The 9 Best Webcams of 2022

Webcam – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Webcams are useful electronic devices that are used to take photos, make video calls, work conferences, and even stream streaming, so if you’re looking for one and don’t know which one to choose, we’ve prepared some models that we think might interest you. The first is the Logitech C920, which records in Full HD at 1080p and includes 2 stereo microphones so you can communicate effectively. In addition, its clip-type design will help you place it on your computer monitor easily. Another alternative that could be a good investment is the Papalook PA452. This webcam also records at 1080p and 30fps so you can get the most out of the quality of your videos.

The 9 Best Webcams – Opinions 2022

With so many models on the market, you may have a hard time selecting a webcam. For this reason, we have prepared several models so that you can explore their most relevant characteristics in more depth and thus be able to choose one that meets your expectations.

logitech webcam

1. Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam video conferencing and recording

If you are looking for what could be the best webcam, this Logitech model offers good image quality so you can take photos, record, make videoconferences and even stream like a professional.

Presented with an elegant design on a base and with a clip that allows it to be attached, this Logitech webcam is able to stand on screens with great ease and stability, allowing you to place it on the edge of them and in almost any position, depending on your needs. your comfort. In addition, it has a 1080p resolution, so you will be able to enjoy Full HD videos at a speed of 30 fps.

Also, the Logitech C920 webcam has autofocus technology so that your images and videos are always sharp and it also has a viewing angle of 78 degrees, which will allow you to capture a much wider area.

In order for you to acquire the best webcam of the moment, you must verify the image quality and extra functions. Therefore, we invite you to evaluate what the Logitech C920 model offers.


Resolution: It has 720p and 1080p resolution and autofocus, which will allow you to enjoy good image quality.

Microphone: It incorporates a microphone so that you get the most out of videoconferences.

Compatibility: It has high compatibility with various operating systems and with instant messaging programs.


Configuration: The software does not save the changes, so you will have to configure the webcam every time you start the computer.

Noise: With manual focus a noise is heard that can be picked up by the microphone.

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HD webcam

2. Papalook 1080P PA452 HD webcam with Microphone

If you are looking for a webcam that has very good image quality and is also one of the cheapest to make a good investment, we invite you to consider this product.

This time, Papalook brings us one of its star models, the PA452, which has a maximum video resolution of 1080p and 720p and records at 30 fps, so you won’t have any problem enjoying good image quality. In addition to this, another aspect that stands out in this HD webcam is that it includes a microphone with noise cancellation so that you are able to talk without interruptions during video conferences, video recordings and streaming. Being a very useful aspect to avoid making additional investments in peripherals.

Also, this webcam has an automatic white balance system, which will help avoid color deficiency in low lighting.

If you like to enjoy good image quality for your live broadcasts, we advise you to take a look at what this Papalook model can offer.


Resolution: Its 1080p resolution will provide good levels of sharpness to your images.

Practical: You do not need to install any driver or program so that you can start using the webcam.

Sound: The microphone has noise cancellation, which helps improve the quality of the tone of voice.


Fluidity: Movements when recording or streaming have a bit of a delay, denoting a lack of fluidity.

Vision: It has a limited field of vision and it is difficult to focus the image.

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webcam for windows 10

3. Loetad 1080P Full HD Webcam Web Camera with Microphone

Image quality, stereo sound and high levels of compatibility are some of the features present in this model, located among the best webcams of 2022. One of the most outstanding aspects of the CW-060 is its manual and automatic focus system for that you can have good sharpness in your videos. In addition, the image quality of this webcam is 1080p, so, having such a high resolution, you will be able to broadcast transmissions with good graphic details.

Likewise, this model is easy to install as it is Plug and Play, since you only have to connect it to start using it. In addition to this, it is compatible with various Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems.

On the other hand, this webcam for Windows 10 has a rotating head so you can decide its orientation.

There are operating systems that are not compatible with certain peripherals, so if you are looking for a webcam for XP and higher versions, we recommend that you evaluate what this Loetad product offers.


Image: It has a resolution of 1080p, which provides good image and video quality.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems.

Installation: You do not need to install drivers or programs to start using it.


Focus: The autofocus system is not very precise.

Purchase: It comes with a trial version, so you will need to purchase the full program to enjoy all the features of the webcam.

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Wi-Fi webcam

4. Niyps Indoor WiFi Surveillance Camera HD 1080P

On this occasion, Niyps presents us with one of its star products, a Wi-Fi webcam that allows you to establish an internet connection so you can view videos remotely from your computer, tablet or mobile.

