Being a Class A1 card, it is capable of launching and closing applications faster.

Performance: It is an ideal card for sports and adventure photography, since it obtains great performance and allows Full HD capture.

Speed: With a transfer speed of 90 MB per second, it is one of the fastest cards.

Resistance: It has been tested in the laboratory to resist shocks, splashes, X-rays and even magnetism, which guarantees that you will not lose your data.


Capacity: Although the size of the cards is 32 GB, some users have pointed out that it is actually somewhat smaller. Although it can be a problem, it is solved by formatting the card.

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64GB memory card

6. Samsung EVO Plus Memory Card 64GB

The 64 GB Samsung EVO Plus memory card is one of the most appreciated by users, so it could be the best value for money memory card on the list.

It is a speed grade 3 card, with a write capacity of 60 MB per second and a transfer speed of 100 MB per second. With this speed, you can send a 3 GB video to your computer in less than 40 seconds.

It is a Class 10 card, which will allow you to record videos in Full HD or 4K. With enough space to store up to 34 hours of Full HD videos and more than 50,000 high-resolution photos.

The card includes an SD adapter for compatibility with all devices and is lab-tested to be as durable as possible, ensuring all your files are always safe.


Resistance: The Samsung EVO Plus 64GB memory card is capable of withstanding up to 72 hours submerged in salt water, extreme temperatures, X-rays and magnetic fields.

Speed: With a transfer speed of 100 MB per second, you can move your files between devices in no time.

Compatibility: Thanks to the SD adapter, you can use the card in older devices that do not have a microSD slot.


Performance: Some users have pointed out that, for intensive uses such as adventure or sports photography, the data can become corrupted and cause errors.

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128GB memory card

7. Arcanite 128GB microSDXC Memory Card

The 128GB Arcanite microSDXC memory card offers a read speed of up to 90MB/s and a write speed of up to 45MB/s, enabling high-speed image shooting, and a fast transfer speed, making it possible to spend files from phone to card or PC in seconds.

It is a Class 10 and type A1 High Speed ​​memory card, especially suitable for storing applications, as it offers a very high boot speed and constant operation. The card has an SD adapter, which makes it compatible with all types of tablets, photo and video cameras, as well as phones.

It is a very resistant memory card, tested in the laboratory to withstand water, shock, X-rays and sudden changes in temperature, which guarantees that the data stored will always be safe.


Capacity: With a capacity of 128 GB you will have more than enough space for any use. In addition, the card is available in other memory options up to 512 GB.

Resistance : It is a very resistant card, so it is a good option for all those who are looking for one for photography outings.

Adapter : Although today almost all devices have microSD slots, the adapter expands the compatibility with more devices.


Operation: Some users have pointed out that when recording video in high quality and 4K, the card can have memory problems.

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TF memory card

8. Auanoz Ultra Class 10 TF Memory Card

The Auanoz TF memory card has a UHS-I speed, which allows you to obtain a writing speed of 20 MB per second, with which you can obtain static and moving images with the best resolution and a transfer speed of 80 MB per second. second, to move your files between devices as quickly as possible. In addition, it is a Class 10 card, so you can record videos in Full HD.

Due to its high transfer speed, it is recommended to always use with a USB 3.0 reader or host type device. It is compatible with most operating systems and with all kinds of electronic devices such as phones, photo and video cameras, tablets, PDAs and even sports cameras and DSLRs.

It is one of the cheapest and best performing memory cards. In addition, it is very resistant, since it has been tested to withstand temperatures, water and X-rays.


Resistance: It is a very resistant card, which supports very high temperatures, as well as shocks, dust and water.

Capacity: With 128 GB of capacity, you can store a large number of images and videos, enough even for professional use.

Compatibility: It is compatible with most devices and operating systems, and thanks to the SD adapter you can use it on older devices.

Speed: With 80 MB per second of transfer and its Class 10, you will be able to transfer your files to the computer in a few seconds without losing quality.


Errors: Some users have pointed out that, in demanding jobs, the card may stop working or give errors.

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Compact Flash memory card

9. Lexar Professional Compact Flash 1066x 32GB

The Lexar 32GB 1066x Compact Flash Memory Card features UDAM 7 technology that delivers a transfer speed of 1066x or 160MB per second, one of the highest on our list.

If you have ever wondered what is the best memory card for professional photography and video, this could be the one you are looking for. It captures high-quality images and videos in Full HD at 1080p, 3D and 4K and also supports the VPG-65 professional-quality video performance standard.

It is very resistant, since it has been tested in the laboratory to be able to withstand the most extreme conditions and, in addition, it includes Image Rescue software, which will allow you to recover any deleted file.


UDAM 7: The UDAM 7 system offers a much higher transfer speed than usual in other memory cards.

Professional Video: The card meets VPG-65 specifications for professional-quality video.

Performance: You get the best performance when recording videos and taking professional photos and in all qualities, up to 4K.


Format: The Compact Flash format is not as widely used, so it may not be compatible with your camera.

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Shopping guide

After our comparison of memory cards, in which we have analyzed the best models, we are going to explain what you should look for before buying one of these cards. In this purchase guide, you will discover the keys to buying the card that best suits your needs and your pocket.

card type

Although most memory cards have adapters that will allow you to use them in almost any device, it is important to know the different types of memory cards that exist. Today, three types of cards can be found on the market, depending on their size: SD, mini SD and micro SD, also called TF or transflash.

SD cards were the first to appear on the market, so they are considered an old-fashioned model, although they are still used. They have dimensions of 32 mm high, 24 mm wide and 21 mm thick. This format is the most common among photographers and camcorders, in part because they are big enough not to lose them, but small enough not to take up too much space.

