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DTT Antenna – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

DTT antennas are still essential to enjoy conventional television. Some antennas whose reception quality must be the best possible, if we want to enjoy modern broadcasts in Full HD format, as well as access other interesting services that we find today. Therefore, it is especially important to have one of these antennas, properly adapted to the circumstances of our home. If you are looking for a traditional cut antenna, the TELEVES 149902 model offers you a resistant construction, capable of withstanding up to 150 kilometers per hour of wind, in a complete kit that includes cables and aluminum connectors in its three reception elements with which to receive signals about 40 kilometers away. Another interesting model isTe-Voze CJH-358, a versatile antenna that provides compatibility with 1080p and 4K signals. In addition, it has a long coaxial cable to give you more freedom when installing.

Opinions on the best DTT antennas on the market

Having a good television signal in our home is key if you want to see everything properly. Something especially important when it comes to receiving DTT signals, in which having the best DTT antenna you can find will make everything much easier. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of models, both indoor and outdoor, so if you want to know which DTT antenna to buy, all you have to do is read our selection and choose the product that suits you best.

TV 149902

The TELEVES 149902 DTT antenna is everything you need to enjoy quality broadcasts and a pleasant definition. A product that includes all the necessary elements for assembly, so that, in addition to the external DTT antenna, you also have the power source and the connectors, without forgetting the 20 meters of cable with which to carry out the installation. A complete and original batch of the brand with which it is possible to achieve quality signal reception, even in HD format.

This signal reception capacity is protected from other networks, such as 4G telephony, thanks to the shielding and the protector that mounts the antenna for this purpose. And since it has a high resistance to wind, up to 150 km / hour, you will not have to worry about anything once you have it installed on your roof.

Manufactured by what is, for many users, the best current DTT antenna brand, let’s see some more details about this complete kit.


Complete kit: The product includes everything necessary for installation, including connectors and 20 meters of high-quality cable.

Power supply. This antenna includes the power supply, also typical of the brand, to supply the energy that the device needs.

4G filter : The 4G filter prevents interference from mobile networks, cell towers and other similar elements.

Operating mode : We can connect the antenna in both active and passive modes, depending on what interests us at all times.

Installation : The installation process is quite simple, also including the necessary instructions to run it successfully.


Connectors: The number of connectors included is scarce in case you have to get a signal for several televisions.

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Te-Voze CJH-358A

This DTT antenna offers high-range reception, so it can capture signals in a range of 0 to 380 km. In this sense, it allows you to enjoy multiple digital channels with 4K resolution, including RTVE, N24, RAI, ITV, BBC and DWR.

Thanks to this, it is possible to view your favorite television programs without having to pay a monthly fee or make any kind of registration. On the other hand, it is important to mention that the coaxial cable of the antenna has a length of 5 m, which allows you to install the product in any corner of the room.

The design is another highlight of this antenna, as it has a modern thin, light and rectangular structure, making it similar to a tablet. As if that were not enough, its casing is white to easily adapt it to the color palette in the decoration of the room.

A quality DTT antenna can allow you to watch your favorite content easily, as is the case with this model. Let’s take a closer look at its most important aspects.


Reception: Offers two configuration options to capture signals that are close or at a maximum distance of 380 km.

Convenience: It is only necessary to connect the equipment to the USB port of the TV to turn it on, which offers greater ease of use.

Resolution: It can capture digital channels providing 4K resolution, so it is capable of providing great image quality.


Resistance: It is advisable to place this antenna in a place with little traffic, since it does not have impact resistance.

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1byone ODE00-0542

The 1byone ODE00-0542 model is located in the segment of flat indoor antennas, easily recognizable by its ultra-flat design and how easy it is to install. As much as sticking the antenna, connecting the cable to our television and starting to enjoy a higher quality broadcast at the moment.

To do this, this model is capable of capturing television signals at distances of up to 40 kilometres, both in Full HD and conventional formats. However, it is advisable to make tests to achieve the best reception before its definitive fixation. To facilitate this installation, the product is accompanied by two high-resistance 3M double-sided tapes, as well as a 4-meter-long antenna cable, so as not to have to mount the antenna attached to the television. All this in a product that, compared to other similar ones, does not require external power.

Improve signal reception anywhere with this simple and easy to install anywhere solution.


Installation: The installation of this antenna is extremely simple, not requiring more than two minutes to leave it fixed in place.

Fixation : The fixation is done by means of double-sided 3M tape, resistant and that does not leave holes when you decide to remove the antenna from where you place it.

Without power: Unlike other similar antennas, this model does not need external power to work, as it works in passive mode.