In addition, another aspect that stands out in this Niyps model is that it has a 1080p resolution, night vision and a built-in microphone, which will provide you with quality images regardless of the lighting level, as well as its audio that will provide clarity in the videos.

On the other hand, the motion detection system will always be active to send photos, videos and text messages to alert you to any intruder who has plans to violate the security of your home so you can take action. Therefore, you will be able to use this webcam as a surveillance camera to increase the security levels of your home.

It is a webcam with a good ratio of day and night image quality, so we invite you to evaluate what this Niyps product offers.


Resolution: Its 1080p and night vision will provide you with image quality, regardless of the lighting level.

Security: It has a security encryption that will codify the videos and images on an SD card that no third party can copy.

Microphone: It has a dual-way microphone with noise cancellation so you can enjoy high-fidelity audio.


Autonomy: It does not have batteries so that it keeps recording when there is no power supply.

Subscription: To use the cloud, you will need to make an additional investment in a subscription.

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4K webcam

5. TedGem Webcam Full HD 4K 1080P Streaming

Image quality is one of the most important characteristics that you must evaluate so that you can get a quality product. Therefore, if you do not know which is the best webcam on this list, we recommend you consider this model. Since it has 1080p and 4K resolution, you’ll be able to record videos, take photos, and even stream like a pro.

In addition, it is Plug and Play, so you only need to connect it to the USB port of your computer and use the support clip to fix it on the screen or on a tripod.

In addition to this, this 4K webcam is also compatible with the vast majority of instant messaging applications, so you can use Skype, Messenger, Yahoo, Google Hangouts, Xbox, Android, among others. Likewise, it should also be noted that this product incorporates a microphone so that you can speak effectively through videoconferences and during streaming.

If so far you do not know which webcam to buy, we recommend that you evaluate the image quality, compatibility and stability. Therefore, we think that this model presented at the hands of TedGem might interest you.


Quality: It has 1080p and 4K image quality so you can enjoy good resolution for your videos, video conferences and streaming.

Installation: You do not need to install drivers to start using the webcam.

Vision: It has a vision range of 90 degrees, so it can cover a wide area and thus offer freedom to place it where you most prefer.


Requirements: It is not compatible with older versions of Windows, MacOS or Chrome OS.

Sound: Some Ubuntu devices have problems with the sound of the webcam.

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usb webcam

6. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

On this occasion, Microsoft presents us with its LifeCam Cinema USB webcam, which has wide compatibility for Windows operating systems from version 7 to the latest, as well as for MacOS.

On the other hand, this Microsoft webcam incorporates a microphone so you can talk with other people through video conferences, streaming and video chats. In addition, it has a 720p resolution and is panoramic and has a 360-degree rotating head, which will allow you to enjoy good image quality and a larger recording area.

On the other hand, another aspect that stands out in this product is that it has True Color technology, which provides good levels of color ratio so that you can see sharp and vivid colors. Likewise, it also has automatic focus so you do not have to waste time doing it manually and thus enjoy more exact details.

Microsoft has a long history in the software, computer and peripheral manufacturing market, so it could be the best webcam brand in this comparison.


Image: It has 720p resolution and autofocus so that you have enough sharpness in your presentations.

Technology: True Color technology will take advantage of the images to record shots with more intense and vivid colors.

Area: It has a rotating head and is of panoramic vision, which will allow you to capture a greater range of area.


Fluency: It does not have enough fluidity for video recording.

Night: It does not have night vision so you can take advantage of low-light areas.

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7. HP Webcam HD-3110

If you are looking for a webcam that has good image quality, we invite you to evaluate the features offered by the HD-3110 model.

Presented in a rectangular design and with a support clip, with this webcam that HP brings us you can place it anywhere on the computer screen so you can make videoconferences and even take photos. In addition, it has an adjustable head that will allow you to position it at the angle you prefer.

On the other hand, thanks to its 720p resolution and CMOS sensor, you will be able to get good video quality. Also, this HP webcam includes autofocus and has a 2.0 focal aperture, so you can enjoy good levels of sharpness and contrast without having to waste time manually configuring its parameters. Additionally, it has 3 buttons that will allow you to access the chat, photo and video mode in a very easy way.

It is a webcam compatible with most instant messaging programs and offers good image quality, so we recommend you consider this model.