Mini SD cards were the first slightly smaller evolution of traditional SD cards, but they have long since become obsolete and are no longer used today. Micro SD are the most common format today, since they are used in electronic devices such as smartphones, game consoles and tablets. They are 15mm high, 11mm wide and 10mm thick.

Depending on the type of device in which you are going to use it, you must choose one type or another. Remember that micro SDs usually have adapters, which will allow you to use them in SD slots, but the opposite will not happen, so when in doubt, it will always be better to choose a micro SD.

In turn, micro SD are divided into: micro SD, micro SDHC and micro SDXC. The micro SD are obsolete, since their maximum capacity was 2GB. The micro SDHC have capacities from 2 to 32 GB and Fat32 system that prevents recording files of more than 4GB on them. Finally, the micro SDXC, the most recent, have capacities that can reach 2 TB and an exFAT system that eliminates writing limitations.

Finally, if what you are looking for is a specific card for a photography camera, the best are Compact Flash or CF, with capacities that exceed 2 TB and a transmission speed much higher than traditional memory cards.


We continue this guide to buy the best memory card by explaining this factor, which can be complex. The class of memory cards indicates the minimum writing speed of a card. The class is indicated by an icon on the card itself with a number: 2, 4, 6 or 10. Even if a card has a high class, if its transfer speed is low, it will be slow. The class only expresses the minimum guaranteed speed, but the transfer speed is expressed in MB per second.

It is best to always buy Class 10 cards, which have a minimum speed of 10 MB per second, one of these cards will be good and cheap and will meet most needs. Class 6 offers 6 MB per second and so on up to Class 2.

Recently, Class V memory cards, that is, Video Speed ​​Class, have appeared. These cards meet all the requirements for video recording in all its qualities: 4K, 8K, 3D and 360º virtual reality. The speed of these cards is expressed by “Vson” which can range from V6 to V90, the former being a minimum speed of 6 MB per second and the latter 90 MB per second.

card capacity

How much capacity should I buy the card? Well, as always, it depends. The memory capacity will affect how much the card costs, so you must be very clear about what you are going to use it for. Nowadays, mobile phones have set the minimum internal memory standard at 64GB, so any card below that will be small.

Today, 64GB cards are the best value for money for home or “off-road” use. However, for professional use, 128 or 256 GB cards are best, as they will allow you to store more information, take more photos or shoot more video without having to change cards. In the same way, those users who are looking for a card for a game console should choose models of 128GB or higher, if they want to have enough space.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a memory card?

Memory cards allow you to store files, whether they are documents or photos and videos that you have taken with your photo or video camera or your own mobile phone. In this sense, the capacity of the card will mark the quantity and volume of these files, so a 32 GB card will allow you to record many hours of video and store more than 50,000 photographs.

Q2: How can I recover photos from a memory card?

Some memory cards on the market include some software that will help you recover deleted files, these software have a very simple interface and when you insert the card, it will show you the complete and incomplete files. Incomplete files are those that have been deleted or damaged and, thanks to these programs, you will be able to recover them.

Other cards do not have these programs, but luckily, there are many applications that you can download such as Diskdigger, one of the most used and complete. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Android and is capable of recovering not only photos, but also videos, music, and all kinds of documents.

Q3: How to put a memory card?

Memory cards are very easy to use. Most of the time, you just have to place them in the slot indicated for them and start using them. The cards are designed to be inserted in a specific way, so you will have to place them on the correct side, insert them until you hear a “click” and that’s it.

Some devices may ask you to format the card if it is the first time you use it. Remember that formatting will erase all the data it contains, so be careful when doing this process.

To remove the card, in most cases, you will only have to push the SD card down, so that it is released and you can take it out. This is the most common mechanism in still and video cameras. In phones, where microSD-type cards are usually used, these are usually mounted on guides and, to extract them, you will only have to remove the guide.

Q4: How to unlock a memory card?

SD-type memory cards have a locking system, a switch located in the upper left corner. When activated, the card will be blocked and you will not be able to record anything on it. This is a way to protect the contents of the card, preventing accidental formatting or deletion of contents.

To unlock a memory card, it will be enough to deactivate this switch again, usually, it will be enough to move it up with your finger.

Q5: How to transfer photos to memory card?

On Android systems, transferring photos from the internal storage to the SD card is very simple, as all you have to do is go to Settings and look for the “Storage” option. In it, an option called “Transfer data to SD card” will appear, which allows you to transfer all the photos and videos automatically.

Q6: Can an SD card be used as internal memory?

Yes, it is possible to use SD cards as internal memory, although for this, it is convenient that they be cards of class 10 or higher. To do so, simply insert the memory card into an Android terminal and look for the phone’s settings section.

Once in it, you must scroll through the options until you find “Portable storage”, within the phone’s storage options. Next, you must click on the drop-down options at the top and select “Storage settings”.

Once inside, you will have to select “Format as internal”, so the Android system will format the memory card and use it as internal memory, although you must bear in mind that selecting this option will erase everything contains the card, so you must be careful. You just have to select “Format SD card”, this process can take several minutes and, when finished, that memory card will only work with that terminal.

When finished, the message will be displayed: “Do you want to move content to your SD card? If you select “Next” the phone data will be migrated and the SD card will be from that moment the internal memory of your phone.

Q7: How to format a memory card?

Although there are many applications to format a memory card, this process can be carried out from Windows 10 itself. To do this, simply insert the card into the computer and select the Windows Disk Manager or simply select the card from the Windows browser. Right-clicking will bring up all the options, including formatting the card.

When formatting a card, it is very important to choose the type of file system, as each operating system and device uses a different file system.

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