Location: It is important that the location of the antenna is as far outside as possible, in order to maximize its ability to obtain a good signal.

Range : The range of the antenna is 40 kilometers, which may not be enough for those who use it in areas that are especially remote from the broadcasting centers.

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Engel ANO264L

The Engel ANO264L antenna is a mixed product, which we can use both indoors and outdoors as needed. A very complete model that offers us a gain that reaches 46 Db, giving a considerable extra to the available signal capacity.

To do this, the antenna includes other elements such as the amplifier included with the product, with low noise technology that generates an even purer signal. Regarding its installation, the design accepts indoor and outdoor mounting, with perforations that facilitate its fixing anywhere. It also has a compact design and a sealed interior that adequately withstands the effects of rain and humidity.

We analyze this indoor or outdoor antenna, from what many consider to be the best brand of DTT antennas on the market today.


Mixed antenna: Since we are talking about a mixed antenna, it can be installed outdoors or indoors with the same comfort and ease.

Gain: Its 46 dB gain is one of the highest on the market, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of signal when enjoying your favorite shows.

Low noise: The included amplifier reduces the noise level of the broadcast, so you don’t have problems with interference when receiving a signal.


Power: The product installation process requires a power connection, for which a plug-in adapter is included.

Scope: Some users comment that in areas very far from the broadcasting center or that are very confined, it is possible that the signal does not arrive with good quality.

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CSL A20373x62

The CSL A20373x62 antenna is the simplest solution of all the ones we have analyzed, with a rod design that is more than easy to install. As much as taking it out of the box, mounting the antenna on the base and plugging it into the TV. A process in which you won’t even need screws, since if you have a metal object nearby, the base with a magnet is responsible for keeping the antenna in place.

Therefore, it is a very suitable product to take on your trips or wherever you want. Regarding its technical parameters, the device has a gain of 30 dB and a digital transmission path that reduces electromagnetic pollution loads, which adds extra quality to it.

Designed for portable use and simple installation, this model offers you different features that we analyze below.


Portable: Due to its characteristics, this antenna is one of the easiest to carry with you, weighing approximately 322 grams.

Gain : The antenna generates a gain of 30 decibels, with which to give extra power to any antenna signal that is captured.

Magnetic base: The base of this product is magnetic, which simplifies the process of placing it securely on any metal surface.


Cable length: The included cable is 1.5 meters long, which may not be enough to achieve a proper installation in complex circumstances.

Signal pickup: According to some users, the process of locating the antenna to achieve good quality signal pickup can be more complex than it is with other models.

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How to choose the best DTT antennas?

Current DTT broadcasts and their continuous changes make it necessary to change our antenna more frequently than desired. And since the coverage is not always the best, having a quality antenna and greater power is highly recommended. In any case, whatever your specific need may be, facing a comparison of DTT antennas will not be a problem with the guidelines that we offer you.

Shopping guide

indoor or outdoor

DTT antennas are traditionally outdoors, especially in neighboring buildings where having one antenna per dwelling would be crazy. So in case you need extra power, it is probably better to have an indoor DTT antenna. But if you have a separate home or you can simply do it, the idea of ​​an outdoor DTT antenna is not out of the question either. Let’s see their differences.

In general, outdoor DTT antennas usually have a high range capacity, so they are suitable in case the broadcasting centers are very far away. In addition, they can be equipped with amplifiers with which to achieve an even better signal if necessary. Against it we have the installation process, which usually requires professional help, as well as a greater risk of deterioration due to exposure to the outside.

These two problems do not affect current indoor antennas, which are as easy to install as sticking them to a wall, and are also very resistant. The problem we have is that its range is somewhat tighter, although if the emitting centers are not far away they can achieve more than enough power to work. All this without forgetting that these antennas are the most interesting solution when you have to add one more television to your home and you do not want to run cable or if the signal from the collective antenna is not as good as it should be.

Antenna power and range

The next aspect that we are going to deal with in our guide to buying the best DTT antenna is its power and range. Two different concepts that we should not confuse and that also greatly influence how much one of these DTT antennas costs, as well as the final quality of the signal that they can generate.

When we talk about power, we refer to the ability of the product to amplify the signal. This capability is usually shown among the antenna characteristics in the form of the antenna gain. The higher this gain, the greater the antenna’s ability to deliver a stronger signal. Something especially important if we intend to access high definition broadcasts, which require higher signal quality.