Quality: With its 720p resolution, it allows you to enjoy good image quality.

Shortcuts: It has buttons so you can easily access photo, video and chat mode.

Adjustable: It has a rotating head to adjust the viewing angle to the one you prefer.


Requirements: It is recommended to have 2GB of RAM and a Dual Core 1.6 GHz processor at least so that you do not have any problems when using this webcam.

Drivers: On some occasions, Windows 10 drivers can cause the computer to crash.

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webcam for pc

8. Logitech C270 HD Webcam for video conferencing

If you’re looking for a webcam for PC that has a good resolution so you can make your videoconferences, we invite you to check the features offered by this Logitech model.

This webcam has as a special feature the panoramic image option, so you can capture a larger area horizontally. A very practical aspect to make family videoconferences and even at work, which will allow the participation of several people. In addition, the resolution of it is HD at 720p, which means that the video quality is of good quality.

In addition to this, the Logitech C270 has a simple design with a stand and clip that helps it stand firmly on computer screens.

On the other hand, it has compatibility for computers that have Windows 7 operating systems and higher versions, as well as Chrome OS and MacOS 10 and updates.

With this webcam you can broadcast live and even hold video conferences. Therefore, you may be interested in knowing what this Logitech model offers.


Resolution: The video quality is HD at 720p, so you won’t have to worry about pixelated images.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher operating systems, as well as MacOS and ChromeOS.

Image: Logitech Fluid Crystal technology will automatically enhance the sharpness and quality of images.


Format: It is not Plug&Play, so you must install special software to be able to enjoy all its functions.

Focus: It does not have automatic focus, so you will have to do it manually.

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Trust Webcam

9.Trust Spotlight Webcam

Being one of the cheapest products, it can be said that this model presented by Trust is the best value for money webcam on this list, so we think you would be interested in learning more about its characteristics.

With a simple design, the Trust webcam has a clip that helps it attach to almost any slim computer screen and is driver-free. In other words, you won’t have to go through a long and complicated installation process, since all you have to do is connect it to any USB port on your computer so you can start using it.

Also, this makes use of USB 2.0 image software and has a resolution of 640 x 480p that will be enough for you to make videoconferences at work without any problem. In addition to this, it incorporates 6 powerful and adjustable LED lights that will increase the quality of the image when there is little lighting.

If you are looking for a product that is easy to use and affordable, we recommend that you consider this webcam from the company Trust.


Lights: Includes 6 adjustable LED bulbs that will help improve the image in areas with low lighting.

Installation: It will only be enough to connect it to the USB port of the computer so that you can start using it.

Microphone: It incorporates a microphone so that you get the most out of videoconferences.


Resolution: If you want a webcam with more than 640 x 480p resolution, it is better that you opt for another model.

Compatibility: Although the device is compatible with various operating systems, on some Windows 8 computers it is not recognized.

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Shopping guide

In the following section you will find a guide to buying the best webcam, where we will highlight some of the most important features to take into account so that you can purchase a quality product.


The first characteristic that we recommend you look at in our comparison of webcams is the resolution, since this aspect is what will determine how good the image quality is. That is, at a lower resolution, the photographs, video conferences and streaming you do could present noise.

Among so many models on the market, you may be wondering what would be a good resolution for a webcam, so if you are going to use it for videoconferencing or streaming, we recommend that you get a 720p or 1080p one. Since these resolutions provide quite acceptable quality they are almost professional grade.

On the other hand, when a webcam has a low resolution, the image in video calls will be much smaller, since it is normally used at home to call friends and family on social networks.

Therefore, if you want a webcam with good image quality, regardless of the area in which you decide to use it, we recommend that you select a model that has at least 720p, but if you need almost professional quality, we recommend that you opt for a model that has at least 1080p.

Compatibility and requirements

Before you check how much a webcam costs, be sure to assess compatibility. Since, just as some models are compatible with the vast majority of computers and operating systems, there are others that only work on certain devices. In other words, there are webcams that are specially designed to be used without the need to install drivers, which makes installation as well as easy to use.

Therefore, if you want to acquire a webcam that you only have to connect to be able to start using it, we recommend that you check that its characteristics indicate that it is Plug and Play and does not require the installation of drivers or special programs.

Likewise, you also have to consider that there are webcams that need the computer to meet certain requirements so that they can work correctly, such as RAM memory, the GHz of the processor and even the video card.

