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Bookbinder – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

When it comes to preparing documents of all kinds, plastic sleeves or even file folders are often the most common solutions. But when it comes to important documents that deserve the extra, the binder is the best option. A product that adds an extra class to work, although as long as we are careful to choose the best binder of the moment, at least according to our needs. Among these models we find products such as the GBC 4400556 binder. A product located at the forefront of the best binders of 2022 with a perforation capacity of 10 sheets and that binds up to 450 sheets in a single volume. Features similar to the Fellowes Metal 25 model, made of high-quality metal and finished off with an ergonomic lever integrated into the base that makes it easier to punch your documents.

The best binders on the market

From the old days when binding meant literally sewing different papers and files to our days, this technique has evolved remarkably. Something that we can appreciate just by taking a look at the market, where when it comes to knowing which is the best binder, we will only have to decide if we prefer a spiral model, a worm or a thermal binder. In any case, our selection includes all these options, to make it easier for you to decide which binder to buy for your office or home.

GBC 4400556

If you want to have a machine with a great work capacity, the GBC 4400556 model is all you need. This spiral binder has the capacity to perforate up to 10 sheets in a single stroke, and can also bind up to 450 sheets in a single volume.

An efficient system with which to obtain better results and make better use of your time, thanks to the quality of its drills as well as the ease of the process, which helps you to automate it and save time. For this, it has details such as guides for the edge of the paper, a more robust and resistant metal base or a waste tank from which nothing comes out and which is easy to empty. All designed therefore to save you complications and make your work easier, regardless of the volume you handle.

If you are looking for a good binder, in this model you have a firm candidate. Let’s get to know some of its details.


Stop guide: The binder has a stop on the guide for the paper, so that you can adjust the drilling process efficiently.

Capacity: This binder is capable of working with up to 450 sheets in binding and 10 sheets in perforation mode.

Pliers: The cutting and bending pliers necessary to finish off your work are included as a gift.


Lids and the like: Given that the perforation capacity is 0.18 millimeters, the product may not be compatible with lids thicker than indicated.

Stability : It is necessary to have some control over the machine in order not to lift it from the work surface during the drilling process.

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FellowesMetal 25

The Fellowes Metal 25 binder is another of the classic models that are among the most recognized by users. A strong metal binder that offers you a 10-sheet punching capacity and a binding capacity of up to 450 sheets in a single volume, using the usual spiral wire.

Both processes are simpler, thanks to the metal construction of the product, as well as details such as the ergonomic lever handle, which makes it easier to apply force to the blades without oscillations. It also incorporates the lateral margin regulator with which to customize the operation and obtain better results. Regarding the spirals, these can be up to 5 centimeters large enough to handle most of your binding needs.

Coming from a well-known brand in the sector, let’s see some more details about this spiral binder.


Metal body: The binder has a high-strength metal body, which also adds extra stability and comfort to the device.

Ergonomic lever: The lever has an ergonomic handle with which it is much easier to perforate the sheets.

Resistant: Thanks to the quality of its materials, the product is able to withstand use and stay in good condition for longer.


Loading the machine: Some users recommend not fully loading the binder when drilling to make the process easier.

Product weight: The binder weighs approximately 4 kilos, so you must be careful when moving it.

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Olympia TB 1280

Although spiral and ring binding are usually the most common, the market also offers you the possibility of making adhesive bindings. In this case, it is not necessary to resort to the large machines that melt glue of yesteryear, but with equipment such as the Olympia TB 1280 binder, everything is much simpler.

And it is that, to proceed with the binding you only have to buy the corresponding folder or cover, heat the machine, insert the pages and wait. A very interesting and economical process, as shown by the price of this machine, located among our cheap proposals. The equipment has a heating time of about 5 minutes and allows different amounts to be bound depending on the type of cover used. A complete model with such a number of functions at a reasonable price that it could well be the best binder for value for money in our selection.

If you want to make the leap to the world of electric binding, compared to spiral models, know everything that this binding machine offers you.


Ease of use: The product does not require perforation of the sheets or any other process. It is enough to heat, place the cover with the leaves and wait.

Automatic power off: The machine automatically turns off after 90 minutes to save energy and as a safety measure.

Cover compatibility: The binder is compatible with all types of covers you want to use, within its working measurements.


