The 9 Best WiFi Boosters of 2022

WiFi Amplifier – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

As long as providers are not able to offer routers with the capacity to cover your entire home in terms of WiFi coverage, the use of WiFi amplifiers will continue to be necessary. Especially if your home is complex, because it has a large area, several floors or any other issue that affects coverage. So to solve these problems, it will still be necessary to have that amplifier that allows you to access a high power and quality signal. Something we can do with products like the Netgear EX6120-100PES amplifier. A model that meets these needs in a simple way with dual-band coverage and two external antennas that facilitate connection. If you prefer a WiFi amplifier from Xiaomi, we can talk about its modelXiaomi Pro 300M. A pluggable device, with Plug and Play technology and designed to achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps in conventional 2.4 Ghz networks.

The 9 Best WiFi Boosters – Opinions 2022

Having good WiFi coverage is essential, unless you want to browse at a lower speed than you could get. To improve the coverage of that network, you will surely be interested in knowing which is the best WiFi amplifier that you can turn to and always adjusted to what you need. A task in which the models that we present below will make it easier for you to know which WiFi amplifier to buy, both in terms of features and operating power.

Wi-Fi signal booster

1. Netgear EX6120-100PES WiFi Extender

The Netgear EX6120-100PES WiFi signal booster is a proposal that will make it easy for you to access your network even in the most remote areas of your home. A device that is capable of working in the two current WiFi bands, thus offering better performance in terms of reaching high speeds. This model also has two steerable antennas, so you won’t have to worry about focusing the signal where it suits you.

All this in a model that is ideal for homes with several floors or with scattered areas, so you don’t have to worry about good coverage. As simple as the product installation process, which will not take too much time or complications, and also has the support of the Genie app, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

To make the process of expanding your WiFi network painless and time-consuming, this reasonably priced WiFi booster gives you what you need to do it comfortably.


Dual band: This model can work in dual band mode, both on 2.4 and 5 Ghz.

Adjustable antennas: The antennas help you to better direct the coverage towards the area that suits you best.

App included: The Netgear Genie app gives you extra control when it comes to squeezing your network, controlling access and significantly improving its performance.

Coverage : This model simplifies the process of taking the signal to the most remote areas of the router, either because they are on other floors or other elements.


Ethernet port: The included Ethernet port has lower performance than the Gigabit port included in other models in the range when connecting wired devices.

Connectivity with Movistar: Some users comment on blockages with Movistar routers, which can be solved with proper configuration and the corresponding updates.

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2. D-Link DHP-W611AV AC1200 Extender

Unlike conventional models, the D-Link DHP-W611AV WiFi Signal Booster is a welcome addition when it comes to speeding up your network. A product that combines Power Line technology with which it is possible to obtain speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and 1200 Mbps in WiFi mode, without missing the Gigabit port, with high speed and performance.

A complete device to make the most of all kinds of connections and networks, without complications. And all this with a system that does not require a complex installation, which includes adequate network protection, as well as an additional plug so you don’t lose the plug if you want to use it.

So you won’t have problems neither to expand the network without many complications, nor to adequately squeeze the capacity of your network.

Let’s analyze this product in detail, with a system that uses the electrical network of your home to make the process of expanding the WiFi coverage of your home easier.


PLC technology: This WiFi amplifier has PLC technology, which turns your electrical network into an additional complement to improve network coverage.

Plug socket: The model has a plug socket, so you can maintain access to it easily.

Gigabit port: In case you want to install the product with a wired port, the Gigabit connector increases the speed and performance of the network significantly.


Noise: Some users comment that the PLC device generates a slight noise, similar to a beep, which can be perceived in quiet environments.

Installation process: The installation process is somewhat more complex than expected, without the manufacturer’s support solving much of the problem.

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Xiaomi Wi-Fi Booster

3. Xiaomi Generic Pro 300M WiFi Amplifier

That Xiaomi has one of the largest catalogs in the entire market for technological products is nothing new. So the presence of the Xiaomi Pro 300M model in our selection is not strange either. 

