The best GameCube games

The GameCube, successor to Nintendo 64, was one of the most successful consoles of the Japanese company. Many notable games were created for it on disc, including Pikmin, Zelda Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime. Also, the Animal Crossing and Donkey Konga titles were very popular, from which several sequels came out.

The fifth Nintendo console released in 2001 under the name GameCube left us with many fun memories. With its processor based on the IBM PowerPC G3 and a GPU from ATI Technologies we were able to enjoy many smooth and sharp games. Luckily, thanks to today’s technological advances, we can still enjoy each of these titles on both PC and Android.

An example of this is the Dolphin program, a GameCube emulator with which you can play various titles. On this occasion, we present a top GameCube game that you can enjoy, even if you don’t have the original console.

1. Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)

This fighting title was developed by the HAL Laboratory company and video game director Masahiro Sakurai. In the game we can find various characters such as Kirby, Mario, Link, Marth, Roy, Pokémon characters, etc.

2. Resident Evil 4 (2005)

It is a video game of the horror and survival genre, in addition, the game is a third-person shooter. In this title Leon S. Kennedy will have to rescue the daughter of the president of the United States.

3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002)

The Wind Waker was the tenth Zelda video game and was developed by Nintendo EAD. His story is based on what Link will have to do to defeat Ganon, who has kidnapped Link’s younger sister, April.

4. Pikmin 2 (2004)

This real-time strategy title was developed by Nintendo EAD and is considered an improvement on the original Pikmin. Two-player game modes were added to the game and the dungeons are randomly generated.

5. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (2004)

In this action and stealth video game developed by Silicon Knights, Solid Snake will have to stop his twin brother, Liquid Snake, who is threatening the United States with a nuclear attack.

6. Donkey Konga (2003)

It is a musical game in which Donkey Kong is the protagonist. It can be played with the GameCube controller, but the fun is increased if you use the DK Bongos according to the on-screen instructions.

7. Metroid Prime (2002)

Metroid Prime is an action and adventure game in which its protagonist, Samus Aran, must fight against space pirates. The goal is to end biological experiments on the planet Tallon IV.

8. Prince of Persia The Sands of Time (2004)

This is one of the best games from the Ubisoft company. In the story, the Prince will have to go through various battles with the Dagger of Time, a treasure that serves to go back in time.

9. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (2001)

This shooter title was created by LucasArts and Factor 5 only for the GameCube platform. In the game you have to control Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, who will fight against the Galactic Empire.

10. Paper Mario and the Millennium Door (2004)

If you like RPG games, you may have heard of this title. Mario must retrieve the seven Crystal Stars and also save Princess Peach from the X-Nouts.

11. Luigi’s Mansion (2001)

Luigi, Mario’s best friend, is the protagonist of this story. His mansion is full of ghosts, so he will have to capture them with a vacuum cleaner and find Mario.

12. Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

This title was developed by Nintendo EAD and originally released in 2002. Although Mario is on vacation, he must clean up Delfino Island and rescue Peach from a villain known as Dark Mario.

13. Animal Crossing (2001)

Animal Crossing is one of the best GameCube games and it is based on life simulation. Your character in the game and the neighbors of the town are animals, but they all offer very fun activities.

14. F-Zero GX (Nintendo, 2003)

F-Zero GX is a racing title developed by Amusement Vision, being the successor to F-Zero X (Nintendo 64). It offers better graphics and includes a 9-episode story where you play as Captain Falcon.

15. Beyond Good and Evil (2003)

Michel Ancel surprises us with this game in which the players will have some freedom. In the story, Jade, the protagonist, will have to discover a secret between the Alpha sections and the DomZ.

16. Tales of Symphonia (2003)

This game has been developed by Namco and offers a very striking fictional story. The Chosen (protagonist) must awaken the Supreme Spirits, to become an angel and save the world.

17. Resident Evil (2002)

In this Capcom remake, the protagonists, Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, will go in search of the Bravo team, which got lost on the outskirts of Raccoon City while investigating a mysterious and bloody case.

18. Star Fox Adventures (2002)

A game from the StarFox saga could not be missing from this list. This is an action-adventure video game developed by Rare and primarily offers third-person gameplay .

19. Pokemon Colosseum (2004)

This RPG adventure title was developed by Genius Sonority. It also takes advantage of the best of the Game Boy Advance games, but with 3D graphics and the possibility of purifying the dark pokémon.

20. Soul Calibur II (2003)

We always end up liking fighting video games because they work for two players. The Nintendo GameCube took advantage of this with the release of SoulCalibur II, which offers a graphical improvement over the first installment and the bonus Zelda character (Link).

Don’t worry if you want to play several of these titles on the original console, you can still buy a GameCube online. Also, if you don’t want to invest in it, you can use the Dolphin emulator mentioned above. On your Android phone you can enter the Play Store and download the emulator for free. However, the games must be downloaded separately, as they do not come with the emulator.

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