So, so that you can acquire a functional product, we recommend that your computer has at least 2 GB of RAM and that it has a Dual Core processor with more than 2.5 GHz, since these are the minimum requirements that they need. some products that we mentioned in our comparison of webcams.

Design and support

The design of the webcam is an aspect that you should also check, since in the market you can find endless products with different dimensions and shapes. It is important that it does not take up so much space and can combine with the color of the computer and the decoration of the environment.

Likewise, you also have to pay attention to the type of support that the webcam has, since there are some devices that are designed to be placed on a table, as well as others that make use of a clip-shaped pressure grip system that It will help them hold on to screens and thin structures.

However, in order to choose the ideal model for you, you must take into account the type of computer you have, whether it is a tower type or a laptop. For this reason, those with flat bases are recommended for desktop computers, while those with a grip clip for thin screens will be more practical for laptops and all-in-one.

However, webcams are not limited to use on computers, so if you plan to purchase one for surveillance, streaming video games from your console, evaluate the space and types of surfaces you have available so that the product you are going to use acquire can meet your demands.


If among your plans you plan to acquire a webcam that is good and cheap, another feature that you should not overlook is to check if it has a microphone. This will allow you to chat through instant messaging programs, make video conferences and even stream. Therefore, we recommend that you consider those webcams that include a microphone, since it is a very practical aspect that will allow you to save some money so that you do not have to make an additional investment in peripherals.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a webcam?

First, you must connect your webcam to one of the USB ports of the computer so that it can detect it and thus the operating system downloads and installs its drivers.

Then, open the icon of your webcam application and access the options to configure it. An interface will open that you can modify to your liking, from resolution, brightness, sharpness, etc. Now, after configuring the settings, the camera is ready for you to use it to record, make video calls on Skype, Facebook or any other platform and social networks.

Q2: How to use the mobile as a webcam?

To do this, you need a third-party application that is compatible with your computer and your mobile, so one of the many that you can find is EpoCam. You can find this application in the App Store and Play Store for mobile phones, as well as on its official page so you can download the compatible file for computers.

After you have both apps on both devices, connect them to a Wi-Fi network. Open it on the computer (run as administrator if you have Windows OS) and on the mobile to connect.

Once this is done, you will be able to see that everything you indicate with the mobile camera will be shown in the computer application. However, you will need to set EpoCam as the default in your other applications on your computer so that you can use it properly.

Q3: How to install a webcam on Windows 10?

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most advanced operating system whose main characteristic is to always be up-to-date, so if you want to install your webcam on this OS, you won’t have to do much, since the process is very easy. First, connect the webcam via USB cable to the computer and wait for the driver installation to complete automatically, as long as you have it connected to the internet.

Q4: How to use a webcam as a security camera?

To do this, you will need to download an application on your computer that allows the camera to make recordings and photos from time to time, and one of many that you can find on the web with a simple and easy-to-use interface is Dorgen.

Please go to the app options to set the storage location, recording name, recording interval and format type. In addition, in the name of the default format you must put %G%g at the end (Example%G%g) so that the shots are saved consecutively and the first one is not deleted when you capture a new image or video.

As a next step, you must focus the camera on the place you want to record, press the preview button and, when you have it positioned, select the auto capture option.

Q5: How to record with the webcam?

To do this, you must install the application of the webcam model you have and select the record button, but there are some that do not have this option, so if this is your case, you must install a third-party program such as Active WebCam, Debut Video Capture Software, CamStudio, SMRecorder, Webcam Surveyor, among many others that you can find online.

Next, configure the recording format, brightness, contrast and other settings and, when everything is ready, press the record button so that the webcam software starts saving the video on your computer.

Q6: How to remote view computer webcam from mobile?

Among so many programs that exist, Yawcam is one of those that have an easy operation and simple configuration for anyone, even if they have no knowledge. Download the program from the official website and run it. When it opens, activate the stream option and in the toolbar select the option “What is my URL?”. Now, you will be directed to a page that will show you some links, but you will have to write the stream in your mobile browser so that you can view the live image.

Q7: Why the PC does not detect my webcam?

Some computers do not automatically detect certain models of webcams and this could be because the camera drivers are not up to date or the operating system of your computer may be a lower version. That is, manufacturers no longer provide support for said OS.

Therefore, you will have to update them manually, either using the installation CD that came with your webcam or by accessing the manufacturer’s official website and downloading the drivers in the “downloads” section. After doing the installation, please unplug the camera and restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

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