Occasional use: Some user comments that the product is rather designed for occasional use, which on the other hand will be the one that, with few exceptions, you give the product.

Learning : Due to the characteristics of this system, it is convenient to do some tests before working with important documents.

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Fellowes Helios 30

Located within the segment of electric binders, the Fellowes Helios 30 model has the capacity to work with up to approximately 300 sheets, depending on what you need at any given time. This electric binder has a 4-minute warm-up time, so you won’t have to wait too long to get to work.

It also has a practical tray where to place the work, similar to a printer, which prevents the areas that are not bound from heating up and damaging them. A model that makes everything easier, since it has an automatic operation system that is responsible for verifying the type of document and calculates the optimum binding cycle for each one of them. A model that also thinks about your safety, with a special protection that prevents us from accidentally touching the hot area of ​​the equipment.

If you prefer hot binding, discover some additional details of this model and what it can do for your documents.


Automatic binding: The product is responsible for adjusting its operation to the specific needs of the document to improve the final result.

Warm -up: This binder only needs 4 minutes to reach the corresponding operating temperature.

Load frame: The load frame holds the document and makes it easier to handle, while keeping it firm during the cooling phase.


LED system: The LED light system used by the device to report the binding status requires some learning to fully understand.

Document adjustment: It is essential to correctly place both the covers and the sheets inside the machine so that the binding is carried out properly.

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Peach PB200-30

If the needs of your home or office are not high and you do not want to spend too much, the Peach PB200-30 model may be your choice. This product is in the line of cheap binders, although with details of a certain level. Among them we find a perforation capacity for 12 pages, somewhat higher than usual, with an activation bar that covers the entire width of the binder.

Something that gives greater stability to the process compared to models that only have a side lever. It also has the capacity to bind up to 350 sheets, which is sure to be enough for almost any job you require. A complete model where there is also a practical guide for the paper or an additional perforator located on the rear panel. It is accompanied by a starter kit with 15 elements, with which to start doing your first jobs.

If you do not want to spend too much and you do not need to have the latest when it comes to making your bindings, take a look at the detailed characteristics of this product.


Paper aligner: The paper alignment system, similar to that of a printer, makes it much easier to obtain quality results when perforating it.

Steel base: The steel base and support area prevents risks of the product moving when punching the pages.

Wide lever: The lever completely covers the width of the binder, which makes it easier to apply the corresponding effort during punching.


Finishes: This economic line model is suitable for occasional use, but not so much for intensive use due to the quality of its finishes.

Sheet capacity: Compared to other models that we have evaluated, capable of working with up to 450 sheets, this model remains at “only” 350.

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Genie CB 850

Entre las mejores encuadernadoras en espiral del 2022 también merece estar el modelo Genie CB 850. Esta encuadernadora cuenta con capacidad para 350 hojas, figurando entre las propuestas más baratas entre los modelos de mayor capacidad.

Sin embargo, no defrauda en la perforación, dado que puede tratar hasta 12 páginas de un solo golpe. Un proceso que su palanca integral de gran tamaño hace más fácil ejecutar, incluyendo también el control de márgenes, que te permite orientar y ajustar adecuadamente las hojas.

La encuadernadora se completa con 75 accesorios diferentes, para que empieces a encuadernar al momento.

Si no sabes cuál es la mejor encuadernadora en espiral para tu oficina, este modelo de carga intermedia es probable que cubra tus necesidades sin que tengas que gastar de más.


Capacidad de corte: Este modelo es capaz de perforar hasta 12 páginas en cada proceso de taladrado.

Palanca: La palanca de gran tamaño ayuda a agilizar el taladrado, mejorando también el resultado.

Control de margen: Esta encuadernadora incluye el control de márgenes, con el que es fácil mantener las hojas en su lugar durante todo el proceso.

Accesorios: Incluye un lote de 75 accesorios donde encontraremos todo tipo de espirales, portadas y contraportadas, para que empieces a usarla al momento.


Aprendizaje: El proceso de uso puede ser algo complicado al principio, siendo recomendable dedicarle algo de tiempo a aprender el funcionamiento de la máquina.

Instrucciones: Además de ese aprendizaje, parece que las instrucciones que acompañan a la máquina no son especialmente claras, según comentan los usuarios.