We are talking about a WiFi amplifier of a traditional nature and with which we can increase the range of the WiFi network to any shaded area that we have at home. For this, the equipment incorporates two adjustable antennas, with which to better focus that coverage in the area that needs it. The result is an expanded area with a speed of up to 300 MBps, the maximum for traditional 2.4 Ghz connections on which the device works. 

Regarding the installation, it is Plug and Play, so you can put it into operation in a few minutes, as is usual in the rest of this manufacturer’s products.

Give your WiFi network a boost and take the signal where it doesn’t reach with this Xiaomi amplifier.


Speed: With this product you can reach 300 MBs of maximum speed on 2.4 Ghz networks.

Antennas: The two external antennas are adjustable and help to better focus coverage where it is needed.

Capacity: This equipment can meet the requests of up to 64 devices connected at the same time.

Installation: The installation is Plug and Play, thus facilitating the process and saving you hassle.


Plug: The plug is of the English type and an adapter is not included, which you will have to buy separately.

Manual: The instruction manual is not in Spanish, although the installation process is simple.

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TP-Link Wi-Fi Booster

4. TP-Link N300 TL-WA850RE 300Mbps

When we look at the best WiFi extenders of 2022, the TP-Link TL-WA850RE model is one of the first to jump out at you. A product of remarkable quality with which to efficiently amplify any network within the 2.4 Ghz band. A model that offers an adequate extension of coverage by simply pressing the Range Extender button.

This TP-Link WiFi amplifier allows you to reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps, also having an Ethernet port included to simplify the wired connection of devices without many problems.

As simplified as the installation process of this wireless repeater, which can be executed directly through the WPS button on your router or using any device such as your PC, smartphone or tablet. Qualities that have made this model the best WiFi amplifier according to many user opinions.

If you want to know more information about what many users consider to be the best WiFi amplifier of the moment, we leave you some more information about this repeater.


Smart use: Just press the Range Extender button and the coverage automatically configures itself and reaches where it is needed.

Indicator Light: The indicator light makes it easy to see the product’s operating status and connectivity at a glance.

App included: The Tether app gives you the ability to manage all the functions directly from the comfort of your mobile.

Security : The device incorporates an encryption system, which adds extra security when it comes to preventing unwanted access to your network.


Plug: Due to the design of this model, you will lose the plug to which you connect the device, since it is not included in the product.

Dual band: The product does not work in the 5 Ghz band, being only suitable for the 2.4 Ghz band.

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5. TP-Link RE650 AC2600 Wifi Network Repeater

Wifi network repeaters are a very practical tool when you need to increase the range of the signal, and the well-known brand TP-Link has a very striking model for you: the RE650.

This signal amplifier has 4 antennas responsible for both receiving the signal from the main router and expanding it up to a maximum of 100 m² to cover entire floors without problems.

It should also be noted that it is a model compatible with the two most used Wi-Fi bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, so you will avoid inconveniences when connecting it. In addition, the extender offers a Gigabit Ethernet port for the wired connection of any equipment.

As for its design, it has a size of 16.3 x 8.6 x 4 centimeters and a weight of 399 grams. This is combined with the fact that it can be plugged directly into the wall socket so as not to get in the way too much.

If you have been interested in this TP-Link brand WiFi repeater, we invite you to take into account its most important advantages and disadvantages:


Design: The Wifi amplifier has a modern design with good manufacturing finishes and offers light indicators for information.

Speed: It can transmit upload and download speeds of up to 800 Mbps, more than enough for home consumption.

Bands: The components of the equipment make it suitable for working with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signal bands without problems.

Systems: The driver can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux and NetWare operating systems.



Size: Compared to other amps, this one has a considerable size and weight, but is still compact.