Regarding the range, this would be the maximum distance at which the antenna will be able to receive a signal. Generally, it is measured in kilometers and establishes the maximum distance that the signal emitting center can be for the antenna to work. However, this measurement must be taken with caution since the distance in kilometers is in open country and, generally, there are usually obstacles between the emitting center and our home, such as mountains, buildings or even electromagnetic fields such as telecommunications antennas. So if you exceed the selection, much better.

Installation and configuration

Finally, the time has come to talk about the process of installing and configuring the chosen antenna. Something fundamental, since a good and cheap DTT antenna should neither give many installation problems nor require a complicated configuration that takes more time than desirable.

Although we have pointed it out before, the installation of an external DTT antenna is more complicated since it requires a certain orientation. Generally, it will require an electrical supply and also elements such as a mast for its assembly. All these problems disappear with the internal DTT antennas, whose assembly is as easy as choosing the area of ​​your home where to install them, sticking them to a window or the wall and connecting. In this case, it is advisable to carry out some previous coverage tests around the room, to improve signal reception.

As for the configuration, in this case the external models do not require anything else, so once the antenna is installed we will immediately see its effects on the television, it being advisable to retune it to see if we can access more channels. In indoor models, this process is also recommended, although previously we may need to adjust the range of the antenna if it has this function. It may also be necessary to connect it to the current if we do not have sufficient signal strength and the antenna includes this option.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How does an indoor DTT antenna work?

The operation of an indoor DTT antenna is the same as that of a conventional antenna. The difference in the format and appearance of it does not imply a change, it is its operation. Specifically, this antenna captures through its structure the signals that “fly” through the air, proceeding to transmit this signal to the television or to the device that we have connected the antenna to. So it is not very different from the process followed by an outdoor or conventional DTT antenna.

Q2: What is better, an active or passive DTT antenna?

In general, a passive DTT antenna should be enough to obtain an adequate quality gain in the television signal. These antennas have the energy from the television signal itself, so they do not need more energy to work. However, in those remote areas where the signal has a certain weakness, it is more efficient to have active antennas. These antennas do have power and an integrated amplifier, so they are capable of offering greater signal strength than passive models.

Q3: When should a high gain DVB-T antenna be used?

High-gain DTT antennas are the most recommended in those situations in which the installation point is very far from the television signal’s emitting center. Also in those cases in which there are a large number of obstacles between this transmitting center and the reception area, such as mountains, buildings, telephone antennas, etc. Finally, the high-gain antenna is the most recommended when conventional DTT antennas are not capable of providing a quality signal.

Q4: Why doesn’t my DTT antenna find channels?

To find channels, it is necessary that the DTT antenna is capable of receiving sufficient signal for it. So if our DTT antenna does not find channels, it is possibly because its location is not the most suitable. Something that we can solve in a simple way by taking the precaution of verifying the signal capacity or power in the different areas of the room where we are going to install the antenna, but without carrying out the installation completely. A small precaution that saves us trouble when it comes to chasing the signal and obtaining better results.

Q5: What improvement does a DTT antenna with a 4G filter provide?

The main advantage of a DTT antenna with a 4G filter is its ability to eliminate interference from mobile phone antennas, nearby WiFi networks or even from our own mobile terminals. Since all these signals travel through the air, the higher power of the 4G antenna emissions can end up affecting the quality of the DTT signal. These antennas are highly recommended in areas where there are mobile phone antennas and where interference is frequent.

How to install a TDT antenna

The installation of a DTT antenna, whether external or internal, is a process that may seem complex but that, once in practice, is quite simple. It is enough to take some precautions to achieve the best result and the most efficient signal reception. In any case, with the guidelines that we offer you below, you will only have to follow our instructions and prepare to enjoy your favorite programs.

Choosing the location

The first thing we must do before installing the antenna is to choose the place where we are going to mount it. We are talking about a key issue, given that the orientation must be towards the area where the repeaters or emitting centers are located, also having the least amount of obstacles between this location and the aforementioned emitters. Therefore, in the case of external antennas, it is always advisable to choose a direct orientation and, if there are mountains, in height. In the case of internal ones, it is recommended to move the antenna around the room and test the signal reception before fixing it to the wall or window.

main mount

Once the place has been chosen, it is time to install and fix the antenna at that point. This fixation is done by means of adhesives or similar elements in the case of interior models, the easiest to assemble. If we have an outdoor DTT antenna, the process is more complex, since we must fix it on the mast with the corresponding screws and clamps, respecting that correct orientation.

