The 9 Best Photo Backpacks of 2022

Photo Backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Photo backpacks are usually essential to transport the camera and its respective accessories safely, since they are structures provided with a series of specially padded compartments to cushion the impact of any blow generated. In this way, it is possible to protect the equipment at all times and prevent its deterioration. This is the case of the Lowepro Tahoe BP photo backpack, which has removable internal dividers, external pockets for personal items and another pair of mesh sides. For its part, AmazonBasics 1393R1 is a photographic backpack with a large number of pockets and compartments. In addition, it incorporates a special area for the tripod.

The 9 Best Photo Backpacks – Opinions 2022

Mochilas fotográficas hay muchas en el mercado, por lo que la selección podría no ser una tarea fácil, debido a que deberás corroborar los principales detalles de fabricación de los modelos que capten tu atención. Seguidamente, presentamos nueve modelos de mochilas fotográficas valoradas entre las mejores de este año.

Mochila fotográfica Lowepro

1. Lowepro Plecak Tahoe BP 150

Lowepro es una marca de gran trayectoria en el mundo deportivo, que desde 1967 ha incorporado al mercado mochilas funcionales con un alto nivel de calidad. Tal es el caso de este modelo, que ha sido confeccionado con tejido robusto, costuras reforzadas, cortes bien elaborados y acabados discretos.

It is a product recommended as the best photographic backpack, whose interior has managed to capture the attention of buyers, due to the incorporation of a system of dividers for the placement of photographic equipment. This structure has been padded to cushion any type of impact and prevent damage to the camera, lens, flash and other elements.

Also, this Lowepro photo backpack has exterior pockets with zippers and mesh sides for hydration. Also, you will have a pocket specially designed for a tablet no larger than 10 inches and interior light, to find any object quickly.

Okay, it could be the best photographic backpack of the moment, whose advantages and disadvantages you can review below.


Interior: You have a system of padded and removable compartments inside, so you can distribute your photographic equipment.

Pockets: The external zippered pockets of this photo backpack allow you to safely keep small items close at hand.

Lighting: Inside the backpack you will have light, to find objects more easily.

Grip: A top handle is incorporated so you can easily grab the backpack.


Size: This camera bag could be considered small for some camera models.

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2. Lowepro Photo Sport 300 AW II Camera Backpack

With this Lowepro photographic backpack you will have a quality product, resistant to humidity and with an interior distribution suitable for up to 30 liters. In this way, you can carry the camera with its respective lens securely mounted in the lower compartment, as well as an additional one and a flash. On the other hand, in the upper part of the structure it is possible to incorporate a bottle for your hydration during the way, as well as a tripod, jacket, helmet, among other small objects.

Regarding the adjustment of the backpack, you will be interested to know that a harness with two adjustment points is attached in the lumbar and pectoral area. Likewise, there are the padded shoulder straps, with an adjustable function, for a better coupling according to the person’s anatomy.

In addition, a quick access ring stands out, to adjust the space available in the backpack, and the cover specially designed to protect the structure from moisture and dirt.

Let us know some of the most important details about this camera bag.


Capacity: Its 30-liter capacity allows you to store photographic equipment and some other objects and hydration.

Cover: Thanks to the attached cover, you can keep the bag protected from moisture, dust and dirt.

Security: The compartments are designed for you to carry the equipment safely.

Adjustment: An adjustment system is incorporated by means of a harness and shoulder pads with adjustable size, so that you can carry the backpack with total comfort.


Breathability: The back area may not be breathable enough as in other models.

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Amazon Photo Backpack

3. AmazonBasics DSLR Camera Backpack and Accessories

With this Amazon photo backpack, you will enjoy design with a spacious interior of 37.4 x 25.4 x 12.7 centimeters, corresponding to the height, width and depth. In this way, you can carry up to two camera bodies, cables, flash, a maximum of four lenses, memory cards and other small accessories. In addition, this area has been padded to cushion the impact of blows, and the separators incorporate Velcro straps for a secure fit that will protect the equipment.