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Smart Wi-Fi Booster

6. AVM Repeater 1750E International

The Smart WiFi AVM Repeater 1750E amplifier is an interesting model to speed up the coverage of your WiFi network in both frequency bands, both 2.4 and 5 Ghz. Something that allows you to accelerate both the network coverage area and its speed. Specifically, the range of the product covers about 300 meters in open field, while the speed it offers is 1,750 Mbps in combined mode of both bands.

A speed that can also be used for wired connections, with a Gigabit port that speeds up this performance even more. In addition, the model has LEDs that indicate the quality of the signal, making it easier to find the perfect point for mounting. These lights will also tell you the signal strength once mounted.

Speed ​​up your WiFi network and improve its coverage with this interesting model and all its functions.


Double band: The equipment offers you the possibility of working in both frequency bands, considerably accelerating its performance.

Range : The range of the product is about 300 meters in open field, so you can eliminate network shadow areas in your home.

WPS button: Thanks to the WPS button, it will be even easier for you to complete the product installation process.


Plug: When connecting this amplifier you will lose the plug where you connect it, since it does not include another plug in the body of the product, as other models do.

Installation : The installation process of the device can be complicated, so it is advisable to take it with some patience.

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7.Netgear WN3000RP-200PES N300

If you are looking for a Smart WiFi amplifier at a good price and easy to install, you will find it in the Netgear WN3000RP-200PES model. A product from a recognized manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about its quality and durability. This device offers you connection speeds of up to 300 Mbps, thanks to the included WiFi technology. This allows the maximum use of the 2.4 Ghz band, also expanding its coverage area without difficulties.

It also includes the essential Ethernet port, with which to speed up the wired connections of those computers that require it. A product that also has two external antennas, which you can orient in the way that suits you best so that the network focuses on the area where you need it. And to make the product easier to use, it includes a WPS button to simplify installation.

Amplifying conventional Wi-Fi networks is easy with this efficient amplifier that we evaluate below.


N technology: N technology accelerates performance up to 300 Mbps speed.

Antennas : The directional antennas can be positioned as you see fit to improve coverage.

Simple : This model is easy to install, including a WPS button.


Single band: This model is not compatible with routers that broadcast in the 5 Ghz band, working only in 2.4 Ghz.

Plug: As with other models, connecting this equipment implies losing the corresponding plug.

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D-Link Wi-Fi Booster

8.D  -Link DAP-1330

If when it comes to giving more coverage to the wireless signal in your home you are looking for a D-Link WiFi amplifier, then the DAP-1330 model will surely interest you. We are talking about a simple product in its installation and approach, with which to add that little extra coverage that the shaded areas of your home may require. 

To this end, the device has two external and adjustable antennas, with which to better capture the signal and send it where it is needed. In order to simplify the process, the product offers a built-in signal indicator, with which you can instantly see if the Wi-Fi has the power you need for that setup. In this installation process you also have a mobile app, where you can control each parameter, or the WPS button, which simplifies the entire process. 

And don’t worry about speed, because the device allows you to reach speeds of up to 1,200 MBps, enough even to stream in Full HD resolution.

Say goodbye to low Wi-Fi coverage areas in your home with this efficient Wi-Fi amplifier from a well-known brand on the market.


Connection speed: With this device you can reach connection speeds of up to 1,200 MBps.

Configuration: Configuring the product is very easy thanks to the included mobile app and the simple approach of the equipment.

Ethernet port: In addition to the WiFi connection, you also have an Ethernet port, in case you need to connect something by cable.


Heat: As with all these devices, it tends to get a bit warm during operation.

Coverage: Since it is an amplifier, it is necessary to install it in an area covered by your current WiFi and with good coverage.

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Android WiFi signal amplifier

9.Rockspace AC1200

The Rockspace AC1200 Android WiFi signal amplifier is a very complete device, with which to bring network coverage to those corners of your home where it does not reach adequately. To do this, this equipment has a plug-in design and two steerable antennas, with which to achieve a theoretical range of about 200 square meters with respect to where the product is installed. 

In this process, you have the ability to amplify both the classic 2.4 Ghz signal and the more powerful 5 Ghz signal, achieving a total speed of about 1,200 MBps. This equipment includes a simple installation, enhanced by some details that make everything easier. 