Antenna connection

Once fixed, it is time for wiring. In outdoor models, we may need an additional power source, which we must connect to a plug, although sometimes it is installed next to the antenna box and uses the antenna cable itself to power itself. This also happens with certain indoor DTT antennas, since some include a USB cable that we must connect so that they have the necessary energy to work. Apart from the power supply, what we must do in all cases is connect the antenna coaxial cable, so that the signal reaches our television, Smart TV or the corresponding device correctly.

Enjoy your new channels

As a final step, it’s time to see the result of our new antenna. To do this, it is necessary to access the TV’s configuration menu and perform a new search for channels. At the moment, the television will proceed to completely review the range of frequencies that the antenna receives in search of the radio and television signals that are broadcast through it.

The result should be a greater number of stations than those previously tuned in, with greater quality and fluidity for them. If this is not the case, it will be a good idea to review the installation to verify that everything is connected as it should be. Ultimately, if the results still do not improve, it will be necessary to review the antenna orientation or location, in case it may not be adequate.

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Tecatel ANT-BKM18

The Tecatel ANT-BKM18 DTT antenna is a traditional outdoor model with which to obtain an adequate improvement in antenna signal reception. A product that, according to several comments, could well be the best DTT antenna of the moment, offering a triple UHF system with a gain of 18 decibels.

Un modelo que también es resistente, dado que ha sido fabricado en aluminio de alta calidad, por lo que soporta adecuada los efectos del paso del tiempo. Las tres piezas que forman parte de la estructura son plegables, así que tampoco tendrás problemas para orientarla o darle la apertura necesaria en cada momento. La antena se remata con un conector de tipo F, así como las abrazaderas correspondientes para montarla sobre cualquier poste que tengas ya en tu hogar y que no estés utilizando.

Conoce más detalles sobre esta antena y sus características, por si la misma pudiera ser el modelo que estás buscando para equipar tu hogar.


Materiales: La antena ha sido fabricada en aluminio con un tratamiento adecuado, de modo que te acompañará durante mucho tiempo.

Ganancia: La antena y sus tres elementos son capaces de generar una ganancia de 18 DB, mejorando de forma notable la recepción de TDT en tu hogar.

Colores: La antena se ofrece en dos diseños, con acabados en color negro o naranja, según prefieras.


Tamaño: Dado que estamos hablando de una antena exterior, similar a la que podemos encontrar en cualquier tejado, el producto requiere de un espacio considerable para su instalación.

Instrucciones de montaje: Las instrucciones de montaje del producto son algo deficientes, por lo que conviene tener cuidado durante el proceso.

1byone 203EU-0004

Aunque figura en nuestra selección, siendo estrictos el modelo 1byone 203EU-0004 no es una antena al uso sino que estamos hablando de un receptor omnidireccional. Esto supone recibir todo tipo de señales de televisión de cualquier dirección con solo conectar el producto correctamente. Lo mejor es que el producto es capaz de recibir señales situadas incluso a 120 kilómetros de distancia, por lo que es uno de los modelos más potentes de lo que hemos analizado.

Una amplia potencia que se mejora aún más al contar con un sistema de filtro 4G que bloquea las señales de telefonía móvil que puedan generar interferencias en la recepción. Respecto de su instalación, al tener una forma más bien redondeada y capacidad omnidireccional, el proceso es más fácil de lo que sería con otras antenas. Algo al o que también ayuda el cable de 8 metros que se incluye con el producto.

Si aún no sabes cuál es la mejor antena TDT que puedes encontrar, seguramente este modelo potente y eficaz sea un buen candidato.


Potencia: El producto es capaz de recibir señales altamente remotas y situadas a una distancia de hasta 120 kilómetros desde el centro emisor.

Filtro incorporado: El sistema de filtración que incluye la antena se encarga de eliminar las señales de telefonía móvil de la recepción, mejorando así el resultado.

Cableado: El cableado incluido tiene 8 metros de largo, lo que facilita instalar el producto en cualquier parte y conectarlo a casi cualquier televisor de tu hogar.


Alimentación: Debido al tipo de antena que estamos analizando es necesario indicar que la misma precisa de una conexión adicional a la red eléctrica a fin de funcionar correctamente.

Materiales: El producto ha sido fabricado casi en su totalidad con plástico, por lo que no tiene la durabilidad de los modelos metálicos. Al menos, ese plástico si es de muy alta calidad.

VicTsing DS002BEU-VES

Si buscamos la mejor antena TDT por relación calidad precio, el modelo VicTsing DS002BEU-VES es uno de los clásicos que siempre está presente. Un producto que dispone de una instalación sencilla, dado que basta con pegar la antena en cualquier pared o ventana situada cerca del televisor para disfrutar al momento de una mejora de señal.

