The 9 Best Xbox One Headsets of 2022

Xbox One Headset – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a headset handy when you play video games is much more useful than you might think, since you will be able to communicate more easily with your friends or listen carefully to the dialogues of the characters, for example. If you are looking for a good headset, we recommend the PDP XB1 model first. These headphones have a gaming and ergonomic design, so you can use them comfortably. They are light, have padding and the sound quality is good. Second, you can consider the Logitech G432. This model can be used on multiple devices and is comfortable to use, even if you need it for several hours.

The 9 Best Xbox One Headsets – Opinions 2022

A headset is considered a practically essential accessory when playing video games, especially if they are online and with friends. In case you need one for your console, here we present several options in Xbox One headsets, where we will analyze the most important features, to help you choose which one to buy.

Wireless Xbox One Headset

1. PDP LVL50 Wireless Headset XB1

When looking for the best headset for Xbox One, you will probably come across this model from PDP, as it has the design and features that many users look for in a headset, whether for gaming or watching content online.

They are black with a discreet design, but with a gaming style, and you can choose to connect them via cable or Bluetooth, as you prefer. Its construction is designed for On Ear use and has a battery capable of generating up to 16 hours of autonomy in continuous use.

On the other hand, this wireless Xbox One headset is also compatible on other platforms, so you can get the most out of it with endless applications. In addition, they work with 50-millimeter drivers, with which good quality is guaranteed during playback.

Next, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of what could be the best Xbox One headset of the moment:


Design: They are beautiful headphones, with good finishes and ergonomic so you can use them comfortably.

Wireless: You can turn them on without the need to connect cables, enjoying greater freedom of movement.

Range: The wireless signal of the headphones can cover several meters without problems.

Compatibility: The device system will allow you to use it on both video game consoles and PC.


Voice: Although the headphones have a microphone, it should have more sensitivity to voice to avoid the transmission of interference in the audio.

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2. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset

Many users may think that one of the best options in wireless Xbox One headsets is from the same manufacturer. Therefore, we are now faced with the Microsoft Wireless Headset; the default headset for the Xbox One console.

These headphones have a robust construction and an adjustable headband, so you can use them with the right pressure. They have a microphone capable of picking up the voice without interference, as well as sound reproduction with noise cancellation, to increase clarity.

As for their size, they measure 22.4 x 10.5 x 22.7 centimeters and weigh approximately 312 grams, keeping them light to be used in gaming sessions of several hours. In addition, they have buttons to turn on, turn off, mute and adjust the volume.

If you don’t know which Xbox One headset to buy, you can always take into account the advantages offered by Microsoft’s own model:


Aesthetics: This headset is nice and elegant, as well as looking good in conjunction with the Xbox One console.

Sound: It has noise cancellation technology incorporated, to improve the quality of sound reproduction.

Voice: The microphone isolation system allows the voice to be captured more clearly and without interference.

Compatibility: You will be able to take advantage of these headsets on various versions of the Xbox console and even on PC.


Ventilation: The headset pads should be more ergonomic, mainly to allow air to pass through and prevent heat from being generated when wearing it for a long time.

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Xbox One S Headset

3. Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset Surround Sound

Here we are before one of what could be the best Xbox One headsets of 2022: the Logitech G432.

These gaming headphones stand out for incorporating DTS Headphone X 2.0. Therefore, you will be able to use the microphone without interference when making video calls or chatting with friends. Besides, they have surround quality sound, thanks to their 50-millimeter neodymium driver.

Regarding its design, it is black with blue details. It doesn’t have an LED light, but it does have a 3.5-millimeter plug so you can use it with computers, tablets, game consoles, and more. They’re also compatible with other versions of the Xbox console, so they’d be an attractive option if you later need an Xbox One S headset, for example.

Logitech offers gadgets that could make it the best headset brand for Xbox One and now we will review the features of the G432 model:


Ergonomics: They have a comfortable design with pads and an adjustable headband, so you can adapt them to your liking.