Among these aids, we have the WPS button, to connect the amplifier to the network by simply pressing it, or the network power indicator, which makes it easier to choose the correct place to install the device.

Extend the coverage of your WiFi network comfortably through the different features that this Rockspace model puts at your fingertips.


Dual Band: The device operates on both the conventional 2.4 Ghz band and the faster 5 Ghz band.

Compatibility: The amplifier is compatible with practically all devices on the market, from routers to iOS, Android or any other type of equipment.

Signal indicator: The signal indicator makes it easier to find the ideal spot to place the device.


Scope: As is often the case with these models, the scope of the device is not as wide as indicated in its characteristics.

After- sales support: The customer support service can be improved when it comes to solving problems.

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Shopping guide

The purchase of a WiFi amplifier is not something that we should leave lightly. And it is that if we do not choose wisely, it is likely that we will not be able to find the right product. That is why we want to offer you our guide to buying the best WiFi amplifier, with which you can expand the coverage of your network without complications and have adequate coverage wherever you need it.

Connection speed and bands

As the first aspect of our guide, we are going to cover the connection bands of the product, as well as the speed that the device can reach. Something that we must assess properly, since if we do not, we may not be able to take full advantage of the WiFi coverage, as well as squeeze the network speed that we have contracted.

Thus, in any comparison of WiFi amplifiers we will see two types of products. The first is 2.4 Ghz WiFi boosters. This connection band is the most traditional and allows speeds of up to 300 Mbps to be obtained. But to achieve this, the amplifier must have N technology to achieve this performance. And since it is something present in almost any current amplifier, it is not worth betting on something less.

But if we want to achieve maximum performance, it’s time to make the leap to dual-band models. These not only support that network already mentioned, but also the 5 Ghz one. This translates into remarkable connection speeds that can reach approximately 1,300 Mbps. They are the most advanced models to maximize coverage, although as always the real speed will be that which your internet provider can offer you.

Amplifier Coverage

Another important aspect when looking for an amplifier is the coverage capacity that this product offers us. Since the idea is to amplify that network efficiently, we must look for a product that adequately covers our needs depending on both the location of the router and the characteristics of our home or the area in which we want to extend said coverage.

In the economic cost models we will find somewhat limited coverage, of about 10 or 15 meters in homes and that reach about 50 or 100 meters in open fields. This would be the base and usual for a normal address or one that does not have great connection difficulties. And it is that if the distances are greater or the walls thicker than normal, it will be time to move on to more powerful products.

Luckily, beyond the cheap models that we have mentioned, we also have advanced products with which to obtain greater range or coverage. A coverage that can reach several hundred meters, if necessary. So all you have to do is look for the product that suits you best and choose what you need so that the network reaches where it is needed properly. Although do not forget that this also influences how much the product costs.

additional elements

We close these tips with some additional questions that can help you decide on a specific model. Among these elements we have the existence of external antennas that, properly oriented, make it easier to take the coverage to where it is necessary. Something similar happens with PLC technology, which uses the electrical network of your home to take that connection to where it is easy without the need for cables.

Something similar happens with the smart coverage technologies of some devices. These are responsible for properly distributing the coverage depending on the elements that we have connected, thus offering a constant and protected data flow to those computers that require it. Something useful when combined with the wired connections that some amplifiers include, for when WiFi is not enough.

Finally, we cannot forget the tools with which to install and manage the network at all times. Among them we have the apps, more and more frequent. These apps allow you to access all the device’s functions from your mobile or tablet and select the ones that are most convenient for you. Something that goes hand in hand with the improved web interfaces, which reduce the complications when connecting and configuring the network.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the best WiFi booster for online gaming?

Although there are WiFi amplifiers capable of achieving great connection speeds when accessing the network, the truth is that practically all game developers recommend that you use wired connections to play online. The main reason is that these types of connections offer more stability and a faster response.