Para ello, el producto dispone de un cable de tres metros de largo que simplifica todo el proceso, sirviendo además de cable de alimentación. Respecto de su capacidad, el modelo es capaz de recibir señales de centros situados a unos 40 kilómetros de distancia, así que no tendrás muchos problemas a menos que estés en un lugar complejo o muy encerrado orográficamente hablando.

Situada en el segmento de las antenas de interior baratas, conozcamos algo más sobre este modelo destacado de nuestra selección de las mejores antenas TDT del 2022.


Instalación: La instalación de esta antena es tan fácil como pegar la misma a una pared o ventana y conectar la misma a tu televisor.

Sin alimentación: A diferencia de otras antenas del mercado, este modelo no precisa de una alimentación adicional, sino que usa la que genera el televisor a través del cable coaxial.


Alcance: El modelo tiene un alcance para unos 40 kilómetros, generalmente suficiente para una instalación básica, aunque no tanto allí donde se necesite una antena más potente.

Adhesivos: Es necesario retirar los adhesivos con cuidado, dado que los mismos pueden levantar la pared en caso de que quieras cambiar la antena de sitio.

Zebbyee TVTX-9

Este modelo del fabricante Zebbye cuenta con altos estándares de calidad por sus prestaciones y diseño, de modo que es una antena reconocida entre las más eficientes del mercado. 

Este dispositivo liviano y discreto está disponible en color negro y se puede instalar detrás del televisor sin ocupar mucho espacio. A pesar de ser compacto, sus funciones son útiles, ya que es posible recibir la señal en un radio de 200 kilómetros. Es compatible con la televisión digital terrestre, tiene soporte para señal VHF, UHF y brinda resolución Full HD.

Además, con este equipo solo se deberá hacer la inversión inicial, porque no requiere del pago de cuotas mensuales. Su instalación es medianamente sencilla, solo es necesario asegurar que la señal se recibe de forma adecuada. Asimismo, la antena está fabricada con materiales optimizados y tecnología de punta, que filtra las interferencias para lograr una imagen estable. 

Algunas opciones denotan calidad. Este es el caso del modelo TVTX-9 de Zebbyee, por lo que sería prudente echar un vistazo a sus pros y contras. 


Componentes: El paquete incluye la antena HDTV, un amplificador de señal, dos cintas 3M de doble señal para pegar en la pared, un conector universal y un manual de usuario con la guía de instalación. 

Diseño: Con este modelo se puede hacer una instalación discreta detrás del televisor, porque es compacto, liviano y está disponible en color negro. 

Señal: La antena ha sido equipada con un rango máximo para la recepción de la señal de 200 kilómetros. 

Conductor: El cable coaxial de este modelo es de cobre puro, lo que mejora el rendimiento, con bajo ruido e imágenes nítidas sin interferencias. 


Instalación: Puede que la instalación de este dispositivo sea compleja para quienes no están habituados, sin embargo, incluye instrucciones detalladas.

FKant AN-3001

La antena de interior FKant AN-3001 es un interesante producto, pensado para cubrir las necesidades más complejas. Este modelo cuenta con un alcance de hasta 128 kilómetros, así que puede captar señales muy remotas o en zonas de difícil orografía. Para ello, la antena dispone de una ganancia de 28 decibelios y capacidad para recibir señales tanto en modo Full HD como en 4k. 

Otra de sus ventajas tiene que ver su montaje, que no requiere de adhesivos, tacos o tornillos. Dado que hablamos de un producto de sobremesa, basta con encontrar una ubicación adecuada, conectar la antena y empezar a disfrutar de la señal. Algo a lo que ayuda su cable de conexión de 3 metros de largo y alta calidad. 

Para rematar su diseño, la antena incluye filtro para las señales de telefonía móvil, que puedan perturbar la calidad de recepción de la misma.

Para quienes tengan necesidades extremas de alcance, esta antena cuenta con muchas propiedades interesantes.


Alcance: El alcance de la antena es de 128 kilómetros, una de las mayores distancias del mercado.

Calidad: La antena puede recibir tanto las señales en calidad Full HD como las 4K.

Instalación: La instalación es extremadamente sencilla, sin adhesivos, tornillos ni nada más.

Cableado: Se acompaña de 3 metros de cable de alto rendimiento, para simplificar aún más su ubicación.


Puerto USB: Es imprescindible disponer de un puerto USB cerca de la antena, para darle energía.

Ubicación: Como es habitual, conviene probar varias ubicaciones hasta dar con la mejor para el montaje.

1Byone 210EU-0002

La antena TDT 1Byone 210EU-0002 es una inter

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