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EVIL Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Halfway between reflex cameras and compact cameras we find the EVIL cameras. Products without a mirror but with some interesting advanced functions, compared to the simplicity of the compact ones. Something that we find in models such as the Sony A6000 camera, with 24 megapixel resolution and that has details such as a 3-inch screen and stabilizer, to achieve higher quality in your photos and videos. Something similar to what the Canon EOS M50 model offers, which maintains these parameters and adds WiFi connectivity, despite its barely 400 grams of weight and its compact size.

Opinions on the best EVIL cameras

When it comes to taking pictures in a different way, the EVIL camera is an alternative to the traditional SLR. If you don’t know much about these products, you may be interested in learning about some of the best EVIL cameras of 2022, which we have compiled and analyzed for you below. Products ranging from the current best EVIL camera to the cheapest and most efficient options, so you are spoiled for choice. Let’s see what our recommendations are.

Sony EVIL camera

sony a6000

In our search for the best EVIL camera, the Sony A6000 model is one of the candidates. We are talking about a camera with a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor, recognized for its high quality for taking images, an efficient operating system as well as a zoom and stabilizer that give higher quality to your photos and videos. A complete model where there is also a 3-inch screen, folding and adjustable, as well as the ability to record video in Full HD format.

All this in an EVIL Sony camera with a compact and lightweight size, which allows you to take it with you wherever you want, as well as a good capacity battery, which can last you all day even with intensive use. For this reason, this model is a firm candidate to be the best EVIL camera of 2022 despite the time it has been on the market.

Considered by many users as the best current EVIL camera brand, let’s know more about this model.


Resolution: Its 24 megapixel resolution gives great quality to the images taken.

Focus: Its fast focus system prevents you from losing any photo by focusing on it.

Video : In addition to photos, you can also record video in Full HD format.

Stabilizer : The included stabilizer reduces movement and noise in images.

Lightweight : The camera weighs just 345 grams, which makes it easy to take it with you wherever you want.

Objective : It is accompanied by a 16-50 millimeter objective, to take photos at different distances.


Heating: Some user comments that the camera heats up and turns off after several minutes of continuous work.

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Sony ILCE-5100L

The EVIL Sony ILCE-5100L camera is another of our outstanding products and worthy of being the best EVIL camera of 2022. This model has the usual CMOS sensor for the brand, with 24.3 megapixel resolution, although reinforced with a 179-point focus and hybrid system, so you don’t lose detail. A function usable in photo mode and also in video mode, achieving Full HD resolution and high precision.

In this task we also have the help of its optical stabilizer as well as a 4x optical zoom, to achieve more quality when approaching distant objects. The product is accompanied by a 16-50 lens, which, together with the adjusted price of the model, places this model among the cheap cameras in our selection, close to the title of best value-for-money evil camera in 2022.

So that you are clear about which EVIL camera to buy, we give you some more details about this model.


Focus : Its hybrid focus has 179 different image-taking points.

Zoom : It has x4 optical zoom, which adds more quality to the image.

Size : This camera is so compact that it fits in the palm of your hand and you can comfortably carry it with you.

Connectivity : It has WiFi, NFC and specific applications, for total connectivity.


Objective: Some users raise certain doubts regarding the quality of the included objective, although you can always change it, if you prefer.

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EVIL Canon camera

Canon EOS M50

When deciding which is the best current EVIL camera, you should also take a look at the Canon models. Specifically, we start with the EVIL Canon EOS M50 camera. This model has Digic 8 technology and a 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, with a fast and precise tracking system for the subject or object to be photographed.

Functions that are also launched in video recording, being able to store images in 4K format, just as you would require from the best EVIL camera of the moment. Both videos and images can be edited instantly on our mobile or tablet, thanks to the connectivity of the camera and the options included in this regard. And so you can take it wherever you want, the camera weighs just 399 grams and has compact dimensions, making it easy to take it with you wherever you want.

Learn more about this model, highlighted by many users within the Canon range.