In any case, if you continue to opt for WiFi, you only have to resort to models that give you the maximum possible speed and, above all, that have the lowest possible latency when connecting to the network.

Q2: What range does a WiFi booster have?

It all depends on the type of WiFi amplifier we are talking about. And there are models that have coverage of just a few meters and others that can send the signal even for kilometers. In any case, the usual thing is that the coverage is at least 10 or 15 meters in a house, depending on the walls and their distribution, at 100 meters in open field.

From here on, these ranges increase, although so does the cost of the product, so it is advisable to choose wisely so as not to spend more on coverage that we do not need.

Q3: What is the difference between WiFi booster and repeater?

The main difference between both elements is the way they work and that its name indicates. And it is that the repeater simply does that: replicate the WiFi connection function in a specific area without further ado.

However, in the case of the amplifier, there is an amplification of said signal, so that it offers more capacity to achieve greater coverage in areas where it is scarce. So, in general, the most convenient option to take a WiFi network where it does not reach with adequate quality is to opt for an amplifier.

Q4: How to make a WiFi booster with a router?

To turn our old router into a WiFi amplifier, we just have to place it in the area where we want to expand the coverage and access the device interface. Once here, we must establish a fixed IP for this router and activate the bridge connections, for which we must access the device’s control panel. Once we have taken all these steps, we will already have a replicator, so that it is easier to access the signal where coverage did not reach before.

Q5: How to connect a WiFi booster?

It all depends on how we want to install the amplifier. In general, there are four connection systems that are usually used, ranging from the replication of the network to the amplified repetition of it. Although if the product has a WPS button, this process of connecting to the network will be much easier. Anyway, in case you have doubts, you will only have to follow the instructions to complete the procedure properly.

Q6: Where to put WiFi booster?

The placement of the WiFi amplifier requires a double location. On the one hand, it is necessary that this installation has an adequate range as far as the existing signal is concerned. And on the other hand, said location must also be as close as possible to where we have to take the signal. The good news is that many amplifiers have indicators with which to better choose the point where the coverage is adequate.

Q7: Can a mobile be used as a WiFi amplifier?

Currently, it is possible to use an old mobile as a WiFi amplifier to have extra coverage when enjoying the network. To do this, we have a good range of applications with which to carry out this improvement and give greater coverage to the network. Even some version of Android already incorporates this function natively, in case you need it. It’s all a matter of looking for the option that suits us best, which will also depend on what the mobile can support.

Q8: What is the difference between WiFi amplifier and PLC?

The main difference between these products has to do with the technology used. A PLC-based product uses the electrical network of our home to transfer the internet signal through it. In the case of amplifiers, the WiFi network is used to take the signal to where it is needed.

The best thing is that there are hybrid products, such as WiFi amplifiers with PLC, that allow you to combine both technologies and simplify the installation of the amplifier, since it is not necessary to run cables to obtain efficient access to the network no matter how far away we place the amplifier..

How to install a WiFi booster

The installation process of a WiFi extender is generally simple. But this does not mean that things cannot get complicated during the process. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain discipline and properly comply with the product installation process, to minimize these problems. So let’s see how we should proceed in this regard.

Amplifier Location

If you have done your homework, this aspect should already be covered. And it is that before buying the amplifier, you should have seen what your needs are and what is the point of your home in which this installation is convenient. In any case, many WiFi amplifiers have signal meters, which indicate the intensity of the WiFi received in the place where we are going to place them. Something that helps fine-tune the location of the product in our home, thus optimizing its performance.

Electric connection

As far as the electrical connection is concerned, the issue is not very complicated. It is simply enough to plug the product, either to the wall or to the USB port, depending on the type of model we are talking about. What is important is the wall, since the amplifiers should not be plugged into power strips or the like, especially if they have PLC functions, as this can impair the performance of the device.

Connecting to the network

Since we are talking about an amplifier, it is necessary that the product has access and connection to the existing network. Something that we can do easily if the router has a WPS button and the amplifier also includes it. In this case,

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