Regarding the preparation of this photographic backpack, which is among the cheap ones, we have the implementation of nylon with polyester, materials of great resistance to abrasion and humidity. Likewise, they are fibers that are easy to wash and have a pleasant soft touch. Also, the incorporation of a top handle, adjustable shoulder pads and a pair of velcro straps on one of the sides, for the placement of the tripod, stand out.

This is a sturdy camera bag, the pros and cons of which might interest you.


Dividers: The built-in dividers can be adjusted with Velcro for greater security of the photographic equipment.

Pockets: A number of convenient pockets are incorporated to carry small items such as storage cards and cables.

Exterior: You will not have to worry about abrasion and humidity, due to the resistance of the polyester textile with exterior nylon.

Tripod: You can comfortably carry the tripod, thanks to the side straps provided for this purpose.


Handles: The grab handle might be a bit flimsy visually, but it offers adequate strength.

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Camera backpack

4. Beschoi Waterproof DSLR Camera Backpack

Among the best photographic backpacks of 2022, this model stands out with an interior of 41 x 27 x 13.5 centimeters and a system of removable dividers, with Velcro adjustment, which allows you to conveniently organize the eight available compartments. In this way, greater space savings are achieved, by storing the SLR camera body together with its lenses, battery, cables, flash and other small accessories.

In addition, in said interior part there is a pocket specially designed for the placement of a 14-inch tablet and another space in transparent synthetic fabric with a zipper, to place objects that you want to locate quickly.

For its part, on the outside of this camera backpack you will have another pocket, so that you have some objects at hand such as keys, mobile phone, credentials, money, among others. Also, we must comment on the zipper lock system, which allows the placement of a padlock to increase security.

Beschoi is recommended as the best brand of photographic backpacks, due to the quality of its products. Proof of this is this model in which the following pros and cons stand out.


Zipper lock: The zipper lock allows the placement of a padlock for greater security of the equipment.

Shoulder pads: Its breathable shoulder pads improve heat distribution for greater comfort.

Tripod: Thanks to the built-in side straps, you can comfortably carry the tripod.

Waterproofing: You won’t have to worry about precipitation or spills on the backpack, due to its waterproof fabric construction.


Adjustment: A lumbar strap is missing to facilitate adjustment to the body.

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Photo backpack for trekking

5. Firmcam Kompar Photo Hiking Backpack

If you are looking for a photographic backpack for trekking, you might be interested in this Firmcam model. It is a spacious product with a modular fit, which will allow you to safely carry your photographic equipment and some personal items necessary for your outdoor journey.

The backpack has a waterproof exterior with a pleasant soft touch, while the back and shoulder pads have been padded for greater comfort when placing the structure on the back. In addition, these areas are made of breathable fabric, so that the heat is distributed correctly and does not cause discomfort.

In the lower part of the backpack there is a padded compartment with its respective dividers, so you can place the camera body, lenses, battery, flash and cables without fear of damaging them due to some unexpected impact. Also, on one of the sides there is a mesh pocket and a pair of straps, for the placement of the tripod.

This is a backpack with pros and cons that could be interesting for those looking for a photo backpack for hiking.


Back: Its breathable back distributes heat for a comfortable ride.

Fit: You will get an anatomical fit on the back, thanks to the straps incorporated in the pectoral and lumbar areas, respectively.

Dividers: You will not have to worry about the deterioration of the photographic equipment, due to the attached padded dividers.

Tripod: The side straps allow you to carry the tripod with you without taking up much space.


Handle: The grab handle might initially seem a bit flimsy to support the weight of the pack, but it’s actually quite sturdy.

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Photo backpack with wheels

6. Neewer 2-in-1 Convertible Backpack with Shockproof Wheels

With this model, many people have clarified their doubts about which is the best photographic backpack, since it can quickly become a trolley, due to the fact that it incorporates a convenient folding handlebar and wide bearings for safe movement.