Double focus: The double focus generates clearer and more precise images in all kinds of situations.

Video quality: The product is capable of recording images in 4K format, with the highest quality and resolution.

Performance : The camera performs adequately in low-light environments and in challenging conditions.


Focus: Users recommend resorting to manual focus when light is poor.

Grip : The camera is so small that it takes some getting used to the grip during use.

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Canon EOS M100

The EVIL Canon EOS M100 camera is proof that you don’t have to spend too much to enjoy a quality camera. A product with the Pixel Cmos dual focus system and 49-point AF, typical of higher-level and more expensive cameras. As well as its 3-inch touch screen, folding and tilting, in order to focus more comfortably when taking selfies and the like.

The camera also has all the necessary connectivity to share your photos from your tablet or smartphone, both to edit them, share them and publish them on your social networks. To do this, the product combines both WiFi and NFC connectivity. Functions not always common in these products and that make this model the best value for money EVIL camera that we have found.

If you don’t want to spend too much on your purchase, this cheap EVIL camera is a very interesting proposition.


Resolution: The camera maintains a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, for high-quality photos.

Screen : The screen is foldable and has a good size, making it easy to control the camera.

Connectivity : Includes WiFi and NFC connectivity, to make it easier for you to share your images.


Lens: This model does not include a lens, only the body, so if you need it you will have to buy it separately.

Battery charging: The battery needs to be taken out of the camera for charging, which is a bit of a hassle.

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EVIL Nikon camera

Nikon 1 V1

The EVIL Nikon 1 V1 camera is already a classic model but it continues to stand out in the market for its quality. This camera has a resolution of 10 megapixels, 16 effective megapixels. A resolution that is perhaps somewhat low for modern products but that is capable of recording videos in Full HD format and taking good quality images. Something that helps both its CMOS optics and the efficiency of its sensor, capable of perceiving more details.

It also features a 14x optical zoom, so seeing things further away won’t be a problem either. As if that were not enough, the camera body is finished off with two objectives, one of 10-30 for close photos and another of 30-110 for more distant images. So you won’t have to worry about the distance when it comes to achieving quality images.

Let’s know some more details about this Nikon model and what it offers you when taking your photos.


Optical zoom: Optical zoom greatly improves photos of distant elements.

Double objective: The body is accompanied by two objectives, to photograph what you have far away without losing quality.

Screen : The 3-inch diagonal control screen makes it easy to control product functions.


Resolution: The resolution of the camera is 10 megapixels, sufficient but perhaps scarce compared to more current models.

ISO range : The ISO range is somewhat tighter, as it only reaches 6400.

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EVIL Olympus camera

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

The EVIL Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II camera is one of the most prominent models when looking for an EVIL Olympus camera. This model offers us a 15-megapixel Live MOS sensor with a focal range of 14 to 42 millimeters and a maximum aperture of f/3.5-5.6. A series of parameters that make it easy to take all kinds of photos as well as enjoy the possibility of recording videos in Full HD quality in a simple way.

Almost as much as the product’s control system, which uses a 3-inch folding screen and Wi-Fi connectivity to manage the camera comfortably from the mobile. It is finished off with other details such as its 5-axis stabilizer, which gives extra stability to your images, even in complex conditions, quickly processing the environment to achieve better image quality.

So that you are clear about what this Olympus model offers you, we leave you its most outstanding functions.


Small and efficient: Despite its small size, we are talking about a product with a large number of functions.

5-axis stabilizer: This stabilizer gives a higher quality to all the images you take with the camera.

Connectivity : The camera includes WiFi connectivity, for more efficient management.


Simplicity: It is an ideal camera for beginners, although it may fall short for more advanced users.

Battery : The battery life can be improved, so some users recommend adding an additional battery.