Audio: They are capable of reproducing audio with surround quality, increasing realism during the experience.

Microphone: It has a sensitive microphone equipped with filters for voice capture.

Compatibility: You can install this headset on Xbox One, PC, Mac, PS4, and even Nintendo Switch.


Cable: A detail that could be improved is the cable to connect them, since several users consider that it should be more robust.

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4. Beexcellent Premium Stereo Gaming Headset with Microphone

In case you need a headset that can also work as a headset for Xbox One S, we recommend you take a look at the Beexcellent GM1.

This set’s main attraction is the gaming design with LED lights that light up around the helmets, as it gives it a striking and sporty look at the same time. Its size is 20.5 x 7.8 x 20 centimeters and it weighs approximately 421 grams, so that you can use it comfortably at all times.

On the other hand, you will be able to connect the headphones without problems to equipment such as PlayStation 4, PC and, of course, Xbox One, since it works with 3.5-millimeter connection plugs. At the same time, this detail indicates that it is possible to use them with other devices that have the mentioned port.

As for the microphone, you can change its position so that it is at the height of your mouth and the same applies to the headband, since it allows you to adjust its size, according to your comfort.

Looking among the cheapest options, this Beexcellent model could be one of the best alternatives to buy and here you will see why:


Design: The headphones have a gaming style design, youthful and with striking details for any fan.

Materials: They have good manufacturing materials that, in addition to being durable, also increase the comfort of the headphones.

Configuration: You will not need external programs to use them, since they can be installed through Plug & Play.

Practical: It is also noted that the headphones can be connected to other devices, in addition to the Xbox One console.


Light: Although they have lighting, it can only be activated if you connect them via USB cable.

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Other products

5. FuninGeek PS4 Gaming Headset Stereo Mac Headset

For those who are interested in buying one of the cheapest Xbox One headsets, we present the FuninGeek 01, which is affordable, sporty and has what it takes to play.

This option in headphones has a striking aesthetic for the public who loves video games, with a predominant black color together with pads with blue details, and even LED lighting, aspects that give it a gaming style.

It also has a Stereo Bass microphone, which works with a noise cancellation system and 40-millimeter dome ear cups, to guarantee clear audio. On the other hand, its cable has a length of 2.1 meters; enough to be considered ergonomic and offers compatibility with other game consoles, computers and other devices.

With the intention that you can decide if this model suits you or not, we will now take a look at the most important pros and cons in this regard:


Sound: The headphones have 40-millimeter neodymium drivers, through which they can reproduce crisp and clear sounds.

Technology: They work with several systems to improve the sound, so that you can better appreciate the lows and highs.

Comfortable: They are ergonomic, thanks to the fact that the headband is adjustable and padded, for your comfort.

Voice: You won’t have to worry about interference when using the microphone, since it has a noise cancellation system.


Comfort: Due to the size of the pads, some netizens consider that they are not the most comfortable headphones if you need to use them for several hours.

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6. Pacrate Gaming Headset for Xbox One PS4 PC

Trying to answer the question of which are the best Xbox One headsets, there are all the possible contenders to consider and this model from Pacrate could have compelling features.

The GH-1 headphones weigh just 350 grams and feature an adjustable design with soft ear cushions to feel comfortable on your head. They also have a built-in LED lighting system and a foldable microphone that performs well in video games. The headband, on the other hand, allows you to alter its size and has a synthetic leather cover that makes it beautiful and durable.

The headphones are connected by a 3.5-millimeter plug cable, which stands out for having a nylon cover that will protect it from kinks. Besides, depending on availability, you can purchase the model in different colors with matching lights.

So that you can make a good investment, we advise you to take into account both the positive and negative characteristics of the headset of your interest:


Practical: These headphones have compatibility for various sources, be it game consoles, computers, tablets or smartphones.

Driver: In this model, these pieces are 50 millimeters, which generates a good level of volume and audio clarity.