In addition, it has removable interior dividers so you can take advantage of the space, in case you want to use the backpack during a trip to transport only personal items.

On the contrary, if you plan to carry photographic equipment, you will not have to worry about its deterioration because the distribution area of ​​the camera bodies, lenses and accessories is completely padded, to cushion any impact. Likewise, it has an independent access from the other compartments to avoid scratches.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this photographic backpack with wheels has been made of nylon fabric, which is a waterproof material, resistant to abrasion, with a pleasant soft touch and that you can easily clean, to maintain its good condition.

If you don’t know which photographic backpack to buy, here we leave you the main details of a model with great positioning.


Telescopic bar: You can adjust the size of the built-in support bar, due to its telescopic system.

Tripod: The side straps allow the tripod to be fixed safely and without taking up space inside.

Dividers: The removable dividers facilitate the use of the interior space of the backpack.

Exterior: You will enjoy a high level of resistance to abrasion, due to the nylon fabric on the exterior.


Design: Its design may be a bit robust to support it on the back, but everything will depend on the taste of each person.

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Other products

7. AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR Cameras and Laptops

The AmazonBasics line presents in this photographic backpack with a discreet design in black; a padded interior with removable dividers, for a correct distribution of photographic equipment and a series of well-crafted finishes. In this way, you will have a quality, functional and safe product.

On the outside, there are a pair of padded and adjustable shoulder straps, as well as a strap system in the chest and lumbar area, which allow the backpack to be comfortably attached to the body. In addition, on one of the sides, you have a couple of velcro straps so you can easily fix the tripod.

For its part, inside this backpack, you will find a central pocket for a maximum of two SLR model cameras, along with four lenses, some cables and small accessories. You also have a second compartment with zippered pockets to store a 17-inch laptop, notebooks or other personal items.

Let’s know more details about this model of photo backpacks from the AmazonBasics collection.


Pockets: You will have no problem carrying equipment accessories and other small items with you, because the backpack has multiple pockets.

Adjustment: A pair of straps are incorporated in the pectoral and lumbar area, which provides a better fit to the body.

Dividers: Built-in padded dividers can be removed for convenience to organize photographic equipment.

Tripod: On one of the sides you have velcro straps to securely hold the tripod.


Shoulder pads: The shoulder pads may not be very padded, but they offer great comfort when worn.

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8. Neewer Camera Storage Shoulder Bag

This model could be the best value for money photo backpack, with a compact and resistant storage structure, for the placement of any model of SLR camera together with its respective medium zoom lens. Likewise, it has space for a maximum of three lenses, battery, cables, flash, among other accessories.

It is a product made with robust nylon fabric, which is a material responsible for providing resistance to abrasion. Also, inside, you will have a soft purple lining, and both the walls and the dividers are padded, to achieve an adequate level of cushioning in the event of an unexpected impact.

In addition, this shoulder-type photographic backpack has been provided with an adjustable fastening strap, which adapts to the anatomy of each person, as well as incorporating front pockets with a secure zipper, for the storage of small objects such as keys, documentation, wallet, etc. memory cards, among others.

With this outstanding model among the cheapest backpacks, you will carry a product with a compact and safe format. More details below.


Tripod: You can place the tripod on one of the sides of the backpack, because it has fastening straps.

Pockets: Some exterior zippered pockets are incorporated, so you can store small objects safely.

Cover: You will be able to protect the equipment from unexpected rainfall, thanks to the waterproof cover attached with the purchase.

Interior: Its fully padded interior absorbs impact energy to prevent damage to the equipment.


Design: The shoulder strap design may not be comfortable for some people.

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9. K&F Concept Waterproof Camera Backpack

This is a photographic backpack made to offer a functional design, which you can use to safely carry the camera body, some lenses, flash, batteries, cables, among other accessories, in its main compartment.