Kenley OA-901P

Dado que la encuadernadora no es algo que usemos a diario, es posible que nos interese contar con un modelo barato pero de calidad. Y el modelo Kenley OA-901P responde precisamente a ambas cuestiones.

Un producto con capacidad para perforar hasta 12 hojas y que puede encuadernar 450 hojas en un solo documento. Un modelo que, pese a su coste ajustado, mantiene una buena calidad de construcción, así como todos los elementos propios de los modelos más caros.

Por eso, no extraña que para muchos usuarios esta sea la mejor encuadernadora en espiral de relación calidad precio del mercado.

Veamos algunos detalles más de esta encuadernadora, situada entre las opciones más baratas de nuestra selección.


Tamaño del fijador de margen: El fijador de márgenes es de un tamaño considerable, lo que facilita su uso.

Capacidad: Pese a su precio ajustado, este modelo es capaz de encuadernar hasta 450 hojas en un solo documento y sin muchas complicaciones.

Tabla informativa: Incluye una tabla impresa con el tamaño de la espiral recomendada según la cantidad de folios a encuadernar.


Capacidad de perforado: Tal como ocurre con otros modelos, aún cuando su capacidad nominal es de 12 páginas para perforar, se recomienda no meter más de 8 o 9 a la vez.

Palanca: El diseño de la palanca, totalmente vertical, hace algo más complicado aplicar la fuerza a la hora de perforar los folios.

GBC 4400424

Considerada por muchos usuarios como la mejor encuadernadora en espiral del momento, el modelo GBC 4400424 es una herramienta profesional de alto nivel y funcionamiento electrónico con la que ahorrar tiempo a la hora de encuadernar documentos.

Una encuadernadora que cuenta con una gran capacidad de perforación, de hasta 20 hojas a la vez, que puedes ajustar en formato para cuatro anillas o encuadernación regular de 21 agujeros, según prefieras.

Un modelo que también permite realizar encuadernados en formato A4, A5 o el clásico formato 315, dándote mayor versatilidad a la hora de trabajar.

Diseñado para los usuarios más exigentes, este modelo ofrece gran cantidad de funciones que analizamos a continuación.


Encuadernado automático: El sistema electrónico del producto hace fácil encuadernar gran cantidad de documentos, contando además con diferentes tamaños y formatos.

Capacidad de perforado: Este modelo es capaz de perforar hasta 20 hojas de un solo golpe, incluyendo una palanca de doble brazo que hace más fácil el proceso.

Calidad profesional: Tal como se aprecia a primera vista, la calidad profesional del modelo está más que presente en detalles como su construcción o sus acabados.


Precio: Dado que hablamos de una máquina profesional, el precio de la misma es bastante más elevado que el de otros modelos que hemos visto en el mercado.

Depósito de restos: El depósito de restos se encuentra en la base y para sacarlo es necesario mover los 12 kilos que pesa el producto.

Peach PB300-15

Si has visto ya varias encuadernadoras y tus necesidades son modestas, seguramente has notado que su capacidad es más que elevada para cubrir esa necesidad. Al menos, hasta que conozcas el modelo Peach PB300-15.

Un producto pensado para pequeños usuarios, con un sistema capaz de encuadernar 60 hojas y que hace más fácil el proceso de elaboración de esas encuadernaciones. Sin embargo, pese a su sencillez, no prescinde de detalles de clase, tales como la barra amplia o un regulador de márgenes con el que orientar mejor los documentos.

Todo ello pensado para simplificar la elaboración de tus encuadernaciones sin que estas pierdan un ápice de calidad.

Si aún no tienes claro si esta es la encuadernadora en espiral que más te conviene, te damos algunos datos más sobre sus características.


Tamaño compacto: Hablamos de un producto compacto y ligero, así que puedes guardarlo y sacarlo sin problemas cuando lo necesites.

Uso sencillo: Debido a su diseño y las cantidades de hojas que usa, no es necesario hacer grandes cantidades de fuerza para usarla.

Palanca amplia: La palanca incluida es un detalle de calidad que hace más fácil el proceso de perforación de tus documentos.


Capacidad: La capacidad de encuadernación es de solo 60 hojas, así que es adecuada para quienes no precisen de grandes volúmenes de trabajo.

Perforación: En línea con su capacidad de uso, la perforación solo soporta el uso de 6 hojas a la vez.

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