Static: They work with antistatic technology, by means of which a clean voice capture is maintained and without background noise.

Comfortable: They are classified as ergonomic, due to the type of padding and adjustments offered.


Configuration: In order to fully enjoy the capacity of these headphones, you must access the configuration from the computer.

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7. Envel Gaming Headset For PS5 Xbox One

Envel’s product is striking for having an aesthetic design very much in line with the theme of video games, since it has a military-style print, but with an 8-Bit finish in various shades of green.

Another notable aspect of the headphones is their weight, which is approximately 204 grams, to position themselves among the lightest on the list. They have 50-millimeter domes with which they guarantee good quality sound reproduction, as well as a folding microphone and a braided cable, for greater robustness.

As for their size, they measure 6.8 x 14.9 x 17.7 centimeters and the padded sections of the headband and ear cups have their respective synthetic leather cover that, apart from making them more comfortable, will also increase the durability of the headphones.

Since Envel’s product has very good qualities, we have compiled the important details regarding the equipment:


Design: This option in headphones can be very attractive for gamers, since it has a retro-style camouflage design.

Audio: Provides good performance in terms of sound quality, for an immersive experience.

Control: It has a controller integrated into the connection cable where you can mute or activate the microphone, as well as adjust the volume.

Utility: The equipment is practical and with wide compatibility that will allow you to use it on various devices.


Light: The cable that has to be connected to turn on the lighting of the headset is short and could make it somewhat uncomfortable to use.

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8. Viixm Gaming Headset with Microphone for PS4 Xbox One

Viixm GM-5 are considered to be possibly the best value for money Xbox One headsets, due to the fact that they offer good performance at a low cost.

This model measures 21 x 19 x 9 centimeters and weighs 264 grams, in addition to having an adjustable and padded structure, so you can wear them without causing discomfort. They have integrated blue LED lighting and make use of the 3.5-millimeter connector, which provides them with compatibility with multiple devices.

In addition to this, the headphones have an integrated control on the same cable where you will have access to a volume controller and a microphone mute, in case you need privacy.

The sound quality is also good and the speakers in the ear cups are precision magnetic neodymium, which generates clear sound, so you can play without interruption.

If you have doubts about these headsets for Xbox One, it is possible that reviewing the pros and cons that we have found will help you choose:


Ergonomic: This set is comfortable and has padding installed on the headband, to avoid generating pressure on the head.

Robust: It is connected by a cable with good manufacturing finishes and woven protection.

Control: You can easily adjust the parameters of the headphones through the control on the cable.

Light: They have a discreet, but beautiful and gaming-style lighting system.


Microphone: You must be careful when handling the microphone, since a bad installation could affect its operation.

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9. Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset for PS5 PS4

From the Mpow brand we present you the Air SE gaming headphones; a set that shows a relatively discreet and elegant gaming design. It is made with a red metallic structure, while the earcups and headband have the well-known black padding.

They also incorporate a noise-cancelling microphone, which is mounted on a flexible stand with which you can easily adjust its position. The cable, meanwhile, measures 2.2 meters and connects to 3.5-millimeter ports, which, in turn, will allow you to take advantage of the headphones on other equipment, apart from the console.

On the other hand, the sound quality stands out, since they work with 3D Surround technology together with 50-millimeter speakers, to generate good quality sound reproduction.

Mpow has a good headset for consoles for you, so we invite you to review everything you can enjoy if you decide to purchase this model:


3D: The sound quality of these headphones is immersive 3D so you can enjoy a better experience when playing.

Noise: They have noise cancellation technology, thus generating a clear voice pickup without interference.

Platforms: They have connection support for multiple devices, whether they are consoles, computers or mobile gadgets.

Cable: They have an anti-twist cable that is long enough to use comfortably without too many restrictions.


Ergonomics: Its manufacturing materials should be more ergonomic, since the headphones can be annoying if they are used for several hours in a row.