Likewise, the structure has a series of dividers, so that you can place personal objects without them being in contact with the photographic equipment, a special pocket for a 13.3-inch format laptop or a 12-inch iPad, and exterior pockets with zipper closure.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the fabrics used to make the backpack. In this sense, the exterior in nylon fabric stands out, for the enjoyment of a high level of impermeability and pleasant touch. In addition, a padding system was incorporated in the area of ​​the back and shoulder pads, to enhance comfort, and breathable mesh, which allows the correct distribution of heat.

Here are the pros and cons of buying this K&F Concept photo backpack.


Waterproof: The nylon fabric offers an adequate level of impermeability, to prevent equipment deterioration.

Back: You will not have to worry about the accumulation of sweat on the back, because the material is breathable.

Functional: You can remove the dividers and use the backpack to carry any personal or study object.

Tripod: A special area is incorporated for you to carry the tripod comfortably.


Instructions: The absence of instructions in Spanish could influence the backpack not being used correctly.

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Shopping guide

When selecting the right backpack to transport your photographic equipment, it is important to review several models and carefully evaluate their main indicators of quality. To do this, we present the following guide to buying the best photographic backpack.


One of the aspects that cannot fail to be evaluated in any comparison of photographic backpacks is the interior of the structure, since practicality will depend on it when storing and transporting the camera, along with its respective equipment. Therefore, you must keep an eye on said specification and confirm that it is a spacious area, so that you can distribute the objects correctly.

In this sense, you will not have any major inconvenience, because most manufacturers incorporate a series of compartments into their designs. In this way, it is possible for you to carry the camera with you in an orderly manner with its respective lens on, other additional lenses, the equipment’s support strap and the flash. In addition, sometimes, these areas are removable, which allows you to reorganize them at your convenience, to save space and add some personal items to the backpack.

Also, you will be interested to know that the aforementioned separators are usually padded, so that, in the event of an unexpected blow, the energy from the impact is quickly absorbed. Thus, it is possible to protect the equipment from deterioration.


No matter how good and cheap the photographic backpack to acquire is, if the selected model does not have an adequate adjustment method, then the purchase could not be considered successful, because it will not adapt to the person’s body and, therefore,, it will cause discomfort.

For example, if we review the different proposals for photographic backpacks on the market, we will find that many manufacturers have opted for the incorporation of a harness, with strategic adjustment points at the chest and lumbar levels. In this way, it is only necessary to adjust the diameter of said straps, to achieve the coupling of the structure to the natural shape of the back, for greater comfort and safety, when transporting photographic equipment.

On the other hand, there are the shoulder straps of the backpack, which must be padded and provided with an adjustment pin, to regulate their length according to the anatomy of each person. In addition, it highlights a special adjustment, incorporated by some models, to reduce the size of the structure and keep each of the stored objects fully protected.


Design is an aspect that directly influences how much any product costs and photo backpacks could not be the exception. It is a product that enjoys great popularity in the market, so, when reviewing the purchase catalogues, it is not surprising to find a wide variety of models with distinctive characteristics.

Generally, photographic backpacks have an exterior with a sporty cut line, but quite discreet, in which zippered pockets stand out, for the storage of small objects and other mesh sides, for the placement of a bottle of water.

On the other hand, there is the subject of support, for which the manufacturers agree by putting an ergonomic handle, which provides a quick and safe grip of the backpack with one hand, while others opt for the incorporation of a base with wheels. and folding handle, for better handling when moving the structure. Likewise, there are the models that incorporate a system of shoulder pads and adjustment straps, so that you can place the backpack on your back.

manufacturing fabric

When selecting a photographic backpack, it is important to verify the type of fabric with which it has been manufactured, because the quality of the product will depend on said material. Therefore, it is important that it is a robust fiber, capable of resisting abrasion and humidity.

In fact, most manufacturers use canvas-type textiles, made up of nylon, polyester or polyamide threads, which not only offer a pleasant soft touch, but also an adequate level of impermeability. In this way, it is possible to use the backpack outdoors, without fear of the photographic equipment being exposed to unexpected precipitation.