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EVIL photo camera

Fujifilm X-A3 Camel

The EVIL Fujifilm X-A3 Camel photo camera is the representative of this brand in our selection. A model that comes with a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor as well as a high-speed electronic shutter, which prevents more time than necessary from passing when you shoot the camera. This model has a traditional design but also with all the latest elements, such as a 3-inch touch screen, where you can easily control the camera functions.

Likewise, it incorporates WiFi connectivity, which simplifies the process of sharing your photos and videos, editing them or sending them wherever you want. The camera is finished off with an XC 16-50 lens, although as always you can add any compatible lens. Just as you can choose the color you like best for its exterior, from among the 4 available.

Enjoy clear and defined images with what this camera offers you.


Sensor : The included sensor has a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, CMOS type and high quality.

Screen : The screen is 3 inches diagonal and is fully retractable.

Colors : You have four different colors for the camera body.


WiFi: Some users comment that the performance of WiFi connectivity can be improved.

Battery : The battery is somewhat short of autonomy, especially for the most intensive users.

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Guide to buying an EVIL camera

The EVIL photo camera is a complete product with which to take photos in a simpler way than with a reflex camera but with a little more control and functions than a conventional compact camera. A hybrid product that should be known to know which model suits us, for which our guide to buying the best EVIL camera will be useful. In it we will reveal some of the aspects to consider during your purchase.

Shopping guide

Camera resolution and sensor

The most common element when classifying products in almost any EVIL camera comparison is its sensor as well as its resolution. A fundamental question if we consider that this sensor is the only one responsible for taking the images, unlike the support mirror that SLR cameras have for this purpose.

Thus, starting with the resolution, most cameras on the market are around 24 megapixels, in a resolution that has become the most common standard on the market. A resolution that is usually accompanied by quality sensors, capable of taking images in a short time, which helps us avoid focusing problems or seeing how the object to be photographed disappears.

In this last aspect, the double approach system that is included in some products is very interesting. This system maintains the conventional approach but adds a second approach, which allows the object to be photographed to be controlled and combines both images. Something that joins the stabilizer when it comes to obtaining better photos and a more considerable definition in them.

With or without goals

One of the questions that always arises when looking for a good and cheap EVIL camera is whether to buy just the camera body or is it better to buy the camera and one or two lenses in a kit? Well, our answer is that it depends on what we need.

If it is the first camera of this type and we do not have lenses or other elements, considering the cost of the complete kit compared to buying the elements separately, it is a smart idea to buy that complete kit. The only precaution that we must have is to bet on a kit that has the objective or objectives that we need, which is usually the usual.

On the other hand, the purchase of the body is only recommended when we already have lenses that we can take advantage of previous cameras. There is no point in buying something that we already have, so unless those lenses are different from what we have and we are interested in, we should look for a kit without lenses.

Other aspects

To summarize the rest of the aspects that we must consider when buying this camera, we are going to list some of them below. One of the most important is the battery, with which we are going to see the autonomy that the camera has when it comes to enduring our day. Many models have a battery whose capacity is measured in shots, being able to take approximately 400 or 500 photos. Others count the autonomy in time of use. In any case, it is convenient to assess that autonomy and see if it adapts to our needs.

Something similar happens with the size of the product. By definition, EVIL cameras are quite compact and light, although within the current offer there are always classes. As proof we have the heaviest cameras, which reach 400 grams, compared to those that weigh just over 225 grams. An aspect that is also perceived in the dimensions of the camera, which should be verified in order not to buy a product that is not adapted to the use that we are going to give it.

Finally, we talk about the camera control options. The main control panel is formed by the keypad together with the screen, in which to see everything clearly. Typically, this screen is about 3 inches and can even move into different positions, for example so you can take selfies with a full view of what you’re doing. Some models can even be controlled from the mobile, for which the camera includes connection functions via WiFi or Bluetooth, as well as NFC, with which to simplify the connection. It all depends on your budget and what you want to have at your disposal.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, an EVIL camera or a SLR?