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Xbox One Headset Accessories

Xbox One Headset Adapter

Sutinna Stereo Headset Adapter for Xbox One Controller

With an Xbox One headset adapter you can use virtually any headset that connects to 3.5-millimeter ports with your console, so if you want to get the most out of it, we recommend a model like Sutinna.

This adapter is designed to connect directly to the controller and provide access to the headphone port without the need for USB. It has several buttons with which you can mute the sound and the microphone, as well as adjust the volume to your liking. It is compact in size, lightweight and works with a Plug & Play system that does not require installation or configuration with the video game console.

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Shopping guide

Knowing what features are relevant in a gaming console headset will help you make the right purchase decision. Therefore, here we offer you a guide to buy the best headset for Xbox One, where we will tell you how to properly evaluate the options offered by the market.

headphone design

How much a good pair of headsets for game consoles costs can be greatly influenced by their design, since this feature includes everything from the aesthetics of the headset, to the ergonomics and accessories that may accompany a certain model.

Therefore, when facing an Xbox One headset comparison, it is very important that you can review all aspects of its design in detail. Thus, you will be able to choose a headset that suits your needs and that can provide the level of comfort and accessibility that you are looking for.

Specifically, we advise you to find out about the foldability of its structure, whether or not it has padding, its dimensions and weight, in order to choose a lightweight model. In addition, pay attention to the manufacturing finishes that guarantee that it is a resistant product.

sound technology

Taking into account that we are talking about headsets for Xbox One, you cannot overlook the importance of the sound technology used in the device, since it must live up to expectations, to improve the experience when playing or using the console. usually.

Among the most recommended by players and netizens we find noise cancellation technologies, because they help increase immersion in the game, in addition to preventing you from being interrupted while playing.

Besides, you can also find recommended models with surround sound. This playback technology takes advantage of stereo quality, to generate higher quality sound that is more realistic and appreciable.

Connectivity offered

Headsets for video game consoles such as the Xbox One must have connectivity systems installed with which a stable connection can be made between both computers. Consequently, even if you are looking for an economic model, it is important to review this detail to avoid problems later.

As a basis, we can classify headphones into two types: wired and wireless. In the first case, you can find models that connect via USB, 3.5-millimeter connector or Stereo. The Xbox One controller provides a 3.5mm input, so that would be the recommended standard format. However, it is important to emphasize that there are adapters to which you can connect the headphones, and then connect them to the controller and enjoy superior sound quality.

In the second case, the Xbox One headset uses Bluetooth technology to create the link. In this sense, the aspect that you should check is that the version is stable, compatible with your system and easy to configure.

device compatibility

One of the advantages offered by modern headphones is that, for the most part, they can be used with various platforms, gadgets and electronic devices. For this reason, and even if you are only interested in a model for Xbox One, it would not hurt to consider its compatibility with other equipment to get more out of it.

For example, a headset with a 3.5-millimeter connection can easily be installed on a computer to listen to music, watch videos or do any activity without disturbing anyone. At the same time and taking into account that this type of connector is practically universal, you will be able to take advantage of it in multiple devices.

On the other hand, wireless models generally make use of Bluetooth to establish the connection. This quality allows the headset to be used with a wide range of devices ranging from different video game consoles, through smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and many others.

Autonomy and wiring

In the category of headsets for Xbox One you will find models that use both a wired and wireless connection. In both cases, it is important to take their characteristics into consideration, whether it is the length of the cable for your comfort or the autonomy of the battery during use sessions.

In case you prefer a headset for Xbox One that connects by cable, you should be careful that the length of this piece is adequate so that you can sit down to play without straining. In addition, it is also convenient that you review the manufacturing characteristics, to avoid purchasing a headset with a fragile cable that can break unexpectedly.

If you prefer a wireless model, the quality you should check is its autonomy. We recommend choosing a headset that is capable of operating for several hours without problems or that allows you to use it connected during gaming sessions. So you can not worry about them turning off in the middle of a game.

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