Likewise, you should make sure that the fabric incorporated into the part of the back and the shoulder pads is breathable, for greater comfort when using it. Likewise, it corroborates that all the textile repels dust, so that it does not get dirty easily, and that it is quick to clean, to avoid any type of inconvenience when washing the backpack.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a photo backpack?

Using a photographic backpack is not unusual, so it is an intuitive task. You only have to distribute in each of the internal compartments the camera with its respective objective, another additional one, the tripod, support strap, batteries, flash and other parts of the photographic equipment, depending on the model of the structure. Also, you can place some personal items in the outer pockets. Thus, you will be able to access them quickly, without compromising the photographic equipment.

Remember to be careful and slide all the zippers correctly, to avoid any unexpected accidents. In this way, you can proceed to place the backpack on your shoulders, to adjust the size of both the shoulder pads and the harness, on the chest and lower back, according to your anatomy, for greater safety and comfort when moving.

It is important that you review the instruction manual when carrying out the cleaning process of the backpack, so that you can find out about the type of detergent to use and the temperature of the water. Thus, you will not deteriorate the textile.

Q2: How to make a photo backpack?

If you plan to make your own photographic backpack, you will only need to carefully review the specialized portals in the cutting and sewing of this type of garment. In this way, you will be able to access the patterns of a functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-make model.

Then, draw the patterns of the chosen model on paper, to mark and cut them on the piece of fabric, which should preferably be waterproof. In this sense, you can buy polyester, nylon fabric, with PVC or polyamide treatment, since they are robust materials and highly resistant to weathering. In addition, the interior must incorporate some type of padding to cushion impacts.

To continue with the manufacture of the photo backpack, you will have to join the pieces, fix the zippers and the snaps, with the help of a sewing machine. Remember to follow the step by step of the preparation offered in the selected portal, so that the manufacture of the photographic backpack is a success.

Q3: What to carry in a photo backpack?

The equipment incorporated into a photographic backpack will depend on the selected model, since not all designs have the same storage volume or number of compartments, to carry out the distribution of the equipment.

In any case, it is important that you incorporate a camera with its respective lens mounted in the backpack. Likewise, you can carry an extra lens, a flash, a battery, a charger, a memory card, a support strap and a tripod. Also, you should not forget the hydration and some personal items such as keys, mobile, wallet, credentials, a jacket or any small item you consider necessary.

Q4: How to clean a photo backpack?

To clean a photographic backpack, you need to read the instruction manual, to verify what type of detergents you can use, as well as the water temperature and drying method.

Then, proceed to remove the internal separators. Of course, only if these are removable. Thus, you can submerge the backpack in a pot with a soapy solution and let it rest for at least 15 minutes, to start rubbing the textile carefully with a soft bristle brush. In this way, you will remove dirt, without causing damage to the structure.

You must finish the washing process, removing all excess detergent. To do this, you will have to rinse the backpack with plenty of water and hang it outdoors to dry. Remember to avoid exposing the textile directly under the sun’s rays, so that the fabric does not discolor.

Q5: How to adjust the photo backpack?

Depending on the selected photo backpack model, you can adjust the structure in general, to prevent the objects inside from slipping. Likewise, it is possible to regulate the length of the shoulder pads and the width of the harness, by means of the pins incorporated in said areas. You will only have to slide them to get a proper fit to your anatomy.

Q6: What is an anti-theft photo backpack?

An anti-theft photo backpack is one that incorporates double zippers, also known as zipper locks. In this way, you can easily place a security lock between them, to prevent easy removal of photographic equipment.

Q7: Which is better, a photo backpack or photo bag?

Both the photographic backpack and the photographic bag are good options to keep the camera protected along with the respective accessories. However, keep in mind that the backpack offers a greater interior volume for the storage of other personal items, while the bag usually has limited space to store photographic equipment.

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