The main change between an EVIL camera and a SLR is that the former does not have the mirror that the latter includes when taking photos. Something that simplifies operation, reduces weight and makes it easier to operate the camera. In return, the SLR camera gives more play when taking pictures, also having a greater range of accessories. So, in practice, everything depends on the user’s preferences and their budget, which are the elements that have the most weight in this type of decision.

Q2: Is it worth buying a second-hand EVIL camera?

Whenever this question is asked, the answer is the same. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the camera and how modern or old it is. We must also see the price they offer us. The good news is that the durability of an EVIL camera is greater than that of a SLR as it does not have a mirror, so the number of shots it has taken is no longer binding when making a decision. With all these data in mind, we must assess whether this purchase really suits us or not.

Q3: Is an EVIL camera suitable for beginners?

The EVIL camera is located in the middle zone in terms of difficulty of use. It is not as easy to use as a compact camera, which are the easiest, nor is it as difficult as an SLR camera, which are the most difficult. So being for a beginner it is an intermediate option as far as difficulty is concerned. The good thing is that if you opt for a model with assistants or guides, these will help the newcomer to get the most out of the device.

Q4: Why buy an EVIL camera?

There are many advantages that an EVIL camera has over other systems. One of them is that the EVIL camera is somewhat more compact, lighter and more resistant than a SLR, which can be interesting for use in complex situations. It also has a somewhat lower cost and a longer useful life, due to the way it takes images. So if your profile requires these elements, it is possible that this type of camera is what is best for you, saving you money and the complications that making the leap to a SLR camera can entail.

Q5: Which is better: an EVIL or a BRIDGE camera?

The bridge camera is a kind of hybrid between the reflex camera and the compact camera. Something that makes its characteristics somewhat similar to those of an EVIL camera, whose image-taking system is similar. In this case, it will be a matter of seeing our own preferences, as well as the characteristics of each product individually. In any case, the EVIL cameras have an additional point of quality compared to the bridge models, although it is not something very exaggerated either.

Q6: How does an EVIL camera take photos?

Unlike reflex cameras, which include a mirror inside where the image is taken, the EVIL camera includes an electronic sensor that performs the same function. This generates a quality image, not as good as in a reflex camera, but adequate and superior to the quality of other types of cameras, such as compact ones, for example. The advantage of this system is that it has a much greater resistance than reflex cameras, because it does not have a mirror, so that the durability of these cameras is higher.

Q7: Which brand of EVIL camera is better, Sony or Canon?

In both cases we are talking about two top-tier manufacturers, whose cameras offer high image quality and have all kinds of elements to customize and improve them. Perhaps, within the EVIL world, Sony is slightly ahead, but the difference between manufacturers is very small, so any current product of any of these brands is more than enough to take photos without problems. In any case, it is always convenient to compare those products that suit us best, either by image resolution or by the budget that we have available.

How to use an EVIL camera

The use of an EVIL camera is not as complex as that of a SLR, but it is somewhat more difficult than that of a conventional compact camera. Mainly because this product adds some additional functions, which allow the behavior to be customized by those users who know how these options work. So that you do not get lost during the process, we give you some guidelines on how to use this type of camera efficiently

Focusing well is half a photo

When using an EVIL camera it is important that you know that the focus determines the quality of the photo. A focus that is done directly by a mirrorless electronic sensor, so this is the one that captures the image of what you are seeing. That is why it is essential that we give the sensor the necessary time to read the scene and take the photo. Obviously, we are not talking about the minutes you had to wait to take a photo in the past, but generally a second, at most two, is enough. Anyway, this you can also configure in case you need it. Also don’t forget to point exactly at what you want and make it clear to the camera, so that it is where to point.

Zoom and stabilizer

Both the included zoom and the camera stabilizer are two key elements to achieve good results in your images. So do not forget to activate them and use them always. However, in the case of zoom, it is advisable to be careful not to get too close to the image and not to overuse the zoom, especially the digital one, since this can cause an increase in noise and a loss of image quality when it comes to zooming. take photos or video. As with other parameters, it is something we can play with to see what results we get. In any case, the use of the stabilizer is recommended in all cases, unless you want to give the images a movement effect, which this function can harm.

Use the guides and wizards

Although its presence is not as frequent as it is in SLR models, EVIL cameras also have assistants and guides. These elements help you when taking photos and configuring certain options, since they give you the information and parameters necessary to configure the camera according to the conditions in which you find yourself or, depending on what you want to photograph. Thus, in this section you can find modes for night, day, cloudy sky, landscape photography, portraits, children and many more, depending on the camera model you have.

Do not be afraid

Since we are talking about a digital camera, you should not be afraid to shoot one, two or even ten photos of the same thing in order to try things and see how it looks better. You will not have problems with memory space, nor will you damage the camera by taking a couple of photos instead of just one. Just as you are not going to break it by fiddling with the different parameters of the camera and playing with them. They are meant to do just that, so you’re not going to break the camera by trying and discovering the different functions.

How to choose the best EVIL camera?

What aspects should you take into account when choosing the best EVIL camera?

Before making your choice, it is recommended that you pay attention to a series of important aspects that will guarantee you make a purchase according to your needs, as well as avoid spending disproportionate or exaggerated money.

For what purpose are you going to use it?

First of all, you should ask yourself what use the equipment will have, since depending on the utility that you are going to give it, you should concentrate on one aspect or another. If you want to take landscape or panoramic photos, it is important that the camera has a wide-angle lens. On the other hand, if what you need is to take sports or action shots, check that the camera has the possibility of increasing the shutter speed and a good autofocus system.

In the same way, if what you are looking for is a device with which you can take high-quality video shots, you should look at a mirrorless camera that allows you to record at a high resolution such as 4K and that has a good stabilization system.

What budget do you have?

This is one of the most important aspects today due to the wide variety of models offered by the market, as manufacturers have made an effort to present EVIL cameras for all types of users and pockets. The price of the equipment has always been on every list of priorities and features to take into account when choosing the best EVIL camera of the moment (by clicking this link you can find some purchase options), so it is necessary to take into account the budget you have to start choosing and comparing.

Keep in mind that, if your needs are basic and you are just starting out in the world of photography, it is not necessary to spend more money than you need to buy a very expensive camera, especially if you will use it to portray family moments, trips and walks. personal etc Remember that, without having to spend a lot of money, you can find cheap alternatives that provide equally good results.

Entry level EVIL cameras

If you are a beginner user and want to start with a basic, but good quality equipment, you can rest easy knowing that the market offers a wide variety of EVIL cameras ideal for beginners, which can be perfectly adjusted to your needs. The manufacturing company Sony has a perfect team for these occasions: the A6000. It has an electronic viewfinder and a hybrid focus system that you can use automatically or manually, depending on your comfort. This camera has a shooting speed of 11 fps, WiFi, the possibility of recording video in FullHD and taking photos at 24 megapixel resolution.

Mid-range EVIL cameras

If your budget allows it or you feel able to manipulate a camera with better features than the entry-level ones, then do not hesitate to look at a mid-range camera. In this group, you can find two types, each defined by the sensor they equip. First of all, there are the EVIL cameras with an APS-C sensor, whose sensor is smaller than the FullFrame, but which provide very good results such as the Sony Alpha A6300, which has an improved focus system and 4K video recording. If you are inclined towards a FullFrame, the ideal would be a Sony A7 camera with excellent value for money.

Professional range EVIL cameras

In this case, it is the most expensive mirrorless cameras, but with unbeatable features for the current market. In addition to also having a FullFrame sensor that allows the lenses you use to respond optimally, since, if you mount a 35mm wide angle, you will obtain effective 35mm images without causing any cropping as happens with APS-C sensors. For this reason, they are the cameras indicated for professionals who go from a SLR to an EVIL. Among the most sought after models is the Sony A9 because it manages to achieve a burst shooting speed of up to 20 fps.

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